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Get your plows and plow
gear together.'
There are lots of things
you will need.
Don't wait m.til you are
ready to hitch up.
We have what you need.
Come and see.
Conn Brothers.
See us for Tested Seed Corn.
Hudson, HuRlies & Furnnu.
To the kicker:
kick forward like
ward like a mule.
If you muit
a man, not
The next conservation order to to Is
sued should be for a aeries of speech,
less days In Congrers.
Cotton Seed Meal for snlc.
Hudson. Hughes &, Fnrnnii,
The American hen will tender a vote
of thanks to Mr. Hoover for that com
mutation of her sentance.
Up to dato we have heard no word
from Mr. Hoover that the hole In the
doughnut should be made smaller.
The world mar, as some one has as
serted, accent us at our own valuation.
hut we don't often catch It in a buying
The familiar restaurant order of
'ham and ." is very appropriate
these days. There's nothing doing
after the "and."
It' Is io long since we have had our
eye on Uncle Carranza that the old
gink may be up to all sorta of devil
ment down there.
Try Corn Flour, a substitute for
wheat flour.
Hudson. Hughes nnd Farnati.
American troops on the Champagne
front They wish the folks ut home to
understand, however, thut there's
nothing in a name.
The fellow who is planning a war
garden Is likely to take Issue with Mr.
Hoover on the wisdom of prolonging
the life of the hen.
t Office 5.
I Itr.idrnce 376.
bun caster, IJ.
500 just received assorted shapes, sizes
and colors.
Make that old chair as good as new.
Sander's Variety Store.
jl All kinds of country Meat wanted. :
mm . w
Rich Milk Healthy Lows
are the results of feeding
International Stock
Let All Your Stock Have It.
MeRoberts Drug Store
German papers are gloating over the
inking of tho Tuscania, expressing
the conviction that lb Ii.oident "must
unfailingly dampen the splrita of
If evidence were wanted that Ger
many Is lamentably Ignorant ut Ameri
can charactsr the above is sufficient.
Americans are the last race on earth to
be civen to crying over spilt mint,
l'robably no natluu in history has grown
to commanding Influence in the world
over greater opposition than has the
United States. Opposition is the bread
of life to our people, and your red
blooded American has mild contempt
for any occupation that containa none
of the element of danger or chance.
If proof were wanted to refute the
insinuation of the Teutons that we
would blanch at the dangers from their
pubmarlnet, It is found in the fact that
beforo the ink wua hardly dry on the
papers in this country giving the news
of the sinking of the Tuscania, enlist
menta In all branches had lumped to
records never reached before. Thou
ands are Hocking to every branch of
tho service, many with the avowed
purpose of avenging the heroes ao
shamelessly butchered.
Germany is due for a very rude
awakening as to the real American
character. She is duo to discover that
our aversion to war does not cover a
craven heart, but ari.es rather from a
national sense of justice and right. She
is also due to learn that when that sense
of justice and right has been flagrantly
abused and insulted, there is no hesita
tion on our part to resort to the weap
ons of force so dear to the German
Germany, however, is merely whist
ling to keep up her courage, she sees
her doom when our troops reach Europe
in force.
A cbleago lecturer says that bow
legs are not so common as they appear.
Pidn t know anyone had such poor
taste as to fake how legs.
Austria tired of war! Well, it isn't
the first time in history thUt an in
dividual or a nation has started some
thing that they couldn't stop.
German -authorities are said to be
suspicious of Trotsky's actions. It
was a noted politician who remarked
I) n a man that wont stay bought."
Any fool may criticize, but critirism
is not a remedy; that requires con
structive ability. So unless you possess
thie, better hold your tongue and saw
In deciding on a renewed German of
fensive, perhaps Hindenburg concluded
l'etrograd would be a more suitable
place than I'aris for that April fool
Safe gunrd the health of your
family by using Kiln Dried Corn
Hudson, Hughes & Farnau.
Germans are said to be wearing
clothes made of paper. The kaiser
should be able to furnish them some
raw material if they can utilize
Figuring it right down to the last
analysis, it'a un to the people of this
country to decide which they love most.
their boys or their-stomachs. One or
the other must be denied. Which?
If the critics would spend the same
amount of energy in the effort to pre
vent the Government making mistakes
that they spend In denunciation, the
per cent of errors would be much
Prof. E. A. Host, of the University
of Wisconsin, who is just back from
Itussla, savs the Dolslmviklknow where
thev are going. Which is probably
true as the read to Germany is no
doubt plain enough.
The farmer who in these times would
feed whest to hogs, is an altogether
new specimen of animal that we have
not et classified. Of all the utterly
incomprehensible beings that this war
has brought to pdillc notice, he Is
easily the limit. If not a vowed friend
of the kaiser, he must be simply an
animal in the form of a man, with a
gizzard where there should be u heart.
