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1 Ii
r TT
Tao D 7 G DaUag Edlton tad Proprletri
CARDS OP TUAXKS ever Ace HUM thirjtfd rer at
ih rail ef 10 eenta per Ilu
OlMTUAKIES charged fir at the rate Ir 5eenti
Can Xt fllI4 Your NalD1he return of your
paper nr an order itnUuciuK ui to discontinue It
or ak HE us tu change your addi c > i will not enable
uitu comply with your request unless you itale to
which pott office your paper hat been going We
k could not otherwise fina your nsme on our list
Hut r TVhnaperionorJer a dlscoo
I llnacJbe or the mutt payback due if there he
v aDY The laws of the United States aHbid this
< protection W psbliihen1
Tut IlKtCKENKiDOK NEWS It a hone journal de
voted to the Inteieiti of llrtclenildge crunty and
to its neiichborirg counties It belle es In pro
goes moving onward and upward not only In
R mercantile pursuits but in farming AI well It be
lkesInadopting the best mlbodl 10 reach the
best results and is I an advocate ul progress ID I Mil
linn II It an eUlitpage Jcumal read with Inter
est and profit by people tit I all cUnci and ages Its
subscription pilce ii 1100 per year pajabje m ad
vance p If paId at the end of Ihe year li 25 Kemlt
by pott office money order chck urra money
order registered Inter or t 012 Cent stamp J
DBAIltAGC Publlber
II G DUN tk COB weekly review ol
p trade says No correct report of fail
ures in Ib09 can be made until the year
has closed The failures thus far re
ported are fewer in number than in any
e year since 18S3 and smaller in amount
of commercial liabilities than in any
year since 1881 General business is
thorc ugbly safe and prosperous and no
important firms have failed save some
which were individually connected with
concerns involved in speculation Wheat
and cotton speculation has taken a holy
day prices scarcely varying and the
movement of both is surprisingly small
The industries are closing the most ex
traordlnary year of their history Long
established branches have increased their
capacity new industries have enlisted
r vast capital and the improved condi
r tions for the future are almost beyond
calculation Electrical developments in
light heat and power in making catar
acts work wonders in the production of
materials and providing transportation
all over the land deserve especial atten
tion The increase in demand for iron
and steel products is the great feature of
l the year The average of prices closes
119 5 per ceut higher than January 1 for
pig and 1028 per cent higher for prod
t nets Failures for the week have been
221 In the United States against 252 last
year and 25 in Canada against 22 last
WE congratulate the new city council
on its initial work It means business
It takes hold of things like it had some
J life and some getupand git Thats what
we need in this town more push more
energy on the part of everybody Lets
get out of our old fogy notions and do
something even if we make a mistake
Heres to 1000 may it be the banner
year in the old towns history
THE man who entertains a proposi
tion to sell his vote or influence is just as
guilty as the man who makes the offer
We have no respect for John Whallena
political methods and less for Dr lIar
rell If what Dr lIarrell says is true
j both men ought to go the pen
THE people of the town are opposed to
the open saloon They have said so at
the polls There is nothing technical
aobut their votes The will of the ma
jority expressed at the pulls is law and
should be respected
Be of Good Cheer
This was tbe text chosen by Rev T
V Joiner for his closing sermon of the i
t year 1699 He made an interesting and I
appropriate talk in which lie spoke oI I
the vast progress achieved in the past
year both on religious > and secular lines
This is a time for rejoicing Bays this
minister and he would incite his hearers
t to go on and on and make this year a
better one than last Be of good cheer
Rev Joiner will fill his regular ap
pointment at Holts Obapel > next Sun
Have Been in the Heart of a Game
t Jesse Weatberholt and family John
i Morris Gregory and family and Dr T
D Renfrew and family after a weeks
stay at Dundee near Sulphur Springs
f have all returned home They report a
most excellent time Jets Weatberholt
is quite a hunter and saidWe killed 31
birds 8 squirrels and 4 wild turkeys
Mr Gregory brought home a turkey
