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The Central Record. Lancaster, Ky., Thursday July 31. 1919
F1feai !1F1
I" We
represent one of the largest Roofing manufac
turers in the South.
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! tH
The Central Record
Issued Weekly. $1.50 a Year.
Payable in Advance.
J. E. ROBINSON. Editor.
H. L .ELKIN, Local Editor and Mgr.
Entered at the Post Office in Lan
caster, Ky., as Second-Class Mail
Member Kentucky Press Association
Eighth District Publishers League.
Rate. For Political Announcement.
For Precinct and City Offices.. $5.00
For County Offices 10.00
For State and District Offices.. 15.00
For Calls, per line .10
For Cards, per line .10
For all publications in the inter
est of individuals or expres
sion of individual views, per
line .10
Obituaries, per line .05
Lancaster, Ky., July 31, 1919
For Congressman.
We are authorized to announce
CIIAS. A. HARDIN, of Mercer conn
ty, a candidate for Representative in
Congress in this, the Eighth CongTes.
sional District, rubject to the action
of tho Democratic party.
We are informed by an es-
timable public official that at
Monterey recently a number
of Mexicans joined him in
singing the Star Spangled Ban
ner. This fact he presents as
proof that the Mexicans arc an
amiable people and do not
make border raids.
Unfortunately, the best inat
it can prove is that there are
some Mexicans who do not
make border raids while they
are singing the Star Spangled
Banner with this estimable of
ficial. But while they were
thus fraternizing there wye
other Mexicans who were mur
dering an American and sub
jecting his wife to gastly bru
It 'does not prove that all
Mexicans are amiable. It does
not prove that any of them are.
Singing the Star Spangled Ban
ner is not proof of a lofty im
pulse. It may be camouflage
But, at best, what is the use of
n few of them singing the S. S.
B. at Monterey while there are
swarms of them elsewhere just
waiting for an opportunity to
alit an American throat and pit
l;ige Americr.n property?
We are supposed to bo
friendly with Carranza's gov
ernment. He has an army of
about 60,000, and claims to
rule a" population of 15,000,.
000. That population con
tains several rebel factions,
each with pretentions to tho
control of certain portions of
Mexico. Any politcment
which we may ehow to the Car-
iranzn government any act o
I official recognition is t-tita
mount to a slur on the claims o
all of the other factions And
one or more of these factions
retaliate by murdering u few
more Americans. It is sad
than to murder some of Car-
ran za's party.
As a mater of fact, about the
safest thing any one can do in
Mexico is to murder an Aiiieri
can and brutalize his wife and
'And our amiable public oil
cial assumes a benevolent at
titude and solemnly assures us
that Mexicans sang the S. S. 15,
with him. The wonder is that
t ley failed tc slit his throat at
the last word.
By far the greater part of
our young men coming home
from the war are strong and
well. Outdoor life, plain
hearty food and vigorous phy
sical exercise have combined to
buila up their physique.
Many of them who were in-
door workers oetore the war
find that the abundant vigoi
they have gained inspires them
toward life in the open. For
men of this inclination the
farms of the country offer an
excellent opportunity.
ine working season is on
and the farmers are calling for
help. They are willing to pay
wages that are comparatively
high, when we consider that
room and board ore included
Necessary expenses are few, so
that a young man could save
nearly all of his wages. And
in the meantime he is living a
wholesome life and is squiring
a knowledge oi practical farm
ing which in the future may hn
of great value to him.
In case he should desire
eventually to buy a small f'.rm
of his own the information
which he has gained about s il
and location will aid him in his
selection and prevent him from
making a poor investment
We would recommend to the
young man who is doubtful
about his employment to take
into consideration farm work.
He will at least have well pay
ing work for several months,
which will leave him as 'husky
as he is at present. And by
that time there may be a larger
lield for employment of every
kind than there is now.
No, the Ohio landlord who
voluntarily reduced the rent of
his tenants is not a candidate
for public office or matrimony.
He is just living in the wrong
age an age in which the Gold
en Rule has been kicked into
tho discard and forgotten,
while greed and avarice have
taken its plarc.
Just to show that we are n SHANKS SHOWS
dead game sport, we invite
every delinquent subscriber to WHITE FEATHER,
walk right into our sanctum '
without knocking and cough , Will Not Meet Oldham
up hip nougn. we n nave a,
wheelbarrow on
home the loot.
hand to cart I
In Debate.
Don't spend all of your time
swatting the fly. Hand the
Bolshevist a few while you are
about it for the good of your!
