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The Central Record.iThursday, February 8. 1917.
Tickets on sale dally Feb 12 to 19, Inclusive.
New Orleans $22.40, Mobile $19.70
Pcnsacola $20.15 Round Trip from Lancaster
Meepintf ear fan Minn,, fll each vWi Hoaril lit Im'M
private home SI i.n pi r iluy.r nt lirst-i-hiM. Imicls ?2.(K)
per tiny mill up I'm purtin.l.irs sir I. &. N Ajjmii.
Call for list cl Holds, lioominR and Boarding Houses.
Call for list cl lloltls, lioominR and Boarding II
Coughs Worse at Night
I he ntnplcit nnu qiilckeit wiy to get
iM of n wealing, fucking nlftlit cough,
tickling throat, hourtc, wheezy breath
Ing U tu take
Foley's Honey and Tar.
In it, )nu get the curative influence of
the pine tar and other lirnling ingfrdi
f nti. together with the mollifying and
tatntive fiction of honey.
I dilnf C T. Millrr, f!ann1ton( In J. if.tf
tinitrrr rltei "I irtmbled nh bron
thial affrctlnn and iruttrj rnnafantly day anil
f M, I Itwik I ittfv'a tlnrry attill ar an J t if
l.rt It l rf at (or liritnrhlai cntJa arJ loughf.,"
I a I'tpp and lffnrl.lal rutha, ritmp, txiarac
mm, Utklii I tbroal, ate ail tiuLly rcUtvid.
Sold I'vvP. Wilrti'
Tracked by a
Human Weakness
Its Summer Time k Florida
1 i r . .
Two Daily Trains: Through Pullman
car leaving Louisville 7:55 p. in., arriving
Jacksonville 8:50 p. in. Tnrouj;li Pullman
coni.txtion on train Icavinjr LouisviKo 7:20
a. in., arriving J act somiile 6:50 a. in.
The Southern Hailw.i" it the direct line to Ashcville,
Alice' . i!i:u", C. ! . C -u, t .nah,
Sutiiu.crvii.s ur.d i: .101 r -.1...
Dlnliz C.i.-Sf ' c
Vii.frTe- r' . '' T. ..r .1 I'n-. ' ' .
ffl 1 tr.i.'l . a:rli"-- .. i .tit MnjHHct
nmlei'n. ' ' t' ...iti'in-ind
lilti(..,m local Soutl.f" Vmt.nv acnt or write
(Willi Meals)
(Without Meals)
'1 people. ?1M) arli.
prop!'. i!.'J."i each.
II people, i&il each.
- people,
1! people.
'1 7.i each.
It.lKi each.
111:111: is a (iooi) 1'i.ack to stop von i.itti.k money.
LOUISVILLE HOTEL, LOUISVILLE, KY., Main St., between 6th and 7th.
Tin- Only Hotel in Louisville Operated on the American and European I ' I a n .- .
AMKItU'AN PLAN. Rooms without Ilath hut with Hot nml Cold Itunnine; Water.
7.1 Itooms single. Jibo per da ;
W Itooms niiinl. - fiO per day ,
fs) I'roiit Itooms ... single, aim per day;
jin with Private llatli:
U ItiMimi . xiiiK'v. !!.ll per il.i ;
W liiHiinii i"i;le. U.fid per ilay;
Itooina uitliout Until but with Hot nml Culil Kuimini; Water.
Tfi ItiMimii ninle. $I.INI pvrtlay;
hi KiHiint ii;le, I.iki per ilay;
M Front Idioms single. l.TiU per ilay;
lioom with Private Hath:
.Ml ItcMimn KiiiK'e. l-MI per iluv;
SO ItiHima i"Kle. ilT day;
THE OLD INN, Louisville, Ky., Corner Sixth and Main Sts., European Plan Only.
Hixiini Without Until, fl.lnl ami up: ItiMimi With Private Path, $1.."0 nml up.