weighing 33 pounds and what relatives
and neighbors did for that fine bird was
aplentyi i
Church Meeting
The members of the Baptist church
t era reqnetsed to meet at the church
Friday evening to Attend to their regular
r church business
j Ladles Reading Club
The first meeting of the Ladies Read
ing Club in 1000 will be held at the home
of Mien Lliinie Delluy Thursday after
The Farm Journal lias nearly two
million readers each Issue it is putting
in a new press that will print 200 copies
a minute it is the best farm paper in
Amencii and it pleases the women folks
all to pieces We have made a special
arrangement by which we are able to
send the Farm Journal for the balance
f of 1899 and all of 1000 1001 1002 and
1003 nearly five years to all subscribers
of the BnscKENBiDQB NEWS who pay a
year in advance
Prof T D Hale returned from Fell
villa Sunday evening after weeks visIt
with his parents
Dave Dutcan of Hnwesville is assist
ing in the postcflice this week
Miss Lily Wagner who has been visit
Ing her brother Fred for the past week
returned to her home in Oweneboro Sun
Hale Dean successor to W 0 Tagt t
meyer as inspector for the Dean Tie
Company was in town last week
Mrs II L Myers attended the Dyer
Freeman nuptials which took place
Wednesday evening at the residence of
the bride near Falcon
Mrs Jennie Hancock is i visiting friends
in Grand View Ind this week
Mrs Letitia Smith and granddaugh
ters Misses Annie and Mina Patterson
returned Sunday from Hawesvllle after
a pleasant visit with relatives and friends
Cleburne Gregory returned to Owens
boro Saturday after a pleasant visit of a
week with his brothers Sam and Henry
Mrs Mary Callendar and daughter
Miss Emma returned from Owenaboro
Wednesday after a pleasant visit of a
few days with relatives
Edwin Booh Weddington of Stan
ley returned home Saturday after a few
days visit with friends
H S Patterson is putting up some
beautiful ice harvested from his large
pond For solidity and transparency it
i cannot be surpassed by either lake or
manufactured ice
Mlaa Emma Callendar suffered severe
laceration of her hand on Christmas Eve I
by the explosion of a giant cracker I
which she mistook for a Roman candle
Peter Best has purchased a fine new
saw rig from an Evansville firm It ar
rived last Thursday morning ou the
steamer Tell City and is now in opera
tion in the Pell woods where Mr Best
has purchased a large quantity of fine
The towboat W W ONeil which
passed this point Sunday afternoon with
an immense fleet of heavily laden coa
bargee was evidently experiencing great
difficulty in handling them owing to the
large amount of ice in the river It is
not thought she will get farther than
Green River
The twoyearold daughter of Mr and
Mrs Gregory Blanford died of membra
nous croup on Tuesday night of last week
at Stanley whither Mrs Blanford had
gone with the child about a week previ
ous to spend the holidays with relatives
The remains were brought up Wednes
day afternoon on the 4W train and the
interment took place on tha afternoon of
the following day at the Catholic ceme
tery two miles south of town The
griefstricken parents have the sympathy
of many friends in the lose of their only
A correspondent cf tbe Hancock Clari
on says With this week ends another
chapter in the history of Time When
the next Clarion is issued the nineteenth
century will be a thing of the past etc
Is this correspondent quite sure that he
is correct in making this assertion Did
the century really end with the it
o the year 1S99 or does it end with the
year 1900 I maybe in error but never
theless feel confident that it can be
clearly demonstrated that the twentieth
century begins with the year 1001 A
correspondent of the NEWS will please
make note
It was with pleasure that I learned of
the substantial victory won by the tem
perance workers of Cloverport and it
will be a source of greater pleasure if the
law proves more effectual than it has in
Lewisport Never before perhaps has
the ineffectiveness of the law as applied
to Lewisport been more clearly proven
than during the Christmas week just
past Jugs Jugs jugtl Jugs by rail jugs
by boat jugs by wagon and jn < p by every
other available mode of transit The
streets as full of drunken men as if there
were a saloon on every corner and not a
cent of all that was spent for this went
