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1 Heating Stoves, Co
Stoves and Ran
g Grates, Grate Baskets, Fire
Backs and Fire Brick.
Anything You Want in
Coats, Gun Cases and
Live and Let Live.
Gov. Woodrow Wilson announced
Tuesday night that he would cancel all
speaking angagements excepting those
arranged for Thursday and Friday until
Col. Roosevelt is again able to take an
active part in the campaign. This is a
magnanimous act and points strongly
to the manner of man the demecratic
aspirant for the presidency is.
The Hon. G. Oscar Letcher of Pudac
ah Ky will address the Democrats of
Garrard County on Oct. 19th at 2 oclock
at the Court House. Mr. Letcher is
a very eloquent and forceful speaker.
Come out Democrats and give him a
rousing recaption and hear a good old
fasihoned Democratic speech. The
Repnblicans and Bull Moosers are re
spectfully invited. J. R. Mount, Chair.
Lancaster Defeated In Foot Ball Game.
Lancaster was defeated by the Stan
ford eleven on the formers ground by
the score of 32 to 0.
The game being very interesting
from start to finish, the feature ot the
game was the playing of Swope, El
more, .Lawson and Tinder for Lancas
ter, Joe and Spalding Hill for Stanford.
Severe Loss.
Mr. W. 0. Rigney lost one of his
handsome and valuable hearse horses
last week with colic. This is the second
loss of a hearse horse Mr. Rigney has
suffered since last Christmas, and the
loss is no light one, as aside from 'the
trouble experienced in securing horses
for this purpose, they are very expensive.
B pa pj lp
Lancaster, Ky.
Becoming Dry.
Rain is neeeed badly, stock water
is becoming scarce, cisterns getting
low and the dust is almost intolerable
Wheat sown is also in need of
showers. The tobacco men with the
coming of sufficient rain to "make a
season" will begin the stripping out
of the splendid tobocco crop. The dry
fall has been very conducive to the
curing of tobacco, and one of the very
best crops ever raised in the county
is the result of the splendid conditions
, which have prevailed since the setting
! out of the crops.
Here's Your Chance Girls.
1 Postmaster West is in receipt of the
following letter from Portland Col. and
if any young lady in Garrard county,
who is eligible wishes to take a chance
Mr. West will be glad to furnish the
name and address upon application:
Portland Colorado. Oct. 7, 1912.
Postmaster, Lancaster Ky.
Dear Sin
As I am a young rancher in Colorado
and girls are scarce here, I would like
to correspond with some nice girls be
tween the ages of 18 and 25, object,
matrimony. Yours truly,
I X-X.
; l"yy j
Young Man Injured.
Will Comely, a brother of Misses
Stella and Grace Comely of the Record
force had a hand severely injured last
Thursday by having the member
caught under a log which he was as
sisting in handling. The hand remain
ed under the log about ten minutes be
fore the help obtainable could manage
to extricate it. No bones were broken
but the hand was severely mashed.
New Store Room.
Mr. W. J. Romans has about comple
ted the erection of a handsome store
room adjoining the opera house on
Richmond street. Mr. Romans has
not as yet fully determined just what
use he will make of the room, but as
business property is in demand in
Lancaster, he will have no trouble in
disposing of it. The building is of
brick with a handsome .iron front and
show windows.
We have received and have on display
a complete line of
for fall and winter, comprising all the pew
styles in Patent Leather,. Gun. Metals,
Tans, Velvets, Suede. We handle the
famous Drew Selby line which is consider
ed the best iine of Ladies shoes on the
market. We are receiving daily new ship
ments in
Ladies' Suits, Boats and Dresses
A look will convince you that we can save you money on anything
in Ladies ready to wear garments. We buy these lines from the very
best Manufacturers in New York. We take great pleasure in showing
you through. If we havn't what you want we will order it on approv
al and get it for you in a short time.
Big Meeting la Louisville.
The International Convention Of
Diciples Of Christ held their first session
of the meeting in Louisville on Tuesday
night. Their deliberations will continue
throughout the week and comprise very
interesting programmes, including
addresses by the most eminent divines
of the church. Thousands of delegates
are in attendence from every state in
the union, Canada and many foreign
Enjoying Life.
