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You must be careful with your Clothing purchases if you get the ALL
WOOL kind that will not fade and turn brown. We handle the
line which is guaranteed all wool and the finest Tailoring.
OVERCOATS and SUITS $20.00, $22.50, $25.00 and $27.00
House Of Quality.
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The Central Record
Issued Weekly. 51.00 a year.
Entered at the Post Office In Lancaster, Ky.,
' as Second-Class Mall Matter.
Member Kentucky Press Association
Eighth District Publishers League.
Lancaster, Ky., October 11, 1912.
Rates For Political Announcements
For Precinct and Citv Offices . . .S 5.00
or County Offices 10.00
For State and District Offices 15.00
For Calls, per line .10
For Cards, per line 10
For all publications in the inter
est of individuals or expres
sion of individual views, per
line 10
Obituaries, per line 05
We are authorized to announce
WaltonE. Moss as a candidate for Mag
istrate in the first district of Garrard
County, subject to the action of the
democratic partv.
We are authorized to announce Ship
ton H. Estes as a candidate for Mag
strate, in the first district of Garrard
county, subject to the action of the
democratic party.
We are authorized to announce!
Charles C. Becker as a candidate for
Magistrate in the second district of
Garrard county, subject to the action
of the democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Tay
lor T. Burdett as a candidate for Mag
istrate in the second district of Gar
rard county, subject to the action of
the democratic partv.
Lucian Young Rear Admiral In The U. S.
Navy And Well Known To Many
Lancaster People Dies Of
Hemorrhage Of The
Stomach In A
New York
Of Indiana
For Congress.
of Lincoln.
For Commonwealth's Attorney
of Boyle.
For County Judge.
We are authorized to announce Clay
ton A. Arnold as a candidate for Coun
ty Judge of Garrard County subject to
the action of the democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
James A. Beazley as a candidate for
County Judge of Garrard county, sub
ject to the action of the Democratic
For Sheriff.
Wp are authorized to announce C. A.
Robinson as a candidate for Sheriff of
Garrard County, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
Ashby Arnold as a candidate for sheriff
of Garrard county, subject to the ac
tion of the democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W.
L. Lawson for sheriff of Garrard
county, subject to the action 01 the
democratic party.
We are authorized to announce W. S.
Carrier as a candidate for sheriff of
Garrard county, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
For Assessor.
We are authorized to announce Dave
C. Sanders as a candidate for Assessor
of Garrard county subject to the ac
tion of the democratic psrty.
We are authorized to announce Mr.
E. B. Ray as a candidate for the Nomi
nation of Assessor of Garrard County,
subject to the action of the democratic
We are authorized to announce J. B.
Collier as a candidate for the nomina
tion for assessor of Garrard county,
subject to the action of the democratic
We are authorized to announce W.
L. Huffman for a candidate for assess
or of Garrard county subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
Fer Scfod SaperiitendaMt.
We are authorized to announce Miss
Jennie Higgins as a candidate -for
School Superintendant for Garrard
county, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Davis
Sutton as a candidate for Magistrate
in the first Magisterial distiict of Gar
rard county, subject to the action of
the democratic party.
How the mighty have fallen. Theo
dore Roosevelt, ex-President, ', author
and foremost citizen of the United
states, a few years ago, made a tour
of the Old World during which he was
wined and dined by crowned heads and
hailed as one of the greatest men
who had ever crossed the pond to hob
nob with them. Now Mr. Roosevelt is
forced to the dire extremity of defend
ing the manner in which he received
campaign funds for his last campaign, J
before a Senate Investigating Com
mitttee. Nor is this all, Hon. William
Jennings Bryan accuses Ma Roosevelt
of stealing his progressive ideas from
the democratic party, and now the last
straw to break the camel's back is to
accuse him of being a plagiarist. A
reader of the Chicago Tribune has dug
up a copy of that paper of fifteen years
ago, in which our own Evan Settle, he
ro of the famous Breckenridge-Owens-Settle
legislative contest in the seventh
district, in a speech before congress
made use of the words recently made
use of by Mr Roosevelt and heralded
the country over as originating with
him, "we stand at Agamemnon and we
battle for the Lord."
Democrats cannot afford to be idle
now days, the battle is won, but it
muBt be held until after Nov. 4th.
There must be no wearying in well do
ing. It behooves every democrat to go
into his precinct and preach the doc
trine of democracy unstingingly and
unceasingly1, let there be no loss of
what we have already gained because
of lack of interest, or overconfidence
The Cincinaati Enquirer of last Sun
day says that Wilson has the
race won but that Taft is
gaining ground in the east and west, I wrecked seaman, and as a reward
and that Roosevelt is not to be consid
ered, is out of the running, Democrat
ic apathy will be found responsible for
every Taft gain. We have the op
portunity to win, let us sieze it, and
work untiringly until the close of the
polls, if we are sure of the victory,
then let us roll up the majority.