into the town coffers This is I saM in
fear and trembling for I appreciate the
fact that I may again be accused of pos
sessing a sordid mind and of being actu
ated solely by mercenary motives Past
experience has taught me that to men
tion money in connection with this mat
ter in any way is a grievous offense
However I trust I may be credited with
sincerity when I say it is my earnest
wish that Cloverport may enjoy prohibi
tion in its truest sense and that she
may never see the law subverted and
distorted as it has been in Lewisport
In a freeforall fight among negroes at
Falcon last Saturday night Remus Lett
of this place bad his coat slit from top
to bottom Walter Shappel was severely
cut on the face and arm and several
other negroes were bruised up more or
lees The cause of the mixup can be
explained in two words Cider craps
LIKe Blincoe colored with a super
abundance of bilge water in his lank
raised H disturbance in Uncle Levl
Smiths meat shop last Tuesday night
and was only induced to vacate when the
persuasive powers of a cleaver in the
hands of Your Uncle Levi were
brought to bear upon him When on
the outside Bllncoa proceeded to expos
tulate with Your Uncle Levi ire a man
ner which rendered the air for several
yards around him of a decidedly bluish
tint Before the vocabulary of cusa
worda had been entirely exhausted
however Marshal Jones hove in eight
bore down upon him and taking him In
tow steered him into the august pres
ence of Judge Hopwood who also pos
sesnrs persuasive powers of a high order
which he employed most effectively for
under his influence Mr Blincoe was ca
Joled into contributing 5 aud Inciden
tals to q the town exchequer
J B Clark Peoria 111 says Sur
geons wanted to operate on me for piles
but I cured them with DeWltta Witch
Haul Salve It is infallible for piles
and skin disease Beware of counter
feltrA R Fisher
Happy Xew Yfar to all
Mr and Mrs Albert Bennett were the
proud recipients of a Christmas gift De
cember 25a fine boy
Mr and Mrs Lech Brown were pre
sented with a Christmas gift December
25 fine boy
Miss Cora Best of Stephensport spent
several days with Miss Zelma Lay dur
log the holidays
Mr and Mrs Crafton Cashman and
little daughter Lucille visited their par
ents Mr and Mrs John Cashman last
Mrs Proctor Roberts visited her par
cote Mr and Mrs Marion Dowell of
Pierce last week
Foster McKaughan and daughter Zula
spent last Saturday and Sunday with Mr
and Mrs C Grant near Lodiburg I
John W Jarrett Jr whose school atI I
Bewleyville closed December 22 is at
home spending the holidays
Misses Sallie Hiner Georgia McCub
bins Bell McCans and Ida Jarrett ac
companied by Messrs Herman D Lay
Albert McKaughan and John W Jar
rett Jr attended tbe play Danger Sig
nal at Rome Ind on the night of De
cember 2CthI i
It was only the too frequent use of the
pronoun 1 in Robert Brownings po
ems that this scribe criticised We cer
tainly should have the right to criticise
any of the ancient bards or modern
bards either without any fear of giving
Our heart goes out in sympathy to
our esteemed friend Mrs F Ferry in
her serious illness We hope she may
soon recover and be her own pleasant
self again We are glad that the Ste
phensport holiday entertainments were
postponed on her account Tbe people
were too serious to engage in mirth
We enjoy controversy or rather inves
tigation but we do not wish to pay atten
tion to any of the contemptuous words
hurled at us in Current Topics two
weeks ago We make no pretensions to
any superior literary attainments and
therefore do not risk any failure Com
mon courtesy points us to a better way
of discussion
We congratulate our Glendeane corre
spondent of the NEWS on being so kindly
remembered by his friends the patrons
of his school Well do we remember his
generosity In giving medals when he
taught in this district Several gold
medals that were given as rewards of
merit are still worn by his former pupils
They were as bread cast upon the
waters and gathered many days hence
And now he is the receiver of probably a
more meritorious reward than any he
has given
Parents should be very careful what
kind of literature their children read
Good books create knowledge virtue
and happiness and bad books create the
opposite In preparing food for our
children we would not do such an ab
