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terminer cf the Most
Fatal Disease.
Though its oftonsivo features
jim soisi.!iii:if!.s almost unbearable,
fuw people are aware of the danger
of which Catarrh is the forerun
ner. Catarrh invariably leads to
Consumption. Growing worse and
worse each winter, those who rely
upon the usual treatment of
sprays, washes and inhaling mix
tures find that it is impossible to
check the disease with these local
: replications which only reach the
surface. The offensive discharge
increases all the while, causing a
ft-elhigof personal defilement, and
ge.Ls deeper and deeper until it is
or:h' a question of a short times
until the lungs are affected.
T5 importance of the proper
treatment. can therefore be readily
appreciated. But no good what
ever can be expected from local
applications, as such treatment
never did cure Catarrh, and never
The Agricultural Department esti
mates the crups of corn and oats for
1S95 as worth SS3,009,OjO more than the
same croj s for 1S97.
Although Col J. P. Ciiinn sold his
great thoroughbred horse Lissack, and
a num'ier of brood mares at the Ldx
ington sale, he did not by any means
sell out, as he has yet about 2D first
class yearlings and 10 Lrood mares.
Oa account of low prices for feed
there is more mcuey in butter at 20
cents now than there was at 25c a few
years ago, but when we undertake to
warm up creek water with the corn
the profit becomes an evanescent
When you ask for De Witt's Witch
Hazel fc'alve don't accept a counterfeit
or imitation. There are more cases of
Piles being cared by this, than
all others combined. At Stormes' Drug
Store. lm
The Runl New Yorker has teen
l-.o :.ng up the law about tresspassing
fo.vls. and it finds that we have no
more right to leta fo.vl s!riyofi"the
proa.ises than we would have to let a
ho.x or a mule go foraging in our neigh
bor j fields.
Lexington horsemen who attended
the b:gsale in New York trie past two
weeks have returned home and all are
i! high spirits ovirthc result. 'J hey
ah bay that itlooics very much like
old times to see horses bringing such
g o t prices, and are confident that
j. o .1 ti.nes h-ve come to stay. Stock
It is estimated by competent judges
tint Clark ounty, Ky., farmers have
marketed, or will market, this season,
7,000 fine, fat cattle at prices that will
bring 453,000 to 500,000 into the coun
ty. Many of these cattle are exported
to England. Itourbon is the only
county in the state that exceeds Claris
in this respect this year, having mark
eted, it is sa'd, about 10,000 head for
over 050,000.
Constipation prevents the body from
ridding itself of waste matter. De
Witt's Little Early Itisers will remove
the trouble and cure Sick Headache,
ISilliousncss, Inactive Liver and clear
the Complexion. Small, sugar coated,
dou't grij e or cause nausea. At
Stormcs' Drug Store. lm
Court of Appeals of Kentucky in a
decision regarding boundary lines be
tween lands, dec'ared that a fence
built as dividing line by parties own
ing adjoining lands, and so mentioned
by them for forty years or more, must
be regarded in law as establishing
such a line, even if it does not agree
with the calls of the deeds
The following is the general rule for
measuring corn. Two -cubic feet of
good sound dry corn in the ear will
make a bushel of shelled corn. To get
the quantity of shelled corn in a box
of corn in the ear, measure the length,
C ill ani sea tTii3 Cilsbratai
It fully Warranted and Excels all others.
JUL Kinds Farm MjtfnaAW Always
"I hnd such a severe chse of Catarrh
that I lost my hearing in one ear, and
part of the bone1 in my nose sloughet'
off. I was constantly treated witl
sjirays and washes, but each winte
tiie "disease seemed to have a finne.
hold on me. 1 hnd linsilly been de
dared incurable when T decided U
try S. S. S. It seemed to get right a.
the seat of the disease, and cured mc
permanently,. for I have hud no toucl
of Catarrh for seven years.
"Mrs. Josirpmxu Pomiill,
"Due Went, S. C."
Those who have had the firsi
touch of Catarrl
will savcondles
suffering by tak
ing the right
remedy at tin
outset. Othor
K i. mKWli't. vears sought re
lief and found only disappoint
ment in local treatment will fin
it wise to waste no further tim
on sprays, washes, inhaling mix
lures, etc., which are ouly tempo
rary and can not save them fron
Consumption. Catarrh is a deep
seated blood disease. S. S. S. i:
the only remedy which can read,
the very bottom of the disease
and cure it permanently.
