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The Central Record, Thursday, Mch 14, 1918.
Spring Millinery Opening
Vlarch 15th and I6th
Displaying the mostjauthorltlve collection of
Tatzern jfazs, JJ'isk JfaJzs,
Crage Jdazs, Dashing
'Tailored Jiais
and exclusive Millinery Novelties.
The. ladies of Lancaster and Garrard county are most cordially
Also a large selectiou of the newest Spring Styles of Womens and
Misses Tailored Suits, Coats, Dresses, Waists, Skirts, Etc.
"Given up bv five doctors, my only
hope an operation. I rebelled on cut
tine me open, as I am 75 years old. A
neighbor advised trying Mayr'a Won
derful Remedy fur stomach trouble. 1
got relief right away, I had not eaten
for 10 daya and was as yellow as a gold
piece. I could have lived only a few
days but for this medicine". It is a
simple, harmless preparation that re
moves the catarrhal mucus from the
intestinal tract and allays the inflam
mation which causes practically all
stomach, liver and intestinal ailments,
including appendicitis. One dose will
convince or money refunded.
R. E. McROBEKTS, Druggist.
The Rook Club met with Mrs. Minnie
Uettis Friday evening.
Mrs. Kelly Hogg is visiting her
brother on Uuckeye pike.
Mr. Edwards sold a combined horse
to Mr. Coleman for 220.
Miss Uratton of Lancaster spent the
week end with Miss Alice Sutton.
A young lady of the community re
marked the other day, "I eat 'corn
bresd and curs the Kaiser".
Missionary Day will be observed
sometime in the near future as was de
cided on by the S. S. Sunday morning.
Mr. Abner Hughes and Miss Grace
Aldridge went to Danville to attend
the funeral services of Mr. Rice Burn
side. Mrs. Ella Cecil and Miss A.mie T.
have returned to Danville after u visit
to her mother, Mrs. Fanny l'ollard and
other relatives.
A subscriber to the Central Record
recently said "Each week I look for
ward to the coming of the Record and
cant haidly wait until It comes."
Pure wheat bran, mixed feed,
wheat middlings, rye middling,
corn, oats, hay, straw.
Hudson, Hugh'js & Furnau.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Rice, Kv. J. V.
Mahan, Homer Rice and Gordon Doty
motored to Lexington Sunday evening
to hear Truett at the First Ilaptist
Mr. and Mrs. Henry MacAfeee who
have been spending several days at
Irvine, returned last week. Mr. Mac
Afee was there in the intereit of his
stock in the oil fields.
Mr. C. K. Poindexter will arrive
home from Fond Town Okla. next week
and will be accompanied bv his mother
Mr. and Mrs. Clayton, who will make
their home with Mr. Poindexter.
The castor requested the good wom
en of his congregation to save their
Sunday eggs during March and April
for Missions. Some are wondennghow
the "good uns" are going to be tested,
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Tuggle of New
York City, are spending several days
with his mother, before going to house
Keeping. Mr. Tuggle having purchas
ed a farm containing 172 acres at $90
per acre in Boyle county.
Mrs. Kerns and daughter. Mls.i Lilly,
returned to their home at Salvisa Sun
day. Mr. Leslie Cum. Ingham accom
panied them, and will spend a few days
in the interest of his farm which he
recently purchased there.
Little Uurgin Isom, the ! year old
son of Mr. Ryle Isom, narrowly escap
ed injury or perhaps death on last, Fri
day afternoon when he laid across the
furrow in the field in which his father
was plowing and went to sleep. Uurgin
and Lawrence who had been riding on
the team of mules around the field.
when Mr. Isom took them down and
told them to go to tho house, and he
thought they had until he saw Uurgin
on the point of the big plow, smiling
innocently up into his fathers face.
Mr. Isom 'scared white',- stopped the
team quickly bs passible and took up
his child unhurt The mules providen
tially stepped over him.
iisvs' Hi
What vou want Is nuick relief.
a fifty year old remedy that has pro rn
benebcul lor rounons. iryityoursell.
gsom iy a(l druggists.
for Coughs s Colds
Diht? Bilious? Constipated?
