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The Central Record, Thursaay Oct 19 19 Id
T -
lisfc "
In over a million homes they know
At some lime every woman has lind
her cofTee problem "bad coffee,
medium coffee, coffee thai wus never
twice the same."
A million women have solved the
problem by serving Arbuckles'. Get
npnekafjeof Arbuckles' Coffee today
nnd see why.
Everyone likes it. Morning after morn
ing a million men praise it for its fine,
full flavor. Women depend on it. In
all these homes, it help3 make break
fast a complete success.
Read what n few of these women say:
"I recommend Arbuckles' CoiTre to my
friends. I buy it oil the time because it is
belter coffee." Miss II., Mercer, Ky.
"I use Arbuckles' because it is stronger than
35s coffee, nr. J Arbuckles' packages aro full
IG oz." Mrs. V., Coldwotcr, Kans.
LOUISVILLE HOTEL, LOUISVILLE, KY., Main St., between 6th and 7th.
The Only Hotel In I.ouUvilU1 Operated on the American nnd European Plans.
AMERICAN PLAN. Rooms without Hath hut with Hot and Cold Running Water.
(With Meal) 75 Idioms single. 1!.00 per day; 2 people. $L'.00 each.
M Rooms single. 2 fiO per day; 2 people, !!.2S each.
M I'ront Rooms single, 00 per day; 2 people, 2 50 each.
Rooms with Private Hath:
fill Idiom silicic, 3.00 er dii) ; 2 people, 2 "5 each.
SO Idiom single, H.&Operday; 2 people. 3.00 each.
EUROPEAN l'fN. Itsoms without Hath but with Hot and Cold Running Water.
( Without Meats) TS Itoonn single. $1.00 per day; 2 people. $0.70 each.
flO Idioms iugle, 1.00 per day; 2 people, 1.00 each.
60 front Itoom single, 1.&0 per day; 2 people, 1.25 each.
Itooms with Private Hath:
Ml Rooms tingle, 1. 60 per day; 2 people, 1.25 each.
fill Itoom firgle. 2.00 per day; 2eople, 1.60 each.
THE OLD INN, Louisville, Ky., Corner Sixth and Main Sts., European Plan Only.
Rooms Without lint's. II. no ami up; Itoonn With Private Hath, Jl-'O and up.
The Lnui-vili.- Hotel and the tl.d Inn are Incottd in the whole dv district and only n three block's walk to the
rrtml (Jitu't iirnl tlii-atrm.
Louisville Hotel and Old Inn Company, Proprietors.
-laving sold my farm, I will on
aturdau, October 28th
beginning at 10 a. m , at my
home near Spainey. sell at public
auction, the following:
Olio tiray mart. 11 yenrs iM, work uny where, jjooti driver; 1 bay
inure, ciiilit years aid, work any where, dontl driver; 1 sorrel tnnre, sev
en years old. work any where, good driver; 1 hlind horse, 7 yenis old,
and ilentle for women and children to drive; 1 nuile coll; 1 mare innlo
colt; 1 horse coll; 1 bay mare, six years old and colt; 2 I'.ooil milk cows;
2 jjonii suekllnii calves; I head of hogs; 1 two-liorre wagon; 1 bugiiy and
harness; 1 hay frame; 1 cultivator; 1 section harrow; 1 itirnlntf plow; 2
double sho-el plows; 1 laying olT plow: II sets of plow gear; 1 eight acre
Held of corn; some household and kitchen furniture.
Terms easy and made known
on day of sale.
B. D.
Capt. W. T. Kiny, Auctioneer.
"I have been using Arbuckles' Coffee for
years. I think it is the only coffee fit to
drink." -Mrs. A. C. W., Lay, Colo.
"We have used Arbuckles' Coffee for ten
yenrs, nnd have not yet found its superior or
equal." Miss H., Bessemer, Ala.
"The finest cup of coffee I ever tastcdl"
Like these million other women you
can have your husband say this. Isn't
that satisfaction worth a little time
and effort wouldn't it be worth
while even to make n special trip to
the grocery store for a package of
that fresh, full flavored coffee a million
other men are enjoying?