Books sent free by the Swift
Specific Company, Atlanta, Gu.
breadth and height of the box inside
of the rail, multiply the le.igth by the
breadth and the proluct by the height
then dividt. the product by two, and
you have the number of bushels of
shelled corn in the box Ex.
Many a household is saddened by
death because of the failure to keep
on hand a safe and absolute certain
cure for croup such as the One Minute
Cough Cure. See that your little one
are protected against emergency. A
Stormes' Drug Store. lm
The wool market for sometime past
has been d moralized by the enormous
importations in the fiscal year 1S95-'D0,
amounting to 250,SG2,02G pounds, due
to the exoectation of the high tar.ff
which was placed upon wool by the
Dingley tariff law. Importers still
own a large portion of this foreign
grown wool. '1 he low prices now of
fered for wool are not due to a large
growth in this country, for the United
States wool clip last year was the
smallest reported for more than a ae-
cade, being only 33,153,251 pounds,
and the clip of this year is estimated
at2Ci,72'),CS4 pounds.
There are less cattle in proportion to
population in the county today than
at any time in the past few years.
When this condition is coupled with
the fact that the raising of a profitable
herd of dairy cows is a slew work, it
can be readily seen that there is lo
branch of farming which actually
nolds b-.-tter than dairying. Just ap
p v this consideration to any calcula
tion respecting the promising outlook
for either wheat, wool or cattle (beef)
raising, and then keep out of the
throng that is about to iu?h pellmell
nto one or the other of these last
named branches. Ex.
The sooner a cough or cold is cured
without harm to the sufferer the bet
ter. Lingering colds are dangerous.
Hacking cough is distressing. One
Minute Cough Cure quickly cures it.
Why suffer when such a cough cure is
within reach? It is pleasant to the
taste. At Stormes' Druj Store. lm
The Cincinnati Price Current says
that the total export of hog products
for the year ending June 30, 1SC-3,
amounted to 942,000,000 pounds of meat
and 707,000,000 pounds of lard, worth
altogether about SI 10,000, 000. The in
crease over the year previous was, in
round numbers. 139,000,003 pounds of
lard, 153,000,000 pounds of bacon, 30,
030,000 pounds of ham and 21,000,000
pounds of salt pork. The American
hog is very much in evidence and plays
no small part in our business relations
with other countries, and we are not
ashamed of him if he does not come
out too conspicuously until he is dead.
All classes-of live stock show an im
provement over cindition December
lst, 1SU7. The following comparisons
show per cent, of improvement, each
being condition compared with aver
age years: Horses, December. 1st, 1897,
95: December 1st, 1S93, 98. Cattle, De
cember Ut, 1SC7, 93; December 1st, 1898,
l'1!. Sheep. December 1st, 1897, 94;
December 1st, 189S, 93. Hogs, Decem-
Wagon at
ber 1st 1897,02; December 1st, 1S98
93. So says Mr. Lucas irr his crop re
The person who disturbed the con
gregation last SunJay by coughing-, is
requestel to call at any drugstore and
get a, bottle of Foley's Honey and Tar
which always gives relief. lm
Iho IJurgin Messenger says John
Hu-juely bought iu Cincinnati last
wee 135 head of common cattle selected
by him at the 3'arJs for which he paid
a humlre I. Mr. Iluguely do?s
this every year, He trays they pa bet
ter than heavy stoe'e, that ihree cf
them will eat no more tana one heavy
buliock, while the gain of the foi mer
up to July will be not les; than 1,20
poinds. The gain of the latter to Oc
tober will not exceed 4 JO pounds. He
says he can get on an average 4 cts.
a pound for the light stock aad 4 3-G
ets. for the heavy stock, mikiag him
oa the abjie calculation S4S for the
former and $19 for the latter.
