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+ + + + tllI litlIIllllllltf IIII11111111111111
TTTTTTTT + w + v 4F
iTTTTTTTT The thp lote Topp
opI I
Leo Xlll vat ID psotJcnllf per
tt hCvIfS + PP hero > PB no I
i > rnnM > lllt tlt his DrliHnnt reign
I Would be So oor Cl shoi bv the grim
reaper the pnntllf l rcinnV d lo a Irl
ous cont1III1t1t1I with JUher Perosl l
the Hallo ii priest whose musical com
positions have matte him famous the
world over tint he was convinced fhnt
hte successor would be Cnrdlnnl Sarto
the patriarch of Venice Vhon the
recent conclave went Into sewlon there
seemed little probability that I Leos
propfcecy would be fulfilled for Ham
polln seemed to have an almost com
inamllng lend among the members of
the college of cardinal with Orcglln
Gottl and Sernnno VnnnutcllI as strong
possibilities Besides these there were
several others who were thought to be
likely candidates In case the rivalry
among the lenders should become so
intense as to make the election of any
one of them Impossible But Sartos
nnme was scarcely mentioned except
among the most reverent who remem
bered the prediction of Pope Leo and
I those who were mindful of the popu
larlty In the Catholic church of Cnrdl
nol Sarto which by many was regard
ed as being second not even to
that of Leo himself Cardinal Snrto
now Pope Plus X evidently did not
seriously consider himself as one of the
papablll for the evening before his
election he declared In speaking to a
friend who had suggested that he
might be the next pope that when he
started for Home from Venice he had
Ff d TTT WIw loo7llJIZIII
nature beloved by many millions of
people It Is certain Unit no prelate
would have n more enthusiastic sane
tion from the laity
Pope Plus X Is sixtyeight years
old He was born at Rlese In the prov
ince of Venice and was educated In
the Saleslan institute at Cottolenso
founded by the famous Dom Bosco He
was always of n serious turn of mind
and when a young man his rector said
to him that he had never been a
Cardinal Sarto was not discovered
until he had reached middle age lIe
was n parish priest in the province of
Venice for the most of his years and
finally became a bishop His high exI I
ecutive qualities and unexcelled learn
ing became known soon after hIs ell
ration and were recognized by the nu
thorities of the church It wits not
until 1803 that he was created a cardi
nal at which time he was also named
as patriarch of Venice Thus the
modest but able parish priest became
the head of the province In which he
had served so many years In a lowly
position Ills selection was made by
the consistory of 1803 which was com
plIed to sue the throne for the prlvl
lege of installing him as patriarch of
Venice In return for this concession
which was made through Premier
CVIspl the church appointed an ecclesi
astical vicar apostolic In northeastern
Africa to assist the premier In his pet
scheme of extending the African colo
Cardinal Sarto had not been in otllce
r r I i F 1 i F ITITITI
Mi availability was coinmentwl upon
by the really thoughtful writers more
frequently than that of any other car
dinal As an example a special cor
respondent of a prominent American
dolly last April wrote as follows to his
paper concerning Cardinal Sarto and
the papacy
It Is Cardinal Gutscpi Sarto the
patriarch of Venice the friend and
patron of Abbe Perosl I the composer
who Is at the present moment regard
ed not only throughout Italy but like
wise In the principal capitals of Eu
rope as destined to become the next
pope So little has been heard of him
until now in connection with the papal
succession that he may be regarded In
the light of a dark horse In the race
which Is perhaps due to the fact that
he rarely goes to Home that he has
never been a resident of the Eternal
City and that from the time of his be
Ins appointed vicar general I of the die
cese of Trevlso until now he has held
steadily aloof from nil the projects of
the curia
The vast majority of the Italian car
dinals and especially those who form
I IllS part of the curia are established
In the Eternal City have won their
promotion to the sacred college as
members of the diplomatic service of
the papacy rather than as priests And
when a prelate has spent the greater
portion of his life In diplomacy and
has found It the stepping stone to high
honors It naturally leaves him at the
close of his career as representative of
the Vatican abroad with a greater
r I
bought a return ticket Hut the unex
pected has happened and Leos pre
diction hns been fulfilled Cardinal
Snrto la Pope Plus X nnd the Kouian