Have it tomorrow. He will praise it
morning after morning. When you
serve Arbuckles' you will know why
it has solved the coffee problem in
over n million homes.
There oro hundreds of varieties of coffee grown. To Ret the
result you want, the coffee itself must be right. Arbuckles'
Coffee is. It is put up by ArbucMe Uros., the Greatest coffee
merchants in the world. They can Rive you Rreater value in
coffee than anyone else. No wonder Arbuckles' is the tnost pop
ular coffee in America today!
Too Busy Otherwise.
I'mle "Ami what iloes your young
mm do for ii lllni;V" Niece "Why.
uncle. J mi ain't expect JneU to do
toothing for n Uxlng while we're cu
gngeil." liiixtun Transcript.
Mrs. Jay McGcc, ol St:ph
enville. Texas, writes: 'For
nine (9) years. I sulfcred with
womanly trouble. I had ter
rible headaches, and pains In
my back, etc. It scene J as It
I would die, I tt.tlcied so. At
list, I decided to try Csrdul,
the woman's tonic, and it
helped me right away. The
full treatment not only helped
me, but it cured mc."
Th9 Woman's Tonic
Cartful lit Ips women In time
ol crcatest need, because It
contains Ingredients which act
specifically, yet gently, on the
weakened womanly organs.
So, I! you feel discouraged,
blue, out-ot-sorts, unable to
do your household work, on
account ol your condition, stop
worrying and Give Car Jul a
trial. It has helped thousands
ol women, why net you?
Try CarduL Ii-71
Tho Kentucky Hta'c McJIcal Asso
ciation will hi .1 Its annual meeting
In Ilopkln.-' i.' 0 tolicr 21 to 27
JuilRf! John V l.ockett, KS years old,
of llenilerfon, f-rmor AssNlant Attor
ney Ocncral, dlnl In I'raniifort.
Col. Theodore ttoocovc' will speak
at Corhln nml I n lon We.lnesday, Oc
tober IS, while in his Wrstcrn ram
palgn trip In lieiialf of lloglics nnd
While WnlUr I'helps, 10 years old.
as asleep In a room Ir. hh mothrr'a
Hat In l.oxliifton, unknovn persons en
tered tho rRui hy a rear window and
took J400 In money nnd Jewelry.
T. J. Conic s. President id tho East
ern State Normal School, has ap
pointed I'. ('. Gentry, of Itlchmond, as
Secretary and Iluslness .Manager o(
tho coIIcrc.
Klve deputies of the Kentucky fish
and same warden made a rail of 2C0
miles on both shores of Crccn Itlvcr.
They raptured and destroyed flshliiR
nets and sclns valued at $3,000.
Sulphur was partly swept by fire
that originated In tho cupola of the
llaptlst Church recently. The loss Is
estimated at between tl.'.OOO and
Dr. Ira Landrlth, of Nashville, nom
inee, for Vice-President, of tho Prohi
bition party, delivered speeches In
Henderson and other western towns
and cities from the Prohibition special
train which Is tourlnK tho country.
Ueflnllo plans for bringing tho $2,
t.00,0i)0 refining plant of the Mcllck Oil
Iteflnlng Company to Lexington were
Itarned when It was announced that
the Hoard of Commerce had taken an
option on fifty acres of land.
In the new rlty directory just Issued,
Lexington Is credited with a popula
tion of 41,500. n gain of 33.1 per cent
In tho last decade. The Increaso over
tho population of last year Is about
Tho Statu Board of Control of Char
Itablo Institutions elected Dr. S. L.
Helm Superintendent of tho Institute
for the Kerblc-Mlnded at Krankfort,
succeeding Dr. II. C. Kelioo, of Plem
lngsburg. Triplets two girls and a boy were
born at Lexington to Mrs. Swift, wife
of the Itev. W. A. Swift. Methodist
minister and editor of tho Central
Methodist. The youngsters aro well
developed and apparently healthy.
