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The Central Record, Thursaay Nov 2 19It
Do Not Endanger Life Wbtn A Lancaster
Citizen Shows Yon the War to Avoid It.
Why will people continue to suffer
the agonies of kidney complaint, back
ache, urinary disorders, lameness, head
achca, languor, why allow themselves
to become chronic Invalids, when a teat
ed remedy Is offered llien.7
Doan's Kidney Pills have been used in
kidney trouble over 50 years, hnve been
tested in thousands of cases.
If vou have any, even one, of the
symptoms of kidney diseases, act now,
Dropsy or Brlght's disease mav set in
and make neglect dangerous. Head
this Lancaster testimony:
V. C. Davis, tailor, Danville I'lk
Lancaster, says: "Mv kidneys were
disordered and I suffered from pains
across the small of mv back. The
irregular kidney action obliged me to
arise at night. I have considerable
bending to do in my work and I became
easily tired and languid Doan's Kid'
ney Pills relieved me." '
Price 50c, at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that Mr.
Davis had. Koster-Milburn Co., Props
Buffalo. N. Y. 11-2-21.
Mr. Jesse Kay was the guest of Mr.
Aulton Warren Monday night.
Mr. Walker llradshaw and family
were visitors of Mr. Tomps Hill and
family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Grow and daugh.
ters Irene and Lucile motored to Nich
olasville Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Stony Sebastin and
daughter Grace were the guests of Mrs
N. K. Bogie Sunday.
Air. and Mrs. Porter Warren and
children spnt the day with Mr. George
Hav and family Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Grow were the
guests of Mrs. Tompson Sebastin
Saturday night and Sunday.
Miss Margaret Ray the little daugh'
ter of Mr E. B. Ray entertained quite
a number of her friends at her birth
day party Sunday afternoon there were
many games played and she received
quite a.number of presents. Ice cream
and cake were served.
ooo 00000000006
Coughs and Colds
Not to Be Neglected
Anyone will realize the seriousness
or neglecting a coM If he observes
results of such neglect among his
acquaintances. How often have you
heard. "lie caught cold, didn't do any
thing for It and It turned Into" then
some dreaded disease Is named I
Ordinary colds yield to prompt
treatment at the beginning. That Is
why every family should be supplied
with a reliable cough medicine one
that will heal raw and Inflamed sur
faces, loosen the phlegmw allay Irri
tation, ease the hoarseness and stop
the tickling sensation In the throat
that docs not permit one to sleep.
Foley's Honey ami Tar Compound
Is Invaluable for relief or coughs,
colds, croup, whooping cough, tick
ling in throat, tightness or soreness.
Krlppo or bronchial coughs. It run
tains no harmful Ingredlerl ' fa
healing, soothing, efficient a:i I ; bas
ing. cold Everywhere.
Mr Hogg sold 0 shnals nt "c.
John Royston gohi 10 fat hag at 8c.
IEyle Isoni sold a mixed lot of hogs
for 7J cents.
The intent son of Mr anil Mrs Hiram
I ind lias beon christened Fitom Lee.
Mrs Ben Hughes and Mis Delia Rice
Hughe of Lancaster visited Miss Susan
K Suites, Sunday.
Mr. Charles Durban and family of
L banon spsfit Sonata with Mr James
Turner and family.
Mm &l Grow and ehUoVeo of Jsatoen
hnve recently vHted at the hu.no of
Mr and Mr Jvd Clark.
Mis. Was. Branded. departed thta
life Saturday night at 11 o'ehxi, after
an Milieu of seviri.1 years, gfca ted uu
exemplary christian life. H-
pmhv for the sick of tiu m c '
in I ihe aflllcUd . t..i1l;t(J v
O'i In-r bed 1 . i ."r im 4 .' i I
f-'rt tO t I ! eJ n i
I., r kit) !-er i
i ' i : r. u '
a ' " . ta .
i. y - mps
b i . ( ' . ! by i
i ' i'i.' ' vast
Tou wouldn't like to bo caught
out In n blizzard without nn over
coat. Then don't start on a long
trip without n blanket for your
Slops that arc allowed to stnnd
and sour to the point of corrup
tion make the hog Innlncis un
profitable. It does not pay to carry tin
profitable stock through n long
winter, (let rid of It now.