A poultry breeder says a bushel of
corn will produce six pounds of pork
worth 23 emts, while this bushe.
would keep a hen a year. She would
lay at least twelye dozen egg's, which,
averaging 10c a d izen, would equal
SI. 'JO, and she would re ir a brood of
chickens worth twice as much more.
making a total of nearly S5. .Experi
ments m-deatthe Utah agricultural
experiment station, seems to prove the
correctness of the statement mcd
abovo. Another writer sa3rs: "Forty
dozen eggs will bring more than a
load of hay, which requires a great
deal of labor to pro.iuce and a goo !
sizeJ patch of ground to grow, besides
a lot of sweat. Study the egg ques
tion." Bran ami SIiiistu!V.
1 have on hands a fine lot of bran
and shif.s'uff. Will deliver at 10 and
$12 pT ton. Luy now while it is cheap.
Joiix II. Potts,
ncv-25 Gilberts Creek, Ky.
Christmas Gifts.
The Howard Tailoring company, of
Chicago, will give a handsome life size
Crayon Portrait, in a beautiful gil
.rame 10 by 21 inches, valued at $2.50,
with each suit or overcoat sold before
Christmas. You can have any picture
enlarged. Prices same as before. You
can take this portrait or a watch, or a
handsome umbrella, valued at -2.53.
Send your order in time.
M. D. Hughes Agent.
I'f?fNUBIAN TEA CUrcs VjtVep
J Bw3:l5;JV3 b;a Constipation and Indi
gestion. Regulates the Liver. Price, 25 cts.
Conclusion is Not Proof of lilackllstinjr
by a Railroad Company, Says the
Kentucky Court of Appeals.
Fraxkfout, Ky., Dec. 14. The court
of appeals Tuesday decided that a rail
road employe who had been blacklisted
and in a suit against the road for dam
ages alleged he had thus been deprived
of the right to work at his only pro
fession for other roads, could not re
cover damages, because this allegation
was merely a conclusion of the pleader
and not shown to be a fact.
The plaintiff in the case is John
Hundley, of Marion couuty, who had
been discharged by the L. & N. rail
road for neglect of duty. Judge Paj'n
ter delivered the opinion, and it is the
first time the question has ever been
decided in Kentucky. The inference
can bo drawn from the opinion that
the employe can recover damages if he
proves that the blacklist prevents him
from securing employment.
Two of Thorn Interested in Money Tied
Upiu a Kentucky Court The Estate
of Jerry O'Callaghan.
Owkxsuoeo, Ky., Dec. 14. The Cit
izens' Savings bank paid into court
St,!$00 attached by the city of Owens
boro for taxes on the estate of Jerry
O'Callaghan, on deposit in the Citizens'
for the years 1891-90 inclusive.
O'Callaghan claimed that the money
was not his, having been deeded to
his brother, Rev. Eugene O'Callaghan.
Rev. Father O'Callaghan died, leaving
a will bequeathing all the property to
the Nazareth and Lorctto societies.
Jerry O'Callaghan lived for years hero
in penury and the strictest self-denial,
but lending money freely on good se
curity. He is now living at Loretto.
The suit is to determine as to whether
the money belonged to Jerry O'Callag
han for the years named.
Utavy Verdict Set Atide.
Louisville, Ky., Dec. 14. The court
of appeals Monday at Frankfort re
versed the decision of ' the lower court
in the case of Kaufman, Strauss & Co.,
of this city, against the Louisville Gas
Co. It will be remembered that in 1892
a boiler in the plant of the Louisville
Gas Co., in the rear of Kaufman,
Strauss & Co., exploded and as a result
the latter company's building was de
stroyed. Suit for 300,000 was entered
against the .Louisville Gas Co. and a
verdict for that amount recovered.
Judge Hazelrigg Tuesday reversed the
The Fulton Mstery.
Fultox, Ky., Dec 14. The body of
the dead woman found in the wooda
near Fulton is that of Mrs. "Dut" Row
lands, and she formerly resided at Ft.
Smith, Ark., and married a man there.
She was raised in Ohio and has -friends
there. She was a wanderer in recent
years and addicted to the use of mor
phine. Her husbond died three years
ago at Van Ruren, Ark. It is still be
lieved here that the woman was lured
to the spot where found and mur
dered. tost.
