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J a BABBAQE Prtllirur and Prof ritr
My Archie tome for whom yearned
Oome with M won prliei
A box by duiky natltrs turned
Aleeilot royal aire r
11 Yea lu Ito brought ultainlng earl
Berne queenly breait might grace
8ee ther lltlmt lughlnj III
Mue eyes and dimpled face
Abandoned by the flr Seychelles
We picked ber up one morn
Before the mUbty ajure ewells
To coral rrls were borne
Before the itura o whitening spray
By heated trade winds finned
Ran up the ralm frioged land locked bay
To thunder on the strand
A relic of some hspleas brW
Cr burnt or wrecked we found
iter father lying itlfTand tttrk
Betide her outward bound
We care hlu to the ocean look
Ills little daughter There I
ghee mine and therefore thine to look
She meet a mothcii care
A hea ren rent waif the well may come
With or and gladness fraught t
Fray that her frreenco bleas our home
Beyond a wlib or thought I
Our Jewel opea her fruitful eyes i
No wlcktdneea Id dare
Before her light and would deeplje
Myself if I could awtar
Before her esre ao innocent
And ibock thlscraclous child
To rue a hardened Inner lent
Ill keep ber undented
And ibe thill play with little Ben
And dally go taKbools
eheimado me tender non would giieu
Me eaebawhlmpringfooll
Yet doing all the good we can
And hating ell wars
It best the Bible mji for men
And glres God endleei praise
So take tbs comely Utile wife
The tteature of the lea
With euniblne may ihe flood our life
In death a comfort bel
Let me not lay the lightest fealbtra weight
Of duty upon lore Let not my own
The breath of one reluctant klia be blown
Between our hearta I would not be the gate
That ban like tome Inexorable fate
ThepoMalt of tby life that uii Alone
Through me ihall any Joy to thee be known
Rather the window fragrant early and late
With thy aweet clinging thoughts that grow
and twine
Around me like somo bright and blooming
Through ohlch the fun ihall shjd hla wreath on
In golden ibowera through which thou inayat
look out
Exulting In all beauty without doubt
Or fear or shadow of regret from me
fnitmerfor Oclokr
Ban Krancitco SvMeii Era
Bain 8 Hall Buckskin Sam and
old Rip Ford were trapping in tho
Arkansas River region lhcy were men
of desperate courage who had taken their
lives in their hands too often to caro for
tho dangers they wero exposed to Old
Rip was a man who stood fivo feet
eleven in his moccasins a man whom
you would hardly caro to meet in tho
close tug of a desperate battlo His
hard brown face was seamed with scars
from bullet knife and cluws of wild
beasts and his muscular body showed
the marks of many a dcsporatostrugglo
Buckskin Sam was the beau ideal of a
mountaineer and plainsman the Western
hunter that tho novelist paints and the
school boy dreams of and wishes somo
day to be Although not so powerful
as Old Rip ho was a man of groat per
sonal strength and desperate courage
Fpr many a yoar these two had roamed
the trapping grounds together fighting
Indians griazlics and wolves chased by
night over the burning prairies defend
ing their camp against the sudden at
tacks of red fiends or spending reck
lessly at tho monto board tho money
they had earned so hardly on tho trap
ping ground
ihey had been out nil winter and as
spring approached tho last cache was
covered and the trappers now began to
think of returning home Tho camp
was built up near tho river u tributary
of tho Canadian which lowed through
dismal canons in which the light of day
never shows under the shadow of giant
cliifa upon which human beings never
yet set foot and only spreading out at
places whero tho cunning beaver had
built his dam Tho river was brokon by
great rapids and abounded in rare fish
upon which thoy had feasted royally
for many a day Thoy had a canoe and
had been discussing tho chances of going
down tho stream in that in order to savo
I nm ready to take tho chances if
you arc Rip said Ham
I dont like togivomyhclf away
said Rip What do you know about
the river aftor wo get down to tho big
canon and who over passed through
Thats the fun of tho thing Rip
We do what no ono elso daro do said
I dont liko it roplied Ford who
was by far tho most prudent of the two
Iha what in Jehu is that Thoy
bfiized their weapons and ran to tho door
of tho hut just in time to uco a dozen
Indians running down through tho grass
DiocKing up ino only way 01 escape
The moment tho ropcating rifles began
to play upon them thoy went out of sight
among tho rocks and began their gradual
approach which could only end in ono
way the whlto trappers would bo over
Theres only ono chance Rip cried
And that
The canoe
I am your man cried the giant
trapper You push the cauoe into tho
water and throw in the weapon while I
keop those follows at bay Oh would
you Take that
An Indian had raised his tufted head
to get a better shot at tho trappers but
before bo could get back tho unfailing
eyes of tho trapper had looked through
tho double sights and tho riflo cracked
The Indian sprung suddenly to his feot
spun sharp around uikhi his heel and
fell dead in his tracks
The next momont the canoe shot from
the bank and headed down through the
boiling flood plunging in tho canon Ih
low to rapidly that tho Indians had
scarcely tfmo to recover from their
amazement at the sudden exodus before
the trappers wero out of sight Ono of
tho Indians bounded to his feet and ut
tered a low signal whoop und two large
canoes containing in all about fifteen
men rounded a point in tho river above
tho canon and enmo flying down under
the strokes of tho paddles Tho Indians