Fer Jailer.
We are authorized to announce Jack
Adams as a candidate foe Jailer 0 Gar
rard county, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce Dave
Ross as a candidate for Jailer of Gar
rard county, subject to the -action of
the Democratic partv.
Far Magistrate.
We. are authorized to announce
John N. White as a candidate for
Magistrate, in the first district of Gar
rard county, subject to the action of
the democratic party.
.The Sunday excursion season is about
over and soon will begin the influx of
our colored population who are wont to
summer "across the river." There is
going to be lots of work in Lancaster
and the county this winter and hands
will be in great demand, and it should
be seen to that this gentry are not al
lowed to spend the winter in .idleness,
living off the industry of their more in
dustrious fellows. No excuse for idle
ness, get out the statutes, look up the
vagrancy law, and apply it where there
is unnecessary loafing. The law is be
ing rigidly enforced against the truants
and the pot hunters, now lets include
the vags in our lists of undesirables,
Col. Rooseyelt before the Senate Inr
vestigating Committee in Washington
made an able defence of his own actions
and incidentally placed Ananias in the
position of a Sunday school teacher in
comparison with himself. The Colonel's
memory failed him on a good many
vital points, and the thread of his ar
gument was to "investigate the others"
Prof. Dinsmore's voice has failed
him. We expected his legs to fail him
before the race became heated, but
we surely expected his voice to" "6ut-
stripe his legs.
Rear Admiral Lucien Young, U. S.
N. died at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in
New York on last Friday after a short
illness, the result of the rupture of a
blood vessel of the stomach.
Admiral Young was well known and
had many friends in Lancaster, he
having made frequent visits here when
his mother and brother Mrs. Jane
Young and Dr. F. O. Young resided
Many of Kentuckians have distin
guished themselves in various ways,
but few have won the signal distinction
in tne manner in which Admiral Young
won his honors. The following sketch
taken from the Lexington Herald
gives a brief history of Admiral Young
together with a synopsis of his various
service and promotions:
"Rear Admiral Lucien Young was
born in Lexington on March 31. 1852,
and was sixty years old at the time of
his death. His career as a naval of
ficer, from the time he left Lexington,
while still a boy, until he was appoint
ed Rear Admiral in the United States
Navy March 17, 1910, has been one of
heroic deeds, which have reflected
honor upon the place of his birth.
He was tne son of Richard Bosworth
and Jane Ellen Youdg, and was for a
time a student at Transylvania Uni
versity. At the age of 17 he was ap
pointed to the United States Naval
Academy from Kentucky and gradua
ted from that institution in 1873.
On May 31, 1873, he became a mid
shipman and was ordered to the United
States steamer, Alaska, then fitting
out at the New York Navy Yard and
bound for a European Station, This
first experience of Midshipman Young
on the sea in actual service was mark
ed by an accident which illustrated the
courage of the man, who was destined
to become a note-worthy officer.
While the Alaska was running under
a full head of steam in a rough sea, a
disabled sefman was knocked over
board, and the young Kentuckian,
throwing himself into the sea, rescued
the man from drowning amid the
cheers of his comrades.
Thanked by Portugal's king.
On another occasion he risked his
own life off Lisbon to rescue five ship-
ceived the personal thanks of the King
of Portugal. A medal of honor was
suggested by the Portugese govern
ment authorities, but this was declined
by him.
He was promoted to Ensign on July
16, 1874, and was ordered to the steam
er Huron on the North Atlantic Sta
tion. The Huron was wrecked off
Nag's Head on the coast of North
Carolina on the morning of November
24, 18Z7.
This wreck was one of the most or
dinary in the history of the navy and
the rescue work and heroism of Ensign
Young made him famous. In an ef
fort to save the men, he volunteered to
swim ashore in the rough sea with a
line, which sfter several attempts he
succeeded in doing.
The Huron had 132 officers and men
on board, of which thirty-four were
saved. The press of the country prais.
ed the young Kentuckian, who was ap
pointed by the President to a master's
berth and advanced by special act of
Congress, received a medal of the first
class from Congress, a sword from the
State of Kentucky and was made an
honorary member of the Kentucky
Jn 'recognition of bis record on the
Huron, "Young was promoted to the
rank of Master and given command of
a detachment of sajlors and marines pji
the steamer Portsmouth, for duty at
the Exposition Universal of Paris. Op
April 5, 1880, he was ordered to the
Bureau of Equipment and Recruiting
Department of the Navy and served
two years as Aide to the Secretary.
In 1882 he was assigned to the steam
er Kearsarge, on which he made an
extensive cruise of the West Indies.
In 1863 he was appointed Lieutenant
of the Junior Grade, and saw service
protecting American interests during
the Peruvian Revolution, which pre
vailed during the spring of 1885. On
May 1, 1884, he began his service as
a full commissioned Lieutenant.