Mr. Roy A. Haines a popular editor
and politician of Hillsboro 0. accom
panied by his wife has been the guest
of his father in law, Mr. W, B. Mason.
Mr. Haines made the trip a distance
of about 150 miles in his big touring
car, crossing the Ohio river at Mays
ville Ky. He started on his return trip
last Saturday, taking with him Misses
Sue Shelby Mason and Katie Lee Denny
who will remain for a few weeks the
guests of Mrs. Haines.
Noted Farm Sold.
Col. Jack Chinn sold his fine 235 acre
farm, the famous "Leonatus", yester
day to Bonta Bros. The price paid is
said to have been 155 per acre. This
farm is a fine one and one of the most
celebrated stock farms in the blue
grass region, and Col. Chinn sold it be
cause he was getting too far along in
years to give it the proper attention.
The purchasers are widely known ind
clever gentlemen, who have made a
most pronounced success as up-to-date
farmers. Harrodsburg Leader.
A Musical Treat.
The musical department of the Wom
an's Club, of which Mrs. L L. Walker
is the chairman, will give a Musicale
in the parlors of the Kengarlan hotel
this, Friday evening. The programme
is an unusually interesting one in that
it comprises old music and songs ex
clusively, the songs of long ago, songs
we all love. Prof. J. W. Ireland of
Stanford, Miss Daniels, who is the
guest of Miss Joan Mount, Mrs. L. N.
Miller, Mrs. J. W. Sweeney and Mr. J.
M. Farra are on the programme, while
the music will be furnished by Misses
Welch and McRoberts, Refreshments.
Boy Scouts.
The Boy Scouts that was recently
organized by F. M. Tinder as Scout
Master and W. R. Bastin Assistant,
entertained their Council to a lunch in
the rooms of the National Bank last
Friday night.
Sufficient number werj present at the
first meeting to form a patrol and Will
Rice Amon was chesen leader. At
their last meeting, new members were
added and Glass Carrier was selected
as leader of Patrol No. 2. The boys
are very enthusiastic and if the pledges
are judiciously kept it will result in
much good to the individuals, as well
as the community at large.
Who Can Beat This?
In a locality embracing one half
block in this city dwells four families,
the heads of whom are all comparitively
young men, which comprizes in the ag
gregate 28 children. Immediately west
of the Methodist church on Stanford
street lives Rev. Pollitt, who can boast
of 7 young hopefuls, immediately ad
joining him is Harry Crutchfield, 'the
efficent miller at the plant of the Gar
rard Milling Co., with an equal number,
just across the street is Chief of Police
Luther Herron with seven ana immed
iately east and adjoining him is Mr.
William Conn with seven more. We
venture to say this record cannot be
beaten within the same area.
Successful Meeting.
The New Antioch Christian Church
of this county has been greatly edified
and strengthened by a series of meet
ings conducted by IJ. C. Lacy of Junc
tion City, Tenn. There were 2? addi
tions in all, including some of the best
people in that section,- fathers and
mothers among the number so that the
membership is strengthened as never
We cannot speak too highly of Bro.
Lacy's work among us. As a speaker
of the word he is strong and forceful
and presents the truth in a fearless
lovable manner. His personal work
was done vigorously and untiringly and
as a result he leaves a stronger body of
people,- a people fully awakened to
their responsibilities at home and in the
church and a people appreciative of his
work as a messenger of God.
Stable Changes Hands.
Mr. J. T. Rainey has assumed pos
session of the Sweeney stable and has
retained the service of Mr James R.
Pierce, who for many years has been
connected with Mr Sweeney in the
livery business.
New Real Estate Dealer.
Mr. H. C. Bailey the coal dealer has
embarked in the real estate business
and already has listed a number of de
sirable pieces of property both farm
ing and town. With Mr. Bailey's ex
tensive acquaintance and connection in
eastern Kentucky, he will probably be
able to place a great many pieces of
Garrard county real estate.
"Straws Indicate Which Way The Wind
On one of the fast trains on the
Knoxville branch of the L & N railroad
running into Louisville, we are inform
ed by Mr. H. C. Kauffman who was
returning from London, a travelling
man. who by the was a adherent of Col.
