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e 1t
It Involved a Clirlatlan nnd nu Inn
del and a Slant Remarkable Cnlncl
Ace nnd tho Narrative Pointed n
1 n Well
Tho question of religion came up the
other day In the Busy Mens Lunch
club and old Parmcsnn who Is senior
warden of St Pecunlas church and
therefore constitutes himself a de
fender of the faith leuiarked You
may say what you like gentlemen but
a religious man Is more apt to help
thoso who need It than an Infidel
I am a firm believer In Christiani
ty remarked Bllson who has mado a
million or so In the Swamp during tho
last few years but I take exception
to that statement When It comes to
helping a fellow who Is down Its
about an even toss between a Chris
than and all infidel You doubt It ho
continued as ho saw old Parmesan
shako hjs head Well to provo what
I say I will give you an episode In my
own life I camo to New York In 1873
with no capital but a country made
suit of clothes and a common school
T education I was a lank looking young
vfbllwwltli hayseed written all over
me but like many another raw coun
try lad I was Irresistibly attracted to
tho city where I soon expected to
strike tho combination that would lead
to fortune and fame But before long
my main thought was to keep front
starving I could get no work and no
body would listen to mo when I asked
for It I tried to keep up my courage
but Jn my heart I would have given
aoyiWng to be back on tim old farm
Well one day I grew especially des
perate Tho papers were full of tho
triumphant success of Billy tho Con
verted Bum who was holding revivals
all over tho country And I asked my
self why I a clean decent young fel
low who had never been a bum
should be allowed to starve while
Billy was living on the fat of the
land At first the wild thought came
Into my head to start out myself on a
career of crI mean of revivalism un
der tho name of Charley tho Con
verted Boy Fiend and rako In the
shekels llko Billy But somehow I
felt I couldnt get down as low as that
A brilliant thought struck me how
ever I would state the whole thing In
an advertisement more to relieve my
feelings than with any hopo of getting
an answer
So I scraped enough money together
to Insert tho following In one of tho
papers If I were a drunken bum
Just taken out of the gutter scores of
kind religious people would stretch
oat a hand to help me But as I am
gay a decent and self respecting young
man with no vices or bad habits I am
without work and starving In this
treat cruel city And I added my
j Initials and address
i The next day I called to ECO If there
mlght possibly bo an answer and got
two The first ono I opened read as
Tollows I was touched by your
Mftugo advertisement as I myself was
1e In the name position I found help
trough a noblo Christian man and If
tu will call and see mo I will Provo
you that there is a Christian who Is
tie and willing to help you If you are
orthy Ask to see mo personally as
am sorry to say my partner Is an In
jtel and though a good man bo
olght not bo disposed to look at your
se so kindly
My heart Jumped with Joy on read
ing this kind letter and for a little
iShlle I forgot tho other one But I
lon Opened It and read as follows I
was deeply stirred by tho undertone
of despair In your advertisement as I
was once as friendless as you are I
found a start in llfo through a noble
man who like myself was an unbe
liever And If you will call and see
me I will prove to you that there Is an
unbeliever who Is both ablo and will
ing to give you a start In life If you
are rorthy Ask to seo mo personally
as my partner Is a Christian and
though a good man ho might not bo
disposed to look on your case kindly
Wonderful coincidence wasnt IU
tot the most wonderful part of the
ta yet to bo told Theso two men
artners Each ono of them was
l g to do a good deed without tho
owlcdgo of tho other
i The end of the story Well that
wAs Interesting and remarkable too
After trying In vain to decide to which
of these two gentlemen I should make
myself known I determined to seo
them together and read the two letters
i o them I did so and you ought to
have seen the look of blank surprise
that ame over tho faces of both man
u they learned that though differing
so widely In creed they were at one In
acknowledging the religion of humani
ty They were silent for a few mo
