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THURSDAY. Augusta 1890
I' A500T PEOPfcE. I
J. Mort Kothwell is attending Ci;
"jcuit Court this week.
Mrs. Eobert Elkin is reported very
much better this week.
Miss Mary Duni; of Danville, is the
guest of Miss Eugenia Bush.
Ed. Bishop has been enjoying a rest
at Dripping Springs this week.
Miss Mary Gill has v .Jurned from a
pleasant visit to Barbourvilh.
Vernon Richardson, a Danville at
torne', was in this city Monday.
Miss Mary Noel, pf Danville, is the
Ruest of Miss-Annie Loyd Ileiring.
Rev. J. Massee returned Monday
from a month's vacation to Louisville.
Mr. J. R. Ilarris and wife, of Lin
coln, visited relatives here this week.
Miss Tevis Carpenter is the guest of
Miss-Eugenie Bush, Richmond street.
Among the visiting attorneys is the
Hon. Richard C. Warren, of Stanford.
Mr. and Mrs. Letcher Owsley have
returned from a visit to Lower Gar
rard. Miss Nina Atkinson left Monday to
attend a swell house-party in Cincin
nati. Miss Theo Hemphill went to Louis
ville to meet and return with her pa
rents. Hon. Robert Harding is attending
our court. He is a popular man in
Mr. Louis Herndon and sister, Miss
Annie, are visiting relatives in Childs
burg, Ky.
Miss Nellie Anderson, of Greensburg,
Ind., is visiting her mother, Mrs. Su
san Anderson.
Mr. A. C. Stagg and wife, of Har
rodsburg, jire visiting Mr. John 31.
Logan and family.
Hon. John W. Yerkes was over from
Danville yesterday to look after some
business in court.
Mr. Harry Fox, lias returned to
Eaton, O., after a visit to his sistei,
3Irs. Jacob Joseph.
3Iiss Lula and Ethel Grant, of Dan
ville, are visiting their grandmother,
Jlrs. Harriett Price.
3rrs. Jacob Joseph and daughter,
Miss 3Iarie. have returned from a vis
it to Dripping Springs.
3Ir. J. H. Garrison, of El Dorado,
Ark., joined his wife and son, Master
Procto, here Saturday.
3Iiss Kate Walker and nieces, Bertha
and Mary Burnside, are spending this
week at Dripping Springs.
J. C. Hemphill and wife have re
turned from two weeks' visit to
French Lick Springs, Ind.
3Irs. Hiram Hyatt and little daugh
ter, Margaret, of Lexington, are Mrs.
Emma Kauff man's guests.
3Irs. Jane Waif and son, Lawrence,
of Danville, are guests of 3IrsHollie
Carlton' on Lexington street.
S. W. Walter, and children, 3Iack
and 3Iyrtle, of Oklahoma, are visiting
his brother, Dr. B. P. Walter.
3Ir. and 3Irs. J. E. Stormes and
i TRY 1
1 Yucatan 2
Tasteless I
Chill I
Tonic i
a 0m ( Tmk m h
7 Wtthltt SubttHut: t
2 jf uicRoBerts.
Frank Warfcabury are spending the
wefc at. Beaton Harbor, Hlehfgaa,
MUEIgle Logan, who has been vis
iting her aunt, 3Irs. Hollie Carlton,
retured to her home in Perryville.
3Iisses3Iargaret, Nell, Charlotte and
Josephine Wearren, of Stanford, are
visiting their aunt, 3Iiss Jennie Dun
can. Mesdamcs W. Burnside, of Barbour
ville, and Donald McDonald, of Dan
ville, are visiting their parents, Squire
and Mrs. Kinnaird.
3Iesdames R. E. McRoberts and II.
31. Ballou, and Misses Ballou, of Stan
ford, have returned from a pleasant
visit to Dripping Springs.
3Irs. Ira Partin will leave next Sat
urday to visit relatives in Artemus,
Knox county. Rev. Partin was pastor
at that place for five years.
Misses Nora and Leila Ray and Kel
ley Burton, of Buckeye, are visiting
Mrs. J. F. Adams and attending the
association at Fork church.
3Irs. Uriah Simpson gave a dining
Friday to the following ladies: 3Irs.
Geo. Farris, 3Iiss Louise Farris Misses
Sallie Tillett and Laura Smith.
