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i The tide is coming, our bus-
iness is growing, and we are
I compelled to carry a larger
I! stock of
and Farming Implements
The people have found a
place where they can get
good goods at fair prices.
. .. . . .,..-,
g Come and swell the crowd, increase rne saies,
reduce the cost.
Live and Let Live.
I have another full supply of all kinds
of beads. Mrs. L. N. Miller.
The Circle Girls will hold their an
nual Bazaar and Candy Sale the first
Friday and Saturday in Decemder..
The will be a democratic speaking at
the court house on Monday October
28th, county county day. Come in and
hear it.
No Casualties.
The foot ball seaeon opened here on
last Tuesday. The Lancaster high
school team trimmed the Danville
"Preps", the score being 54 to 0.
Paw Paws Plentiful.
Keeping pace with the bounteous
crops of other varieties, there is also
an abundant crop of thcjuicy pawpaws
this season and local lovers of that
fruit are living high. Lots of paw
paws make fat possums, and they too
will soon be ripe.
Didn't Want The Machine.
Mr. C. C. McClure of the Paint Lick
section held the ticket no. 7494 which
drew the automobile in Cummins &
McClary's drawing at Stanford last
week. Mr.McClure did not care for the
machine and in lieu thereof was given
a check for $500.
Work On School.
Contractor Raymond has been tak
ing advantage of the unusually pretty
weather and is rushing the work on
the Graded school building. A large
force of bricklayers arrived from Cyn
thiana theis week and the work of lay
ing brick is going on rapidly. It is
hoped to have the structure completed
soon after the first of the new year.
Keep Up With The Times.
The Harrodsburg Herald bemoans
the establishment of Free City Delivery
of mail there because of the fact that
the streets will have to be placarded
at the corners, houses numbered and
merchants sending out bills will have
to put on two cents instead of one as
1 postage. And yet Harrodsburg is look
ing forward to securing the extension
of the Electric line from Nicholasville
; through this section.
Lancaster, Ky.
Mrs. James Ledford dici at her
home near Lowell on last Friday night
presumably of heart disease. The de
ceased was 24 years of age. Her re
mains were interred in the cemetery
at Manse on last Sunday. Mrs. Led-
ford's death is a peculiarly sad one be
cause of the fact that she was married
only a couple of weeks ago, on the
25th, day of September. Before her
marriage she was Miss Lou Finley of
Messrs Hughes & Swinebroad sold
for H. C. Hamilton to Clayton Marsee
the property at the intersection of the
old and new Danville turnpikes and
known as "the old toll gate property
Former Lancaster Minister
Rev. A. R. Moore, once a popular
pastor of the local Christian church has
been called to the pastorate of the
leading Christian church in Savannah
Ga. Bro. Moore was originally from
North Middletown and was educated at
Don't Kill The "Bull Bats".
The State Game Warden has ruled
that it is unlawful to kill night hawks,
commonly known as "bull bats".
Many of these birds have been killed
by hunters for the mere sport, not
even valuing the flesh for food, but in
future their sport is liable to cost them
a fine.
We have received and have on display
a complete line of
for fall and winter, comprising all the new
styles in Patent Leather, Gun Metals,
Tans, Velvets, Suede. We handle the
famous Drew Selby line which is consider
ed the best line of Ladies shoes on the
market. We are receiving daily new ship
ments in
Ladies' Suits, Goats and Dresses
.A. look will convince you that we can save you money on anything
in Ladies ready to wear garments. We buy these lines from the very
best Manufacturers in New York. We take great pleasure in showing
you through, If we havn't what you want we will order it on approv
al ail i it for you in a short time.
Come In Saturday.
Come in next Saturday and lend your
presence to the cause of education.
The School Fair to be held on that day
will be interesting, there will be exer
cises by the children, good music and a
number of splendid speakers. Bricg
your wife and family and come and
urge your neignbors to do likewise.
Sterling Ynung Democrat.
John M. Farra, the hustling and pop
ular young Democrat of Garrard, has
been appointed the Eighth District's
member of a Young Men's Wilson Bu
reau, which has been organized to push
thr. cause of the Democratic candidate
among the young men of the State.
Danville Messenger.
They Are Prospering.
In recent years many of the best
farms sold in Clark, Fayette, Bourbon,
Boyle and Garrard counties have been
purchased by men coming from the
mountain sections, which shows that
the mountaineers are money-makers.
