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Wi arc autliorixcil to make Liberal Ad
en Conlgmnent8 of Tobacco to tho
wtmed firm New York
parts of ho country report eomo
mseialci and loeroaslnff demand Tor
rvlngly popular tewing Machine Tho
Rellablo STANDiBD tilt JirfcO of
probrlotorj windy reduced to 20
in mo attachments ana at one
ewree for tlictn a popularity among tho people
jar oeyona tbat ever yet attained by any otber
machine at any price tho consequence of which
ll agents are leaving the old high priced ma
chines and teeklng territory for the Stan
tuat knowing from eiperlanco that with
the beit goods at tha loweit price they con out
mil all other -Machine whero the superior qual
ify and low price li made known This iplen
did Machine combines all the Itnpruveinenti
It far ahead of all othen In beatity and dura
bility of Iti work eaie of management light
running and certainty of operation It sensibly
Made upon found principle with positive work
ing parti all steel and can be infely put down
ai the very perfection of a Serviceable Sewing
Machine In erery particular that will ontlaat
any Machine and at a price far down below
any other It la thoroughly warranted for He
jearfi Kept In order froo of charge And tent
til kny part of the Country for examination by
the customer before payment of the bill We
oan predict equally an large a demand for them
i lnthla lection ai In othen Families deilrlng
t the belt Machine manufactured ihould write
direct to the Factory And enterprising per
oni wishing to seise tho chance ihouUefpply
fr to desirable an agency SeeadrcrnRmcnt
iaanother part of thli paper Addreii Stan
lard Machlna Co Cor Broadway and Clinton
Itaee New York leptll ly
4 Florida
3 A throng of sufferers with concha and
tjoldi annually go South to enjoy the ethe
real mildness of the land of loners To
them we would ay the necessity of that ex
J pensive trip i obviated by Cousscns Com
S pound Honey of Tar which speedily van
V oujshes tho concha and colds incident to
this rigorous clime For public speakers it
surpasses the Demosthenic regimen of
pebbles and sea shore clearing tho
throat until the voice rings with tho silvery
cadence of a bell Use Cousscns Com
pound Honey of Tar Price r0 cents a
bottle For salo lr A H FISIIEB Clo
tcrport Ky and Dr J M TAYLOH
eeptt ly Hnrdinsburg Ky
Will practloo In all the courts of Broken
ridge and adjoining counties
Deeds Mortgages ets and all legal Imtru
Bents carefully prepared
Xitlei Investigated and abstracts furnished
Prompt and careful attention given to all
business entrusted to mo no 11 tf
Human Misery
Jua Vddtihdy in a rd Envelope
l cent
A Lecture on the Nature Treatment and
Radical cure of Seminal Weakness or
npermatorrbGca induced by ceir Abmc invol
notary Emissions Imiioteney Nervous Debt
Ity and Impediments to Marriage generallytj
and Fits Mental and
Consumption Epilepsy
Oeok Ac
rnvelcal Incapacity
author or the Urecn
The world renowned author in this admira
ble Lecture clearly proves from his own exper
ience that the awful conecjuceees of Self Abuse
ltvay be effectually removed without medicine
aadithoot dangerous surgical operation
instruments rlngf Otcordiale point
inrit a mode of cure at once certain and
effectual by which every sufferer no matter
what his eondlticn may be taay our hlmtelf
Cheaply privately and radically
SU Thit Lreturt Kill prow a lkn to tKontanU
nU fhouiattih
Sent under lost la a pataeavelope to any
address on receipt of nS cents or two postage
itainpi Addresi tbe Fabtiiheri
41 Aba St New York
Post QfTicef Box 458G raaylfi ly
Wo 65 W Market St Between 3rd and 4th
I the greatest Wood remedy of the age Tel
irr Vffxi Vheri Haiti Jimjilt and all
HkoJ diseases yield to its wonderful powers
tSirt Mood U the guarantee of health Head I
It eared uiy loa of Scrofula K Brooks
Palniville Ohio It cured my ohlld of lry
ttftlat Mis K Smellier Larimers la
K K Sellers A Co proprs PitUburgh Pa
Fries 100 Tb genuine hat our name on
bttesi of wrapper Sold by all druggists
sepMly Cloverport Ky
Tb Invwitors and Mechanics
PATENTS and bow to obtain them Pain
Jihiei of M page free upon receipt of Stamps
at Poslsgo Addrees
iAkf of PultnU Jioz II
BO 18 tf VTatAuiou J C
Sellers Liver Pills
Have been the iUntUrd remedy for tha cure of
Liver Chap lalaU Cottlvonaet Fever ewl
Afe Slek Headaeb Kiid all derange
toeuU of tbe stomach and liver for aver ly
ftkn Read this t fUlltn Liur PM curtd
m of an attack of Liver complaint of eight
yoaN1 standing Wm JSveni Joilet Ills
Priee 3i ots a box II B Sellers Co
vhmi Pittsburgh Pa Bold by all druggtits
