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or n jb n 12 wm I
Prom tlio Oailrtl
The Atijiilftnl Unml of the arm lift
UsiUd bii order further fiHnlnlng thi jom
olituse In Ibo Arrujr pill whllli ban
ttMuVnUtaH troops under their
command 10 protect united mutes property
whenever In ilnngcr o dratrttctlon
Another purpose tor which troops cm be
used that will bo cllnl will yr the par
poso or putting down mi expedition formed
in the litiltil States fur the purpoio of
visiting with hostile Intent any foreign
country and In arresting the lenders of
audi expeditions It will bo remembered
that the ttsn of troops In such cases was
made the subject of Cabinet consideration
a few days ago
The Post oHlcc Department hat Issued a
Ircular to Postmasters to tho effect that It
Wing been decided that coin is mailable
matter notwithstanding tho fact that tho
Dtpartraenthns always advised the public
Against the uso of the malls for the trans
mission of valuable matter except by means
of money orders or In sealed registered
packages prepayed at letter rates If parties
ileslrti to send coin us third class matter In
an exposed condition required by law for
thnt class they can do so but at their own
risk Postmasters are cautioned not to
state tho amount of coin contained in reg
istered third class packages in giving re
ceipts therefor
JUoiiih Jn Gotici nl
At Iteed City Michigan tho boiler In
Bachelors saw mill at Foreman Station
blew up totally deui llshlng the
Same and leftsin Fnrpntnn
i o -
and seriously injuring four others
1 Hevlsed returns from twenty one counties
In Colorado ruatco Belfords majority over
tPatterson Democrat for Congress 27 45
Pitkins majority over Loveland for Gov
ernor is 2500 The cguntlcs yet to be re-
ported will probably Increase tho averogo
Republican majority lu tho State to 3000
The Greenback vote in ho State
jf will aggregate about 1200 The Legislature
M will stand 4 Kepubllcans to 1 Democrat
The U 8 authorities at Louisville Ky
have received information that a large gang
of counterfeiters who have been operating
In tho mountains havo been captured
rourieeu are now unuer arrest nates
etc were captured Their operations
were extensive throughout the country
The Nebraska Republican State Convention
competed Its work Wednesday evening
The following nominations were made For
Governor Albluus Nance Lieutenant
Governor Ldward C Cams Associate
Justice GoneralAmasa Cobb for Congress
long term Edward K Valentine short
term Thomas J Majors 8 J
Alexander was nominated for Secre
tary of State The platform adopted
declares that the damages sus
tained by the people of the State lately In
rebellion against tho Unionshallnotbepald
out of the- National Treasury and that the
raid of the solid South in anticipation of
Democratic control of the National purso
must be met with the same unflinching
spirit of resistance which foiled the attempt
to take possession of our pronorty by force
of arms that the faith of the Nation shall be
sacred and its contracts redeemed In
the spirit and to the letter and the
Nations honor shall be held as Inviolate
81 the Nations life that the greenback
dolUr shall be made good in honest coin
lb MrtfmMhttV trade dollars In
circulation be made legal tcnriifl Inn U ot
tho record of tho Democratic party In Its
recent attempt to s eal the Presidency by
intimidation and murder during the cam
paign by stutliDg ballot boxes aud the
brldery of Electors followed by the repudi
ation of Its own offspring the Electoral
Commission and by filibustering Ln the
House illustrate the spirit of its so called
Jn a quarrel between some colored boys
In Washington D C James Walker was
shot dead by Henry Watson Henry
Greenehaum late President of the German
Savings Bank of Chicago was arrested Sat
urday on the charge of embezillng 225000
Allen Bhlpp John D Sloan
Charles Kcyrer and Wm P Cook
moonshiners from near the Arkansas
and Missouri line have been sent to
the penitentiary in default of ball
OLeary concluded his six days walk In New
York at eleven oclock Saturday night
having made 103 miles in 142 hours
Hughes his competitor quit at tcnoclock
having completed 310 miles The last
wire of the last cable of the East River
bridge at New York was run over Satur
day afternoon and the completion of
this part of tho work was greeted with the
flinging nut of flags and loud cheers by
the workmen on the anchorages
Tho cotton waste factory owned by Robert
Bishop Sons 128 to 140 Tudor street
New York burned Saturday night Loss
50000 partially Insured Seventy five
men aro thrown out of employment The
barn of William Brancher near Canton
Ohi was burned to the ground Friday
October 4 Supposed to have been set ou
fire by tramps Two thousand bushels of
wheat other grain hay farm machinery
aud fourteen head of cattlo wero burned
Loss 5000 No insurance
The early returns from tho Ohio election
show that the Republicans have carried tho
State by ten or twelve thousand They
claim a probability of twelve of tho twenty
CongresBloual Districts and the cleotlon of
Butterworth and ex Governor Young
in tho First and Second Dis
tricts over Sayler and Goss
The Democraoy of Indiana havo elected
eleven and possibly thlrteeu Congressmen
according to the earliest intelligence and
claim to have carried the State by ten thou
sand majority Iowa has gone Republi
can by an increased majority and the Re
publicans claim a solid delegation to Con
gress The State majority Is about thirty
thousand A serious accident occurred
few evenings ago on the Old Colony
Railroad to a crowded excursion train
which was returning from the Silver Lake
fowing match between Reagan of Boston
and Davis of Portland The train of twenty