3Iiss Grace Kinnaird has returned
from a visit to relatives in Barbours-
ville. She has been quite ill for se
eral days, but is much better today.
3Iiss 3Iary Weizer, of Lexington,
accompanied 3Iiss Lettie Brown to
this city and will be entertained by
3Iisses Allie, Bettie and 3Iary Ander
Lexington Herald: 3Iiss 3Iaggie
Tomlinson, of Lancaster, who lias
been visiting in Fleminsburg, is with
her relatives on South Broadway on
her way home
Hon. John Sam Owsley, common
wealth's attonrey, is on hand at court,
making the road of the criminal a
hard one to travel. Garrard folks are
fond of Sam. and they can be counted
upon to stand by him when he wants
Middlesboro News: W. S. Sandifer,
who, until recently, worked in the
3Ianufacturer's Bank, lias secured a
positioj as book-keeper for the Alta
mont Coal Co., at Altamont, Ky.
These mines were lately purchased by
Squire W. H. Kinnaird and other
capitalists from Lancaster, and they
are making preparations to develop
them to their fullest extent.
A Public Library.
3Ir. A. L. Wilhitt is in town with
the idea of establishing a station of
of the new Parmelee system of the
Traveling Library. This plan is prac
tically the same as that in vogue in
Chicago and other large cities, that is,
a Central Library is divided up into
sections, or divisions, and sent to
different parts of the city. In this
case, the central Library is the home
ottice of the company and the stations
are located in different towns in the
state. He lias furnished the editor a
catalogue of the Central Library. It
lists 1,000 books, and comprises, we
believe, as complete and interesting a
st of books as we have never seen.
We have also looked into the financial
standing of the company and find them
O. K.. They are incorporated for 50.
030, over half of which is paid up. Let
ters from leading banks of Chicago and
Des 3Ioines. report them as having
fulfilled all their agreements for the
13 odd years, that they have been in
the library work. The day has gone
by when we need tell an intelligent
people that we need a library; "this is
granted. The only questson now is,
how can one bese be established and
maintained? This is unquestionably
fie cheapest and most practicable
system of supplying libraries that we
have ever seen. The books are care
fully selected by competent persons,
and the library is kept up-to-date by
supplying the latest and most popular
books at no additional cost to the
patrons. If the station be established
, at this town, of course arrangements
must be made while 31 r. Wilhitt is
here. Leading citizens of neighbor
ing towns are patronizing the Library
Piles! PUts!
Why be bothered with this annoy
ing complaint when Banner Salve will
cure you. 25c C.& J. E. 3toimes.
Our Mid-Summer Sales of f
Mare Iacal.
A Mat.
Wavtrly Times: An exchange says,
"it is reported that one of Bolivar's
fastidious newly married ladies kneads
bread with hergloves on." The inci
dent may be somewhat peculiar, but
there are ofiherr. The editor of this
paper needs bread with his shoes on,
he needs it with his pants on, and un
less the delinquent readers of this
sheet pay up before long he will need
it without a darned thing on. Ex.
Candidate for Legislature.
Capt. Alex. Doty told The Record
Monday that he was a full fledged
candidate for representative of Gar
rard county, and was in the race to
win. Capt. Doty is well posted on
men and matters and will make agood
representative. He tells us that if
elected he will be his own boss and
will nou be controlled by any clique or
clan. He expects to vote for such
measures as he believes are for the
betterment of state afiairs.
muck Oratory.
Hon.C.C.McChord,democratic candid
ate for railroad commissioner, address
ed a crowded house inLancaster3Ionday
afternoon. 3Ir 3IcChord is exceed
ingly well posted on men and matters
and is a fluent speaker. His remarks
were well chosen, and took well with
the crowd. He was followed by Hon.
R. C. Warren, who shook the roof
with his big voice and strong points.
Hon. John T. Hays then made a few
well chosen remarks which took well
with the crowd.
Novel AUvcrtluiiitr.
The 3Iiddlesboro News says A. 31.
Kinnaird, of that city, has struck nov
el scheme for advertising the $3 Cin
cinnati excursion Saturday, and at the
same time will afford some fun. At
5:30 this afternoon in front of Kin
naird's store time will be called, and
to the person who sits the longest on
a block of ice, a free ticket will be
given to Cincinnati and return. He
will have a number of blocks of ice so
that all may be accommodated who
believe tliev are the real thing, and
everyone is invited to try for the free
Fall and Winter Suits.
