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entral Record, Thursday Mch 11 1915.
Page 5
And Secure
f I Ik THESE l"5 I
I J r spuing i
I, l7iie7?' have jusi arrived SffyT
r or o ss SEJgEjJSE,
Steel Plows, best plows made.
Jno. Deere and Oliver Sulky Plows
Come In and get a free coupon on toe Automobile with
each cash purchase of one dollar.
J. E. Mount, Son & Co.
Everything in
arpets, Mattings,
Druggets, Furniture.
We give free coupons for
the Automobile.
Harry Anderson
Notice! Poultry Raisers
R, 4-11-44
f.hnlpra. finnes. I.imherneck.
:r,v,;:.'irrr Diarrhoea and all Diseases of Poultry
W31 C. n.nl. Kt-. 'Oo. J.op J Rmr 4.1 M4 AwJ down th. Wl J . (M.
Mfo. i CMMMetd iy J. Soil. Crumt. Birdilown, Ky. Prke 50c t si I Dru&lHi.
R. E. McRobcrts. Druggist. Lnncaster, Ky.
will tell you that It
Is just as essential to have GOOD Coal as It
Is to have good things to cook with In pre
paring a meal. We guarantee a fnll ton of
good coal at a fair price.
Lancaster Lumber & Man'f'g Go
for Genuine
Roud. CanKcr.
No. 5.
"Nil S Z-sS br J
Gossip About
A fttltt Mention of thf Comlny and
Ooinji I y Thou Vi't Art Inlertiltd In.
Mr. Ilris Conn was here Monday on
Mrs. J. M. Mount has been quite ill
for the past week.
Mr. and Mrs. I'ool Perkins spent the
ilav in Danville. Monday.
Mrs. It. J. Sellman is the attractive
guest of Mm Minnie Iliown,
Mrs. Elizabeth Dillon, of Stanford,
is the guest of Mrs. N. Miller.
Miss Annie llerndon has returned
from a pleasant visit to I.onisville.
Mrs. J. II. Woner, of Stanford, has
returned home after a pleasant visit.
Kd. ('. Gaines is in Louisville attend
ing a meeting of the Insurance board.
Miss Johnnetta Karra spent tlie
week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Mrs. Ilarve Mcltoberts, of Stanford,
has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Mcltoberts this week.
Mrs. Joe Iluruside has returned from
Cuvington where she visited Air. and
Mrs. George Mcltoberts.
I Mrs. J. I., l'arks is spending the
! week end with her son Mr. V. C.
l'arks and other relatives.
Or. Hugh Grant lias returned lu his
home in Vn., having been culled home
' by the death of his mother.
Mr Alex Denny and daughter, Mrs.
James Duncan, are enjoying u recupera
1 live stay ut llattle Creek, Mich.
1 Mr. Smith, of Middlcboro is the
guest of his faj'nd Mr. Itaymond
, Hughes, at the Simpon House.
I Mr. Karl Tuten. who has been in
I Cincinnati, for some time was the
1 week-end guest of MUs Eliza Todd.
i Mrs. S. D. Turner and little daughter
Annie Ucllc of Lexington, ure hero the
! guest of Mrs. Turner's mother Mrs.
Ilelle Austin.
Miss Emma Boner, of Louisville,
i will be tho vllicient trimmer in the
millinery department of Miss Minnie
( Ilrown, this season.
i Miss Marv Cotiell, who has been
, with her sister, Mrs. Charlie Askins,
in Wilmore, for some time, is visiting
friends and relatives here.
Miss Itebcccu Williams, who has
! been teaching at Knoxville, Tenn., was
' called home by the critical illness of
ner moiner, airs, jonn Williams.
.Mr. nnn mm. j, t . iiollzclaw, n-
tcrtalned tho U. Y. II. U. of the
Ilaptist church last Friday evening,
Delightful refreshments were served.
" Mrs. James Anderson, of Cut, arriv.
I'd last week for a visit to Mrs. Sue
! Anderson. She reports Jim being in
the best of health und enjoying
Dr. John Stout was a pleasant visit,
or in our town Tuesday. John lived
with us when a small boy and we have
never outgrown our fondness for him.
lie lias made good in Danville where
he is very popular.
