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DKLXKliHKllHlb INbVVb Rvrur kno thlx nnd ho Is ono of tluit
- - -
SLKDcn In ihocowaE of upT cll
KisslKO i lip alc for Iirnrlnchq
1 iib sneer in the argument of n fool
JifCitoCicETrt aro Crop handed people
tir U novor securely nulled unless it
Is cliuchctl
- L J i
Irls much cmlor for tlie mot of ua to
tJlisrarL n sun than a dutr
- - - -
V TaUST Btul tnct ninko a npiiukiiij Rood
ileum wncu mcy pun luuvuicr
Tun only men in the wnrld whoie educa
tion is finUhed aro tho dead mm
Locus of Illinois when lie speaks tues
the scalplng knifenn the English language
V niter knew a man wbo was not con
tented with his lot until he was buried hi
Tin measurement of the understanding
of the sngo and the fool is identical two
Selfishness i the republican and sm
jahy the democrat in the politics of
nmu nature
i m - -
WiiATruu crime you may prove against
n jhoetnakcr he will protest his innocence
to the lwt
TntM talk about the old ticket is but
the chattering of the Kugjiah tparrows of
d tnocrauy
It in not every scamp that is open to
conviction who ib convicted as the court
records nil show
Vine writing is the sparkle of tho wave
I tit deep thought is the still water whero
the fishes dwell
Hvrnv married man should join the so
ciety of his wife anl children and hold his
lodge meetings at home
IV is a uitv the tate can not get rid of
the petit jury system as easily as she did
of her pardoning governor
The rcamu why ihckey to
P c bait never been found is
was dropped ir Symmes Hole
tho North
because it
Pomoamy pliy tlio deuce with gram
mar Out in Uuh for instance they tell
rngulnr stone about plural wives
TCncncycn yuu come across h town with
filing- ttrectB and alleji you lau safely
lt that it owrs a thriving graveyard
it I le Louisville Commercial really de-
mis to be perfectly fair to Governor elect
Kuitl lit it ctuso to mircpriscnt him
11 i i i j
W iVnuld never succeed as the principal
rf a fcmiilc tichool for wo would rallur
muma dozen trains thsu undertake to train
on nnsj
Tun emscr will not make much bend
way in the churches so long u so few
rotmlcrs enleitain religious scruples
amist secular drhnm
The colored republican paper at Lex
ingon formallr reads the lvhitc ropubh
catiH ot the statu out of tho party becauic
tuy refused to vole for Asbury
Govlhvok hhOTT was formally tn augur
it d at lrankfort jcslerdav with
irutic pomp and ceremony
iovirnor Blackburns pompous ideas
Tub convention of deaf mutes now in
scaion in New York tramacti its busings
i i such quiet and orderly fashion as to re
mind one of a Kentucky democratic Mate
c invention
Tin Elkton Register hopes that Mr
Knotts administration will be a helping
f the peoptu of the state but confesses
that it ran not give a reason for its hopes
Jt if fimply unacquainted with Governor
Tuj Madisonvillo Times has ditcovcred
thai it is tho hopelebsly republican ktnte
dt tue northwest that are being devastated
by toinadoen storms and cyclones Hav
in fc n ibo winds of republicanism they
rre now reaping the whirlwinds of heav
ens wrath
The Intorior Journal saysColonul Grove
Knredy msy cave attended tho ball given
to Governor Blackburn at Crab Orchard
but that Msjor Abo Ferguson and Captain
Clarence Rutherford were unavoidably ob
Mint Then it was a Bocicly eveut that
lacked its cremc
niiAMO Busam is tho namo of a
Frenchman who visited Niagara Fulls the
other day to swim the rapids When ho
n w them however bo weakened He had
probably neglected to imbibe balsam of
c rn in quantity sufficcnt to make hiru hi
Uncus enough for the job
McLean of tho Cincinnati Enquirer
who sets himself up as the Boss Kelly of
lis city hs about succeeded in splitting
the deraocraty of Hamilton county wide
open and paved tho way o an easy re
publican victory in Hamilton county und
perhaps in the slute next month Ho
mould be fired from the party anil in a
