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Tales 25
THURSDAY January 4 1900
WITH hope millions stand on the
closing day of the year with faces to
wardthe future writes Mrs Hamil
ton Mott in the January Ladies Home
Journal What will the new year
bring me each one asks himself 1w
one knows And hqw well it is that
we do not It requires sober thought
to realize that what we are and what
we do are along the lines of a wise cre
ation It is often very easy for us to
feel that we might change things for
the better if the power and opportu
nity were but ours But the most
astute cleverness of man is a poor af
fair when compared with the siippl est
wisdom of God And onathHig that
can make this new year befefeus hap
pier is to have that on feeling that
ne thought that ife faith always
fcithus That iatever is is right
id for thebest Frequently we can
conjpfehend at the time why this
IjlUici be so why that should happen
b why some particular trial should
ie to us while some great joy cornP
the same time to another why we
uld have so little and others so
h But nothing ever comes into
Ilivesfexcept what is for our good
some day we shall clearly under
MANY people are racking their
brains over the question of whether
this is the beginning of the twentieth
century If we had nothing morei
worry over than that we would be in
clover up to our chin It makes no
difference whether this is the twentieth
eth or the ninetyninth century the
sun will continue to shine the binfc
to sing and the grass tos row PeaC
who talk about such things should try
going to work and they willr t m
this worry
THE dispatches say John Bull is
courting favor of Uncle Sam and nrft
lug at the latter for a Jeetle assistajg
in Englands brush with the Boers
Uncle Sam has had his hand in his hip
pocket all along and if it is clearly
demonstrated that England can not
lick em he is certain to wink at John
Bull and the wink will beloud enough
to be heard round the civilized world
A MAN living in Baltimore was re
cently acquitted by a jury for killing
his wife We presume the testimony
showed in this case as is usually so in
murder trials that the woman threw
her hand to her hi p pocket
THE Kentucky legislature met TuesI
day The smallpox plague had scar ce
y been abated ere we are infested with
another as bad if not worse Verily
we live in a land of troubles
THE office of State Register of Lands
whatever that is has been abolished
I f some ten dozen other similar
troughs in the public barn were treat
ed likewise twould be well
MARK HANNAand Grover Cleveland
are both suffering from rheumatism
and the papers are remarking over t hely
fact that they are together for once
THE Jessamine Journal was twenty
six years old last week We wish our
good neighbor many more years ofly
peace health and plenty
A Night of Terror
Awful anxiety was felt for the
widow of the brave General Burnh t r m
of Mashias Me when the doctors
said she could not live till morning
writes Mrs S H Lincoln who attended
ded her that fearful night All
though she must soon die from Pneu
monia but she begged for Dr Kings
New Discovery saying it had more
than once saved her life and had cu
red her of Consumption After three
small doses she slept easily all night
and its further use completely cured
her This marvelous medicine is
guaranteed to cure all Throat Chest
and Lung Diseases Only 50c and 81
Trial bottle free at R E McRobe its
drug store 1m
Mr and Mrs Lou Gray and son ofa
Livingston are visiting her parents +
Mr and Mrs W P Dishon and fam
Mr Clyde McCarley a charming
young man of Gosport Ind was here
Sunday to see his best girl
On Wednesday evening the 27th
there occured one of the most brilliant
weddings that has taken place in this
vicinity the principals in the hap pyand
event were George Brown a popular
young man of Garrard and Miss Jen
nie Anderson a beautiful and attract
ive young lady of this vicinity At
the appointed hour under the inspir
lug strains of the wedding march I
played bp Miss Fannie Austin the
bridal party entered the parlor while
Rev Cambell of Lancaster in a beau
tiful ceremony bound the two loving
souls together The bride is one of
the most accomplished young ladies of
this vicinity while the groom is a f
prominent young farmer
OINTMENT is the only remedy for
blind bleeding or protruding piles in
dorsed by physicians cures the most 1
Y < obstinate cases Price 50 cents in bot
< ties Tubes 75cts C C J EStor m es 1
zbi r
Elder Allen has accepted a call to
the pastorate of the Pleasant Grove
Rev Robinson will preach at the
Methodist church Sunday night
My debts are now due in the city
and we kindly ask those indebted to
me to call and settle their accounts at
once J S Haselden
0fir Bratton of Madison has moved
to B F Jennings house here
Mr Easley has taken possession of
his farm lately purchased of William
Dunn x
Coughs and colds come uninvited
but you can quickly get rid of them
with a few doses of COUSSENS HOt
