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The Central Record, Lancaster, Ky.. Thursday July 3 1 , 1919
Farm at Public Auction
Tuesday, August 12th, '19
I will sell my farm of -!04 acres, known ns thu
This farm consists of 8 room residence anil all necessary
linrns anil outlniildinirs. includinir pair Fairbanks Standard
Stock Scales.
This farm has about SO acres of virgin blue grass sod,
and the balance is in high state of cultivation, clover having
been sown each year, after wheat, and clover followed by corn.
This place is 5 miles from Danville, on a good road and
in a good community, being just a mile from Caldwell church,
and close to a school. Will sell to give possession January 1st,
19:20. with seeding privileges this fall.
This farm is located on the head waters of Salt river, and
is regarded as one of the best in Boyle county.
Mrs. Elizabeth Tarkington
Capt. English, Auctioneer.
Any one desiring to look over this place before day of
sale can communicate with
Optimistic Tlioui'it.
Sunbeams of hope 'I drive awaj
Ihi' mists f BU'pf'n').
Airplane Work Tiring.
Workers In tin1 "dope" imini of ncrn
plane fnotnrle nrt' found in be affected
generally with n mllil fnriii of nn'mln,
bnt It I lint siillleli'iilly proiiouncisl to
hi alarming.
Velvet Hats Also a Feature of the
Paris Fashions.
French Women Art Not Setting Pact
For Milady of America by Wear.
Ing Warm Clothes.
Krntn velvet I'nrls next turn her at
trillion In ftir, and It l wild that
anithlni with fur on It I cnnxldcrcd
i il In tin' minute I'nrs nnd even vot
ive! li.it In plenty lint, la-ell seen nn
The word "rnlili." which l spelled
"entnp. "cntehttp," "ket hup" nml
'kit. Imp." I ii corruption of the Ch.
niwi' word "kltjiip," ltn iiaini" given
to mi Infrrlnr kind nf toy inmlc
I China.
tin Inrrld street nf American clllcs In
Long Indian Name, summer past, so It I host not to fool
Tln lonit.'it Kincmplihiil In. llun .. sclf-rli:htisii nr to make Inn much
niinii' I prnbnhly Unit of Ijike I "Imrji- comment when I'arls i louses to suffer
o cni:ngmaiinchaiicnEoKchchunii)guti.'ii- In tho cause nf fashion,
inline. Thl' lake I In .Massmhiisctl The scarcer the fur the more In
nml It" name hn recently been cluing. ' vi sue It Is Imiinil tn he, hut inn' doe
lit tn l.'iko Webster. Tin" word Is nf lint have In depend nn tin1 ipiatitlty of
.Mirmiiiiln orlKln mid Ii mi Id tn menu fur Unit Is available, fur tl iln point
"llnw the niith wind made n largC'l Hint ..lie's chillies hi- shaggy unit
water where ninny blackbird chatter." tin" mean Hint are omph.'cd are far
less Impnrtiiiit. I'nrlliT In the season
Expensive and Unnecessary. fringe nf any nnd nit nrl was the
The fact that nf all tin- huttnns Hint """rii. hut besides the iimnkey fur
luiie been given nut tn hi' testimony "" Ihe dripping offi-cl obtained by
to Hi.. wearer1 partlolpatlnn 111 tli'i''""' "f feather the novelties In
pcrfnimiince nf public- duty fi'W nre material are much In drtuniid.
M.rn hnnld be ml nllli.n tn nut the There Is all liiethiiiitlhle variety tif
lllinc i sinned In the making nf nch knitted novelties In Angora and nth-
bullous, mid the iiinney spent tn my 'r miiterlnls, nu Ihlnir Hint run lie
f.ir litem, tn hotter ue. Albany .tour-, nunle tn hnng nnd ilnngle In the man'
Yellowstone Wonders Discredited.
The first recordeil visit t" what Ii
now Yellowstone pirk wn iniide In
1810 hy .Tnhn Colter, n trapper, who
took refuge there from hostile In
dian. Hit tale nf lt wonders were
absolutely discredited.