hurry too Bostiira is loo foul a weed to
be permitted to grow in democratic soil
Tho reason tliit impelled our worthy
tnd philanthropic governor to pardon
jrove Kennedy the proewonul murder
er namely that confinement in tho peni
tentiary was Inimiral to his healih leads
us to proffer the following modest tugges
tinn to the on coming legislature
It is clearly the duty of iho slate to take
ail uocesiary alOpH to snore salubrious
quarters and healhul recreation la ill
convicts This thing of confining them In
a stone pen all lay ono compelling innin
to labor from dawn to dark alter which
they arc bundled off and into nnrrow cells
bo littlo longtr and scarcely lorn com
forlttblo tbao graves is clearly subversive
ofthn provisions of the constitution of man
mdthc sUtutcsof recreation and
r h ihjfrffe tf nt -1
furl of men who hIiimi tbi y know a thing
Uin it like tlio fellow beat tntibatk Uown
in Tennessee Grnio Keuutdy is only a
ipso in point nn illustration of our theory
as it were When he entered tho gates of
the state bastile at Frankfort ho was as ro
bustious ft specimen of the genus homo ns
ever made a living nt slaughtering his fel
tow citizens or holding a jug to bis lips
until the gurgling teased Ho could kill u
man or drink n gliiss of whisky with equal
celerity and sntjsfuctian Full of health
in the prime of health nt the meridian of
manlv bonuly and physical development
he was u daisy among convicts Now
mark the sequel Confinement has un
dermined tho health of this interesting nnd
nciomplishcd man exterminator to such
degree that wero ho to be kept in prison
for thirty or forty years death would sure
ly result
This state of things went counter to the
philnnthropic insliuctsand impulses of our
worthy px govcrnor He couldnt stand idly
bynnd seoa fcjlow nian perish thus at the
rate of the thousandth part of an inch n
year through cruelly of the state and not
prescribe a pardon to save him Therefore
ho turned him loose in order lhat he mny
reeuperatu his failing health Of course u
venal press and an unhealthy or superficial
public sentiment will condemn him for
ibis clemency Hut condemnation of our
worthy exgovernor does not remedymnllcrs
after thecogu door is bpened and the bird
has flown Then where for the proper
remedy This
Let the stato provide for the proper enre
of thu bodies nnd minds of the convicts
Instead of confining them between four
wails and in narrow dark nnd stifling cells
let it provide n retreat where salubrity
shall bo tho first consideration This
premise we hope no one will have the tem
erity to dispute Indeed we see no room
for disputation Such being the case we
submit our proposition without further pre
lude It is this
Let the stato buy the Crab Orchard or
Grayson Springs and there quarter the
convicts where they can fill their lungs
with Leavens purest air and their stomachi
villi medicinal waters Provide them
nitb the best and daintiest of food and po
lite and attentive servants Place the cs
lablishtncnt under charge of some good
natured citizen whose humanity can be
measured by the acre and philanthropy by
the cord such a citizen indeed as otir
worthy exgovernor has proved himself lobe
By the ay that reminds us that that dis
tinguished and tenderhearted ollitial will
be out of employment when the net we
suggest shall be passed and wo have no
doubt Governor Knott on proper repre
HCnintion would promptly and properly
nppoint him as supervisor of the concern
Of loursc now that our suggestion is
made it will not bo expected that wo 6hall
engage in long nnd lnbored arguments to
provo that it is feasible and praiseworthy
The stated fact rarrics with it its own nr
guraentntion It would savo money to the
stato save health to the convicts nnd lur
null congenial and remunerative employ
ment to ono whose like we feel vciy sure
we shall never look upon again in the gu
bernatorial ollico We bop Governor
