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Lancaster, Ky., Feb. 13, 1917.
Mr. Z. A -tow.
Lnnwistcr. Ky.
Denr Sir:-
You will liml tilt; points on this plow
(its perfectly mill every one will lit like the point that wns
on the plow when it eninc from the Factory, guaranteed to
(it nothing like it in the Plow line.
We have n number of customers using this plow
who says it licnts all plows for easy riming anil light draft
that they ever used - to use one is a pleasure.
Conn Brothers.
HH lJl
Northern Whit Seed Oat. Mic per
bushel, Garrard Milling Co.
, Hemp Seed fur sale. Hudson. Hugh
es it Karuau.
TlnTf ' hope in Hit! future in spile n(
Hilly Sunday, Illlly Hryan ami the'
Wnlchful waiting for Overt Act is ,
Ihe H)iicy udopted by President and j
Heavy Northern While Seed Oats, '
Xl per rem purity. IW per relit ger. '
minat'on test. I
The great fort being huilt Mt New
Vork will ninkv that city ami environ
safe from bombardment.
If the United Suite, has war with
Germany, it will he Germany's own
choosing. Self-presovation In the lirt
law of natuie.
Cremo Dairy feed will make your!
row give more milk. Contain seven
different griins, try it. Hudson.
Hughes & Karnau.
The coldest weather ever known in
Kentucky l said to have heen Kel).
IWJ when the mercury dropped ua low
as XI in some places.
The Woniana Cluti will give their an-i
nual Colonial Tea Keb. A silver I
ottering is exiected at this tea which j
is used for the library. .
Lancaster i over-run with a many
worthless don at ever infested Damas
cus. Have the taxes Ix-en paid on
these sheep-killing dogs?
The American Museum nf Natural,
History report that the dilliculty in I
obtaining new patterns for dress fah-j
rica and other textiles has resulted III I
visits of designers to the nimruin to
tudy primitive Indian art.
James K, Welz. "Kgg King." an
nounced this week that he had with-'
drawn from the Chicago llutter and I
Kgg board. havu.g made a little more
than $l,IXl().l0 and was going South)
for thu rent of the winter with his
family. Iet us hope that when Mr.
Wett gets inti" the South where the
hens lay three or four times u day that
he will be rompelled to eat his aged
variety. 1
Northern While Seed t)at, HK? per
bushel. Garrard Milling Co.
All of us ran, .it least, be as patriotic
as Mark Twain and olTer our wife's
kin to our country's rail.
livery loyal American w ill stand be
hind the administration in this solemn
hull i without n partisan thought.
Hie row has lumped over the moon
and taken the price of butterskv-ward.
"Gravy" i ihr order of the day.
LOST:- Uuggv Hug between Huck
eye and I.anrastrr last Saturday. He
turn to Kancy's Stable and receive re
Dr. Fanning dehvend his famous
Irrture, "Kverv Hisly's War", to an
appreciative audience, Wednesday
evening at the Presbyterian ehurch.
lie drives the truth straight home.
Mr. Wilson's action in severing dip'
lomatic relations with Germany has
met the universal appruval of all, re
gardless of politics, Delias measured
up to the full expectations of all and
met the rrisia in a stateman-hke way.
Kditor I). M. Huttonof the liar
ludsbure Herald, otters a liberal re
ward to the tinder of his watch fob.
We regret the loss of the watch fob,
because so few editors have the mazu
ma to atTord one and the pomposity to
show otT one as has our friend Hutton.
The I.exingtoti Herald is imolite
enough to say; "Twenty-live years ago
today. Miss I.aura Clay appeared be
fore the legislature on behalf of woman
sutfrage. " We are advocates of Miss
I.aura marrying and settling down, but
the Herald is liable to ruin her pros
erts. llerlin s foriial unuounrement that
the time had expired for all exception
in the campaign of ruthlessnet,a makes
Washington look for overt act to come
at any time, Germany issued the state
ment that all vessele which enter the
prohibited areas do so with full know
ledge of threatened danger.
We have a good supply
of coal. Hudson, Hughes
6 Farnau.
The Woman's Club of this city will
give a Silver Tea at their local club
rooms nu the evening of I'cb'y ISInd.,
at which time n silver offering will be
Don't forget, Mr. Header, that un
less you pay for your subscription to
the Record in advance, your paper will
be slopped after March ir. Owing to
the high price of paper and other ma
terials necessary to Issue a paper, we
must have the money in advance.
l.ook at the dnte on your label.