VVll WHITE Agent
sepUly Clovtrport Ky
The Buokeye
It ts ft well Mfablisic fact tlmtTallers
Ulwye Pile Ointment will cure if used
MMriNftg to directions Tho yEsculus Hip
BsasnUituui or Horse Cliestimt couimouly
kmwn as tho Jioclceye kas been highly
ttMl4 for wuny yeiirs owning to tbe
tiaut U yumsaisas iKu lying In the
WUlr vcimh1 U1 KaeullB which cn
UtUlMMfbrttrufolil If affected
wW tbat ttrribk tliMas use Buckeye Pilo
Jhw tl by A It FIWIJBri
fIy Clov rt Ky
cvaroHSKs rrKKSRii to at au mochs
fUlil f Imt He euviff rt Mtl
Jgrll RMOft Kilt U itHeOy
alMf nd work t tha west twovJ
iMEtr Pstwoace solWle
Swing dat gate wide Tostlo Peter
lllng de big bell beat do gong
Saints an martyrs den will meet dalr
llrudder HoVrcnd Quako Strong
Sound dat bugle Angol Gabriel
Tell do ciders loud an long
Clair out dem high scats of Heaben
Here comes llebrend Qnako Strong
Turn do guard out Glnerat Michael
Arms present do line along
Iet the band ploy Coiikciln Hero
For do Ileb rend Quako Strong
Sen let Mosos bring do crown an
lalmi an weddln gown along
Wld perccislon to bo laudln
Heros do Itcbrend Quako Strong
Tune your harp string light King David
Sing your good Old Hundred long
Let do seraphs danco wld cymbals
Itoun de llebrend Quako Strong
Joseph march down wid ycr breddorca
Tribes an banners muitcrln strong
Speech ob welcome from oUvAbntsta
Anlwcr Rebrond Quako Strong
Angels heer mo yell Hoi anner I
Hcariny dulcem tplrrltool songs
Hallcluycrl Imacomlnt
Im tie llebrend Quako Strong
Mako dat white robo rudder ipaelous
An do walit belt itronery long
Cnuso twill take tome room In glory
For do llebrend Quako Strong
What No ono to do lamlin7
Spccn like suflln nudderi wrong
Qucss Ill gib dat ilcepy Iotor
Fit Irom ub rend Quako Strong
How am dliT
Out ob all do shin
De gatci all fastenod
iln frong
Not a mulatto cherub oven
Urceti do llebrend Qunko Strong
What a narrow littlo gateway I
My i dat gate am hard to nioro
Who am dat J lays Poitlo Peter
From de parapot abovo
Undo Peter dont you know rao
Me a shinln light 10 long
Why do bcry niggers call mo
Oood old Hobrend Quako Strong
Dunno me do ihoutln preacher
Keglar hull bog Wcsleyan too
Whar in do woodi youbln a loafin
Somo ole rooster s boddcrcd yon
I reckon Why Ivo convartod
Hundreds o darkles in a song
Dunno mo nor yet my uiassor
Im do llebrend Quako Strong
Hark to dat ar curious roarin
Far away but rollin nlgher j
Seo do dreSul dragon flyin
Head like night an mouf ob firoj
Tie do berry king ob dcbblls
An hem rushln right along
Ob dear Peter pleaso to open
To Class leader Quako Strong
Old Kicks comln I can feci It
Uottln warmer all about
Oh my good kind Kumnl Peter
Let mo in Im all too stout
To go lung wld Major Satan
Into dat warm climate inong
Firo and brimstone Hear mo knockin
Old Church member Quako Strong
Dat loud noiso am comln nearer
Drcfful smell llko powder imoko
judder screech floodHebben help me
Lor forgibUls pore ojdmoko
Xllerswur so 6errhoyJw Wr
Slngin an prayinextrn long -
Now do dobblfs gwincto cotch mo
Poor old nigger Quako Strong
nil dat gato awing back a little
Mighty squeetla to git fros
Ole Appollyon howlin loudor y
Ebcry thing around am blue
Dang I do gate goei an Deliebub
Bunch of wool upon his prong
Goes long bomo without de soul ob
Miaabul sinner namo of Strong
One afternoon In tho month of June
1870 a lady in deep mourning followed by
a child entered 0110 of tho fashionable bv
loons of N j The writer happened to
bo passing at tho time and impelled by
curiosity followed her in to see what would
etisuo Stepping up to the bar and address
ing tho proprietor who happened to be
present she said
Sir can you assist mo I have no home
no friends and am not ablo to work
Ho glanced at her and then at tho child
with a mingled look of curiosity and pity
Evidently he was much surprised to sco a
woman in such a place begging but without
asking any questions gnra her iomo change
and turning to those present said
Gentlemen here is a lady in distress
Cant Bomo of you help her n little
They all cheerfully acceded to tho re
quest and soon a purse of two dollars was
raibcd and put in her baud
Madam said the gentleman who gave
her tho money why do you como to a
saloon It isnt a proper place for a lady
and why ore you driven to such a step
Sir I know it isnt a proper place for
mo to be In nnd you ask why I ara driven
to such n step I will toll you In one short
word1 pointing to a bottlo behind tho coun
ter labeled whisky that Is what
brought mo hero AViuskyI
I was onco happy and surrounded by
all the luxuries tbat wealth could procuro