on the shoro simply jwlnted down tho
stream and the cauoes dnshed by fit a
furious speed the wild yell of tho pad
titers announcing to the whlto men that
tbey wero pursued The first rapid
passed thay entered a long itretchjof
water where tho current was only four
or livo miles an hour and tucro tho pro
pelling force In the other canoes began
to tell and tho Indians gained rapidly
On each side of the canoo the canon
was like a wall two hundred feel in
height and Uio trappers could only put
all their strength in tho paddles and
dash on as fast as they could Two miles
further and the pursuing canoes woro
scarcely a hundred yards behind tho
Indians yelling liko demons as thoy saw
tho white men almost in their grasp
Rip Ford shook his head as ho looked
over his shoulder when suddenly his
canoo was seized by a mighty forco and
hurled downward like a bullet from a
rifle They had struck anothor rapid
moro powerful than tho first and tho
rocks absolutely seemed to fly past
This is something liko It cried tho
daring Uuckskin Sam How wo do
I should say wo did old boy re
plied Rip I am only afraid wo are
moving too fast
Dont you bclicvo It those fellows
seem to bo standing still said Sam
Thoy will get In tho current in a
moment gasped Rip Look at thatl
The headmost canoo of tho Indians
appeared upon tho crest of the rapid
and catno flying down after the trappers
at a furious speed Tho Indians no
longer used their paddles with tho ex
ception of the man who sat at tho stern
and by a touch on the water now on
ono side now on the other regulated
tho course of the canoe The second canoo
followed in a moment a little further in
shore As they gazed tho bow of tho
last canoe was ruddenly lifted into the
air as Itstruck a brown rock in the chan
nel which the occupants tried in vain
to avoid Tho fierce current caught the
stern and in an instant there was noth
ing loft of tho ctaft savo broken frag
ments while tho occupants with loud
shrieks of terror wore borno swiftlv on
by tho resistless tide Thatends them
said Rip Ford Be careful Sam for
your Hie
On on borno by tho power which
they could not resist the two canoes
were hurried There was a sceno of wild
exultation in tho hearts of the white
men for they could see that their enemy
would havo gladly escaped if thoy
could from tho porils that surrounded
them Their mad desire for scalps and
plunder had led them into a trap and
thoy no longer thought of the canoo be
fore them They know as tho whites
did not the terrible danger beforo them
for thoy had explored tho banks of the
stream on foot many times Tho river
suddenly narrowed and tho trappers
rushed into a canon barelr twentv feot
wido and nearly roofed over by tho cliff
on cacn siue ine current was not quito
so rapid here and they guided the canoo
This gets interesting Rip haid
Sam as thoy went on through the nar
row pass Wo are going To our
death Interrupted Rip Ford in a sol
emn voice Do you hear the falls
Through tho splash of water and tho
dip of tho paddles thoy heard a low
dead tremulous roar which was tho
sound of falling water For a momont
tho broDrcd faco of Sam blanched and
then he drew his figure up proudly
saying Better than tho scalping
knife or stake old friend As the French
man says J7iv la morll Long live
It was indeed before them for as
they shot out of tho narrow pass thoy
saw tho falls before them how high
they could not tell but tho smoke which
aroio showed that It was not a small
one Keep her head to It cried Rip
If wo dont cet through its good bye
forovor Sam
The swift current caught them and
the canoe hurled forward with terrible
force went flying toward tho verge A
moment moro and it shot out into the
midst and wont down into tho unknown
depths Each man clung to his paddle
as ho went down hold oy an invisible
power whirled to and fro as in a
maelstrom and then shot up into the
light below the falls Far below them
tho canoo floated and as tho current
swept them down tho two men looked
back in timo to see tho Indians canoe
como over tho fall sideways without an
occupant It was hurlod farout and fell
lightly on the water only to bo arrested
by tho strong hand of Buckskin Sam
Tho Indians appalled by their dan
ger had upset tho canoe in their frantic
efforts to escape What became of thera
tho trappers novor know for when they
reached tho foot of tho rapid far below
the falls and righted tho canoe they
made no pause but hurriod down tho
stream and before night wero safoly
floating in tho waters of the Canadian
River Two days later thoy reached
Fort Sill in safety
Pctltitlon or tho Horse
In tho days of John of Atri an an
cient city of Abruzzo there was a bell
put up which any one that had received
any injury went and rang and tho King
assembled tho wise men chosen for the
purposo that justico might bo done It
happened that after tho bell had been
up a long timo the rope was worn out
and a pioce of wild vino was made usoot
to lengthen It Now there was a knight
of Alra who had a noblo charger which
was bocomo unserviceable through ago
so that to avoid tho expense of feeding
him ho turned him loose upon the com
mon Tho horse driven by hunger
uisuu uis inouin 10 mo vino to muncti
it and pulling it the bell rang Tho
cs assemDica wconsiaor the petition
of the horse which appeared to demand
justico They docrccd that tho knight
whom ho had served In the youth should
feed him in his old age a sentence
which the King confirmed under a heavy
The jealous wife of a Cincinnati shoo
maker admitted that it was necessary