Kach Tuesday morning the chapel
period is given over to the ministers of
the town, each taking his tern at con
ducting the devotional exercises of the
school. Frequently the minister leaves
a word of encouragement or a practical
suggestions to the school. Ilruther Tin
der the last visitor at chapel spoke
briefly but practically on developing the
(towers of observation, a subject in line
with the regular school work, Wewel.
come the ministers. Lancaster High
School Ilulletin,
The announcement that Vogel's min
strel will appear at tinman's Opera
house next Wednesdny night, will bring
joy to the nung as well as the old. for
It is con-ul' red oie of the best on the
rjhil and we predict that the house will
be crow iled on this night. Keterved seats
can be had at Mcltoberts drug store
and we would advise that you get
yours now.
Miss Virginia Ilurdelt. the 1(1 year
old daughter and only child of Mr. und
Mrs. Sam M. Ilurdelt, Jr. of Chicago,
III, diet) at the home of her parents
after a brief illness of Scarlet fever.
The above was contained in a message
received by Miss Mary K. Ilurdelt, of
I'arksville, from her brother Mr. (Jen.
I). Kurtlett of l-ouijville. Virginia
lluidett was a grand daughter of Mr.
Geo. 1). Ilurdett, and a very bright and
attractive child. Danville Messenger.
- ...........
We Have Just Keceived a tresn Line or
Extra Fancy .
Evaporated Pears. Silver Prunes.
Peeled Peaches and Apricots.
'ion will also llml the following
My Wife's Salad Dressing, Durkee's Salad
Dressing, Pickles, Catsups and
Sauces of all kinds
Complete Line of Canned Goods
Also Aunt Jemima' Pan Cake Flour and Maple Syrup.
Theo Currey.
One of the largest land deals made
for some time in this county, was ne
gotiated by Swinebrnad, the Heal res
tate Man, when he sold for J. K. Iiob
inson of Macon Georgia, his farm of
U07 acres, located on Lancaster and
Stanford pike about two miles from
Lancaster, to A II. Krrwn of this
county for the above sum. This is a
splendid farm well improved and on
account of Mr. Itolihuon's business in
terests in the south he perhaps sold the
farm for less than he otherwise would
and it is considered" that Mr. Ilrown
secured a bargain.
During the heavy snowa this winter
four red birds have freipiented the
home of Mr. J. K. Stormes where a
friendly welcome alwaya awaited them
as well as a lunch of beef suet and
gram. No doubt they told of their
friends to others of their "kith and
kin" for during the cold days of last
week as many as forty-live robin were
counted at one time in tins yard. Why
not everybody protect and fedthe bird
friends during these crucial times of
snow anil sleet? During 'lie coldeht
weathei of this season Messrs John
ltos and John Kami scattered grain
ovt r their farms for birds and plieinHiits
as dul others. Sixteen imail came into
the yard of It. I.. Hlkin where
were fed aiv! unmolested, being allow
ed to depart in peace. Kentucky will
be a gram! place in which to live wtien
we learn to protect and restore some
of the things with which we were once
so abundant'' hlcxsed.
The Sunday School will meet next
Sunday at U:I5, as usual. The mechan
ic promises that the furnace Mill be
repaired before then. We regret Very
much that we were smoked nut last
Sunday, but trust thut such will not
occur again I-'. I). I'ahneter, l'ator.
Mr. Milton McCormick, nged 30 yearn,
formerly star pitcher of the Lexington
club of the old lllucgrass Ilase Hall
league, and more recently with the
South Atlantic league, died at the home
of his parents in Hustonville Friday of
tuberculosis. He was a member of the
llluegrass league during the season ot
IWJ and was traded to the I'aris club
the next year and later transferred
from there to the South Atlantic league.
Mr. McCormick was a brother of Mrs
1-ogan Hubble who has the sympathy
of Garrard county friends.
Dr. William Doorea, K7 years old,'
died at Crab Orchard. Friday, of the'
infirmities of age. He had been in
active practice for half u century, re
tiring about four years ago. He was
a Captain in the Confederate army un
der Gen. Price. He was wounded sev
eral time and had five horses killed
under him.
After the war he settled in Garrard I
county, going from Garrard county toi
Lincoln in 1MI7. where he has lived
since. His wife, who was a Mits
Thoinns, of Missouri, died ten years
ago. He leaves three daughters, Mrs.
Sallie Coulter, New Mexico; Mr. Lura
Speigel, of Shelbyville, Ind, and Mrs.
Leha Livingston, of New Vork City.