Catholic church Is satisfied that the
progress made during the reign of
Leo XIII Is to be continued and per
haps amplified under the administra
lion of the present pontiff
Pope Leos prediction was considered
remarkable by reason of the fact that
because of Sartos position with refer
ence to a modus vlvendi between the
church and the state he seemed to be
on that important point directly op
posed to Leo For Instance Cardinal
Sarto publicly announced his Joy when
there were strong probabilities of a
union between church nnd state nnd
his accession to the pontificate has long
been regarded In certain quarters as
the solution of the Roman problem so
long unsolved and so long u cause oC
d llen lon over all Italy to say nothing
of Its bearing upon the attitude of oth
t > r Catholic countries Cardinal Sarto
Ja noted for his prudence baring never
r meddled with politics and for extreme
I independence He In also a patron of
tie arts find launched Father Lorenzo
Perottl the celebrated priest composer
The cardinal Is recognized as one of
be most learned men In the church
le is u stickler for the exact truth as
etween than church and the people and I
ton much r uown some years ago by
estroylng certain relics of doubtful
utbenticUy He brings to his high
dice a character of most attractive
nodesty unusual energy In the dlrec
totfof matters large and small the
talents of a fine administrative officer
ind the first qualities of an organizer
n addition to his abilities and his un
oubted Christian character the car
teal la from the sweetness of his
more than a year before he publicly de
dared for a union between church and
state speaking In no uncertain way
Ills utterances created a great sensa
tion and It was felt that he might have
offended the holy father by the fervor
of his words Apparently he received
the silent approbation of the pope In
whose estimation he ever held a firm
It was said at the time that Cardinal 1
Sarto made his public announcement
that the Austrian and Prussian ambas
sadors at the Vatican were endeavor
fill to Induce the papal authorities to
agree to a modus vlvendi Emperor
Francis Joseph Is reported to have
written several letters to the pope with I
this end In view nnd Emperor William
of flermany Is said to have been equal
ly anxious to bring about an under
standing between the Vatican and the
Italian government
For more than three decades a gulf
has yawned between the rival palaces
of king and pope n gulf material and
political For thirtyfive years since I
the Italians battered down the massive
walls near the old Portn Pia < nniost
njen and noble women pf all pnres
have been dreaming and hoping that
the mighty breach between victors and
vanquished might In some way be
It was said of Pope Leo that In 1878
when he hnd list succeeded 111 ph n u
IX be lodged I for some amicable ar
rangement 1 with the Italians but If
he did reasons rf state outweighed his
private wish Tie was silent and thus
pledged himself to the no compromise
It Is strange that while Sarto was
never seriously considered by tho pub
lie at Urge or by the ordinary press
correspondents as a papal probability
a 13
leaning toward statecraft than toward
the administrative nnd doctrinal duties
of hlq office at Home Many persons
declare that it is Imperative that the
next pontiff should be a prelate who
wonld devote his entire energies to re
forms of nn administrative and eco
n mle character and likewise to the
more rigid enforcement of the doc
trines and discipline of the church
Cardinal Sarto the patriarch of Yen
ice Is the man of all others who fills
these requirements lie Is probaby
the most able ndmlnstrator of the Ital
Inn episcopacy combines firmness and
I determination with abundant tact and
common sense tumid has managed to in
stitute a number of very practical rev
I forms In his archdiocese of Venice
I without giving offense either to the cler
gy or to the laity He avoids all news
I paper notoriety Indeed his name la
rarely mentioned in the press He has
i always understood how to maintain
nil agreeable yet dignified modus vl I <
vend with the Italian authorities
I from whom he derives his stipend and
limas shown his enlightenment by tho
I vigorous campaign which he has car
rued on against the veneration of teller
of questionable authenticity He Is on
friendly t rmn with the members of
the reigning house of Italy during the
late reign took part with King Hum
bent fid Queen Mnrgherltu In the
launching of a manofyrnr at Ven
ice as well as In other state
ceremonies at which they were
present and would certainly be a
