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He ft booster.
Can mil. (irttmlnl Dnnnall l ArA ""..lit....
ukb uui uauiki jLiuuiib iviuillft vjuilivit-
tor. constructed pnllrnlv of steel nnri mnl.
Innhli ur)ilrVi mnlrnc If nvKanllnniillii cfrnnit
. . v,.ni.wp..u.lu.j uiiuiiD,
The Pivot Dodge nnd I'endiiluin movement of the
filings ure new nnd nttroctivc fentures nnd Insure cosy
The latest improved mnchinc of its kind on the market
Auto Tickets Ask for them, .
Live nnd Let Live Folks. S
s ?
We are showing this week some of the
rj newest things in Panama 2nd Hemp Shapes,
rv Spring Hats.
Also have made big reduction on all &
I T T r
97frs ftella jrfrnoM Jrancs.
- GO TO -
Dickenson & Carrier
Dry Goods, Shoes and Groceries
We pay the highest market price for Country
Ask for tickets on the Automobile.
Ui i ini mv
Eastman Kodaks
Let Us Develope Your films Cheap.
We carry a complete line of
Rough Lumber, Cement, Crushed
Stone, Brick, Nails, Builders
Hardware 1
and are receiving daily shipments of Flooring, Ceiling. Sid-
ing and all kinds of Finishing Lumber.
We have a nice line of WINDOW SCREENS. I
Give us your order and we will send our carpenter and put
the screens up for you. Orders filled ptoinptly.
ft. H. Bastin & Son
Ak for coupons In the l'ony Contest.
Subscribe for the Iteconl and' Rot
1,000 votes on the pony and cart.
Wo have the lloone Way nailed down,
now Iet'i Ret the Dixie.
Join the Commercial Club and let's
keep Lancaster on the mop.
If you do i't think The Dixie High
way will help Lancaster, Ret posted.
Ladies of Methodist church will serve
Ice Cream, Strawberries, and Cake at
Court House, May 24.
Come to tho Court House on court
day for Ice cream, strawberries and
cake and help a good cause.
FOH SALE: Automobile In Rood con
dition. Will sell at a bargain. No
use for two. Apply at this office.
Fresh home-grown Strawberries, Ice
Cream and cake. Good? yes. And
Methodist measure , at Court House
Monday, May 21.
Itev. J. I. Wills, ot Ueattvville. will
preach at Mt. Hebron the fifth Sunday
in May. The public Is cordially invited.
The Ladies Aid society of the Pleas
ant Grove church will give a straw
berry supper on Tuesday evening May
2.1th. in the church yaid. Admission 25
cents, everybody cordially invited.
Mr. C. A. Wearren owns a sow that
is now raising twelve pigs and he in-
forms us that within the iait twelve
months this sow has produced and rais
ed twenty-nine pigs. Some sow.
Have your strawberry suppers, as
soon as possible. If the drouth con
tinues, strawberries will last onlv a
short time. Will make special prices
to schools, churches and lodges.
Walton K. Moss, phone 354 -P.
The friends of Miss Carrie Ueid, and
thev are many, will be glad to know
that she has accepted a position in Mr.
J. U. Dickerson's dry goods store.
where she will be glad to see her friends
and at the same time Interest them In
something Uiey may need in this line.
Mr. Dickerson has made a wise selec
tion in securing the services of Miss
Carrie and we feel certain she will
make good in her new work.
Mr. Walton E. Moss, who is the king
of strawberry raisers in this or any
other county, remembered this office
with as fine a lot of this delicious fruit
as we ever stuck our tooth in and we
desire to express to him our thanks
for his generosity.
His berries are superior this year to
any he has ever grown and he is well
prepared to supply your wants In this
line on the shortest notice.
No more enthusiastic delegation over
left a city to boost a good thing than
the one that left yesterday for Chat
tanooga to boost the Dixie Highway
for Lancaster and Garrard county.
That these bo) s will be beard from
goes without saying, for they are load
ed for bear and they propose to bring
the meat back with them.
They took the Cincinnati special train
at Danville and the following went;
J. E Stormes, L. G. Davidson, John
M. Farra. J. S. Haselden, J. L. Gill,
W. Smith, It. U Elkln. Joe J. Wal
The Kentucky State Dental Associa
tion will meet at Ashland Ky., June 8,
9, and 10, which, on account of being
in the extreme North-eastern part of
the State, bids fair to be the largest
meeting ever held, as there will be
many visitors from Ohio, Virginia and
West Virginia. Kentucky has the most
progressive organization of dentistry
of any state south of the Ohio river,
and the meeting at Ashland will be one
of unusual importance as it will have a
progressive clinic composed only of men
of national reputation. No dentist In
this state who desires to give his
patients the best in dentistry can af
ford to miss this meeting.
What are the wild waves saying,
slater? And what is Shelton Saufley
saying brother?
"The good roads boosters of Garrard
county are understood to be making a
hard fight to have the route run through
Lancaster; but as the main Wilderness
trail did not go through Lancaster but
came direct from Crab Orchard to
Stanford, thence to Danville and liar
rodsburg, It Is not believed that the
efforts of the Garrard county men will
amount to much."