with a fond and indulgent husband Hut
in an evil hour ho was tempted and not
possessing tho will to resist the temptation
fell and In ono short year my dream of
happiness was over my homo wan forever
desolated nnd tho kind husband and the
wealth somo called mine lost never to re
turn and all by the accursed wine cup
Vou see before you only a wreck of my
former Bulf homeless and friendless and
with nothing left mo In this world but this
littlo child and weeping biftprly gho
affectionately cire3cdtho golden curls that
shaded a foco of oxqulslto loveliness Re
gaining her composure and turning to tho
proprietor of tho saloon she continued
Sir tho reason I occasionally enter aj
place like till is to imptpro those who deal
in tho deadly poison to desist to stop ft bus
ncss that spread desolation ruin poverty
and starvation Think oo moment of your
own loved ones and vIiph wlnp them In
the situation 1 nm in I ml to ypur
better nature I appeal to Jqur kew W I
know you powtM a kind one to retlWftin
n biH eo ruiHOHs to your ttttrotM
JW ytw kiMiw tlnvljlw nwHwy yor
twira Iimm tida W U kjw am m taking
Vrc4 from cm a tU bm0m of tb fans
itbad wivaa and oUMft jwr euatoui
ere that itstrii the cloJia fronrtliilr
ill vtHHmli
backs deprlvcHilipm of all tho comforts pf
life nnd throws unhapplncss misery crime
anddcsolation Into their once happy homes
Oh sir I implore beseech nnd pray you
to rctiro from a business you blush to own
you nro engnged in beforo your fellow men
nnd enter one that will not only bo profita
ble to yourself but to your folow crcaturcs
nlso You will excuso mo if I have Bpoken
too plainly but I could not help t when I
thought of tho misery and ttnhappiuess it
has caused 1110
Madam I am not offended ho an
swered in a voice husky with emotion but
thank you from my heart for what you havo
Mnmmo said tho child who mean
time had been spoken to by somo of the
gentlemen present taking bold of her
mothers hand theso gentlemen wish mo
to sing1 Littlo Dcssio for them Shall I
do so
Yes darling if they wish you to
They nil joined in tho request nnd plac
ing her in a chair sho sang in n sweet child
like voico tho following beautiful song
Out In the gloomy night sadly I roam
I havo no mother dear no pleasant homo
No ono carci for mo no ono would cry
Eten If poor littlo Detsio should die
Weary and tired Ivo been wandering all day
Asking for work but Im too small tlicy lay j
On the damp ground I must now lay my head
Fathers a urundard and motbor Is dead I
Wo wero so happy till father drank rum
Then all our sorrow and troublo bogunj
Mother grew pale and wept ovcry day
Haby and I wero too hungry to play j
Slowly they faded till ono summer night
Found their dead facci all silent and whlto
Then with big tears Blowly dropping I said
Fathers a drunkard and mother is dead I
Oh If tho temperanco men only could find
Poor wretched father and talk very kind
If they would stop him from drinking then
I ihould bo very happy airaln
Is it too Into temporunco men PIcaso try
Or por littlo llcsslo must soon itarvo and die
All tho day lotig Io been begging for broad
Fathers a drunkard and mother is dead I
Tho games of billiards wero left unfin
ished tho cards wero thrown aside ami the
unempticd glass remained on the counter
all had pressed near somo with curiosity
some with sadness nnd somo with pity
beaming in their eyes entranced with the
musical voice nnd beauty of tho child who
seemed bettor nTtcd to bo with angels above
than in such a place
Tho sceno I shall iiovcr forget to my dy
ing day and tho sweet cadenco of her mu
sical voico still rings in my ears and every
word of tho song nsft droppeif from her
lip3 sank deep jn the hearts of
around her
With tho goldeti hair falling carelessly
around her shoulders her face of almost
ethereal beauty andylooking so trustingly
and comfortingly npontbo men wound her
beautiful eyes illuminated with a light that
seemed not of earth sho formed a picturo
of purity and innocenco worthy of the
Kcniua of a poet or painter
At tho closo of tho song many wero
mg men who hnd not shed a tear foryears
now wept like children Ono young man
who had resisted with scorn tho pleading of
a loving mother nnd the entreaties of friends
to strivo to lead a better life to desist from
a course that was wasting Jjm fortune and
ruining his approached the
child and taking both her littlo hands in
his whilo tears streamed down hitf pale
checks exclaimed with deep emotion
God bless you my little nngell You
have saved mo from ruin and disgrace from
poverty und a drrtnkards grave If there