OMQti and then the Christian with
tears In his eyes grasped tim hand of
his partner and said
H Brother I hare wronged you for I
bare learned that without knowing It
yoU are not far from the kingdom of
It la I who bavo wronged you ex
etataaedhls partner In assuming that
irea would not obey the teaching of
TMT Matter to feed the hungry and
clothe the naked Let us hereafter lIvo
> > ii brothers Indeed even though we
may sot be able to profess the same
rNd And may the unknown God
w M ignorantly we worship accept us
ce two good men gave me a
all4 were my dearest friends un
ity died The moral of It all
Well J think there Is moro goodness
JItthe world than can be enshrined In
may creed however trueNow York
Tb manufature of quinine was be
gUn in Philadelphia by John Farr In
ttMTtht jrtM ot Its discovery
No Pear Whet ll aili Drawn i1Gla
I have seen thousands of persons
die under nil sorts ot circumstances
and never yet have 1 seen one display
the slightest fear of death This re
markable statement was made the oth
er day by a physician who has prac
ticed many years In Phllndulplila and
Who has seen a great deal of hospital
It Is a popular fallacy he went on
to Imagine that a deathbed scene Is
ever terrIble other Slmn as a parting
between loved ones The fear of the
unknown Is never present at the Inst
Even amid Ignoranco and vice I have I
never experienced such scenes as aI I
novelist who strives after realism will
sometimes picture
When a patient Is told that he can
not recover and the end Is near he In
variably seems resigned to his fate I
and his only thought seems to be of
those who arc to bo left behind This i
Is true alike of men and women
Those who become hysterical and
declare they are not fit to dc arc the
ones who are not as III as they think
they are They always got well
A psychological reason Oh 1 dont
know that there Is any Its Just a hu
man trait Philadelphia Record
A Composite Nnine
One of the differences between the
cast and the northwest said a Puget
sounder Is the names of places and
the Sklkomlshcs the Snohomlshcs the
Snoqunlmlcs the Wnbklakums and the
lot of them give a man funny feelings
and when he runs across Bucoda on
the Northern Pacific railroad In Pierce
county Sash he doesnt know wheth
er It Is Chinook or Slwnsh or what
But It Is none of themlike Kcnova In
West Virginia which Is near the June
tlon of Kentucky Ohio and Virginia
or Dclmar where Delaware and Mary
land como together
Bucoda Is a composite name nnd
Its story Is simple enough When the i i
Northern Pacific came In a town
sprang up and it must have a name
There were Indian names In plenty
but something more novel was wanted
so Messrs Buckley Coulter and Davis
all N P officials put their heads to
gether first and their names Inter anti
the name Bucoda was evolved with
an etymology very apparent to any ono
who Is at all Informed In terminology
Bucoda It has remained and It Is not
half bad as names go In the Puget
sound countryNew York SunI I I I
The Peculiar Jnlnn
Ernest M Bowden In The Nineteenth
Century reports a chat with Raja
Slvaprasad on Jalnlsm The Joins
pay more regard to the feelings of the
lower animals than any other sect In
the world will not kill them or Injure
them are careful to avoid destroying
even Insects sometimes wearing a
handkerchief over tho mouth to pre
vent any living creature being breath
ed In It may be argued that this
tenderness will prove In the long run
fatal to It4I possessors handicapping
them ccrtously In tho struggle for life
with less scrupulous rivals As evi
dence to the contrary Mr Bowden
points to the Jams
Notwithstanding the opposition If
not active persecutions of bygono
times the one small sect which more
than any other In tho world has
taught and practiced tho doctrine of
ahlmsn or non Injury to living crea
tures stands today after somo four
and twenty centuries by far tho most
prosperous community In a population
verging on 300000000
300000000J J
Weapon of the Sltank
A skunk once challenged a lion to
single combat The lion promptly de I 1 I
dined the honor Why said thoI I I
skunk are you afraid Very much
so said tho lion for you would only
gain famo for having tho honor to fight
with a lion whllo every one who met
mo for a month would know I had
been In company with a skunk
This reminds us of tho story about
Henry Ward Beechcrs father tho fa
mous Dr Lyman Bcechcr who when