cars went off the track A dispatch just
rccoived at the police headquarters places
the number at ten killed and 150 wounded
Tho Intcnso curUsity which prevailed
In St Louis for a month as to who and
what wore tho Veiled Prophets about
whom lomuch has been said and written
in a very mysterious way was gratified
on the night of the Stb by one of the
most magnificent street spectacles ever
Presented In this country outside of New
rleuns and other Southern cities The
pageant consisted of seventeen floats
each presenting a separate tableau the
whole illustrating a festival of Cere and a
visit of Demeter Grecian Goddess of Agri
culture to the Veiled Prophets The pro
cession passed through the principal bust
ness streets and under brilliant lights of
various colors thrown upon It and theglare
from illuminated buildings along the route
presented one of the moat gorgeous sights
imaginable and elicited almost deafening
and continuous applause f ou the greatest
crowd of people ever seen in St Louis
lVestern Xtunm
A dispatch from Muskogee Indian Terri
tory says The Joint Indian Commission
of Congress appointed to Investigate the
uestion of transferring the control of the
udlans to the War Department readied
here this afternoon They were reoelved
at the depot by a delegation of Indians
representing the leading tribes and es
corted to the Fair ground where the annual
fair of these tribes Is being held After
Inspecting the display of agricultural and
naeehaaleal products the committee were
invited to the main stand where addresses
were made by several Indians and by mem
bers of the committee Senator Saunders
said that so far as the five tribes represented
here were concerned the committee had
but little to do They had already advanced
in all habits ofielviUsationaad were abund
antly able to take oare of themselves and
would bo beflted by the advance of
the tide of otvllUatlon Senator
MeCrwy of Kentucky followed and
Mid t he Indians must accept the I tie v
1 table and abandoning the habits of av
b Hie labor a ad develop the country like
H ir white brothers and the ofaango must
soon com and dlans must at once
get ready for bless nd benefits of the
new development Ynri Hooker of
lev ion
and Ju nnmin nt KPn
ItinUv followed In A 11 nntia
r pvwv
AH tiiemrmyersoi iub vmuteo expressed
the find
Hurtulso at w0i r0lic
Indian Territory exiiiim v b indications
tjuA factory
The followlua dispatch front
F IIia lee
Kansas dated October I refcrrlnRHcc
unuu vi auuiiiub nuiuu i -- i
hear Fori Tteno Is fust received Tho U
dians crossed the Kansas Pacific Railroad
8unday morning going North When
about twenty five miles north of Buflalo
Station they commenced kilting the set
tlers and so far seventeen dead bodies have
been found along Sappa Creek The In
dians do not go out of their way to kill the
whlto people but If they meet n man on
horseback they kill him and take his horse
They are now eighty or a hundred miles
north of tho Kansas raclfio Railroad with
troops pressing them pretty hard They
have killed no women or children and have
not thus far mutilated the bodies of their
victims Tho report that Lieutenant Broil
erlok was killed is untrue There has been
no tight since Friday and Brodcrlckis here
well and hearty
From Ogallala October l wo receive the
following Four stock men who went
from here ns guides with General Thorn
burgh returned this evening and report
Thornburgh still nttcr the Indians When
they left his command at four pm yester
day they bad traveled twenty miles with
out any water and no signs of reaching any
for twenty five miles futthcr Tho Indians
made directly west then turned and trav
eled south towards the Piatt River
abandoning horses every few miles leaving
them with pauk eaddles on their backs
being too closely pursued to take time to
unsaddle them Another courier arrived at
Big Spring this evening with a dispatch
from Thornburgh saying that tho Indians
had scattered all over the country and were
abandoning their ponies every lew miles
He ulso reporH his own stock as being very
tired causing him to abandon some of It
A Leavenworth Kansas dispatch says
that General Jeff C Davis Colonel of the
Twenty third Infantry arrived at Fort
Ltavonworth Sunday evening accompanied
by Captain Rice and Adjutant Broderlck
The party came from Fort Wallaoe Tke
rumor that Adlutant Broderlck wbb
wounded durlug a skirmish with the Indi
ans was without foundation It is not
known what disposition will be made of the
several companies of the regiment sent from
Fort Leavenworth they being yet on the
notes lVoui Alirond
General Noyes Uilled States Minister to
France entertalued General and Mrs
Grant at dinner October 3 Among the
Americans Invited were John Welsh Min
ister to England John A Kasson Minister
to Austria J Meredith Reed Charge
d Affaires to Greece General Hazen United
States army General Lucius Falrchtld
Consul General at Paris ex Governor Mc
Cormlck Commissioner General to the
Paris Exposition cx Governnr Smyth of
NewUimpBhlre and Miss Walle daughter
of the Chief Justico Heavy failures and
a general financial panic is reported in En
It is reported the Turks have collected
provisions at Prisrend for forty thousand
men Sir Francis Grant tho famous
portrait painter aud President of the Royal
Academy died suddenly in London on the
6hjTheBankQf Monaa local branch
of the Clly ofOlasgow Bank lrr rjftelri
Man held 1600000 to 1760000 of de
posits about all the spare money in the Is
land and many persons are left destitute
The Norwegian brig Patriot arrived at
Liverpool Saturday from Wilmington
N C with all hands the captain and four
men down with swamp fever One seamsn