Mr. Roger Aldridge informs us that
he has just closed a contract for the
agency of the Overland automobile and
in a few days will be able to demon
strate the good qualities of this popu
lar car to some of the good people of
this county, Roger is a splendid young
man and we wish him much success in
the sste of the machine that has many
admirers here and elsewhere.
In reply to a letter of Miss Jennie Hig
gins, asking when the salary's of the
teachers for the sixth and seventh
month services will bj paid, the De
portment of Education at Frankfort,
replied that it could not tell just when
such salarya will be paid, but thought
the first of them would be paid In two
or three weeks. It also intimated that
it might be the end of the school year
before the full amount ts paid.
While trying to thaw out a trozen
pipe on the auto truck of J. F. Hottz
claw Son at the Ford Garage last
Thursday afternoon, with a gasoline
torch the gasoline was ignited and for
a few moments it looked as if a ser
ious fire could not be averted. Dut
the presence of mind of the mechanical
force in pushing the truck, then in
flames, to the street, no serious dam
age was done, except to the truck
which was practically destroyed.
County Court Day brought a good
sized crowd to town last Monday and
there was some trading on the streets.
especially in the mule line, although
there were very few choice mules offer
ed for sale.
There were a few sheep on the mar
ket, but practically no cattle, the lat
ter being rather scarce at this time.
J. t.. Itobinson sold two mules, one
to Dr. Dawes, for $175 and one to J,
M. Craig for $130; Wes Itourne sold a
nice mule to Ed Clark for $250: N. W.
Itogers bought a team of W. G. Gooch
for $150 and one of M. D. Long, for
$150; Center lirothers of Paint Lick,
sold one to John Winn, for $190. one to
Wllsou Ilrandenburg for $260 and n
team to Hen llright for $140; Gene
Iiuble bought a team of John Kava
naugh for $J40; W, T. Wllmore bought
several head of horses during the day
at prices ranging from $100 to $135.
Mr. Horace Herndon has just re
ceived his appointment from the De
partment of Interior, as Licensing Ex
plosive Agent for Lancaster and Gar
rard county. While the duties of the
Licensing Agent are not very clear to
us, we are safe in saying that all per
sons who deal in Dynamite, Dynamite
Caps. Ulssting Powder and other such
explosive material, arc required to se-
Wire Fence, Vulcan Plows
Collars, Britchen, Hames.
Lancaster, - - -
Kentucky M
!rmifin8JlrWJB) ccUa
OVER S1.000.000.00
Seven claims reported and over $13.
000.00 paid out in February by com
panies represented by GAINES. THE
The mere fact he has policy holders
from California to JNew York, Florida
to Alaska, on the Atlantic and "some
where" in France, is evident that he
goes anywhere for business.
Courtesy, efficiency, promptness in
adjustments, makes him contented
In making out the incami tax list tor
the year 1917, some of our leading busi
nesa men of the county are developing
some interesting figures and bringa to
the eurface some of Garrard county's
live stock products. Mr. V. A. Lear,
probably one of the largest live stock
dealers In the county, handed us the
following figures which makes inter
HiaVooks sow that In the year 1917, Agricnlinral Station ySends Oat Witninf
he purchased In Garrard county 7,655. Ja Farmers.
head of hogs, for which he paid the I
farmer $194,697.00; also during that County Agricultural Agent, W. H.
Food Administrator Issues Warning.
Reports are continually coming in re
garding the violations of the Food Ad
ministration's edict against hoarding.
County Food Administrator Dr. W.
M. Elliott has: given the Record the
following statement about the matter:
"Information has been received by
the County Food Administrator that
many merchants are not observing the
food regulation directing that no mer
chant shall sell to any town person, ex
ceeding five pounds of sugar at a time
or to an country customer more than
ten pounds.
"Merchants have had plenty of time
to familiarize themselves with this regu
lation and if the violation continues,
the Food Administrator will be com
pelled to take drastic action to com
pel observance on tbe part of those
who will not voluntarily do so.
W. M. Elliott,
County Food Administrator.
cure a license and these are the duties year he bought 2,462 lambs, costing Rogers, has received an Important
of Mr. Herndon to issue. The penalty
is a heavy fine for dealing in these ex
plosives without auch license and It de
volves upon all such dealers to see Mr.
Herndon at once.
Proves Fatal To Mack Lamb.