for him to put on women tho new shoes
that they bought but she objected to
his performing that sorvico In tho caso
of old and consequently easy shoes A
vouncr woman went Inln hiauiinntt imvn
hershoe mended while she waited When
it was iinianocl she placed her foot in
his lap to havo it put on and buttoned
While he was absorbed in this his wife
camo to the door and the scone aroused
her joalousy She went out and got a
clothes line doubled it to a convenient
length came back and remarking that
sholiadbcen married to him fifteen years
and he had nevor offered to put on her
shoes ho gavo him a lashing with the
rojw In tho prcsonce of the innocentcus
Tiik other day a visitor to Dublin
hired a car for an hour to drive round
Phccnix Park No sooner was he seated
than the driver proceeded to warm his
nags ribs and started off at about ten
miles an hour As be did not slacken
his pace the passenger asked the reason
for such quick traveling Faith re
plied Paddy dye think Id bo nil day
driving you an hour
True to the core The apple worm I
October Days
Drekfi1 Table
Once moro Octobers wealth of love
liness is here And with her wealth of
loveliness comes hor wealth of weather
her wealth of autumn woods very rich
in a diversity of colore liko tho rich
coat of Joseph her wealth of fruits
and her wealth of noonday suns and
mornlngandcvonlngfogs and to many
too hor wealth of lover and aguo and
How different our months of the fall
ing leaf to those of many parts of tho
old country I Foreigners nro astonished
and amazed at American autumns 1
Thero tho leaves on tho trees never
change color till a wholo grand forest
looks like a gorgeous bouquet but tho
green leaf Blips from its paront branch
and falls untarnished to tho ground
Hero before thoy aro naked tho woods
assume nit tho hues of a dying dolphin
This peculiar coloring of tho leaves
is attributed to tho peculiarities of our
soil and climate Tho chemical elements
aro different and of greater varioty than
in many European countries In an
analysis of tho autumn leaves they aro
found to havo absorbed a great deal of
iror Iron is however tho lifo of ani
mals and plants It gives coloring and
beauty and enjoyment to everything
Tako a man from whose blood tho iron
has almost departed and you will find
a melancholy morbid fellow more mel
ancholy and morbid still In tho fall nnd
spring of tho year In all those beauti
ful rich leaves that you sco In forest
and flowers In tho bracine atmosphere
of our best days you will find this pow
erful chemical element It adds to tho
glory and the grandeur of tho day and
Invigorates and animates all about us
Glorious October What a sound to
tho sonso is that very word October I It
breathes of hope and energy for tho
future and wakens glad memories of tho
past Nutting days In tho forests elder
making days in tho orchards with tho
mellow smell of bclleflowersand pippins
rambcaus and lady blushes the boyish
shouting at old crazy eyed high boned
Dobbin turning tho windlass of tho
cider mill tho juicy crush of apples
and tho gushing fluid Delightful mem
ories these I But tho fact as well as tho
memory Is still with us Wo havo a
patent cider mill to bo sure that is not
so romantic as tho old wooden one
with its uncouth cogs and we havo
latent apples tool But our boys aro
f list as jubilant whilo tho spry pony
turns our patent mill as tee wero when
crow bate Dobbin plodded slowly bis
weary circld only at the crack of the
whip taking every chanco to idlo when
ho was not urged to his work
But a welcome month is October still
and always will bo to youth Perhaps
ho who is In tho October of his lifo may
not greet tho season with so much ex
ultation as It Is to him an emblem nnd
a memorial et once yet still to the old
as well as tho young it brings some
blessings and somo joys though amelio
rated by tho fading luster of age
If thoso who in the course of years
have gathered wealth into their garners
wilLbeisenerous no matter how old they
may be tho month will brings plenty of
blessings now and for all their future
October is a busy month for the
thrifty farmer He is pushing forward
all necessary repairs about his farm
tightening up his houses and sheds for
more stock husking his winter corn
sowing his winter grain preparing the
soil for spring storing away his oats
and vegetables Thero is always work
for such farmers October when rightly
used pays as well as any month in the
year and if all men will uso It rightly
wo need fear neither pestilence nor
Safety of Railroad Trnvollng
Cincinnati Tlmee
Some timo nco we referred to the re-
itorts of tho railroad commissioners of
Massachusetts on the marvelous immu
nity from accident railroad passengers
had enjoyed in that State for the twenty
years or moro covered by tho reports
The similar fact showing tho safety of
railway travel is brought out in the re
port made to the Connecticut Legis
lature by tho railroad commissioners of
that State Thero wero carried in 1877
in that State 4254015 passengers who
traveled an average distance each of fifty
miles or 212700000 who traveled one
mile Out of tho immense number there
was but ono killed That one was found
near a bridge and is supposed to havo
walked off tho train So even for this
ono death tho railroad company was not
directly responsible
Contrast this immunity with what
might havo been reasonably expected to
happen in tho old days of stage coaches
Tho Hartford Courant which appears to
nave given a great deal of timo and
study to the investieatlon savs it would
have required 425000 coachos 6000000