surd thing as to prepare a dish of poison
ous food We should take as much care
of their minds as their bodies and give
them wholesome food for both
It Is said by some persons that the
standard of religion taught by Charles
M Sheldon in his book called In His
Steps is too high If it is higher than
the standard of religion that Jesus
taught it is too high And if on the
other hand it is lower than Jesus taught
it is too low It is argued that He had a
divine nature and so He had but we
are partakers of His divine nature If so
be that the spirit of Christ dwell in us
The fact that He had a divine nature
makes it more incumbent on us to fol
low in his steps He to our guide our
lawgiver our Saviour He bag prom
ised the Holy Spirit to guldens into all
Six Country Homes Beautifully
Parted on a Hotel Register
While looking over the hotel register
at the Mitchell House a NEWS reporter
was somewhat amazed to find the homes
and birthplaces of this countrys young
men who have risen to fame and honor
The work is from the pen of Mr Mitchel
who is fast entering the arena of art
They are the homes of John Howard
Payne Admiral George Dewey Allen
Poe Rudyard Kipling and George
Be sure and read our great offer of the
BRECKENRIDOE NEWS for a year and the
Farm Journal for the balance of 1800
and all of 1900 1901 1902 and 1003 near
ly five years all for the price of our pa
per alone Just walk up to the captains
office and draw the biggest prize you
ever drew
This is our first Isue in the first month
of the last year in the 19th century
A Cloverport Boy Still Loves
His Kentucky Friends
Belongs to Musician Battery
U F 6th Artillery
MANILA P h Nov 27 180010 the
Editor of the BRICKENRIIXIK News SIR
After having a pleasant trip across the
States and the Pacific and tbat hearing
that through some misleading informa
tion some of my friends have learned or
rather heard tbat I have been wounded
will say it is not true In fact I have had
no chance to receive a wound and for
the benefit of my friends now residing in
dear old Kentucky 1 will endeavor to
give a brief description of my trip
We left Ft Monroe Va April 12
1800 over the 0 k 0 R R for Cincin
nati where we were transferred to the
Big Four R R thence to St Louis
where we were again transferred to the
O B A Q R R Here we were afforded
an opportunity to see tbe city as we had
about two hours to lay over using the
usual term We left St Louis for Kan
sas City where we were transferred
again We left there for San Francisco
where we arrived April 19ib abont 000
p m embarking immediately the
U S A TII Warren sailing on tbe
following day Nothing but seasickness
happened until we arrived at Honolulu
on the 27th of April Remaining here
for three days we were offered an ele
gant opportunity to visit the city The
many points of interest were visited and
in speaking of the beauty of the city I
will say tbat it is just such a place as
God bad designed tbe Garden of Eden to
be before the downfall of Adam Sailing
from here the only thing of importance
wao the crossing of the International
Date Line which of course caused us to
lose a day May 5tb After being at sea
for twenty days from Honolulu we hove
in sight of old Luzon and about 200 pm
we crept by the Corrigidor island as
quietly as Dewey had done and directly
before us on starboard side we could
see the wonderful destructive work
wrought upon the Spanish Fleet by the
invincible admiral
Alter laying on board the Transport in
the Bay for nearly thirtysix hours we
finally landed and encamped on tbe
Luneta of Alfonso XII where we re
mained foronly one week
Upon breaking camp we were ordered
to quarter ourselves in a building Known
as the Obras de Puerto where I have
remained ever since
After going into the quarters the duty
of Provost Guard fell upon us and the
conslquente of remaining in the city
befell us People may think that we
have asnap but they are badly mis
taken when they think thus as vigilance
in guard duty in this city Is just as im
portant as on the lines
As I have said before that I have had
no opportunity to go to tbe lines I will
not try to tell you anything about them
for I do not know anything about them
Hoping tbat this will rectify the false
rumor as to my being wounded and that
it will inform them tbat I am in the best
of health I remain with the best of
