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SectiCn No. 1.
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Section No. h
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Yale and Harvard athletes are said
to have walked all over the amateurism
rules, but Lo, the poor Indian!
Several days of ideal "sugar weather"
last week caused "home made sugar"
to make its appearance on the local
I market.
Governor Sulzer of New York says he
is going to go slow but surp. Imagine
such a statement from the Sage of
Oyster Bay I
Three great events crowded into the
short month of February; Ground Hog
Day, St, Valentine Day and George
Washington's Birthday.
The Michigan man is said to be
recovering from the operation where
he acquired the brains of a dog. Would
you call that operation a howling success?
February is said to be the shortest
month in the year, but if it is any
shorter for us than December and Jan-
j uary were the sheriff will get us if
j dont watch out.
Come, Get Prices and See
Who Are Your Friends
That Live and Let Live.
Lancaster, Ky.
The effects of the new parcels post
system is being seen around the Lan
caster postoffice, the rural carriers re
semble old Santa Claus when they
start on their morning trips.
The early bird gets the worm, and
the candidate who shows the people he
is in earnest, tell3 them what he is for
and what he is against, will be the
long pole that knocks the persimmon.
Butter is growing to be a scarce ar
ticle in this community, even the coun
try people who are accustomed to sup
ply the town, are buying butter. The
severe weather is the cause.
Thus far this winter there has been
no weather suitable to the gathering of
natural ice, but what matter, with the
completion of the new ice plant the
product may be secured of better
quality and cheaper than that stored
during the wintry weather.
The auto bug is buzzing, and with
the advent of Spring quite a number of
new automobiles will be seen in Lan
caster. Our citizens have never had
any trouble in keeping in front of the
spot light and they will be second to
no town in the number of performers
behind the headlight.
The features of inauguration week
are looming big, and seeming Wilson
and Marshall, will be second in im
portance to the suffragettes, who will
parade in militent array on historic
Pennsylvania avenue, the day before
the inauguration. Look for Bro. Wil
liam Walton and you will find him with
an extra piece of rubber neck when the
mice are turned loose.
To The Democratic Yoters Of Garrard
Room Making
Must have room for them.
Closing out all new Winter and
Spring stock at very low prices.
All Ladies Suits and Coats going
at less than cost.
H. T. Lo
an I
Believing in a Republican form of
government in which the humblest and
the poorest citizen may equally contend
with the rich and favored for political
office, and believing in the democratic
doctrine of rotation in office and knowing
that a generous public often rewards
an efficient tried and true democratic
worker with preferment, I announced
myself as a candidate to represent
Garrard County in the Kentucky
Legislature, subject to a democratic
primary to be held in August (1913.)
Believing that when a man asks of the
people the office of representative, or
any other office, that the people have
the right to a free and candid
expression of his views upon public
questions and especially upon those
questions that directly affect them, and
believing that Governor Beckham was
robbed of the office of United States
Senator by four political renegades, and
that he has always been true to his
convictions and the interest of the great
common people of our State, and that
he is admirably qualified for this office,
I will say to the voters of this county
that I prefer him to any man in Ken
tucky for this office.
He was called to the Governor's chair
when only 31 years old, when the state
was in a chaotic condition theLegislative
and Court of Appeals were run out of the
city of Frankfort by armed soldiers
when the state was nearly two million
dollars in debt, and disorder and dem
oralization upon all sides, and yet at
this inexperienced age, he brought
peace and tranquility out of chaos, put
the states finances, upon a sound and
economical basis, enlarged the ap
propriations to the eleemosynary in
stitutions of the state, greatly aug
mented the Common School fund, re
generated the prison system and put
them upon a paying and self sustaining
basis, built your magmncant state
Capitol building costing $2, 000, 000 with
out any suspicion or charge of graft,
left the state treasury with over $1,
000,000 in it, and all this was done bv
his splendid management and execu
tive ability, without raising your tax
rate; put the County Unit plank in the
democratic platform, and made it pos
sible to be put upon your statute books,
did not repine or become disgruntled
in defeat, but put his shoulder to the
wheel and helped to roll up the demo
cratic majority and victory in 1911,
and had he been your representative in
Congress when the Kenyon bill was
voted upon, he would not have desert
ed his post for the,doubtful shadow of
the saloon keeper's wing, nor hidden
behind the flimsy and puerile pretext
of unconstitutionality.
We sadly need such a man in the
Senate to help carry out the pledges to
the people in the National Democratic
platform and sustain President-elect
Wilson in his effort to redeem these
I cast my first vote for him in 1898
and have always been his zealous
supporter, I have been for him up hill
and down dale, and have never yet
failed to find him honest, courageous,
progressive and always working for the
best interest of his party and "the
common people." Very recently upon
the streets of Lancaster he with James
and others of the Kentucky delegation
at the Baltimore Convention with that
matchless and grand statesman, Wil
liam Jennings Bryan, were denounced
and villified as wreckers and demago
gues of the democratic party, and it
was advocated to unceremoniously kick
them out of the Baltimore convention,
and yet by following the leadership of
Bryan, the nomination of that christian
statesman, Woodrow Wilson, for the
presidency was made possible, and this
was accomplished only by these men
over ruling the power and control of
the trusts and big interests that were
dominating that convention, and by
their actions made the election of
Woodrow Wilson a certainty.
