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Section No. 1.
SectioirNO; 1
'iiw ihp nifN 'nimra
0 I
To The People: Are you interested in the building up of your County? Would you invest in a good
paying proposition that would do it? Don't you think that a Loose Leaf .Tobacco Warehouse in Lancaster
would help the county? Don't you think it would pay? It is proposed to build a $25,000.00 modern equipped
house in Lancaster in order to have a home market. The Tobacco is raised in Garrard County, and why
not market it at home.
You Gan Save Money and Time By Selling Your Tobacco at HOME If YOU HAVE A MARKET
Enough stock has been pledged to insure the enterprise if the growers of Tobacco in Garrard County
will join with us. It can be made a financial success. The business should be under the control of the grow
ers. We will be glad to show you the subscription papers and talk with you about the enterprise. Come
and subscribe for as much stock as you can afford, without delay. Everybody help to make the movement
a success.
The semi-annual display of high class Spring and
Summer suitings by
The Globe Tailoring Company
will be given at our establishment on
February 21 and 22
Make this one of your positive engagements.
Call and make your selections and be measured by
an expert.
Orders taken for immediate or future delivery.
Woolens will be shown in full length drapes. -
Salesman in charge R. H. SWAFFIELD.
gan i
The trail of the grafter is over us all.
Circuit court began in Stanford Mon
day. Here next!.
Read Hudson & Hughes advertise
ment on 3rd page its a money saver.
Farmers are chafing at heir forced
inactivity and are anxious to get at
their spring plowing.
Fresh strawberries have made their
appearance in the city markets and are
quoted at 50 cents per quart.
Granulated sugar has taken a decided
tumble in price, local merchants are
selling 20 pounds for a dollar.
A movement is on foot to build mod
ern ana commodious stock yards in
Lancaster. We surely need them.
Most all corporations are bloated and
need severe treatment for dropsy, the
knife being about the only thing that
will do any good.
ihe ladies are getting busy with a
scheme for the beautification of the
park. Here's hoping them every suc
cess in their efforts.
To light the world by electricity seems
to be the ambition of Chicago canital-
ists, wonder why they dont put a light
on our water tower.
The going out President has six
banquets in two days to his credit, and
yet Admiral Dewey says banquets are
deadlier than battles.
We have just received our first spring
shipment of Ladies Shoes and Oxfords.
we would be glad to have you call and
see them. H. T. Logan.
The seed people are getting out their
annual flower catalogue and the new
models in daffo-dillys and violets would
put an automobile catalogue to shame.
Dont fail to call on H. T. Loean Fri
day and Saturday Februarv 21. and
22, to see their display of spring suit
ings, buits to measure from $20.00
to $50.00
As we. pass through life we come in
contact with people every where who are
digging and cleaning bedrock while
some one else is not only getting in the
proceeds of their toil,but all the credit
or the work.
The Mt. Vernon Commercial Club has
resolvad itself into a Boone Way Boost
er Band, for the purpose of pushing
through Congross a bill to appropiate a
sufficient amount to construct a nat
ional highway from Cumberland Gap to
Crab Orchard. The whole of Garrard
Co. has resolved itself into a Loose
Leaf Warehouse) for th nurooso of
keeping some of our money at home. ,
The "Titanic" is making regular
daily trips between this place and Nich
olasville, running on scedule time and
doing a good business, and seems to
have come to stay.
Next Monday is countv court dav.
Drop in and see the Record under the
new management. There will be some
old faces to greet you, and several new
ones to bid you welcome.
It is now stated, positively that Mr.
Wilson will not raise the White House
roof. We never felt the least uneasy
about this for we knew if the Terrible
Teddy didnt he couldn't.
The ring had to be enlarged when
Teddy threw hi3 hat in and now that the
Bull Moosers say that they are going to
put out a full ticket we do not see how
it can stop short of encircling the globe.
When Richard Pearson Hobson sank
the Merrimac we thought then he "was
seeking the bubble reDUtation at the
cannons mouth", but now that he pro
poses to walk in the suffragette parade,
we know it.
The story that a New York woman is
said to have found $200 in a news paper
is now believed to have been started by
the paper in question to boost its
circulation, look out for bills in the
Central Record.
The suffragettes are marching on to
Washington and the most encouraging'
sign we see for the men is that the
haberdasher has gotten out catalogues
saying trousers would still be good style
for men this Spring.
The Danville Messenger savs a new
fraternal order is about to be .tartedun !
. r
in Little Britian, it is to bf .ailed "The !
Ann U.t. TKI! ?.!. .L i . 1
ii auu aiu rie , wiin uurty applicants
for one office we think "Hada Eata
Crow" would be a better name.