respect for all of my friends in Kentucky
Very Respectfully
Battery F Oth Artillery Musician
Breekinridge Bank
Cloverport Ky
At the close of bUIlD on the soth of December
Loans and discount less loans
to director fiM9QS4l
Loans to officer 140000
Overdraft unsecured M059
Due from National banks i566iOJ I
Due Irom state backs and
bankers S99tt 1161774
Banking house and lot 300000
Other real estate II8j87J
Other stocks and bonds SOiou48
Specie 1100000
Currency U90IS3 1490113
Furniture and Fixtures 300000
Debts in suit 031415
Stamp Account 30000
Capital stock paid In in cash 4510000
Surplus fund 1000000
Undivided profit 55457
Due depositors as follows via t >
Deposits subject to chrck on
which interest ts not paid 7 jS998
Time certificate of deposit fort
which Interest Is paid Ulavi748 11268746
Unpaid Dividends per cent
declared this day > 353oo
U390 7503
County of ureckinri3geI I Bo
A B SkDIpan cashier of DrecVlnridgc Bank a
bank located and doing business at No Wall street
In the city ol Cloverport in said count being duly
sworn says that tbe foregoing report Is In all re
spelts a true statement of the condition of the said
bank at the close of business on the joth day of
Dec 1899 to the best ol his knowledge and belief
and further says that the business of said bank has
been transacted at the location named and not
elsewhere Id that the above report Is made In
compliance with an official notice received from the
Secretary of State designating the 30th day of Dec
1899 as the daon which such report shall be mad
O DewIIIIIJ J J Directors
Subscribed and sworn to before me by A B
Skiltman cashler the id day of January 1900 I
Commission expire Jan 16 1000
r r
Just a
Not worth paying attention
to you say Perhaps you
Its annoying because you
have a constant desire to
cough It annoys you also
because you remember that
weak lungs is a family falling
At first it is easy to cure
At last extremely difficult
Cherry I
quickly conquers your little
There is no doubt about
the cure now Doubt comes
For over half a century
flyers Cherry Pectoral has
been curing colds and coughs
and preventing consumption
It cures Consumption also
if taken in time
Keep see ef Br Aitrs Cfeerri
Pectoral Plasters over Sots
lugs U i e i coati
Shall we tent yon m
book on this object free
Our MedIcal Department
It yon have any complaint whatever
ever and desire the belt medical
mea can possibly obtain write
the doctor freely You will receive
a prompt reply without colt
Address DUJCAYEn
Be careful about your dates
A happy New Year to every one
Tbe weather this Christmas is just a
little severe
J P Stewart of Louisville visited
here last week
Joe Robertson of Collin county Tex
asis here on a visit
L W Moredock and family visited at
Concordia during Christmas week
Miss Lucy Burr of Daviess county
visited Mrs Kurtz during the holidays
Mr Ford and family of Jeffereonville
Ind visited Julius Dutschke during the
Fred Moorman and family visited
friends and relatives at Hardinsburg
last week
Gordon McGavock of Oloverport
spent last week with his brother John
Mrs L B Adkisson and daughter
Mamie visited in Louisville during the
holidays returning Snnday
Henry Dngan will move to Oklahoma
shortly We regret very much to part
with such good people as Mr Duron and
his estimable wife
Misa Addle Lyddan of Owensboro and
Mr Watson of Hardin county cousins
of our genial friend Tom Lyddan were
his guests during the holidays
Miss Nannia Lyddan came home from
school to enjoy Christmas in its fnllnesr
but she has been ill of measles ever
since her arrival A host of friends wish
her aepeedy recovery
It is appalling to note the number of
bachelors in this community and old
ones too Since a break is to be made
in the ranks shortly it is to be hoped
many others will follow
It was announced at the church last
Sunday that Charlie Claycomb and Misa
Emma Kurtz two of our most popular
young people will be married in the
church here Jan 17th at 730 p m
Bro Mell held two yery interesting
services here last Sunday His discours
es were appropriate to the occasion and
we trust that many good resolutions
were formed at these services that will
be carried into effect during the year
We desire to take off our hat and
make our best bow to the Brandenburg
correspondent for the nice things said of
us last week We certainly know of no
