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Too Many SUITS.
In sizes 35, 36, 37, 38,
Which we offer Cheap.
Too Many Men's Shoes
In sizes 63 7, 8, 9, and 10,
? Which go at Bargains.
Too Many Ladies Shoes
In sises 3, 4, 5 and 6,
Which we offer Cheap.
The Right Remedy Will
Banish it Forever.
If you would forever be rid of
l!io nches and pains, and some
times the tortures produced by
Klieunmlism, you must lake the
riht remedy. Those who con
linue to suffer are relying upon
remedies which do not reach their
trouble. The doctor's treatment
always consists of potash and
mercury, which only intensify the
disease, causing the joints to stiff
en and the bones to ache, besides
seriously impairing the digestive
Rheumatism is a disordered state of
real blood remedy. Swift's Specilic (S.
S. S. ) goes down to the very bottom of
all diseases of the blood, and promptly rids the srstem of it forever. It is
cures cases that other remedies can not J , f -
v . , . . . ! rurely Vegetable
Mr. h. K. S. Clinkonbeard. n pronn- o
nent attorney of Mt. Sterling, Ky., I and one thousand dollars reward
writes: is offered to a "v chemist who can
"Two years ago I was a great .snflxer-j prove that" lt'bontaiu's ajiarticle ol
from Rheumatism. T, !,d led every j mercury, potash, or any othei
r-::ioK J f,iuid liear of except b. S. S. . 1 z- a i o
I n.-rtf been to Hot Springs Ark., where I mineral ingredient. S. b. S. it
I remained for twelve weeks uinlcr; the only blood remedy guaranteed
treatment, but I experienced no permit- ho be absolutely free from mineral
nent relief, and returned home, be-1 mixtures
povirg that I would be a sufferer asi , , , f , 0 0
l. i.gas t lived. At a time when my ooks sent foe by SwiftSpe
- .,-oro nlmnst. unbearable. I 1 cific Company, Atlanta, Ga.
? 1 TiTJT am cimnrrr unmnn
I -1 atiiii- hud oiuon iiuijiiO.
t he cu -rant is a fruit of great ex
eel ence and -i ry porular with almost
every o ic The groui.ig o' this fruit
5s not overdone, yet it is abou' as east
ly grown and at as little c xpense to
any fruit placed on the market.
Late to bed and early to rke, pre
pares a man for his home in the sk s
But early to Led and a Little Early
Riser, the pill that makes life longer
and better and wiser. At Stormes
D.-ug Stcrc. lm
Sicking is the best way to prevent
rotting grapes. It should be done as
soon as they are out of bloom. And
the sacks must be put on as soon as
the pidlenizition has taken place, in
some varieties it can be done before.
A d etor who had besn called to pre
sence for some sick children, was
honest enough to tell the farther to
buy apples for them and the doctor
continued, "you think perhaps they
are too expensive, but they are cheap
er than medicine.
A number of horses have died in
Owen county from a disease that is
puzzling their owners. Ihe symp
toms are blindness for a few days and
then blind-staggers, the result being
almost invariable death.
'the p2. so 1 who disturbed the con
gregation last Sunday by coughing, is
requested to call at any drugstore and
geta bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar
which always gives relief. lm
Call and see this Celebrated
It fully Warranted and Excels all others.
M Kinds Earm Machinery Always on Hand
chanced to rout! your advertisement
and w.-is imjnvsM'd w.ith it so mucli
that I decided to try S. Q S. T tout
eleven bolties and was entirely reliever
of all nin nnd cured permanently.
When I began to take S. S. S. I wv.t
unable to sit or stand with any ease,
and could not sleep. Since taking tin
last dose I have had no return of the
Rheumatism, and I take great pleas
ure in recommending S. S. S to any
one who has the misfortune to suffer
with this disabling disease."
S.S.S. is the only cure for Rheu
matism, which if
the most stubborn
of blood diseases.
It is not intended
to give relief only.
JSo5---C; neuirauzins i nc
Jmailacid condition of
fertile blood it force?
out every trace of
the disease and
all of our friends and pat
rons to call and make
of our stock. We took es
pecial pains to select only the
and Latest Novelties to be
found in the markets.