Knott will call tho attention of iho legisla
ture to this excellent suggestion we hope
the convicts will believe that woHre actuat
td solidy by tho desire to befriend them in
making it arU lastly wo hope that no onn
will hereafter have the temerity to slander
ously charge us with being an enemy to
our griut and good St Luhc
Setrru IkIuiiiIn Itmtroyril tiiKt Jit
vu Overwhelmed mid lluNolntc d by
Vulcuiilc iniiltoiiti 75000 Itvon
London Aug 28 Saturday night the
25th ult nnd next morning volcanic dis
turbances began and continued on tho is
land of Krakatoa in tho strait of Sundn
fifteen miles off the coast of Java The
rumblings were distinctly heard as fur
nay as Surukcrta distant forty five milct
nnd with much more distinctness at Bain
via twenty two milea awoy
Littlo alarm was felt at first but within
a few hours showers of stones began to full
at Jogjakerta Sourabaya and Saraarang
All through the night showers of red hot
rocks and fishes fell making cuniplete
dnrknessin all tlicto towns In Batavin
there wns nn occasional fall nnd it was
difficult lo keep the street lights burning in
tho European quarter By tho next
morning all communication with Anjer
was cut off nil tho bridges having been de
stroyed by tho descending rocks and ushes
und the rond rendered impassable
On Sunday morning tho disturbances
had extended beneath thu waters of tho
strait nnd they wero soon boiling anil binn
ing violently whilo great waves dnshed
upon tho Javaneso shores and tho temper
Btaro of the sea went up nearly twenly de
grees Even as far nwny from tho original
point of dinlurbnnco as Madura more than
600 miles tho furions ffaves wero lashed
into mountains of foam as I hey camo roll
ing in 1 he threatening rumblings grad
ually became mure and more distinct and
by iinon the Mil ha Mcru iho largest of tho
volcanoes of Java was belchinr forth
flumes c an alarming rate This eruption
eonn spread to tho Gunung tho crater of
which is the lurgest in the world beln
nearly four miles in diameter tho Gunung
Guntur nud many other minor mountnine
until moro than n third of tho forty five
craters of Java wero cither in active erup
tion or seriously ibrcaloning it
Just beforo dusk n great luminous clnud
formed over the Gunung Guntur und the
crater of thut volcano began In vomit up
enormous streams of white acid sulphur
ous mnd nnd smaller quantities of lavs
There were rapidly rnuccJing explosions
followed by trcmondoas showers nl cinders
and eiiiTinoiis fragments which wero hurl
ed high into the air and tcatlered in nil di
rrctions to Mil alter tho force wus spent
ppou the valleys below carry uu dsaifc and
destruction With theio icrribl trnpilons
came sympathetic demonstration from tho
jea The overhanging clouds wero so sur
charged with electricity lhat nt one time
more than lifieen hugo wutcrpnui wero
seen These have tnritnuid at nomuwhat
long intervals ovtr wnce Men women
and elilldrfn rushed in ttrrnr from ihnir
toltsrlntr dwelHok ilacej filling the sir
i hi-
wiiu tiii it aiutks nt i rror ittitmrccls
were unable to gel lit bed re the houses
fell nnd wnre buried Icncntli tlio great
nirnsri of rocks nftd mnd which were piled
up wLara a law huuri before all had been
pence happiness nnd fancied security
The Gunung Tcnggcr has lint hnd nit
eruption before since the year 1200 whru
an extent nf land seventeen miles long and
seven broad wns coniplfttlycOvertd with
the whilo sulphurous mud so jieculiaf to
the eruptions of Jutn The peak qf Gutr
ung Tengier W 15000 fee obovo the sen
and the monument of flftlne on lOpof his
made a sccuo of wonderful grandeur
Every moment n huge boulder nt a red or
white heat would bo hurled fromTet2gcrs
crater with terrific force4 and after golny
hundreds of feet into tic ojr would full
back with n whirr crashing through the
tbtlchcd roof of some Chinese fishermans
hut or crushing beneath its huge mats the