The litiKVille llnlel und the OM Inn are locntml in the wholesale ilistriot ami only a three-hlock's walk tn tl.e
retail district and theatren.
Louisville Hotel and Old Inn Company, Proprietors.
2 people, ?U.".ri each.
J Jieople, 1.1MJ encli.
2 ieople. t.i'i each.
2 pi'ople,
2 people.
I,2. each.
I.W each.
te 0.
Madison Tobacco Warehouse
00'0'0'.';0 t0i0': 0j.j0i.'.0AO.::0!'0M0iH'j xqmq'M: .53x0101039
K. ('. MILLION, Pre. T. J. Cl'IH IS. Vice Pre. K. DKATH KKA'J K. S'ec-Treas.
Near 1. & A. Iex.t.
i:. 0. Million.
It' r.nri!it
CAPITAL $40,000.00
T. J. Curlia. Dr. 0. II. Vnucht. IvJ P. Million.
J. M. linden. II. I)eathcrni;e.
Marion Coy,
To Tobacco Growers and those who sell it
Some Late Sales at the Madison House.
(rower I'mmtls Dollars Average
Charley Koss 221m H!M8tt :!l).7(i
.lorry I'arrisli I HU) 107.!)!) 27.!)!
Mrs Ktit l)t-th Host lHl -l5iJ50 2.127
M.G.Lee I77f. Ul.in 23.1(1
Harris White I2IK1 :17.0: 2I.:7
(le... neiu.y 2l)lf. W.VM 21.51
Stapp & Murphy WHO 1.211.1!) 23.2(i
F raneis & SereUan 2!) Ill ' 751 !)(i gfljjs
Covii.Hlun & Crews 11535 2.(152.1 1 22.!)!)
Collins (v Meeks l"35 2.308.70 21.31
Mat sheares 2(i!IO (U.25 22.35
Heasley & Ibasley 2015 I57.01) 22.3!)
CiM-y ami llanlen 201)0 Ui3.K! 22.18
Abkins an.l lolerle 1285 28SI.10 22.50
Donahue anil I.ear 211)5 557.71 2235
J. W Elmore : "35711 22,11
We claim the het maiket in the Unte Our n: it W, sale lUS.WMi, ll.x f nverane t)A.l.
Call u for inaiket eoiiditl un and come 1 1 nei when in tunii. The Pioneer.
MADiSiif T08I000 WARE
Third Street, L. & A. Depot, Richmond, Ky
Oiu moridiu: thr pilct town nf silver
Wulem -named for u xtreum ruiinliii;
llirimsli It wiih (inrrlllcil at the mi
iiiiiiiK'i'iuent that IMinnrd Mnrnlou had
licen found niurderiHl In IiN I-1. Sll
ter Willi ri n n iiiiimer seltlcmeiit
of wealthy pernilM who were lint Iherc
hi v Inter. Imt Marxton had rciimlniil
hcyoiid Ihe iiximl lime, nml the tragedy
loceurreil l.ile In.NoifinUT.
I The hiiilM- hud ethlrtiUy hi-en enter-
'ed for Ihe pilrmie of plunder. It win
Feucrnlly known that Mrs. Marstiin.
who iih In the i lly lit the time of the
iiiuider. had n Kreat deal nf rnlunlile
Jewelry. Some of Dili wan nt the
(iiuutry hnue, mid It wni nil Uiken by
Hie rnhlnTH, ns were her hiHliand'n
htuiN. pleevi- litiltons, fcarfplim. ete.