i EY OF TAR Price 25 and 50 cts
C C C J E Stormes 1m
Mr Theodore Dunn and family of
Winchester are the guests of their
0parents Mr and Mrs R Saddler
1house lately vacated by Dr Elliott
itDr Elliott still occupies the office in
fthe yard for the ensuing year Miss
ites Bessie and Nannie Ballard of Paint
ItLid are visitors in our town this
week Misses Margaret and Hattie
ItJennings of Danville visited firsw
YsS Haselden this weekS G Hasel
den and wife of Lancaster accompa
iiied by Mr Marshall Davis and litm
ISSpruce of Nicholasville took dinner
1with his father Thursday Also R L
Jennings and wife of Paint Lick were
spresent Mr Hurd and family of
vieMt Sterling are visiting Mr Patton
Mrs Mullins and Miss Saddler are
ott has moved to his Camp Dick Rob
inson farm but still has his office in
Bryantsville Mrs Mary Swope who
has boon teaching near Buena Vista
Irreturned to her home Friday hoving
rtaught a very successful school Miss
ttSusie Jennings recieved a gold pen for
improvement in writing
nlIanyan innocent little darling is
suffering untold agony and cannot ex
1plain its troubles Mark your childs
symptoms you may find it troubled
with worms give it WHITES
CREAM VERMIFUGE and restore it
jp quietness and health Price 25cts
C C J E Stormes Ira
are that each reader of THE
fcwill make good resolves for
the Nf w Year and that they may keep
rlythem to the best of their ability
Mr Frank Parks bought a horse
from J H Woods for 874 and sold one
to Tilden Daly for 90
ldYfir and Mrs M G Aldridge gave a
dining Friday in honor or Mr S I
Haselden andyrideRevs Coleman
I Herring and family Friday and at
tended the fifth Sunday meeting at
Lancaster Mr Henry Parks spent
last week visiting relatives in Wash
ington and Nelson ccunties Mr >
and Mrs 11 II Bogie attended a fam
ily reunion at his fathers at East Hick
man It was the first time the family
had been together for twelve
Mr and Mrs A J Chestnut of Dan
vibe spent Sunday with their parents
Mr and Mrs J C BonerMiss Lu
cile Marsee and brother Wm visited
relatives in Hustonville last week
Mr Joshua Sutton and Miss Minnie
Pollard were quietly married at the
parsonage Dec 28 by Rev B A Co
pass Mr Wm Broaddus moved in
to the James Herring property recent
ly vacated by George Broaddus who
moved to McCreary Rev B A
Copass delivered an excellent serm onsh
Sunday Dec 31 on New Years resolves
urIt has been demonstrated repeated
ly in every state in the Union and in
many foreign countries that Cham
berlains Cough Remedy is a certain
prevedtive and cure for croup It has
become the universal remedy for that
disease M V Fisher of Liberty W
Va only reports what has been said
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edy in my family for several years andi
always with perfect success We be
lieve that it is not only the best cough
oreremedy but that it is a sure cure for
cucroup It has saved the lives of our
eechildren a number of times This
htremedy is for sale by R E McRoberts
A happy New Year to THE RECUR D
We have had the quietest Christmas I
we have had for many years Our
neighborhood is getting lots better
Mr Sam Wade of Chesterfield Ill 4
a nice quiet young man and Miss Es
sie Ross were married on Thursday j
evening at 2 oclock at the brides j
fathers D G Ross Rev Crawford
officiated Mr Wade has won a nice J
Essie is an intelligent lady and has a
lrlarge number of friends They wi 11said
make their future home in Illinois
We wish them good luck and a long c f
and happy life
Madam Rumor says Epn Hammack t
and Miss Rebecca Wells of Carters p
vine will get married Wednesday eve 0
ning the 3rd Eph says he cant stay B
with old man Jack any longer he
must to the
go mountains t
Mr Woodson Tudor and family have v
moved from Missouri back to their old v
Kentucky home We welcome you
hone Woodson I
WoodsonA rj >
A Frightful Blunder t
Will often cause a horrible Burn i
Scald Cut or Bruise Bucklens Art 1 S
ca Salve the best in the world will e
kill the pain and promptly heal it t
cures Old Sores Fever Sores Ulcer e
Boils Felons Corns all SKin Erup t
tions Best Pile Cure on earth Only I
25cts a box Cure guaranteed Sold I r
by R E McRoberts Druggist 1m 1
ExGov TV O Bradley Returns Homo
Trust Faithfully
ExGov William O Bradley came
home a few minutes last week to see
to some important business and made
hot tracts hack to Frankfort where
he is employed in the contest cases
THE RECORD had a short talk with
him and learned that while he would
locate here for ti while yet his per
manent residence had not been decided
upon He has had several flattering
offers to practice law in the large
Cities but has not yet had time to
think over the matter Ha tells us
that he comes away from Frankfor t
several thousand dollars worse off
than when he went The otlice pays a
ofmuch entertaining and no governor
has yet been able to make both ends
meet during the term He speaks in
tothe highest terms of the Frankfort
people and says he has some very