bidy of sotno native pcnsnnt Fissure
nficr iWaurn appeared in the sides tif the
mountain and here and there in thu vnl
leys tbrro came grentynwnlng chasms On
the elevnled plains of Kcdiri nnd Bnndang
the showers of stone mud npd Java were
not so frequent an in the lower portions of
tho island but were still destructive
Much of tho northern portion of the Is
land which was covered with tracts of lor
cts was soon in quo grcnt bhizc The
red hot vomitings from the craters had set
the trees on fire and the giants of tbe
woods fell one after nnothcr like bo many
sheaves of wheat before n gale An the
eruptions increased in frequency nnd vio
lence tho disturbance of thn waters sur
rounding tbo barren coast beennio more
and more violent The waves came whelm
ing over n marshy plain along the shore
suddenly eugulfinga hamlet of fishermens
rude house and turning suddenly back
swept nwny almost every vestige of what a
moment before had been x scene of bust
ling activity What a few hours before
wero fertile valley- covered with llouiisli
ing plantations of coffee rice sugar indigo
or tobacco the staples of tho island were
noW but mud stone and lava covered
fields of destruction nnd ruin Probably
not a single crop in Java will be faved
At tbo cntrnnce to Bntnvia was n large
group of bouses oxlending along the chore
and occupied by Chinamen 1 his portion
of the city was entirely swept nwny arid ol
the 25000 Chinese who lived on this
swampy plain it is hardly probable that
more than 6000 managed to save theii
lives They stuck to their homes till the
waves camo tlinl tvasncu itieni away tear
ing the torrents of tbo flame and lavu ol
tlie ttileVior more than tbe torrents of
water Of the 3 500 Europeans and Amer
icans in Batnvia perhaps 800 perished Ii
is impossible lo make any estimate of the
great pecuniary loss Many ol the bazitur
in the higher p irts of tbe city were deinol
ished The Exchange and the military
hospiinh suffered great dnmngc
At Anjer the European nnd American
quorUr wai fjrtt overwhelmed by rocks
mud and lava from tho crater and then
the waters came up and swallowed the
ruins leaving nothing to murk the site
and causing the loss of somewhere in thn
neighborhood ol 200 lives of thu inhabit
nuts nnd tboso who had tried to find u
refuge there
Bantam once a prosperous native citi
hut practically abandoned by Euiopeuus
many years ago was entirely covered by
I lie wnter and there most Ituvu Ifeen from
1200 to 1500 people drowned there Tlc
island ofSernng just off tbo cousi was
eompletely inundated nud not a soul re
mains on it to tell the talo of disaster aim
At Cheribon there was no great flood o
waters but the loss of life and property by
the falling of rocks and the Bow of lava
must huvu been considerable
Buitenzorg suffered very seriously a
did Sninaruug JogjakcrtnSournkerta nud
Sournbnya while the meagre reports from
iho lesser towns indicuto that thuir los
was ns giral in proportion The lhons
nnd Temples at Brainbaman wero very
much damaged and sumo of them destroy
ed Some of the domes of t no noted tem
ple of Bornbodo were crushed in by huge
falling rocks
While there can be no accurate estimate
formed nt present of tho loss ol lite ii
must be apparent when it is consideicd
lhat tho islam has a population of more
than 10000000 that the death list will turn
fur up into the thousands At the Inst ml
vices the eruptions were continuing nl
though their violence had abated suinc
what and it is icarcd thnt the end of tbe
disaster will show it to have been ono ol
tbo most Irigbtful over known in the hisio
ry of its kind
LurfuoK Aug 29 Further particulars
of tho great volcanic eruption in Java
show that tho disaster was even more
widespread and moio disastious tban re
ported in yesterdays udvices At noon
Sunday the eruptions and shocks wero
supposed to have reached their height but
Into in the afternoon nud evening the vio