was buried at sen on the 27th ult one on
the 28th ult and the first mate on the
30th It Is just learned that Dr August
Peterman the famous German geographer
whose death was recently reported com
mitted suicide He wa driven to distrac
tion by bodily pain and tho persecutions
of his first wife from whom lie had been
divorced DrPetcrmans father and brother
also died by their own hands
The British are enternlng Afghanistan
by tho Khyber Pass There aro two en
trances the Shaded Bhaglaree and the
Jubocec The first of these is the shorter
aud the larger the other Is longerand comes
Into It near tho fort of All Musjld which is
five miles from the Shadeo road The ex
treme length of the Khyber Pass is twenty
six miles News has been received In
England of the capture of All Musjld an
important success in lis way though before
Caoul Is reached other narrow and easily
defended gorges must be marched through
Yellow Fovcr
Ou the 2d of October the reports showed
an lncreaso of the disease at New Orleans
The entire district of Carrallton a suburb
was Infected Hope has been deferred till
the blessing of frost arrives
At Baton Itouge the fever ou the
Jd was increasing at a ran Id rate
There were over four hundred new
cases in the past five days Nothing was do
ing except attending the slckanddlstrcssed
Tho fever was Increasing at Plaqucmlao and
Fort Ilickey There was a steady record
of mortality and suffering at Memphis and
a great number of smallerplacct in extreme
Dr Long of Louisville having at the
directieu of tho Surgeon General of tho
Marine Hospital Service made a thorough
Investigation into tho causes nature and
extent of the yellow fever nt Gallipolls
Ohio IS preparing his report thereof which
will bo laid before the Yellow Fever Com
mission for digestion in connetion with tho
fruits of its own labors and will be subse
quently transmitted to Congress
From Meridian Mississippi October 1
About twenty six cases of fever here Four
cases of pronounced yellow fover and two
deaths from black vomit Ourtown Is al
most depopulated Out of threotirug stores
one remains open and two physicians have
ieft the city We have railroad communi
cation ana very little yellow lever medicine
on hand
At Lagrange Tenn rfays a letter dated
the 4th yellow fover has been epidemic for
abottt u week there have been filtcen
deaths and the number of cases now under
treatment Is thirty There is great sullcr
ing from want of money and provisions
Striokeu Memphis has come nobly to the
relief of the town sending nurses phy
sicians and medicines The citliens havo
organized a relief oommlttee with Mr M
PPulliam as President TJ Shelton Sec
retary and WtT MoNameo as Treasurer
Tho telegraph operator deserved his post
early In the action und telegrams have to
be forwarded by train or special messenger
to and from Grand Junction threu miles
Chattanooga October i Dr Vandeman
Registrar reports for the last twenty four
hours no deaths from yellow fever and six
teen uew cases fourteen of them being
colored The outlook Is decidedly un
favorable Warn days aud cool nights aro
very rapidly developing disease Most of
the cases tepprted are in the part of the dis
trict first infected f
A Washington correspondent qf the Cin
cinnati Coinmtrclajj of October says There
has been a case of yellow fever litre all ru
mors to the contrary notwithstanding but
the medical fraternity have been anxious
and at times fearful especially when they
contemplated the roiten wooden pavements
aud tho vast area of disease spreading swamp
which borders the Potomac along the city
front There are nmnv acres covered with
stacnant water and rotten sea gran accumu
lated sewerage and all descriptions of tltbi
smell Is frightful aud with a south wlmi
which is
the prevailing bretue here the
bad air from this sink e f eorrupttea is
blown directly into over and around the
nnrnfortable homes of the neonle The bad
smell is by that tlmo obliterated but the air
is none tho less burdened with malaria and
heace the low type of fevers which prevail
tu Waalilnston to a greater extent than
would be the ease but for this d
1 breeder along the Potowae fcMmulaUd by
a wholesoae fwr of yellow fever or soe
ether plague the doctor and newspapers
are talking about It and thegeneml Opinion
Is that Congress will havetomako an ap
propriation and fill np the whole rotton
area from sound land out to tho borders of
the current
Surgeon General Woodwork of tho Ma
rine Hospital Service October 6 rccciveda
telegram from Holly Springs Mlslssslppl
stating that tho total number of deaths at
that placo from yellow fever to dale was
Iwa futmlroil ntnl lhtrlvflve The total
CEbir of cssssxsn sot be accurately i
ported now The sender who Is tho
halrman of the Ilellel uommiiiee says i
ir situation Is Indescribable and none
eJ believe It unless they saw for them
had U M1 the only cltiicn who has not
been ser anj almost dally the office has
cmployeo clerks messengers artdother
among the pihero Is great destitution
means to provcu and wo arousing every
exceedingly kind icrlni You havo been
press our deep and 1 Bmi I wlll hero ex l
jno uiunoiio iieuei vgrntlltute
Orleans acknowledge vaton of New
munificent donation from rcelpt of n
Closkv in the shape of achcfKrinnl Mc-
sand dollars Tho Tottro Ihfirrritfivethou
Hebrew Benevolent Association find iHe
followlngappeal the
To the Israelites of the United Sla
We linvo never obtained nnr funds fi
home assoclatlAns except br specific In
structlons Wo have in continual employ
ment thirteen physicians provide for thirty
orphans outside of the Asylam and attend
to and entirely support over five hundred
sufferers We havo not sufficient funds to
