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Why is it that when a few
men who enjoy a little game of
drawpoker occasionally have
to gather together like sneak
thieves going up and down
every side street in the city
00up and down stairs and then
into some dark and dreary
hole in the wall to spend a
few hours at their game only
to learn after the game is
started that they have been
watched with an eagle eye
and if not arrested then and
there their names are report
ed to the grand jury and they
are indicted and brought into
court and fined twentyfive or
fifty dollars when we have
right here on Main street a
gaming room in which more
money is won and lost in a
day than was ever lost over
any poker table in the city
Again when these poker play
40 ers have a game it is conduct
ed in a most quiet manner no
one but the players are per
t mitted in the room no drunk
en men are there to use pro
fane language nor little boys
i present to learn gambling Is
there a boy in this city is
there a man in this city or in
fact a lady who has not heard
even from the sidewalks men
cry out nickel2do or
nickeledont These bet
tors are as a rule niggers
and boys who have only small
amounts to gamble with while
older ones cry out their wil
lingness to wager anywhere
from two to twenty dollars
On Monday while passing
this place I heard one man
cry out Ill bet any s of a
b twenty dollars to fifteen
that I can knock a baby
Now is not that nice lan
guage for your mother sister
wife daughter or little boy to
listen to while walking the
along the main thoroughfare
of our little city Boys are
attracted to this place by the
music and excitement of bet
ting and try as hard as he
J may to keep the little fellows
out the manager finds that
they will mix up with the
4 crowd and bet their nickels on
the fall of one of the babies
P Personally we like the man
ager of this game and have
no desire to do him an injus
tice but we believe we are
voicing the sentiments of eve
ry lawabiding citizen of the
city in calling the attention of
the city officials to this open
game It is not a game of sci
ence but one upon which
money is won and lost It is
so open that it is bound to
have its bearing upon the
young boys of the city It
brings about a gathering of a
certain element of white peo
ple and niggers that guar
antees business in our courts
sooner or later We are no
friends of gambling when it is
conducted by men who even
follow it as a business or for
pleasure and conduct it in a
quiet manner and we do hon
estly and candidly believe that
if there is to be license issued
for the operation of this game
there should be no hesitancy
on the part of our city officials
in issuing them to the poker
player the operator of the
faro game or the operator of
the roulette wheel When those
licenses are granted set a slot
machine against each lamp
post and across each road en
tering the city suspend a large
sign to read WIDE OPEN
d d
NOTICE I have in my possession many
Notes and on my books many Acy
counts that are long past due and as
these are matters that must be settled at
once I ask you to give them your at
tention before March 1st
All such not settled by that date will be turned
over to my attorney for collection
lover collectionVery
Very Respectfully
J McWilliams I
The Anderson News came i
out last Thursday morning all
dressed up in the latest style
the size of the News having
been changed from a four
page ninecolumn to an
eightpage sixcolumn While
there is but room for ten
inches more of local reading
matter the size is much more
convenient to be handled by
the reader and as the patent
print is placed on the inside of
the new style sheet the paper
presents a much better ap
pearance It is a great im
provement over the old style
blanket sheet and Mr Haw
kins is to be congratulated
upon the change in its make
The trusts are now pre
pared for a clean sweep A
broom trust has been organ
ized with a capital stock of
2500000 About all we have
left from the trusts is sun
moon and star light We also
have air just at present but
as soon as they can com
pressed air will be worth 900
a vial and it will be a common
thingto have a man come up
and say to you Say old man
let me have a breath out of
your bottle I havent had a
breath for two days am going I
to town tomorrow to get I
some and when I get my
breath I will stop and leave
your breath with your wife
for you Oh its coming
Jeffries and the other
pugs have learned what
the Monroe doctrine is as well
as Germany I
A Burgin man was chased
for two miles one night last
week by a wild beast which
he describes as being as large
as a calf and with eyes of
fire and which ceased the pur
suit of the man on horse when
frightened off by the brightly
lighted city of Burgin No
such fright would have put a
stop to the chase near our city
but the rider could have
brought the beast on into
town and lost him in the dark
A full set of Dishes consist
ing of 100 pieces for only
Now that the Masons have
decided to build a home in this
city and also an operahouse
that will not only be a credit
to our city but to any city of
three times our population the
general opinion is that the
Masonic order has a bank ac
count which is unlimited
and all they have to do is to
select the plan of the archi
tect let the contract and
when the work is completed
give a check for the amount
and charge it up as pin money
Far from this We are told
by some of the leading mem
bers of the order that the
building is to be erected by
popular subscription among
their members and while con
tribution will not be generally
solicited except among their
members such business
men and people on the outside
in the
as have an interest
improving of the town and
benefit that all will receive
from the erecting of it are at
perfect liberty to make con
tributions and such will be
greatly appreciated Would
it not be a good idea for some
business man or citizen not a
member of the order to call
on the business men and prop
ert owners of the city and
give them an opportunity to
assist in and insure the erect
ing of the building at an
early date We do not believe
that there is anyone of either
class who would not feel that
it is to his interest to
g e and give liberally to
wards it
IIhe Louisville Times of
Saturday says that IT is a
bright and newsy paper and
covers Anderson county like a
blanket Right you are and
fast the blanket is daily
stretching over the neighbor
ing counties So original in
every respect is IT that
few there are who after
reading a copy of IT will
hesitate in subscribing for
ITat the low price of SOc
a year
Fifty thousand men em
ployed by the H C Frick
Coke Co at Uniontown Pa
were vaccinated last week
This is a guarantee that there
will be no coke strike Too
many scabs
A nonbreakable Bowl and
Pitcher that is made of a com
position resembling the finest
of China at 75c
Use Bonds Cream Flour

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