lence of the disturbances Buddeniy in
crensed nnd the island seemed to bt
about to bo completely buried in fire nnl
sulphurous ashes Ai tho samu time the
enormous wuves begun to dash Willi
cr forco upon tbo shores coming in some
places far up into thn interior and grea
chasms opened in the earth and threatened
to engull a large proportion ol the pcoplu
nnd building About midnight the most
Inghtlul scuiio ol till touk place Suiiden
ly an enormons luminous cloud similar to
that which wnx seen over the Gunung Gun
tur but much greaier in extent formed
over the Kandiiug range of uiouuiuiii
which skirt the loutlieust roast of ihu Is
land This cloud gradually increased in
size until it formed ii canopy ol lurid red
mid wklnah gray over u wide extent of tor
riinry During I hi a titno the eruptions In
creased and sirtiuus ol lava poured inciif
Huntly dawn tho biuis of the innuiiiuin
into tho valleys sweeping everything bo
lore them Hero und thme u stum ot
Uva would enter an urm of tbo ea or como
in contact with the water of u river Then
the incundescent lava would suddenly pio
duco boiling heat und rapid viipuiuutlon
but tbe superficial coiibolidntion that nl
most instantly ensued wuuld prevent any
further ooutael wtbji winter The lw
sores that opuued ihthja thin crusi ns it
solidified on the slreum o lava jsmUd
torrent oivitper0lew2iuK jiJjtb iiaojlbei
ti toJtt
The Largest Stock the Eiuest Goods and
the Most Reasonable prices in
the City
QSO jgeir
nnd there in tlie lava stream were inn urn
erablc thin plnte liko crystals of feldspar
arranged in trains ono behind thu other
m tbe diroction of tho flow of the curnnt
and lelsphntic sphcrolilcs ncre rapidly
formed in thn vitreous mnltt r rrscuiblin
hose which fotn in thu slog of Um lur
Ono of the mrst singular freaks of the
eruption wns the currying in ibo muht of
i he molten lavi of n bed of solid ice of
enormous size which had been rmitted
troin nno of the craters It wai curied
thing liy the current and landed on the
extremity of Point St Nicholas nt tbe
northeastoorncr of tho island This bed
of ice wnh surrounded by a thick envelope
tifnnd und sccriae which aro
cl bent Itjj supposed thii let
had lormod the cru it of some subterranean
inKc About 2 oclock on Monday morn-
inii the greit cloud suddenly oroko into
Hinall rcctiuns nnd quickly vhnislfctl At
the same time friglitful rumblings wcic
heard and lh culuinnsof fire nud smoke
oicr tho southeast corner of the island
cmsed lo nsceud while the craters in the
other parts of Java seemed to open their
Eeiy throats still nider to lei nut tl o grcat
et quantity of luvu rocks pumice nnd
Hi lies pi omitid forth The hissing of
he sea became bo loud ns to he rtmost
lenfeniug The waves rushed up on the
hore Ic nn unprecedented height When
dayliizlit enine it wus seen lhat nn enor
mous tinct of land lud dixappenred ex
lending from Point Cupucin mi the south
to Negfrv Pulsoorang on the north ami
est to Low Point covering mi extent of
tcritory nbont fifty miles square In this
were pitunud tho villages ol Negciy nrd
Negery llnbniMUig None of tho penpo
inhabiting these placet nr of the natives
scattered cpursely through the foreHs and
mi the philim escapod denth This section
of the island wan not bo densely populated
mh tho other portions nnd the loss of lifo
ns compaiatively small although it mut
have nggregated fully 15000 souls Tho
entiio Kundnng rnugo of mountains ex
tunding along the coast in semicircle for
about sixly fivo miles Lad gone out of
tight Tho waters of Welcome Hay tho
Sumlu Mruiis and INpper liny on tho cant
and ol the Indian Ocean on the south hail
rusbod in nnd formed u sea of turbulent
witters Hero nud thero the poak of a cra
ter was oxposed for a moment by the re
t eding of a great wnve nnd occasionally a
puff of brownish gray smoke or n sliglt
shower of rocU shotted thut tho volcanoes
