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THURSDAY, May - 18, - 1899.
Admiral Dewey will set sail for home
in a few days. Every American will
welcome his return, but there is much
danger of the reception being overdone
lie has proven himself the true hero
in all matters so far, but the test of
his conservatism will come when he is
paraded before the thousands of shout
ing people, the blare of trumpets and
boom of the peaceful gun. Kow, if,
when under all the excitement he re
f rains from making some fool speech.
he will clinch his hold on the reputa
tion for being the greatest living
American. Ilobson and Coughlan did
deeds of daring, but, by slips of the
tongue and other thoughtless acts,
kicked all the fat into the fire and-to
day stand no higher than before the
war began. Being a strong admirer
of Dewey, we cannot help but feel
little uneasiness for fear he will say too
much, or, more than that, go to licking
the paint from the lips of giddy,
thoughtless girls.
Thebe are a number of names men
tioned in connection with republican
nomination for governor, and it now
looks like there will be a scramble for
the place. The strongest man the re
publicans have, Hon. John W. Yerkes,
says he will not run, but if the breth
ren know what is good for them, they
will tender him the nomination and
induce him to change his mind.
Hon. Jno. S. Riiea has taken the
stump for Stone. We hope the clever
little congressman will put Lancaster
on his list of appointments, as he
one of the ablest speakers in the state
as well as a typical gentleman. The
Court House will not hold the crowd
that will turn out to hear him should
he come this way.
Kentucky Palisades.
Mrs. Emily B. Bristow, of Coving
ton, owner of the famous Kentucky
Palisades at High Bridge, passed thro
.Nicholasville Saturday en route to
that resort which she will place in
readiness for the summer excursion
ists. To a reporter for the Journal
Mrs. Bristow said that the grounds
would be placed in finer condition
this season than ever before and prep
arations were being made by the Q. &
C. railroad to run a large number of
excursions to that point this summer.
The dates of the annual camp meet
ing have not been selected yet, but it
is thought that thjvregular dates will
be claimed. She is ic correspondence
with a number of ministers and lect
urers now and will offer an attractive
program. Jessamine Journal.
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Colored Soldiers, Attention!
The colored Regiments of the Regu
lar Army are filling up very fast, and
there arc only a few vacancies left.
All able-bodied colored men who can
read, and all ex-soldiers who desire to
re-enlist should call at once at the
Recruiting Ollice in Lexington Busi
College Building, Main Street, near
post ollice, Lexington, Ky. ma-4-tf
Jolinnle lias His Gun.
Harry McCarty, of the Nicholas
ville Journal, says: "A newspaper man
is the last person in the world to
harm anyone, but if .the midnight ma
rauder who tried to get into the house
of the junior editor at an early hour
Monday morning attempts it again he
will think Dewey has his ships sta
tioned around Nicholasville. We have
two fiat irons heavily loaded, a hatch
et with two edges and an immense
broomstick that has never failed to
knock a man senseless. Besides our
diamonds and rubies are kept at the
printing ollice in the safe with the
medical cuts."
The Gospel Truth.
No town ever become a city because
of its natural advantages. These
things may constitute a most helpful
factor but a hustling, energetic people
to utilize these natural -advantages
and bring them"to the notice of inves
tors seeking a location and to health
seekers searching for a home. More
than this, residents of a town must-
take an active interest in all munici
pal affairs. They should use their in
fluence to make it an attractive place
to live in not only attractive in ap
pearance, but in all that goes to make
life pleasant and tolerable, Every
man that goes aray from MIddlesboro
should be a walking advertisement of
the town, and those that stay at home
should make every effort to justify his
representations. Middlesboro Rec
What a Contrast.
In Louisville Monday we had occa
sion to call upon several of the most
prominent and busiest men in the
city. The cordial manner in which
they receive callers caused us to think
of the great contrast between such
men and those high-cock-a-lorems of a
little cross-roads town. The former
have time to stop and talk to people
while the latter cannot lay down their
pens two minutes, for fear the globe
will cease revolving. We would much
prefer trying to interview the presi
dent of the United States than at
tempt to get a five minutes' chat with
a back-woods mrgul who is drawing a
salary of probably $500 a year and his
washing. We once had the honor of
talking with Speaker Reed in his.pri
vate ollice, and we gained admission
to that closely guarded retreat much
easier than we could get a five min
utes talk with the average hayseed
who thinks the welfare of the nation
is resting on his little 2x4 shoulders,
L. & N.Low Rates.
Agent G. M. Patterson has been or
dered to make the following special
Round-trip tickets to Charlotte, N
C, on this account, at one first-class
fare, June 18, 19, 20 and 21, limited to
July 1; also on June 2G and 27, limited
to July 3. Iron-clad continuous-pas
sage forms to be used.