asked why ho did not reply to some
body who had severely attacked himI I
In a newspaper replied that when a
young man crossing a field one night
with an armful of books ho saw a
small animal and after hurling several
volumes at the animal found he got the
worst of It and over since had thought
It better to let such animals alone
Our Dumb Animals
And the Minister Smiled
The York Me Transcript says that
a Portland minister recently called up
on ono of the families In his parish
He ascended tho steps and knocked at
the door Receiving no response ho
was about to depart when ho heard a
window In tho next house open and a
womans voice say Mrs Smith tho
ministers at your door
What was the pastors surprise and
amusement when ho caught Mrs
Smiths response wafted gently around
tho corner of the house Sb dont you
sposo I know Itl
The next Sunday after service Mrs
Smith met her pastor and expressed
her sorrow that sho was away when he
had called
Eli Wife Saved Him
My wifes good advice saved my life f
writes F M Roes of Winfleld Tenn
for I had such a bad cough I could
hardly breathe I steadily grew worse
under the doctors treatment but my
wife urged me to use Dr Kings New
Discovery for Consumption which com
pletely cured me Coughs Colds
Bronchitis La Grippe Pneumonia
Aptnmn Hay fever and all maladies of
Chest Throat and Lungs are positively
cured by this marvelous medicine 50o
and 100 Every bottle guaranteed
Short Haynes drug store
By die aid ofmccbanlca1 instruments
hpman beings can do many wonder
ful things but to save his life no man
could cut such a perfect circle without
a pair of compasses as the parasol ant
does out of a leaf with nothing but
her Jaws
rue Xntlotinl Dish Clmiic antI Slot
It In Ircimrcil
The stoves of the Bolivian Indian I
arc curious things A hole Is dug In
the ground about 18 inches deep antI a
foot square and over this Is built a
roof of clay with holes of different
sizes to receive tho various cooking
pots Roasting Is done on spits pass
ed through the holes so that the moat
comes out very much smoked unless
great care Is taken to have only live
coals nt the bottom of the oven
oenI I common
j I food of the masses Is chulle n sort
of first cousin to the Irish stew It Is
j a conglomerate composed of Irregular
I constituents from the animal antI vege I
I table kingdoms a mess of mutton and
such other meats as are available I
chicken fish fruits potatoes carrots
j I barley corn rice onions yams nlrot1
i chopped up highly seasoned with 111I I
pcrs nnd herbs and stewed to a con
sistency of porridge What happens
to be left from one meal simmers In
the pot until the next If the fire goes
out the chupe Is allowed to coolI I
but It Is warmed up again and a now i
supply of the Ingredients added to theII II
water logged and greasy stuff for the I I
next meal I I
In the cities nt the hotels nnd res I
taurants where there are Frcn6h or
Swiss cooks the chupo Is savory and i i
palatable but the farther you go from i I
the centers of civilization the worse It
gets One eats It at first under pro
test then from necessity and only to
escape starvation but finally the stom
ach rebels and yqu limit your diet to
boiled eggs and fruit which arc usual
ly to bo obtained but the experienced
traveler always takes canned meat and
bread with him Sucre Bolivia Let
ter to Chicago Record
HecorllI I
Many Difficult Problems to lie Met In
Their COSItrtCtItfli i I I
The making of decorative street i
floats Is n dllllcult trade said a New I
Orleans scenic artist who has had I I
plenty of experience In the line he men i I
tioned There arc so many things
to be considered Ior Instance u llont
must look well both near and far It
must be ible to stand a dash of rain
It must be light enough to go over any
kind of street and solid enough to re
slat a gust of wind and most Impor
tant of all It must be so constructed
that It will appear all right to folks In
upper windows
Soma years ago a young designer
from tho north runde several small
models for tableau cars that charmed
everybody who looked at them They
were certainly very beautiful and no
el but when I was called In as an ex
pert Isnlc1 I at once that they wouldnt
do They were designed to be viewed
from the banquette only and from a
second story window every particle of
effect would havo been lost More
over a lot of hidden mechanism was
