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TJ52VTff FJSA&. - - - "Entered at the Post Office in Lancaster, Ky., as Second Class Matter NUXBEU-ZZ
LOT7I3L4.NDEAM, Publisher. . '. LANCASTER, KY., THURSDAY AFTERNOON, AUGUST 3t, 1899: ONE dollar a year
(Patented Feb. 28, 1899.)
later Ibht;;
thornaWy HflB
Perfect -pjP;
Separates trash from the water before the
water Is filtereJ.
Water filters upwnrd through selve. pre
venting Hash from being inbeed with filtering
material. Bird nests. leaves, trash etc.. can
not possibly enter filtering material, as it is
caught in the bottom of filler before water 18
Wnen screw cap is removed. Hallows filter to
dry out thoroughly. There is no cbnnce for
bugs or any kind of insects to accumulate as it
dues in other filters from dampness.
Lancaster, Ky.
Beazlcy Banglraian,
Funeral Directors.
Arterial and Cavity Embalm lug
A Specialty.
Pull Line of . . .
Furniture and Carpets.
Well improved farm of
well watered;. situated H miles from
Lancaster: corn, wheat, hemp, tobacco
and grass land. II. C. Jennings
Barrel saft at Gaines1.
Goods going at any price at Joseph's.
Ring No. 71 and have fresh milk de
livered promptly.
I am standing a nice Jersey Bull at
$1.00 cash. m25tf R. L. Elkin.
Winter roods' must have room. We
are slashing prices on present stock.
J. Joseph. '
You have two months-to wear Slip
ners. Buv them afecost. of R. L.
Jennings & CoIaint Lick Ky.
For Kent.
My residence on Lexington street.
Possession given January 1.
aug 31-tf Mrs. Susan FisnER.
Dillehay has about completed anoth
er immense brick kiln and the fires
are gone down. Still another will be
New Barber.
Joe Niklass, the new barber. Shop
N. E. corner Public Square. All work
done in the latest style. Give me a
trial. tf
No Preach Ins.
Rev. Clark tells Tiie Record he
will not preach on the next first Sun
day, as he will then be attending con
ference at Paris.
Vn nsp for us tn t.rv to make vbu be
lieve .Xmas is here this hot weather
but if you will see our new linte of
chamber sets and Queenswearyou will
LiiinK lb is uere. a uiier cs, oy mpMjir.
Will Not Bun. I
Capt. J. Alex Doty has decided to
not enter the race for representative,
his health not permitting. Mr. Doty
is a mighty good man, and it would
have given many people much pleas
ure to vote for him.
Trade Edition.
The Stanford Journal is preparing
to issue a big trade edition. For the
benefit of those Stanford merchants
merchants who may be staying off the
band wagon, we will say that Lancas
ter had a few merchants who failed to
get in The Record's special edition
last Christmas and they have been
kicking themselves ever since. Every
up-to-date business man takes ad van
tage of these special editions, as they
realize the great benefit to be derived
We beg- to announce our Annual Fall Open
ing in Merchant Tailoring
September 4 v 5,
On which dates a representative of The Globe
Tailoring Co., will be with us for the purpose
of taking measures. We will have for dis
play Some 300 Styles Latest Novelties
In both Foreign and Domestic Fabrics, among
which will be found such cloths as are rarely
shown outside the very largest and finest estab
lishments. Prices from $15 to $40.
& Robinson.
House for rent. W. J. Romai
September 1st and After eggs cash,
9ic. H. B. NorthcoftV.
Fresh groceries arriving i daily at
Fuller & Sympson.
Rev. and Mrs Clark are rejoicing
over the arrival of a handsome boy
baby at their house.
Now is your time. Bring in you
produce and get tickets on the big pre
sent sale. Blue Grass Grocery Co.
Sack Sacks.
IT. A B Marksbury & Son keep on
hand new sacks, and will sell to the
farmers at cost.
1,000 pounds bacon and 500 pounds
country lard, produce etc.
Faulconer & Gaines.
Storeroom Por Rent.
1 j
Will rent room 1 now occupy and
give possession at once. Stock of goods
now low and willeold as a whole at
a great bargain. JT W. Sweeney.
Bill Revival.
Eld. Gowen is conducting an inter
esting meeting at New Antioch, this
county. We understand he is having
big congregations.
Went Prepared.
Henry Duncan the barber, was giv
ing a Record man such a smooth
shave the other day, we asked why he
had the. razor so sharp. "I went to a
party last night," was the reply.
Colored A.m. Fair.
Lexington, Ky September, 12-16.