1warm friends there and will always
ant d
courtesies As Garrard is proud of hers
isson THE RECORD deems it wise to
give a brief synopsis of Gov Bradleys
work He had more difficult problems
1to handle than any governor who has
occupied the chair Toll gate raiding
ssountain fued a disgraceful session
erof the legislature and many other
matters which had never come up in
reprevious years were brought before
him As to how well he handled them
reshould make their verdict as citizens
and not as politicians In his address
Gov Bradley said among other things
toThe present administration came
into power under the most adverse
circumstances For the first time in its
history Kentucky elected a Rxjpubli
can ticket The consequence was that
many persons who had come to look
upon the offices of the Democratic
isparty became thoroughly nrpused and
instead of giving such assistance as
was proper to advance the interest of
edthe State aroused a most partisan
attitude of obstruction With one
branch of the Legislature Republican
isisms arose that no human power could
control Much needed legislation fail
ed rendering necessary the calling
of a special session
In the meanwhile by economy and
good management the credit of the
State has been restored current ex
Epenses have been promptly met every
dollar of the 1717000 paid and today
we have in the treasury 1100000
This is more than sufficient to liqui
date 500000 of bonds issued by the
present administration and the 500
000 issued by our predecessors The
State debt except educational al
and college bonds which are not re
deemable but on which interest is
semiannual paid has been paid and
Kentucky is today practically outp
tThe common school interest have
been carefully guarded and despite
atmany difficulties arising by reason of
the decisions of the Court of Appeals >
which reduced the revenues the per
capita of the first year has been stead
ily advanced and this too although
needful legislation was denied The
expenses of the various department of
government have been decreased and
lynot one cent has been misappopriat
Every effort has been made to en
force the law and preserve the public
peace and it is cause for supreme re
gret that in the closing days of ti tcin
administration an excited but ordinarily
arily orderloving people should have
brought reproache to the good yec
of the State My countrymen the
sooner we learn that peaceful and
Coprosperious citizens will not come
among us as long as we show contempt
for courts and take the law into our
hands the better it will be for the
advancement of the Commonwealth
The commission of one crime to pun
ish another cannot be justified by a
civilized people It may be in some
instances that no punishment for the
criminal is too severe but the law has
infixed the punishment and the inflict
ion of any other cannot be justified
We have recently passed through I
the most remarkable campaign for
bitterness and intense excitement that
the State has ever known Let us indulge
dulge the hope that after the cyclone
has swept over the State every citizen
irrespective of party will go earnestly
to work to remove the debris and build
up in the hearts of all rile peoplef
spirit of forbearance forgiveness and
bebrotherly love
Today this administration passes in
to history and I trust may be approved
by the calm and deliberate judgement
of the people Four years ago stand
ing upon this spot I gave the pledge
isthat I would do the right as God en
abled me to see the right and would
be Governor of all the people This I
have faithfully attempted to do and
can truthfully say that I have the ap
proval of my conscience No Execu i
tive of this State has encountered so
much of storm and so little of sun
shine so much of grave responsibility
and so little of peace and rest If in
the tempest I have failed to steer the
ship over the proper course it was the
darkness that misled and not the rtno
or brain
thatay Io
have borne for four years with a pro J
found pleasure only regretting that I
another must take it up The people
gave the trust to them I return it
thanking them for the honor confer
red Vs
Asked in regard to the contest he I
retainedrs as
rscounsel and there are to be I believe
five lawyers to assist me As yet I am
doing the work alone The claims of 4
the Democrats that people were de 1
pried of their suffrage in Louisville 1
on account of the presence of the 1
military is absurd What did the <
voters care for 150 men locked up in c
the armory there Not a single man 1
was allowed to go on the streets in J
uniform even when they went indi <
vidually to vote Had not these men
been there however I am convinced
there would have been the worst riot 1
in that town that ever occured in thej
State Henry Watterson had publish
ed that himself the other members of 5
the staff of his newspaper and intact 1
every Goebel man in town including j
the Mayor and the police officers had 1
been threatened with assassination >