wore over angein on earth u aro 0110
Godblcssyou Qod bless you I and put
ting a bill in tho hands of tho mother fciiid
Pleaso accept thUtriflo as a token of my
regard and esteem for your littlo girl has
dono mo n kindness I can never repay
And remember whenever you aro in want
yqu will ever find in mo n truo friend nt
tho samo time giving her his name and id
Taking her child by tho hand sho turned
to go but pausing at tha door said
Qod bless you gentlemen I Accept tho
heart felt thanks of a poor friendless wo
man for tho kindness nnd courtesy you havo
shown her Beforo any ono could roply
sho was gpne
A silence of several minutes onsued
which was at length broken by tho proprie
tor who ctclumcd
Gentlemen that lady U right und I
havo sold my last glass of whisky if any
of you want more you will have to go elso
And I hare drank my last glass of whis
ky said a young man who had long been
given up as utterly beyond tho reach of
thoso who had a deep Interest in bis wel
fare as sunk too low over to reform
There is a tcmpoinnce organization in
this citycallcd Temple of Honor and at
thoir next meeting I shall send up my namo
to bo admitted Who will go with mo
I I I and I soveral exclaimed in a
chorus and fifteen names wero added to his
True to his word tho owner of tho saloon
wfirro this strange sceno was enacted dis
posed of his entire stock tho next day and
is now engaged in an honorable business
Would to hcavon that ludy with her littlo
one could havo gono Into every hamlet
town and city throughout tbo country and
met with llko results Lurainlt Senlind
We learn from tlip Madisonvlllo Times
lliittiwla In Ilopkins county are marrying
at thirteen jcrs old Tho Times acted
very unwsot In making that fact known
tho girls will bo flocking in from nil quar
ters of tha globp Ttay wll bo thicker In
Hopkins than locust in I pypt
Yietor Strokl Jr threw Lat
KWer a small boy Qitlitlyon tkm pve
mul in IwumIuMi h JL laV kia arm
Tk Loud Time tiiuW ofltoe uses
oleotriclfrkt TkU leavw Mr KdUon in
th jntsr
Independent in all things Neutral in nothing lJrineiples not party Men not availability
From Our Special Correspondent
Washington U 0 Nov 23 187P
Thanksgiving day keeps some of our Con
gressmen nt home but nn unusual number
havo cither aimed or written that they will
bo hero at tho opening of tho session It
is probablo moro members will bo on hand
then than on nuy similar occasion in Into
yenrs Whilo thcro is general imposition
apparent to do nothing to disturb a public
confidence so necessary to tho success of
resumption thcro is nlso n belief that somo
reckless man lilto Under somo man full of
an opinion ot his own greatness like Halo
or somo mistaken but well mcnulng enthu
siast mny do something or attempt to do
something which will disquiet tho whole
country They should keep quiet until
alter resumption is an nssurcd success
Very soon nftcr Jauunry 1st wo mny hope
thnt Messrs Halo Towiisend Conger etc
mny turn tho House into a becr gnrdcu with
out injury to tho country
Ono of tho questions which is of real im
portance and Which will bo discussed by tho
nblcst men of both Houses is thnt of trans
ferring tho Indian Hurcau to tho War De
partment It willbo urged on many grounds
nni among them its economy the better
crro that it is claimed will be taken of tho
Indians and tho necessity for reducing tho
amount of labor nnd responsibility imposed
upon tho Secretary of tho Interior This
last point has not been urged I nm con
vinced so much ns it should Iiino been
The Department is really nn exaggeration
of Departments Tho operations of somo
of its Bureaus involve moro responsibility
than thoso of somo of tho recognized De
partments The consequenco is that the
supervision of tho Secretary so necessary
to prevent irregularities amounts to noth
ings Is a mcro form IIcuco tho Interior
Department hns beeomo a nest of fraud
and its afiairs have been mannged by out
side rings to the disgrnco and loss of tho
The House Committee on Appropriations
had a quorum at its meeting yesterday
Estimates except for tho Postoffice Inte
rior nnd Departments ara somewhat
lower than lost j ear nnd indeed less than
tho reduced sums voted by Congress There
will be however reductions from these esti
mates though it becomes moro nnd moro
evident that both Houses of Congress must
bo in Democratic hnndbofofasulh rndicat
reforms in the DuVmrtmeiitsna nre neccs
sary in gcttiiigtfio GujCrismpnfcljBxponscs
carried out for instance tlicro oro in tho
Treasury Department Bureaus which Were
usjim ar convenient uurmg inu war Dili