One fare the round trip from all
stations in Kentucky via the Queen &
Crescent Route for the above event.
Ask agents for particulars.
Opening or Scliool.
The prospects for a successful year
of the Graded School were never bet
ter than now. The session will open
Monday, 11th Sept., and the attend
ance will be larger than ever before.
The buildings are being put in perfect
condition and will furnish the most
comfortable school quarters in Central
Kentucky. The trustees are to be
congratulated upon rc:aining Prof.
Patterson and his able corps of assist
ants. The people now fully realize
the benefit of the school and would
not part with it under any circumstances.
City Council meets Monday night. ,
Elegant soda water at Lillard &
Stout's Danville.-
200 extra good stock ewes for sale.
G. A. Swinebroad, Lancaster, Ky.
Every man is proud of his name.
Miss-spell it and find out if this is not
YouvHl regret it if you do not get
some orthe great bargains Demg otter
ed aVJoseph's.
Ladies and Childrens Slippers and
Summer dress goodsjre cost. R. L.
Jennings & Col Bflfnt Lick Ky.
Calves for Sale.
Two Short-Horn Durham bulls, 9
and 10 months old. Geo. W. Evans,
Lancaster, Ky. tf
Frohman, of the "Globe" has taken
a sacrificing step m reducing every
suit in the house to $7.50. Did you
ever hear of such cutting in prices?
To Tlo Boys.
Come and have your measure taken
for a tailor-made suit, as cheap as one
ready-made. This is something new
in Merchant Tailoring.
M. D. HuanES, Agt.
It Save the Children.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy has
saved the lives of thousands of croupy
children. It is also withoul an equal
for colds and whooping cough.
McRoberts Drug Store.
Suits of all Kinds.
Ready made suits or Tailor made
suits at bottom prices. 88, $10, $12 to
$25. North-east corner public square.
Fit and quality guaranteed.
M. D. IIugiies, Agt.
Cheap Bates Sunday
Agent Patterson tells Tiie Record
the L. & N. will give the $1.25 rate to
Cincinnati again next Sunday. These
excursions are popular and well pat
ronized. You leave Lancaster at 2:52
a. m. and get back back at 12:29 a. m.
Protracted meeting.
Rev. Massee will begin a protracted
meeting at the Baptist church next
Sunday morning. He has not yet
heard from the minister whom he ex
pects to assist him, but some one will
be here to help him.
The Record's Premium.
The Records premium will be giv
en tomorrow, (Friday) at Danville
Fair. It is for Fancy Turnout, shown
by lady and gentleman; consider
ations general appearance of rig and
occupants. Premium $15. Hcres hop
ing the prettiest girl will win.
To the people of Lancaster and Gar
rard County.
Having purchased the Grocery and
Qneensware Store of G. S. Gaines, we
invite you to see us, when either of
us, or Wm. Ball, will take pleasure in
showing you our goods. Respectfully,
It. Fuller &, Sympson
Stock Pens a Success.
Everybody was delighted with the
stock pens Monday, and said it would
be a winner. By next court day the
law keeping cattle out of front doors
will be in effect, and the advantage of
the pens will be more clearly demon
strated. It's a wise move, and one
which will benefit all.
New Butcher Shop.
Bob Thompson has opened a first
class butcher shop near Stone's store
at depot. He will move his shop to
old post-office stand, opposite Thomp
son's jewelry store, this week. He
handles first-class meat and patrons
will be pleased. Give him a trial order.
Fine Attractions.
Lancaster people who desire to see
fine plays can do so by going to the
Lexington Opera House. Its only a
short trip, and you can see the same
attractions there as are given in the
big cities. Manager Scott has noth
ing but first-class attractions and it
will pay you to go over for this alone.
A Fine Speech.
Judge Clayton, member of congress
from Alabama, addressed an immense
crowd at the Court nouse- Monday
afternoon on behalf of the Democrat
ic ticket. He is a splendid speaker
and a man well-versed on matters of
the day. Many compliments were
passed on his address. Judge Clayton
was a school-mate of Dr. J. W. Grant,
of this city, who entertained him dur
ing his stay.
How's This For Good Work.
The recent grand jury set an exam
ple which, if followed, will save the
state much money. As soon as receiv
ing the judge's charge, they buckled
right down to business and never lost
a moment. They began at once to
huut for big game and fooled away
no time with trival matters, such as
calling in boys about crap shooting,
chjaretts and other mouse-track mat
ters which do not amount to a row of
pins. They were in session five days
and found 17 indictments, -ten of
which were for felonies. On behalf of
the people, The Record congratulates
this jury on its faithful, prompt and
sensible work. If future juries will
go on this plan, it will be much bette
f oj the tax-payers.