I have just received Wanamaker and
Brown's absolutely all-wool samples,
fresh and attractive, with a guarantee
on material, workmanship and fit.
With 40 years experience they defy
competition in quality and prices.
I also handle the goods from the
great Western Tailoring company, of
Chicago, which is up to date -in style
and down to date in prices. Suits
made by the best tailors, cut to your
measure, sewed throughout with the
best standard silk, at $!) to $30. Com
pare goods and prices before buying.
No tit no pay. 31. D. Hughes, Agt.
Don't Rlns So Lonsr.
The darndest nuisance in Lancaster
is the court house bell. It is large
enough for a city fire alarm, and can
be heard for miles in the country. It
is rung frequently half dozen times a
day, and while in operation its almost
impossible to hear one's voice on the
Square. If a pig trots across the
street, some fellow proceeds to ring
this bell, and when a trial comes up
Dave Ross rings from two to three
hours, by the watch. People of a ner
vous temperment believe that one
hour's continual ringing is sufficient
to notify all concerned of the time
and will be obliged if Dave will slow
down a little.
A Fine Show.
Cooper & Co's old-fashioned, one
ring circus drew a big crowd to town
Saturday At both performances the
tent was crowded. The show is one of
the best on the road, the performers
being far above the average. The
Japs, the educated horse, Bernatta
the clown, the band and many other
features were greatly enjoyed and ap
pla'uded. 3Ir. Hennessy, the man
ager, and 3Ir.Oatman, ringmaster.are
clever gentlemen, and they permit
nothing objectionable under their
canvass. The show is one which can
be visited by the most refined people.
The best people of the town and
county patronized the show. In the
afternoon the order was splendid but
at night we regret to say the show
people and audience wereattUe mrcy
of a drunken, contemptible: mob of
ruffians. These toughs yelled at the
performers, annoyed the audienee and
indulged in conduct which was dis
gusting in the extreme. No officer ap
peared to make any effort toward
keeping order, which fact does not
speak well for our authorities. Cooper
& Co., paid enormous prices for every
thing they got here, and it looks pret
ty bad that they should not ba protec
ted from the annoyance and insults by
a lot of drunken toughs. Beside this,
the people who paid to attend the
performance should be given protec
tion. How long are the people going
to pay taxes and get no police protection?
Tilings Rapidly Slmplns up for tbe
Blssot SIiow of the Year In
Next week the much-talked of Dan
ville Fair comes off.
It commences on Wednesday, the
30th and continues for three days.
As the time approaches the indica
tions of a successful week increase.
And with big premiums and all of the
novelties, there is no reason to expect
anything else.
There are no fairs in the State to
conflict seriously with this one, and
all of the big stables of show horses
will naturally come this way. The
premiums offered are liberal enough
to attract the best. The $110 roadster
ring and the $100 saddle ring are sam
plespaid in cash, without discount.
The balloon ascension each day, the
big cake walks, the pretty baby rings,
the fancy turnout prize and the pre
mium for the worst turnout, to say
nothing of other innocent diversions,
will draw the crowd.
The music will be the very best ob
tainable. Go to this fair and meet
your friends from all over the blue
grass. Harry Ge-tt Funny.
Harry Giovannoli, of the Danville,
Advocate, opened his head and spake:
"Louis Landram, theclevereditorof
Lancaster Record, is very muchoverhet
over the prospect of the Southern road
passing through "Danville, instead of
perforating his own town. Its this way,
Louis. When the Southern railroad
folks told the news editor of this paper
that they wanted to come through Dan
ville, whether or no, the news editor
told them not to do it, that Lancaster
needed the road worsc'n we did, but
the railroad men insisted that Dan
ville was too good a thing to lose, and
they'd come here if possible. But,
that's all right, old boy. If the South
ern insists upon annexing us, we'll do
a little expanding on our own account
and take in all of Garrard county, in
cluding Lancaster, and we'll locate
the union depot right in your public
square, which will then be the geo
graphical center of Danville. There's
nothing small about us."
Danville people's neighbors havent
a thing which Danville people will not
cheerfully divide with themselves.
Letter of Acceptance.
Point Leavell, Ky., Aug. 9. 1899,
Mrs. Francis E. Beauchamp, Sec'y.