other source from which we would ap
preciate a compliment more than from
A proposition is being considered to
open a public road direct from here to
Aaron Nortons and on to intersect the
Clifton Mills and Union Star road near
Walnut drove church and discontinue
the road leading from old Webster to
Lodiburg This change will meet the
general approbation of a large section of
Much levity is made of the New
Years resolutions but we like to hear
of people forming good resolutions at
this time If they keep them it > is well
If they break them it Is still better thaI
to have made no good resolutions at all
It is tho individual who never makes a
good resolution of whom we have no
Woolen Goods
For the Next 30 Days
BSrNo Coupons given during this sale
The dread Typhoid fever and fashionable though painful appendi
ceti is often brought on from impure articles ofdiet I
Avoid margarine or bull and hog butter Also inquire not only
who made the butter you use but something about the cows health
and environment Mrs So and So always makes good butter is a com
mon expression but her half starved cow that has the hollow horn and
is turned out on a zero day to seek protection on the lea side of a barbed
wire fence makes some folks doubt its being good butter
I manufacture butter from a healthy and well fed herd of Jerseys
and use the centrifugal cream separator and all improved dairy machin
ery that is used in our best creameries or known to modern butter mak
ing and guarantee my butter equal to the finest Elgin
Put up in meat packages of
5 10 AND 25 LBS
N Wrapped in parchment
I also have Poland China PigS for sale from registered t
stock Kentucky has none better and few as goodt t I
I refer to any one who has ever seen my stock Satisfaction ot
your money back
Dr P W FOOTE Irvington Ky 1
A Plain Unvarnished Story
No Store in Cloverport Can
Match our Prices
18 Ibs Granulated Sugar 1
Polks Best Tomatoes
3pound cans 3 for 25
Beat Green Tea 500 lb
Heinzs Pickles 6 doz for 25o
Polks Corn 2 Ib can 2 for 150
4 Ibs crackers 25o
Roasted Coffee 12o lb
Lemons 15o doz
to II eUM ee M eleb It1IO aMe WI
rllrKOnD ual quu rutea OIUlU am4atu oflesh
uBiitllM Ton can eiunlne II at yonrnevMl frtUbt depot
= = ftZsol yourneareS
and U yea find It eiMtl as pl equal to organ tnii
retail ti tTOOO U toqOO tbe rnaun value yenever saw aad
far better than organ advertised Jiyotben at more money > j
hftltebt agent eec alollIO d IJ oterarmore 3175
less tbs ILW or lit 11 and freight charges
ES SS5SSCi E 3 i5SBS J35CSIS3 > rtM CkftTff
yeah Wteeeuarr ad Frms co nintzaUonshown which
is aved direct from a rnotozrapuyotj can tonujoiae Idea oft
2 Ibs Dewey Reception
Cakes for 250
3 packages Brazil Cocoa
nuts for 100
Finest Cream Cheese
2 Ibs for 350
Pickled Pig Feet 2 for 50
Best Salmon 15o per can
Goods at these prices cannot be charged All orde
by telephone will receive prompt attention
Was Isppartne Made no 10114 Quarter lAed
akantlooeflnl nnand otDelT decora ted andoroamen d
I Iteet1591e17la Till AUR QCU1 is f eet ftlncbes b
II fabelagIaioebeuwld and weighs Mo pounds Coo >
stifle soctave II nope as ollowsi 0110 p M frutlpil
DtWs oetn2fiN pe tfaaweepfr IWt
11 1n14 I crud Oe Idy 1 Met Oeeee sal reN
I511kealesaIMsek apetlwgaedyl6tNarrrse4Bth4ike
kealesaIMsek edtaei die Maell a1 TJIEAOMEQt hart so
Maeonbtot tbeoetebttted pull kodw cIa are only
= rct rt
M Cnim sad Tu ili also best Doln f elta
Je tbersete bello softhel etrobber clot 5p1 5 j
blllo1I and Onset leather In valve 1 1 > 111III
ACMEQiJEKN Is rnrnlihedwItbalOill vslVd III
e =
Plata rreneh lulrror nlckil plated pedal t frame
and every modem ImprovelDellJ ISCwskbtntied
urn tnu steel u4 fell trU tatraf Ua Wk Mklbat
we iffS II rtf e efcmrge Try It one month and J
we wu reline TOOT money U you are not perfectly
SMA T500 oftnew ornu will U sold perfectlyII i II
not dealt with ak your Del bbor about wrlte
ban Eo oruorn JbeIO4pJI UaDIICblealrOl cir ntaebaanrte tfYortrt raqaiheles
J eompan1intadee1ae ta 111 1 se 1 e0tttN01 OOP7 nUn one or Ii eU1 N
ClaIealrODc1P oy Derl7OIIIIpooPleIDOlUoWD buildlea WI I OIlUJlAL ea Ms
sndmudoalmentes e a eps aaa evwthing sa meMeaa L lro lowwt wboiNaN launaedMa0ss price Writ fr hso 4i1 1
I lIARelRQIIUCK co Ita IIIHo iaalaf5eaaadWayxtlt C OAQ03
r J1

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