mill continued in nclivn suhuquenut erup
tion The debris of the kubmerged and
Itdtnited buildings wns tossed hither nnd
ihiiber on ihu water the only sign loll thut
iheie liud iico bein iuhahilid hind there
The town of 1aueraug within twenty
live miles of llit city of Itainvin hiis swept
nwny by tho lava mreum and fully half tint
Ppuluton mostly Tavuueee unniberlng
uliout 1 fcOO leiishiid At Speelwylt near
Ioini Snlcin thu red hot rocks set fiio n
tho Iiiiiieos and iswcpl nwny all the thickly
Meiiltd portions of tho town About ton
baiaiirs belonging to Europeans were do-
tn yed The los of properly is very
large but no lives aro known to huio been
lot Iho liter Jucatra nn tho hunks of
tiich llitivia is situated wai so complete
ly dammed by tho lavu and dobris Hint it
CMiurte wns changed und from Fronton bat
inn it flowed down through Tygera street
and joined the waicrii of iho rirer Iliner
uilen awflllmg thnt treain tn such np ex
lent lhat ii rnsu high on iho Cuonr butler
les Figeb nkuig win almost totally dV
stroyed und a large number ol lives wcic
I ml llcrcv
The islam of Onlus five mllec off tho
tiiotitli of thp Tnrgeruug rivor and Ayepty
miles cut of Hatavla yita complftoly
jtMututKd and the flViVif dock therpj nns
totally ileitroyod Jumtafo UlapiM Wild
Troner islands off the portion tit Java
tJiith Jinnvtttrdiorq9ut ofdijihtindjitt
SAVING romovcil from our old stand to a new store room in tlie
k Newsoni Building vc take pleasure in nntiounpinp to our old
mends nntl customers und tlie ladiesot the sun ounuuig country
that wo are daily in receipt oiall the novelties in Millinery Goods such
Hats Bonnets Feathers Plumes Flowers
Ribbons Etc Etc Etc
in all the fashionable shapes designs and colors as well as nnny articles
of toilet and dress trimmings such ns
Ladies Hosiery Handkerchiefs Scarfs Ties
Laces Insertions Etc
all of the best qualities and fashionable colors and all of which we are
prepared to sell lower than over before offered in this market We in
vito inspsction of our gooJs and prices feeling confident that we can
please in both Call on tirf at our nuw stand iSo trouble to show goods
iir nnd making n tremendous seething
sound as if a hniiBund locumotivos noro
simultaneously letting oflf steuiii litre
a vestige ol them is left Baby nnd Cher
ho iiilnnds off tlie north coast lost tho few
bouses und inhabitants upon them
In Batavin tbe lots his been largely in
creased since tbo foraer reports The
roof ot the Guicruors house was crushed
in by u raa3s of mud nnd three of the ic
luiturs woie killed The town bridge wus
iltstioyed the Diamond and Pearl hi tioti
Ijiillj damsel und tie liurriu ridoc t
wus dcblioyed In ay niaiiil Mulnuar
nnd Lion sliecl the principal avenuex of
the eiiy tho dauiHgo is wry ridt Full
Auiyoi tn enti cly dcstroed I he toin ol
Fiiggal wus Kicrely shaken and lev
builliugs were loll Btauding
A Molent shock was fell in tho island of
Sumulru Monday forenoon und it inn
femed thnt olho distuibnneisuiiglit follow
Midiih Island ten miles off tho Javanese
c tist und half wiy boluceu tlio tMrnno
points ol Jaio utHl4rfSuoiuAa wrtajjvpst
wtiolly engufied by the sea I he smnll
island of Siuukil probably originally only
n uoiic blonu up bt nn ciuiitiou entnely
dis ipjiCtroJ Jt wus unin mbilcd
Tne iiggiegnte lqs o life must he fully
7i000 but the number ol thosp who
I erished can never of couise be nccurntely
Aug 29 A despatch fiom
Uatuvu liivato LOVdJfiijs llnU IJieloins
of Anger Tjiringiue und Telokbelong
Inn e been destiny rd by thu volcnutc rrup
tionsthat nil iho lighthouses in the Suuda
Straits Inn c disiiqieared and that wlieio
ilianioiintnin of Krntuiitun formerly stood
the sen now Hows The iisn ct ol thu
Suudi Suaits is much changed und navi
gation is dangerous
Bativia Aug 2D Tho tidal nave
completely destroyed Anger Many
pcrioim thero ete killed 1 tie loss nl life
mnong both Europeans nnd natives nt