certain to ho discovered at any eleva
tion above 15 feet
Tho young artist frankly admitted
I was right and abandoned tho Job
He said It Involved entirely too many
optical problems to cult him When I
make my drawings for a float I cal
culate on n visual sweep of 30 de
grees That goes from the level of
children on the pavement to people
looking almost straight down from the
upper floors of tall buildings Unless
such a precaution Is taken tho car Is
certain to bo a failure New Orleans
Han nnd III Smoke
Every little while you read that a
man 00 years old and still halo and
hearty has smoked all his life but It
Is nevertheless a fact that smoking Is
very Injurious Men should bo ashamed
that they aro unablo to quit tho habit
This Is not written by a man who has
no desire to smoke but by a man who
smokes a great deal has tried several
times to quit and couldnt do It
When you find a boy who Is pale and
sick from his first smoke remember
that his father and his grandfather
aro to blame It will take thousands
of years to reform tho world If we be
gin now A boy is as certain to look
for a pipe as ho Is to look for a sweet
heart His father was guilty of both
offences before him Atchison Globe
Her Little Confidence Game
Were playing railroad train she
said as she pulled her fathers paper
away and Im the conductor Tick
ets please
He took a card from his pocket and
handed It to her She looked at It In
tently for a minute and then handed It
back That was Issued yesterday
she said and Isnt good today Youll
have to pay cash or get off tho train
Ho gave her a dime He knew bo
bad been worked but what else
could ho do Chicago Post
It has been demonstrated repeatedly
in every state in the Union and in many
foreign countries that Chamberlains
Cough Remedy is a certain prevf ntatlve
and cure for croup It has become the
universal remedy for that disease M
V Fisher of Liberty W Va only reo
peats what baa been raid around the
globe when he writes I have used
Chamberlains Cough remedy in my
family for several years and always with
perfect succesp We believe that it is
not only the beet cough remedy but
that It is a sure cure for croup It has
saved the lives of our children a num
ber of time This remedy is for sale
by A R Fi her Cloverport j R A
Shellman Stephensport
At IIU Word
Customer You sell cracked eggs at
half price do you not
Clerk Yesm Woalways make a ro
per cent reduction on cracked goods
Anything else today
Customer Yes you may give me a
dollars worth of cracked wheat Heres
CO cents Columbus 0 State Journal
The JndeoN Affidavit
Some years ago Justice of the Peace
Beasley of Missouri was personally In
terested In n lawsuit being a party
thereto It was necessary for him to
make un allldnvlt aud he deprecated
the Idea of making It before another
Justice or n notary and depriving him
self of a fee So he filled out his alii
davit swore to It befofo himself sign
ed It ns Justice nud ns witness and
awaited developments lie was sure
that ho would win nUll thus bo able to
tax tho costs up to the other side
When the case cane up before Judge
Kelley the nfildavlt was offered In evi
deuce and promptly objected to the
reason being given that a Justice could
not swear himself
Let me see the nllldavlt Mid Judge
IIt was handed up to the Judge who
scanned It carefully for n few mo
ments and then asked
Mr Beuslcy will you kindly tell me
how you appeared before yourself
when you swore yourself and Identified
your own signature
That was very easy your honor
replied Ben sIc I borrowed a look
Ing glass and went through the formali
ties before It
Beasley was somewhat astonished
when Judge Kelley sustained tho ob
Jcctlon Omaha WorldHerald
An Awful Mlilmp
Two passengers on an Atlantic liner
one an American and the other an Eng
lishman did not exchange the farewell
courtesies when the steamer reached
her pier usual between voyagers who
have occupied adjoining staterooms
and hobnobbed during nn ocean roy
age A plausible explanation was
vouchsafed by the American
During the voyage the Englishman
persisted In fraternizing with the
American In n most obtrusive and an
noying manner Within two days of
Boston the Englishman one morning
hunted up the American and found him
In apparent despondency gazing sea
ward from the hurricane deck
Confounded blue this morning old
chap Whats the matter And the