horses ana 4Ztuuu drivers to convey
these passengers and at an avcrago rate of
eight miles an hour it would havo taken
thirteen days for the coaches to pass a
given point Who that remembers any-
tningaoout tno dangors ot travel in tho
old times can believo that but a singlo
accident would havo happened
Old sailors in a fierce storm thank tho
Lord tbey are in a staunch vessel instead
of on tho land But as compared with
a vessel tho railroad train is an ark of
safoty Even tho wonderful fast train
that runs between Philadelphia and New
York whoso Bpced is at times at the rate
of seventy two miles an hour has run
for moro than two months with entlro
freedom from accident The casualties
that occur on any road aro vory few in
number and tho numbor of persons
Kiuea or injured in comparison with
thoso who travel is vory small If all
who travel should tako out a policy in
an accident insurance company the
siock oi mat company would soon do
worth it very high premium
Edison Outdone
A still later discovery than cither tho
phonograph or tho telephone the iViw
Letter says is one recently made by a
prominent dentist in San Francisco It
is to tho effect that a dumb person in
nine cases out of ten does not owe the
loss of his speech to any defect in his
larynx palate epiglottis or tils lolanum
ciliatumDUt a defoctivo arrangement of
his teeth The doctor recently visited a
large Deaf and Dumb Asylum and
pulled out all the teeth of eleven sup
posed lncurablo mutes aggregating
about one hundred and eighty seven
molars ic all He then Inserted a regu
lar and even sot of teeth of his own mak
ing with a rubber pinto attached and
in each case tho patient was able to talk
perfectly plainly fivo minutes after the
operation was over with the oxceptlon
of ono man who from long habits of
silence refused to speak butsat moodily
whistling Hall Columbia through
his sore gums At this stago of the ex
perirarnt the officers of the asylum who
all drew large salaries tired the doctor
out of the building after vninly at
tempting to bribe him to keep hla dis
covery secret but if the inrentor is not
secretly poisoned or basely assassinated
by the corrupt hirelings who fatten on
the miseries of our fellows Jn public
institutions there will be a heap of talk
ing dose this year
Capt Tysons Account ef the Teyag e
of the Florence
To the Editor of tbe New York IfaiaHi
In pursuance of tho orders of CapL
Howgato directing mo to proceed to
Cumberland Gulf or olsowhero in ny
discretion for the purpose of collecting
skins skin clothing Esquimau doRS and
sledges and other material and sup
plies nccesBiry for a long Arctic voyago
wo sailed from Now London Ct on tho
2d of August 1877 at half past tin a
m Aftor a long and tedious voyago of
forty one days wo nrrlvcd In Cumber
land Gulf Owing to tho largo number
of vessels wo found there and tho
presence of others during tho summer
which had left prior to our arrival thero
was a very great dearth of skins in fact
thero wero nono Two of these vessels
steamers had carried out such Esqui
maux who wero to tho southward
Other Esquimaux who wero accustomed
to congregate thero wero off In tho
mountains doer hunting nnd these bo
foro their departure had contracted
with Borne of tho vessels for tho skins
thoy might obtain
Under theso circumstances you can
readily porcelvo tho diflicult position in
which wo aro placed It being too lato
to go elsewhere I determined to stay
and do tho best wo could Accordingly
we remained at Nlnntillic Harbor lati
tude 66 10 north longitude 67
30 west awaiting the return of tho
Esquimaux which I concluded would
be about tho last of September or tho 1st
October About the last of the former
month many arrived but they went im
mediately to tho British vessels from
Scotland with whom they had contrac
ted un tho zotu ono uoats crew ar
rived and camo immediately to tho Flor
ence Thesn we encraced nnd on tho 1st
of October wo got under way intending
to winter at tho head ot tne gull nna re
mote from any of tho other vessels My
object in this was to keep tho Esquimaux
wo had secured from tho influence of tho
whites in tho gulf
Wo vi ited tho Keickcrtons Islands
beforo going up and finding nothing
there continued our way nnd nnchored
in Aunntook Harbor at tho head of tho
gulf on tho 7th of October in latitudo
66 27 north logitiulo 68 58
west There wc passed tho winter and
spring in tho meantime collecting quito
a number of skins Somo of theso were
mado into clothing Thoso we obtained
in tho spring howovor not Having timo
to make them up wc secured and packed
nway Onbrpafciiic out from our winter
quarters in tho summer of the presnet
year wc managed to inuueo nvo men to
accompany us to tho coast of Greenland
Thero were also fivo women and fivo
children making fifteen in all and they
carried with them n largo number of
On tho 19th of Juty wo sailed for
Disco Islnnd carrying with ustho fifteen
Esquimaux twenty eight dogs n fair
quantity of skin clothing and a great
many skins boon to bo put into shape
by tho manipulations of tho women
Wo arrived at Disco on the last day of
July where ns of courso you know wo
did not meet any cxjKtlition We waited
patiently until the 22d of August re
ceiving no letters proposed to be sent out
by the government nnd then despairing
of nny communication wo started on
our return to uumoeriand uuii carry
ing everything with us
And now camo tho most dilllcult por
tion of our voyage Tho season lias
been very prolific in ico none of tho
Scotch whalers being ablo to get through
to MelvlUo Bay on tho Greenland sido