Lexington, Ky
Dear 3Iadam: Replying to yours of
the 5th inst. notifying me that I was,
at the recent State Prohibition Con
vention, accorded the honor of nomi
nation for Governor upon the Prohi
bition ticket at the ensuing Novem
ber election, allow me to say that I
am altogether unable to express to
you and the noble and selfsacrificing
women and men who attended that
convention, the sense of honor and
pride which I attach to such a com
pliment. Feeling and knowing my
unworthiness of such an honor, I can
not have my willing consent to accept,
but as was said upon the floor of that
convention by our gallant and faith
ful, tried and true, Col. T. B. Demaree,
to one of the newspaper reporters
could not refuse anything the Prohi
bition party might give me, or put
upon me", or words to that effect.
With this love and veneration for the
Prohibition cause and all that it
stands for and with the desire that
the interests of the cause of Prohibi
bitions may be upheld, I shall, as
above said, unwillingly accept the dis
tinguished honor, and although un
able, on account of pressing home -duties
to make anything like a full can
vass of the State, I promise you and
the Prohibition party in Kentucky to
do all that mylimitedtime and means
They Are Enormous.
will permit, to advance and promote
the warfare that all Christian citizens
and voters ought to be working
against legalized crime, I hope, that
as long as life and reason shall last
with me, to be found an ardent advo
cate and supporter of the principles
enacted in the platform accompanying
this nomination.
With the wish that every temper
ance advocate in the State may be
come aroused and quickened to a sense
of duty during the coming campaign,
believe me, as ever for prohibition.
O. T. Wallace.
Luhs Irritation
Is the forerunner to cousumptson
Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar Honey will cure it,
and give such strength to the lungs
that a cough or a cold will not settle
there. Twenty-five cents at McRofc
erts Drug Store. lm
Narrow Averted Saturday Night. Fire
In Dangerous Locality.
Saturday night about, 8:30 o'clock,
two young ladies at 3Ir. E. W. Harris'
residence saw a flame shoot from
the kitchen roof of the Hamilton Ho
tel, on Danville, street. They tele
phoned quickly to Clay Hamilton who
rushed up stairs and saw, what to all
seemed, a fatal blaze. The alarm was
given and people flocked to the spot.
The lire caught from a defective chim
ney or flue in the second story of the
frame building and had eaten between
the ceiling and roof. Smoke poured
from the eaves and filled the entire
building. Everyone who saw it be
lieved the house doomed, and a hasty
removal of furniture, etc., was com
menced. The roof was cut into, a big
blaze extinguished and many left
thinking the fire out. 3Ir. S. C. Den
ny, cashier of the .National Bank,
thought otherwise and remained on
the roof. His belief was well founder'.
for in less time than it takes to till it,
another blaze shot out and the . came
the hard fight. 3Ir. Denny's energy
spurred up others and several soon
climbed the ladders and passed buck
ets to the gallant young hanker, who
continued to dash the water until ev
ery spark was extinguished. Fortu
nately a cistern is located directly back
of the building, for had it been nec
essary to carry water any distance the
building would have been consumed.
Had it burned, the houses of 3Ir. Book-
out, 3Iisses Tillett and H. A. B.
3Iarksbury would surely have gone
too, as they are only a few feet apart,
and, with only buckets to fight with,
the saving of them would have been
out of the question. In addition to
this, Thompson's Jewelry store is only
a few feet on the opposite side, and,
as it has several unprotected windows,
the chances are it too would have
caught. Had it done so, the fire would
have wiped out one-fourth of the
Public Square (from Thompson's to
and including the post office). This
sounds a little unreasonable but when
it is remembered that we have abso
lutely nothing but buckets with which
to fight lire, and the only water sup
ply being from a few private cisterns,
it can be readily seen that should one
big building burn it would be impos
sible to save adjoining property. So
general was the belief that all below
on Danville street would burn, that
we folks living along there packed our
belongings and had them ready to be
moved out.
This miraculous escape ought to cast
a wet blanket over some of the kickers
who are "erposed" to water works.