Round-trip tickets to Asheville, N
in this Section.
Is abslutely necessary to the yon
man or yonpg woman who would
success in life. This being coni
the school that strands in the very Iront rank-
Bevea experienced teacher, each oae a specialist in hli line
college preferred by business bosses. Write for
beaatlful book giving testimonials from gradnMes oceapyln
prominent positions all over the United States-it will be mailed
C.,on this account at one Urst-'class
fare, June 13fch to 10th, inclusive, final
limit June 30th. Iron-clad continuous-passage
forms to ba used.
Round-trip .tickets to.St. Louis at
the first-class limited fare; iron-clad
signature form of ticket to be used by
agents who have them; continuous
passage in each direction; to be sold
June 18th, 19th and 20th, with final
limit June 26, 1S99.
Rounttrip tickets to Roanoke, Va.,
at one fare May 17th to 22d, limited
to May 20th, account Annual Meeting
German Baptist Brethren. Iron-clad
continuous-passage forms to be used.
Iflrs. Fessendeii's Lerttiro.
The large auditorium of the Chris
tian church was crowded last Sunday
ight to listen to the lecture of Mrs.
usan S. Fcssenden, of Boston. No
other services being held in town, all
denominations were represented, and
spirit of unity, noticeable in all our
W. C. T. U. meetings, prevailed. Rev.
owell, who had kindly deferred apre-
iously announced service, that the
lecture might be given in his church,
opened the meeting with devotional
exercises. Mrs. Hubble introduced the
speaker in her usual gracious manner.
The music under the leadership of
Mrs. G. M. Patterson passed off pleas
intly. A quartet, sonsisting of Messrs
R. G. Ward, Letcher Owsley, Mrs. Lo
gan and Miss Eliza Lusk, rendered sev
eral selections-, and the L. T. L. chil
dren sang to the tune of "Dixie", the
song arranged expressly for them by
Mrs. Eugenia Potts, of Lexington
"Oh, Lancaster and the Loyal Legion
Biar the pulin in all this rcgiou.
Work away, work away, work away nol!c
4-ne lecture oy lrs. i esscnaen was
the feature of the evening, and was
listened to with perfect attention by
the large audience. A woman of fine
personality, graceful and womanly on
the platform, strong and effective in
irgument, she left lasting impressions
for good upon her audience, and gave
to those who came in personal contact
with her a higher ideal of noble Chris
tian womanhood. Dr. J. L. McKee
followed the lecture with a character
istic-appeal, and the audience showed
their appreciation of the evening by
responding with a generous collection
The meeting .closed with the bene
diction by Rev. Campbell
The Falls City.
The train service to 'Louisville
now better than our people have ever
had, and nothing better could be de
sired, save day passenger trains. We
had occasion to visit the Falls City
Monday and left here at 11:20. noon
The train arrived in Louisville at 4:30,
several hours before close of business
hours. Between then and leavinc
time of returning night train (8:30) we
were able to see a number of men
take a look at the Baptists, peep in the
shop windows and swap lies with a
number of friends, getting home at
2:52 that night,
"While many of the Baptist delegates
had left the city, yet the black Prince
Albert coat and chicken-set mouth
wcie largely in the majority on the
streets and around the hotels. The
outgoing trains were filled with
delegates and we heard many express
their delight in the royal way the
Kentucky people had treated them
The races are bein? well attended
but some said the horses were not up
to the usual standard to be seen at
Louisville. We presumed the men
doing such talk had barked up the
wrong tree and, in consequence, were
soured on the world.
Sam Jones has the devil suspended
by the tail and the large tent is crowd
e J with people anxious to hear and see
the great gospel spreader riddle old
Satan and throw hot shot into the
community at large.
The Lancaster people we saw during
the few hours were Bob Ilughes, Sam
Harris, Burt Spencer. Frank Marks
bury and several others, all of whom
are in good nealtn and prospering,
Louisville has furnished employment
for a great many Lancaster people and
those who have gone there and hu
tied are now in good position. Some
nueen or twenty .Lancaster young
men have taken the Bryant & Stratton
business course, and, through that
institution secured positions of honor
and profit.
