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The tide is coming, our bus-
2f33S33 1 Krs. Collier Improving.
We are glad to be able to report Mrs.
J. B. Collier as showing marked
improvement, and her relatives and
friends are hoping for a speedy recovery.
Mrs. Collier suffered a stroke of par
alysis last week.
Nev Exchange.
The Estill Tribune.is a welcome ad-
Idition to our exchange list. It is pub-
j lished at Irvine by Grant E. Lily an
l&C I nYnovianpofl nmircnnnoptnnn 1Q n HrirrTil-
ZffJB J V.1(1JV.,W liV II a'MVfA autp .j m w& .a u
I newsy sheet, and better still is a red
iness is growing, and we ai
compelled to carry a larger
stock of
hot democratic sheet.
1 Belt Utfifai j
Schools Run Him Out.
Chief of Police Herron has given up
his office and also the Police Courtroom
to the schools, and has desk room at
Judge Harris' office. All persons
desiring to pay taxes will call at the
latter place where either Mr. Herron
or Judge Harris will wait on them.
and Farming Imolements
The Sick.
Miss Alberta Anderson is suffering
$ i from an attach of tjphoid fever, not
sXj ' however in a malignant form, we are
v I . . ... . .
glad to state. She is doing nicely anu
it is hoDed that the disease has about
.... Ir. nnllMd Ml Wl 1 1 1 0 TTI & nflllViATl
v i is imnroviner. as is Miss Bessie Prather
- t . - - -
and the little daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Albert Ware.
The people have found a
place where they can get
e'ood s:oods at
Wheat Sowing.
Farmers are busily engaged in sowing
heat and the weather is ideal for that
ork. The splendid quality of the crop
-j i harvested this year has proven a stimulus
ff? . and an ihci-eased acreage is being
t . .. 1 ... A 4-
a' I piauieu tins seaauu. xi. gicai, nmnji
Gome and svell the crovd, increase the sales,
reduce the cost.
Live and Let Live.
3fo , tobacco patches are already green with
rye and barley sown after the tobacco
was cut, this means good fall grazing.
Diptheria In -County.
Especial attention is called to the cir
cular issued by the State Board of
Health which we reproduce in full in
&Js this issue of tne Record, and suggest
& I that it be given careful attention. This
dread disease has already made its ap
$ pearance in this county, in one locality
it having become necessary to close the
school because of it.
8?$ ?jv sfikm !.&
II li II I aifali'liJp
$S November 25th We Have It Right This
$a ' Time.
The Record has made several
unsuccessful attempts to herald the
correct date of Mr. Ed C. Gaines corn
show, and by the aid of a calender, .the
Farmer's Almanac and Mr. Gaines, we
are now sure that we have it correct.
The show is to be on county court day
NOVEMBER 25th, all other dates
published to the contrary notwithstanding.
Maaft.frrarxrtwnajwUvts3rfi-rti( wtrjjm.jJjga7ariMiiiii i mi mi jLimamaaiMa
We have received and have on display
a complete line of
h HH k H fl n a
a ' fl I! feB ft gj
K EiS a 2SJBB 'W
a n m s
for fall and winter, comprising all the new
styles in Patent Leather, Gun Metals,
Tans, Velvets, Suede. We handle the
famous Drew Selby line which is consider
ed the best line of Ladies shoes on the
market. We are receiving daily new ship
ments in
am w uu jfj,
y s b s
li't' friffi
A look will convince you that we can save you money on anything
in Ladies ready to wear garments. We buy these lines from the very
best Manufacturers in New York. We take great pleasure in showing
you through. If we havn't what you want we will order it on approv
al ail g' it for you -in a short time.
Mr. John M. Sanders Buys Another Store.
Mr. J. M. Sanders of Marksbury
has purchased of Mr. Henry Arnold his
store, dwelling house and all appurten
ances at Hyattsville Ky. and will take
possession on January 1st. His son
James Sanders will occupy the dwelling
and conduct the business. Mr Sanders
already has three sons in the mercantile
business, Roy W. at Nina, Jesse at
Marksbury and Boone at Hubble.
Louis Brown Buys Fayette Farm.
A farm generally known as the Shee
han farm, located on the Georgetown
pike, about four miles from Lexington,
was sold Saturday to L. H. Brown,
who recently sold his farm near Bry
antsville. The property consists of
p.bout 100 acres of high grade land,
good residence of six or seven rooms
and several out houses and is consider
ed a very valuable property. Mr.