A horro M entitled t nil the
good time you can possibly show
him. winter or summer.
If the larger earlier piss nro Dt
for market It will not pay lo
feed Ihem longer, i-cll ns soon
at fit. Do not sell until fit.
He sure that your flock docs
not get caught out In nn enrly
fall rain. A thorough wetting
will cntie the sheep to snttfilc nil
(Prepared by United Slates departi-iint of
Ono of too most popular ways of cur
ing meats on the farm Is by pickling
In brlue. Packing the meat In n bar
rcl nnd pouring the brine over It Is less
trouble than nibbing In salt by the
dry curing method. The urine Is also
considered n greater protection against
Insects and vermin. Ilrlno made ot
puro water and according to directions
In tho following recipe's should keep a
reasonable length of time. During
warm weather, however, brine should
be watched closely, nnd If It becomei
"ropy," like sirup. It should be boiled
or new brine made, A cool, moist cel
lar Is tho best place for brlno curing.
Pure water. Fait, sugar or tnolnscs
nnd saltpeter nro nil the Ingredients
needed for tho ordinary (tiring of meat.
Sometimes you overload your
stomach with rich foods. Your
life may be an active, one, and thus
you may care for all you eat. Hut
n few days of Inactivity show your
system does not rail for so much.
You awake In tho morning tired.
Tour body feels heavy; you know
you are not up to the mnrk. Your
digestion has not cared for the
oerload. Tart of It remains. It
generates gas that Inflames tho
delicate linings. They fall to pour
out the digestive fluids and neglect
to absorb tho llfc-glvlng elements.
You know something la wrong.
You" body gets weak, and soon
opportunity Is offered for some se
rre nines.
Taken In time, the Indigestion
would not becomo serious. Hrst re
move the overload: then soothe tho
sore membranes; then build up tho
weakened body. It's simple t" say,
but not too easy to do. You need help,
A tonic that will quicken diges
tion, help remove wnste, soothe tna
soreness nnd nrouso tho system
that's Just what you need.
I'eruna lias nn enviable record In
this respect. It has aided many
thousands In tho last century to
overrnme'Jost these conditions, and
thereby prevent serious sickness.
The tablet form Is convenient
fn ,,nilA, mlmlnlatratlnn.
..I , n i i u
Tablets are
the Ideal
laxative and
liver tonic
They have
n o unpleas
n n t effects
and form
n o habits.
10c and 25c
The Penm Co
Colunbui, O.
&tj- -'. '
The meat may be packed In largo
earthen Jars or a Uo.ni hardwood bar
rel. Tho barrel or Jar may be tied re
peatedly unless meat has Hilled In It.
It should lie bcaldcd thoroughly, how
ever, each time before fresh meat li
Curing should begin in soon as tho
meat Is cooled and while It U still
frch. Ordinarily twenty-four to thlr-
ty-t4x hours after .slaughter nro miID
dent for cooling, frozen tueut should
not bo sailed, ns the frost prevents
proper penetration of the tjlt aud un
even curing lesults.
Plain Salt Pork.
Ituli raeh piece of mwit with Mil"
cuiuuhui salt ami pack clocely In a Ixir-
rel. Let stand mernlKtit. The next
day weigh out ten pound of salt and
two ounce of foltpetcr t each 11K)
iioundH of iuc.it Mini dUsohe In four
salloue of Itolllu water. Pour thW
brine over the meat V. bell cold; (.over
and weight down t.i Keep It under tito
brlue. Mtat will paik Uet If cat Into
pieces about six tsulies nmre. The
tWfk should be ket In tue brine till
Sanders Bros delivered a bunch of GO
h?gs to Mr Rubles at 9c.