Dally Thought.
.The fearful iiiil.el.of Is uidiellef In
ourself. Onrljle.
Dreaming of Cats.
To dreiitn of rati In said lint tn he
tui-ky. If you drnrnt of a hlnek eat,
ynur rn.'iiil.'i are aitlM-: tn he hltten
flV&RY and MOGUL
All Kinds of Farming
Noah Marsee,
The letter I. e. are nn nhhrevlntlnn
nf the Latin phrue "Id el." meiiulie'
"that U," and the letter" o. s. an nhhre
vlntlnn nt iiimther Uitln phrase "ex
empli Krntln." hallux the uii'iinlni; of
"for the ake nf example" and "fnr
Story of the Mirror.
From the twelfth tn '.. fifteenth
century mnll mlrmr". earned In lh
Stara and Stripes on the Sea.
Our ting mien nne-llfth nf the wnrhl't
fill II .1 ii LT now, and 411 per cent nf the
hhlpplnc between our own mrt nnd
nihers Is under i.tir own fine Trade
mutes where our fins hai not been
Keen nn merchant tdp for half 11 cen
tury nre now traversed by the boats
nf t'lule Sam.
the Iitln wnrd 'cmi. iiietinlu;
I "l.L'.ltlliit " VI.'m .r-il Id il l.lil-.t.n
by nn.-Indicates niNrnrtu.,.': burj:lnrs , . ltf .. r,,.r (r rtln,H1 ))f
are about when,:i cat fnll.ms In , ,rrI1H ,.,,, r,.v,.rH
n dieam; whtl. tn iln'tim nii nre
stnikina one means, beware nf false!
friends. Why Hair Stands on En-I,
When linlr l:i'nl
Rainy Seasons In Cycles.
AccunlinK tn IMuanl ItruiK'kiier, Ihl
treat Austrian metenrnlnslt, enld
rainy seasons come In cycles tiboir
every thirty-five years, the years nenr
est tn these partukim: nf their uatiin
nml those fiirihest .ll-tani lo-lii- 'lrj
und hot. The year 11)15 wn the helilr
nf one nf these enld, wet cycles.
i back nf u dm; nr cut when .rizhicue.1
The Amaion. j , , , ,y v muscles nllinb' il
The .Mnarnii dshaires the I.iru-est (l) riMIa .r,, i,.,r fele Is 1.,..
amount nf water nf any river In ll.el,, tltH ,r,.,t h . ,.,, .l
wmhl. and the St. Ijiwreine nett.j tnched tn either side nf this seed i.
Other liilerestlin; fan- about ll tiny muscles whlih run dlniroual'
rliers nre that the hiiiilh of Ih , Hiroui:h the flesh frnin the Inner purl
Amazon Is -klum miles and lls'nl.lili f nlr fc,re. These little inns. Ii s
wirles from u few litunlr.il feel a: , ure like the iruv rni.es nf n lent. Thev
dllTereiit iinls tn inore tlun 1il
miles at Its in. .nlli. The SI. Litrnm'
Is IVJini miles In Iriislli, Is from one
to scleral miles wide at places tn
ninety miles nt Its iimiith.
Iier nf a Innc-hnlrcd fur Many nf i
thee nre slinw'ii In bunds, purtlciilnrly
when the texture Is Miltuhle for use lis
a trimming. Wind Is i.rten .i.inl.lned
with silk and metal and Interwnven
In stripes. I'nllnwlin: ilosely the l.leii
..f ,1... .l...ln.L ..l..l.l ......M. .....I
stripe, nre plentiful and' color are a '" "''i .'""T. ''""""t '" '""ke It j pocket or nlt vhisl to the clrdle. were
s nr tw mnre O.ld H.an the inn- i Ml,""l, ,h""-"";" 'enernlly reenrdd a. In.l.,'u.ble adjuncts ...
