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Its always good, clean and
We sell the GOAL
Try a
Garrard Milling 60.
When I ask you to insure with me, I do not say, "Insure with me
because I used to go to school with you"
I do not say, "Insure with me, because we attend the same
church." .
I do not say, "Insure with me, because cur party alUliations are
the same." ... .,
I do not say. "Insure with me, because I have the largest agency
But I do say, "Insure with me, because I can place your business
with the oldest and most liberal companies in the country at the same
price you are paying for protection in an inferior company.
IP. R. Frisbie,
Office Citizen National Bank. Lancaster, Kentucky.
- -,-T
The 6
aiSy Louisvi
Enjoy the largest circulation in Kentucky because it is
the best newspaper in the State and the people know it.
Besides giving the public the most reliable market reports
as well as general news. The Heralds special features make
it pre-eminent among Louisville newspapers.
Special attention is called to Herbert Quick's masterful
articles which are now running seiially in The Herald
On Board The Kaorl Ship Earth.
Back number of these articles free on request to all who subscribe now.
The Daily Louisville Herald
The Central Record
Both by mail for one year for $2.75
No Subscription can be taken for the Herald to be mail
ed to any town or city where that paper is delivered
by carrier.
4 H. M. BOSWORTH, Vice-President. J
2 J. C. BOSWORTH, General Manager.
E. H. DOAK, Treasurer. $
The New Silas Shel
! burne
Warehouse No. 1, Cor. S. Broadway and
Pine Street,
Warehouse No. 2, Chair Avenue.
Both Phones 933. LEXINGTON, KY.
If you do not think The New Silas Shel
burne Tobacco Warehouse Company is the
best warehouse in all Lexington to get you
the top prices for all grades of your tobacco,
give us trial, we will convince you.
We Guarantee Satisfaction
We Are Absolutely Independent.
i H I I
tfJzttift&$i& 7J
y I
at lowest prices.
Postmaster General Issues Reg-
ulations Governing System.
Gives American People Opportunity to
Send Farm and Factory Products
by Mall From and to Any
Point In United States.
Postmaster General Hitchcock has
Just approved the regulations which
J cover in detail the articles which may
or may not be sent by parcel post.
These regulations are now being
turned off at the government printing
Office on a "rush order" and they will
be distributed as rapidly as possible.
The rules as to what can be sent
and what cannot be sent and the in
structions for the preparation of mall
able articles with other "official ad
vice" aro given here as they have just
been prepared by the postoffice de
partment in Washington.
The minimum rate will be five cents
for the first pound and three cents for
each additional pound to any point not;
exceeding fifty miles from the office of
mailing; the local rate, which Is five
cents for the first pound and one cent
for additional pound, applies to all
parcels the delivery of which does not
Involve their transportation on rall-
i way lines. The rates Increase for
each successive one of the eight zones,
the maximum rate being twelve cents
a pound, which will carry a parcel
across the continent or to any of our
possessions. Parcels will be limited
to eleven pounds in weight and six
feet In length and girth combined.
Mailable Perishable Articles.
Butter, lard and perishable articles
such as fish, fresh meats, dressed
fowls, vegetables, fruits, berries and
articles of a similar nature that decay
quickly, when so packed or wrapped
as to prevent damage to other mall
matter, will be accepted for local de
livery either at the office of mailing or
on any rural route starting therefrom
When inclosed In an inner cover and
a strong outer cover of wood, met
al, heavy corrugated pasteboard or
other suitable material and wrapped
eo that nothing can escape
from the package, they will be ac
cepted for mailing to any offices with
in the first zone or within a radius of
BO miles. Butter, lard, or any greasy
or oily substance intended for deliv
ery at offices beyond the first zone
must bo suitably packed. Vegetables
and fruit that do not decay quickly
will be accepted for mailing to any
zone if packed so as to prevent dam
age to other mail matter. Eggs will be
accepted for local delivery when se
curely packed in a basket or other
container. Eggs will be accepted for
mailing regardless of distance when
each egg is wrapped separately and
packed In a container.