MissSalliE Tillett
Teeth extracted without pain
w.th VituIIzeil Air. Office in
the New Thompson Building-.
Election Notice.
An election for Directors of the National
Bank of Lancaster to sirve the ensuing year
will be lield'at the Banking House in Lancas
ter Ky. on the 2nd Tuesday (10th day) of Jan
uary 1839 between the hours of 10 a m to 1pm
Wm. H. Ktnnaird, Cash'r.
Election Notice.
There will be a meeting of the shareholders
of the Citizens National Bank held in their of
fice in Lancaster, Ky., between the hours of 10
o'clock a. m., and 2 o'clock p. m., Tuesday
January 10th, 1899, for the purpose of electing
a Board of Directors to serve the ensuing year
Dec. 3. 1893. B. F. Hudson, Cash'r
Wagon at
Elw jjll j
T mite rir..h- 4:,,. ,.:,t , t- nt llin
Eolith seas, has written a new novel
which he calls "Xed i'rinee, the Super
cargo." -
The third centenary of Kninund
Spenser's death will occur next year
The poet died in poverty and neglect
on January 1G, 1509, and was buried in
Westminster abbey with great pomp. 1
The writing of 11. D. Ulaekinore, the
novelist, is so fine and small, and the
letters are so detached, that a magni
fying glass sometimes is brought into
use, otherwise it would be almost un
readable to the naked eye.
In college he was famous only for his
wild life, his numerous duels, his skill
in swimming and in horsemanship, and
enjoyed as well as earned the title of
a "jolly student." His first encounter
with the rector of the university is
Charles Lowery, of Portland, Me., at
the age of 17 enlisted with his father
and five brothers for the civil war. At
the time of the Virginius affair he
again enlisted, and in the present war
he has been a sailor in the blockading
fleet off the south const of Cuba.
Minister Woodford is still in law our
envoy to Madrid and may go back
there when peace is declared. De Lome
hates this country and does not want
to come back. Polo does ;;ot waste
much love on us either, but would not,
it is said, be unwilling to come back.
Lord Wharncliffe enjoys the unique
distinction of possessing more names
than anybody else in the peerage. His
complete cognominal catalogue is Ed
ward Mantagu Stuart Granville Man-tagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie,
of Wharncliffe and Viscount Carlton.
The king of Italy is the only vege
tarian among European mouarchs,
and .the only king now living who was
ever wounded in battle. In the battle
of Custozza he was attacked by an
Austrian officer, who inflicted a severe
gash with his saber, and would prob
ubly have killed him had not assist
ance arrived.
A terrible punishment has been de
creed by the king of Siam to his min
ister plenipotentiary, ChowPligh Rax.
lie has not only been degraded by re
moval from his high office, but he has
had his head shaven "for the better
preservation of his health," and is
doomed to cut grass foe the royal ele
phants for the remainder of his life.
Queen. Wilhelmina of the Nether
lands, who is a fearless rider, is very
fond of reviewing her troops, and a
fortnight ago, when reviewing the
Third Hussars at Gooliland, her maj
esty appeared mounted, in a light-colored
habit, and at the end of the pa
rade led her regiment to the attack,
amid the deafening applause of the
Max Nordau has completed a new
diania, "Dr. Kolin," which is to be pub
lished in October at Merlin.
The sultan of Turkey is a great lover
of amusements and takes special de
light in conjurors' tricks. The leader
of any troupe that passes through Con
stantinople is certain to receive an in
vitation to give a performance.
The songs which are scattered
through Conan Doyle's books are pic
turesque and have great spirit One
welcomes, therefore, the announce
ment that they will be collected and
published under the title, "Songs of
Lord Russell, of Killowen, was once
sitting in court when another bar
rister, leaning across the benches dur
ing the hearing of a trial for bigamy,
whispered: "Russell, what's the ex
treme penalty for bigamy?" "Two
mothers-in-law," replied Russell.
Capt. Voting, commander of the
Utah light artillery, who distinguished
himself in the land buttle at Manila, is
a grandson of Hrigham Voting, the fa
mous mormon. He is a graduate of
West Point, but of late years has been
practicing law at Salt Lake City.