Dr.King sNewLife Pills cauKa healthy
Sow ol Wile nd rid your Stomach
and Bowels of waste and fermenting
body poisons. They are a Tonic to
your stomach and Liver and tone the
central system. First dose relieves.
Get a bottle today. U. all druggists.
"Eaiti lU'whoop'ndwardi off croup"
CHOUPaod WhnoplntCootb n two oflb
terrors of ehfldhooH. Thouund of
mothers know tha efficiency of Foley'
Hooey md Tar Compound, for tbl reliable
comb tad cold remedy hu been nted iaccnv
fall (or three generations.
It Uttes good and soothe
the raw, inflamed surface;
stops the rasping, strangling
foelingin the throat.
Wbr experiment with unknown, no tried
substitute or Imitations when Ton cen ret the
crenuln Foley' at a reasonable price) la
re, &0e and II.UI site. (InsrantMti safe;
co&talus no opiates or other harmful drutr
Stonnes Drug Store
Mr J. V. Farley was over .from
Jessamine, Monday, on business.
Miss Mina Rankin of Hubble, has
been visiting Mr and Mrs David Ran
kin. Jr.
Mr Florence llallard has recovered
from her.rrcent illness and is able to be
out again:
Mr Hugh Tomlinson of Toledo, Ohio.
is here visiting his mother, Mrs llelle
Mrs Carrie Grinstead and son of
Somerset were recent guests of Mrs J.
C. Williams.
Mrs llelle Davis, of Jessamine coun
ty, has been visiting Mrs C. M. Dean
and Mrs Walter Davis.
Miss Mayme Lee llallard spent sev
eral days in Frankfort last week with
Hon. J. Hogan Dullard and Mrs llal
Mrs Forest Stapp and Mr iiurlon
Stapp of Lancaster, were the guests of
Mrs E. II. llallard and Miss Mayme
llallnrd, for dinner, Sunday,
Red, hlsike, sapling, long white
sweet clover seed; timothy, reclean
ed Orchuid jUuss and Ky Blue grass
seed. Hudson, Hughes &. Furnau.
Mrs T. W. Stallings who hai been
visiting her father, Mr James I). Leav.
ell, for several months, left Monday
for New York City, where her husband
Dr Stallings Is now located.
A series of "Revival Services" will
begin Sunday at the Methodist church.
Tb pastor, Rev. U. S. Conant will be
assisted by Rev. Callis, noted evange
list or Wilmore. There will bs special
music and it Is hoped that everyone
will attend these services.
Overwork, worry, overeating' and
lack of exercise and sleep are respon
sible for much kidney trouble. If your
back aches and the kidneys seem wcaki
rest up and use Doan'i Kidneys Pills.
Chris Hutchison, carpenter. Crab
Orchard St , Lancaster, says: "My
kidnevs were In bad shape and I had a
constant pain over my right kidney.
As my work calls for a great deal of
stooping over, my back ached severely.
My kidneys were too frequent in
action at limes and then again sluggish.
The kidney secretions contained sedi
ment. Doan's Hldny Pills, from
Stormes' Drug Store, soon rid me of
the backaches and regulated the action
of my kidneys. I am glad to recom
mend Doan's Kidney Pills, for I know
tney are a good kidney medicine."
Price COc. at all dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's Kidney Piils-the same that
Mr. Hutchison had. Fuster.Mllburn Co.
Props., Buffalo. N. Y.
Further testing of seed corn bears
out the statement made several weeks
ago thaf there is practically no seed In
Garrard County fit to plant. Farmers
crntinue to bring In their corn to be
tested and the tests are uniformily low.
It is now the middlt of March and farm
ers should decide at once what they
are geing to do. If you are going to
test out each ear of ynur corn and plant
trom your own crop, you should begin
at once, as the planting season will be
upon you before you know it. If vou
are going to buy you should begin to
look around to buy. In a conservation
with one of the seed dealers in the
county, he said he was greatly per
plexed as to what he should do. He
has on hand only a small quantity of
corn but afraid to buy more as She
hadn't the least idea how much the
farmers In the county 'would need.