Only last week a farm of 122 acres was
sold in Garrard for $12,000. Jessamine
A Chance For Our Proverbial Courtesy.
A careful perusual of the Kentucky
election laws divulges the fact that
there is no provision for separate
booths for women at the coming elec
tion. However, our proverbal chivalry
will precude the possibility of any wo
man receiving rude treatment at the
hands of the male voters. The old rule
of "ladles first" will apply by courtesy.
Denny Bros. Sale.
Those in search of high grade stock
will find a rare opportunity at Denny
Bros, sale which will take place near
Point Leavell in this county on the
24th inst, an advertisement of which
appears elsewhere in this issue. There
is some high class milk stock, mules
and horses to be placed under the ham
mer; also one of the most desirable
small farms in the county.
Annual Weighing Of Mail.
The force at the local post office is
busily engaged in the annual task of
weighing the mail. This is no small
job as all the mail must be classified,
counted and weighed, and this" necessi
tates the employees arising before the
average person thinks of leaving his
bed, in order to have the mail ready for
delivery at 7 o'clock, so do not grow
impatient if they shuiild be a few minu
tes late, remember they have done al
most a days work'while you were sleap
ing in order that yon might have early
Mr. H. C. Hamilton has about com
pleted a handsome new residence on
Richmond street adjoining his home.
It will be occupied by Mr. Henly V.
tJastin. The house adds materially to J
the looks of that already handsome
thorough! are.
The civic department of the Womans
Club had their first meeting in
their new home on Wednesday
afternoon. Mrs. J. E. Robinson pre
sided over the meeting and plans
for the year's work were com
pleted. Every public spirited citizen
should belong to this department
as its motto is "Our town clean"
healthful and beautiful. We appre
ciate the kindness of the officers of
the Citizens Bank for tendering us the
director's room for a club rooni.
Colored School Association.
The colored teachers of Garrard and
Boyle counties will hold their joint
association in Danville on Saturday
October 19th' Prof. Joseph Burns,
principal of the local colored school is
the president of the association and is
on the programme for an address.
Mrs. W. H. Browu Undergoes Operation.
Mrs. W. H. Brown, wife of Master
Commissioner W. H. Brown, has
returned from Stanfort where she
recently underwent an operation. Her
many friends will be glad to know that
she is improving rapidly and hopes soon
to be entirely restored to health.
Let Have It.
The good ladies of the community,
tired as they justly may be of seeing
the unsightly condition of the park,
are trying to make some arrangements
to beautify it and make it a little more
presentable. It is very much to be
hoped that the city, the county or
whoever owns it will make them a fee
simple title to it, in which event we
are fully satisfied it will quickly become
a tning of beauty instead of something
of which we all are ashamed as it is in
its presnt condition.
Vnn Arp Tnvitprl tr n "nvmrmcHat?vn rf If"
T UC h Bend n ill (IP
Allways Preferable
and an Exhibition of Cooking in Paper Bags.
'' v
You will under
stand how much
means when you
see the Range. It
The Best Looking
The Best Baker
The Most Durable
Range Made.
If you buy one of these Ranges during
the week of this exhibit, we will make you
a present of a set of high grade cooking ware
jgy including four large pieces of Pure Alum
m inum. This offer is stood for this week only.
1 and is a rare opportunity. Be sure and take
y The Exhibition of Cooking in Paper Bags will Interest You,
1 October 21st to October 26th
1 Haselden Brothers
fiiiiiliiililjliirijii MmmmuMmimmm
Off For Rockcastle.
John M. Farra and R. L. Elkin left
on last Saturday for Rockcastle Springs
for a weeks fishing, going through the
country and driving a mule. It seems
rather strange that these gentlemen
should take this long trip in view of the
fact that the new game laws are being
so rigidly enforced and some of our
local Nimrods are occasionally "getting
a bite," in Dix river. However, they
will have the advantage of having no
one to deny the authenticity of the
miraculous stories of their catch which
they will tell on their retqrn.
Mrs. McWhorter Improving.
As stated in our last issue Mrs. E.
C. McWhorter was operated on at the
Deaconess Hospital in Lonisville. Dr.