Brown will move to the property and
take full possession January 1, 1913.
The price was not made public, as the
sale was made privately, but is said to
be a good figure. Jessamine Journal.
Revival At Christian Church Closes After
More Than Two Weeks, And Was Prolific
Of Much Good.
The revival at the Christian church
closed on Wednesday night, much to
the regret of the entire community.
The series of meetings have been in
progress for more than two weeks and
have been very successful, about thirty
five persons having united1 with the
church, either by letter or otherwise.
The Rev. Rudy who has been conduct
ing the meeting was an unusually force
ful speaker, and one who called "a
spade a spade" without fear or favor.
The Truant Officer Will Get You If You
Don't Watch Out.
The Record has just printed for Sup't.
Jennie Higgins a bigsupply of delinquent
notices which she will at once mail out
to parents whose children have been
reported as not attending school
reguiarly. A record is kept of each
parent to whom one of these notices is
sent, and if they do not show reason at
once or start the kiddies to school, a
warrant will be immediately issued for
them in compliance with the law so
provided. This means regular
attendence, not one day just to say the
child has been to schhol. Better put
them in school and keep them there,
where they belong.
Garrard County Boy Loses An Eye In
Mr. Thompson Arnold Jr. has just re
turned from Kelsa Va. where he was
called by an injury sustained by a
younger brother Walter Arnold, who is
employed in a saw mill at that place.
During the noon hour while in his room
young Arnold became involved in a
friendly scuffle with a friend named
Coleman when the latter playfully
struck him with a tightly folded news
paper, the blow cut the ball of young
Arnold's eye so badly that he was
hastened to a hospi-.al in Pittsburg Pa.,
where it was necessary to remove the
injured eye. The injured eye had been
sightless for many years. Tne young
man was doing wel! after the operation
and Mr. Thompson Arnold tells us he
expects to be out of the hospital within
a couple of weeks.
Fire Preventici Proclamation.
Gov. J. B. McCn?ary has issued a
proclamation setting apart October 8th
as a day on which to give special at
tention to the removal from premises
of rubbish and all articles that might
produce spontaneous combustion, He
says that the loss in this country every
year amounts to more than $200,000,000
which might be curtailed to a certain
extent by proper precaution. Former
Gov. August E. Wilson inaugurated
the idga of setting a day apart op
which to clean up premises and Gov.
McCreary intends to carry out the idea.
The losses by fire in this country, of
insured property total every year to
more than two hundred million dollars,
and are largely in excess of that of any
other civilized nation. There is a loss
which can be curtailed by proper pre
caution. The large payments by insur
ance companies as well as the enor
mous personal loss of property which ia
uninsured is an expense which should
be decreased;
Must Walk The Straight And Narrow Path
The kiddies who play "hookey" and
the hunters who expect to hunt with
out licence are to be in the same class
from now on, both are to have special
officers for their individual benefit.
The truant officers will look after the
former and the game warden the latter.
And to make assurance doubly sure,
Executive Agent Quincy Ward will'
have several of the latter throughout
the state with "roving commissions",
that is who will have no' especial field
of labor, but will be empowered to ar
rest or indict marauders wherever they
may be found. The first duties of
these "rovers" will be to inspect coun
ties where no wardens have yet been
appointed. They will work under sec
ret orders, andlhefr whereabouts will
be known only to Mr Ward. Some of
the pot hunters who expect to slip out
and bag a load of game without the
formalty of securing a license, or pull
ing one end of a big seine, need hot be
surprised if at the following meeting of
the grand jury an indictment is return
ed against him and the witness one
whom he least suspected.
The Womans Club met Wednesday
afternoon in the annex of the Christian
church with Mrs. J. B. Kinnaird as
leader, subject "School Improvement".
Mrs. Theo Currey read an interesting
paper on "How Mothers Should Ad
vance the Interest of their Children".
Good Attendence
About all the farmers and stock men
of Garrard county who can possibly get
away from tne farm duties are attending
the big sales in Stanford this week.
The attendence is reported as large and
the bidding as spirited.
Invalids Return.
Messrs Sam Haselden and Will Champ
have returned from Norton's Infirmary
and the Deaconess Hospital in Louisville.
Both gentlemen are in splendid conditon
considering their severe illness, but
they will each put in several weeks
recuperating before resuming their
Held To Grand Jury.