These soldiers were there to quell riot i 4
if riot broke out and not to hinder J
voters The tissue ballot cry is equally I
flimsy The same paper was used for
ballots in Democratic counties as was
used in the counties of Johnston
Knox and Pike We will show that
the paper used in these Republican
counties was the same that was used
in many other counties and it wasnot
for the purpose of telling how a man
voted Governor Taylor will coma in
ly appoint man to till the Vacancies in
the State Board of Election Commis
sioners as he has the right to do un
der the constitution The Court of
Appeals has never passed on this
point and I believe that part of the
law will be declared uncoiistiiStiona 1
by them We have no fear of losing
although we intend to make a fight tot
the finish
rGovernor Bradley has not escaped
terror and he has not been invariably
years ago but he has been at all times
rtthe best Governors the State has ever
had and tortuitous circumstances
have within the past year so complete
ly eradicated all differences between
Kentucky Republicans that the
close of his administration finds the
party more harmonious and decidedly
isstronger than at any previous period
in its history
Governor Bradley has not yet ex
pressed himself as to any further polit
ical ambitions which he may enter
tain but Republicans in all section of
rethe State are suggesting the giving of
such new evidence of the partys con
fidence in him as are involved in mak
ing him the caucus nominee and iM
S5the event that he should not be elect
ed to that place by the Legislature
by proposing him for the Vice Presi
dency on the ticket with William MCiL
e1inley next year The retirinr L
ernor needs but to author
atof his name in either of J
ions to rally the united
of the State to his entl
port He is entitled to a J
thou good and faithful serva
Hnvinga Great Hun on Chamberlains
1Cuugh Remedy I I
I11anager Martin of the Pierson drug
store informs us that he is having a
great run on Chamberlains Cough
Remedy Ha sells five bottles of that
aYmedicine to one of any other kindand
it gives great satisfaction In these
odays of la grippe there is nothing like
Chamberlains Cough Remedy to stop
1the cough heal up the sore throat and
ndungs and give relief within a very
short time The sales are growing
and all who try it are pleased with its
promptactionSouth Chicago Cult
Mcloberte s
Druggist 1m
Dear Mr Sober Editor It becomes
my most painful duty to warn you
ofthat you Mr Sober Editor and tt isto
foln ks
of whom I know in this whole coun
try who are loitering among beds ofon
roses nigh a tigers den You may
have heard that there is a blind tiger
in town and one is not as bad as it us
ed to be but Mr Sober Editor did
you know that blind tiger was a ti
gress and she has whelped and h e rof
children have whelped until about
half of the former haunts of men in
to me like is scared and making
friends with these tigers and tigress
toslower than a 20 gait and if the good
iswomen in this townGod bless the rto
very names dont awake from their
Rip VanWinkle nap and get on their 1
utensils of warfare they will find aj
Ztman who is something very dear t ohas
them and so brave that he bares his j
breast night after night to fight o n odry
of these tigers will come home to
them dehorned with his rose shifted
ndrom button hole to nose with b ut f
one consolation for themthey need
not rock him to sleep and who seand
breath next morning will be far above
par at a stink factory
geJoshua when he surrounded the
walls of Jericho confronted no harder
task than one of these good women
when she kisses the object of her af 1
ndfections tells him to go on and be a o
good boy How brave and good a wo 1
man who must kiss a man whose
breathwould make a dog leave a tan I
tyard that she might perchance ena a
ble him to resist a tiger Lets change f
the army and about face Shed I
no more tears Mr good Sober Editor h
and ladies for the mill will never 1
grind with the waters that has past G
dont cry anyway tears are high pric I n
ed and as we are going to have water t
works we dont need them Lets get f
shoulder to shoulder and cage these ti S
gers and tigresses for a dry town and I
20 tigers are about as much in keeping c
with each other as a circus parade and
a funeral procession would look together
er and I could not witness a thing e
like that because it is very inconsis o
tent and inconvenient to cry and I
tolaugh both at the same time If we
dont cage these beasts of prey some a
of the most attractive dudes in town s
will be In a short time as large in the b
abdomen as a nipple on a babybottle e V
and these same little dress paraders S
with these diminutive little stomachs t
and whose insignificant little under
pinning resembling closely in circum y
ference those of a Katy Did and i
daintily proportioned bodies having aI
striking resemblahce to a wasp minus 3
the stinger and wings will venture to j
nginflate his little stomach with a qua rt i