Many have lost confidence and hope
as well as health, bee; u is they have
ean told the'r Kidaey disease wis in n
beatable. Foley's Kidney Cure is
Guirantecd remedy for the discourag
ed and disconsolate. Ctll at any drug
He Would Itither Hausr Than L-.-iva the
Couuty 'say the Vr'.m atr II .TrUi
M:f lie. Continued.
Rowling Gkeex, Ky., Dec. 12. John-
sou Franklin, the alleged murderer of
his mother-in-law, Mr. Pales, ner
Beckton, Rarrcn county, and who was
brought here some time since fcr fear
of a lynching, was returned to Glasgow
Sunday. The trial of Franklin
is set for Monday, and it is
.said that his attorneys will endeavor
to get a continuance. If the case is
continued a lynching may follow.
Franklin avoided arrest for almost
two months, and had ample t me to
get away, but he says he would rather
be hanged than to leave the county.
Will Sue for FcfS.
Fbaxkfort, Ky., Dec. 10. Attorney
General Taylor will file suits Saturday
against 39 present and ex-circuit clerks
for sums aggregating S10. SCO paid them
as fees in felony cases. The law under
which they were paid has since been
declared unconstitutional and tho
court of appeals rendered a decision
compelling clerks to refund fees al
ready paid thorn. Among the clerks
and ex-clerks of counties sued are lha
following: Shelby, Garrard, Pendle
ton, Montgomery, Doyle, Roll, John
ton, Harlan, Perry, Graves, S'.';'-,
Daviess, Magoffin, Lawrence, Lincoln,
Laurel, Rowan, Rraeken, Clark and
Dratli Preferred to Cold and i.iin-jer.
Paducah, Ky., Dec. 12. Death was
preferred to cold and hunger by Rcssio
Fisher, yet in her teens, 'who suicided
by discharging a pistol in her mouth.
The girl had been left ' alone with a
fatherless babe and a little s'sttr and
brother without food or fuel, in a di
lapidated shenty. She suicided to get
out of the way, saying the children
would then be fed. The deed was
shocking in all respect:.
Ltliiisrun After It.
Lkxixgtox, Ky., Dec. 12. An effort'
is being made to have Senator Stephe.n
R. Elkins, of West Virginia; "estab
lish his anti-trust tobacco factory in
this city. That this is the center of
the hurley district is a point in Lexing
ton's favor. The proposed factory will
employ 5,000 people and cost 2,000,000.
T;.X"i Co 111 in iu S'.on-ly.
Fiiaxkfokt, Ky., Dec. 12. Up to dato
77 sheriffs have settled in full with
the state auditor and received their
quietus. Among those who settled are
Sheriff Henry Rosworth, of the county
of Fayette, who paid into the treasury
591,601, and the sheriff of Union couu
ty, who paid in 212,031. Other coun
ties whose sheriffs paid in smaller
amounts were Pendleton, Morgan, Mer
cer, Muhlenburg, Adair and Franklin.
Tobaccu Growers Meet.
Lexington, Ky., Dec. 10. A meeting
of the State League of Tobacco Grow
.crs, recently formed, was held in this
city x-nuay. state organizers was
chosen to go all over the state and or
ganize county leagues. The league is
taking active legal steps against tho
tobacco trust. This is the first meet
ing since its organization.
II quest of Public L, brary.
XlCHOLASVlLLE, Ky., Dec. 12. John
Steele, J. D. Hughes and Thomas Put-
ler were selected as trustees of tho
Presbyterian church Sunday to go to
Rloomington, 111., to receive a legacy
of $00,000, left for a public library by-
Mrs. Sarah Withers, of Rloomington
The librarj will be under the super
vision of the Presbyterian church.
Daviess County Confederate;).
Owensboi:o, Ky., Dec. 9. The annual
meeting of the Daviess County Confed
erate association will be held Saturday
afternoon for the election of officers
and transaction of other business.
In Fear of IScin? Lynched.
IIopkinsville, Ky., Dec. 9. A. T.
Quarterman, the tramp barber who
killed Rrakeman William Carr at Earl-
ington, is in jail here and is in great
fear of mob .vengeance. However,
there has been no talk of lynching him.
Quarterman still maintains that he did
not intend to kill Carr.
D.imnjp S tits S ttlrd.
Rowlino Gf.een, Ky., Dec. 9. Eight
damage suits against the Louisville &.