North Bantam was enormous
Since nnony csterd iy cveningnll has been
quiet I ho sky is cleur and cominuui
eiiliou with Seraug tiu lieen icMOied The
tPinpiMturo loll tun degrees on Mondnv
but it is now ut its noimnl heigbi The
town is cuieiei with a thin layer ol ashes
which wus no hot when fulling thnt it ill d
bird Telegmph lineuien reported thnt
while they erp nt work repiinug n lino
ncir Anjer early Monday morning they
saw n high column of the sen utq rouching
with a roaring noise They iled imme
diately without lenruing the fate of the
inhabitants The quarries of Mrrak hiivn
disappuured and nil the pcoplo of thu
pluCe porlshtd Tho limiting dock nt the
island of Onrust neur Bjtiniu is ndrilt
and is badly damaged
By asking too much we mny lo the
littlo that wo bad before Kidney W rt
nsks nothing hut n luir trial This given
it fears no lon of faith in its irtues A
ludv writes from Oregon For thirty
ypiirs I have been ufllieted with kidney
complaints Two packages of Kidney Woit
have done me more good than all the med
icine unddoctorx 1 havu hud before I
believe it is a sure euro
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ven actor
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Keepi iplemlld
Jagons Buggies and Saddle Horses
for lilrt Will lake the butnf er or floriW
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0M m T MM I ft
Importers Jobbers and Retailers
Sixteenth Annual Fair
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rmPvWiF SlfsWiilli i FnH
i TJie proprietors oi the New Funiituro Houe present enckone
of their pitruns witi a ticket who purchases from thein a bill of Furnt r
ture to the
This ticlsct wili entitle you to ono chance in the
rand Drawing
which will tukc place October 1 1883 The lucky person will Ire prc
tented with
worth 20 Remember we present you the ticket when you purrebaj o
goods of us Come and i ee tho present ft large finely finished Sofa
Lounge which unfolded is a doitble bed Comn and Eee us We huve
a good line of Furniture and wo nre here to stay
BJsHlnnfAnwii O
ij U nl J KfliiTB Sl war
IwaiBiiWlr nl
Ima hat
Uo 621 Main Street
Our Stirsurc uuuuu uiiircw uuods Everything New Choice
und Desirable We ure overflowing with Bargains We guarantee hatt
Samples nnd prices tent by mail of nil kinds of merchandise vith the rxcoptioa
of carpets fteo of dinrgc We have 1 regulur deportment under the superisio of bi
of the lirm for this brunch ol our business nud will insure those entrusting their ot
dcrs to u thai they mny depend upon bnving them filled with the same promptness
cure and at the same piiccs as if under their own supervision In writing pleftrc stuie
his piper Enclose i ccnt slump in nliiling for samples and plense statp about the
price goods nnnied J BACON i SOXS
Will be neici at tneir Jbair urounas near
Commencing Tuesday September 25 1883
and continuing 1 ive Days
The Management are determined to make
this the most attractive Exhibition ever giv
en on their grounds which they have great
ly improved and can now boast the
IlnSTDAY IIilfmtlK dnh f r3 yrnrnhl pnme 100 76n firat horto nnd
25 tn fremiti Hctoinl H fimlH riHffi frvo for nil purno 100 76 tdfiret
linrfti anil S3S to nuonil Tlilni lttitoQiinrtor rullu ilash parse lQ0 i76 to Grot
luir nnil fJft lo wontl
SKCONI lY Tipitjrp Unro time lo bo mnilkin thrto minutes pcrso 100
75 lofiiB hnrp niul 25 tli iicnpi
TIIIKU DAYKunuiiiK UiicpHJf milo and rcpsat purge SI00 J75 to 6nl heno
nii4 v u jriiiiiU j
FOUllTII DA Y nunninB Kaco
iorp nnn fin to peoni
All rnvti ruiuifvlhreo nr itora I
ho rami Ih dnv bfue thn race
rnoiF win ii tnm uPt my ut veneils salopn Mio on the rnnrii cn M
J H Buzby Pcy A J GROSS PitrA r
I s
- v
lfC1 i
J Vi
one wile nnd repeU pnrsa I00 75 lo firit J ill
r2yenrolIn purJn1 W w viV1 i
lo fill KntrancQ fed 25 eriont All iefJMo iW Vift

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