A wonderful find has been made in
the convent of'St. Katherine at Mount
Sinai. It is a manuscript, beautifully
inscribed, and on being studied is
found to be a Palestinian Syria lec
tionury, or lessons from Scripture. It
is proper to state that the discovery
was due to two English ladies.
The king of Portugal is not, as mon
archs go, a bad king, and has some
traits which make him popular. He is
a magnificent swimmer, and, like his
mother, has rescued at least one fel
low creature from drowning; while on
another occasion, when out driving on
the outskirts of Lisbon, he jumped out
of his carriage, felled with his stick to
the ground, and then collared single
handed, a burly highwayman who was
endeavoring to rob and knife a way
farer. PlMfolNUB'AN TEA cnres ypep
(ill III vl v sia, Constipation and Indi
gestion. Regulate the Liver. Price, 25 eta,
A Story About a Tlinisii That
Soniewlint of n Tux 1'iion
A correspondent sends this curious
story of animal instinct
"I have often been urged to a.k your
acceptance of the following st;iy,
which goes far to prove that instinct
in animals and reason in man are vi i
much alike. It was seven years ago
that, while walking in the grounds
about my house Marie hall, Llan
dudno now a convalescent home in
the occupation of the Jtiruiingham
hospital fund, my attention was ar
rested by three thrushes, who were
flying excitedly to and fro in front ol
me, and so close that 1 could have
caught them. Following their moe
mcnts, I noticed that their path was
always over my little dog, a fox terrier
pup about ten months old, which was
lying in tiie grass-, and each bird as it
passed struck at him with its wings,
(oing to the dog. 1 found that it held
between its moiMh and feet a youny
thrush, fully fledged, but not quite
able to fly. I took the bird, quit1 un
harmed, from the dog. placed it in the
bush, gave the !og a little scolding,
went my way, and thought r,o mnr?.
about it. -Next u'.oi iiing, seated at
breakfast, 1 heard the cluttering of a
bird outside a door which opens into
a terrace garden. This door is par
tially glazed, and looking through it I
saw thrush hopping about close. to it.
I opened the door and walked slowly
forward. The bird hopped a yard or
so in front. I retraced my steps, walk
ing backward. The bird followed.
Thinking this might be mere coinci
dence, 1 repeated each movement. So
did the bird. Then, calling my sister-in-law
from the table, and Tieeom
panied by her, I followed the bird. It
kept the path (n very narrow one) as
before, until opposite the steps. There
it turned a right angle, and, after hop
ping a yard or two, jumped upon a rose
bush and waited a moment. Then it
Hew down the steps and kept the short
path which leads on to the drive. Once
upon the drive, its course was freer,
and it flew a fluttering zigzag course,
close to the ground. The view to the
left was hidden by a high hedge of
laurustiiHis, but after going down the
drive about twenty yards we were
free of this obstruction to the view,
and there in the grass, about ten yards
further, and exactly where 1 had
found hint with the bird the day be
fore, 1 saw my dog again. I now un
derstood what the bird wanted, and
bolted for the dog.whieh, sure enough,
had hold of the same young bird, or
another of the same nest. Again, quite
unharmed, I took It away, held it on
my finger, the mother hovering about,
and afterward placed it in the tree.
The distance traversed was about
sisty yards, and the time from my first
hearing the call outside the door until
I reached the dot; was at least five min
utes. The bird had evidently reasoned
that fhe man who rescued its young
the day before would do so again if he
could be called out. It knew, too, that
I must travel by paths, and so it never
left ihem. The terrace garden is
quite unfenced. and the direct line was
not in the direction of the steps. As
I have said, it was seven years ago, and
so some may think there is room foi
questioning. Ibi within a week 1 bar"
told the story half a dozen times, and
it had taken the set form in which it
is now given. 1 ought to say that the
dog had often been corrected for its
attempt to worry young rooks that
had fallen from the nests."--bondoi
Delays are Dangerous.
Many of our friends, or people whom
you know of have contracted consump
tion, pneumonia or other fatal diseases
by neglect of a simp'.e cold or cough.