which aro now simply ornamental In
other Bureaus perhaps still useful aro di
visions sections etc- which have scarce
ly anything to do and which aro modo up
of high ealaricd clerks who go through tho
forms pflahor but aro of no moro advan
tage t5 tho Government than to the Esqui
maux B6 in tho other Departments Tho
Secretaries estimato for theso excrescences
and Congress has so far voted tho monoy
for thorn But really we might as well keep
up tho army of a million of men as in
18G5 as kcep up this extravagant force of
civilians Any attompt to mako n change
however small meets opposition first from
tho Secretaries and then from a Republican
Senate This is tho history of tho las four
of fivo years
Tiere is doubt of tho justness nnd even
of the exact regularity of tho finding by
which wo nro mado to pny 5800000 to
Great Britain on account of tho Dominion
fisheries but all will bo glad tbat tho money
is paid and tho treaty stipulations thus en
tirely carried out on our part It will bo
the duty of tho Administration nnd of Con
gress to sco that uo such extravagant obli
gations nro again incurred Aldiov
Homo mado Baptism
Professor Edward Foutaino who is now
in Kcidsvillc onco baptized a negro Mark
DavisVtho slnvo of n nephew of Jeff Daws
at Canton Miss Mark had killed a man
whilo possum hunting nnd tbu Sunday pre
vious to his oxecusion for tho crimo ho
ceremony of baptism took placo Ho pre
ferred to bo dipped liko tho Other negroes
Tha jailer and Mr Foutaino quietly took
him down to tho creek at Canton but the
thing had got wind and a great crowd was
on tho banks and among them was a band
of fifty Choctaw Indians The creok not
fnr from tho bank was somo fifteen feet
deep After Mark had been dipped Dr
Fontaino mado tbo cross of Christ on his
forehead nnd just thon kerdlp caino a
sound and a Choctaw had taken a running
leap and plunged head under into the deep
est of tho stienm
As ho aroso ho mado acros on his face
and said with a grunt fells gono1 Dr
Fontaine had dolivcrcd an affecting sermon
on tho bank qf tho creek and this Indian
hnd understood it Ho bftptizcdhimclf
They all shook hands and the Indian turned
o his tribo a converted man lUUUvllU
AT C Times
A meeting of ton weeks continuance In
tho first Baptist church in Owonsboro is
still Bprogragft with over two hundred nnd
fifty conversions Two hundred havo been
added 0 the Baptist Ouauboro
Ciins YouMt Archlble Steen and
farralnJr ftgttior near Lebanon Ckin had
a 4HHiitSrstaKdlnK m teon and Ms son
bftfet YfHitnf with thi uiiilbtj wh felM
A 1
Yowia wifrUofcttghMr feMM io his res
cm a4 b Mm Af A farm Imnd
caitMjttM of tU aj ilw
rt U
Tho Monkoy nnd Whiskoy
Dr Guthrie tcllf tho following nuccdoto
of a monkey
Jack ns ho was called seeing his mas
ter and somo of his friends drinking with
Itnllativo faculty for which nil monkoys nro
remarkable got hold of n glass half full of
whiskey nnd drank it off Of course it Dew
to his hehd nnd very soon Jack was
drunk Next day when they wished for a
repetition of tho performance ho was no
where to be seen At last bo was found
curled up in a corner of his box At his
masters call he reluctantly came out but
ono hand applied to his head signified very
plainly that ho wns ill that Jock had got
a headache So they left him for n few
days to recover Then supposing him to
bo well again they called him to join them
in another jovial party expecting to have
l aro fun vlth him But he eyed the
glasses with evident drend nnd whon his
mnscr tried to induce him to drink ho was
upon tho house top in a moment They
called him to come down but ho refused
His master shook1 a whip at him but it hnd
no effect A gun was then pointed nt him
he got behind a stack of chimneys At
length in fonr of being dragged from his
refuge he actually descended tho chimney
risking n scorching rather than be made to
drink Jack livtd tnclvo years nftcr
but his rcpugnanco to whiskey remained ns
strong as over whilo his master became its
victim I
A Twenty Inch Oak Cut Down by Bullets
The Abbeville 8 C Press and Banner
in noticing Gen McGownns report of tho
battles pf the Wilderness and Spottsyhn
nia Court houso snys
Wo aro Informed that tho stump of tho
trco cut down by myriads of musket balls
referred to by Gen McGownn has been up
rooted removed to Washington and is now
on exhibition thcro nt the War Department
It was displayed at the Centennial Exhibi
tion at Philadelphia as n remarkable evi
dence of bravery nnd endurance of soldiers
in bnttlo It certainly oflbrds tho highest
evidence passible of tho intensity nnd du