Itev. John Itoblnetta, Louisville, was
found guilty of a misdemeanor and
sentenced to spend six months In Jail.
He was accused of having taken a gold
watch and fob. a Quantity of stamps
and some surgical Instruments from
tho olllcn of Dr M. S. Klrwan.
The Irish and sweet potato crops
are reported poor generally throughout
tho state. The average yield of Irish
potatoes Is estimated at 73 bushels
per acre, and of sweet potatoes 79
bushels. Late garden conditions arc
llond Issues for tho Improvement of
public roads have been voted In 2S
countries aggregating f5.755.000. In
nearly all of these counties tho bonds
hate been sold nt a premium and tho
money on deposit Is drawing Interest
at n rate of from 2 to 4 per cent.
(Irovcr C. Il.iker. turfman, member
of tho firm of linker & Adair, Coving
ton, was made defendant In a suit filed
by Prances Hose, executrix of tho es
tate of Ooorgo Itoso. She declares
September 30. 1910, Il.iker borrowed
$2,125 from her hiwband, who died In
San Pranclsco In 1914.
(Sroeg earnings of the LouUUIlo &
Naslivlllo Italiioad Compaii) continue
to show Increases as Indicate 1 by the
follow ln statement Issued from the
Comptrollers olliie: First week Sep
tember, $!.304,!ni7i. Increase. $219. 12e.
from July 1 to September 1, 17.4 II, !"!,
Increase $2,351,982.
Sidney (1. Clay, former legislator
fiom Ilourbon County, was shot and
killed at the home of Lee lVners.
Clay has been In the limelight for sev
eral years. Mis wife, who wa Miss
May Stoner, secured :i divorce a fow
months ago. Hearers, who llvos near
Paris, was arrested.
V. O. (lllbcrt, superintendent of pub
He Instruction, has mailed checks
amounting to $550,"55.49 to school su
perintendents for the first installment
duo city and rural school teachers. Of
this amount $I4K,07i.2i goes to tho
rural teachers and $!(2,G79.23 to city
te.ii hers.
It Is reported In Krankfort that
Thomas Welch, of Nlcholasvllle, may
bo Induced to reconsider his refusal
of tho appointment as secretary of the
Slate Tuherceldsls Commlsidon. Dr.
Welch felt he could not afford to Rlo
up Ills practice, but efforts hare been
made to Induce him to tako up tho
work by the commission.
Charllo llrown and Klma Cope, who
myetcifoi.bly disappeared from their
homo nt Ilcntou n week ago, wore
found dead beside each other In tho
woods near their homo Sunday. Three
bullet holes nero In tho girl's body
mid ono bullet had pierced llrown's
heart. It Is believed they planned
und commuted a suicide pact.
The city of Newport will receive $10,
000 from tho I'nlted Stated (lot em
inent Seven years ago tho Newport
pumping plant on tho Ohio ltlver
burned, An oil lamp placed on tho
bulldlui: as a signal (lovcrnmcnt light
exploded, causing tho lire, It was clalm
id Tho lo. j entailed was $40,000 and
Newpuit UK J ruclilm for that amount
caltikt "l0 Covcraincut.
Jacob SchulzConipany
Fine Cut Flowers
Phones 339-F 13 -or 83. All
Wm. F. Miller,
The Franklin County Development
League, of ICO members, wis organ
lied at Krankfort, to develop agricul
ture. In order to stimulate an Intelligent
Interest In tho subjert of woman suf
frage among the coming generation of
citizens the Kentucky Cqual flights
Association will offer $100 In prltoi
for tho four best essays In fat or of
thn (iiftaiuhlrcnictit of women. Tills
contest will Lo open to nil pupils In
the prltale and public schools of the
Kentucky crude oil has taken an
other iipvr.i,! turn, the Ik tier grade
being advainPd to $1.85 toil the In
ferior msd. to 85 rents per barrel.
Iho adviniPH were 111 and 5 cents e
tho respecthe grade.. Oiieratnrs pre
dict that the former high record prt' "v
of $2 and 90 nuts on the two gim'
will again b9 quoted liefoie the lnt:
season is far advanced.