My observation has taught me that
certain sporadic and spasmodic changes
of mind and sentiment in order to be
on the popular side of men or measures
are like death bed regenerations, of
unstable quality and doubtful and suspici
ous character, one is the art of the
trickster and demagogue in politics,
the other of the dissembler and hypo
crite in religion. In my conception of
right and wrong there is no distinction
between personal and political integrity;
a man who would violate a sacred pol
itical agreement, can scarcely be trust
ed, and I submit to you is likely to be
tray a political promise or dishonor a
business obligation. If you do not
want the treachery, such as was ex
emplified by the four political crooks
that knifed Governor Beckham four
years ago, to be repeated, put none
but true and tried Beckham men on i
I have been noting the Democratic
ticket for 40 years without faltering
and should you commission me to vote
for another than Gov. Beckham I will
do so for I beleive it the paramount
duty of a representative to respect the
will 6t hi3 constituents rather than his
own particular views.
If nominated and elected I pledge you
that whatever energy or capacity I may
possess will always be enlisted in mak
.ng the burdens of the people lighter
and not heavier by voting for large ap
propriation and no money in sight to
pay them. I pledge you to vote lor no
bill or bills creating a lot of offices not
provided for in the constitution; to vote
for and not sidetrack a bill granting
each and every voter the right to ex
press his choice in a primary election
for presidential candidates; to vote for
a bill making the corporations of the
state pay their just proportion of the
state taxes. If you want a bill voted
for that makes large and indiscriminate
appropriations and that will enlarge the
endebtedness of the state now amount
ing to over two and a half millions of
dollars, do not send me for I will not
vote for it. If you want more public
offices created that are not needed and
are simply created for the benefit of
some political parasite ana lor wnicn
the constitution make no provision, do
not send me for I will not vote for them.
If you want a man to go to Frannkfort
and fritter away his time and be sim
ply an ornament or servant of the spec
ial interest, do not send me for I'll not
doit. If you want your state taxes
lowered and the the states finances
put upon a sound basis send me and I'll
try to do it. I will later on in the can
vass tell you how I propose to help to
do it. My creed is Berkham for Sena
tor, a more equal distribution of taxa
tion, less offices and a lower tax rate.
J. R. Mount.
anviKJRHiRsrriiirfEisra- f?ra W MSTryjpjRiljfrU fMrgP
Plow Points.
Telephone Reports In The State.
The Independent company and the
Cumberland are consolidated in Frank
lin County. .,
A merger of all telephone companies
in Woodford county is reported with in
creased rates and free service with
Lexington cut out.
Independent Telephone Companies
and the Cumberland Company consoli
date in Nicholasville and Jessamine
County, and the rates are raised.
The Fayette Home Telephone com
pany and the Cumberland company are
consolidated in Lexington. Rates are
raised and the patrons are dissatisfied.
Th. two Independent companies in
Christian county are taken over by the
Cumberland company and the rates are
raised immediately upon the merger of
the companies. The patrons of th
companies are protesting.
The Fiscal court of Christian county
has revoked the grant heretofore given
the Telephone companies to use the pub
lic highways for the useofSpolesandthe
Court will sell a franchise which will
regulate the rates to be charged both
in the local and long distance business.
This is the first county in the state to
sell a county franchise.
Suit has been filed in the name of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky and sever
al citizens by the County Attorney in
the Fayette Circuit Court seeking the
dissolution of the merged companies.
The suit alleges that the Cumberland
company or the trust has absorbed the
Home company and not as reported
that the Home Company has absorbed
the trust.
A mass meeting ot the citizens o
Lexington and Fayette county was heli
at the Court House in Lexington Mon
day. Speeches were made protesting
against the consolidation and resolutions
were adopted asking the Governor, At
torney General, and the U. S. District
Attorney and Attornev General of the
U. S. to assist in the dissolution of the
Lost: A bunch of Keys between the
home'of Bris Bruce in Middlesboro and
the public square. Kindly return to
Record office.
Please Give Us Credit.
We notice that several lengthy ar
ticles which originated with the Rec
ord have been going the round of the
press of late under a Louisville date
line, making it appear as a press dis
patch to the daily papers, or else
without being credited to any paper
We are not vain, but we believe in
"rendering unto Caesar the thing that
are Caesar's," and if our feeble efforts
are worth copying, they are surely
worth crediting, and newspaper ethics
demand that this should be done.
Clover, Timothy, Blue
Grass and Oats.
Mr. W. S. Ferguson's Brother Dead.
Friends of Mr. W. S. Ferguson in
Lancaster received word from him
last Friday that he had been called to
Melbourn Fla. by the death of his
brother Mr. John Ferguson which oc
cured in that city. Mr. Fergusop was
accompanied to Florida by his mother,
who resides in Covington. The de
ceased was the youngest of the Fergu
son family; he conducted the Carleton
Hotel, the leading hostelry in Mel
bourne. He is survived by a wife and
two children, his mother and two
brothers, Messrs W. S. and Charles
Ferguson of Covington.
For a few days we will make
Special Prices on Buggies, Wag
ons and Harness.
20 lbs
for $1.00 CASH.

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