ration of a musketry fire and of tho devo
tion of the soldiers uho could stand such a
fire But it must not bo forgotten that it
noti the Federals but tho Confederate
soldienirwho received -that jiie Ihoiktreo
stood within thoBJSody Anglofafow
stops in tho Confederate
trenches am every1 ball which struck i
was iiscuargcu irom n rcuvrn e iiu
passed oer tho bojsin gray nnd struck
the tree in their tear
Col A P Butter now tho honorable Sen
ator from Alton coutrtyftlreirtomriiandingJ
tho First South Carolina Regiment was
very near tho tree witnessed tlic wholo
process of scaling nnd saw it when it
fell upon nnd injured somo of his mqn
Tha diameter of tho trco was measured by
the sword of Gen Wilcox and found to bo
twenty inches Tho incident is perfectly
well Quthenjicjdcd and is certainly ono of
the most interesting in tho nnnals of war
A Horrible Disaster
Tho ocean steamer Pommerania was run
into on the night of the 21th by tho Noel
Eilian off Folkorstoti and sunk Fifty six
persons wero drowned
Capt Schwcn7en lost on his one hun
dred and twenty sixth voyago Ho stood nt
his post giving orders keeping order as far
as it was possiblo for him to dp saving oth
ers but lost his own life Ono Kindred and
sevonty six passengers pcro saved- Tho
Pommerania sunk in twenty minutes nflor
alio wus struck After all tho boats had
been lowered and filled still thero were n
gi eat number of passengors hovering nround
tho Captain and crying for help Ha could
not rolido thorn ho would not forsako nor
desert them and they all vcut down to
getbor Oud of tho boats nfter lowered ami
filled sunk A deuso fog was tho causo of
tho disaster
Bring My Horse Plenso
A good auccdota is related of a man who
went by the nnmo of Whispering John
which was given in ridicule Pcoplo said
he talked as though he was brought up in
a mill
One morning ho walked into a public
house and called Out in his thundering
Good morning landlord how arc you
Very well how nro you
Oh Im very well but Im cold I can
hardly talk
Just then a nervous traveler whowas
present ran up to tho landlord exclaiming
Plcnsa havo mjforae brought ras soon
as possiblo
Why whats tho matter asked thp
Nothing ropliod tho traveler only I
want to get away beforo that man thaws
A young man at Uyo Beach while smok
ing a cigarn few days ago had great diffi
culty In making It burn After ho had
been trying it for soma time he toro it to
pieces IiiBdo tha wrapper he found u two
calibro pistol cartridge The bullet was
pointed toward tho mouth end of tha cigar
Had ho been successful In making tho clgur
burn but a few moments longer nn explo
sion would havo occurred as the cartridge
was nhcady hcatod
Wo learn from tbo St LouU Ilcpubllcnn
that Pan Itlcos famous show horse Excel
sior died in that placo On tho 17th instant
In tha 3Gth year of lU ago Excelsior has
been in all of the principal owns in the
United fctates
The Vedy snMckere kHvfa U4h 11 tta
dd whlteajt thy cetd fcJ ivd
eMimwed on ho hmm TsVoy Uan
this rM t VewtM eole
li KtJjvllt iiUthc mi the IHtli
Cats and Clover
Many of our readers moy havo seen a
quotntlon from Darwin which has been
widely published 1 furring tn a connection
between the domestication of the cat nnd
tho nmount of tho clover crop Tho torn
moil red clover is visited and fertilized only
by humble bcc3 the proboscis of tho honey
bco not being long enough torenrh tho ncc
tar Tho number of humble bees In any
district depends sn s Darwin In a great
measure on tho number of field mite which
destroy the combs nnd nests of tho hnmblo
bees The number of field mice is again
largely dependent on thnt of cats nnd tho
nests of humble bees iro therefore espe
cially abundant near towns nnd villages
where cats abound Hence it inny bo said
that to our domestication of the cat is due
to a great extent tbo possibility of largo
clover crops
This is very curious nnd interesting if
true but n Scotch correspondent of tho
London Agricultural Gnzctto is disposed to
question it He says
Wo sometimes find tho gravest authors
napping Humble bees nro snid to abound
most whero field mico can not get at their
nests Now humble bees liko Dandy Din
mont dogs will attack any living creature
with a hairy skin and woo to man or boy
much more to any mouse that would at
tempt to harry tho nest or biko of such
a well armed colony for they will fellow n
person a long way and sting him in the
eye if they can and if prevented in thnt
will sting tho head or neck It was alwajs
reputed in Aberdeenshire that tho black
bumble bees droe the mice from their snug