Dr. C. i'. Owens, 53 yenrs old, noted
alienist and one of the mot promfn n
physicians In Kentucky, died nt h'i
home, Covington, of Injuricw sustain i j
In nn accident nt l.ntonia race conr.e
In a rush for a car follo-vlrs tho In"'
race. Dr. Owens was thrn-cn to tie
ground. Sevoinl pcr-om fell on hlri ,
II" suffered a fractnro of h!.i hip j
which was followed by complications.'
Charles IJvans llughfs. the l:cpub-
Ilcan presidential romlrm, iina'cil
tho mountain section of Katern Ken- j
tucky last week. It was the la1' of I
tho candidate to throw so nui-h en j
thti'l ism Into 1)."00 r.i .-.m-.i! . no-.'
votl: p mountaineers that lliev ' tiJ-t ,
gn to the poll on r!c"lon ill A'
big barheci.o was held In lIUcivl'
TI i"-c! wee six speeches irnde, )a : ,
at Louisville.
What rallioad officials LelleTo wn-;
an attempt to elerpll the III!;,:, etc
cl.il wai dl'CovBreJ Jt ct before the I
special left Paint -vl!!e. T'io Itislde'
finnge on one of tho rails had lrn
tmahci In such a way that the tr.u
men said it coi 1 1 only have he -r e!i i e
by n sledo hammer. The break '-. -discoierrd
several rnlniitiw before the
Hughes "peci.il was rct.ednled to li-ae
arid a new rail was put In place In a
fow minutes.
The Crurt of Appeals construed Sec
tion 19.1 It of tho Kentucky Statutrs
which prov'de" for the registration
with the County Clerk the names of
tho person comprising a firm. If the
business Is conducted under an as
sumed or fictitious name. Tlio court
holds that the statute Is unconstitu
tional, being violative of Section 51 of
thn constitution In any case except
where the name of the business Is a
fictitious or as!i".rd name.
At a meeting of the Fifth District
members of tho Southern Wholesale
Dry Goods Association, comprising
Kentucky nnd West Virginia, held In
IjxIngton, Ky.. a resolution opposing
tho proposed Stephens-Ashurst regu
latlon price bill was unanimously
adopted. Tho bill was characterized
as detrimental to Jobbing and retail
Interests nnd the dry goods men pro
pose to wage an active campaign
against tho measure.
That practically all of the tobacco
In Kentucky Is housed Is the statement
of Commissioner of Agriculture Cohen
In his crop report for October, it Is
curing well and Is good In color, tex
' ture and quality. It Is estimated that
hurley tobacco will yield 919 pounds
per acre, and dark tobacco will yield
I S51 pounds per acre as n state aver
' age. This Is a high estimate and runs
I nlout 78 nnd 77 pounds per acre, re-
spectlvely, higher than last car's re
I port.
j Attorney Will D. Oldham, of I.cxlng
' ton, was fined $10 and costs nnd given
l four hours in which to nppeil to the
' Circuit Court for an Injunction against
tho enforcement of a Jail sentence
given him In Police Court for refufal
to hold up his hand and swear or a"
firm tho correctness of a property re
turn In the Assessment Depirnient of
tho city. Mr. Oldham plei.'rd con
sclentlous scruples against taking an
oath, holding that consiItntloir.il rk'M
Is Involved.
DudgctlnK of current expenses In
keeping with the state's Income anilj
the Issuance of bonds for n sufficient
period of years to wipe out the pres-1
ent detklte of $4,200,000, as well as'
tho enactment of a tax law that will,
Justly distribute the burden, are
among the remedies proponed to meet
the state's flnauclal problem by Max
11. Nahm, of Howling Oroen. President
of the Kentucky Il.mkera' Association.
In his annu.il address in Louisvillo be
fore tho annual convention of tho state ,
Looses from hog cholera In Ken
tucky amounting to $2,000,000 annually
were reduced one half last year, ac
cording to statement of Dr. Iiobort j
(raham. head of the Department of.