No, the etforts of the Garrard county
men didn't amount to much, the only
thing we did was to get all the lioone
Highway we wanted and what was left
over we gave to Logan Ave. and How
Mr. Jim Stears, one of the most
popular newspaper men In the state
and will become President of the
Kentucky Tress Association in June, Is
nn applicant for tho postmastershlp in
his home town, Nlchotosville, and should
be appointed. The Kentucky Press is
for him to a man and his appointment
would be a.popular one. Here is hop'
ing he will land It In a walk.
Commissioner of Agriculture, John
W. Newman was in Lancaster last
Saturday and spoke in the Interest of
his candidacy for the democratic
nomination for Governor to a small
crowd In the afternoon. Though small
his audience was an appreciative one,
yet we think Mr. Newman made quite a
number of votes during his short stay
In the city. He was accompanied by
Mr. Harry McCarty and Mr. J. II.
Stears, of Nichclasvilie, the former
being his campaign manager. Mr.
Newman was introduced in a very happy
style by Mr. G. I). Swlnebroad of this
During the last two weeks more
fishermen have been abroad than was
ever known in this county, and many
good "catches" have been reported,
though we have heard of no catches
of bBss to any great extent. Recent
rains In the upper rivers, and the nest
ing period being at hand having pre
vented the latter species from taking
the hook freely. Operations have been
confined for the most part to the ponds.
and those who cared for this sport have
been unusually successful. On last
Saturday fully two hundred persons,
men, women and. children from all over
the counties gathered at the two big
ponds, the old "Nevius" pond on the
farm now owned by Mrs. A. J. Caddell,
and the Conn pond on the farm of Mr.
m Hay, both on the Kichmond pike.
and immense strings of "bream" and
an occasional "newlight" rewarded
their etforts.
These people charge twenty five
cents for each person fishing, and the
small amount but poorly remunerates
them for the trampling of their grass
and the tearing down of fences and
gates by the hordes of persons bent on
luring the finny tribe.
Walking Knight ol the Grip Here Monday.
A. C. LIghtfoot, globe trotter and
walking knight of the grip was here
Friday on his 12-hundred miles monthly
tour for the Sher-a-Coca, a Lexington
LIghtfoot holds the record as the
World s champion walker. In his
walking tour around the world which
he made In one year and 183 days, he
broke the world's record as a globe
trotter. He has a record of one mile
in five minutes and fifty seconds.
From here he went to Richmond
thence is Lexington.
Romans Opera House Saturday Night.
That Mr. Romans is pleasing the
ths public with his pictures of the
World Film Corporation is evidenced by
the fact that his house is crowded when
ever the wonderful pictures are
beings shown. The special
picture, "The Deep Purple"
that is billed for ne?t Saturday
night, is said to be by far the best of
any of this company's films. It will be
gratifying to the patrons of this house
to know that Clara Kimball Young is
featuring in The Deep Purple, and this
fact alone should tax the capacity of
his house.
Renowned Spanish Fortune Teller and
Psychic Reader at Romans Opera
House Saturday and All Next
The talk of Lancaster this week will
be "Hea Nye" the little Spanish lady,
who with her renowned fortune telling
act, has mystified a greater part of the
world and who will appear at Romans
Opera House Saturday and all next
Miss Nye's act is different from any
thing that has ever been to Lancaster
and before the week is over every man,
woman and child will be talking about
her and her wonderful talent. She
forecasts the future of any one that
desires to consult her and on Saturday
afternoon May 29 will give a matinee
especially for the ladies only at which
time she will answer privately any
question the ladies ask her. No men
will be present at this time.
"Hea Nye" will not give any private
readings during her stay in Lancaster
but will tell your fortune free at
Romans Opera House all week. She
will also give "psychic readings" Sat
urday night and on Friday night will
forecast Lancaster for the next five
The opportnnlty of seeing this re
nowned woman and her mysterious
taieni uispiayeu may not nappen again,
and all who desire or enjoy the mysteries
of presents, past or future explained or
told should attend this performance at
the Opera House Saturday night.
To Farmer Makes Its Appearance.
The cut worm, whose activities have
been rendered very active by the late
cool weather, Is receiving material as
sistance by the appearance of another
w o r m, whose ravages are
much more disastrous to the farmer
than the former pest. The new worm
is smaller and darker than the cut
worm, but his work Is none the less ef
fective because of its size.
The latter goes about Its work In a
methodical and effective manner, and
the result has been that in many In
stances entire fields of corn were de
vastated and replanting necessitated.
A submission of a specimen of the new
worm sent to the Experimental Station
at Lexington brought the Informatirn
that It was known as a "web worm".
and suggusted the use of arsenate of
lead as a spray for Its eradication, and
when replanting became necessary, the
treating of the seed to a solution of
coal tar, which is peculiarly objection
able to worms and insects, and would
effectually prevent their lavages.