and up to tho timo we left Disco tho
Danish ships had been unablo to reach
their upper settlements Wo encoun
tered tho ico of Cape Mercy latitudo
C4 46 north longitudo 66 30 west
and worked our way through tho pack
a dlstanco of two hundred miles often
with tbe greatest labor and at times
threatened with scriouscatastrophe Hap
pily wo arrived in tho gulf on tho last
day of August and as tho Beason was so
advanced that no further delay was
ractlcable we paid and discharged the
squimaux on tho 2d of September
and at onco started on our return
With tho results of the voyage thero
is every reason to bo satisfied though
the accomplishment of its immediate
purposes led to no practical end The
scientific gentlemen Messrs Kumlin
and Sherman havo been indefatigable
in the performance of their duties and
aro much pleased with their discoveries
Of tho moro interesting results may bo
mentioned the finding of meteoric iron
in tho trap rock tho addition of fivo
species of birds to tho fauna of tho
Atlantic seaboard nnd tho procuring of
awhalos skeloton Wo havo oscaped
Blcknessof any kind during tho entiro
voyago and procured ono fine head of
tho whalebono weighing oighteon hun
dred pounds Moro than this in tbe
whaling line it was impossible for us to
do and attend to other duties oven had
tho season been an usually good one in
this respect the fact being that it has
been almost an entlro failure at Cum
berland George T Tybon
Action of tho Sea
Wholo districts aro gradually worn by
tho action of the sea on their coasts
Tho sites of ancient towns havo been in
somo instances swallowed up The port
of Ravensford England colobrated in
tho time of Edward II is now quite de
stroyed It is probable that tho Orkney
and Shetland Islands woro onco a part
of Great Britain and that Great Britain
lisolt was once united to the coast of
France and even America to the eastern
continent In tho thirteenth century
the island of Nordstrand on tho coast
of Schleswlg was fifty miles loug by
thirty five broad and at the end of tho
seventeenth century it was reduced to
twenty miles in clrcumforonco Tho
natural causes part of tho effect of
which h here noted aro gradually
bringing tho dobris of tho mountains
Into ho plains and the sia where under
tho tremendous pressure of water aver
aging from six to nine miles in depth
they are gradually consolidated into
hard rock An illustration of the pres
sure nt groat depths iu the ocean was
once furnished by a whalo struck with
a harpoon sinking to an enormous
uepui dragging a uoat Willi him when
the boat was hauled to the surface it
was found that its wood had been com
pressed until it was as solid as iron nnd
would not float
Tem me Wllllnm said Mrs Jones
turning over on her sick bed and looking
unutterable tenderncts at hor husband
If I should die you wouldnt marry
again weuld you Not by a dangcu
sight I roplied William with great vlo
lonco feeling softly of his denuded
head you can bet your life on it I
Ah William said Mrs Jones her
eyes filllpg with tears there was never
any sentiment about you worth men
tioning Jiufjah Exprtt
Man goes to tho dogmas woman Is
satisfied with sacraments Her instinct
apprehends what his reason Is so slow to
admit that God allows himself to be
approached more readily than to be un
Walla np the Baby
By M Quad
Jusl at dusk tke other dismal day
throe children tno oldest of whom did not
scorn over ten years old wero huddled
together oh the rickety steps ot an old
house on Bcaublen strcet A pedestrian
passed over their heads to read tho num
ber on tho door and tho childron looked
so frightened that ho asked
Children whero aro your father and
Fathors been gone way off for over
so long and mother goes out to wash
and hasnt got homo yet answered the
oldest a girl
And you aro all alone
Yes sir but baby is in on tho bed
Uos been asleep an awful long time
and wo canH wako him up If wo could
wod play hido and seok and let him find
Is tho baby sick inquired tho man
Wo dont know sir but wo cant
wako him up I touchod him and
touched him and Charlio ho tickled his
feet but little Sandy never ihoved once
I guess ho is awful sleepy Dont you
think you could wako him up
Ill try replied tho man as ho
wont in and whon tho girl lighted tho
lamp ho followed her Into a bedroom In
which there was neither carpet nor
furniture Pushed back against the
wall was a poor old straw tick and a sin
gle nuilt IIo bent over to look at tho
child and the first glance showed him
that littlo Sandy was dead On tho window-sill
wero somo pieces of bread nnd
milk with which tho children intended
to feed him Tho dead childs hand
clasped a rag doll made of an old calico
apron and its thin littlo feet and palo
faco were evidences that it had known
sickness and hunger throughout its
brief life While the children waited
for him to open his eyes and romp with
them aud drive the gloom out of tho
house tho anccls had whispered to him
and his eyes had unclosed to behold tho
splendor of Heaven
Wont ho wako up asked ono of
tho children standing back In the Bhadow
Children you must notcomc in hero
until your mother comes ho Bald as
ho left the room
Wont ho bo afraid to wako up In
tho dark thoy asked
Ho will sleep a long timo yet I ho
whispered not daring to tell them tho
truth and as he wont out thoy put tho
light in on tho bed room floor that littlo
Sandy might not find tho darkness
around him when his sleep had ended
Poor things They knew not and thoy
could not sco the crown of glory on tho
dead childs brow n crown whose light