Roosevelt, on last Monday took a straw
vote. The result was 10 for Taft. 10
for Roosevelt and 27 for Wilson, this
comprised the voters in the coach in
which the vote was taken. This is
about the percentage everywhere.
Mat Cohen To Remain.
Mrs. Nannie Hedden, sister of Mat
S, Cohen, the popular saddle horseman,
has received a telegram from her bro
ther that he had decided not to accept
the $5,000 position with the Corbyville
Distillery, at Corbyville, Canada. At
first Cohen thought that he would like
the fat job up in Canada, but when the
time came to go, he appeared to be wea
kening on the proposition that would
take him so far away from his friends
and relatives here in Kentucky and out
of the saddle horse business. The tele
gram he sent was a typical 'Cohen' one.
It follows: "Have declined British
Columbia offer and am returning to
fight for, with and against the boys at
home." Ex.
Can't Keep A Spuirrel On The Ground.
It is as natural for Ed Walton to be
in the newspaper harness as it is for
fish to be in the water. After closing
out his interests in Florida and return
ing to Kentucky, he at once began to
cast about for a location. He bought
the Somerset Times from Cecil Wil
Hams, but finding the field crowded
and seeing an opportunity to close out
at a profit he did so, and sought pas
tures new. He has now purchased an
interest in the Richmond Climax and
has already assumed active charge.
Mr A. D. Miller who has been the edi
tor of that sheet will retire to his farm
and endeavor to recuperate his failing
health, still however, retaining a fi
nancial interest in the Climax. The
Climax already a splendid weekly
under the masterly guidance of its new
editor will forge rapidly to the front
in Kentucky journalism.
H. G. Sandifer Sr. Former Resident Of
Lancaster And Prominent In Busi
ness And Social Circles In Dan
ville Dies On Banks Of
Hanging Fork.
On last Saturday morning a colored
youth named Harlan found the body
of Mr. Henry G. Sandifer Sr. of Dan
ville Ky. cold in death on the banks
of Hanging Fork near the bridge on
the old Danville pike. A bucket of
freshly caught minnows were near the
body, which he had apparently stopped
to rest after catching, when the death
summons came. The young negro
hastened to Hedgeville from whence a
telephone message was sent to Dan
ville and an automobile containing
Sheriff Fox and other friends of the
deceased hastened to the scene and
removed the body to his home. Mr.
Sandifer left his home about six o'clock
Saturday morning bent on a days fish
ing, of which sport he was passion
atelly fond, and the body was not
found until near noon.
Mr. Sandifer was a native of Lan
caster, but many years ago removed
to Danville and for forty six years has
been connected with the Boyle Nation
al Bank and for the past fifteen years
has been the cashier of that institu
tion; he was connected with many of
the other business enterprises of Dan
ville. He was a member and active
worker in the Methodist church and
was one of the most prominent Masons
in Kentucky, being past Eminent Com
mander of the Grand Commandery of
ths state, and one of the most efficient
teachers of Masonry in the state. The
high esteem in which Mr. Sandifer
was held in Danville was svidenced by
the vast outpouring of people to hia
funeral, which was held at the Metho
dist church in Danvijle on Monday
afternoon and which waa conducted by
the Danville lodges, supplemented by
Masons from all over the state, nearly
400 being in the funeral march; a hush
seemed to pervade the entire communi
ty, the streets along the line of march
were thronged with people, high and
low, rich and poor alike, with bowed
head and downcast eyes, mourned the
loss of so good and true a man.
Mr. Sandifer was sixty seven years
of age. He is survived by his wife and
one son. Henry G. Sandifer Jr, of
Danville. He was a cousin to Mrs. E.
W. Harris, Mrs. W. L. Lawson $nd,
Mrs. S. B. Henry of this city,
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( "L"zr"v' - 1-av t .4
mMsU 1
Ulll 1
SUlllJl'.l tLUkii
and an Exhibition of Cooking in Paper Bags.
g October 21st to October 26th
1 naselden Brothers
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spoof) ires pupjg asioH sjmM snourej jo ami ejsxdraoo
"-4K i

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