quarters in the dry earth bank and without
labor took possession being well nble to
maintain their claim against any nmountof
mice for the mouso quick at hearing would
clearly understand tho note thnt bees strike
up when they aro about to sing
One can not help feeling sorry to sco such
twaddle as this talc of tho clover and tho
cat introduced like chaff among the grains
of good corn for Darwin has dono every
gardener good service by his pnticnt watch
fulness of tho habits of plants particularly
tho orchard family
AroWagosToo Lov
The wages ofnechanics mid laborers
have fallen since tho war to nboul two thirds
or one half of what they wero from 18CI to
ItiCC and tho salaries of clerks and persons
GDjng similar positions have falleri very lit
tle perhaps twenty five per cent will poVor
tho reductlori The rent auo rjf many de
scriptions of property has fallen from fifty
to seyenty fivo per cent from war price
Theso arc facts which almosfevcry one rec
ognizes arid knows o be truo nnd thero is
a very general complaint of laird times ns
one of the results of this full In prices
Tho other sido of the question is very rarely
considered The present value of money
ns compared With that which circulated in
18G4 is not thought of Tho purchasing
power of ten dollars now is equal to that of
fifty dollars in 180 1 This assertion will in
nil probability bo denied at onco by thoso
who havo not examined into tho facts -and
these c propose to submit in tho following
table showing tho prices I8GI and 1878
Tho list is varied nnd include a sufficient
number of article of general use to repre
sent pretty accurately tlib average prices of
the present time -
1804 1878
Crusbcdstigar 20 10
Cuba sugar - 21 08
Xew Orleans molassoi gal 1 35 40
Coffee lb
Cotton lb
4i 20
1 50 12
Pork barrel 45 00 9 00
Gold 2 50 1 00K
Prints r 40 00
Uclnines 40 10
Gliighains 40 OS
Checks It 55 18
licit ticking- 75 25
Iialiaoral ikirtl 5 00 150
llronn drills 50 12
Canton flannels 05 08
llleachcd Muslins 65 12
Drown musllm M 08
Taking this list os a basis wo find hat
ii 15 will purchase as much now as 6027
did in 1BG1 Persons who aro out of debt
aro belter off to day than thuy hno been ut
any time within tho last twenty years
Whilo their incomes may bo reduced tho
purchasing power of thnt incomo has in
creased Bbout four hundred per cent Tho
same is truo in regard to wages and salaries
Tha laborer who earns one dollar per day
in 1878 is doing quite as well us the man
who earned two dollars per day in 1K64
John and Anthony Hichor also Christo
pher Post weio killed while tunneling un
der a strcot in Maheno City Pennsylvania
on the 25 ult Ly the dirt falling in
Jacob DeWitt it road supervisor was
fatally shot by his neighbor Ingalls near
Columbus Ohio on the 17th while in a dis
pute about some road tax
Tko FulrvJow New Jersey masked bur
glars wero sentenced to ton jeurs Impris
onment on tho 18th iiiPtunt
It E Snodgrass killed Jnmcs L Bcthur
am in Iluckcastlu county thu 3d Instant
J J Thompson is alsu Under arrest for bo
ing nn accomplice
Tho Trigg County Democrat snjs thero
bio bovovty two men In that county who
would like to represent the dent people to
tho Lpglslaturo
There are one kuHdied nnd fifty farms
in Trigg county advortUod for salo by the
khorlfl to PJf taxes
frwiyu i ii T
A cko3l tv in MihIIcoih illo threw a
rock UHHtfk rk window of a jih fain
of cum am qui a vpry were nmIi oh tt
ltcdf n ottl gra hnind gentleman
food Manners
Good manners nrc one thing and painted
checks nnotlur nnd yet they arc very raach
nliko in Rome respects Painted cheeks
ore only to bo seen In company they are
not for every tiny uie nbrfor ovcry day
people but for special occasions jnst so
with some peoplos good manners they are
only for company and to bo nscd In com
pnny As for home folks pa and ma
brothers nnd slaters they never exhibit any
good manners nn some of our parents
dont know that wo have any I met a young
Indy some time ago on the street her
checks were bcnutifully red nnd rosy the
light In her mild blue eyes was ns soft
nnd plcacnnt ns tho twilight her v6c was
low sweet and mellow and her air and
manner of address were so utttactho that
we could but uotico nndndmlro her Sho
had such a pleasant smilo for everyone sho
met and especially tho young gentlemen
We happened to bo at her fathers house
when she returned home but oh how
chnnged she wns Just ns she entered the
door her littlo brother came to her for some
assistance nbntit his hall O go away
from hero Johnny and let mo nlonc I dont
enro to wait on brats In a few moments