lerlnls f Int.. s!irh. .r.. i.r.ui i ' 1,rl"s '"' nob.sly but tlieiii.eli .. . Indl.-s' toilets The .rket mirror wns
Vs. Is an nbbri't Intlm. of ..., ,.i. ,..,....... .,, in. . n circular plmtue of imiIIIiis meinl fit-
builds of ll..' Ml.1.1. 111. inesl, I...I..,. nf : " "
im.i.iI il.re.nl l.s.seli- U..W.II Small Dally Task. In lid,
Any nf these knitted liotellles pro- I
vhles the way for trlinititiic either n
froik nr n coat will... ill the uld nf fur
nt Mililewhat less expense. Fnr mrts
clothes this fnrm nf trimiiilnj; Is Ideal.
fnr tin' shinies iini.rd n itiisli i.f ei.lor
Usually nssiH-latrd with such clothes ' ' rniiope.
Aim. ill other colors are dnhlln, clt-
mu, Jade, klnc's blue and rul brnnn, Anticipation,
"hlihiir id separately nr In conibl- Tho fnllnwlinr ixtri" f-.ni letter
nI1"n"- i.f llmiiks Is cherished ,, , tt., :p,.nt.
ira fur nre the preference of I'ar- The benullf.il il. k Jnii -nl us i-imei WrrU". Hljhnt Puks.
Is. but lir.mii fur. nre s.il.l to be ,.- Mn perfect eoii.llllnn, and Is m.w In The hl.be i .. tsnk In Vnrth
cl.lisl isin by the n.:ij..rll of Amcrl- Hie parlor nn top of the Iss.k belies. 1 A.nerlea I. Jli . Ki,., i ..vn
-.iii on lh
Only What They Might Ciptct.
When ss.ile who are lolenibly for
tiinate In their niitwnnl lot do not find
J. S. .Mill.
Small Dally Task. If
N'othlne urel Is so isitent as a Inw!
that may not be .lls..l.eie.l. It has the Fortune Awaits Invrntor.
'r 'f the waler-dn.i that h..llnws "rnl.nrnl.lc" lln.-ti b-.. b.ni been
lb. sti.ui. A sninll dally task. If lt. ,rM, f ,. .,, .j.
be really dally, will be..t the Inlsirs ii,ri, . ,,,..,1. ,,.i I 1,.,.. ..n..,, !,..
n .pa.m.Klle llenule.. Anthnny ,,.,. ,., , .... ,,i.,ri.r,..
hie clotb l sll i.nk.Hiii.1 and nn
one has claimed ihe ft. rni.ie which l
nualtlnu ih - luie.itor 11I10 ...lip. the
nre what are called the erector mi"
fles, nnd when fear nr cold Is expi--rleneeil
thehe muscles promptly tighten
up In kik'Ii n milliner h to "holt" the
hair very iilckl.
1 ti !
where we i..m- to 101, is.n. and ; nlmse altitude ' 'jiCaii fw. nnd the
)ur husbnnd. nlso. If I , c1.11 make It 1 hlchest In S..111I1 Ai-ierl. a Ml Aeon
conienleiit." Ihi.tn.i Tost. I ihcuii, In the Andes, mi the tnirder of
. Chile and Ara. 11II1.1. St.nsii f.s't Th.
l.lilli.-si nii.iinial.i tu ih wnr'.l Is .Ml.
Cruelty In Training Olrds. 1
rerfiirinliic birds -ire i.fl.ii tainrlit 1
1 by slnrvalh.n. Ib.w many i.e nunre
that the pretty doles Hint til nheii ,
. rele..s.sl 10 Ihe hespunzlts! artststnnd j
'for... theuiselii-s Into uis.tiieirlcal pat
terns nn her bead nnd niisiretch.s I
inrms, are ..fun the s,.,. sunlinrs nf
I hi.iidre.ls which have been sinnisl and
'then nnly fed when Ihey penlnsl iion
Kletesf. In the llhlliihllns 11 .n.
Its altitude Is L".nrj fr.-t There are
sotcra! huii.lr.il mountain -n!.s In Iih
llliualaias .liissi f. ,-i ur oier mnnlns
to an aliunde of rs.i7S f,vi
' an exact spot nn the nwuerV nrms.
Cipsy Language.