There Is no restriction on salted,
dried, smoked or cured meats and
other meat products, but fresh meat
In any form will be transported only
within the first zone.
Parcels containing perishable arti
cles must be marked "PERISHABLE,"
and articles likely to spoil within the
time reasonably required for trans
portation and delivery will not be ac
cepted for mailing.
Manufactured Articles.
Manufacturers or dealers intending
to transmit articles In considerable
quantities are asked to Bubmit to the
postmaster for approval a specimen
parcel showing the manner of pack
ing. When sharp pointed instruments are
offered for mailing, the points must be
capped or encased. Blades must bo
bound so that they will remain at
tached to each other or wittirn their
handles or sockets.
In'- Powders, pepper, snuff, or other
similar powders not explosive, or any
similar pulverized dry substance, not
poisonous, may be sent when inclosed
In cases made of metal, wood or other
material to render Impossible the es
cape of any of the contents. Flour
of all kinds must be put up in such
manner as to prevent the package
breaking or the flour being scattered
in the malls.
Queen Bees and Nursery Stock.
Queen bees, live Isects, and dried
reptiles may be mailed in accordance
with the regulations that now apply to
other classes of mail.
Seeds of fruit, nursery stock, and all
other plant products for preparation
may be mailed under the same con
ditions. Confectionery and Soap.
Candies, confectionery, yeast cakes,
soap in hard cakes, etc., must be in
closed in boxes and so wrapped as to
prevent injury to other mall mat
ter. Sealed original packages of propri
etary articles, such as soaps, tobacco,
pills, tablets, etc., put up in fixed
quantities by the manufacturer, and
not in themselves unmailable, will
be accepted for mailing when properly
Fragile articles, such as millinery,
toys, musical instruments, etc., and ar
ticles consisting wholly or in part of
glass, or contained in glass, must be
securely packed and the parcel stamp
ed or labeled "FRAGILE."
Unmailable Matter.
The following matter la declared un
mailable by law:
Matter manifestly obscene, lewd, or
lascivious; articles intended for pre
venting conception; articles Intended
Prepare a plot for alfalfa.
Prune grape vines in the fall.
Keep all refuse out of the garden.
Kindness beats gruffness In getting
work out of horses.
If you find an extra good pumpkin
or squash be sure to save the seeds.
Equal parts of corn and oats are
hard to excel, at a grain feed for
for indecent or imrrwral purposes; all"
matter otherwise mailable, by law, the
outside cover or wrapper of which
bears and delineation or language of
a libelous, scurrilous, defamatory, or
threatening character. All such mat
ter, when deposited in a post office or
lound In "tfie" malls, "sVaIl"be withdrawn
and sent to the divisions of dead let
ters. Intoxicants, Poisons and Inflammable
. Materials.
Spirituous, vinous, malted, ferment
ed, or other Intoxicating liquors of any
kind; poisons of every kind, and arti
cles and compositions containing poi
son, ponsonous animals, Insects nd
reptiles; explosives of every kind; In
flammable materials (which are held
to include matches, kerosene oil, gaso
line, naphtha, benzine, turpentine, de
natured alcohol, etc.), infernal ma
chines, and mechanical, chemical or
other devices or compositions which
may ignite of explode; disease germs
or scabs, and other natural or artifi
cial articles, compositions or mate
rials of whatever kind which may
kill, or in any wise Injure another or
damage the mall or other property.
Pistols, Animals and Birds.
Pistols or revolvers, whether In de
tached parts or otherwise; live or
dead (and not stuffed) animals, birds,
or poultry, except as elsewhere pro
vided; raw hides or pelts, guano, or
any article having a bad odor will
not be admitted to the mails.
Treatment of Undellverable Parcels.