Judging from their nictures. and the
unhappy distance that seoerates us. we
would say we see prettier women every
day on the streets of Lancaster, than
the two the New York men picked as
being the most beautiful women in
Hundreds of dollars have been put
into circulation by the Garrard Co. tob
acco growers, and the great imm-ove-
ment which has been made in the qual
ity and color, together with a loose leaf
house will make this section one of the
most valuable in the State.
Husband killing episodes may be nec
essary, but they are hard on a town.
A few days ago a man told us that he
had a splendid position offered him in
an adjoining town, when we asked him
why he didn't accent itherenied.""Men
don't Lave no showing in that town".
of the community and their pledges
given to the people above personal
Unconsciously, unwittinelv h h
stamped himself upon the hearts of-
the people of Lancaster as a man of
the very highest integrity, a man who
is wormy of any trust which might be
confided in him.
Since being a member of the council
Mr. Zanone's every act has been for
the good of the cnmmnnitw ho I,..
stood steadfastly for the peoples rights
auu mis me crowning act of his of
ficial career, will surely not be forgot
A Manly Man.
tor. Wesley M. Zanone has been ten
dered the position of Chief Engineer
at the Water Dlant. which under the
new manner of handling the water
works pumping system, is a very de
sirable as well as a very lucrative Dosi-
tion, and he has refused to accept the
proffered offer at the hands of his fel
low councilmen
Mr. Zanone refused the position not
withstanding the fact that it is far
more attractive in every particular
than the position he now holds; the
conf nement indigent to his duties at
tb' Lancaster Mill & Light Plant is
.making serious inroads upon hi3 health,
and accepting the new p. ' .'ikl
enable him to secure exercise and fresn
air of which he stands sadly in need;
th5 work is not nearly so irksome as
that of hi3 present position, and the
remuneration is much greater, and Mr.
Zanone is a laboring man, a poor man
dependant upon his daily toil for the
maintenance of himself and family.
Why then, you will ask, did he refuse
this position. The answer is because
he is a man who desirves to be true to
the confidence reposed in him, who de
sires to fulfill every promise made by
Mr. Zanone is a member of the City
Council of Lancaster, elected to that
position by the people, upon a certain
platform, and bound by certain pledges
and poor man that he is, tempted by
this splendid offer, he is too careful of
his own honor and integrity, too mn.
scious of his promises to the people to
accept any position that would prevent
him from infilling these promises. The
result is this great personal sacrifice,
which he voluntarily makes, nntnritt.1
standing the accepting of the position
would result in-great financial i;n
All honor to Wes Zanone. would that
there were more like him. Snrh
are needed, men who place the welfare
LOST:-Mondav. afternoon n nM
watch, E'jrin works with loath k
Bull Dy; Head attached. Return to
this office and receive reward.
The National Biscuit Co of Cincinnati
will give a Demonstration of their cak
es, crackers, wafers, etc. at W. B.
Ball's Grocery Saturday, Feb. 22nd!
Every body is cordially invited to stop
in and partake of the lunch.
Wise AppwataeBf.
Governor McCreary has appointed
Dr. W. M. Elliott- of tv.;oi ji .
to represent the state of Kentucky at
the Childs Nationtl Labor Committee
that meets in Jacksonville. Mnn-h i9tK
14th and 15th. '
Special Serrfces.
Rev. J. Rockwell Smith on'ii n..i.
at tie Presbyterian church next Sun
day, norning-and evening t th ....-
hours. Rev. Smith comes highly recc
mended, with a possibility of beingcall-
y"anenuy ay mis cnurch.
L. H. S. Base Ball Teas Orgauel
Last Tuesday Evtnincr oil h- 1
gathered at Prof. Rilev'a offio . !.
purpose of electing a Manager, Captain
and Treasurer for the coming Baa Ball
After an interesting toll-1. r- r:t
the following boys were selected.
Frank Tinder was elected Manager,
Chas. Doty Cant nri t tw.
Haw Many Hare We h TKs Cnaij.
A dispatch from Danville ..,, !,
records show that there n inn
dogs in Boyle county upon which taxes
were not paio. xhe dogs were assessed,
but the owners have failed tn n. ,
the tax required by law. All thesedogs
wui ue siuea as required by law. The
court will probably set anart a dv of
execution when the canines will be Bhot.
Any oi tne dogs will be given away to
citizens who will volunteer to pay the
taxes. As there are quite a number of
Wrd dogs in the lot, it is likely that
wese win oe saved from the slaughter.
f'' .'
v v -vv

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