When the polli'e. who were railed In
at (iie e. came they look po'eslon of
the premises, allnwInK llotliliiK In he
ti.ui licl UK the arrival of !eiiip!-ey, a
dete llve. who was to make a thoroiish
Pemtey hnd n leputalloti of lelu n,
of the moit skillful prolx'M of erlme
In America. When lie arrived In- Ih
Kati hl Niin'h fop soinethlni; the erlm
1 1 1 n I or (Tlmliiali had h'ft ax u Iwjl,.
lew niere weie mi fiKitprlntx, hlch
are iimally considered the mct lmHir
t n nt pointers. IihIcimI, after nu hour's
methodical Invextlcatlon letusey had
dlsunercd nothliii; Then Ills eye
iniisht it Miiall ohjii t under n ilrewpr
from wlilih Mr. Jlarstou'i Iwlotiuliiir".
had U'i'H takeiu
Urnwliu: nu eleitrie lamp froui his
iket. he tlualietl It upon Ihe ohjeit
and retealol a stud. Taking It up. he
saw that It was a mosaic nml reeoR
iiltisl It as one that must have hecu
made In Italy, r.vldeutly In taking It
fiom the hex In which It nml other
articles of like character had lieen kept
the thief had droplKtl It and It had
rolled under the dresser.
This was the only clew tint n?
found. Ileinpsey inquired of Mrs
MarMon hou many studs of the set
her husband had possessed, where they
had been pmcuicd and any other In
formation the lady mlcht five lie
was toM that there were three studs
In tin- set. Willi a pair of sleeve but
tons to match. She had brought them
from liniiie with her after her hist vis
it theie during tin' previous summer.
The design v,is the same on all the
studs and the sleeve links, n copy of
the head of a statue In the Vatican
I 'ailed the Almlto Uelvldere.
I 'That will do," said Demise. "It
' may lie n lone (hasp, but If pcrsMisl
I In the thief and murderer will nt last
he found."
1 Ileinpsey did imt Ih-bIii to probe the
1 matter till a month after the robbery,
then he gut up n circular, n coiy of
i which he sent to eicry pawnbroker
, and inaiiilfactiirlui; jeweler In Amer
lea. lie cave u description of the mo
saic stud and a picture of It. He k1
untiling from ntiy pawnbroker, but
i lretii a Jeweler he recehod a letter
ttatiiii; that two studs answering the
description in his letter had been made
Into a pair of carrlnfs In his shop.
Hempsey iosioiided to the letter In
( person and learned that the work had
been done for n woman. She was well
reiuemlieiv.l by the clerk who took the
irder and was described ns nlwut
twenty-eight or thirty years old, large.
rather flashy In her dress, nnd her face
, ml neck had been "ealcliulned "
From this point Ileinpsey worked
Willi u largo coips of nssNtaiits, whom
ho employed to go to imbllo places of
i imuenient. dining places, cabarets
1 Indeed, such place m are frequented
by the flouting population of cities
Nevertheless a year tcd with no
I results.
I At last one of iHmpsey's assistants,
.1 girl about sixteen years old. remrt.
si that n friend of hers had told her
that she had sat next to a woman nt
u movie show who wore ini'sak- ear
, rings representing "the head of a mail
with curly hair." The assistants were
I Instructed to follow the person If met
i with nnd note the resMen-e Itut Ihe
woman with the earrings couM not l e
found. So the gaine wns lest
Hut IVmpsey went at once to the city
where Ihe discovery had bis-u made,
hired a special corps of assistants nnd
nent iiIhiiiI himself where pleasure
loving people go.
One tueulng after dining tit a caba
ret he was lighting a cigar und iiIhuu
tn iumt on whein woman entered
brushed past him mid took ii seat nt n
table with her escort. Penipsey's eye
were out for earrings, and he thought
those the woii.nn wore were iiichiIcs
lie look u sent ut n table near the one
at which Hut couple sat. but not fear
enough tn get n close vlw nf her ear
lings. The iiinii ordered drinks, nftd
whk-li Ihe couple danced. While they
were dancing Ileinpsey took a scat
within n few feet of the one Ihe worn
an had left, though Ids back would he
toward her- When she returned h!i
took the seat shu had occupied before.
IVmpsey turned nrniind nml, seizing
nue nf the earrings In his hand, brought
It tn within ii proper fiH.-us for Ids eyes.