carry us through ten days Destitution is
greater than ever and will Increase for a
month longer We therefore appeal to tho
Israelites of our country to aid us promptly
in this unparalleled calamity
Chad Simok Actg Presl
Ehnht T Flokance Secy
A Port Gibson dispatch of the fithsays
The fever Is still spreading alarmingly in
the country It Is now reported at the fol
lowing plantations R S Pattens G W
Humphreys Uealeys Bertrons Fischers
Sprotts DorHcys fVm Moores Bridge
wells BilrHngtous Farkers TdlewllcPs
Dan nunipureys jonn uumpureys nam
sad fair sauipU at Duo I choice amber sad red 03c
oa track aud at rlier and lull grade No 2 92c
KM that inspects No i will readily aell at 809IC
Interior nilxad lots are dull at 7OA0c Corn No
1 shelled 4lSc nalxsd shellwl In sample -Mo
lire 47olo Oats tW37c Barley No J fall
Cotton llfltlHe Wool the mtiket is qnlt nd
itiadT i ilomMtle fleece MJ He t fulled 1837c
unwMbMloi3i ieiii
rillLAlJKLVlIlA - Flour - Wjtn urerBne
i w
froug ados
wins place Jeffries McArthurs
upper iiuicUTjuiic0tfLuiiiiuui near
randvwine neighborhood Fords
aniioii ui
Mockavs Collinss Sami Humphreys
Parks place and Wm Hughes Port Gib
sou furnlhcs nearly all supplies of ice
medicines physicians and nurses for these
places Total deaths to datu In the country
fifty one Among the recent deaths recorded
we mention Hon W II Martin Alice and
Willie DIsharoou a child of D B Hum
phreys and Miss Sallle Burnet daughter of
John Burnet
Memphis on the 6tb reports a favorable
change Cairo confesses the presence of
tho fever and reports a number of deaths
Chattanooga Jackson and many other
points In the far South suffer severoly
Illckman Mason Martin Huntington
Brownsville and many other points In
Tennessee report iucrease of the pestilence
From Memphis October 7 Tne demand
for nurses at the Howard Association head
quarters to day has been iu excess of the
supply The present warm weather has
tended to favor the spreading of the
fever and reports from the Interior towns
give gloomy accounts of the condition of
aflairs Additional nurses wore sent to
Tuscumbla Ala Moscow Paris Lagrange
Masons Brownsville Tenn and Garner
Miss this afternoon and others will be
sent to morrow Sheriff J W Anderson
is reported in a critical condition with
but faint hopes f recovery A V Doil a
well known stationer was taken down this
aftorpoon The appeals for physicians from
adjacent towns which have been responded
lo have left a scarcity of medical men in
Memphis and tho demand for their services
Ts iTwcsafipjr W1V The Board of Health
officially reports iwcuy Bix ueams irom
yellow fever during the iast twenty
four hours ending at six 6Wwxk
night Undertakers report twenty two
additional deaths occurring outside of
the city UmlU for the same period
Tho steamer Chambers iu the employ of
the United States Marine Hospital Service
anchored in mid stream last night Sur
geon Keyes accompanied by Dr Frank
Rellly ot Chicago was on shore this
morning endeavoriug to find such of the
government officials as wero left In the
city Dr Keyes appeared perfeotly serene
The Cbnmbers will leave this afternoon
continuing ou her voyage of mercy
No supplies were needed here H M
Keyes II D Frank W Rellly M D
representatives of the Chicago Relief Com
mittee were in the city this morning They
went on down the river on tho hospital sup
ply boat Chambers with medical aid and
other supplies for points down the river
Thero are thirty five cases In Hopefield
Arkansas opposite Memphis There were
three deaths yesterday j M rs Leonard Jerry
Stack and James Guthrie Mrs Blalock
has a bad case and needs n nurse
New Orleans October 7 The mortuary
report for the week ending Sunday six p
ra show the total deaths 603 yellow
fever 323 other fevers 50 deaths lu
public institutions 33 deaths certified by
Coroners 23 The Yellow Fovcr Com
missioners appointed by Surgeon General
Woodwortb consisting of Dr M Be
miss of New Orleans Chalrman Dr Je
rome Cochran of Mobile and Professor
Ellerd Howard of Baltimore met to day
In the University Building Dr Coohrau
explained to tho reporter the method of
inquiry to be pursued In addition to the
answers expected to be received from per
sons to whom circulars aro being sent these
circulars embracing every possible question
in regard to tho origin contagion or Infec
tion spread effects treatment and resubs
of yellow fever he commission expects to
gather an lmmensn amount of testimony by
investigating particular cases going from
house to house making inquiries of con
valescents their relatives nnd friends ox
aminiug the sanitary condition of the
foci of tliu disease and iu numerous
other ways attempting to clear up the
grouud and reach soma general principles
upon which ft respectable and axiomatic
Idea ran bo based With this intent the
Commissioners spent the morning hours in
selecting from book furnished by the
Board of Health the names of persons
and places to be visited No prominence
is sought to be given to selected persons
Their names will therefore bs withheld
from the publio The results of the visits
hereafter will be published In full J
W Mader Secretary of tho Feabody As
sociation Is convalescing The reports
show a continued spreading ot the fever in
tho Third and Sixth districts every mem
bcrofthe families in some cases being
prostrated aud those In affluent circum
stances find difficulty in securingcompetent
nurses In tho Fifth District Algiers
there is no improvement Rev lather
Kratz of Mandervllle La died there of
yellow fever Ir Kennedv a volunteer
physician from Galveston Texas was taken
down with the feve
New Orleans Oot Sixty three deaths
and twq hundred and eighty nJue cases
since Sunday noon The fever has attacked
