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The Central Record, Friday, May 23, 1913.
II f ;
Pi E W T
3g)J The North Western Cow Boy.
feS " "
Pursley s
In Mi
Composed of Roots, Herbs,
and Barks, for all
Blood Diseases,
Liver, Stomach.Ner
vousness and Fe
male Diseases.
Dakota Jack's Cow Boy
T initYionf fr a a,n' Deafness, Burns, Stings
JylIllIHCIlL Sprains Etc. 25cts per Bottle.
For all the people all the time. Shaving, Shampooing, Bath.
lOcts a Cake, 3 Cakes for 25cts.
All or. sale at J. E. Stormes, R. E. McRoberts &
Son, Lancaster, Ky., and Henry Kuhlman
& Son, Lowell, Ky.
Hi )MTI):rgfliflJli 1SMW2W&W&'
HKrJ fj4r
Choose Your Paint as
Carefully as Your Painter
The material is important to the
workman as well as to the property
owner. The best painter can't make
poor paint last. Be sure of your
paint. See that it is made of
Phoenix White Lead
(Dutch Boy Painter Trade Mark.)
and Pure Linseed Oil.
We can supply you with both these
materials, as well as other painting
requisites, and shall be glad to help
you select a color scheme for your
Come in. Don't forget to ask for
our white lead book.
Lancaster, Ky.
ffi IIIHAr
THAT patented Joint has revolu
tionized the whole business of
building silos by making it pos
sible to construct a perfectly solid
stave silo of any desired height. When
put together with a little white lead at
these joints, a two-piece stave
is as good as if it were made of one-piece
staves, and very much less expensive. There
is no metal at these joints to become cor
roded by the acids and no outside moisture
can collect in them to rot the wood. This
joint adds years to the life of your silo and
many dollars to its value.
We have a plan by -which you can own
an Indiana Silo and let it pay for itself out
of wliat it saves for you on next winter's feed
bills. Give us a chance to explain it to you.
W. P. Kincaid,
Phone 199. Stanford, Kentucky.
Sunday, May 25th. 1913.
$1 .solBBki
MPTl J iJhfrflfl'Qif tiffin JL5555
M JAiUA,M B WB 81 Round
Lvs JUNGTBOR2 CSTY 5:35 am
Great Remedy For Indiges
tion And Gastritis.
A Postal Will Bring Trial Treatment And
AHistory Of Famous People.
MI-O-NA Stomach Tablets surely do
end all indigestion and stomach misery
and to prove it we will send a trial
treatment, an interesting booklet, and
tell you exactly how to banish all
stomach trouble and put your stomach
in fine shape.
Just say on a postal or in a letter
"Send me trial treatment of MI-O-NA"
and you will never be sorry address
Booth's MI-O-NA, Buffalo, N. Y.
It. E. McRoberts sells a whole lot of 50
cent boxes on money back if dissatisfied
Mr. and Mrs. Forest Curtis and
children are on the sick list.
Little Lucy Grow is spending the
week with her grandparents at Pleas
ant Hill.
Candidates For County School Superintend
ent Must Hold State Certificates.
1 The Act of 1912 requires all candi
dates for the office of County Superin
tendent, except those who are now in
office, to hold a State Certificate issued
by the State Board of Examiners,
which does not expire during the antici
pated term of office.
2 The applicant may qualify by tak
ing a special examination to be held in
the Department of Education, Frank
fort, May 30 and 31, and June 27 and
28. This examination is in all respects
equivelant to the examination for the
regular State Certificate.
3 The applicant may qualify by tak
ing the regular State Examination,
June 20 and 21, either in the county in
which the applicant resides or in Frank
fort, before the State Board of Exam
iners. 4 Applicants may qualify after
nominations are made in the August
Primary. However, there is only one
chance after the Primary, and that is
in the regular State Examination in
August, and the candidate can not take
Miss Alice Jones of Lexinsrton is 1 this examination, except in his home
county, where he expects to run for
teaching Miss Lida May Murphy music
at their home.
Mrs. E. F. Scott was the guest of
her sister Mrs N. C. Mullins at Bry
antsville last week.
Mr. Willie Preston spent a part of
last week with his cousin Mr. Lewis
Lemay near Richmond.
Mr. and Mrs. John Roberts and
daughter Miss Beula of Jessamine wer
with Mrs Peachie Grow last week.