Fresh milk delivered by the Lancas
ter Dairy.
Hear Goebel and Blackburn at Dan
ville tomorrow.
Joseph's clearance
e is immensely
popular with the ladi,
The Odd Fellows meet every Tues
day night, but will probably change
to Thursday.
A rough face never won fair maiden.
Smooth young men get shaved at Hen
ry Duncan's barber shop.
Trade at our store andget first class
goods and a nice present besides. R. L
Jennings & Co.. LFaint Lick Ky.
Bulldlns Lou.
If you want to buy nice Building
Lot I can sell you onefrom 1 to 4 acres
cheap. T. Currey.
We have to make room for fall, goods
and will sell a ereat manv crnods at
cost, and some at less' than cost. R.
L. Jennings & Cof Taint Lick Ky
Smith & Currey, Agents for Dan
ville Steam laundry. Work shipped
and received daily. Shirt waists a
specialty. Office at Batsons Dry goods
store. ' tf.
Drop in and see Lillard & Stout at
Danville tomorrow. They can fix you
up with school books, school supplies
and, in fact all kinds of stationery at
remarkably low prices.
Don't Read This!
After August 1st we will have for
sale the best coal in any quanity at
the lowest price. It will pay you to
see us before buying. Oflice and yard
opposite the Granary. W. B. Moss &
&Co. tf.
Half Rates to Denver.
One fare plus $2.00 round trip via
Queen & Crescent Route Sept. 5, 6 and
7. Good 30 days. Ask ticket agent
for full particulars of this exception
ally low rate. W. C. Riiieason, G. P.
A. Cincinnati O.
Three Rookies.
Lieut. Sherrow could only put in one
day in Lancaster but in that time he
enlisted three recruits. They were
Dan Traylor, Will Stone and a Mr.
Sherrow, the latter from Bourne, this
county. They left that night for Co
lumbus, and will soon sail for the
Death of Mrs. Bradahaw.
After a lingering illness of consump
tion, Mrs. W. B. Bradshaw died at her
home, near McCreary, Friday. The
remains were interred in the Lancas
ter cemetery Saturday afternoon.
The grief-stricken husband has sym
pathy of many friends in his great
Walker Nominated
The Kcpuniican convention drew a
crowd to the Court House Monday
morning and, judging from the cheer
ing, the boys are In fine spirits. Mr.
Lewis L. "Walker was nominated for
representative by acclaination and
accepted in a rousing speech, promis
ing to make a.hard fight to carry the
former to victory.
Danville Colored Fair.
This always popular fair will beheld
next week the Ctb, 7th and 8th. It is
in charge of men of ability and exper
ience who will make it one of the best
in the state. Many white people at
tend this fair every, year.
Hustling Things.
Thegrand jury returned live indict
ments in one day and when court ad
journed the same afternoon four of
the cases had been convicted. Out of
the seventeen indictments returned
at this court at least ten will be dis
posed of. Give us more Judge Sauf
leys and Sam Owsleys, and the state
will fare much better.
Water Works.
Sentiment in favor of water works
continues to grow, and there is now
absolutely no doubt but that the prop"
osition will carry at least ten to one.
The people realize the fact that we
have no fire protection, and, some
times, little water for any other pur
poses. Lancaster has shaken the moss
from her back and you can bet your
life she's going to keep step to the
music of enterprise from this on.
Big Time with Odd Fellows.
The staniord degree team came
over again Friday night to do some
work for the Lancaster Odd Fellows
lodge. Seven candidates were initia
ted into the mysteries and it was 12
o'clock beforethe last "heat" was fin
ished and the goat put back into his
stall. The Stanford team is headed
by noble and gentlemanly Al. Warren,
a man against whom nothing but
good can be said. The team works
with a smoothness that is beautiful to
behold. It consists of some thirty of
Stanford's best citizens, and a clever
er lot of gentlemen would be hard to
find. The local lodge had dwindled
down to only six members, but it has
taken in a great number of candidates
within the past month, apd is on the
high road to prosperity. The lodge
owns a fine ball and has several thou
sand dollars on the winning side of its
gun Mono in
More Goods Than any
Same Moneys central
"Whatever progress we may have made in the Science
of Merchandising, we must always go hack to first prin
ciples. The alphahet of Merchandising is to get your
prices right. Already you accept our statements as
Strictlv true. " You show your appreciation of our prompt
and careful Service. You have learned that only goods
of a standard quality are the kinds we handle. But af
ter that, what interests you first, last and all the time is
And on this score you can rely on us quoting
Of Any House
Take your girl to the Danville Fair
tomorrow, Friday.