'Bitter Diiappointmenl to Me,"
Says Hi. Opponent. "How Can
lie Meet the Republican!?"
As was exprrteil here the challenge
of It. C. Oldhnm, candidate for the
' Democratic nomination for l.leuten-
Crossing the Atlantic by air-lnnt Governor, to W. 11. Shanks, hi
ship now causes about as much!pponit to meet him in joint dc.
excitement as the laying of its j ba,c ,nt Owcnton, was not accepted
first egg by your favorite pul
"Germany has ratified
the world is grntified."-
And no one is satisfied.
The Interior Journal, published
Stanford, and the paper that groom
ed Shanks for the race, had raid that
he would certainly be there. The
local Courier rightly predicted In last
Ex- week's issue with the statement that
"Col. Oldham is a good speaker, and
'we doubt that Shanks will be willing
to cross oratorical lances with him."
Oldham said in an interview this
morning: "It is a bitter disappoint
ment to me. Since he announced
his friemis have told many malicious
stories about me that I wanted ex
1 plained. I did not invite him to n
mud slinging contest, but simply gave
him an opportunity to explain to the
I might have asked him nbout that
- . - . - - disgraceful record of his in n mem-
Drunk With Love. Dcr ' "le Kentucky Legislature. His I
"Oli, Amorous IfcivV by lids Impos. j friends have circulated rumors that.
L quern, was imp of tr.. Iii-st sola of me KeqUDIicnns would lie able to irt
ic . vcnlng. New York Tilde. ' tack me; that both candidates for
Nothing but masculine re
spectability and feminine mod
esty is ever out of the ordinary
theft days."
An exchange heads its fun
ny column "Hit or Miss." It is
usually a miss.
Ballards Obelisk
(First Patent.)
And Save Lard.
One Barrel of Obelisk Requires $2.00
worth of Lard Less Than Other Flours.
Obelisk makes delicious Bread and Cake
Hale Ties,
Feed of all Kinds,
Field Seeds.
t Governor would slate against me, nnd
Gathering Life's Cold. i many other underhand insinuations.
Tin- gold of life doe not lie hidden mil I was eager for on opportunity
In '.ii'nes; It sparkles In tlnv sand! to have their ehamtiion to make these
along the coinnmn path of every chnrccs to my face and answer mine
diiy lie only who gathers It hit hy lilt. in hin, I mnv ,.,
from dally duties nnd pleasure and! ,!,.. ,.. ,i, .n... ....
IMxiriuniiir nun inriiti-iups mil nnil
imelf the possesor of tin real treas
ure at Inst.
China's Watfr sTraniportatlon.
On Hie rivers, streams or rnnnls of
China transportation nnd potnl faclll-
les distend on the sampans. Women.
ns well as men. oiierate them all day
nnd the prehensile font -renders their
tals m"cli easier. livery Chinese post
mm. lying on his boat, steers with Ida
hands nnd rows with Ills toes, tie
holds the nnr trondy between the
great toe nnd the others nnd gives n
Igomus motion to the boat by the
powerful nctlon of the leg muscles.
Mrs. Jesse Casey is ill.
Quite n number were in Lancaster
Monday from this place.
Mrs. McKlnley Matthews spent the
day Monday with relatives.
The crops in this vicinity nre look'
ing sick from the need of rain.
Mrs. John Dailey was with Mrs.
Jesse Casey Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah McMillian ami
sen were visiting relatives Sunday.
Mrs. Abe Burton spent part ol last
week with her mother, Mrs. Lnyton
Mrs. Joe Hay and children were in
Nicholasville Thursday with relatives.
Mrs. Mose Ray spent Wednesday
afternoon with Mrs. Wilbcrt Dailey
Mrs. James Land was tho guest
Saturday afternoon of Mrs. John
.Mr. and .Mrs. J. It. sparks were
with their daughter, Mrs. Jesse Casey
Mrs. Charla Grow returned home
after a few days stay with Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Lank.
Mr. and Mrs, Jar.'cs Land and Mr.
Earl Dailey motored to Lancaster
Tuesday afternoon.
Mr nnd Mrs. Fred Howard and
children spent Saturday night with
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moberley,
Mrs. Allen Teatcr was at tho bed
side of Mrs. Harrison Ray Sunday
night who is still seriously ill.
Mr. and Mrs. George Teater of
Jessamine county mado a recent visit
with Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Davis.
Misses Thelma Simpson and Myrtle
Teater were the attractive guests of
Miss Bert Dailey Thursday night.