Diseases of Live Stock at tho expert
ment station at I.oxlnnton. The reduc
tion has boon accomplished by work
nt tho hoic cholera serum laboratory (
nnd hy tho campaign conducted 1
that department In tho experiment sta
tion during the Mat six jcars. Hoc-
ords show during these jears 2'i.ci'n
hogs were vscclmeted with a saving of
90.1 per cent of them.
One of the most unusual dlvorco
dulls over tiled In the Jefferson Circuit
Court was dUposed of when Judge
A. M. Wallace Informed tho wifo her
petition had no standing. Tho plain
tiff was married In 1S9S. to L. It. Cross
field. Three years luter Crossdold dis
appeared. Six years later Mro'Cros
field, believing her first hiikbaud dead,
became tho wlfo of Walter 11. fryer
I'rycr nnd his wife lived happily to
ccthcr until August 3, 191U, when
Crossficld, husband No. 1, was locutod
at I'rankfort, Ky. Threo days after
this discovery Mrs. Fryer filed suit
to divorce hubsuijd No. 2.
For AIS Occasions.
Orders Kecei"e Prompt Attention
Agt. Lancaster.
Sale of Real
J. I'. Itobinson, 1'laintilT,
John Nelson, Defendant.
W. It Manon, Grdn., et si
on Cioss-petition, I'luIntHIV, '
John Nclstn, Defendant. 1
Pursuant to n judgment rei.dered nt
the August Term, 19115. the under
signed Commissioner will sell at public
auction to the highest and best bidder
before the C'eurt House door in I.nn
cutter, Kv-. bt II o'clock A. M., or1
thereabouts on I
It Leinc the fust day of the (larratd
Court Term, tho rest estate mentioned ,
in the pic .dings and described as fol-1
lows: j
In Currnrd County, Kentucky, In the;
City of Lancaster, and in what is
known as Iiaker Addition to said City
of Lancaster, on Campbell Street and
deicribed ns follows: Ileing lot No. lit
of llaker Addition, on the West side ut
Campbell street with n front of 82 feet!
and on the Noith fide 217 feet, South
side llaker Avcrue 219 feet, on thej
Wc st by the I, & N. Railway's right j
of way 104 feel, ar.d containing- 92,
poles, nnd bofnp; the same lot conveyed
to J. IJ. Carter. Match 18, 189S, by J. I
W. Miller, Master Commissioner for
nnd on behalf of Abner linker's heirs '
by deed recorded in the
Clerk's Oflic.
(mrrnrd County Court
In Deed IJook
1C page My.
The purpose of the sale is to satisfy
the debts ocs'iist the said .trim Nelson
as follows: W. II. Mason, UuHrdian of
Masters Heirs. $.147 75; S. G. & J. It.
Hasi-lden, debt & interest, $100.5C;
J. I. Hamilton, debt & interest,
$127.15; Davidson & Doty, debt & in
terest $2.1.22; Theo. Currey. debt & in
terest ?2G.03; total debt, ff.24.71. esti
mated cot of uction. $100.00.
The sale will be made on a credit o
six months and the purchaser will he
required to execute bond with an
proved security for the purchase price,
duo in six months after date bearing
interest at the rate of six ner cent ner
nnnum from date until paid, hnvinc the
force and effect of h judgment for
which execution may issue, rn.Vute to
W. II. Itrown, Master Commissioner
Gnrrard Circuit Court, ar.d a lien will
he reerved upon the property sold un
til all the purchase money is pidd.
W. II. iirown. M. C. O. C. C.
Am. Rourne, Auctioneer.
lounlj Court Days.
Richmond, 1st. Monday.
Paris, 1st. Monday.
Krankfort, 1st. Monday.
Harrodsburtf, 1st. Monday.
Lexington, 2nd. Monday.
Stanford, 2nd.Mor.day.
Shelbyvillc. 2nd. Monday
Carlisle, 2nd. Monday.
Danville, 3rd. Monriar.
