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NUMIlR 41.
Hardware, Farming Im
p!einents, Buggies, Wagons
Gas Engines, Etc.
Conn Brothers.
Phone 43
For all Kinds of Job Printing.
We have the exclusive agency for the Breads
that meet every need.
mk Irttam
In the following kinds received fresh dally,
"With or without Caraway Seeds.-
Graham Wheat--c,oaudetvfrP0rard
KRIMP- "The Best Round Sandwich Loaf Made
I VIENNA- "The Hard and Tough Loaf.
I Raisen Bread-Kn,Wi,h Sun Mald
Also Fresh Rolls of All Kinds.
I Phone us your wants. Remember we are the exclusive
j' Agents.
I Davidson & Doty
The best and cheapest on the market.
All kinds of HARNESS. Perfect Satisfaction.
Runs Lighter and Lasts Longest.
When put up It stays up.
Stoves and Ranges.
They can't be beat for cooking and lasting.
PLOWS That Satisfy.
Best Roofing, Paints and Oils, pure Linseed
not Cotton Seed.
Lancaster, Ky.
Hand Us That S.
Coaatrcul Clth Mteli Toaight.
Old papers for sale t thli omce.
Flowers for nil occasions at Stormri.
Engraved Wedding, and Calling Cards
at Stormri. 2t
Automobile Batteries, Tire Tumps,
Tire Gauges, at Stormes. 2t
Any man whose will power is all in
his wife's name is to be pitied.
Try our self riling flour. It requires
no lalt, baking powder or soda.
Send your girl flowers for a Valentine
and let Billy Miller order them.
Hemp sd for sale.
Hudson, Hughes and Farnau,
Car load northern seed oats just re
ceived. Hudson. Hughri & Farnau.
See the adventurei of Terance
O'Roulce. Each storv complete at
Opera House every Monday night.
Lincoln Prize Seed Corn will produce
most corn and most silage to acre. For
ale only by Hudson, Hughes & Farnau
Don't forget Feb. 14th is Valentine
and your sweetheart is expecting
flowers and wants you to buy them from
Billy Miller.
See the Free Show at Opera House
Friday night this week. Everyone Is
especially invited to be present to see
1st episode of GRAFT.
The Ladles of the Baptist church,
ill serve court day dinner at the store
room vacated by Dickerson & Carrier.
Come, eat and help. The Ladies.
When you move be sure tn nntlfv
The Central Kecord of your change in
address, giving both your OLD and
your NEW address, so youwillnotmiss
any issues of the papers.
Next Monday Is Valentine Dav .ml
all true lovers show their "lady loves"
how much they love them by ordering
them flowers from Billy Miller. Let
him have your order at once.
The Kauffman Anti-trust Bill nasaed
the Kentucky House by 79 to 5. It
fulfills a platform pledge. The Senate
repassed the Anti-pass Bill with the
amendments made in the House.
The next time Mr. Green Clay Wal
kergois to Stanford, that thriving
metropolis situated on creek, he
should take a whole hour off in order
to shake hands with all the inhabitants
An eminent writer has said that we
are physically, morally and mentally
what our thoughts make ui. Good!
With this as an aid and a guide we
ought to be able to diagnose the
thoughts of every one in town.
We are sending the message "I love
you" to each and every subscriber of
the Central Kecord this week, for
Cupid will have paid his yearly visit
before our next issue, so here's hoping
"you and your folks love me and my
folks, like me and my folks love you
and your folks."
Helen Keller, who all her life has
enjoyed being entertained by the great
est actors, will reverse the usual order
of such events and become the enter
tainer on February 11, when she will
give her first lectures in Louisville at
the First Christian church, under the
auspices of the King'a Daughters.
Mrs. Elisabeth F. Mohrwas acquitted
by a jury ,n the Superior Court at
Providence. R. I., of a charge of hav
ing instigated the murder of her husb
and. C. Victor Brown aed Henry H.
Spellman, negroes, who were accused
of the actual killing, were found guilty.
Mrs. Mohr swooned while the jury was
announcing the verdict.
Governor Stanley has the tame right
to send for members of the Kentucky
Legislature ana "uiscusss with them
legislative proposals of importance to
the Stato as has the President of the
United States to confer with members
of the House 'and Senate. Constructivn
legislation of any kind, whether at
Washington or at a State capital or in
a city, u impossible unless the execu
tive and the legislative bodies work
The greatest trouble with the potato
industry In Kentucky so far as quality
goes in the custom of using small tubers
for seed, according to F. E. Merrlman,
of Kenton county, who led the potato
discussion before the county agents
conference last Thursday. Like produces
like. When dwarf seed are planted the
proportion of small potatoes in a hill is
large. When the largest specimens
from the most prolific hills are planted,
large potatoes are the result. When a
farmer planta small potatoes the seed
is bound 10 "run out," he declared.
Our new store is equipp
ed with everything you
need. We pay the highest
market price for your pro
duce. Bring it to us and
get A FREE HITCH at Dock
Lee's Livery Stable.