Lancaster Graded School,
The trustees of Lancaster Graded
Common School met last Saturday and
re-elected the entire faculty; the teacl
era having applied according to law,
They increased the salary of the prin
cipal and three lady teachers. Mr.
W. I. Williams was elected secretary
and Mr. Theodore Currey was re-elect
ed president of the board. The most
perfect harmony prevails with the
Board of Trustees, the Faculty and
the people. Prof. Patterson is giving
satisfaction, and the school is the
pride of our community.
A vote of thanks was tendered Capt,
Wm. Herndon and Mr. Theo. Currey,
for their thorough work as secretary
and president of the board. At the
same meeting, it was unanimously re
"That Prof. Patterson and his en
tire corps of teachers, including the
principal of the music department and
the assistant in the Kindergarten de
partment, are entitled to ana are
hereby tendered the thanks' of this
Board for the able, efficient and. satis
factory manner in which theischop:
been conducted."
In order that the benefits of the
Lancaster Graded School may be ex
tened only to those entitled totufim,
by the terms of the law, the following
rules are adopted;
'Only the following children are en
titled to free tuition in the Lancaster
Graded Common School;. UJV
First Those who are of school
age and have a legal residence in the
school district. The legariesidence,
of pupils, is with their parent or par
ents. If neither parent Is living, then
their legal residence niayube with
their guardian or .gua'fdiansTflhose.
residence is within the cllstricti
Second Children, jibt entitled to
free tuition, may be ihlmftted ,to the
chool on the payment in adydn.ee, of
tuition, at such rates as may, .from
time to time, be fixed by the BoartI of
Trustees. Pupils, not entitled to free
tuition, will not be received by the
principal into the school,, unless evi
dence is produced that tuition has
been paid, in advance, for the time
for which the pupil is entered, or on
the order, in writing, of the Board of-
Trustees entered on the record book.
certified copy of such order, pre
sented to the principal, will be author-
ty to him for the admission of a pu
pil or pupils. No children under
school age, will be admitted at anv
time. By order of til e Board: of Trus
tees. TiiEo.MDintREY. Pres't.
Wm. ITeundon, Sec'y."
Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes and Cab
bage Plants' fresh from the bed.
tf Geo. Smith Jr..
Will Frracli Sunday,
Rev. Massee will fill his pulpit at
the Baptist Church Sunday morning
and evening.
For Pleasant Grove Church.
The ladies of Pleasant Grove church
will serve strawberries in the school
house near the church, Tuesday eve
ning, the 23rd. Doors open at six
o'clock. Admission 25 cents.
Orders a Wheeler & Wilson.
E. W. Arnold, May 17, '09.
Lancaster, Ky.
Dear sir: Please deliver to me one
of your Wheeler & Wilson Sewing
Machines. I understand they are the
lightest running and latest Improved
Machine on tho market.
Ciiakles E. Powell.
Colored Recruits.
The War Department has wired Lt.
W. T. Johnston, recruiting officer at
Lexington, Ky., to enlist colored ap
plicants for Cavalry and Infantry ser
vice, sending the former to Fort Grant,
Arizona, and the latter to Fort Doug
lass, Salt Lake City. This is ariex-
cellent opportunity for young colored
men to get into the regular Army.
Recruit for white Infantry and Caval
ry regiments are also wanted. Apply
to Lieut. W. T. Johnston.
f-10-tf Main St. Lexington, Ky.
Masonry Exposed.
An Illinois boy was asked to write
an essay on Masonry, and here is what
he wrote
"King Solomon was a man who lived
so many years in the country that he
was the whole push. He was an aw
fully wise. man, and one day two women
came to him, each holding to the leg
of a baby and nearly pulling it in two,
and each claiming it. And King Sol
omon wasn't feeling right good and he
uid; 'Why couldn't the brat have
been twins and stop this bother?' And
then he called for his machete and was
going to Weylerize the poor innocent
little baby, and give each woman
piece of it, when the real mother of
the baby said: 'Stop, Solomon, stay
thy hand. Let the old hag have it. If
I can't have a whole baby 1 won't
have any.' Then Solomon told her to
take the baby and go home and wash
its face, for he knew it was hers. He
told the other woman to go chase her
self. King Solomon built Solomon's
Temple and was the father of Masons,
He had seven hundred wives and three
hundred lady friends, and that's why
there are so many Masons in the world
My papa says King Solomon was :
warm member, and I think he was hot
stuff myself. That is all I know about
King Solomon." Exchange.