Britisher slapped his companion on the
Matter enough growled the Amer
ican Ships lost captain dont know
which way to steer Iorgot to wind
the compass last night
The Englishman listened with mouth
agape then rushed off to tell his friends
of the consequential mishap Evident
ly the gullible Britisher was pushed
along for somo time until ho found
everybody guying him Boston Post
lie Knew Ilnyfalr
The manager of the phosphate mine
was a Scotchman tall big boned with
the strongest Glasgow Doric In his
tongue At llrst he was obdurate and
desired us to leave the ground and 10
drop the specimens which we had
taken before ho appeared At last I
addressed him In good Scotch and ask
ed him wliPthcr he thought I was a
mining adventurer Aye thats Just
what ye arc
No I replied I am a Scotch pro
Then If yo are yoll be bavin a
nameMy name I said Is Playfalr
Man said my Scotch friend aro
ye Lyon Playfalr
I assured him I was but expressed
surprise that ho knew the name to
which ho replied looking from his 0 I
feet 2 Incite with compassion on my
5 feet 4 Inches Hoot mon yer names
traveled farther than yer wee legs will
ever carry yeLctters of Lyon Play
Caught the Cal
Peter the Great was once very neatly
caught In a trap by a Jester attached
to tho court The Jester was noted foi
his cleverness In getting himself and
his friends out of difficulties It hap
pened one day that a cousin of his had
Incurred the czars displeasure and
was about to be executed The latter
therefore presented himself before his
imperial mrjcsty to beg for a reprlov
On seeing him approach the czar ui
vining his crand cried It Is no good
to como her I swear I will not grant
what you arc going to ask
Immediately tho Jester went down
on his knees saying I beseech your
Imperial highness to put that scamp
cousin of mlno to death
The czar thus caught In his own
trap could only laugh and pardon the
condemned man Columbian
I want to let people who suffer from
rheumatism and sciatica know that
Chamberlains Pain Balm relieved me
after a number of other medicines and a
doctor bad failed It is the best lini
ment I bays ever known J A Dod
gen Alpbaretti Ga Thousands bave
been cured of rheumatism by this reme
dy One application relieves the pain
For sale by A R Fisher Olovorport j
R A Shellman Stepheneport
Ire stead Caine
Whllo Hall Calno was In this coun
try several I years ago tho Aldlne club
of New York city dined him Among
those Invited to meet Mr Caino was
ono of the most popular of our Amen
can authors Soon after tho dinner be
gan dinner cards began to circulate
With requests for autographs The
author In question whispered to his
Im going to send my card np to Mr
Calno as soon as I can for I am down
for a speech later on and I want to be
able to say that Ivo read something
that Caine has written New York
Mall and Express
Home Manner
The young wifes ideals begin to be
battered when sho sees her husband
put his feet on tho best chair Phlla
delphI Record
Dr Bulls Cough Syrup banishes at
one aU Corm of Ihrott dlseaies and Mwayi ef
Cectaa permanent cur This woodrial remedy
has CURd thousands of sufferers from bronchltlt
hoartentsi and other bronchial trouble
Nazi Conkllne nnd Curtis
It Is to be suspected tbnt somo of
Tom Nasts wittiest work with his
marclous pencil was printed not
published was Intended Dimply to
gratify his frltmtls ami never met tho
eyes of the general public Nut long
ago lit loolng oer the album of u
lady who for years was a social leader
at Washington I came ncross a con
tribution of Nnsts which was as ef
teethe In Its way ns any of tho car
toons which have mado his name fa
lie wanted to Impress upon the lady
that Washington life had been too
much for him anti did so by drawing
n capital full length picture of himself
as he npptarotl walking along the ave
nue What gave tho picture point and
rendered It Irresistible was the fact
that the back of his head was where
his face ought to lieIn other words
Washington had turned Ma head
I suppose the politicians still recall
Roscoe Conkllngs famous allusion to
the great cartoonist In his Rochester
speech dedicated to George William
Curtis Mr Curtis at tho time was tho
editor of Harpers Weekly a position
which he had held for many years In
the course of his philippic Mr Colliding
took occasion to refer to The Weekly
and although Mr Curtis sat listening
to him ho described It simply as tho