the families of the most of tho State officers
and business at the State house is virtually
suspended The situation isunchanged
On the outskirts of Chattanooga on the
8th a camp was established aud many peo
plo began moving out Physicians and
funds much needed
At Maadeville La Frank Qoodbee was
shot through the heart and Instantly killed
by George Gaerillau in an altercation
glowing out of dissuasion as to the pro
priety of calling oa the Howard Association
for aid
The Market
CINCINNATI Klour Kamllr l 1535 SO
spring 9693 71 extra M Ja tut superfine 12 73
326i low trades 1 60 1 lwtenl uUfl 75 Br
aaa 1 url II uku IK
Waatara W Wi4 Ofl mmmoa tu Mod sHjs W
Wl f iP1 ti
wb ant SUto Mt stMlM Wi
dLlAula sun WlirTUM WlMI
wmsm juetl to Bitms aJ irUi to dautils tM
mw W feil Xsid priM tW fc4Ijfe
H Wf SWcsen W alZ
Qt OS Corn Tfllow Western MX05W I jnj
Western Uc bid Otis white Western 332c l
Mii vSrSSM28e ItTC Pnn7lvnls Ml
Roc Mem foi virra m I
liiitcuers mie emrat j I
Petroleum termed test mc
J9t0 Lsnl loosaj
flty kettle 7W7Mcr
cl crude la Uriels
LOUIBVILLEnrarr Kxlrs 3 3 80 f
n tl MSt A No 1 I5G10 BO unun
Whesi nf red MgOOct sinber WflWo1
BJC UOrD wime
f nt All 3 llrA now WC 1UT
fsiOffllkvpor ton Mess Port Is BO Urd choir
In tffrcV ol thole lest In kp 10c Bulk
uieU 8houlderi 4Hcl Short tll sides fc
shartdUr slde frTic Wcon BhouWers
short lib sides 0Vct short clear sides te Bcigar
Cured llstus illfoUXc Cotton lOHc
iNDIAhArOlafl Flour Fsncr A JSaJiOl
huallrH HM14 oTararo Whet No a rr win-
t new tol Corn no wrnJnlfcJ
Osts now mlicil Western nd white WeMern 190
20c Hje Nk 3 45ci Bulk tueats Bbo jlders 4KOI
clear 1 side UK Ird finis st JLmrn
nukeekc Bweot Plckled Ham 10c HorI2M
s it
u wtr iriltvurtl
oiuyi fliwM
CINKAtI lleef Cattls Oommon It 603 J
medium si iuyi ioj pu isibbot iui
33139 701 lair 10 bowi ruiiiji
AC II I u llM An
un some extra pi bv yw
8003 6at fair to Rood Texsna tl 601 fair to
edcr U S0a M llo Common J176fJl
mckliA i aaii iHiht si 40i3 IV lair Ii uool
- --
- 1 1
J J OUS lMlrs I W3S U1 SCiecicu nuicuria
stockers blth a fiw iitra at SI fair lo cuod
fair K33iiM at II 60J11 Bhci foinracn to
lb gross LbiiihI good to choice oftlic per1
butllttladonoln Ith lotaol old sheep ilirro being
howerer would be lv by trPmselvn Thcrntidn
per lb gross c lo 4c for fair to good per
cattle part tcrr pood and uTelas and Cherokee
at Co to dress 14 lbs less OcTtrjr poos racgul
dress 63 lbs native oxen and sir UMd74c 1
SI lbs to 0c to dress 7 lbs thoLCUc tudreu
car loads lntbs mirket cojiIor Ji iiall dozen
were not put on tale Exporters usod MKChlcJo
from Ireah receipts In ludtogZCOKcntuclrjSteers
averaging 1410 lbs 40 Kentuckr steers aTeneis
1520 lbs 30 Ohio averaging lM lbs anitu
Illinois steers aTCTlng 1520 lbs Hhccp anil
Lambsi tbe market nas falrlr firm for sheen at
8H9Kc i and active or Iambs at 4J5ic
Hhwp matnljr iViiHe and Ijmbj geuerall
6Ac per lb llojw -The market was quiet and
unchanged atS3 87ai 10 per 00 lbs lire weight
EAST MBEIITY f lleet Catile peat 81 73
per 100 lln fair to RoodSJ 0331 50 1 common to
fair 3 2531 SO Hoes Sales made ol Yorkcra nt
13 6043 70 pec UOlba rind Philadelphia hogs
J4OOQI20 Sheep were selling at 3 25Q 1 33 per
100 lbs
BUFFALO Beef Cattle Sales made ot extra
graded steers at tl 7016 45 per 1C0 Hn good to
choice shippers S4 301 CO fair to medium S3 90
OH 10 common gradea 3 25ft 1 50 stofkors tie
Elsherandln light deaiand common to extra 820
03 40 Sheep and Lambs Sales were made of fair
to good Western sheep at SI CVi3 90 extra SI CO
24 25 Canada lambsH tOJJI 80 Hogs Yorkers
If to choice S 3Un3 65 betry U 40Q1 70
WOOL In Thlladelphla the following are tho
late quotations Oho TennsTlranla and West
Virginia double extra and above 3C337ci extra
K5i85ct medium 3337c coarse 803330 f New
York Michigan Indiana and rteilern tine Sift
33c medium 353SCc coarse 80033 comblDg
washed 3CSJJ3 combing unwashed 2fc Canada
combing 80 j37ci fine unwashed 232c coarse
and medium unwashed 2 l25c
A Toronto rnnn declines to Bnswer
tho nUcstlon Doeslagor beer intoxl
catoY until begets money enough to ex
periment toluasatisfnxUou
A IIcaltliueatroytnaT vttpor
Is generated by the action of the suns rays
upon damp decaying vegetation stagnant
poolB and marshy low lying tracts The
true nature of this miasma is by no means
clearly understood but there nro two facts
in relation to it that arc TLo first is that
tho periodical fevers which It breeds are of
tho most virulent type the second is that
tbese maladies ore rarelv cured although
they may be ameliorated by tlie ordiuary
remedies empioyea 10 overcome imuiu aim
true anttdoto to the eflects of miasma is
Hostetters Stomaoh Bitters This medicine
Is one of the most popular remedies ofan
age Of s ffcwwfiAvqpietary jyecifies alid
Is In immense demand wherever 6n tiis
Continent fever and ague exists A wipe
glassful three times a day Is the best possi
ble preparative for encouiiteilug a malari
ous atmosphere regulating the liver and
invigorating tho stouinch
Tlio Tnt Mens Convenllon
We can see some pleasure if no reason in
tho convening of a baby show but wo con
fess wo could never see the slightest cause
reasonable or otherwise for a fat mens con
vention unless it be the fact that mjsery
loves company For fifty or a hundred
men whoso Beveral weights range frouf two
hundred to three hundred pounds to hold a
cdnventlon simply because of so
Flus avoirdupois Is absurd to say the least
t becomes doubly so when we reflect that
obesity Is a disease What would wo think
of as many persons emaciated by consump
tion holding a convention to compare their
relative weights There Is but ouo ground
uon which we would advocate another fat