ThcEasrle, Kln-of all Birds,
is noted for its keen sight, clear aud
distinct vision. So are those persons
who use Sutherland's Eagle Eye Salve
for weak eyes, styes, sore eyes of any
kind of granulated lids. Sold at 25cts
McRoberts Drug Store. lm
Recruits for the Philippines
The Eecruiting Officer in Lexington
has just received orders to enlist
number of white men for service in
the regiments now in the Philippine
Islands. These men will be sent di
rect to San Francisco from Lexington
and from there to Manila. This will
make a fine trip for able bodied men
unmarried, and not over 35 years of
age. It will be a chance to see the
world, and possibly make a trip en
tirely 'round it. Persons desiring to
enlist should apply at once to the re
cruiting officer in Lexington, in order
to be in time. may 4-tf.
June Number of The Delineator
Is called the early Summer Number,
and combines an immense amount oi
anthorilfcative and aDnlicable advirn sip
to what is newest and most beautiful
in the'Vworld of Fashion, including
special illustrations oi .Bridie uostum
xts. with a- profusion of sparkling
Literary features, bociai. Household
and Departmental hints and suggest
ions and .Fancy-work detail. The storv
A box of oranges. By Anna Robes h
iirowd, recounts m snrlelitlv fashion
the exciting incidents attending the
solution, of an enigmatical gift.
PerfectrTraveling Outfit, by Clare
Bunce, is a particularly seasonable
tonic vThe descriptions of Commence
ment.days in College News, by Carolyn
jiaistea, are nuea witn a deiigntful
college; atmosephere. Girls' Interests
i ana uccupauons, oy muaveixe mo
HLaws,i,"ls characterized by tho usual
est ana gooa numor. pi a more dls-i
met Domest ic character are the art!
- ybles, A. Talk to Mothers, by Edna
witnersDoom ana .frozen- Novelties.
by Amelia Sulzbacher., The Depart
ments Fancy, stltcnes-and Embroider
ies, "by Emma Haywood. Social Obser
vances, by Mrs. Frank Learned, The
ijressmaicer.'1'ne Mill tner;rocne ting,
Knittlhr. The Latest Books, ets.. etc.
yield a rich grist of tindigpensabk
IL W. Hall, Maualaughter; W. K. Marritt,
Slorder; liarxuon Varlow, Attempted
Murder, and Chas. Williams.
Fbankfokt, Ky., May 17. Acting
Gqv.' Worthington granted pardons
Tuesday to the following convicts,
now serving terms:
II. W. Hall, sent from Harlan county
for 21 years for manslaughter.
W. K. Marritt, sent from Pulaski
county in 1883 for life for murder.
Harmon Barlow, sent from Hart
county for two and a half years for
shooting with intent to kill. "
Charles Williams, colored, sent from
Fayette county for three years for
malicious shooting' and wounding. He
has consumption, and Prison Physician
Tobin recommended his pardon.
A Woman Placed Her Mouth Under a Fau
cet, Turned on the Boiling Water
and Died In Agony.
Hopkissville, Ky., May 17. Mrs.
Belle Coleman, an inmate of the west
ern lunatic asylum, died at that insti
tution from the effects of an attempt
at suicide, aged 40. She had long been
possessed of a mania to suicide, and,
eluding her attendants Sunday, she
locked herself in a bathroom, and.
placing her open mouth under a fau
cet, turned on boiling hot water, which
ran down her throat and over her
body, blistering and burning- the r.kin
off, until she sank unconscious. She
attempted to suicide once before by
shooting herself through the breast
with a pistol. The bodv was taken to
her home at Bowlinj Green for burial.
Vast Timber and Mineral Lands to Be
Bought Up by a Syndicate in West
Virginia ami Eastern Tennessee.
Middlksborol'GH, Ky., May 18. A
gigantic scheme appears to be on foot
to buy up the vast timber and mineral
lands throughout Western Virginia
and Eastern Tennessee, and to build
railroads to all principle points to open
them up to trade, lt is said there are
millions of dollars interested in the
project. There are thousands
of acres of the richest lands
the world lyintr idle in this
section because of the lack of railroad
facilities. The Virginia Coal and Iron
Co. is ostensably at the head of this
scheme to mo'nopoliee this land, but it
is believed that northern and English
capitalists are backing the company.
Groom ot a Week Killed.
WiLijAMSTOww, Ky., May 1G: Guy
Williams was accidentally killed by
the discharge of a shotgun in his own
hands. He was loading the gun, pre
paratory p going hunting, when the
gun went on. lie was married last
week to Miss Edna May Castleman.