all the shadows of earth can nover
darken In tho least
Seeing the Crater
Two American girls determined to as
cend to tho crater of Vesuvius during
tho first week of September and nc
cordine to the statement of an English
man who wrote immediately a full ac
count of tho matter to tho Timet Lon
don narrowly escaped not falling in
and finding there rvas nothing in it
but being swindled They wero in
formed at tho hotel and also by a trusty
guide that thero was no danger from
the condition of tho mountain but the
journey should be performed at night
as the heat of the day wan oppressive
They were advised to bo on the cono by
sunrise A gentleman who was a stran
ger to them and perhaps less plucky
but who proved good company ngreed
to accompany them and the three em
ployed a safe courier who spoko En
glish Tho party went to Pompeii in
the afternoon rested from seven to
twelve oclock and then at midnight
after a cup of strong coffee started out
upon what thoy supposed must prove to
to them a dollghtful excursion By three
a m all wero at tho summit The wind
howled and blew the sulphurous smoke
into their lungs and eyes and tho fires
only partly lighted up tho darkness
Then the ten Italian guides asked the
ladies to descend into the outer crater
in order to compel thera to pay a fee
for an extra They declined to go
The courier was appealed to for hi3 In
fluence to induco horn to go He simply
asked them if thoy wished to go and
upon their saying no told the men so
They became only the moro exasperated
and began quarreling with the courier
He remained good naturcd but thoy
bantered him clinched their fists and
then went through a scene which beg
gars description Fancy tho night tho
placo the persons two ladies and a
stranger with tcu Italians bent on rob
bing them of money nnd theso demons
beforo the glare of this littlo boll fight
ing tho courier himself Tho ladles had
desired to be carried up tho cono on tbe
chairs always in waiting but were asked
forty francs each for that service
nearly fivo dollars for tho three and
thus in consequence of the conduct of
tho men no pleasure whatever was do
rived at thosummlt Atcighn m thoy
reached Pompeii again glad to bo with
civilized peonlo althouclt drenched to
tho skin by the rain which began at
soven and which they hurried through
on horseback in order to bo out of tho
reach of all tho scoundrels who seemed
to infest tho region of Vesuvius
Thomab cried a Townsend streot
women to her Jiusuand as she Jet him
in at tbo front door at two a m tho
other morning where have you been
until this unearthly hour and why do
you como home with your breath smell
lug of beer Thats all right re
marked Thomas as he leaned up against
the wall and tried to look sober
Thats all right Mella Funniest
thing ever saw in my life by hio
Jove What is snapped the Town-send-street
woman Tel hio tele
phone said Thomas with an imbecilo
mile How do you make out de
manded tho woman in icy tones that
working with the telonhono would mako
your breath smell of beer Easiest
thing in the hlc world returned
Thomas as ho steadied himself iu the
corner thas very simple man at the
olhor end of tho linn was full Thas
whazzer masher and Thomas worked
his way up stairs chuckling at tho Idoa
of fooling his wife
There Is nothing like medical knowl
edge When one sees a man whose toes
have taken a sudden notion to double up
and tho solo of his foot turn inward
and is told that tho man had something
tho matter with his head ubout five
years ago and has nover been quito
welleiuco ono does not quite tindor
stand but when the doctor beams in and
says that tho unfortunato has had cere
bral hemorrhage and that tho corpus
striatum optiu thalamus choroid plexus
or septum lucldum has been Involved
or that probably a lesion in some other
part of the brain has been formed and
that in consequence there Is a secondary
degeneration of the spinal cord anil
that the cause of tho toeabelnr fixed and
the foot being turned inward is a con
traction of the flexor loagus tllqltoruin
aad the tlUalU posticus the whole
this is perfectly jdtla
- t
Barbarism la BrealeMI
New Totk MefctntUeJearaal
When tho classic poet half in bitter
ness half In poetic prophooy sang the
unrenuited toil of those who labor that
others chiefly may enjoy of the bee
wnicn gathers and Btores up ino nonoy
that ho will notboallowcdtocat of the
ox which bears his heavy yoko and
drag tho plow through rlcu fields on
whoso after product ho may not browre
ho cast sidelong and pcnotrttlng glances
at a kind of injustlrn which llngnr
among men wherover tho true spirit of
civilization nnd sound policy has not
prevailed Wc know not what meaner
trait could distinguish a condition of
socloty whero thero would bo but two
clnjutrift rnrfR or slaves and taskmasters
ovor thorn than tho understanding that
tho toiler was to receive but the most
trifling modicum of tho benefit arising
from ids labor after having borno tho
heat and burthen of tho day In clearing
tho land rearing tho first dwelling
thereon sowing tho seed and harvesting
tho crop Wo know that in tho semi
barbarous condition which somo aro
wont to dignify with sounding names
tills system of glaring injustice is the rulo
rather than tho oxcoption and that
many who aro loudest in preaching tho
doctrines of an equal humanity aro tho
last to practice It But tho universality
of tho wrong In no wise palliates it
morally speaking nor yet reliovcs It ot
tho mark of folly regarding it merely in
tho worlds way Wero a nobler plan
prevalent thero would be a far sounder