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbcrt Dailey and
son spent Wednesday night with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. W T Sebastian,
Mrs. Mose Kay nnd Mrs. Andrew
Stotts and daughter, Miss Kunice
pent Thursday with Mrs. Otis Stotts
Mr. and Mrs. Hughcy Moberley and
little daughter spent Friday night
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. liar
vie Teater.
Mr. and Mrs. Evcrette Warner and
daughter Elsie Mario were visitors
Saturday night of Mr. and Mrs. An
drew Stotts. i
About twenty-eight relatives sur
prised Mr. and Mrs. W, T. Moberley
Sunday. Tho affair was a very en-
yable one.
Mr. Elbert Teattr and Miss Myrtlo
Teater attended the lawn party Wed-
esday night on the Poor Ridge plko
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin
these rumors were proven false nnd
malicious they were printed in news
papers as PAID ADVERTISING, and
I would have nsked him to explain
that.I sincerely regret that he has
dodged the issus, nnd ran not see how
he could be expected to meet his Re
publican opponent should he be the
nominee nnd be challenged.
There is no reason that can be giv
en why I will not poll the entire party
strength in November ond add
strength to the ticket, and he knows
it. I will welcome the opportunity
at any time to meet any Democrat or
to meet Ed Morrow or any Republi
can on earth on the stump in debate
anywhere in Kentucky." (The Daily
When Sneealng Wat a Bad Omen.
Sneezing from reunite limes tins
been held omli.inis. Our forefathers
went to bed nenln If they sneezed
while pulling nti their hln.es. A
sneeze In Die rlclifnus deemed lurky;
to the left i.f II (uirlent. To sneeze
near n liurh.l p.iiee vi mi.tirky.
The following from the Casey
County News which is edited by Otis
Thomas, who was recently litcni.rj.vd
fron the army
"Hon King Swope, the Republican
nominee for Congress in the ?th Dis
trict, is the young man's hop hit
election will inspire every young man
in Kentucky to Ine a uieful, worthy '
nnd law-abiding life with the assur
ance that his worthy endeavors will
be rewarded by the people nmotig
whon he has liked and served. Every
young man should vote for King
Swope on Saturday, August 2nd.
Every father who had a son in the
army should vote for King Swope.
Ever- boy who was in the army will
vote for King Swope because he has
the courage to come out in favor of
the needs of the soldiers while his op
ponent. Judge Hardin, completely
ignored the soldiers in his platform.
Every fathvr who has n son whom he
wishes to aspire to place of usefulness
ond honor should vote for Mr. Swope.
Mr. Swope represents the best
there is in Kentucky manhood. He
is intelligent, progressive and patri
otic. When his country needed him
he did not hesitate or plead exemp
tion but olferrd his services and made
an enviable record In the rrmy. He
is a young lawyer of rare attainments
and has been complimented by such
able jurists as Judge Kerr and Col
John K. Allen, of Islington, Ky., as
one of the ablest young lawyers In
His speeches in this campaign have
been clean, and free from abuse nnd
are regurded by all who hear him as
masterpieces To send him to Con
gress from the Mh District will be a
signal for all worthy young men that
Krntuckians are willing to reward
honest and elTirjcnt services wnere
ever they are found.
Hundreds of patriotic voters will
no longer be bound by political chains
but will vote for Swope regardless of
their previous political filiations.
Caey County News".
Ltathtr Lunged.
'Id on, William! roininsnds a
ii pntentdeather shines, running
he stairs, nil pink with liasle."
.it-im Mncasliie,
Happiness Always Right,
it us never he nfrnld f tnnoeetit
We must dare to he happr re
nc ourselves always as the drpos-
and not the nmlior of'oiir joy.
rf3 W
l77Trr.. x
18 cents a package
"PXPERTLY blended choice
Turkish nnd choice Domestic
tobaccos in Camel cigarettes elimi
nate bite and free them from any
unpleasant cigaretty aftertaste or
unpleasant cigarctty odor.
What you pay out your good money for
is cigarette satisfaction and, my, how
you do get it in every puff of Camels!
low-mildness of tho tobaccos yet re
taining the desirable "body." Camels
are simply a revelation! You may
For your own satisfaction you must
compare Camels with any cigarette
in the world at any price, then,
you'll best realize their superior
quality and the rare enjoyment
Hiey provide.
Camels win instant nnd permanent
success with smokers because the
blend brings out to the limit the
refreshing flavor and delightful mel-

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