Nashville Railroad Co. brought by
parties in Edmonson county, amount
ing in all to more than 5200,000, have
been compromised. The horses at
tached to a wagon in which the plain
tiffs were seated became frightened
at the train and ran away, thowing
the occupants out and injuring several
of them. The eight suits followed.
They Want Their Pay.
Lexington, Ky.. Dec 10. Twenty
five men who did work as scrubbers at
the John Rlair Gibbs hospital and who
have been trying for three months
without success to get their money
from "the government, are preparing to
take active steps to secure it.
Delays are Daugerous.
Many of our friends, or people whon
you know of havej-'ontracted consump.
tion, patumonia or other fat il disease.
by neglect of a simp'e cold or cough.
Foley's noney and Tar, a safe, sur
and pleasant cough medicine, woulf
have saved them. It is guaranteed.
The Havana Limited.
The first A nerican Railway to a?
nounce train serv.ee for the especia.
benefit of trayel to the West Indies ha.
been heard from. '1 he Queen & Cres
cent Route are announcing a fasc trail;
known as the '"FioriJa & Havana Lim
ited." It will go into serv ce from Cin
cinnati to Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami,
Mobile and New Orleans. This expot
uent of the genuine Amerfciin ide.
getting into the field early will be i
complete vcstibuled service, with din
ers, obssrvation cars, wi le vestibules
electric headlights und all the para
phernalia of the modern railroad traif
It is chiefly to be marked as the firs
in the field for the new territory whicl
is just coming under the protection o
the greatest flag on earth. Train wil
entice f-st time to Ports named ani
will connect with fine steamer servic
to various Ports in Cuba, Porto Ricj
rnd Jamaica. . It marks a new era it
aailroading in 'Ibis country.
Coughs, '
La Grippe,
- Consumption,
Are Not SatUfl.-d.
Mcnfordville, Ky., Dec. 10. The
farmers and tobacco growers of Hart
count' are very much dissatisfied with
the association organized at Lexington
last Monday. They are of the opinion
that the convention was captured by
the warehouse men. A movement has
been commenced to have another con
vention to be composed strictly of farm
ers and tobacco growers.
F rst l.ezinient Arrive in LouUv.lle.
Louisvili.k, Ky., Dec. IS. The 1st
Kentucky Regiment, which saw service
in I'orto Rico, arrived here from New
port News, Va.. Monday morning. The
regiment was given a royal reception.
Col. Castleman is in command. At all
Kentucky points tho heroes of the
Porto Rican campaign were given ova
tions. The entire week in this city
will be given over to jubieles in honor
of the regiment.
Paby Uurncd to a Cr;si.
Owknskoko, Ky., Dee. 9. Mary Glo
ver, infant, aged 1 year, was burned' to
a crisp Thursday. Her mother had
left three children at home while she
was at work. Smoke was seen issuing
'from the house, and the neighbors, not
'knowing that any one was in the house,
made no effort to save the child. The
Cthei' two children were playing out
side. Cause of the fire unknown. The
house was destroyed.
Hi; .I.alur Jlnrder Trial.
RAHiiounsviLLK, Ky., Dee. i:. Thos.
Raker, charged with the murder of
Sheriff White, of Clay county, was
placed on trial here Monday.
Atten-pted Suicide by Sliootln.
MonuiiK.vn. Kj, Dec. lo. Lon Folcn,
formerly of Richmond, Ind., but now
residing near Stark, in Elliott county,
made an unsuccessful attempt to
suicide by shooting. No reason is as
signed. ( hlUl Fatally Purned.
Owkxseoro, Ky., Dec. IS. The 2-year-old
child of Mr. Fitzhugh Rcfrow,
of Narrows, Ohio county, near here,
was fatally burned. The nurse 'was
badly burned in extinguishing the
P.iui-tsre Suit Settled.
Winchester, Ky., Dee. 9. Tho $35,
000 damage suit against the L. it N.
road for the death of Warren Rurch,
killed by the falling of a railroad tres
tle two years ago, was compromised by
the road paying 3,000 and all the costs.
Money for Christ iu is.