Dickerson & Carrier.
Mr. J. E. Kobinson sold forty-four
head of cattle last week to Johnson and
Whitehouse that averaged 1200 pounds
and the pricJpald was $7.25 a hundred.
Stanford has claimed for its date of
the next fair, as August 23, 24 and
25th, 1916. No better fair In the state
is held than the one at Stanford and we
are glad that they are to have another,
If you have not seen the many bar
gains that Mr. Tom Howard is offering
his customers, you are standing very
much in your own light. His stock ii
overcrowded and he is closing out at
coat to make room for his spring goods.
The W. C. T. U. will observe Wil-
lard Memorial day, Saturday, In their
room at 2:30 o'clock. All members are
urged to come and friends are cor
dially Invited. It ia customary to give
a silver offering at this service as this
money is used to extend the temper
ance work.
Morrow and McKobert have an in
teresting antique in an old clock. It is
a mantle clock, has wooden works and
is over a hundred years old. It is keep
ing just as good time today as the day
it was made. It haa a beautiful, wood
en, hand painted face so it has nothing
over some of the girls in that line, If it
has in the number of years.
Greatest of all serial pictures begins
at the Onera House in Lanraator Prl.
day, February 11th. Two shows that
night, the first one begins promptly at
7:15 and the second one promptly at
8:30. Everyone is cordially invited to
attend. No admission to anyone. This
is your invitation, so be sure and come,
and see the best picture ever shown in
We are indeed glad that Danville is
to have a hotel and that Stanford n
have Chautauqua. If they keep up
mis gooa wora tney will soon be in
class with Lan caster, an v. hav n.
Joyed both of these luxuries for a num.
oer or years and could'nt at thla Hm.
see how we could rat alonir without
either. We do not envy our neighbors
in any 0r tnese good things.
Haselden Brothers h ivn aMori tn
their delivery system, one nf thn Anrn
Trailers and are making some record
Dreamng deliveries with this modern
innovation. A man came into their. t nra
recently and admired a stove on ex
hibition and remarked; "if I didn't live
forty miles from here. I wnnlil
He was informed that "distance lends
enchantment" to this firm and that the
stove could be delivered in a few hrrnr.
The trade was made and the stove de
livered, making the round trip of eighty
miles in much leas than a day.
It is with regret we learn there has
been made a change in the firm of the
Joseph Mercantile Co. Mr. Authur
Joseph has sold out his Interest in said
firm to bis mother, Mrs. Lizzie Joseph,
and his brother, Mr. Adolph Joseph.
While It is with regret we learn that
Authur and his most estimable wife
will seek their fortune elsewhere, we
are glad to state this enterprizing firm
will continue busines at the same stand
in the same up-to-date way.
Authur was born and reared in our
town and is not only considered one of
our best business young men but he Is
popular with all classes and will make
friends wherever he goes. Lucktohim!
Ill complimenting our good friend
Walker, Editor Saulley takes a dig at
our city in the following urticle. He
might havo mentioned that Lancaster
is on the "BOONE WAY", he certain
ly hasn't forgotten that.
Green Clay Walker, county attor
ney of Garrard, und moving picture
show magnate of that delightful little
village, Lancaster, located just over
the north Lincoln boundary, was in
town to secure a film from local Mana
ger C. Haya Foster, of the Stanford
opera house, as his own missed train
connection and did not arrive in time.
Mr. Walker waa kept busy while here
receiving congratulations from his
many Lincoln friends upon his recent
The enterprising citizens of Lancas
ter have adopted the plan of having
several "big days" In the spring and
fall, and they are made so entertaining
that people come to the city from all
parts of Garrard and neighboring coun
ties. Last Monday an automobile and
other valuable prizes were given away
and there was much excittment in the
contest. The plan serves well to bring
the people together and likewise brings
much busineai to the merchants. They
know how to do things in that hustling
city. Danville Messenger.
We wish to thank our good friend
and the Records good friend, Mrs. W.
B. Moss, for The Record of June 3rd.
This la not the first time she has come
to our assistance in this matter and we
are truly grateful.and also sppreciative
of the fact that she prizes each Issue
of the Record.
Mr. W. B. Burton bought twenty fat
mare mules In Richmond last Monday,
running in ages from four to six years
at an average of $185 a head. This
waa the best bunch of mules we have
sun together for some time. They
were bought for the Wilson Live Stock
Company, of Wilson. N. C. and were
shipped to that point this morning. In
this car was a premium pair of 5 year
old mare mules, recently bought of
Andy Gooch. of Lincoln county, for
SOU. They matched like two eggs and
weighed 2350 pounds. Mr. Burton also
shipped a car load to Butler Ga and
were sold through Mr. W. R. Cook, of
this city, who is trading there this
A beautiful thought was that of the
missionary society of the Presbyterian
church when thev decided tn pall fhlr
yearly offering for missions The Rock
well Smith Memorial Fund.