However, their work has alread)
been accomplished and In many In
stances farmers have cut up and en
tirely replanted their fields, and It is
hoped that the appearance of warm
weather will serve to eradicate these
Of Baseball Fever Developing In Connty
The usual epidemic of base ball fever
has developed in the county, and the
rural teams are organizing and are
sending challenges to the world at
large, and more especially to their old
enemiss in the adjoining counties.
There is some splendid material in the
various country teams, several of whom
have been utilized to the very material
assistance of the local school team, and
in turn, the country boys secure the
service of local ringers to assist them
in their Saturday afternoon battles.
What a pity we cannot hve some kind
of a league in this pait of the state to
furnish food for the base ball hungry
people of the section. There are more
"fans" to the square inch right herein
Lancaster than any place else on the
globe, and yet we never have the
pleasure of seeing a contest, save the
creditable exhibitions occasionally stag'
ed by our school teams, or the colored
team, the latter being the best in this
part of the state.
It would only require the efforts
upon the part of some one with suf
ficient interest to organize a splendid
five or six club circuit in the surround
ing towns, and such a league would be
liberally supported and we believe
given ample financial assistance to give
at least one exhibition a week in every
town in the league from now until snow
flies. However, everyone is too deeply
interested in either politics or the
"lioone way" or Dixie highway to turn
their attention to base ball.
Necessarily Aids "Cut Out" Of Tobacco.
The prolonged dry weather of this
spring has materially, but not inten-
tianally aided the cut out of the tobacco
crop in Garrard county, and what in
early part of the year promised to be
an unusually large acreage of tobacco
will be of a necessity materially dimin
ished. There is a great scarcity of
plants throughout the county, in many
instances beds being complete failures
owing to continued dry weather, and it
is only an occasional farmer who has
sufficient plants to set the acreage
which he had originally intended to
plant. Many farmers have already
planted the land in corn which he had
originally intended to set In tobacco.
The blue grass seed crep, an industry
which has been very prolific in this
county, and very profitable to some of
our farmers, will be almost a complete
failure, and some of our buyers who
have been accustomed to send ont from
ten to twenty stoppers, will not take
the field this season, as they claim the
yield will not justify it.
Oats, also, is materially injured by the
prolonged dry weather, as are timothy
meadows, the latter in many instances,
unless rain comes soon, bidding fair to
be complete failures.
Forward wheat is looking well and
bids fair to make a tairly good yield,
but It is feaied that the dry weather
will materlally-curtail the yield of the
late planting.
Corn ia looking splendid, and as vet
is not suffering for rain, and aside from
the ravages of "the allies", the cut
worm and the web worm, both of whose
ravages have been remedied by second
planting, to a great extent, is by far
the most promising crop of the farmers
of this section.
Renewed interest has been taken on
in the hemp raising industry In this
county, and the acreage exceeds that
of many years. Hemp seed Is also
coming in foi considerable attention,
and tnauv farmers have in several
acres, from which they expect to realize
handsome profits.
Plants. Plants. Plants.
I have for sale any variety of plants
at 15 and 20 cents a hundred,
tf Dick Williams. Route 3
Don't you remember "CLARA KIM
KAIL YOUNG, the Yitagraph favorite?
I See her Salvday NkU ii "Deep Parile"
' a featare of World Fila Cor. Open Houe
The first stroke of the brush will prove the superior covering hidinel
ciate tbo difference In spreading a paint composed of:
80,'t; Lead and 20 Zinc
and the paint you have heretofore been using.
of sSchVcavy Ed U1 yU flBd W'V Lead! n0r w you find PlInt
W fcT'l1 do.n,ot wyer ke Kurfees paint, for the simple reason
that they do not contain sufficient Lead to make them cover. You know
wePaMr we.U f " J0U "Pect ver and
If you get Kurfee; SOX Lead and 20V Zinc Paint, you don't need to
vn,? Ha.ny Ball,on.3Aor ih Jb 'ou wouId ot ""ny palnVnor wm
you need to repaint the Job so soon. 4
.P,&,0ut5l!(V8 '1 the, whitest white; makes the whitest houses;
and the colors are all good and permanent. Let us figure on your Job.
We are headquarters for
j both Inside and out.
j The outside White that is White.
1 uacci ncu Done
oij Pony tickets given on all cash sales.
3 L
31 Id
There are scores of things you have yet
to make for the Summer. Don't forget to
visit the Busy Cash Store and see the beau
tiful lines of Summer goods that areondisplay
Remember the smallest member of your
family, girls and boys are 'as well provided
for as you. Give us a call.
Qof nrrlnTr onrl oil - e-vr 4- Ttroalr
The Only Palm
Reading Act
On Earth.
Who will I Marry?
Will I ever be Rich?
Is My Sweetheart True?
I Friday Miss Nye will
forcast the future of
Lancaster for the
next five years.
at 3 o'clock p. m.
Special Matinee for
Ladles Only.
IWt fwgtt lie Set of Dishes to be Girea Away Satardar KifkL
ADMISSION 5 and lOcts. No Increase.

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