bottle full of beer and his little pistol a
in his hip pocket such a short little <
ofdistance for him to go around after itright
the makes night hideous by the rapid g
t bj
J 1
r O riJ
discharge of his little pistol Now one
of these modern little pigmies highly
inflated with stale beer and crackers
might be caught by a spider at some
unguarded moment when his hand
was not on his little gun to protect
himself and be carried to a ceiling
and there devoured with the same
speed as a spider would a fly And
Mr Sober Editor I can almost heaj
the little spiders cry from disappoint
ment when mother spider calls her
little children to breakfast poor little
things fully expecting to feast their
hnngry appetites upon a fat fly dudeN
find only the carcass of one little dude
for their entire family Now dear
Mr Sober Editor we can illy afford to
lose such promising young men and
the sweethearts of these little creat
ures would be stampeded by the burn
Ing of the air castle of lovefiction and
fancy which he has spent hours help
ing her build Now the death of one
little dude at the breakfast table of
one spider and family and the redicu
lous and appalling thought that he
was caught at night time drawn to a
ceiling and there devoured all because
he did not have his hand on his little
gun would bring abont a war une
qualed between the sweetheart of the
sweethearts of other dudes who in
their turn would follow said deceased
dude and the spider family the out
come of which the keenest eye nor the
broadest brain could determine
fAnother apparent danger which
these little creatures are confronting
Battle Row and surrounded Jn
houses of the tigers anjj
Mr Ward the re
water surron >
of thet
not be a
where at nj
and tigress en
gulfed he show
lighthouse tower i >
kedry cob ready to be th
upon which he could era
trade winds from pig pens
tigers drift him safely ashore
today on the grating over Mr
IIigginbothams cellar which mil
a part of the pavement on which then
dudes must walk and I thought of
what a dangerous place for an inflated
dude These grates should be hastily
stopped Some dark night one of
these little creatures will fall through
tlis grating all except his collarthro
which his head will easily pass Now
to think ofan early morniug when
we perlaps will see a collar sitting
on one of these grating the dude hav
ing passed through
erAnd the cellar alone will mark where
he stood
And a sweetheart will weep oer her
caflunu e 1 dudeut
of the many dangers that are confron
ting our dudes The undisputed pos
session of the town and the exercise of
fthat right without dispute has near
ly given these tigers a title by limita
tion or conquest If this is true we
cant cage them and if we cant cage
must begin with hasty step at once
to remove every means by which our
these nights while inflated Let noth
ing stop our progress until Mr Ward I
islight house tower together with the II
dry cob on the bank all the cellar
gratings in town are stopped and the
utgone together with his
family to their eternal resting place
and fro in the earth and walk up and
down in it and you know me well
August Flower
It is a surprising factsays Prof
Houton that in my travels in all parts C
of the world for the last the years I I
have met more people having used
Greens August Flower than any other T
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and stomach and for constipation I B
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persons filling office positions where C
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grandG J
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tern by frequent use and is excellent H
for sour stomachs and indigestion A
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Drug Store Sold by dealers in all
civilized countries
The Government has adopted Pu =
erto Rico as the official spelling of
our new insular possession in the West
J Lewis Booker prominent insur
ance man of Richmond committed
suicide at his home by drinking car T
bolic acid He married Miss Olivia
White a cousin of exCongressman r
Sohn D White and his wife and ae
twelveyearold daughter survive him
A young man came into our store
yesterday suffering from a severe at
tack of cramp colic writes B F Hess
miller and general merchant Dickeys
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dORe and it soon brought him out al 1
right I never saw a fellowso rejoiced
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After this week
Our New Store Roam
Hat Door to National Bat
3 0 0 tQ 0 I
A Tou I
to Ij I >
i c
> i
A i 1
j I i
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structing the exhaust con
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ant and g est
tonic No other reg
P re
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a CoPrepared
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F P Fri lib
f S i
R y

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