The body was Drought to Lancaster for
huual Sunday, and laid to lest beside
other members of his family.
Mr. Herbert Lee, who has been for
the past two years associated with his
futlief, Mr. II. D. Lee, in the grocery
business, has sold out his interest and
has bought an interest with his brother
Mr. Harvey Lee, in a barber shop at
Itichmond. The following is clipped
from the Climax-Madisonian;
"Mr. M. M. Dickereon, known to
everybody as "Cap." and ho has con
ducted a barber shop on Mam street,
near Second, has sold the shop and his
good will to Messrs Harvey G. and
Herlnrt Lee. of Garrard county, who
continue the business at the same old
stand. Mr. II. G. Iee has been a resi
dent of Itichmond for more than two
years, and has had charge of Mr.
Dickerson's business during his illness,
extending over a period of nearly u
year. The many friends of "Cap" de
plore the idea of his retirement, but
sincerely trust that he will be restored
to health and again take his old place
among his fi lends und acquaintances.
Mr. Itee since his residence unions us
has made many friends and his success
is assured."
i !
Fortl Service for the owners of Ford cars
is a fact sourteotis, prompt, efficient. Ser
vice whicli covers the entire country, almost
ns n blanket, to the end that Ford cars are
kr,U in use every day. Drive where you will,
there's a Ford Agent nearby to look after
your Fortl car. The "Universal Car" will bring
voti universal service. Better buy yours to
day. Touring Car $360, Runabout S315,
Coupelet SflOS, Town Car S595, Sedan $01 S all
f. o b. Detroit. We solicit your order.
- p.
tht'Vrfi, . tt,,t I. ;.,,, tllilK' ft
sp.. Wl,hv .
pullt'tl ntf in tin city.
If Abiaham Lincoln looks down upon
us to iby, he sees that for which he I
labored, sunVrid and liuallv laid down!
his lfe llii ideal of u united Nation!
ih iiiiiy rcaiizeu. iiirougn travail ana
blood he pursued his ideal; and in an
guith the Union was cemented, I'mted
we are to-day as never before in the
country's history. It is because we
face other big osibibiliiiea of travail
aud blood that wo are vo unified. Not
in the quest of material More, but in
peril and pain do we enter Into thut
spiritual partnership which makes us
truly strung Mid great. If Lincoln
looks down upon us to day his kindly
soul must rejoice to see that righteous
principal still actuates us. No thirst
for gain, no yearning tor dominion or
glory; but humanity as expressed in
justice and decency. Impels the Union
which Lincoln preserved to stand sor
rowful but terolute, upon the threshold
of war to day.
It e middlings at tl.W per hundred
pounds is the cheapest feed you can
buy, Hudson, Hughes & Karnau,
The mule sale advertised tu take
place next Sutuidav afternoon at the
barns of W. II. llurtou, is destined to
this line ever I
Messera Itoh-
initnii and Ilurton have about 411 ouug
mules, well mulched mid broken ard
running in age from 4 to d enra old,
As the 1'reslding Kliler cannot be
piesent next Sunday, I tew J. L. Clark
will preach at the Memorial Methodist,
hurcli both morning and evening. The
Sacrament of the lord's Supper will
Ik administetrd nt the morning service. I
C II. Greer, the Presiding Klder, will1
hold the quarterly Confeience the I
fourth Sunday afternoon und prtiu'i
the sumo evening. Everybody invitii..
V. 1). l'alm.iter, Pastor.
Although Kentucky is the birth place
of Abraham Lincoln his birth was ot
served Monday as a legal holiday for
the first time. This was made possible
by nn act of the last legislature. Ti e
post ellice was closed and a large flag
hung out. the school children eulogized
III in in original essays and poems, oth
erwise the day passed off as usual. Two
more dates were added to the reper
toire of many children, namely Febru
ary 12, lBOy and April IS, 18CS.
Although John W. Vogel, 'The Min
strel King," has adopted a newer and better
manner of presenting minstrelsy he has not
abandoned the idea of the noon-day street
Mr Vogel's Big Company
of Noted Minstrels will
be seen at the
Lancaster Opera House
Wednesday, Feb21
and weather permitting, the band with this
ever popular organization, under the direc
tion of Mr. James L. Finning, will give the
usual street parade and free band concert at
two p. m., also another concert at the theatre
at 7:30 in the evening.
The sale of seats is now going on at
McRoberts Drug Store and it is advisable to
make your reservations early, for the Vogel
popularity Is a guarantee of a standing room
only sign.

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