Foley's Honey and Tar, a safe, sure
and pleasant cough medicine, would
have s:ved them. It is guaranteed.
The Ilnvnna Limited. .
The first A nprican Railway to an
nouncs train ssrvice for the especial
bjneSt of travel to the West Indies has
been heard from. 'Ihe Qjeen & Cres
cent Route are announcing a fast train
known as the '-Florida's; Havana Lim
ited." It wJH-Bo into service from Cin
cinnati to Tampa, -Jacksonville, Miamii
Mobile and New Orleans. This expo
nent of the genuine American idea
getting into the field early will be a
complete vestibuled service, with din
ers, observation cars, wi ie vestibules,
electric headlights and all the para
phernal of the modern railroad train
It is chiefly to be marked as the first
in the field for the new territory which
is just cominir under the protection of
the greatest flag on earth. Train will
m ike fast time to Ports named and
will connect with fine steamer service
to various Ports in Cuba, Fo.to Rico
rn 1 Jamaica. It marks a new era in
aailroading in this country.
People suffering
from Kidney Diseas
es, feel a gradual but
steady loss of strength and
vitality; They should lose no
time in trying Foley's Kidney
Cure, a Guaranteed Preparation.
It Is Twelve Hundred 3111pm Long
nnd Is One of the World's
That great barrier reef which
fringes the coast of Que -html north
of Brisb'ii? ;n cue direction of Torres
.-.traits, must always rank among the
wonders of the world. For 1,200 miles
the coral aniuialeulae have raised a
solid protection against the rage of
the ocean swell at a distance varying
from 20 to 150 miles from the shore,
leaving a comparatively safe and calm
inner passage, suitable for navigation
by the largest steamers on their voy
ages north nnd east. Sundry channels
penetrate the reef at intervals, and
whole fleets of trading schooners are
regularly engaged amid the intricate
labyrinta of coral islets.
Those who have seen the skeleton
madrepores and branching corals on
the shelves of a museum can form no
conception of the surpassing beauty
of the living organisms, vigorous at or
near th sirfa'j? of the tifi.!ucjnt
seas. On the ebbing tide we find every
description of animated coral growth
exposed, from the rounded masses of
brain coral to the stag's horn madre
pores, those of corymbose form, and a
variety too numerous to mention.
The brilliant coloration of the myriads
of polyps includes every shade, from
the more somber brown of the fungia
tribe to delicate lemon yellows, lilac,
pink, rich green interspersed with
golden hues, apple greens tipped with
violet, bright red, chocolate, purple,
and even blue. The various aggrega
tions cf minute vivacious animals pos
sess all modifications of radiated in
florescence; some have club-headed
tentacles, others expand in n feathery
fringe, while the number of rays to
each organism varies according to the
families and genera of coral classifica
tion. These gardens of the sea are too
beautiful for words. I5y subtle transi
tions the lime-secreting corals pass
into the uncovered sea anemones of re
splendent kinds, and the reefs swarm
with numberless echinoderms, nndi
branch mollusca, and parti-colored
fishes of most extraordinary shape
and size. Everything in the tropical
seas assumes a striking brilliancy of
color, and the 20 or more kinds of
holothuria are not the least interest
ing among the organisms which
abound. As the beche de mer, or
trepang, th.ese marine animals consti
tute esteemed gastronomic dainties in
the Celestial marts, the importance of
the export trade to the government
of Queensland being proved by statis
tics. Over 100 vessels ,are engaged in
the industry. The value of the pre
pared article is quoted from .30 to
150 per ton, according to its quality
and kind, and good ar.nual returns
have exceeded 30,000 for the beche
de mer alone. London Standard.
tnnennec of the Modern JncU Tar.
"Marryatt," said a man who had fol
lowed the sea for many years, "speaks
of the old-fashioned sailor whose con
versation was a jargon of nautical
terms almost uriintellible to the lands
man as belonging to a class fast dis
appearing. If the change was notice
able nearly a hundred years ago, what
would he have thought of the man-of-war's
man of to-day, who will talk for
half an hour without using a phrase
that smacks of the ocean? Why, a cou
ple of days ago I heard a sailor speak
of a ship 'turning over' for capsizing.
