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Bkisckisnkidge News
ruei ihmkk AND ruorRHTon
Cloveipoit Kentucky
Ieryear lftO
li months 75
three months 50
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Ntws All communications on Business
address to J D Habdaqe
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bjr request withhold the name from the
Tho following is a complete text of the
Thanksgiving Sermon preached bytho llcv
J 1 Worrall Presbyterian lit the union
services at tho Eim strcct Methodist
pal Church South last Thursday nt eleven
Text Righteousness exalteth a nation
Trovtrbi xiv34
Tho return of tho National Day of
Thanksgiving when wo are called nway
from tho dally avocations of life to wor
ship Almighty God for tho blessings of an
other year is a fit occasion not only for
recalling tho blessings of tho past year but
when there nro indications of national de
moralization of wandering from tho found
ation principles of our national independ
ence and prosperity and especially when
thcro aro manifest evidences of Gods dis
pleasuro with us in His Providences it
were Indeed n fit timo for the study of
thoso great truths which God himself has
proclaimed to be essential to tho stability
and perpetuity of u nations life Sinco
nations receivo their punishment in this
world It would bo well for us to day to loam
n lesson from the events of tho psst twenty
years Tlje civil war tho greatest curse of
tho nation carrying with it n train of sor
row and suQering tho great commercial
depression which followed with tho cry for
bread fiom many starving mouths the de
vouring flames that havo isited tho business
centers destroying millions of dollars worth
of property tho plague of tho grasshoppers
laying waste thousands of acres of tho
richest land in tho country tho uprising of
tho Communistic element like tho belching
forth of n volcuno tho threatening anar
chy and ruin and latest of nil tho torriblo
pestilence that has destroyed so many lives
and blighted so many happy homes among
our Southern brethren all these events in
dicating Gods displeasure with us as a
nation would call upon us to remember
that wo have forsaken tho purity and up
rightness of our early history nnd have-
forsaken tho God of our fathers Wei
may the words of this Scripture demand
our serious thought to day Righteous
ness esalleth a nation
Perhaps thero is no truth more obvious
than that ktatcd in the text Yet how fre
quently u it forgotten especially in times
of prosperity or cf great excitement Pros
perity has often proved more dangerous to
indiudunls and families than adversity
Upon nations its cflects are even worse than
upon indiudunls Tho people become sel
fish luxurious careleis of their own inter
ests and consequently tho high mornl stand
ard which existed in times of difficulty and
struggle is lowered so that corrupt men can
easily obtain high places and cat out the
ery lifo of the nation
Moses tho great lender of Israel know
ing this fact in his last address to his peo
ple soil Whon thou hast eaten and nrt
full then slink thou blow tho Lord thy God
for tho good land which ho hath given thee
Beware that thou forget not tho Lord thy
God in not keeping his commandments
und his judgments and his statutes which
I command theo this day lest when thou
hnst cutcn and art full and hast built goodly
lioaies and dwelt therein nnd when thy
herds and thy flocks multiply nnd thy sil
ver and thy gold is multiplied and nil that
thou hast is multiplied then thine heart be
lifted up nnd thou forget tho Lord thy Gpd
And what was tho result They did not
heed tho warning of this holy man When
prosperity camo they forgot God and turn
ing awny worshipped idols nnd nil thoabom
nations of tho heuthon for which reason
God gave them up to tho just consequen
ces of their own sins And so I fear wehavo
forgotten or tiro fast forgetting the God of
our fathers It is tho glory of our country
that it wns to bo a homo for tho oppressed
and persecuted of other lands especially
thoso that wcro persecuted forrightcousuess
xakc Our nativo country was founded up
on the prayers of those who cume seeking
religions liberty with tho Bible ns the great
guide Tho Pilgrim Fathers kneeled upon
tho shorn first of nil to thank God for this
homo where liberty reigned Andwhilonll
arc permitted to worship God according to
their own ideas or not to worship him at all