McMurtry made the operation and the
rnany friends of Mrs. McWhorter wjH
he glad to know that (he operatipn. was
a success in eyery way and that she is
on the rapjd road to recovery. Mr,
McWhorter has been in Louisville with
her but returned home a few days ago
fco look after advert sing his sale,
Mrs. McWhorter will be confined to.
the hospital for several weeks more.
Annual Warning.
The time is close at hand when it
will become necessary to build. ires in
unused fireplaces and grates. First
look well to your insurance, see that
your policy is in full force, so that in
case of accident you will be protected.
Next see that all the paper with which
the flues have been stopped during the
heated season are removed, get a mas
on to look at your chimneys and see
that all flues and chimneys are tight,
birds often pick out the mortar and
leave holes through which fire may
make its way; then build a small fire
first and watch it. carefully until you
are sure all is safe,' "A stitch in time
saves nine." .
Edscar Elam aged 21 years, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Levi Elam, who live a
few miles from town on the Fall Lick
pike died at the home of his parents on
last Sunday and his remains were in
terred in the Goshen cemetery on Mon
day afternoon. Young Elam was tak
en ill about two weeks ago with ear
ache, he suffered several convulsions
and no relief could be afforded him
that would prove permanent. Young
Elam was a bright industrious young
man and held the respect of all who
knew him. Much sympathy is express
ed for the parents in their distress.
Mr. Elam is one of the best citizens in
the county and has been particularly
unfortunate in the last few years;
while cutting wood he lost an eye from
a flying splinter, and about eighteen
months since another son, Calvin Elam,
was killed in Paris Ky. during an
electrical storm, he being employed by
a telephone company and up a pole
when he came in contact with a charged
Mr. William P. Anderson died at his
home on Water street in this city Mon
day morning after a few weeks illness
of typhoid fever. His remains were
interred in the Old Paint Lick cemet
ary on Tuesday afternoon after funeral
services at the grave by Rev. 0. P.
Bush assisted by Rev. F. M. Tinder.
The funeral was conducted under the
auspices of the Odd Fellows, he being
a member of the local lodge of that or
der. Mr. Anderson was 38 years of age
and is survived by his wife, who is a
sister of Messrs. James and John Conn
of this city, and by six small children.
Also by his mother and father, Mr. and
Mrs. W. P. Anderson of the Paint Lick
section, fcur brothers and five sisters.
Mr. Anderson was stricken with ty
phoid several weeks ago, but it was
thought that the disease was in a mild
form and he was doing nicely until last
Friday when the disease assumed a
more malignant form, and from that
time he grew steadily worse until the
end came.
Mr. Anderson was born and reared in
the Paint Lick section, a son of Mr,
Park Anderson, and was one of the
most highly respected farmers of that
locality. About a year ago become to
Lancaster to take charge of the Far
mers Union Supply Co., which position
he resigned recently and. expected to.
return to his farm Wth the coming of
the n.ew year. Of a jovial heaity dis
position, with, a cheerful word and a
cordial handshake for aU with whom
he came in contact, he. has made a host
of friends since he has been in Lancas
ter. He was prominent in church and.
fraternal circles and was a splendid
citizen, and a vast number of friends
and acquaintances throughout the
county will join the Record -in sym
pathy for the bereaved family.
Aditional Subscriptions to Desecratk
Canpaigi Find.
Dave Sanders $5.00.
J. F. Robinson .-$5.00.
Ashby Arnold $5.00.
u. L waiKer ........ .....po.uo.
W. L. Lawson $3.00..
G. B. Swinebroad $2.00.
W. H. Brown 3.00.
Eph. Brown $1.00..
V. A. Lear $2.50.
W. L. Hufhnan $1,00
Wm. Bland $1.00.
Ch.as. Poindex.ter $1.00
J. R;. Mount. Chairman.
We are putting in a full line of
Heating1 and Cooking1'
and expect to sell them at rock
bottom prices.
See me before you buy.
Complete line of Fanious White Horse Brand Can Goods
for this week.
Fresh Oysters,
Our New Line of
Mince Meat and
- Apple Butter
has just come in.
Be sure Jand try a bottle of our
Momarit brand of
Tomato Catsup.
The best that is made.
Theo. Currey.
spoof) UBOpuwg awoHSJlilM. snourei jo ann ejaxdmoo
. & f ...-.. . 1

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