On May the 10th the children and
grandchildren of Mrs. Mahala Sherrow
gave her a surprise birthday dinner, it
being her 75th anniversary. Quite a
number were present among whom was
a brother of Mrs Sherrow who is 74.
A bounteous dinner was served and
much enjoyed by all present.
The undersigned hereby give warn
ing to all persons not to trespass upon
our lands for any purpose whatever as
we will prosecute all offenders to ful
lest extent of the law. Hunters and.
Fishermen especially take notice.
W. H. Harris, President. L. W. Faulkner, Secretary K bmc. .
AUGUST 28th, 29th and 30th, '13
Born to the wife of Wilson Hurt, May
16th a boy.
Edward Dickerson of Richmond
visiting his sister Mrs. George Ray.
Miss Mamye Dickerson of Richmond
is visiting Garrard relatives and friends
Mrs. Nora Teater visited her sister
Mrs. Forest Curtis at Mt Hebron last
Dr. Spitler of Crab Orchard has been
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew
Mr. Joe Simpson who emigrated to
Oaklahoma feveral years ago, is visiting
friends here.
The Sunday School District Convention
will meet at Antioch next Sunday after
noon at 3 oclock.
Burnett Sanders has returned to Crab
Orchard, after a visit to his grand
mother, Mrs. Hiram Ray.
Misses Stella Ray and Barbara Gulley
spent Saturday night and Sunday with
Mrs. Roy Sanders at Nina.
Mr. and Mrs. Meade Teater and
family of Loyd were guests at the home
of Mrs. Mai Carter Sunday.
Mrs. Walker Bradshaw and children
have been spending a few days with
her mother, Mrs- T. O. Hill.
Mr. and Mrs. L. L. Sanders of Crab
Orchard and Mr. and Mrs. Willie Rainey
of Lancaster were guests of Mrs. Hiram
Ray Sunday
Misses Evelyne Hicks, Maggie Walker
and Evaree Carter of Loyd and Miss
Lizzie Gallanger were the week-end
guests of Miss Lucinda Carter.
Miss Nettie Hawkins of Lexington
an experienced trimmer is with Mrs.
Iva Teater. Everybody is invited to
the summer opening Saturday after
noon. May 24th.
Rev. H. M. Demoss of Louisville will
preach at the Baptist church here next
Saturday afternoon and Sunday morn
ing, and Rev. Priest of the same place
will conduct the services Sunday even
The Opportunity Is Here, Backed By
Lancaster Testimony.
Don't take our word for it.
Don't depend on a stranger's state
ment. Read Lancaster endorsement.
Read the .statements of Lancaster
And decide for yourself.
Here is one case of it:
Mrs. B. F. Walter, Hill St, Lancas
ter, Ky., says: "I never fail to praise
Doan's Kidney Pills when I have the
opportunity, as they are certainly a
fine remedy. I have not been without
a supply in the house foryears. When
ever my back becomes lame and pain
ful, a few doses bring me instant relief.
At one time I feared that I had serious
kidney trouble, The kidney secretions
were unnatural and gave unmistakeable
evidence of disordered kidneys. At
that time it was my good fortune ot
hear of Doan's Kidney Pills and I began
using them. In a short time my
kidneys were normal."
For sale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Dean's and
take no other.
office, or in Frankfort in the Depart
ment of Education.
5 Incumbents in office, under the
law, are qualified by virtue of their
past tenure of office, to run for re-elec
tion without further examination.
0 The 1912 law prescribes that all
candidates who are not incumbents in
office, must either have a certificate as
herein described, or take this special
examination, which is in all respects,
the equivelant of a State Certificate.
Therefore, all such candidates must
have taught two years, the time requir
ed by law to secure a State Certificate.
Barksdale Hamlett,
Superintendent Public Instruction.
What Beautiful Hair.
How often do we hear that exclama
tion about a certain woman's or man's
A prominent scientist and hair spe
cialist emphatically states, and has
proven, that any man or woman can
have luxuriant, lustrous hair, by using
a famous prescription called PARISIAN
PARISIAN Sage is now made and
sold in America. R. E. McRoberts &
Son the druggist, is the agent in Lan
caster and the readers of Lancaster can
buy from them for only 50cents a large
R. E. McRoberts & Son knows that
PARISIAN Sage will beautify thehair,
cure dandruff and stop falling hair, and
for that reason they sell it under a
guarantee to cure or money back.
Price 50 cents. Girouq Mfg. Co., N.
Y., American Makers.
Down In The 'Backer Patch.
I know not the reasons
But in rainy seasons,
It gave me joy.