When Mrs. Mnrstmi was going to
bed that night she received n telephone
message fiiun Ileinpsey staling that he
had found the stolen studs, the wearer
had revealed tho thief and murderer
and he had bevu arrested,
"How did you do ltV" nsked the
w Idow,
"It rumo through a human barharlim
-a passion for adornment which civ
ilization bit not crtdlcatcd," was Uw
tUlt MUH i roM ntifruiMft
nd tnor.y dortorMIN tnuntrcmry. If jrwir Uvtt b
rtlv nd your tyium friof wt matu-r ytvi nl
Trlr b nk. for rnnttipation.hravtnns bad breath
n lietlY duiurbpi, ue a Rrxxi Uxatlret
Manalin Tablets are Ideal
T,v ImIa lika mndr. feIitTltITMtfJV.E.n.l Inm nn Im1 tiahltn. Prrun.
TaMfilJ cletf unlfaoiyftem,07freem4 raurrh. ruitu-stha anartiui ail tone s TV
t. ihonysf.in, Ths iwoare rr tt fti Jito- rtrai1
ffO-l health. B,ri In crcurwm today CItatM, 0ai
. Onllcwn)
ai ioo , I f a Lex tS .,
v f e, 2i c. .... .r, 1 ,
Colusikm, .
Okii.. . r.JI,.
is the ideal time to visit
or ihe
Cet away from the eohl and enjoy life in tl.e lam! of Sun
shine anil Flowers.
Low round-trip fares and excellent service Ma.
For particulars, call upon local agents of this rnilrond.
raarm i in rm
CupUol 50,000. Surplus $30,000.
A. Ii DKNItY. President
J. K. STOUMKS. Vice Pres't.
S. C. DENNY. Cashier.
It. 1. JmiiKY, Ass i Cashier. J. L. (Jll.l., Dook-Keeper,
Safety Deposit Boxes For Rent.
rfu-nual 1). Cochran. Alex It. Uennv, J. H. Posey, J. E.
Stormea, S. C. Denny, i. L. Oill. Dr. W. M. Elliott. Directors.
Jacob SchulzCompany
Fine Cut Flowers For AH Occasions.
Phones 339-F -13 or 83. All Orders Kecei"e Proaint Attention
Wm. F. Miller, Agt. Lancaster.
The Most Powerfully Efficacious Medicine
Ever Sold in Lancaster, Ky.
Kor eight years COM-CEL-dAH lias been used and known
with more conlidence and satisfaction than any remedial medica
tion known. In Full nature demands the ussictance of a tonic
medicine to assist the elimination or throwing c(T of accumulated
filth from the human body, and if this natural assistance is denied
or nut furnished, then Iilieumatism, Colds, Catarrh, Malaria and
Consumption, j
It Is Legally Guaranteed
that is, every box is packed and hacked by and with Legal (luaran
tee that gets your money back if COM-CEL-SAU fails tu do what
you expect it to
COM-CEL-SAU is pure, sweet, fresh Jtoots ami Herbs - Three
boxes for One Dollar. Each box makes a full iiuart of medicine,
thus compounding a lasting searching tonic, body an-! blood build
er, superior kidney and bladder 'roubles, nervousness, weakness
and malaria, to itnytliinc of its kind. For indigestion, gas in the
stomach und bowels, COM-SEL-SAK is the remedy most excellent
hy rot go to Stormes Drug
Store, Lancaster, K) . and
,'et a three mouths treatment
if COM-CEL-SAU for fl.iu.
Legally (iuaranteed also get
.'5cts worth of Science Sope,
made for human skin only and
ommends itself with own pur
ty und sweetnets.
You should also remember
tu get u -.V- bottle nt Dakota
lack's Cowboy Liniment, for
pains sprains, bruises burns,
tc , as used by Itanchmen,
'ouboys, Scouts und Indians.
Vu homes should be without It
Ml people cun buy these rem
edies at
Dukoto Jack-Whlte-Moon Remedy, Co.
372U 31 West Uroadway. LOUISVILLE. KY.

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