Counting what old corn is in the county
and a little good new corn yet, it will
take over 750 bushels to plant the crop.
There is no rcarcity of good scd in
Western Kentucky and the farmers of
that section will nub the ears, shell it
and place It on the cars for Jo. 00 per
bushel. The farmers of this county,
however, will have to do businrs with
these men in an organized way. The
amount of seed you will need should be
listed with our County Agent who
can then total up the entire needs of
the county and get some one to handle
it and do the distiibuting. Naturally
the farmer cannot expect to get Jthe
corn for $5.00 per bushel but if the
amount is known and each man takes
the amount he lists, it can naturally be
handled on a narrow margin of profit.
I see no other way out ot the situation
and this plan hss the backing of the
College of Agriculture.
One last word please. Gtt It out of
your head that your corn 1i good seed.
If you are firmly peisuadrd it is good.
bring it In and I will test it out and if
it is good there will be a ready sale.
Hither tpst or buy.
W. II. Rogers. County Agent,
U. S. Dep't. of Agriculture.
WeM Armed II
3 C
Right now this Country Is calling for men 'of stout hearts
and sound bodies. It needs them to keep Old Glory triumphant
and unsullied in the air.
The exigency now confronting us emphasises, as nothing
rise could do, the ImiwrUr.ce of good health, both as an Individual
and national asset.
It gives point to the suggestion, often emanating from this
office, that everybody should guard their health as.a priceless s
session. When you find yourself running don and not exactly
keyed up to the fighting pitch, as is the case with everybody at
times. You ought to come to Nature's relief and take a course of
Legally guaranteed to satisfy you, or meney bark
If you'll do that, you will not experience the discomfiture
of being rent back homi for lack of red blood when you answer
the call of the colors.
COM-CKISAIt sells at One Dollar tor threee boxes, legally
guaranteed for the stomach, liver, kidney's, bow-In, bladder,
blood and indigestion and headaches, rheumatism and nervousness.
SCIENCE SOl'E Is best for HUMAN SKIN, only 10c a bar.
3 bars 2.V. Try our COWIIOY LINIMENT, for all Pains, bruises,
burns, etc. 25c and 60c bottles.
Dakoto Jack-White-Moon Remedy Co.
3720-31 West llroadway, LOU1SVILLK. KY.
Draw A Check
for the money )otiove nnil
note how much more res
pectfully your creditors re
liant you. They like to do
business with n mnn who
has on account nt the
Garrard Bask & Trust Co.
They know he Is doing business In a busirrss Ilk way. lletter
open such an account even it your affairs are not large. Thev
will grow all right.
The Garrard Bank & Trust Company
Funeral Director and Embalmer.
Office Phone 18,
Residence Phone 33.
When company comes
there 13 no time to
waste no chances to
be taken so mother
sees that there is al
ways a can of
on hand. Cakes, pies,
dough nuts, muffins and
all good things to eat
must be dressed up in
their best taste and
Then, too, her reputa
tion ns a cook jnust
be upheld and she
"stakes" it on Calumet
every time. She Aruows it
will not disappoint her.
Order a can and have the
"company" kind of bakings
tvery day.
Calumet. contains only such
Ingredients as have been
approved officially by the
if. STFood Authorities.
Yau.?e bay it.
isa mis wsca jm iu ii.
Farming Implements
As administrator of the es
tate of W. A. Todd, deceased, I
will sell at Public Auction, at
Paint Lick, Ky., on
Saturday, March 23, '18
at 2 oclock, p. m.. the following
One 10-20 Oil Engine; One Flow to follow en
gine; Two Disc Harrows; One Tobacco Flow; One
double shovel Plow; One Cultivator; One Mowing Ma
chine; One A Harrow; One Buena Vista Saddle; One
good Brood Mare; A lot of Plow Gear.
Terms made known on day of sale.
G. B. Todd, Adm.

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