A. S. and J. I. Sanders bought one
calf of Mack Coy of Kirksville for GO.
MissIona Dunn spent last week with
Misses Gertrdde McQueny and Peachie
Mae Sanders.
L. Cobb and B. L. Sipple were week
end visitors of Alfred Owens of
Mrs Mary Sanders cold to J. M. San
ders a horse for $75. also bought one
from J. I. Sanders, for $175.
Miss lifter Dean of Jessamine was
the guest of her cousin, Miss l'oi'-liie
Mae Sanders the past week.
Mr and Mrs John Roberts and daugh
ter. Miss Heu'nli, were visitors r'tiday
of Mrs Mary Sanders and family.
Bro. Shoulders of Winchester preach
ed two very interesting sermons at
Scntts Fi rk Sunday morning and night.
Mrs Eliza McMillan, Mrs Mary San
ders, Mistts Iona Dunn and Peachie
Mae Sanders were highly entertained
"at dinner" Wednesday by Mrs. Phil
Mr and Mrs Tom Hicks, Mr and Mrs
Henry Montgomery of Bourne, Mr.
John Sanders and Bro. Shoulders were
entertained at dinner Sunday by Mrs.
Mary Samlets.
Sugar Cured Heme and Reeen.
When the meat la eoKed, ruli pct
plec with salt and allow It to drain
overulnlit. 'i'bwt pack It In n bam I
wits ttie ha rue ! ilc u'd'r-t ta tn
ootti o, mtw t " strliw uf tui ro to
IB ta between i?r to pot imi W ;lt
otrt for eat U Km i.oiiiiJs r meat eigUf
pofln h uf salt, in piiumta nt brown
s iirar am! iwi ;n ot "f -a'tretir.
Til sutve (Ml In fwir !.' rm .f wntnc
L!ul covur the tuc: t wtih ibe brinp
, men r t-t It will le.nfm-t th
i b..ll the brim !- f .re iitp.'. In tbut
I 'ae U !n.!(l l i . r jitMiKhl'- l
' ' .1 fmr
tou- It H fi
c t ii' i
Mrs Uurdett Ramsey spent Saturday
in Lexington.
Miss Maggie Brown of Lancaster, is
the guest of Mrs Betty Griggs.
Mr Blain McLin spent n few days of
the past week with the home folks.
Mr Win. Turley of Richmond ws a
visitor in this vicinity the past week.
MUa Mabel Parks of Danville was
the guest of Mrs Annie Brown Sunda).
Miss Sadie Ralston visited relatives
at Point I.eiiNell Saturday nnd Sunday.
Misees Huitna and Ora Kstridge spent
several days in Lexington the p-ist
Mr ii. K. Stone and family of liieli
mond visited Mr and r D. V. Whit.
Mr Mrs James Coyle of B-rc .
apent Sunday with Mr and Mrs T"t"
H? Edwin Walker ef MtllersLuu
Mil'itary tostUtM, spent the week en !
with the bane peopte.
Miaaea Dvcie UuUalf and Jeai '
Paiks. of Paiat Ucfc. Were in (tit!. ;
mond ttod) aaopping. '
Sir and M O. Ut Huramaek tu d
chilJt -n were costa ef Mr and Mr
Kph ban n.aek at Haauwek, &ind.
KifM l!ttd ad Thelmo W'ilsoa wbe
are atteralinK acheot at Berea vUited
the home folka Iron Friday until Mon
day. Wredecnrs G. M, Traadwae and A, B.
Batridgt iiwet WeJneaday with Wine
Agues Henderson t her aetne near
Mhst-s Mail Idford and filad; a
Prrial) were pueetM of Mum Thelui
H'tulrva nr Rich noad Saturday i,m i
and 8mi.(!v.