Paris, Ky., Dec. 12. The city coun
cil ordered December salaries allowed
two weeks in advance of the regular
pay day in order that the city officials
and emploj-cs might have Christinas
spending money.
Fire at Ft. Thomas.
Ft. Thomas, Ky., Dec. 14. The rcs
dence of Col. M. A. Cochran, formerly
of the 0th regiment, was burned to tho
ground Wednesday morning. The
building was a two-story frame of 13
rooms belonging to J. Phillips and sit
uated near the fort. The fire started
in the garret from some unknown
cause. The furniture was saved by the
soldiers from the fort.
Pad t" rn at K clunond.
Richmond, Ky., Dec. 1 1. Fire gutted
the handsom State Rank and Trust
Co. building Tuesday night at 12 o'clock.
The building was lately completely by
Charles Crapsey and Rartelli, contrac
tors of Cincinnati, at a cost of S25,000,
and was one of the finest banks in
Kentucky. The fire is supposed to have
originated in the second story.
II s Fourth Attempt.
IIoi'KiNSViLi.E, Ky.. Dec. 14. John
Dean, a yohng miller, attempted
suicide Tuesday by swallowing a largo
dose of poison. He has been despond
ent over a love affair and this is his
fourth attempt to kill himself because
the iady of his choice will not marry
him. There is little hope of his re
lllanip-i ai"ther-!n-I.iw.
Glasgow, Ky., Dec. 1-1. A jury in the
Franklin case was secured at noon
Tuesday. The defendant stated that
the crime was committed in the heat of
passion on account of his mother-in-
law, Mrs. Rowlcs, preventing his wife
from living with him.
ai.igi-'trare I ,,i cted.
Lexinoton, 1y, Dec. 14. "Jady"
McNamarn, a magistratehere, has been
indicted by the grand jury for alleged
malicious shooting and wounding with
intent to kill. The 'squire had a diffi
culty with a Negro night-hawk driver,
bhcoting him.
Ii-utts Pond 1 Dead.
Louisville, Ky., Dee. 14. Louis
Bond, who had charge of the Standard
Oil Co.'s Cincinnati .office as manager,
but, who was transferred here a few
weeks ago, "is dead of peritonitis. He
had been ill for some time.
E even llritd of Horses Burned.
Lex'noton, Ky ., Dec. 14. James T
Jones' livery and sale stable on Race
street burned Wednesday morninfr.
even head of horses and a Quantity
of feed were destroyed. Loss, 52,000.
Japan now makes its own electrical
machinery. ,
I flattfrfC CUBAN OIL curt
V 1 IHIIIVl V Cuts. Barns. Rntisw, Rhnn
natifliu and Sores. Price, 25 cents
'J he Electropoise docs not, however,
confine its-cures a'ong any particular
line. It cares by r. moving, the cause,
causing the system to absorb Oxygen,
purifying the blood, and building up
tho system
Dear Sirs: The goitre has entirely
disappeared from Mrs. Wilson's neck,
and she is the proudest and most grate
ful woman in the world. The Electro
poise has accomplished what the phy
sicians and medicines could not". More
than seven year? ago shewas tol 1 that
she coul I never be cured. The Elue
tropoise contradicted the opinion of
learned doctors has remove 1 the
swelling, and she is entirely well.
I have tinier my observation an
other case of goitre that is being rap
5d:y cored. Ii. is my ouly doctor, and
I use it in my family for all ailmeats.
Mrs. Sam Walker,
Wife of United States Commissioner,
Wythevi.l., Vj., July 9, liVij.
Dubois & wsbb.
513 Fourth Avenue, Louisville,
Insurance Agrencv
Representing Over
- 557,000,000 -
Iu the following: Fire Insurance
iElna cf Hartford,
Queen or America.
National of Ilartrort.
rheaix of Brooklyn.
Hartford of Hartford.
Mnnchcsler of England.
Connecticut of Hartford.
North British and Jlerc'iantile.
(Jisraua Aanricm oT Xow York.
Liverpool and Loudon and Globe.
1 also represent thi old reliable
Kew York Life Insurance
Book-Keeping, Business, '
Over National Kxchan;c Bank and Y.M.C. A.