Just one year ago his bride's father
was thrown from a horse at this place.
and died in a few hours from his in- .
Charged With Forgery.
Bowling Gkeex. Ky., May 14. A
nicely dressed young man, aged 21,
named 'Ray, was arrested at Rockfield
Friday charged with forgery. It is al
leged that he obtained the names of
two parties and wrote an order from
one to the other. The forgery was
discovered and the money was not
6 -
On the Way to Apia.
Lexixqtox, Ky., May 15. In re
sponse to a cablegrrjm from Auckland,
New Zealand, James H. Mulligan, for
mer United States general to Samoa,
left Saturday for Apia, where he will
appear before, the joint high commis
sion of the powers to represent the in
terests of planters and business men of
the island.
.the Mayor's Salary Attached.
Lexington, Ky., May 16. An attach
ment suit has been filed against Mayor
Simrall by Prof. A. H. Gordon, of Alle
gan academy, this county, for $163.33,
and he prays that the mayor's salary
be not paid over to him until the judg
ment is satined.
Two Drowned.
Hopkinsville, Ky., May 13. Rev
Peter Bronaugh, one of the best known
colored Baptist preachers in thiare
gion, and his little grandson, were
swept from their buggy and drowned
while attempting to ford a swollen
stream within the city limits.
Quarreled Over a Fence.
Albany, Ky May. 14, In a quarrel
which grew out of the tearing down
of some fepces, Ann Ellen Denny shot
and seriously wounded her cousin,
Parker Marcum,
Will Not Make tfca Race.
Lexington, Ky., May 16. Mr. Rich
ard P. StoU, of this city, who has
been so frequently and so flatteringly
spoken of as a republican candidate
for governor, "will not make the race.
His business interests demand all his
Belmont In Louisville.
Louisville, Ky., May 18. Mr. and
Mrs. Perry Belmont arrived in the city
Sunday night and have engaged a. box
at the race course for Monday after
noon. .
Several Email pox Cases at-Shelbyvllle.
Shelbyvillk. Ky.. May 15. Several
eases of smallpox were discovered here.
Prompt and efficient action was taken
"by the officials and all cases sent' to the
pesthouse. There is no danger of an
Candidate for Senator.
M09KHEAD, Ky., May if, Rev. L. K.
It IBM. a Methodist .minister ot this
place, has amnoaaced himself a , candi
date for state seaator, subject to the
aeUemet tke4esaoovtie eaveatie,
wWiaetUatOwimfsVille MajM."'
faylor Larter Wa Found In a Field Near
Jabex A liloodjr itone Was by Ills
Columbia, Ky.. May 13. The man
found near Jabez, Ru&sell county.
Wednesday in an unconscious condi
tion was Taylor Larter, a highly re-
pected and well to do citizen of that
county. He died Wednesday night
without regaining consciousnc-s. A
large stone found near the body
was covered with blood and hair
and is supposed to have been the
weapon used. Larter disappeared a
week ago and had not been seen since
until found by his wife. He is sup
posed to have been in the field where
found since he disappeared. It is an
old, unused field. It is said that Lar
ter some time ago discovered somo
crooked work and told of it. The au
thorities are working on a clew as to
the murder.
From a Cliff Crude Oil ICmu In Large
Quantities Woman Struck a Match
and Barely Escaped
Louisville, Ky., May 14. Lewis
county is all excitement over the dis
coveries of zinc and coal oil. Crude
coal oil in half-pint flasks are coming
from hand to hand Friday morning and
several gallons of oil were brought
from the farm of Eli Bryant, six miles
southeast. It spurts from a stone cliff
in large quantities. Congressman S.J.
Pugh says the work of boring will bo
gin right away. A Mrs. Hathaway had
a narrow escape from death while vis
iting the scene of the discoveries with
her husband. She touched a match to
the ground, when flames shot up. Her
dress caught fire and the blazo was ex
tinguished with difficulty.
To Prevent Lynching.
CAi.nouN, Ky., May 14. Jailer Riggs
became alarmed Thursday night over
the prospect of a mob appearing to
hang Bryant Taylor, who got a ten
year term in the penitentiary for tho
murder of Joe Logsden at Owensboro,
and .took him from the jail shortly
after dark and handcuffed him to him
self. He took him to a barn in ths
Long Falls flats, two miles from town,
and kept him all night. They got
back to jail about daylight. There
was no sign of a mob, however.
Hardin County Annual Fair.