Misses Marlhu and Helen Gill en
tertained at dining in honor of Mrs.
! lluckner Spindle and Mrs, James
Anderson. Covers wero laid for twelv
and a delightful menu, served in
j courxes, was enjoyed by tho guests.
In it musical comedy given in Louis
ville last Friday evening the Times has
the following to say of one of our boys;
"J, C. Hemphill, as the hero, was as
dashing and impetuous as the most
exacting heroine would have had him",
Mrs. A. K. Hundley, who is in the
Danville and Doyle County hospital,
is doing nicely, and her legion of
friends hope for her speedy recovery,
Mrs. Hundley, also has a great many
friends In Lancaster who arc hoping
for her a speedy recovery.
Your Favorite.
Mrs Hen Ham and Mrs Koherc Ran
kin spent Wedneeday with Mrs Charles
Miss Helen Voting, of Mnysville Ky,
is the charming visitor of Miss I'utsy
Miss Nora Drown has been visiting
her parents Mr. and Mrs. It. S. Drown,
of Pans Ind.
Judge C. A. Hardin returned to Lan
caster Monday having spent Sunday in
in Hurrodshurg.
Mrs. J. Hoe Young and daughter, of
Maysville, are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
William Anderson.
Mrs Huyden Leavell has returned
home after a few days visit with Mrs
Charles Itankln.
Mrs. Itussell Drown has returned
after a pleasant visit to Dr. and Mrs.
K. J. Drown of Stanford.
Or. S. 1. Grant and wife, of Danville,
attended the funeral of Mrs. Emma
Grant Monday afternoon.
Miss Gertrude Jones of Danville,
will be the week-end guest of her
cousin, Miss Altha Jones.
Miss Mattie Kstes was called to Crab
Orchard on account of the illness of
her nephew Mr. Ed Estes.
Mr. W. II. Collier, of Dull Jellico.
Ky., was In the city Monday, the guest
of his aunt. Mrs. U. D. Simpson.
Miss Mattie Adams was the gracious
hostess on Tuesday evening in honor of
her pretty guest Miss Nell England.
Miss Ann Davis Mcltoberts, of Stan
ford, 8eiit last Saturday with her
cousin, Mis. Diehard Duckner Spindle.
Annie May, tho pretty little daughter
of Mr. and .Mrs. Lesley llerndon, is
visiting her aunt, Mio Annie llerndon.
Mr. Givens Terrill. returned from
Florida lust Monday, very much im
proved in health and says there is no
place liko Kentucky.
Mrs Charles itankin who hes been in
the City Hospital ut Danville has been
token to Cincinnati Hospital to have
an operation performed on her eyes.
Mr. W. G. Anderson, who has been
confined at his home, for most of the
winter; we ure glad to announce is
much improved, and his friends hop
to see him out again.
The following invitations have been
Mr. and Mrs. T. W.Moore,
announce the marriage of thir daughter
Ned Wurner
Romans Opera House
Monday. March Fifteenth, Nineteen
Hundred Fifteen.
Yourself and Friends uro Cordially In
vited to Attend
7:15 to 10 p.m. Admission: 5 and lOcts
On buggies, wagons, harness, stoves,
paints, oils, wire fence, steel and gal
vanized roofing. W. J. Romans.
The Carlisle Mercury hits the bull's
eye thusly:
Now doth the busy candidate
Ship out his bunch of gratis Plate;
Hut Country Eds, uro wise, by Heck:
And fire it back, if minus check.
This decline In wheat is partly due to
the prospect of the opening of the Dar
danelles' letting out Russia's surplus.
and partly to the blockade declared by
the allies against shipments of food
stuffs to Germany. And it will proba
bly go lower.
"The Old Aunt's Visit" and "Back
To The Countty Store,' will be given
by the Preachersville School League,
Friday evening, March 18th. (Every
body should come and help a goal
cause. Performance begins promptlf
st 7:30. Admission 10 and 25 cents.