We Have Just Received From The Wooltex
Factory Sixty of Their Latest and Best Styles
and Finest Tailored Suits in Gabardines,
French Velours, Whipcords, Poplins, Bedford
Cords, Serges and the Much Wanted Velour.
Checks, Which We Have Placed On Sale At
Most of these are Navy Blue and Black with a few Browns and Greens mostly one of a kind. So
come quickly if interested. The regular prices of these suits arc $29.50, $32.50, $35. and $40.
When we mnke n statement like this nt n time tif n greiit snir
city ever known of innterlnls anil with mires of all fnlirics uilvanrini!
v almost daily, we think it needs to he exphinnl how r.ml why we do il-
Each year the tirut WOOLTKX factory orciiiiinlates a great
many small lots of their fine All Wool materials -enough of each (o
make a few sails, hut not enough lo put on their lines.
So to clear ihefc lots out anil nlfo to give tins many Wooltex
stores a chance to offer their easterners something extra, they make tip
these cloths into their most snlenhlc sole m il divide tlirm among the
Wooltex stores at a very low price. We secured sixty sails this time
nad that is why we can sell you n f3f 00 Wooltex suit for ?2i CO.
We have just received many dclajed shipments of fine Shirt Waists and now have a superb collcc
"tion of Georgette and Crepe De Chene Waists in White, Flesh, Brown, Navy, Plum, Black, Burgundy
etc., at$3.50, $5.00, $6.00 and on up to $12.50.
A. B. Bobertson & Bro.
Mr. Irvine Dean left Friday for u thrt";
weeks stay nenr Clinton 111. .
Mrs. Speuks of nenr Lancaster is (lie
euest of her son Mr. L. K. Speaks.
Mr. J. I. Crawford sold a Lunch of
ho(js to Mr. V. A. Lear price Hi cts per
Mesdatne? Ed and W. L. Grow
daughter Lucy were in Danvill" Tues- Scotts fi.ik tvim
day nlRht. ! Mri. Li Urow nnd littli- son Scott J day until Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Sorrow nrd sons f'1 Ml.s SMd-. OnMott hav l,.-n vie ,ri(, fn(.n(j )f Ja
andjMr. Karl Grow were in Paris for lim. of chicken tH,x the pan week. ,0 now at S.mcr.H under tr, .
the day Sur.dnv. Mr. rtnd Mrs Clayton Humphrey and ment of Dr. Anderson, u ill he la l
Mr. V. L. Grow delivered to Mr. V. dtURhU-rs Mies Ala and I.ida Here at hear that she is some letter.
A. Lear a hunch of Ik.rs laH Tuesday . Kowlaml Sunday to.ee her mother Mrs Mr Ml)I)tK0ltfrv m(.(
price 8j cts per 11.. Itourne to his mothers farm latt .
.AicS3rs II. It. Mt".ti;cmery cihI linn, .Mr m.n .vrs. jno. uoorris ani t ami air. unci .Mrf.li. Ian moved rrom I
mid I ticka and fali.ilir ' attended servic s at dUKhl r Mi- ll.niln nf Little llicknmn cut Grue to the houe vacated l.v i:
i. .-re e u -ti ..f relativei here from Kn ' f irmer.
(3C'l OGO0eO00i$
wh&t is m
mm, sais
tons. -
'r J
' ion
. H
..I f
' f. .