Percy Hager who shot and killed his
brother William Hager on Sunday
September 22nd near Bryantsville, came
in to town on Tuesday and surrendered
to the authorities His examining trial
was held on Thursday before county
Judge A. D. Ford, and he was held in
the sum of 1000. to await the action
of the November grand jury. He gave
the bond and was released from custody.
A Thrifty City.
Mr. J. C. Thompson in remitting for
his Record, takes occasion to give us a
few interesting facts about his adopted
city, San Diego Cal. He says that the
city is growing at the rate of 1100 per
month and that it is with difficulty that
adequate school quarters can be provid
ed. They already have 4 fine school
buildings with four more in course of
construction and even with these will
need more, while dwellings aregoingup
at tha rate of 175 to 200 per month.
They are also improving their harbor to
the extent of $1,000,000.
Mrs. Eliza Jane Rasnick and Mr.
Robert L. Cox secured license on last
Thursday and were made man and wife
by Rev. O. P. Bush. This is the second
venture for both of the contracting
parties. Mrs. Rasnick removed to this
county from eastern Kentucky on the
first day of last January, she having
purchased the W. G. Gooch farm near
Point Leavell. Mr. Cox is well known
here, having resided in the county all
his life. The "newly weds" will reside
at Point Leavell.
Young Men's Bureau.
Representative Stanley F. Reed, of
Mason county, has taken charge of the
Young Men's Bureau of the Democratic
State Campaign Committee, and will
be actively engaged in enlisting the
support of young men, especially first
voters, for the Wilson and Marshall
ticket. Gibney Oscar Letcher, of Hen
derson, is vice chairman of the bureau.
The members of the bureau are: Sta teat-large,
C. B. Thompson, Covington,
and Elwood Hamilton, Frankfort; First
district, K. H. Scott, Paducah; Second,
Leigh Harris, Henderson; Third, W. V.
Perry, Russellville; Fourth, Wallace
Brown, Bardstown; Fifth, Pratt Dale,
Louisville; Sixth, John J. Howe, Car
rollton; Seventh, H. S. Breckinridge,
Lexington, Eighth, John M. Farra.
Lancaster; Ninth, Sherman Goodpaster.
Owingsville; Tenth, John Hopkins.
Prestonsburg; Eleventh, Ed Dishman,
An Attractive Display.
On last Saturday The Joseph Mer
cantile Company celebrated their 6th
annual Fall Opening which was by far
the most excellent display that has
been given in Lancaster at any previous
time. In addition to their beautiful
display of fall and winter merchandise
there were beautiful floral decorations
consisting of all sorts of pretty ferns
and begonias which were arranged in a
very artistic manner.
The crowd that attended was the
largest that has been seen at any
opening heretofore and it was well
that so many of the friends and patrons
of this concern turned out even though
the weather was unfavorable as each
and every person who attended was
presented with a handsome bride or
bridemaid rose while the pretty strains
of music floated o'er the entire building.
It may be added in conclusion that
their stock is larger than ever before
and their merchandise better if that be
possible, and is sufficiently complete to
accomodate their host of friend3 and
City Notice..
Taxes, are due. Come in and pay
them promptly and avoid, the penalty
which goes on in a short time. Wtec
rates will also soon be due and must be
paid promptly. Have your money
ready. The improvements to the
streets, the expense of keeping them
up and the genera! running expenses of
the town takes money just the same as
it takes money to run your business.
We have taker; advantage of ,the low
price 01 coal prevalent early m the
season and purchased a sufficient supply
to run the water plant through the
winter. This coal must be paid for.
My office isnow at the shop of Judge
E. W. Harris". Call there and settle
your water rate and, taxes promptly.
If I am not there Judge Harris will
issue a receipt. L. E. Herron. 10-6-3t.
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israi rHraraiiarrHJia jsrajaia Tmrnnnimnvimi-z
We are putting in a full line of
Heating and
"r-r b 43i ta
A.fc E-fflf
l--.& I Vt&T
and expect to sell them at rock
bottom prices.
See me before you buy.
W. J.
Complete line of Famous White Horse Brand Can Goods
.for this week.
Fresh Oysters,
Our New Line of
Mince Meat and
Apple Butter
has just come in.
Be sure and try a bottle of our
Momarit brand of
Tomato Catsup.
The best that is made.
Theo. Currey.
spooo UBOpuBjg 9SI0H3JFIM. snouretf jo ami ejaidraoo
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