1S& &JE"
Fhe Womans Club
Kriltfft !1 1
Wo mititi mli
Mr. George Haddad. of oriental rug
fame, presented our club with a beauti
ful oriental table cover. Its need was
obvious to Mr. Haddad, therefore it is
Useless for us to say how timely it was
and how much it is appreciated. We
will say tho, It was indeed kind and
liberal of him and it is a thingof beauty
and will be a joy as long as it lasts.
The last Club meeting was a delight
ful one. Mrs. James Kinnaird con
ducted the meeting, Miss Nancy Wal
ker gave ui illustrated talk on Modern
French' Art, Miss Helen Gill talked of
Watteav and his place in the world of
art, Mrs. Theo Curry told of the life
and work of Greuze. Miss Richard
lluckner Spindle in her own inimitable
way torn us oi ner visit to tne ixiurvei menu consisting of coffee, sandwiches,
mentioning many of tho worlds famous ! gaigj, canjy and frult was gervej. At
pictures it contained. ! 10;30 the boys left for home loud in
! their praise of the teachers and the
The favorite argument against worn- faculty who gave them such an enjoy
an sulfrage lies in the assertion that tle evening.
the women do no not want to vote Tne hamsomc reccption given by
ine IsIiicuku iiiiiiinries luinisii a
decisive nnswr.
Let those anti-suffragists who say!
they oppose women voting because I
women do not wish to vote read the j
story of the Chicago primaries and then '
forever hold their peace.
Chicago women voted as though they
wish to vote.
Moreover, the woman vote beat Car-
ter Harrison out of the nomination for
The total registration in Chicago was
about C'W.OOO. of which more than one-
I third were women. About half the
I registered vote wns polled, and a great-1
er proportion of registered women
voted at the primaries than registered !
! men, showing clearly that in Chicago j
! at least there are more men who do1
I not vote than there are women. I
Chicago is one of the greatest and Applications received for loans from
most truly typical of communities in $1000.00 to $10,000.00, on improved and
this country. Chicago men and Chicago! unimproved town property and farm
women are fairly typical of the men 1 lands. Iuterest 8 per cent straight,
ami women of the whole United Suites. Interest payable annualty or seml-an-
In the light of the Chicago vote, it j nually. Time: one to ten years. Ap
must be conceded on all sides that some plicants for loans will please give des
better argument must be produced cription. location, and valuation of pro-1
ngainst woman suffrage. I petty offered as security for loan.
It never was a sound argument. If
women did not want to vote, then ex -
tension to them of the privilege to do
so could do no harm.
With the announcement that Lex
ington is to be the place anil Mav 17-21
the time of the approaching annual i
meeting of the Kentucky Federation
of Women' Clubs, a certain definite-
ness is given to work in the club, in
the district and in the State. The
rounding out of the yeur'n work, the
election of officers, the financial obli -
gations, the selection of delegates, tho
tiling of reports and and the laying uf
plans for another year all are closely
associated with this meeting only two
months' distant.
, Whether chosen by accident ordesign
j Lexington is of all places theproieroiie
I for this, the twenty-first annual meet
ing of the organization. Being the
birthplace of the Kentucky Federation
the appropriateness of celebrating its
majority there is most obvious. A
dozen yeurs ago in 1903 tho Federa
tion met in the Uluegrass capital, dur
ing the presidency of Mrs. W. S. Per
kins. The years have brought enlarge-
ment in numbers and in the scope of
work, and the local committee promls-
es great things for the occasion,
Tjio Phoenix Hotel has been selected
as Federation headquarter, and the
avusilniii will be held there. Manv noted
speakers will be heard, and enough of
the social will be blended with the in
tellectual, the artistic and the altruistic
to make attendance a delight. Quite n
large delegation ftoin our local club
will go over, some staying for the en
tire session while others will only spend
one day.
P.- C.I.
ror oaic.
120 egg size.
Has only been used two seasons and is
in good condition.
Mrs. J. Wade Walker.
Phone 324-B.
and COATS at
Popular Prices.
(By Wm. F. Miller.
Mrs Poole Perkins was a
visitor at
the school Friday morning.
Dro. S. H. Pollitt delivered the
come address Tuesday morning.
Mrs. S. A. Hill. Mrs. C. A. Sanders
and Mrs. Mirtil were our guests Mon
day morning.