Perishable matter will be delivered
as promptly as possible, but If such
matter can not be delivered and be
comes offensive and Injurious to
health, postmasters may destroy it, or
the injurious or offensive portions
Undellverable perishable matter
which in its nature does not become
offensive or injurious to health may
be delivered by postmasters to the
proper local municipal authority to be
distributed to hospitals, asylums or
other charitable or reformatory insti
tutions. If there is no such municipal
authority, the matter may be deliver
ed to any charitable institution or or
ganization making application there
for. If no application is made, the
matter will be destroyed at the ex
piration of two weeks.
Parcels Improperly Packed.
Postmasters will refuse to receive
for mailing parcels not properly in
dorsed or packed for safe shipment.
When parcels on which the postage
is wholly unpaid or insufficiently pre
paid is deposited for local delivery
and the sender is unknown, notice of
detention need not be sent but such
matter will be delivered and the defi
cient postage collected from the ad
dressee by the carrier. If the ad
dressee refuses to pay the postage
the matter will be sent to the Di
vision of Dead Letters.
Insurance on Parcels.
A mailable parcel on which the
postage is fully prepaid may be in
sured against loss in an amount equiv
alent to its actual value, but not to
exceed ?50, on payment of a fee of
ten cents in parcel post stamps, sucb
stamps to be affixed.
When a parcel Is Insured, the sen
der will be given a receipt showing
the office and date of mailing and
number of the parcel.
When a return receipt Is desired by
the sender of an Insured parcel tho
postmaster at the mailing office will
note the request on the margin of
the Insurance tag, and tho postmaster
at the office of address will obtain
from the addressee a receipt and mail
it to the sender.
The liability for indemnity shall
cease when delivery has been effect
ed. Forwarding of Parceli.
Parcels may be remalled or for
warded on the payment of additional
postage at the rate which would be
chargeable If they were originally
mailed at the forwarding office. In
which case the necessary stamps will
be affixed by the forwarding postmas
ter. Payment must be made every
time the parcel is forwarded.
Preparation for Mailing.
Parcels must be prepared for mail
ing in such manner that the contents
can bo easily examined. A parcel will
not be accepted for mailing unless It
bears the name and address of the
sender preceded by the word "From."
In addition to the name and address
of the sender, which is required, it
will be permissible to write or print
on the covering of a parcel, or on a
tag or label attached to It, the occu
pation of the sender, and to Indicate
In a small space by means of marks,
letters, numbers, names or other brief
description, the character of the par
cel, but ample space must be left on
the address side far the full address
In legible characters and for the ne
cessary postage stamps. Inscriptions
such as "Merry Christmas," "Please
do not open until Christmas," "Happy
New Year," "With best wishes," and
the like, may be placed on the cover
ing of the parcel In such manner as
not to interfere with the address.
Distinctive Stamps.
The law requires that the postage
on all matter must be prepaid by
distinctive parcel post stamps affixed.
Postmasters cannot receive for mail-,
Ing parcels that do not bear such,
stamps. I
Parcel post stamps are not valid for
the payment of postage on matter of
the first, second, and third classes,
and when used for that purpose, the
matter to which they are affixed shall
be treated as "Held for postage."
Maps and Guides.
Parcel post maps, with accompany
ing guides, are to be sold to the pub
lic at their cost, 75 cents, through the
chief clerk of the post office depart
ment. In ordering maps care
should be taken to specify the post
office from which the postage rates
are to be determined.
Sheep are almost essential In main
taining the fertility and cleanliness
of the land.
Selling all the hay and grain raised
on the farm Is a sure method of sell-,
lng the farm. I
Ewes that are broad and long will
make good mothers and produce vig
orous offspring.
Creamery butter has an advantage
over all the other kinds because of Its '
.greater uniformity. ' '
(M Jmteml.
Results Given of Interesting Experi
ments Made at Maine Station
Must Have Rootit.