yet this litis been disliuctholy a Christian
Righteousness Is conformity to Gods
law springing from faith in tho gospel
Paul calls It Obedioneo to tho faith It
Is absolutely impossible that n high standard
of morali either individual or natlounl
should bo maintained without tho doctrines
of Christianity Tbisi needs no further
proof than tho fucU of history reveal No
heathen nation even tho most enlightened
of them over attained to what could bo
called u high moral sentiment
Tho groittcst statesmen havo always ac
knowledged this truth In tho exclamation
that is over repeuted withprido in connec
tion with the name of Kentuckys greatest
Btatcmun I hnd rather bo right than
President this prlnclplo is oxprcssed
A distinguished man almort an infidel in
belief once innda tho remark If I were
tho greatest monarch -of tho world I would
euforca the religlou of the Uiblo by law und
tbo sword so essential do I deem its princi
M t t
MW - -
ples to stability of government ltlght
eousucss promotes wiso legislation A
righteous man will not bo guided by selfish
motives in tho administration of the power
intrusted to him but taking a higher and
broader view of things ho would so direct
that all tho best interests of his country nnd
the world might bo advanced ho rules as
one who must answer for his acts to Him
that is higher nnd greater and mightier than
all tho kings and potentates of this world
In a republican government legislation
can never rise higher than public sentiment
That public sentiment in our country to
day is very low who enn deny All higher
princlploscems to bo sunk In pnrty Intcrcats
Tho decay of it nations murals is so grad
ual that even by tho mass of intelligent
men it is unpcrccivcd Emphatically is this
tho caso in an ago of great excitement liko
tho present Men mny bo everywhere tnlk
Ing of moral reform when corruption is
undermining tho foundations of society
Vhllo they proposo to remedy certain plain
evils they do not see that tho principles nt
tho bottom are wrong nnd that theso being
set right tho greater wrongs will right them
An eminent divine says Every nntion
ruined by internal discord probably passes
through three stages
First Tho Patriotic When engaged in
laying tho foundations of its government
nnd struggling up through difficulties it se
lects men of tried integrity and sound wis
dom to fill important offices
Second Tho Ambitious Stage Whon
the nation has taken its place nmongst tho
kingdoms of the earth pcaco and prosperity
reigns and as thero is no danger from with
out tho pcoplo aro less enreful to chooso tho
best men for rulers nnd men of ambition
fill tho highest offices still public sentiment
demands some evidence of patriotism and
integrity from those who would seek honors
at tho hands of tho people
Third The Venal Stage When the na
tion has become wealthy and corrupt men
soek office not for the honor it confers
much less that they mny bo useful to their
country but that they may make motioy
votes can bo bought nnd sold ns commonly
as wheat and corn nnd those who buy their
election expect to get their money bnck
with interest while enjoying tho emoluments
of the office Thon comes bribery with all
its demoralizing influence men cease to
have confidenco in rulers nnd judges aud
are soon prepared for any thing This last
state mny occur when thcro aro enough
righteous men in tho nation to resist tho
tido of corruption if only their influence
were properly directed
Is it not clearly evident that we ore in
this last state A distinguished jurist
mado tho remark beforo tho war that in
less than twenty years destruction would
overtake this country unless some great re
form should bo brought about And has
tho war brought this reform Far from it
Many of the greatest scholars the most
cautious far sighted and coolest heads of
the tuition arc fast losing confidenco In re
publican forms of governmont And tho
number of those who believe this is rapidly
Let me ask hero then in view of theso
facts what is the duty of tho Christians of
the land to tho Stato nnd nntion Wc have
not yet fallen to tho wretched and lost con
dition of Sodom at tho time it was de
stroyed But the public sentiment of our
peoplo is certainly very much lower than it
was ono hundred years ago Many good
peoplo however think that God has raised
up this nation for some great purpose and
because we have dono so much in the inter