Tile lantu:.:.- n Ihe !lKlles, l!i
nmtiy. Is ...Id to l- Hindis! dialect
derli.sl from Sanskrll. KiI.ii....l-Isi
I prelly well aer.-e thai Hie lilples nr..
Picturesque Lisbon. j il.-xvn.lnnu of an i.hseure Hindis,
Lisbon, the nestrrtiumst ,,f Kuro- tribe. 1 ho i.nl.ir lM-l,f ihnt (!.P,
n mpllals, spreads Itself In leisure-I "re ileaivinhiui nf Hie i:c.llai.s has
S.f lift,'
ly fnsldon oier Ms II bills, exlendini;
for more than the miles nlniu; the
shores of the fmoii lln.hi do I.UUin,
and for more thnn three miles Inland.
Ite.inn.l Hie liarrnw ehniiiiol leadlnc
nut nf the liadn llimiisli whlih flow the
waters of Ihe Tacts lies Ihe i.h-i. sen,
and otae Mm miles nwny over the ho
rizon to Hie west are the Azores.
no oilier basis than the slmllurlli of
the two nor l. The word "lllp.y" as a
mailer nf fait. I. from ihe Itohendnn,
nnd means "ial ," n,, ur,
les appeun-d In Kniiliiud ,atl) In the
llloith ifiiiiir). but were fniin.l In
ensiern Kiiinis- nt l.-.isi i,,,, .rr.lurles
earlier. Theji are now seallereil all
nier the Hnrl.l.
A Cape of Kolinsky, Beautifully Com
bined, Affords a Fitting Wrap for
Cool Summer Evenings and Crisp
can, a brown continues to he xjioken .
of for nulls, and the fur will be used I
In u color as near 11 mslhle matih-l
I sr. Here Is iiuother Instance of the I
difference nf opinion that Is likely to
result in iiiiikliiR 1. 1. Hi brown 1111. 1 iirny
pud 11ml leuvliu- the Indlildiitil plenty
of room for choice.
A truly remarkable tire that represents the most
economical piirchnne in the market. See the
KELLY CORD am! FA15KIC Tires on hand at a
IHMaM(MHHH " tllllll M1
Printed Georgettes and Silk Voiles Ara
Popular; No Trimming Is
I'rlnteil KeorKi'ttes und "Ilk voiles nre
holiiK extensively used this hununer,
11 11. 1 ii frocks muile nf these material
require nn trlmmlne they ure a boon
to the home dressmaker.
KometlineN the frock imve founda
tion nf crepe metis. r or llKhtwclcht
nitln or taffeta, but perhaps the must
1 iHipiilnr arrunKoment I to use the same
material In 11 plain color us the fuiiudu
Hun, skillfully drapliiK the printed fab
ric over It. Thl makes a very Unlit
welKht frock Hint I rhnrmlni; for
dresy wear for auminer. Iinsely tied
uhe of self material or of satin am
frequently used. These are tied either
at the hack or side. Wide, II. mini;
sleeves, elbow or three-qtlurter length.
nre Ihe ravnrlte nne.
I OrKamlle dresses are ul-o (.'rent fu
I vnrlte thl suiiiiuer, the must mpulnr
j stylo ahowlni; a plain skirt and bodice
finished with a wide surplice bertlui
edged with liny frill. The bertha or
surplice I draw 11 uriiuud the Umira
mid tied In u smart bow at the back.
A dress of this type Is, of course, uot
fur the stout figure.
an 1 1 in 1 vissz
Of Handkerchief Linen.
One uf the smartest of thu handker
chief linen waists has a collar which
roll sufficiently at the back to fit
successfully over the collar of tai
lored coat and eater. It tucked
Jabot aud collar ure embroidered with
blue) uiercerlied col ton lu u.loug anil
abort ttauipler atltcn.
Its exolusive I
features make I
ittroublc-procrf I
Western Electric
THIS direct-connected type of Western Electric
Power and Light is practically automatic in
its operation a child can operate it.
Dependable electric service night and day. for,
your tarnv.
See this plant in operatioa.

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