mens convention and that is that thoy will
meet to discuss the merits of Allans Anti
Fat the ouly known remedy for obesity It
is safe and reliable Sold by druggists
Wiluoftb Tonic I A Saw Suntf and
Scientific CuitBlr The unprecedented
sale of this world renownodmediciue proves
incontestlbly that no remedy has superseded
the use of this reliable Tonic No spleen has
been found so bard ns not to yield to its
softening influence and no livei so hyper
trophieu as not to glvo up its long retained
bilious stcrctions and no Chill or Fever
has yet refused to fall into line Wiikk
lock FiNDLAY A Co proprjetos Now
Fon Balk by all DnuaoisTs
Tiik Professional IndoiiseMfnt which
has been accorded by leading medical men
In various parts ot tne country to un WM
Halls Balsam1 for tub Lungs
edy and their uonuurrent testimony Is to
thu effect thatVIt Js a positive specijTo for
lung bronchlsljand UQat fietioiis of
every description Snd4 most reliable JSre
ventlve of that dreaded scpurcc consump
tion DrugglsWseUit
Ttin Kxlenileil liiilmli -
Of Dooleys Yeast Fowikk Is the best
evidence of its worth Whenever you
want a light white sweet biscuit delicious
pot pie elegant cake or a choice pudding
Dooleyh Bakwo PpwDEn should be seu
Perfect purity nnd ubspluto full weight aro
the watchword of the manufacturers
Foil upwards of thirty years Mrs in
blows SoOTiHNa SYnup has1 been used for
children with never falling success It cor
rects acidity of the stomach relieves wind
colic regulates the bowels eyre a dysentery
and dlarrham whether arising frnra teething
or othfr causes AP ojd apd iTelltiIci
remedy 3clsjtbotiJ
A FXyoiIablk NbibitiKfY Theooii
reputation of firounPt JJroncMaf Trochu
for the relief of Coixgj Colds and Tfifbit
Diseases has given them a favorable notor
iety 2 ots a box
Foil the benefit of our readers we give this
week a sure oure for oollo or belly oohe lu
horses To one bottle Johmont Anodyne
liniment add same quautlty of molasses and
same quantity ot water and pour down the
horses thrpat
r i - i
FAMiLUWrt wllh the wrlttogs ot the great oeU
Is a nectsally to any oo who wishes to apnear wall
in company ior lOo ws wlll send a books ot ISO
salMtlobsbom the beautiful inaloJleaot Moore the
grand poems ol nrron ana tnt unrquaioo songs oi
Id W popular spugs
D fllla Jl
V 4 i
feceniralkedia a ifaMStt tot
a box of ropgli illauioncls but the druggist
Knew no suon reiueuy Aiier mucu puriuy
tho druggist fpbiid t4iaf Mscustonicrystijed
PanonZ Ijirgatfa IM He says Thats
lv ill iiaiiiA a mn
Tiiihty of tho best orcau makers of tho
world arou6mpetltors at the Paris Exposi
tion A cable dispatch to the Associated
ilHmi wm Wfhswt awarjij have Imjcu
awarded to the Amerlcsn fakers Mason
To cleanse and whites the ttb to swt
enthe brrr uwBrewHs 0amphrte4
Bp9Bie9tM lwtfriH ajrttmpj
MW O K llWflXsfcwWi2la
MJUaUy owed aiiifWs HH
wyfwe DtiX UnltCftltY ll W Y
Cmkw Jaokrens Best Svreot Navy Tobacco
The Celebrated
Wood Tog Plug
NwYork BostonnndChleago
DIIltliTANT HTltl4lllnil
Irs ntnl ohrrs ran mitibasD no Ilemclr equal to Dr
Cholera llarrhua Uisiiiterr trnnp iww
geatlcKnen taKeiiinieriiaiij tii is rrncciu nnu
lei sie natli ncenmraiirlmr earli tipttlO and Mlfr
nallVriTllilunln IUiruiimtlni llrsdaclieTuothaclit
KoroTliriaHuls llnrns riilii llrulfii4lM
iiiltu lilies OLl forts raiis In litmbi Hack and
iri TlS AKHhTlAN MNIMKNT was Intro-
lurtdln lsiT an mroiiewlioilms i usoaittlint con
tiiiVlt do o iimuy alaUsslMlltwtaTaaDillars
a llCltle ther Wuuliinoi ih wtnoui ii suonsanusui
erllflcntes con 1m iwen at lU Uvo sreaklnj of Its
wtniderdit eiiratlty ftowriits Hold lh fra
rUts at 40ceuts Depot 43 Murray St Now York
V Verla
I en 11 saw nioro sanr
logs or cord Avood ttian
any men
Ly - CKpainjlTED
a stKK mialv FOlt iilB sOFl fltKIt
ibfr Tfeprtrattorllllirentedln th
by Dr William OracoBurgooo IwKlns
hi Ah I nSrvilliUrJd Ihous
baSlee thojnost Wr1cm orr anrtVjroUnda that
hla ilav X skill ef tho most eminent physicians of
SpuUteoclwM dcd byal who know him as
aryMTerfiS T ciulblums
siirsotx i
v rtCA snta srirrn btivm
And all cutaneous Ureases and eruptlou generaUy
Tlirtjo locit noxeVul kTosa will txj
IUUnlI8Tr cxprcaanao td a rccelpt
Ol ujuii nuotit ciotch cenis iio
rntrARED sr
Kl lfnrl Ml New York
IWW d PhngrtDfMrmttf T
A 1 wilful sieltncii of pnnii8ililc to anyohe
aeudliiB names uf twenty Vountf men
tarlrated aJtantart Itdividutl itrloa
tTTVajrci RM Bnrtlatt K oa
for circulars ot lifa new work on Book kooplnfC
at club rales Time troubtoandeipense saved by sub
scribing through tho Itocky Mountain Subscription
Aneucy wbich f urnisheaany pKrcicept local pub
lished In the United Slates Musical Instruments
Kanir Machlnea of all kinds Chromos Frames
newiiiy Mnchloo eedlea and Atlacbments at re
duced prices 1 will also furnish Hooka of all kinds
at lowet prices IIIKKY MOUNTAIN BiTiK
ioSCUllIC VlttVS a specially Dont fall to
write at qdco fur our circulars Agents can make
auresn 1 ii ai i
WAimBE BROS cossets
Ar UrifAotwriipAUorA Tblr
is vl IU parte ua Is wia
biit a aa to lra dawa ovr lbs hi t
Tblr lltALTII OomsTviltMlls -
bravsn BtullsaAra rririverii
ibsaavsr Tblr NWaiNll COkaTI
Iballlblolvff luvlry
llbvblll1lBV MnillBl
EIBR0gljllrosawy NT
This old jjnd won-
riuu nomaui
In ill diaeasn from
Jipur or Xmp
uls Rbeumatlaot
- oeroua Horea Wllo
ntroltnalBrphlllvIo NMeabn Diseases etc
Invaluable lu UauoraJIHbllrtir aud diseased of
iiinii nllii A9Arf A rich Avrun eontalnlnai
ua Inlurlnua ingredients No other Remedy bs
Bold bT all PruAitaf
Jr Beauty of Polish Mavln Labor OisuaMA
85Q a lay ti Atsnls lo all a Household Artlola
dilreHHucttrjeiMTsrCu Mailon Ohio
OTiVin Cents forlM Agsat Hwaut
g V A Lovely HloflthtVII in for Dlmsl fk