condition of affairs moro truth and con
fidence between men and wo believe
an infinitely moro rapid victory gained
ovor tho resistance of nature and the ills
of mortal existence The workman who
feels hlmsolf but an Implement liable
when iis task is done and tho fruition of
its success is at hand to be flung Aside
to make room for those who havenad no
part in the long laborious process of
preparation is in no mood that bodes
well to society A community largely
composed ol men similarly disappointed
in their various walks of life is over ripo
for treasons stratagems and spoils
And heuco it is that tho calendar of
crimo swells from day to day and that
instead of being an honorablo contest of
Industry nnd skill what wo term busi
ness too often degenerates Into a mere
unscrupulous strugglo of chicanery
Men no longer look upon each other as
brethren In such astrifobutascnemlcs
nnd prov to bo mutually devoured Each
seeing how tbo other is treated deter
mines to get and keep all that he can so
that when his turn for trcachourous dis
placement comes bo may not go forth
empty Now if such a social stato bo
not a barbarism more or less disguised
in broadcloth what is it And can any
thing ultimately como of it but general
Bismarcks Conragc
IDlackwooda Magatlne
It wns in 18G6 Bismarck then
Count Bismarck was returning from
the Palace where ho had been to seo the
King While passing through tho largo
street of Berlin Unter don Linden and
quite near tho place where Hoedol and
Nobellng have since attempted the life
of Emperor William ho suddenly heard
a shot fired close behind him He
turned sharply around and saw a young
man who with a smoking revolver was
aiming at him He stroae at onco up to
tho man aud seized tho arm that held
the revolver whilo with his otbor hand
he grasped the throat of tho would be
murderer who howovor had had time to
pass his weapon on to his left hand and
now firod three shots in quick succession
Bismarck felt himself hurt in his
shoulder and in one of his ribs but he
held his furious assailant fast until some
soldiers camo up and took hold of him
Then Bismarck walked home nt a brisk
pace and reachod his own house long
before nnybody there could know what
had happened The Countess had somo
friends with her when her husband en
tered the drawing room He greeted all
in a friendly manner and begged to bo
excused for a few minutes as he had
somo urgent business to attend to Ho
then walked into the next room where
his desk stood and wrote to inform tho
King of tho accident Having attended
to this duty ho returned to tho drawing-room
and mado one of his little
standing jokes ignoring his own un
punctuality and saying to his wife
Well aro wo to havo no dinner to
day You nlwnys keep me waiting
He sat down and partook heartily of the
dishes sot beforo him and it was only
when tho dinner was over that ho
walked up to tho Countcsskisscd boron
tho forehead wished her inthe old Ger
man way Gescgnete Maheiir fMay
your meal bo blessed and then added
You sco I am quite well
Sho looked up at him Well he
continued you must not bo anxious
my child Somobody has fired at mo
but it is nothing as you see
A Lnnd or Wondrous Sights
A correspondent of the Troy Timet
now travoling in Colorado thus describes
the attractions of that wondrous coun
try But whilo Colorado cannot liko
other States boast of its immense agri
cultural products it can justly claim to
have tho grandest natural scenery in
the nation Its giant mountains
Its snow capped peaks IU towering
cliffs it mighty canons its grand and
beautiful parks its charming valleys
its clear placid lakes its wonderful
cascades its marvelous mineral waters
its deep mines and its mammoth caves
make it a wonderfully attractive place to
thousands both from our land aud lands
beyond the soa Wherever we went on
mountains or hills in valleys or mines
wo found parties seeking Instruction
health recreation and pleasure Tho
different ranges of tho Rocky Mountains
extend for over n thousand miles within
Colorado alono Among theso ranges
are two hundred peaks reaching an ele
vation of ovor thirteen thousand feet
and thirty or forty peaks which are over
fourteen thousand feot high Several
of the great rivers of the West have
their sources in this mountain region
among which wo may mention tho
Platto the Arkansas the Rio Grando
and tho Rio Colorado The parks of
Colorado aro a peculiar feature of the
scenery of tho stato Thoy aro vast
basins or plateaus of land lying between
parallol ranges of the mountains and
surrounded on all sides by lofty and
rocky walls Thoy aro thought to bo the
bottoms of groat lnkes which existed In
a formor ago of thq worlds history the
surfaco of those parks is diversified by
lakes and rivers and covered by tall
grass of rank growth with here and
there a little timber Tho four princi
pal onea are North Park Middle
Park South Park and Ssn Luis
Park The latter which is as Jarge as
tho other three combined contains
eighteen square miles au erea equal to
the State of Massachusetts added to that
of Vermont
Amono those who labor for future
happiness he Is greatest who live well
is Hie own bouwbcW
Once amoothlr tailed along a trioiall ret
Mrareoaeaof dreami wllhfruftaoJ Jf
Full frelghUl till a etonay Hood of lean
At once twept hope and Joy and p Irsja
How earth liaad and dark the ekore
Are wild with adrerae wlnda i the dma Btk
Hath ruthleea torn nr deareet pal tnm aw
Once Lore her Jewell laTlehed at Ijet
And ail before meeeemeIa patk of nowera
And redolent of bloom were alt pr bowera