most agreeable choice OB pope to
the present ruler of Italy lie U I Just
sixtyeight years old which will be In
his favor In the eyes of the conclave
since as n general rule that number of
years constitutes a guarantee that the
pontificate will not be of undue length
A beautiful Georgia Girl Vice
President of the Eaat End Palmetto
Club of Savannah and prominent
socially there relates the following
You certainly have pro
suffering women that there
is to be had in the country
I want to recommend it es
pecially to mothers I was
seventeen years old when my
darling boy was born Felt
very exhausted and weak for a
long time and it seemed I could
not get my strength back My
sisterinlaw bought me a bottle
of Dr Pierces Favorite Pre
scription after I had tried sev
eral of the other remedies which
are so much
advertised and
found no re
lief I had
little faith in
the medicine
at the time
and was so
weak and sick
that I felt dis
couraged but
within a week
after I had
taking your
11 Prescription
I was like a
different wom
an New life
and vitality
seemed to
come with
each succeed
ing day until
in a few weeks
I was in fine health
and a happy hearty
woman My boy is
now two years old
r splendid
did medicine I am enjoy
ing perfect health If at
any time I feel tired or in
need ofa tonic a few doses of
yourIt Favorite Prescription
recuperates me at once My
address is No 5I I Jones Street
East Savannah Ga
To Dr R V Pierce
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Beauty of Health
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Very much depends on the condition
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These should perform their functions
regularly and be free from those
weakening influences so often con
nected with life in the city
Dr R V Pierce after making a
specialty of womans diseases finally
found a prescription whose ingre
dients were entirely of vegetable ori
gin which had a inarvelous effect on
i There will laP an oldfa him d VmrJiocue at the
An old fashioerd barbecue is something everybody advertises but few > ee it after it is i iidver F
2 tiled We propose to live up to our advertisement and give the people something good in return
3 for their money Wo have employed one of the best cooks in the county to prepare our meats o
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W L NOEL J L I ISO 1E Proprietors t
Potent Pill Pleasure
The pills that are potent in their ac
tion and pleaannt in effect are PeWitts
Little Early Risers W S Phi I pot of
Albany Gi siy D irlus H bilion
I at uck I took one Small KM it WItH It
did ine more gool than u loaiel blue
I mass or any other pills I ever took
Rut the same time it effected ui pitas
sently Little Burly Risers nre certain
J ly un ideal pillSold by all Druggists
The nights are cool without damp
ness from dews The air is pure with
out undue moisture There is no ex
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N01 1 111010011 11N01011 1111111 111101 01N0
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6 + + + + + i + + + +
< < + <
THEi t
i I Fifth Avenue
1 Louisville Ky
w = w > > > I
the organs peculiar to women He
found it also had a good tonic effect
on the whole system this he used
in his private practice with such
favorable results that he finally de
cided to put it up in patent medi
cine form some thirtyfive years
ago and since that time it has en
joyed the largest wile of any medi
cine put up for women only It is
entirely vegetable and Dr Pierce
gives his absolute guarantee that it
contains no alcohol t opium or other
harmful narcotics The trouble with
many tonics put up for the public is
that they depend upon alcohol for
their stimulating effect this is some
thing Dr Pierce han always felt was
bad practice harmful and a poor bus
iness policy if not absolutely wrong
The Sisters of the Good Shepherd
at their convent Our Lady of the
Woods Carthage 0 use a great
deal of Dr Pierces medicines they
say in a recent letter to Dr Pierce
We beg to assure you of the great
benefit these medicines give our ail
ing ones We cannot sufficiently
recommend their excellence
Favorite Prescription cures the
womanly diseases which undermine
the general healthwhich make the
e es and cheeks hollow 1 and the body
thin Weak trid sick women are
invited to consult Dr Pierce by
letter in strict confidence Address
Dr R V PIFRCK Buffalo N Y
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of Doctor
I Pierces Gammon Sense
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Ii i
w > v W

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