.t r
r t
ni.tt ii. i. iSufc. it fi iih
V 1
i ti'r i'! Mw Tom Lngndon aud da.urh
! e, vrkl hf in llriMrtftiiJd
('.. , 'I wsk the tiov&t of Mr iI Ml r
I V. J Lecsdon,
Mrs Dih Wood mi Ml s Jtrprf ,
'of Sta.foiil Were riiit Inrw hy tt.e
, ' ' id-'ii'f Wen '-. , ,' .i
" ' itl.l'O ' il P'- ' Af'U,
! , , , I h ' , e H. 1 1 i ' .t:t,n't(. it r
- ' !-n I it.e It. V I'. I . -.f h i .ii '
. uf t,f' . ' v i " 1 1" i in a ' f '
wnw r on W8dy vftni
Ta.' pi- iU per at Met- n fld. y . en
ili- i u . i M iv and Hi" itciiliy, M 1 i Z-i'lii ''iUen i
d 'i t !i',I uvu mi. tho e&t'.si' I1 ni.r- fur i .-i sr th" n ;
!t with a fowl 1 popular yottflR Mv prut. j 9
sl. -i tiw . .nt j MiM PlBll Qjodrteh. iUrlitrf Mr '
j Md Mr Thomaa Goe kh, dird Tt-, W
t rinina tm4. wrkom. near hew after -h .n ill- A
n.1.1 u. UiunvilW, ctusnut buaUnfio:. Two AHn tHtlMBW &t .Urtetn , j , 4 j liatllUilll u 2:
(,oou umiwr unu pimiiy oi eawatnuui. lumlJ, ....,i....i ... ... ItantiMid Oil. 1st. rumrl ivrviets W
The followiHR wer xuvtu ot Mrs 1B ,i,0 i1MVFMMif nearly ) In Imrd ' wsr" et lb GM ehuixh on Tues-
1.. . t.. ......... AH 'P..1U.. II..- I . ... . . I . - . ..1.1-.. . ....
dim rt(iwii vii i iiimi, 1at UIH t llotlilu lit till, tll((- " uiiwnoun. oonai isaing pico
damoa Cliarlio Dillon, llou t'ursoa, und kit," rctorlwl tho otlwr. "Itwkon I
J, V. Coldlron, Muses I'aya Tudor, hud ulgh on to fu huudreI dolliirn la
Georgia end Zella Dillon, I.cll Coldiron, hunk ono time, hut tin- doKoiied
and I'earl I'arson. Messrs Glp Mosley Inten-et duuo eat It ull up." Tho
i l't!IW.
i laitted h
Theit If wt 4ws ami Byli proipsrlty now, plea will tome me tell m when proiperily
Is here. Never before in our 15 yearn banking, have wt ha4 tac opportuaity tu pa;t to
you a statement in tuo month of October, a; ,f;ubaUiil Ike one b.-low, t.r Mem
snows a gain, and a substantial clc.
Otur eoudcnttd etateir.enl for Octobt r 30th 1910 al'oviV foil ,;6; '
f )
Capitu!, Scrplns and Profits $ 30,5316
Due Binks
mill F..:5!sccantcd
ViiU.i .CSvtC
$ 2,300,09
$ 2,000.00
' L08M8 ... . , $ 90,513.00
Banking House . , $ 3,000.00
Cah es Hand & Cur. Fiora Bmka 3, 274.48
, and fnil to do business with this. ! anV.
.Jth f.J !e l I.,
I .1 fttritdt t "bosk, tiullliu" SBtMt n .u , a feed a1',.;
, dny nickt 4 4tBtftsJ tin aliV
, a. reported, I
K I'U.iLe' i.f JuuK fo!Ks took hv
jreu stand la year ows light. If yon vish to b vfh n bi nk where the Directors do Direct,
wher-Mr-e bwrovvrru otter er-r security for It:: unour.t they bcrrow, where offlccit ere
bond :, vl??rs C if !tU ad Sarpk 5. r i c fHrU i ';. ; lcviv eir deposit and wl)re eveKy.
courieay mil bt mown you. tct m get a, i ia; c.l.
eWesa ie oa la Our Only With,
Ilvrou. Blw i suivivcd by mothtr, O
father, four tistcta und four brothers. g
The syirpatliy of the entire cuimnunity
Kces out to the bereaved In their hour
of trouble, 9i
. .;
Paint Lick, Ey,
Und Leslie Parson.

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