When I was a boy,
To work in the 'Backer patch.
All you must know
Is just to get your row,
With a man to drop,
Then you must not stop,
Down in the 'backer patch.
When the ground is wet,
The plants are set.
With a great deal of speed
But very little heed,
Down in the 'backer patch.
For the boys you know,
All wish to show,
How fast they can set
When the ground is wet,
Down in the 'backer patch.
When the 'backer's a growing.
The plowing and hoeing,
Give plenty to do,
But there's nothing to chew
Down in the 'backer patch.
This fact I must tell,
If my task is done well,
When the 'backer worms come,
There's working some
Down in the 'backer patch
To catch a svorm
And watch him squirm
J And spit his juice
Before he s let loose,
Is fun in the 'backer patch.
I'll leave it with you
To judge if it's true,
But I've heard it, said
They would bite off the head
Of a worm in the 'backer patch.
There's many a lad
Who experience has had,
In hoeing and chopping
1 In suckerintr and tnnninir
Down in the 'backer patch.
Men continue to chew
And the 'backer worm too;
So we fodder the man
And kill if we can
The worm in the 'backer patch.
It's needless to say
We welcome the day,
When the cutting is done
And one by one
The sticks leave the 'backer patch.
We say good-bye
For the 'backer will dry
The worm will die
And the farmer will sigh
For joy over the 'backer patch.
Harvey M. Estes.
We Write Anv Kind of
IftIS U Ft A
Office at National Bank.
Office over The National Bank of Lancaster, Ky. Phone 27.
Notice! Poullry Raisers -5&
rt-.i r i!i i. r n t. ?gS&
Lnuiera, uoues, LinurcrutXii, turns, Lanier, 5ife
X"oiS. Hosrr Diarrhoea and all Diseases of Poultry
Miss Katie Biyant, Ban&own, Ky.. mtk "I hrn Bird RPJ5 ' " ot ant an J k1
poultry remedy made. Itcuressapcjandlimrjerne k vnthout fa J.
WillCoonies.Banlitown.Ky.. urn "One drp of Recipe 4-1144 cropped down the LSlot acSr3
chicltn kill the worm and leheres the chick innantiy. Itii the bt of eyectnre 1 hae ctm cmc.
Mfg. and Guaranty d by J. Rett. Crume, Bardslcwn, Ky. Price 20c at all Drubis.
C. C. & J. E. Stormes.
More ilian 40 years tiie
tandard of Excellence
il is backed by the name of its makers.
Peaslee-GaulbertCo., Louisville. Ky.,and
Guaranteed for its Absolute Purity.
Miss Katherine Melvin has been a
guest of Mrs. J. M. Cress.
Mrs. Ona Naylor is up again after a
tough time with measles.
Mr. J. H. Thompson bought of Mr.
Quincy Naylor a bunch of fat hogs at
$7.10 per cwt.
Mr. J. M. Cress and family attended
the burial of Mr. George Baker at Mt.
Vernon Saturdav.
Miss Willie Belle Holtzclaw, of Stan
ford, visited her sister, Mrs. D. M.
Anderson last week.
Mr. D. M. Anderson bought of Mr.
Geoffrey Blankenship, a sow and 8 pigs
two months old, for ?39.
air. ana Mrs. uurcn Hester ot near
Stanford, visited her parents Mr. and
Mrs D. M. Anderson Sunday.
Little Miss Lucy Anderson, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Anderson, suf
fered a bad fall from a buggy.
Rev. E. B. English pastor of the
Baptist church will preach here Satur
day P. M. Sunday and at night.
Mrs. J. J. Thompson, and little daugh
ter, Miss Lucile are visiting her father
Mr. II. H. Baker at Mt Vernon.
Mr. Logan Thompson and niece, Miss
Iva Thompson went to Mt Vernon, Sat
urday for the burial of Mr George
Mr. Samuel Payne, young son of Mr.
j. a. rayne, trie DiacKsmith, caught a
19 pound blue cat at the Colson pond.
The fish was a fine one.
Messrs Speaks and Burton, of High
land, who are expert saw mill men, are
sawing a big lot of lumber for Mr. W.
P. Grimes, of Stanford on his farm here,
Mr. F. F. Cummins and wife, daugh
ters Alhe May and Eliza and Uncle
John Anderson, arrived the first of the
week trom iussimee Fla., to visit
friends and ralatives here. Mr. Cum
mins will return to Florida in two
weeks the rest of the family will spend
the summer here.