ests of liberty and to send the gospel into
various parts of tho world that ho will not
allow us to bo destroyed But let us not
deceive ourseUes
Tho Israelitish nation was raised up for a
vcrygreat purpose that they might be tho
depositories of Gods truth that thoy might
bo tho instruments of scattering abroad tho
seeds of this truth to theblesting of all the
nations of the earth Yet though God cur
ried out his purpose in them when they
sinned nnd turned nwny from Him he gave
them up to their sius to captivity and
though theysnid thoy had Abraham to their
father though they wcro tho covenant peo
ple Ho has scattered them to the ends of
the earth and taken from them the glorious
privilego they enjoyed
And so It may bo with us God will ac
complish his righteous purpose with us but
this wjll not save us from destruction if wo
fail to honor him
Lot every Christian man then do his du
ty Do not bo so much Sunday Christ
inns Christianity is meant for tho homo
circle for socinl business and political lifo
as well ns for tho Sabbath day It is meant
for tho interests of tho State as well as for
Individuals and families I would not bo
understood as udvocatiug tho union of
Church nnd State But I urgo that men
Christian men should carry their personal
Christianity with them to tho poles to the
convention into ull their patriotic nets
Religion as nn element of politics or patri
otism can nqt bo left out without injury to
tho State But on tho other hand politics
especially party opinions should never be
carried into reltiion
Let us look briefly at somo of tho causes
which havo brought ubout this narionaf
demoralization that wo may bo better nblo
to intelligently meet und counteract tbeso
First This is n fast ngo we live in An
uge of great progress Men supposo that
human naturo is progressive Mans abil
ity is exalted Tho old doctrine of total
depravity has becomo obsolete or unpopu
lar Rationalistic ideas havo tnkon a great
hold upnp tho minds of oven many good
pcoplo Other foreign and practically
Atheistic doctrines havo pervaded the re
ligious atmosphere So that men havo
gotten to think that thoy can now do well
enough without the Biblo and tbo Subbath
day Wo havo not tlino to study the one or
rest on tho other Prayer Is consldcud nn
empty form good only to occupy children
nnd old women perhaps having soma
moral effect upon them Men do not havo
any further uo for thoso doctrines that
woro ouco hold in such sacred regard
Second Wealth is tho great god of tbo
mass of tho poople Tho prospect of
accumulating riches rapidly has tempted
many to extravagant speculations and tho
danger of losing it still more quickly bus
riN N Ifggilifr
HMBrTTTTTTi I 111 I rrmmmm iftfWiniWW
tempted them to immoral methods of hold
ing it Tho demoralizing effects of such
ncourso cannot bo calculok d
Third Wo have fulled to profit by tho
sad lessons of our civil war It Is tho
greatest curso that can be sent upon a na
tion God sent It To somo great puposc
Wo havo not profited by iho history of
Gods dealings with other nations nnd now
ho would scourgo us that wo may pauso and
repenting of our Bins return to him Such
a visitation of Gods wrath will make us
either better or worse Which has been tho
result In this case Let ovcry man answer
for himself
Fourth Political parties havo been
nearly equal Tho one party trying to hold
the ascendency or the other to regain it
havo used all kinds of means both fnlr and
foul Passion nnd prcjudico havo so con
trolled the masses nnd also n very large
proportion of tho moro Intelligent and influ
ential men that they will not hear hut ono
side of tho question Men of all parties
can sco no wrong in their own party whilo
they can seo no right in tho opposition
Public speakers do not hesitate to vilify
their opponents und mnko statement after
statement that they know to bo false and
tho people know it nnd yet they aro re
ceived with tho greatest enthusiasm Not
withstanding this there was and is enough
religion to snvo tho country if it wcro not
merged in party politics As Christians
havo given theirinflnence to put honorupon
incompetent und bud men u have they
thus given to those men an influence still
further to corrupt tho morals of tho country
I know of nn instance in our State where
two men wero candidates for tho legislature
ono was known to all that country as a man
of sterling integrity a man of eminent piety