Ambrosial dewa and aeniuoua iuswee rweet
-Then came laat klee and dnpondlntf etba
Deathleea inrreleandaorrow etreaniliHieyee
What Is it which tbo moro vou cut
It tho longor It growB A ditch
Senator Oolesby when a boy wa
tho best fiddler In tho Sangamon bottomi
A Bpanihk woman walks In the Paris
boulevards leading adovowItlt a ribbon
Some men aro as unsatisfactory a a
soapy door knob and twlco as slippery
It is thought that a fashionable
boardlng houso furnishes tho best anti
Stuanoe It Is that nature must com
pel us to lament our most persistent
wan la nrnrrrA from irreat
wealth and make riches almostcqual to
Pjiince AUTHim will aftor his mar
ralge sottlo down in Ireland and rebuild
Tniia TTallfl
make the most of hlmsolf as in America
Tiixr burled him darkly at dead ot night
Ana wimoui any pomp urjB
Aa they ahoreled blra In they aald All ilglrt
lie was only s eewlnu machine agent
Tuin fntnflir la Inn Vipt who nbtain
not unjustly keep not unfaithfully and
spend in a way that produced no
Till- allrrhteat ATCPaa nf PXllPmlitUreS
over income is poverty and tho slight
est excess of income over expenses a
A bion posted up in a Wisconsin saw
mill reads The saws are running no
use to touch them to convince your-
Christopher Columdub discovered
a continent but never enjoyed tho
felicity of cheating at croquot Erratic
Ladies dont keep a business man
waitinrr when ho asks an ill important
question He may have another en
Fniu Potz Is the approprlato name
of a German beer seller ft Philadelphia
FUlBuUtlin V
A musical tavern In London called
the Cremona Is bolieved by tho Graphv
to bo a vile Inn
We aro always anxious to know why f
we aro loved thoy only caro to knoTjMv
how much wo love them
The loud tones In which some peoplo 1
appeal to reason Imply that reason Is a fci
great dittance from them
T l 1 nna 1u tlmn in rAlnvflr Ones -
own misfortune than to bo reconciled to
a neighbors good fortuue
A Kentucky womau has married a
Mr Calico has wedded a prints as it
were Ntw Haven Reguter
Forbidden Fruit Is a now drama
lately put on tho boards Tho Adams
all go for It though as of yore
Sittino ButL wants to como back to
tho States for fresh hair aud a littlo ex-
ctcio Philadelphia Chronicle
A mibeu of sixty years old refuses
himself nccossaries that ho may not
need them when ho is a hundred
The worst thing about a handsome
woman Is somo other arm than your
own Meridcn Literary llecorder
a omvK wlitpli on land renulres tho
united strength of two men to lift may
do llltea in tuo waiui uy uu tuuu
Timu Vrnnrn rrrpntlv hnel tho novel
experience of a violent nnd destructive
thunder storm wiiuout n urop ui rm
Afteii nil thero is no other country
In wttf1i n man lina allrll R Chnce to
gagement juKent
There aro many things thataro thorns
to our hopes until wo havo obtained
them and envenomed urrows to our
hearts when wo havo
An Towa paper gives a thrilling ac
count of the effort ef a young man to
tako home a widow and three swarms of
bees at tbe same time in a wagon
Uk Jumped on board the railroad train
And cried Farewell Luclnda Jane
My precious aweet Luclndal
Alas bow soon he changed his cry
And while tbe tear stood In bla eye
He laid Confound looaeclnderl
Dibtinouibh between idleness Ignor
ance want of attention and malico
words sometimes slip from tho tongues
which tho heart noithor hatchod nor
Cider may bo a good temperanco
drink but I can manage to get so drunk
on it that I kant tell ono ov the ten com
mandments from a by law oy a base ball
club Joth Billimji
An Eastern oxchango says that up
to July 12 tho Arctic whaling fleet at
Davis Strait had not caUght a whale
Why under tho sun dont they eplt on i
their bait Hawleye
The mosquitoes and fleas have played
a long and remarkably successful season
this year Thoy hive been received
into tho houses of somo of our very
best people Breakfatt Table
Manufacture of Fuel
Au invention lately brought out In
England consists iu making the dust ot
coal with an extract obtained from boil
ing ordinary seaweed or other similar
veetablo matter producing when boiled
a similar mucilaginous or adhesive so
lution In carrying the invention into
effect they first boil seaweed or other
vegetable product capable of yielding
whon boiled a mucilaginous or adhesive
solution and than mix coal dust with
the said solution In tho ordinary manner
in which cement mprtar or other similar
material is mixed Tho combined ma
terials are then molded to any desired
shape- by hand or by mean of a brick-
making or other suitable machine The
samo solution when combined with saw
dust or other suitable material may be
formed Into blocks for filtering purposes
Youno men contemplating marriage
havo so frequently callod upon us Jo
adviso them in tho manner of popping
the all Important question that we nave
concluded to give our opinion onee for
all Never propose to a yeung Jady
after a hearty meal The blood Is needed
to aid digestion and her ImaginatioM la
chilled Nor should It come just before
a meal for the longing of an Jmpprtyned
system conduce to anxiety and irrita
bility and the shock may provebasard
ous It would be better toseleet the
evening and invito her to some eater
tainment which you know she wants te
attend and then propose to her just as
she is ready to start This will be grHy
to your advantage for she will easily
see that a rejection will upset an eve
nings amusement Lmlyt JmrrM
Ta3LofiW QnwmyBthe dwwatid
of tke MmeVls for a weman wkeesji
teaeli woflsw Just so but montef tkeM t
prefer to teach mm

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