The funds will be used iust as thev
were always used, but the memory of
a beloved pastor and the work he so
dearly loved will be kept green by the
In the passage of the Kauffman Anti
trust Bill by 79 to 5 the House fulfilled
another Democratic platform pledge,
making three in all that have been re.
deemed by it since the present session
or me Kentucky Legislature began.
the bill was taken up as a special
order of business and consumed but
little time. The only person who ad
dressed the House on the measure was
II. C. Kauffman, of Garrard county, its
author, who briefly outlined its provis
ions, and concluded with the statement
that it had the unqualified backing of
the Governor.
Glover Carv, of McLean countv. of-
fered aeveral amendments, all lending
to strengthen the measure and accepta
ble to Mr. Kauffman, which were
adopted. Only five Representatives
voted against the bill.
The friends of Mr. Kauffman, here
in his home town, are iustlv proud of
the record he is making in the legisla
ture and the stand be has taken with
the Governor in carrying out the plat
form pledzes. The bill is a nonular ona
and will pass the Senate by a handsome
SafMssaTaalaWaaisafSWaitaiaaS.aH, t n , mf
Place Your Order Now.
Jail A Core For Bootleggers.
In refusing to grant a pardon to Geo.
A. Riddle, of Union County, aentencad
to ten days in jail for selling liquor ina
local option territory. Governor Stanley
issued a statement in which he stands
firmly upon his original attitude in re
gard to local option.
In this statement he says:
"As a candidate I repeatedly assert
ed my hearty concurrence in this set
tlement of a vexed problem which has
so long disturbed the councils of de
liberative bodies and delayed the en
actment of much-needed, progressive
legislation. I was nominated upon a
platform which indorsed this law and
set th-j seal of Its approval upon it as
a deliberate and final determination of
the whole matter.
"The bootlegger may reimburse his
losses in the form of fines by the suc
cessful operation of his illegal business
afler they are imposed. Incarcerated
in the county jail he will have abundant
time and opportunity to consider the
nature and character of his olfense and
those who are more fortunate, but
equally quilty. will find in him an ex
ample of what they, too, may expect
after detection and conviction.
"The request for the remission of the
jail sentence in this case is, therefore.
Of any other Countv in Kentucky or
any other State.
To Everybody, Everywhere,
To Anybody, Anywhere.
Do you want to sell your farm?
See us.
Do you want to trsde your farm?
See us.
Do you want to buy a farm?
See us.
Do you want to sell your stock of
See us.
Do you want to trade your farm for
a larger farm, do you want to trade
your farm for a smaller farm, do you
want to trade your farm for a stock of
merchandise or the merchandise for a
farm, in fact do you want to get a deal
of any kind started?
Don't delay, get a move on you, let
us do the hustling and make you money.
Hughes & Swlnebroad,
The Real Estate Men,
2-10 6t Lancaster, Ky.
; Stone's Pure Butter Cake
I Theo Ciirrey.
Exclusive Agent.
K Monday and Friday, 5 Cents Per Dozen.
Please gttv Received ttf
Who want jjj by
the Best.jjjjp? Express. Ijj
Make the Best Remedy at Home 128 Teaspoonsful for 50 cents.
If everything was sold in as liberal and
fair a manner as tho below named drug
gists are selling Schlffmann's New Con
centrated Expectorant, absolutely no
cause for complaint or dissatisfaction
could possibly arise from anyone. These
druggists say "Buy a bottle of this rem
edy and try it for Bronchitis, Whooping
Cough, Severe Cough, Croup or any
Bronchial Affection, and wo will return
your money, just tho same as we do with
Schiffmann's famous Asthmador, if it
does not give satisfaction, or if not found
the best remedy ever used for any of
these complaints." Why not take ad
vantage of this guarantee and try this
medicine, and get your money back, rath
er than buying another purely on the
exaggerated claims of its manufacturer
or on the strength of testimonials from
others and run the chance of getting
something worthless and also wasting
your money?
In buying this remedy, besides secur
ing an absolute guarantee of its efficiency
from these druggists, you also get about
eight times as much medicine as you
would in buying most any of the old
fashioned, ready-made kinds, which aver
age from 20 to 32 teaspoonsful, because
50c worth makes a whole pint (128 tea
spoonsful) when mixed at home with
simply one pint of sugar and one-half pint
of water. This remedy positively doe
not contain chloroform, opium, morphine
or any other narcotic It is pleasant to take
and children aro fond of it. You will be
the sole judge, and under this positive
guarantee absolutely no risk Is run in buy
ing this remedy. Druggists everywhere
arc authorized to sell it under the same
guarantee as Schiffmann's famous Asth
mador of "Money Back" if not perfectly
satisfactory. K.J. Schiff mann, Proprietor,
Saint Paul, Minn. Guaranteed hero by
C. C.;& J. E. Stormes, Lancaster, Ky.
Announcement Cards and Calling Cards. Q
1 Beautiful Flowers
ft For Gifts, Dinners Wed- ft
ding's and Funerals. 1
3K Best Fountain Service In Town Served In a
Zi t Sanitary Manner.

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