Xm 1 tryairjAorCTlliitllugtonVU Vtr
darwllhoi4fofHLAVaK fAWMfr
MPyCn Y s y ijfeaSlrt
wUkmi Wau
Tirrn la inaiisrgi
tstabUshed 18SS
0vrEJ3lO3 31A3SrTf3
Gargling Oil Liniment
Yellow Wrapper for Animal and White for
Human Ilesh
la oouo ron
tlinrim il IlivlMj Knfla J Tlt
Cnnuiains Inist nilrssirlnglull Wlnjgalls
scruieim nr urease Iool not in nnecp
Chapped Hands
trtal il
Sand Cmcks
Oalls of nil kinds
SUTasI Illnubonr
17111 rMl
Swellings Tumors
Oirnit In Cow-
Cracked Tents
Ciillous linieness
Horn Uisletnpcr
Crownscab Qulttor
loul Ulcers lorry
Abcns of the Udder
ai Himilia nf ftnisCliBnti
loundcrea Ieci
Iloun In Poultry
Cracked Heels
Ijnie Back
Itemorrholda nr Piles
Ilheumatl tn
Spavins Sweeney
Mstul1 Mange
Caked lircasts
Soro Ninnies
Curb Old Sores
Coins Whitlows
Prjmnt ltolll
Swelled Weakness of the Joints N
inrush contraction 01 jiiusucs
Merchants linrllni Oil Is tho standard
Liniment of the Unlteil Slates Larue site
1 medium joe tinall lee bmall site Tor
family use 15c Maniifactiiml at Lock port
N Y by Merchants Gargling Oil Company
new book for
Hinging Schools fully eijual to any over issueu 1
ready for uso ili pairrs ot instructions M pages of
Oleos and frO pages ol Baered Music
7 cents 1 750 per doien
Church Offering
Choirs contains a larua and admirable
vm hih m Mrfetlr IaIIa Vntrnral
1 a new book for
collection of
but are ot tho best quailiy for any service
mv a
11231 or 112 per doien
euersoms Sacred Qnarlettcs bk
for Quattotlo Cholrshas a most musical collection of
new pieces by the most popular authors and rrpvMea
about ono new on for every Sabbath In Ibo ear
Boards Cloth tin
conns Festival Choms Boohpie
a flue seloctlon of choruses
W O rEBKINS KhlJUihlll Is a new and con
vlcnt collection of hj mns and tnes fr r 1 nneral occa
sions rrlcoW cents
Send for Catalogues containing the descriptions ol
many other excellent books for Choirs or Kinging
AV hook mailed poll frit for Bttall PrUt
C II Dltaon A Co J K Dllaon A Co
811 Broadway 022 Chestnut St
New York rhlladelphla
Family Knitting Machms
n m
imiiiiii t wvmmsrf si mtmtworca vyji -
- ai -
Iff It r - JSM
n wonderful Invention Tha weight of tho
mnn who Is sawing does onc hnlf of tha
ivw ir It will saw logs of any size It will
saw off a 2 fool log fit 2 minutes Circuits
free Address W PILES gf Ctvrfa Mo
Tim Iarei si Cheapest aud Dest Iamllr Nowspaper
In New Kiigliind Kditeil with sprciil relarAnoe tc
the varied tnsien nnd reiinltemeiit oftlio hoidil circle
All tho foreljn and local news publlshod promptly
Dilly Traimeript 610 per annnm in advamc
Weekly 8
t5coplslopnaddrr S7nltr
000000 tcrt Hlrn In imr nentln hj 80000 rpl
OooJ Cllmtl Mii WaMfT Qd bHilillOf ItODP 004 t
elttj AdUrcu 3 OUmort Lu4 Comr HaUiat KanA
An Infallible and unexcled remedy for Flit
lipiieiMiy urtniling nicuiieaA warranieu
10 eneci a speeuy anu BasipiA
mnt nits
src imiiiio oi my re
tiowned specUlo and a Valuable
s TroktUe Sent to mnr si
sufferer joncl
lug ni Ma Fost oiflco and xpre addresf
Dunblr StrlpcdilllTTKN
anil n IJrenl ynrlrt ol
Price 40
Hit in Introduce our machine Into
all pnrts of th country wa have
determined to aell
Two Samplo Machines enlv
In each oonnty for
19 Each
-The number will be IMifff a
eacvjalo at tho low prlco Is simyi
lirxlur fAe
Order rorlinl ocute
Tlumi hlnpiV nvlol lir 1
Pnre at New firkSt ikuiht ti
lain Itt sear auyat tciuiui
Countr Fair
Wntfrttmn Nuiv Vine
Full nrlriicllinia fir nirralinii iunj iiuhii
ri it iiniirintr if t i mi llini riiin iiivj
An Kngllslt Veterinary Surgeon and Chemist now
trailing In this country says that mot of liiollore
and Cattle Iouilera sold he r are unrtnle s trash llo
savs that Sheridans Condition JNmder aro abso
lutely pure and Immensely aluable Nothing ou
earth villi make hens lay like Sheridan Condition
1ouilcrs Doe one teaspoonful In ono pint fund
SoU tverywhtrt or lent ou wailor tiihl Uttrr itainpi
llaogor Maine
Is the neat Irftlrwt Initruvrl aud most Thor
oughly Conalriiclnl
rver Inveitloil It Is
NOWKfUSV and has nmre lVihiU or llxrct
lencei thau all other Machines combine J
nrrAUKNTS WlXTin In localities uhero vt
are not represented
30 Union Niiuorp Jinw York
Ornngc Jlau lltUburff In IhlniC IIL
HU Iioula JIo
Is the Old Belittle Concentrated Lye
Directions accompanying- each ean for making
Hard Bofl and Toilet Soap qutrlUy
The market U flooded with laoalleir Concen
trated Ije which Is adulterated with salt and
rent ii i aiut wont maka ioa
ronHBylvanla Salt Manufg Co
hri Mifl BB M Bl B Haiii wm
13T 8eml for Illustrated CatalogMN
st r 1 Uk
W 1 IV rtBr
mi v nyzs
I 1 to
First istnblUWtVI Most SuicessYul t
faEm1lrirlTUTJMfiirrt1 bsyk a etindara
value in rt tbo
liter where rscogiilted as the XINEST
OVER 80000
Made anil la nsA New Designs constantly
Heat work tnd lowest prices
jW 0nd for a Catalogue
tha Mtah UMOage WfUUBbr a jikvsiclari c great
a uraTice to whom rfaa a waftSul a SI4 audietseM
kssaatW tJ ldlIAaaclaitoB It coa
fHMbMallTulindyirr exsut start jleeigrav
lass ftrli aioratW Wty valuaMa
frratrrisitoaaioraiiiovaia w vrvaiiiBa uwmmi
saMit t uara or at Mnaiva a
lauLsr Anl
W aRSSltaC il
ritalwti Tb as tUr r baooa
wa sfcjgelin akUl tad aaawleaca
rurrd thoultnil iery
larse rroTiafnce r
S2 Seven SliotO
llillMehel llnm If
irtl Htrr llnr W bf
llinn lfiirri l it Vlplril
lyllmler lirVOlVifU
Tlil 111 OIIilllKK
lllilLAJIM Wa warrant
aa inisbfsailltii jieiturrr w im
11 lh Ixst etef oRer d tor th
US mnnr III nn ehMnrul
nilitollntmmiIotaredol ibbst Kniiiih sIaaI
1 1MMA1 iI i mi tinrnent PTieAd KeTolTer in tha
1V1 Wa hiTAHM SIMI11I Inem slnca tha 0rt ol
1annd haa lint oontrsclAit with tha manalaetarsr
for 10Mi mom Oar juarsnlea aecorapsnliw Meri iu
rolter Csttrfdces lo fil them can b obtained at any