- Rev. Wm. McC. Hutchins, of the
Harmony section, will preach the me
morial sermon at Ephesus church 3 mil
eS"south of Crab Orchard, next Sunday
May 25th. Other good speakers will
be on hand and the decoration service
will be observed. Everybody will bring
a basket of dinner.
Mr. Menefee Elmore is building a
boat house, bath house and restaurant
out in the Colson pond which he owns.
Since some fine fish have been caught,
a fishing club has been organized and
the payment of one dollar entitles, any
member or his entire family to fishing
privileges during the year. With a
good brass band and a few other extras
our country boys can enjoy themselves
at home for Coney Island wont be in it
when the outfit gets in good running
order- Members joining daily.
Money Back for any case of
Rheumatism, Neuralgia or Headache that
Solace Fails To Remove.
SOLACE REMEDY is a recent medi
cal discovery of three German Scien
tists that dissolves Uric Acid Crystals
and Purifies the Blood. It is easy to
take, and will not affect the weakest
It is guaranteed under the Pure Food
and Drugs Law to be absolutely free '
from opiates or harmful drugs of any
SOLACE is a pure specific in every
way, and has been proven beyond ques
tion to be the surest and quickest rem
edy for Uric Acid Troubles known to
medical science, no matter how long
standing. It reaches and removes the
root of the trouble (Uric Acid) and
purifies the blood.
THE SOLACE CO. of Battle Creek
are the Sole U. S. Agents and have
thousands of voluntary testimonial let
ters which have been received from
grateful people SOLACE has restored
to health. Testimonial letters, liter
ature and FREE BOX sent upon re
qnest. R. Lee Morris, president of the First
National Bank of Chico, Texas, wrote
the Solace Company as follows:
"I want you to send a box of Solace
to my father in Memphis, Tenn., for
which I enclose $1. This remedy has
been used by some friends of mine
here and I must say its action was won
derful. (Signed) R. L. Morris.
Put up in 25c, 50c and 1. boxes.
Treatment Schemes or Fees". JUST
SOLACE ALONE does the work.
Write today for the free box, etc.
Battle Creek Mich.
"Ghe Kind That Lasts"
ASK your neighbors, who painted their property with
this excellent paint they mil tell you that it covers
more surface, lasts longer, and therefore is more economical,
than any other paint It keeps your house bright and
PR.EE k or beautifully illustrated book, " Homes
- and How to Paint Them," also color card of
45 color combinations.
It Tayj and Taints 3ejt
R. E. McRoberts & Son.
mEiiw . m s-z
-ri i ii i '
,(i w
Try making an oak or mahogany effect
on your old chairs and table.
You will be tickled beyond belief with t!ie results.
So Simple
Sq Inexpensive
CONN BROTHERS. Lancaster, Ky.
"Pit t sinirgh Perfect" Wemm
.v c
1'ric's no 'founkem" i.boc t vefch; r?r
coll v..en you buy "Pitts Lc-rh i-cn. -.:.:"
because it is construct':J v. khoat us.ns
extra wire to make the fer.ce-joims. Ths
e?:tra weight of the joints in all wrapped
clampedjiwistcdor tied fences supplies no
extra strength, but actually weakens these
fences by persistently dragging down tho
p. . c- -.
Should. "r-'i a'jU-ih
fence with Electrically
a one-piece frbric of u;
durability and economy, becauss
eliminate the expense cl" extra wire, and
put 'this money into extra quality.
'-r.i you
- - - . ;. e only
v.V.. .Joints, is
icqualed strength.
Made in Different StTIe. for FIELD. FARM. RANCH. LAWN. ?-.,. &nA f!l1Vf rl
Aslc your dealer for "Pittsburgh Perfect" and insist on his furnishing it. Do not allow him to persuade
you that some other fence is just as good. If he doesn't sell it, write us direct.
"Pittibursh Perfect" Brand of Barbed Wire;
Bright, Annealed & Galranized Wire; Twiated
Cable Wire: Hard Sprinc Coil Wira; Fence
Staples; Poultry Netting Staples ; Regular Wire
Naib; Cahranized Wire Naib; Large Head
Roofing Nail: Single Loop Bale Tie j "Pitta
burgh Perfect" Fencing. All made of Open
Hearth material.
TTKI- ;?&HV BBff
If you are interetted in Wire Fencing, writo
for FREE copy of our ALMANAC 1913
Pittsburgh Steel Co.
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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