Mr. Mack Lamb, who lived near
Ileitis' store in this county, died at
Dr. Acton's hospital this morning,
from being kicked by a mule last Tues
day afternoon. He had just gotten a
pair of young mules from Mr. Jess
Sweeney and had driven one to a wagon
and while attempting to unhitch the
breast chain, the mule suddenly turned
and kicked, striking Mr. Lamb in the
stomach. Suffering intensely, a phy
sician whs called and an operation was
decided on to save his life. It was
$21,871.00. and 725 head of cattle that bulletin from the College
drew on his banjc account the sum of
$49,525.00. This brings the total pur
chase of Mr. Lear during the year, for
hogs, lambs and cattle, a total of
$269,085, or several thousand dollars
over the quarter of a million dollar
of Agricul
ture in reference to seed corn, which
is presenting such a problem to the
farmers all" over the country. The
bulletin says In part:
Only the earliest gathered corn is
fit for seed. Most of the corn that
was In the field during the zero
weather of December, or corn gath
ered before that date, is worthless for
seed. The Experiment Station has
tested such corn from different coun
ties of the State, and the result is
the same in all cases not more than
ten to twenty per cent of it will grow.
All farmerj who did not gather and
dry their seed corn early, and most
The court house was well filled last
Monday afternoon to hear Collector
John W. Hughes and Hon. Chas. C
Spalding explain in detail how to make
oui jruur income lB ...u ior uvaity vwu ... , . ,.. mmlIllfllIl,
hours was the audience entertained by I , f Mt,Mt hered con)
these two gentlemen, each so well ver.;frGmth(lrcrib3andb in ,0 ,ft
ted on this very Important aubject fo erm!natIoni Not an ear ,ll0u,a be
that I. occupying th. minds of the tax-1 ,antcdn K(.tuck thla wiln.
payers in this and other counties. ' out te,ni,. Failure to make a ger-
ttuiiK iiUKiiva VAiirrsatru in a c w
.i.iti isii ( .its s ti ,,!. llliliBUvm u srtj ta iincij iu iiiraii
rouno. mai nis uowe.a nan oeen severe worus a greai ueei. wnen ne .am; , g ,oja of ,)Untreda of dol,.r8 t0 tne far.
in two place a. He waa operated upon taken men to win a battle, but It takes jmer neelectlnir It
a .l i j ii.ai . I innimv tn win n war ' .
In this issue of the Record is the ad
vertisement of the public sale of 172
acrea of land near Shelby City in Boyle
county, all of which is well improved,
with splendid dwelling and out buildings.
Any Information desired call Mr. John
S. llaughman st Danville.
All boosters and friends of the Chau
tauqua are Invited to attend a call
meeting for next Thursday evening
at 7:30. The meeting for last Tues
day night was called off becausa of it
conflicting with other meetings which
required the presence of many of our
Chautauqua boosters. The meeting it
to be held In the parlor of the Womsns
Club Room.
last night, but from the atart little
hope was entertained that he would re
cover. He was conscious up to ten
minutes of his death and made his will
yesterday afternoon, when he was told
he had a slight chance to get well. Mr.
Lamb waa a good man and his tragic
death was n tad one indeed. He waa a
member of the Holiness church and
took an active interest in it. The
burial will take place tome time Fri
day. He Is turvived by his wife and
five children. Mr. Lamb was 41 years
Duiing the past year we find that we
cannot meet our expenses 'and work
for the tame old price. We wish to
thank the people of Lancaster and Gar
rard Ccunt, for their patronage of the
patt year, but w-j will be compelled to
charge 40c per hour after March lit,
Signed by mechanics of Lancaster
and Garrard County,
money to win a war.
Mr. Spalding was the principal speak
er and proved conclusively that he waa
well versed on the Income tax law, and
made It very clear to his audience, giv
ing three divisions that should be most
interested business men, professional!
men and farmers. Many took advan
tage of his invitation to ask any ques
tions which were not clear to them and
they were answered in every detail.
Judge Hughes informs ut that Gar
rard county is coming up nobly with
her prorata of the income tax and to
busy has his deputy, Mr. II. S. Hahn,
been since he came into the county two
weeks ago, he has consented to let him
remain here until next Saturday,
Mr. Hahn has made many friends
tince he came among us and hat looked
well after the Interests of tho govern-
ment, betide h.lplng and answering
many questions that have been put to
him by tbe taxpayets, all of whom we
are sure are grateful to him for this
Don't depend upon buying teed.
Little good teed ran be bought, for
tho conditions are similar all over the
country &nd are worse in tho northern
states. The small stock of good seed
corn in the hands of seed growers and
dealers will be exhausted very quick.
ly. Don't buy seed corn at all unlets
the germinatlan it guaranteed.
If you have teed corn tave it all for
teed. If you havo new corn that Is
fit for teed, sure it all. The State
and country need it. Don't neglect
to nick out and test the corn at toon
as possible.
W desire to express our sincere
tbankt to our friends and neighbors
for their help and exprettlont of sym
pathy, during the illness and death of
our husband and father. Especially
we wish to thank those who assisted In
the singing at the burial services.
Mrs. Cheatham and children.

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