her mother worn out with tho toll and anx
iety of nursing n sick baby said to her
good manncredly My daughter please
set tho table O pshaw I mother I am
so tired I cant I despise to set the table
unywny Bat she moped off in n sulky
mouthing way and pitched the knives and
forks around to their plnccs That young
girls good manners were like her painted
checks all put on there was nothing nat
ural about it In order to bo amjablo
abroad bo amiable nt home A cultivated
young lady treats her mother with more
considcation than anylmdy in the world
she has just as many smiles and pleasant
words for her ns for anybody j she has just
as many pleasant words for her brothers as
anjbody else and more for she loves them
better A cultivated sister is ns careful of
her language her manners aid her per
sonal nppearance in the presence of her
brothers us in tho presence of any young
man nnd as a natural consequence they
love her with all of their hearts If yon
have u smile or a kind word to use any
where in the world use them ot homo
Nothing on earth gladdens a fnthcrs heart
liko the sweet disposition of his daughter
who has n kind word and n smile for all
around tho family circle
Naughty Papa
About noon lately n portly dignified gen
tlemen chanced to meet his daughter with
a handsome stylish littlo miss wearing a
jaunty velvet hat nnd with herhair rolled
up in the shape of a Vienna bun saunter
ing down Vine street under tho escort of a
young man dressed with excruciating ni
pulousness nnd exceeding taste The old
gentleman stopped his his daughter and
without noticing tho confusion thelrnieet
ng threw hdr iwto commenced to talk about
the wcatWr her shopping etc She lis
tened dutifully a incment or two and then
remarked referring to her escort Papn
this is Mr Papa however paid no
attention to the young man but kept on
tajlftng Again she said Papa you didnt
hwir mo this is Mr
T Yes yes my girl I heard you said
tho old gcntlemon with nn impatient wave
of tho hand I heard you and I Uon t caro
to knowMr
Tho immediate departure of that youn
man in a very shrunken up condition was
of tho funniest sights of the day
Ono of the colored gentlemen working
in tho hew well met with nn accident a
few days ago which well nigh blew him
dtrnight into glory A blnbt in the well
not going off nt the proper time ho con
cluded to go down nnd investigate the
whys nnd wherefores of the case When
about five or six feet from bo top the blast
concluded to come up and como it did
with nn explosiou which wmnded to his
astonished ears liko that of a young can
non Ho wns hnuledup and immediately
sprend himself upon the ground to await
tho visitation of the nngel of death As it
didnt come quick enough to suit him
hoivevcr ho got up nnd went to work Tho
rear pnrt of his pantaloons were soundly
peppered with tho escaping rocks none of
which were of sue sufficient to do him se
rious injury GlanQoxo Times
One of our exchanges who is a closo ob
server says he hns seen ladies who were
too nervous to rido horseback for fear tha
horso would full down or runaway with
them j they could not walk for fear adog
might run against them or ft mouse wight
run ncrots the road just beforo them and
thoy would havo to faint and they nro too
nervous to sail for fear tho boat might cup
sixe but has tho first lady to see yet who
was too nervous to mnrry
Tho prettiest girl in Wheatland uses
paint If sho only knew liow uirty anu
sallow It iflukes tho back of her neck look
to Ihotnnnwho sits Immediately behind her
In church sho would quit it The line of
demarcation between tho lily whlto induced
bycrcmo d lis is painfully evident It
dont look well to sco a girl all rosy and
bcadtifnl in front and all sallow and
frockolcd behind Wheatland Jlecordtr
D C Saltier a leading GcrtnBiiBier
chant nt St Paul suicided on tho morning
of the 28th ult by throwing himself Into
the Mississippi river from thq bridge
Tho Trigg Democrat came to hand last
week It is a good ifewsy jniper tdited
and published oyJ II Wilkinson at Cadlx
Trigg county Kentucky
What ftihTyou sister Thorisa Why
are you thus wild with woe ho asked with
deepest anxiety---Extract fivm iorfSha
mado no reply out poinieu aiieuuy iu
bnskntfnl of watermelon rinds under the
kitchen table Tho conundrum was an
Somo of our eastern exchanges are earn
estly discussing the New York police m
to whelke r tWy Umtb Wains In their Wk
or not After a tkifiwtfk vtHtitfmtf U
waller tbokaif dHU4 tkf kav net
JUt UllJSl I hi
PilP fewl tW wmitMki wi
tViftt krd okes from tMse mhm

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