paper made famous by the pencil of
SastNew York Mall and Express
Trngedlen of the Grand Cnnjon
Tragic stories are told of men who
have lost their lives In tho search for
precious metals which may lie hidden
or uncovered says Harriet Monroe In
The Atlantic Tho great primeval
flood cut Its broad V through all the
strata of rock with all their veins of
metallic ore down to the earliest
shapeless mass leaving In Its wake the
terraced temples antI towers which
seem to Intro been planned by some
architect of dlvlucst genius to guard
their Inaccessible treasures till the end
of time Anti the river rising far to
the north among mountains rich In
mineral has been washing for ages
tho sands away and depositing thus
gold anti silver and lend In the still
crevices of the Inaccessible chasm
Hero the earth laughs at her human
master and bids him find her wealth
if he dare nnd bear It away If he can
A young California who accepted tho
challenge and set forth upon the turgid
water to sift Its santls for gold never
emerged with his hapless men to tell
the story of his search Only near the
brink of the cleft are a few miners
burrowing for copper and sending their
ore up to the rim on tho backs of hardy
burros ns who should prick tho moun
tain with a pin or measure the ocean
with a cup
Got the Correct Time
Jake Foster was for many years one
of tho characters of Oregon Mo ITo
drove tho hack between Oregon and
Forest City and was known to every
man woman and child In Holt county
Oregon Is three miles from tho railroad
and for many years was not connected
with any other town by either tele
graph or telephone One morning Rob
ert Montgomery hailed Foster as tho
hack started for Forest City and said
Jake I wish you would get the cor
rect time at Forest My watch stopped
last night
All right Bob said Jake
When Jake returned from Forest ho
put up his team and walked around to
the bank where Montgomery presided
Stalking Into the bank Jake stepped
up to the window and laid down a
soiled bit of paper bearing tho figures
What Is that asked Montgomery
In astonishment
That replied Jake Is tho correct
time at Forest Omaha WorldHer
Lungs and Long Life
One of the most remarkable cases of
longevity on record was that of an
Englishman born In 1483 whoso deli
cato appearance made all the doctors
give him up when he was In the era
die His chest was so narrow says
the report that ho seemed to havo
difficulty in breathing Well this
young moribund condemned by the
doctors to dlo In short order died In
1051 at the age of 109 He saw the
reign of ten kings
Secuudl lange consul of Venice at
Smyrna measured only 57 centimeters
around the chest and ono of his lungs
was diseased Nevertheless ho lived
to tho ago of 113 years Ho was mar
ned five times and had 40 children
When be was 100 years old be got his
wisdom teeth When he was 110 his
hair turned black again At 112 his
eyebrows and his beard turned black
Old People Made Young
J O Sherman the veteran editor of
the Vermontville Mich Echo has
discovered the remarkable secret of
keeping old people young For Years
he has avoided Nervousness Sleepless
nest Indigestion Heart trouble Const
pation and Rheumatism by using Eltc
trio Bitters and he writes It cant be
praised too highly It gently stimulate
the kidneys tones the stomach aids di
gestlon and gives a splendid appetite
It has worked wonders for my wife and
me Its a marvelous remedy for old
peoples complaints Only SOc at
Short Haynes drug store
Office In Roar of Moorman II Owens
Drag Store
Guarantees satisfaction in all kinds
of Dental work
First Term of Five Months Begins September 4 1899
InstructorsPractical thorough and enthusiastic men
and women No school in this section of the State offers
superior inducements
Primary 1 75 per month I
Intermediate 2 i OII
Preparatory 3 20 monthI I
Teachers 3 20II
For further information and catalogue address
D S ROBERTS Jr A B President
G28J Fourth St Louisville Ky
The great remedy for nervous prostration and all diseases ot tho generative
organs of cither BOX such as Nervous Prostration Falling or Lost Maud
Impotency Nightly Emissions Youthful Errors Mental worry ojtpcmlvo v9
> 5 order we miarantco to euro or refund the money Sold at tll00 per box
0 boxes for 500 UK MOTTS CHEMICAL CO Cleveland Ohio
I For sale by Short Haynes Druggists Cloverport Ky II
New York Dental Parlors