For sale. 7 bushel barrel salt $1.50
H. B. NorthcottX
Top price for eggs at Blue Grass
store Lancaster, if brought at once.
Tt !o n tnnt. tYtnX Un crnnrta wr(i nev
er sold so cheap avhey are now going
at Joseph's.
A lino nf Wnrefprf rlrptorfrnnds WOrtll
"" yo
12i, 25, 35, 10, and 75p, all at lOcgo
per. yd. R. L. Jxnings uo.
When vou eo over to the Danville
Fair. droD into Frohman's and get a
clean shirt, fresh collar and up-to-date
tie, He'll fix you up right.
1,000 Dozen eggs wanted at once at
The Blue Grass Store, Lancaster.
Will give top-price and you will also
get tickets on the present sale. See
our ad.
To Get Fixtures.
Fred P. Frisbie goes to Cincinnati
next week to close contract for nx
tures for his new drug store. They
will be quite handsome.
Taxes Dhc.
Town taxes are now due, and prop
erty owners should come forward at
once and settle. This has to be done
and those putting it off too long will
ue pub iu ejL.ua c&peusc. v, i
6-22-tf. E. M. Walker, Collector. N
Disappointed Vs.
We engaged a good reporter to send
in an account of the Baptist Associa
tion held last week at the Fork church,
but report nor reporter has since been
seen. Guess he ate too much of the
many good things the dear ladies had
prepared, and could not get back.
Prof. J. Irvine Bead.
Prof. J. L. Irvine, who resided in
Lancaster and taught school in the
old Seminary several years ago, diea
in Louisville early Saturday morning
of diabetes. Prof. Irvine moved to
Louisville twelve years ago. He
taught Latin for a while in the Male
High School, afterward he taught in
Brvant & Stratton Business College.
He then went into the real estate bus
iness with Mr John stratton. Aiew
vears aeo he accepted a position in the
real estate department of the Louis
ville Trust Company, which position
he held at the time of his death. Mr.
Irvine was an elder in the Stuart
Robinson Memorial Presbyterian
church of Louisville, from which place
the funeral services were held. The
remains were interred in Cave Hill
Cemetery, Louisville. He leaves a
widow, two sons and a daughter, Mesa.
Hunter, Bobert ana Mm Lena.
Housed Same Goods
Kentucky Hess Money
in Central Ken
Orders for milk promptly filled by
the Lancaster Dairy.
Communion services were held at
the Presbyterian church Sunday.
We must have room.
Goods must
go at any price.
J. Joseph.
Don't forget the big, sweeping sale
in progress at Frohman's when you gu
over to the Fair.
Only today, tomorrow and Saturday
remain to get benefit of Frohman's
$7.50 suit sale. Read big ad.
Messrs Ryan are "pushing their con
tracts with remarkable rapidity.
They arc greatly hampered in getting
Kentucky Fairs
Low rates via Queen & Crescent
Danville Colored Fair, Sept 6, 7, 8.
Ask ticket agent for particulars.
Klade A Finn Speech.
non. Letcher Owsley spoke to the
democrats of Casey county Monday.
Reports say he had a fine crowd and
made , as he always docs, a tine speech
For Sale or Rent.
My desirable 10-room dwelling and
15 acres land just outside limits of
Lancaster. Has 2 cisterns, 1 pool and
1 never failing spring. All necessary
out buildings.
tf. Mrs. Emma Kattffman.
From Stanford to fleKIaBey.
Our Stanford friends are now pull
ing for a road from that place to Mc
Kinney, and the scheme appears to be
a very plausible one. Pull off your
coats and hustle, brethren. That
connection would be of inestimable
value to you.
The Surveyors
Engineer Respass and party have
passed into Whitley county now and
are coming down the home stretch
with the survey. They will complete
the line much sooner than was expect
ed. He writes that the line is coming
up to expectations and the route is a
fine one.
Jewish Holidays.
The Jewish new year, 5669, comes on
next Tuesday Mr. J. Joseph tells us
the celebration will begin Monday
evening at. 6 o'clock and last until
Tuesday at6 p. m. The Day of At
onement comes on Thursday, the 14th
and will be observed from Wednesday
evening at 6, and lost until following
day at same hour. Mr. Joseph, who is
a strict observer of these matters,
will have kif& closed on; those,
days. -S&fcEg&U. V 1
Moor local om pftg 3

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