Emzabetutowx, Ky., May 16. The
directors of the Hardin County Fair
association have decided to hold their
fourteenth annual fair September 5,
6, 7 and 8. The first day will be ladies'
day. The second day is to be Louis
ville day. and a cordial invitation will
be extended to the Commercial club of
that city as well as all other citizens;
the third is Hardin county day.
Borseshoers Meet.
Louisville, Ky., May 10. The con
vention of the International Union of
Horseshoers began here Monday morn
ing at Odd Fellows' temple. The morn
ing was devoted to exercises of wel
come. Delegates are present from all
parts of America and Canada. Among
the officers here is Organiz r Fred
Bazeley, of Cincinnati.
Wholesale Indictments.
Owing sville, Ky., May 17. The
grand jury has returned 19 indict
ments against the Standard Oil Co. for
peddling oil without a license. Ten
different insurance companies were in
dicted for conspiracy and forming
Drank Green Paint.
HAimoDSBUiiG, Ky., May 13. The
two-year-old son of Rev. John Taylor,
near uere, zouna a pint can oi green
paint, where it had been left by some
painters, Thursday morning, and
drank half of it. He is in a critical
Married la a Buggy.
Benton, Ky., May 13. Hugh Eng
lish, aged 63 years, and Rhoda Cole
man, aged 38 years, were married in a
DUggy iu front of the court house
Thursday. It was their second ven
Substation at Covington, Ky.
Washington, May 17. The postoffica
department has ordered the establish
ment on July 1 of Substation No. 1 ot
the Covington (Ky.) postoffice at the
corner of Twentieth street and Madi
'son avenue.
Peculiar Aec Ideas.
HopEiNsviLLS. Ky., May 13. S. D.
Chestnut, a wealthy planter, was en
gaged in mending a barbed wire fence
when a sharp end of the metal flew
back, and, striking him in the eye, de
stroyed its sight entirely.
Georgetown Won.
Georgetown, -Ky., May 17. The
baseball teams of Kentucky university,
of Lexington, and Georgetown college
played here Monday afternoon, George
town winning by the score of 9 to Q.
Georgetown held first place in the In
tercollegiate league.
New Kentucky Postmasters.
Washington, May 17. The .follow
ing fourth-class postmasters were com
missioned in Kentucky Monday; HaiL
Pulaski county, William Hargis; Pil
grim, Martin county, Bettle Fanin.
The Kentucky Maccabees.
Fbankfost, Ky., May 18. The third
annual session Kentucky state con-
ventioa of the Order of Kaights ot
the' Maeabees convened at the state
capital Monday. The delegates will
be welcomed by CoL Fred H. Roberts,
private secretary to Gov. Bradley.
Kaatueky DeaNets Meet.
Loumville, Ky., May-17. The Mt
annual ee&ventioa of the 'KeHtaeky.
State Dejatal aMoeiatloa hegaa; at
Maaaaeik Cave TneaaisT. aad will a
www hcv ivwat
Wheeler & Wilson
Sewing Machine.
Rotary Mottoaaad
Ball Bearings.
For sale by
E. TST. Arnold,
Lancaster, Kentucky.
Representina; Followino; Companies:
Glens Falls,
German American,
Plienix of Brooklyn,
New York Underwriters,
Liverpool & London & Glohe.
North British & Merchautile
Aetna Lifelns. Co. of HartforflXonD
Lai Surveyor an! Apt fir
Robinson & Hamilton Agts
Ollice ovei Post Office.
Lancasteb, : : : Kentucky-
You Are Going North,
If You Are Going South,
If You Are Going East
If You Are Going West;
urcmasc TicKcra via tmc
am ee sccvaa
The Maximum of Safety,
The Maximum f Speed,
The Maximum of Comfort,
The Minimum of Rates.
Kates, Time and all other Information will
be cheerfully furnished by
C. P. ATMORC. a. P. a.' V'
VbT' LovHvnxs. X.
Capital, -Surplus
erefalaad Iaiaatjfctteatfaagssiraateeel
. K. atMnneTaAa'..1...Tt....'.-.rresMeB
Lawis T. Lxatzu. Tlee-Presldsat
. W. MBBaaa;.. ..... Cufeiet
.O. Riexar Assistant Cash'
0. D. Wilms Beokkeepee
m dimctom: 'r
J.K.IeeMseiaAK, Xavia TlaATau.
1. LtaMNt,v " Y.Aaaau,
sio.Iurau,Jav ii.iaM. '
Leuisviuc a Nsmnux R. R.
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