We bave the largest and beat equipped
Cental Office couth of the Ohio River
We were the first to reduce the price
of Dentistry to bring it within the reach
of All
Teeth Extracted25c
Filled with Amalgam5Oc
Filled with Gold and Platinum Al
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Best Set of Teeth no Better made
Old Plates Repaired and made as good
I as new
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We are the only dentists in the city
who extract Your teeth and replace them
with temporary teeth same day
Sundays from 8 a m till 12 oclock
Lady always in attendance
Registered Poland China Swine
The herd II headed by Commodore Sampon
16J8 a IOn of King Trenton IS6S the greatest
prize wIoniis Ioland Chla Sing living or dead
Commodore bampson Is a duplicate of bhceie
I brated tire and we can truthfully say without
casting any reflection on llreckenridge county
that wo never expected to tee aa grand a bred
bog orso fine an individual within her borders
We tell no how records Hut we can tell aged
sowigiht boars ready for service spring and
fall plll that will pl ss you Cheap for quality
of stock Call on or address
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PronotM a luurUBt tmrth
fever Jails to xtoe Ors
rut to Its Youthful Oem
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indium a
Scientific 5320 per month
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II Music 3 50
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Brandenbu rg K
Every Wednesday and Thursday nfter theil
Fourth Monthly in Each Month
Difficult work such as Bridges and Crowns a specialty
cb xj XX X1
The matt centrally located and only
first clan hotel In the city malting a
faoo rate
Only one block from the principal
shopping district and two blocks from
the principal theatres
Street cart past the door to all parts
of the city
Everything neat and clean
HONEST per ons to represent ns at Mint
lIen In thl and close by counties Salary 100 a
year and expenses Straight bona fide no more
no leu salary Iotltlon permanent Our refer
ence any bank In any town It Is mainly office
work conducted 4t home Reference Enclose
selfaddresMd stamped envelope TUB DOMINION
COM ANT Dept 3 Chicago
AND rnL lljJlYI
xv jjxt v OJxixwaa PXXIXA
Livi11i t an vanilla
Packet Line
Fast Mail Line Between
Louisville and Evansville
F Hi RYAN Matter WA BISHOP Porter
D L PENNY Master L T CONNER Purser
Daily except Sunday between Louisville and
New Amsterdam
Freight shipped by this line delivered quicker
than by rail
Travelers will find the steamers are unsur
passed In equipment and accommodations The
best culinary are employed at cooks and the
menu It equal to that of the but hotels
Louisville General offices 170 and 17S Fourth Avenue
LouisvilleD SY
I SuperintendentW
Qweneboro Ky
Shorthand Penmanship Etc taught
Full course 21 cash or you ran pay
nooks ani blanks r UL The principal ol this schoo
Is the author ofthe LEADING system ot bookkeeping
which is used in THOUSANDS of public and private
schools including the public schools ol New York
and other large cities The LEADING system ol
Shorthand It I taught Students fr im every State
You caD graduate in your leAst TINS bOiL ever 10
little iradulN uitsftd U I petitions SriciAL
3252 Weit Jefferson St Loultvlllo K
Tv s tr Millar fi ut TTUMS Hft4
tt rilTOBT IRIIM test than onethlnt
1 the tiThe charged by othtrt and WE
aUAGuu To1ihaJI Pfi5t1ji Say
wnesosryonwIsn our rnl Tl or our IQ a
755 KmnUI KlulU Trau llluitntM above cut this
ror and MndtouswlUiOllt imui nuciumi
tt your lIIsbS WIit A5 s how lone you have beta
ruptured whether rupture Is Urge or small alwtute 1
number Inches around the body on a line with the
rapture sal whether ruptnral on right or left aid
and we win tend either truH to r with the under
standing If II U Ml a ptrfMI It J teul u tram Ust
rtltll tt three tinea our prlreyouean return Ii and we
MM Including the lew tlooo Lo Trw
thitesm 11 I s 54 wk11 5 r
HONEST persons to represent ui at Mana
ger In thli and close by counties Salary 19 0 a
year and expcntta Straight bonafi Jt no more
no 118 salary Position pemunent Our refer
eneei any bank In any town It Is mainly office
work conducted at home Deference Enclose
I selfaddressed stamped envelope Tits DOMINION
Gout ANY Dept 3 Cbgcigo

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