tTiB ulTfAOO LlDOKlt Is lh Irl llesl anif
ChiwiMt Iniilr ll In tin Vnlinl 8U im II Is
prlntod npon Israa plain Ijpo and en Iwm11 read by
old or rniina and ulionld bam aTarr househola
V imrchssAf of one ol lne0 llATOif
tairatalllKllIKAjJO LLIMiEHfiirljoionlhsiiosU
asapald AdJresS Till lLIMJKIt tlitcnwo HI
A nAaillvA itnMlv Id IS V
thai Kidney illrillrr and Urlnnr
ami nllditfairt or I
anna Ilunta Itcmeily i parfly i
iT parra txiresiy rr thu above illie
liuttll warranted
V Or I
Treetsbiiiana l
neaai It tits I
ttoa to w
Illustrated r imoMrt
your dmxslt don t tiara 11 us will order ilforyoa
TlioAiiliiloliliAItliul Jmlllil t IjwI
Ianeerlalu and sprcdy euro forlntemperanee ltd
troya all appotlto for alrobollollltiors ami builds P
the in n ns stem Afire is tloiinwli iiranr
I hmu Allltfll
----- - - - -
remue m I -
it al o cures every kiuu ox tYru hi-
errsiA aud ToRriDtiT or tiis livrs
Imvfftt AS irlmtLle Pauitihlrton
KIItaon thohumsn body and Intmi
UlsoHeiKntlro rATurii
crer awl
IniiUt Iril f i
on entity p i
rro ti - v
Mr huu whlob prtftrndi lo amount i
M ftirerTloud iiMtiti liiulot h
m D n tne nt and eailly oj
JUL CO flQ4 Otort tiU t4
by a
Alcohol Its
lntiutPrm as a
JUtiirw TrMrrlcri
lllond Bt NewVurk
Darning Slicks Abolished I
No MoO Stencil Plalos I
rtoaea Kama Writing and
lmnilng Attachment fi r 8cw
Ins Mm him simple yet
wvndcrlnl Special atttcli
lurnt for each kind cf ma
chine in onl riiia uspietlio
lrico Ono Dollar
I Ak hewlnu tlaeliloe dealt r
I Agents wauiiJ H iiiilctt
jBuullnlldlug New Vutk
lC5X03RS aIU
It fintalta 073 line hirftorlivl encravincs and 1WW
larintib i inliimn pjcsrn it Is the most complpts
llii v i r ih World e r rlbl hed It sellsat sight
smdlir rlmenrins and extra terms to Agents
uayion vino
nwniln 1II1a tniika Netr
Blooilkiiit will completely change the blood In lb
entlrisMlemln three months Any per on who will
tiUto tiiu Nil each night from one to U wt eka mar b
restoren to sotiuu nvuiii n
Soil utmithTi orjtiU tv mullor efyai eer unrnf
18 JUUKbOH Co llangur tlalt
vrardel hljtutl prite nt CaolennUl EapcalUon to
arter nr icverr f i nwTrny - i
i i4 utrp i aao mflric n chwij
p 1 fllill J CltMnl Hfl I
DFoi nil ICiduoy Diseases
JttftT In tvKial ptrmUtio to Ilev Dr J E nankin
Washington D U T Hestou M D ewtou
Ilucka Co Pa- John L ltoper Lsa Norfolk Va
Dr J II White 117 Fourth Ave New lork Dr O
ii itnpinA v V linn II It Iaraens
preseut jaorof ItochesterN Y Ak four drug
utat Urtid for pmnpliltl ami aiiriu Mr Haiti
Slfj S20 S2G
Cltcnp niul Dnrallo
1 1 ml fi r Circulars
AoMfrii t ool llirsrictren
Tlct at Iahu 1M7i Visana 1873i Hntigo W75i
IliltAPLtrnia IcTWsLlAHialSTSi and OaasD HwrD
tetiUan al ls7Silinly American Urcans ever
awaoW1ilhest honors N nv such Hold for cash
or luslnllmciits Illntlrattd ljftsJes and Urcmare
with new styles and rricea sent f rTeMsoii
UN Urqan Co IIosto Nrw Yoakir uiiicaoo
Cincinnati Musical lntifiTt --
idcuiy instrumentai cum it rv t juiis
Boso ortnvtn Allsa ltoma Oilman hi Miaa
Khma Crancii MissAuuioR March PUno Orran
YnralMnsioaudTheorytauitht lrof 11 0 Andres
stem followed Arrinnittcut for boarding pupils
Ada Miss It aitie E liyANS 130 W 5lli bt Clntl O
et vSAnt si a xwvSalv y
lfTaA B Bla
make frofitftnSI
8 T lltfav Mill
IFurranXO a pererl ctirefor money
returned for all tktiooril fortnt etf
ilLCB AirraosroctioruLA jiiieu
hatism Halt IImsum Oatarsii
KinvKY IhsEAStil and all dlsoasAA
of the Hkin and lltion II 1
KUWiiLi A cu Jiioutreal and
llostou Sold ei ry where li1a
bottle KtIIiat A KCLLKIt
Agenbi Chicago
Is used wllh greater sticcesa than anyollir arlh It of
tnu kind fh lineat chllilreu are thoso fed ou Uidgoa
loud WOOMUCU A CO on etery label
510 tcf S25 Br1ai5 Novelties
S Outfit Free iSSlLt
J II IllFFORDt SU1S Mannfaeturtng rubllsb
era 141 lot 17 Krauklu Htreet Uoston Mats
Kslabllshe1 nearly fifty years -
Wo will pav VgenlsafiaUryof JloOper month and
expeuf r illuw a InUo commission to sell our new
and wuiidi iful Intentions Its laaan tcnal - toy
amrleln AtMnat
MIKIIVIAN Ac Jliu ahnll Jliili
Men Women Ilnya andUlrls
deud ten cents for fino Xteck
tlo or llttr cents for Iorttuoiia
worth flWI and learn how to
adar I Douronuvie nltv ULi
ii orlhumbarlandCo Ia
o rnvri
onorftM wr
ua1 m
est uprights In America over Isum In use iegulatlj
Incorporated Mlg I o Pianos sent ou lrl M
S10 10 S1Q0
fren KplatnluK terniting
itimrrA 17
8123 to S IQO factorr prleea
nigliest uonors Jiaiuii
hcki scale for
mohphlm iiaiiit
cured In HI to dars NO
J SIciiheiHA Lsbanonl
Invoaiadln Wall Hired BtocKs makes
fortunes every month Hook sent
Anqress sast
HmiUrrs Mall Mreel N sr Yiirk
Young Men isriwswfi
month 8mad salary while lejrnjns Bltualon
tirnUbatl Ad ItValsutlneMangrJanesvlllswis
AlfV Hand forei III Catalnguv
M MflNF Y pag
mHIVfc InUliril
Vrvr Books BporUnirOood
Oamea Novallbis Ao AnJts wanted WJ llsHwIn
A Co hi Nasau BtnwtT 0 UoHtnKew Yert
llnhltaliiimilaeiueB Ihou
ianJicuradLowotprlces Donorall
towrllo OrfjiforiitJaeyilln
it j for ono year to begin wptjc at
once utlary Islr nunluiMa llrst class
ff7 A 1AV la Agent caiiraseing lor lbs Ill
A ViiL vi ii rrm lul iiutai rna Ad
M dta 1 U lOKKHY Augusta Malua
flfilr AMnNTH A0ENT8 WANIED M bjt
r Bulling eriiclesi u the worbil pnasarnpU
a anted iu averr village address Bo 93 tla
Men and
miM VAV Wllh Bttncll Uutttlt tWhat ccstt t
RIC ctsi sells rap dly fotM ets CalalogueMs
Dill 6 arSMCAKilWssbn8tBot onMaw
I rOfllsau BoUght1 rKSDJOMMaMXY
say thai you aaw lb dTerlUeniryJI M
SMlVlir UVMH lllustraMCi
j drvaa Ureal Western Uuu Wi
IW Urj Ii Fun AniuslnUuw n
wm um no i ana
ataaWua a Ad-
ihihwi ta
WtjJB M tu lor V
fVinl CommjuflT
Hrwai fl JVimAss for ijfmmm1r

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