With one hose turned into the Ham
ilton building the fire would been in
stantiy drowned out, much excitement
prevented ana Mrs. liamiltons furni
ture -saved from almost complete de
molishment. The building is damaged probably
$100, and the furniture probably twice
that amount. 3Ir. and 3Irs. Letcher
Owsley had many of their handsome
Driaai presents smashed and his libra
ry was scattered to the four winds
The usual 'number of gasbags stood
uuouu in ine way ana loia now it "or-
ter" be done.
Ton should be wise and see that your blood is
rich and pure and your whole system put in a
perfectly healthr condition Iit the nse of Dr.
Carlstedt's German Liver Powder. Then you
will be free from malaria, typhoid fever, colds
and the grip. Dr. Carlstedt's German Liver
rowaer is tne nest medicine money can buy.
Far your Cl try Dr. Otto's Saruftt
Gum NIMffl. Pric 25 an 60
Far sale by
E. E 3IcRoberts
People suffering
from Kidney Diseas- , .
es, feel a gradual but I
steady loss of strength and j
vitality. They should lose no j
time in trying Foley's Kidney I
Cure, a Guaranteed Preparation.
Insure All It. Employes.
The Montreal Street Jtaihvay com
pany has at its own cost insured all its
employes against accident or total dis
ablement to the extent of $1,000. A
substantial increase of wages has been
granted to nil motormen and conduct
ors who have been in the service of the
company for two years, while free uni
forms will be supplied to those of five
years standing. These concessions,
which huve been granted by the com
pany of its own volition, will mean the
payment of about $35,000 extra per nn
nuni to the men.
PromlHluff Prospect.
Edwina How is Mr. Dlushmnn get
ting along? Has he proposed yet?
Edith Xo; but he's improving. The
first night he called he held the album
in his hands all the evening, the sec
ond night he had my pug dog in his
arms; last night he held Willie on his
lap for an hour. I have hopes. Tit
Nature herself clad in the early garbs of
prior, blouoms forth trees and flowers causing'
the despondent chord to -vibrate to this, the
most delightful of all, springtime and how do
yon feel? Have you that tired shaky feeling,
the forerunner of Chills, Malaria and Typhoid
Fever? If so, yon must not pass this warning
as it Is an indication of sickness: avoid this:
consult us as our advice costs you nothing.
Call on your druggist and procure a bottle of
Dr. Carlstedt's German Liver Powder. Take
one dose a day at bed time for six days; then
follow by procuring a bottle of Yucatan Chill
Tonic, following the directions and after two
weeks' course of these two great remedies, you
will feel like the flowers look in the spring.
Prepare yourself for the malarial or hot season
when the atmosphere is full of germs. If
necessary and when your system warns you.
repeat tne above. These Remedies in stock
ana sola oy
R. E. Mcltoberts
Paint Wall Tintings
Cheapar than
Stock was laid in before prices advanced
Commission Merchants,
Information regardinglivestockcliecr-
fully furnished. Consign your stock di
ect to us. 'Phone 734
Please Remember
The middle of the year
is past and settling time
is at hand.
I Need the Money
due me and must insist
that my friends call in
and settle.
Sallie D. Tillett.
j i Stopping; m Fir WeeX, !
According to a foreign exchange re
cent experiments carried out at the ma
chine works of Offenbach show that
with the proper appliances itls possible "
to stop even a large fly wheel within a, j
fraction of a second. By means of two J
brakes affixed to the flywheel of J3Q j
horse-power, making SO" revolutions
per minute, the "whole of the machin- 1
ery was brought to a standstill in less j
than a second after the fly wheel had'ac
complished one-quarter of a revolu
tion." For Sale by
lv. E. 3IcRobcrts.
in this Section.
Land Saverjor ani Apt for
Surplus Fund
Careful and Prompt Attention Gnaratsd
J. K. IIiaaiNBOTHAM Preslden
Lxwia Y. Lkavill. Vice-President
B. F. Hudson-. Ca&nlet
W. O. Rignky Assistant Cash'c
(7. D. Walkbb Bookkeepei
j.m.hlosinbotham, i.xttis y.lay1ll,
J.S.Johnson, T.M.Aknold,
H.C. Arnold, Jb. B.F. Hudson.
AX.XX.GI8B8, J.J.Walxkb
t.t 1 f . 1 ICll t.
- m
1 1 German 1
1 1 liver 1
P Powder 1
m The entering wedge for 5j
3J nearly all Diseases the JJfc
21 human system is heir to. etf
p Price, 25 Cents.

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