The Maine experiment station re
cently finished a test to ascertain the
number of hens most profitable to
keep in pens. All the pens were 10 by
10 feet, giving 1G0 square feet. The
hens were Brahmas and Plymouth
Rocks, and theso tests continued sis
The hens were fifteen, twenty,
twenty-five and thirty to a pen. The
Barred Plymouth Rocks.
conditions and hens wcro as much
r;like as possible to make the test a
conclusive one.
The pen with fifteen hens made a
profit of 80 cents per hen, and the
eggs laid numbered 976.
The pen with twenty hens made a
-howlng of 1.20S eggs for the pen and
a profit of 71 cents per hen.
The pen with twenty-five hens made
i laying record of 1,328 eggs and a
profit of 35 cents per hen.
The pen with thirty hens had an egg
production of 1,200 and a profit of 30
cents for ecah hen.
The experiment shows distinctly
that hens can bo so crowded us to re
duce tho profit of an egg farm. Tho
difference of twenty-five eggs per
lien for six months Is gieat On the
basis of fifteen to the pen the profits
of the total ninety hens were $72; on
a basis of thirty to the pen the profits
wero $33. In each case the actual cost
of feed was deducted.
New York Man Designs Coop Especial
ly Adapted for Removing All
Injurious Vermin on Bird.
For the fumigating of fowls, to re
move the vermin which are so injuri
ous, a Xew York man has designed an
effective apparatus. In a coop, speci
ally made are guide rails and between
these rails the chicken is placed, with
ite Tvings spread out over bars that
Fowl Fumlgator.
run alongside. Near the top of the
coop Is a hole for the fowl's head, so
that she need not breathe the poison
ous atmosphere. A key Is turned and
the fumes rush Into the coop and
penetrate the bird's feathers, killing
off all lice and other Insects. Little
chicks can also be fumigated In this
device by being placed In a basket
that hangs abovo the place designed
for the old fowl.
- n
E. C. Million, President. T. J. Curtis, Vice President. Dr. C. H. Vaught, Secty. E. Deatherage, Treas
Madison Tobacco Warehouse Company.
Near L. & A. Depot. Capital $33,000.00 Telephone 66.
DIRECTORS-E. C. Million. T. J. Curtis. Dr. C. H. Vaught. T. J. Smith. Marion Coy. J. M. Haden.
Our new steel warehouse is ready. The best lighted and equipped warehouse in Kentucky.
Capacity 300,000-pounds daily, stable room for 200 horses, shed room for 150 loads of tobacco.
No danger of damage. Financial responsibily
Guarantee Sales Every Day.
Best experienced tobacco men to abvise you about tobacco. Full competition of the buying trade
Telephone us G6 we are glad to have you use our phone. Tobacco insured FREE. Stalls for
your teams free. Come see our splendid new house. Haul your tobacco to us where you have
plenty of room and individual attention to each basket, where you can better control sale as to time
and price. Electric prizing power.
We are getting prices that please the farmer. We expect to continue to get just as much
for your tobacco as could be gotten in any market in the county. A SQUARE DEAL TO EVERY
BODY. Madison Tobacco Warehouse Co. incorporated.
z &asraE 1
"W Ift 1
1. 1 B:nj
08 I 5aL
Doctors Of Dental Surgery
have formed a partnership for the practice of
Their offices will be located in the Stormes
Building over Hurt & Anderson's Store.
' P. S. Having changed the form of my practice,
those owing me will please come in and settle their ac-
counts' Very Respectfully, M. K. DENNY. 5?
You can not keep posted on cur
rent events unless you read the
(Loursville Ky HENRY WATTERON. Editor.)
A Democrtsc President
Has been elected, and an era of
Prosperity has set in. You can get
WeeklyCourier Journal
Both One Year For $1.50.
Regular price of Weekly Courier-Journal $1.00
a year. We can also make a special rate on Daily or
Sunday Courier-Journal in combination with this
To Get Advantage of This Cut Rate, Orders Must
Be Sent Us, Not to Courier-Journal.
- i ' ! - mm -
if. I Wr
. tw.fc i
,. . x . fc .. ;-

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