School now begins at 8:lf instead of
8:30. The first bell rings at H and the
last one at 8:15. Thus school closes in
the afternoon 15 minutes earlier, which
makes it 2:45.
The teachers very graciously enter
tained in honor of the L. II. S. Foot
ball team Saturday night, the hours
being from 7:30 to 10:30. Many games
were played. Miss Webb rendered sev
eral beautiful pieces on the piano and a
lovely time was spent A delicious
,l fi. ,t,
faculty to the parents, at the
school building, was by far the most
elegant reception of the season. The
guests were welcomed by the following
members of the faculty; Misses Robin
son, Mason, Hatcher. Ezell. Smith.
! Morriss, Webb, Tinder, Drashear, An
derson and Mrs. Caneer. The Parent-
! ""'- e proving very
j """f"". besides coming in touch
with the parents and discussing ques-
I tions vital to both teacher and parent a
ulightful social hour was spent togeth-
t,r when, a delicious menu was served,
after which the guests departed for
t,1;ir homes feeling it was good to
have been there.
MflWPV Tfl IflAM
liUllLl 1U LiAll.
I State improvements and valuation of
1 same.
We want County representatives to
receive applications for loans, appraise
propertp, ind serve as our exclusive
representative. Attorney or real es-1
tate man preferred. Applicants for
loans, and applicants for acencies
positively required to furnish at least
two character references and forward
I postage, five 2 cents stamps, for ap.
I plication blanks, full particulars, and
' prompt reply. Write Southern Office,
j Southeastern Mortgage Loan Assn.,
Fourth Nafl Bank Dldg., Atlanta. Ga.
A Convaloscont
requirra a food tonio that frill rapidly
build up wasted, tissuo
contain? ltijophotphitt
is a most rcliablo prescription which wo
always recommend for that purpose.
R. E. McRobcrts
' ir
1 V
Saturday, Ttfarch 20th, 195
and continues throughout the market season.
You will profit by a visit to our big nnd attractive display
and Smart MILLINERY for all Occasions.
' 5
r r.
1 rlX
We have as our Designer and Trinimer, Mrs Nell Faler of 2l
.1 T ... .U.I CM .. . . .lint . rj. f .. : 1 1 .
liic iiiiiiuu jwaciiiuai-tjiuaii iuimiiery, 31. lJUls, ?iu.
7frs ifteila jirnoid raics.
r -s
For Sale;-8 foot extension table.
Theo Currey.
Entire new stock of groceries at M.
C. Turner's.
Dest grade of Timothy and Clover
seeds at Marsee's.
Northern seed potatoes all varities,
at M. C. Turners.
For Sale Cheap:-Full set oak dining
room furniture. Mrs. W. H. Mason,
EGGS from healthy farm range, winter
layers. Fifteen forCOcentsone hundr
ed for $3.00 CASH.
Erie C. Farra,
Lancaster, Ky.
2-25-2-mo.piL Box. 272.
If you want a photograth that will
represent you as you are we know you
will like what we make. We make
the latest styles in brown and cepie
tones. Besides we have all the latest
cards and folders. Just opened Gallery
on north side of quare.
C. I. Ogg:
5 1-2 percl-Money-5 1-2 per ct.
5 Years 5
Loans made on real estate. If you
need cheaper money on long time, see
me about it.
G. B. Swinebroad,
2-18-tf. Lancaster, Ky.
The great new fertilizer and land
builder equal to alfalfa in hay and
pasture. Write for price list of seed
and "Free Circular" telling how to
grow it.
It, D, 3, Falmouth, Ky.
At Duncan's Barber Shop, the germs
have fallen and sanitation is now in
control. A complete, newly furnished
shop with razors, clippers and shears,
carefully sterilized and all linens daily
laundered. Twenty years experience
at the trade has fully prepared us to
guarantee perfect satisfaction. Give us
a call.
It pd. Arthur Duncan, Manager.
may be obtained at the
Corner Main and Third Streets
Food prepared in our Lunche
onette Department in a meat
careful and sanitary rranner.
SAop " tPcrfact
Danville, Kentucky.

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