beloved by all who know him always ready
to help nny in distress and continually
called upon in such cases nnd besides all
this possessing many qualifications for tho
honorable position His opponent had no
such reputation Moreover he was known
to bo in favor of the repeal of the local
option law then in forco in that district
and which had brought untold blessings to
tho pcoplo nnd yot I know men Christian
men who not only knew nnd acknowledged
the superiority of the former biit were in
debted to him for much of their own suc
cess and comfort whom ho had served in
ways that no other mnn could or would
have served them and had they voted for
tho latter man simply because ho belonged
to their political party When nuoh princi
ples control the best men of our land is it
surprising hot we arelo dny in such a end
state Young men sec that statesmanship
is no qualification fur distinguished po
tions and virtue n hindinnce
Surely good men havo forgotten that
when tho righteous nro in authority tho
people rejoice but whon tho wicked bear
rule tho pcoplo mourn
Fifth One of tho most potent influen
ces for injuring tho moiaU of the country
is tho secular press Tho public sentiment
of the nation is very much moulded by
what is contained in the newspapers of the
land A largo proportion of theso papers
aro under the control of men who are
tically infidel Theycare nothing for mor
als and less for religion They nro ready
to do any thing to advance their own bol
fish cuds The lute Presidential campaign
is clear evidence that they havo no regard
for the truth Nor do they havo nny regard
for tho Sabbath day which is not only a
holy day but as n day of rest is necessary
to the well being and continuance of the
best interests of tho people The Sabbath
edition of theso papers moreover is full
of the demoralizing stories tho most
wicked of the week and not only this bat
special Sabbath papers aro published
filled to overflowing with local news lo
cal burlesques discussions of matters of
local interests society gossip spicy para
graphs locnl politics sketches stories
poems matters personal and general etc
but not ono word in tho Interests of religion
or tho cause of Him who gavo his lifo for
tho salvation of mankind
But space will rot permit my following
the subject to any greater length I merely
suggest theso thoughts which I trust may
meet the approval of all who seek the truth
and have the truo intercstsof our country
at heart
But let mo nsk whero is our hopo in this
crisis Can we expect reform in tho high
positions of tho land It does notcorao
In this way It begins among tho pcoplo
It is to our young men nnd young women
wo look as tho hope of tho nntion When
less time is spent in dress and tho outward
adornments of the body and moro is given
to beautifying tho higher nature when less
attention is given to teaching children how
to glide gracefully over tho floor to tho
sound of sweet music nnd to put on all
thoso other arts that flatter and pleaso
whilo they do not satisfy and moro is given
to tho cultivation of tho graces of tho heart
and the head when tho youth of tho land
are taught that righteousness exalts men
and nations nnd that this Is tho truo glory
of manhood and womanhood then may wo
indeed look for genuine nnd permanent re
Demooratlo State Convention
At u mooting of the Kentucky Demo
cratic Central Committee and tho State
Executive Committco hold in the city of
Loulsvillo November 8 the following res
olutions wero unanimously adopted
llesoked That a convention of the
Democratic party of Kentucky is called to
meet on Thursday tho first day of May
1879 at 12 oolock intbo city of Louis
ville for tho purpoHO of nominating candi
dates for Stato officers to bo voted for At
the next August olectlon and performing
such other duties as tho interest ot the
party mny require Tho County Commit
tees nro urged to call their meetings of tho
Democratic poplo of their several counties
to appoint delegates to said convention
and in order to insure n full attendance
they nro requested to appoint ono delegate
for every ono hundred voteJ and ono for
every fraction over fifty votes cast for tho
Tildon and HondricKs Electors nt tho Inst
Picsdentlnl olectlon
Jtesolved That thn Democratic papers
in Kentucky bo roquosted tetpublisb the
foregoing resolutions
T L uuuKTT Chairman
T L JtrrewtOH Secretary
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