Lawrenceburtr, 3rd. Monday
Nlcholasvllle, 3rd. Monday.
Mt. Sterlinc. 3rd. Monday.
Somerset, 3rd. Monday.
Georgetown, 3rd. Monday.
LANCASTER. 4th. Monday
Winchester, 1th. Monday.
Montlcello. 4th. Monday.
Versailles, 4th. Monday
More Silo
f Less Money
Make no deal for a tilo without
getting our figures and fixture!. We
Rive more and better anchorage.
Slauncher door (came. Steel. hinged,
four-latch door, Sleel step ladder,
step every 19 inches. Uetter compare,
tive contraction throughout.
Get Our Prices
Before You Buy
Our dirtrt Kipmcnt ol Uvi nJ fii.
tutft and tmallei tlKng nj cprtin
eitxriM retftn mort tJo lor ! montjr than
ny iJo company n tivt you.
Ll ui prov it
ultK figutf
W. 1'. Kincaid, Mr.
Stanford, Ky.
Agents fur Garrard County.
M v",: :OI hi il ma
Uul ill """ll-fli ifJ i i iiV ui'U
a RSIil m'! : i ff.
I Or. Wm. D. Pryorn
Veterinary Surgeon
and Dentist.
Office at Hainey s Livery S5ts4p.
Lancaster. .- KentucXj
H. IV. Marrow, UrMlualc Optician
cil.c Ficitit Hut ifi timmiirnicei.
Phone 391-M
Fine Cut Flowers.
John M. PlcRobert5.
I Paint Lick.
I John II. Casey, IK V. S.
Veterinary Surgeos.
f Gradllllte
.J. A. Beazlev
Olllce Over National Ilanlr.
Residence 1'hone 3. Office TiVoae 27
Three Brown Manle
to close out at cost,
6. G. COX, Manse,Ky
SST 0ir.ee Hours )t-,
M. K. Denny and W. 1 Wbeder
Doctors Of Denial Surgery;
Ottice; 'stornu't Ktitldicgorei Hurt A Aii
on' urntiiirc Hterc
Fruitand ShadeTrftes
Shrubs. Grape Vines,
Rhubarb, Asparagus,
Roses, Phlox, Peonies
EverylliinjJ for Orciinrtl. Lown aat
Write for free Cutaloiiie. No Ajts
H.F.Hillenmeyer & Son?;
Lcxlniiton. Kentucky.
1841. 191C
This Agreement Witnesseth; That
( in order to protect tlie Kame on our
t lands for a jiniod of three roars vt
bind ourselves not to liunt tlicreoa, nor
permit anybody else to do so, and wo-
furthcr agree to prosecute with dili
I uence all persons who violute the gumt
( laws of Kentucky or trespass upon cur
, lundi for the purpose of hunting. And
we further agree to act as I)eput
Game Wardens for the purpose of car
, rviuR out this agreement. Except each
of us have the right to kill rabbits ur
our ."arms or permit it to be done by
another under our supervision, or the
supervision of some responsible and
reliable person selec'ed by us.
This November 15lh. 1015.
It.. L. Elkin, J. K. Robinson,
Jno. M. Karra, W. II. II row n,
V. U. llurton, Alex Walker,
Haselden Uros.. T. A. Klkin.
J. II. Dalton, F. M. Tinder.
John II. Smith. Logan Hubble,
.1. N. Ross. U. M. Deshon.
Fisher Herring, II. D. Cox,
Hughes Uros, J. W, Sweeney,
Withers Uros. W. M. Mah.n.
William, Marcus atiJ Jim Whit.
II. V. Wilmot,
Frtd J. Conn,
J. U. Yopv.
Mrs. David Chrnanlt,
W. R. Cook.
Huffman ttros,
Wm. G. Andsrson.
J, tV. Elmore,
T. C. Rankin,
Sam Cotton,
T. M. Arnold. Jr.
R. E. Henry.
A. U. llradshaw,
R. L. Darker.
W. a Moss
Jno. M, White,
llrignt Herring.
Scott Hulliusu

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