The war with Spain presented to
Lieutenant Young the desired oppor
tunity to serve his country in actual
war, and although still on sick leave
he applied for and was ordered to com
mand the United States steamer Hist,
and after fitting out his vessel he joined
the fleet of Admiral Sampson off
Santiago, Cuba.
In the war he distinguished himself
for his bravery and quickness of ac
tion, taking part in numerous engage
ments. He was promoted to the rank
of Rear Admiral in 1910, and held this
appointment at the time of his death.
In addition to being a soldier, sailor,
and an officer of the highest rank, Ad
miral Young was also an author, hav
ing written words on navigation, Peru,
and other subjects."
His remains were interred in the
beautiful Arlington cemetery at Washington.
Mrs. J. D. Gulley Buys Property.
The real estate firm of Hughes &
Swinebroad sold for Dr. D. F. Smith
the Lancaster Hospital property for
$3375. Dr. Smith during his stay here
has made many warm friends as well
as to build up a lucrative practice, but
a splendid call in eastern Kentucky
prompted him to sell. There are many
here who will regret the lo3S of Dr.
Smith and his family.
Miss Helen Thurman and Mr H. E.
Thomas were made man and wife in
Louisville on last Thursday at the home
of the Rev. W . N. Briney, that gentle
man performing the ceremony. The
happy couple left at once for an exten
ded eastern tour and upon their return
will make their home at Horse Cave.
The bride is well known in Garrard
and surrounding counties, having for
many years been a popular school
teacher in the locality. She is well
known and has many friends in Lan
caster where she frequently spent a
great portion of her vacaticn period
with her intimate friend Mrs U. D.
Simpson. Miss Thurman was a very
cultured and lovable lady and Mr Thom
as is to be congratulated on winning
such a bride. The groom is a well
known business man of Horse Cave Ky.
Killing In Richmond Monday. Brack Mau
pin Kills James Farris.
On last Monday county court day in
Richmond Ky. in front of Azbill.s
livery stable on Main street Brack
Maupin killed James Farris, shooting
him several times and then stepping
astride his prostrate body cut his
throat with a pocket knife. Maupin
was arrested and was allowed a guard
at his own expense. He would vouchsafe
no reason for his deed save that he
would establish a good defense. An
old grudge is said to have been the
cause of the trouble between the two
men. Maupin is 60 years of age and is
a prominent farmer of the Kingston
neighborhood. He has a wife and
several grown children. The dead man
was 65 years of age snd formerly resided
in Madison county in the same locality
as Maupin, but in recent years he has
made his home in Lawrenceburg. He
is survived by a wife and one son.
Garrard County Teachers Association,
Court House, October 12th, 1912.
10:00. a. m. Chorus, "Kentucky School-.-," School Children.
Invocation Rev. O. P. Bush, Pastor Baptist Church.
Address Hon. Barksdale Hamlett, Superintendent Public Instruction.
Address Dr. J. G. Crabbe, President Kentucky State Normal" School,
Richmond, Ky.
Address Prof. Milton Elliott, Frankfort, Ky.
Address, Miss Aubyn Chinn, Subject, "The Home in the School."
Address Prof. D. W. Bridges, Superintendent Richmond Schools.
Address Prof. J. W. Ireland, Superintendent Stanford Schools.
Spelling Contest.
1:00 Music By Prof. J. W. Ireland Stanford. Ky.
Declamatory Contest.
Address Supt. T. J. Coats, State Supervisor Rural Schools, Frankfort, Ky.
Address Mrs. Geo. D. Robinson, President of Woman's Club.
Address . ...Prof. J. W. Newman, State Commissioner of Agriculture
Frankfort, Ky.
Address Prof. J. E. Calfee, Berea, Kr.
Address Hon. M. Henry Rhodes, State Supervisor High Schools, Frank
fort, Ky.
Announcement of Prizes Prof. J. L. Riley, Superintendent LancaaUr
Graded School.
Dismissal Rev. F. M. Tinder Pastor Christian Church.
The Newest Styles
from the newWooltex
Style Book.
The Wooltex Fall Style bears the fitting
title, "The Styles That Are Coming in."
The introduction and fashion information
have been written by Mme. Savarie, the
widely-celebrated style-authority on correct
wear for women.
Illustrations are by Alonza Kimball, fa
mous painter, and Miss M. E. Musselman,
leading fashion artist of The Ladies' Home
Journal staff.
Wooltex creations every season attain a
higher standard of excellence and are copied
The Wooltex Style Book is therefore
more than a mere exposition of Wooltex styles.
It is a recognized fashion authority, containiag original copies of the best models
designed by French master-designers, together with those of the Wooltex staff of artists.
Wooltex Style Books are free. Call and get one.
If you live out of town, write and we will send it to you.
The Store That Sells Wooltex.
, qpHB Stotsb That gsiLg 'W'ocmrEX II
1 - , .
B.Si. , -JC-JtS

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