RpfprOnPP-Tliotnan.l of pticcesi-fu! pradn
UGIGI CHOC atfsi, intliitlinff Kju in banks. 101
AnanI oOIolnl anil Diploma at World'ii
ExpuMtiou, for ISook-kit-piue, etc.
A Tlinroiisli. Influential. nnl Honored
College, lliinilredrt of students in atttmlanco the
past year from 10 states.
Business t'oiirnc cmiM-tM of Book-kM-pins,
Business Arithmetic, lY'tuiiaitship.Cnmmcrrinl Law,
31ercliaiili-intr. l!.iiikiiir. Joint Slock. Manufac
turing, Lecture, liininos Practice, Mercantile L'or
respoinleiice, etc.
are specialties; have -jvcinl trai lieri ami rooms,
ami can betaken alum; or with the Rusinex Course.
RSJ-rhe Kentucky University Diploma under seal,
awanltil our graduate.
JreSpeei.il Course of Sook-kecpinr for tha
Summer, ?10.
RJT Special Course of Penmanship, per
UracIunteHortlicSnminerniid Fall ?esIon
of this College have the privilege of attending tho
Literary Department of Kentucky University,
;i ueeireu, to j une, is-.w, iree 01 cnarge.
"o Vacation. Enter now.
this Col-
Call at tho Colleco for new Catalogue of
lege, containing an endorsement of riearlr lim of it
former pupils now In busiuci3, etc., in this city, or
address its President,
A Dally
At lha rale of
SI. 00 for 3 MiitlJS.
$1.50 .... for 6 Mnihs.
$2.00 .... for I Ytlir.
For scmp'e corfes.teave us
your name or wria m
At the rate ot
For the speedy and permanent nvre of
tetter, salt rheum and eczema. Cham
berlain's Eye and Skin Ointment is
without an equal. It relieves the itch-
, lng and smarting almost instantly anJ
its continued nse effects a permanent
t cure. It also cures itch, barber's itch,
scald head, sore nipples, itching piles,
chapped hands, chronic sore eyes and
gracnlted lids.
Dr. al's Condition Powder3 for
i horses are the best tonic, blood purifier
! Hudvermifuge. Price, 23 cents- Soldby
' R. E.McRoberts, Dmgg st, Lancaster
Robinson Hamilton Ms-
Office ovei Tost OJBce.
LwcvsTKB. : : : Kfnivckt
W. C. Slimer.
John Hoshal.
$3.00 PER CAJt FOR HOGS. $10.
Reference: Western Grman ISank,
Cincinnati, O
Is tli" r-.riYs!: traebfss. CorrocCa iU1
!rrepnb".rlT'5 111 train o. -;.ui3. tr.uM oe 1
a!:i"l tr.v .t c :&: Cr-jii:!!:. 1
R. E McRolrts. Lancaster
If you At Going North,
If You re Going South,
If You Ac Going East,
If YouAre Going West;
and so sccur.a
The laxmum of Safety,
Ti Maximum of Speed,
Thfflaximum of Comfort,
le Minimum of Rates.
j s, Tims aad all ether Information will
be eerily furnished by
C. P. ATM OR?, O. P. A.. "
K. C. llranh.
oavb'nd Jllxed, passrs Lancaster, 11 ri a. m
No-k'nd MiximI. " S:li)p. h
yc.i-b'nd Pasi'gr " asitt '
Spa l'cd i2riaA.t
- 1493 v
mm. mi
103,000.00 J
A. R.Dknjiy. President.
Jxo. E. Stormes. Vice President.
VYx. n. Kinsaied, Cashier.
3. C. Denny,
Assistant Cash'r.
R. T. Embby
J. F. Robinson. Jr,
As3t Book-keeper.
Sam'l. D.Cochran, Jas Spllman,
Alex. R. Denny, A. C. Robinson.
W. R. Cook, L. Davidson,
Jno.E. Stormes.
Garrard Lodge No. 29, Knights
of Pythias, meets every Thursday
night in Odd Fellows hall. Allvis
iting Knights are fraternally invit
J. E. Robixson, K. R. & S.
Teeth extracted without pain
TV th Vitalized Air. Office in
th j ew Thompson Building.
OMae over J. C. Thompsan's jewelry 9 tors;
Lcsvuie a. Nashville R. R. j

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