Still, though the language may have
changed, I guess the spirit of our men
is as good as that of those who fought
at Trafalgar." N. YSun.
A Pnlnfnl Itenxon.
Mrs. Trouble Tommy, what reason
had your father for licking you?
Tommy He licked me because he
had a toothache. Up to Date.
P;ilf am CUBAN OIL cures
I Idlllvl 3 Cuts, Burns, Bruises, Rheu
matism and Sores. Price, 25 cents
'1 he Eleetropoise docs not, however,
online its cures along any particular
line. It cures by removing the causo
causing the system to absorb Oxygen,
purifying the blood, and building up
the system
Dear Sirs: The goitre has entirely
disappeared from Mrs. AVilson's neck,
and she is the proudest and most grate
ful woman in the world. The Eleetro
poise has accomplished what the phy
sicians and medicines could not. More
than seven years rgo she was told that
she could nuver be cured. The Elee
tropoise contradicted the opinion of
learned doctor;, has removed the
swelling, and she is entirety well.
I havo under my observation an
other case of goitre that is being rap
idly cured. It is my only doctor, and
I use it in my family for all ailments.
iMns. Sam Wai.kkr,
Yife of United States Commissioner,
AVytheville, Va., July 9, lS'JD.
Dubois & webb.
513 Fourth Avenue, Louisville,
insurance Agency
Representing Over
- 357,000,000 -
In the following Fire Insurance
.Etna of Hartford.
Queen of America.
National of Hartfort.
Phenix of Brooklyn.
Hartford of Hartford.
Manchester of England.
Connecticut of Hartford.
North British and Merchantile.
Gerann Annricia of Xow York.
Liverpool and London and Globe.
I also represent the old reliable
New York Life Insurance
1493 1
J ( 65,000.
A. R.Denny. President.
Jno. E. Stormes, Vice President.
Wm. H. Kinnaibd, Cashier.
8. C. Denny, J. F. Robinson. Jb,
Assistant Cash'r. Book-keeper
R. T. Embby Ass't Book-keeper.
Sam'l.D Cochrau, Jas Spllman,
JLlex. R. Dennr. A. C. Robinson,
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno. E. Stormes.
Office over J. C. Thompson's Jewelry stcr
Skin Diseases.
For the speedy and permanent cure of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema. Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an equal. It relieves the itch
ing and smarting almost instantly and
its continued use effects a permanent
cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching pile3.
cnapneu nanus, enronis sore eves ana
granulated lids.
I)r. Tauv's Condition Powders for
horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
undvennuuge. Price, 25cents- Soldby
ILE.McRoberts, Drugg'st, Lancaster
Robinson & Hamilton his!
Office ovet Post Office.
W. C. Slimer.
John Hoshau
$3.00 PER CA It FOR JIOGS, $10.
Reference: Western German Rank,
Cincinnati, O
P.itn:: 1 I :io-.v t"isl t!ii
lrreRularit'.e3inl-'eriialcii;-Mtr.3. mioumId. J
Waojra "Slid VI-m" SmiJZa Iivo '.o-i tV.v. 1
. test tor twenty years.
' Made only ty Uew Speuri-r JlKl!c!na Ci.. Cts.1
,T;R. E. Mi"lb!r ti. Lancaster
You Are Going North,
If You Are Going South,
If You Are Going East,
If You Are Going West;
The Maximum of Safety,
The Maximum of Speed,
The Maximum of Comfort,
The Minimum of Rates.
Rates, Time and all other Information win
be cheerfully furnished by
C. P. ATM ORE, o. p. A..
Or by LouiSVttlE,-Kli
K. C. Branh. ' -onth-b'nd
Mixed, passes Lancaster, II 35 a. m"
N'orth-b'nd Mixed. " " 3:10 r. m"
yorth-b'nd Pass'gr " " ' 2:52 A.y
Santh-h'rd ' " 12:29 a. m
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
of Pythias, meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. Allvis
iting Knights are fraternally invit
J. E. Robinson, K. R. & S.
Louisville a Nashville R. R.

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