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A Sewing Chair Thats That and
Lots More
Amusements For Children on an Ocean
VoyageSummer Window Shades
That Make For Coolness A Delicious
Lemonade That Is Little Known
Dear Mabel New York became BO
Intolerably hot that we just rushed
down to Belle Harbor one Saturday
afternoon not long ago and luckily
found a charming cottage which had
not been rented so we took It and at
the present moment Im sitting on the
porch with a glorious view of the
v ocean In front of me for you must
vSJ know that Belle ll arbor Is only an
hours ride from town and right on
the ocean Well the chair that Im
occupying Is one of the Joys of my
life and I stumbled across It quite un
expectedly In a department shop last
week It Is called n sewing chair but
It has many other uses At first glance
you would take It for an ordinary
rocking chair with the peculiarity of
having solid sldfrs but when these
sides which are hinged at the seat
are let down Its other uses are well
understood These sides become trans
formed Into broad arms on which you
may lay your sewing or use your writ
Ing pad as Im doing now Except for
unusual work these arms are as good
as a table But Im not half through
with the attractions of the chair for
you can take the rockers off when you
want It to be stationary and fold them
up and the chair will rest firmly on
Its four legs What do you think of
that for a stunt piece of furniture
Gift For the Traveler
Dorothy D went abroad last week
and I made her such a pretty little
steamer present one that I found so
useful the last time 1 crossed Its a
simple portfolio made of gray canvas
with a single large pansy for
thoughts worked on the cover To
make the portfolio all that Is neces
sary are two pieces of cardboard the
desired size These are covered with
the canvas and lined with violet silk
The two materials 1 overcast together
aU round the edges With u hinge of
ribbon the portfolio Is complete Oh
res I forgot to say that on the re
verse side of the cover I embroidered
Dorothys monogram and that two rib
bons passed around the portfolio are
tied to keep the contents secure I
used my case for preserving prints and I
drawings while traveling
And talking of gifts when children
travel a few well chosen presents will
keep them happy It really takes very
little to amuse children A box of
gifts to last through the duyh of ocean
voyage can be arranged that may make
all the difference between a pleasant
and a disagreeable trip to both mother
and child Such a box was recently
got up for some children by a friend
of mine The outside box of goner
ous proportions was tied about with
n silk Hag for the youthful traveler
particularly If fie Is a boy wonts
to haunt the stars and stripes on all
patriotic occasions Each small box
put into the large one was numbered
with directions as to when it was to
be opened and how its contents were
to be used For Instance Box No 1
contained peppermints to be opened
after the first meal on board Box
Vo 2 had an exciting deck game to
be opened the next afternoon A
morning gift was a tablet and a set
of colored crayons Another gift was
a set of bean bags made of blue linen
marked with the owners Initials A
game of cards with the pictures of tho
masterpieces In art was a helpful gift
An outfit for maklntr minor lowers i
was a very suitable gift for the girl of
the party and to one of the boys Juat
learning to tell the time n dollar watoL
was given
Older little people frequently get
restless on long trips For them was
a box of candy made doubly sweet by
writing some little personal messages
and humorius sayings on bits of paper
and wrapping them around the bon
bons And what child would not love
to receive u pretty box containing n
fountain pen a boolaof stamps a few
special delivery stamps postal cards
and paper wrappers Little red leath
I er record books would not come amiss
I either as the young traveler would
feel most Important when making
notes of the trip And what fun It
would be to read such notes written
by a child of an Imaginative mind
The Double Shade
I think It so queer that more house
keepers do not know about double
Guides that art to bo had fur win
lows In summer they are particular
y desirable They are not wonderful
ly I new but as I have just hinted
very few women know of their ex
istence Most women who want to
keep out the glare of the summer sun
yet have attractive window effects
from tho Inside use two sets of shades
the dark green ones hanging next the
window to keep out the sun and the
white ones next the room over which
to hang curtains of cool looking net or
muslin This is bunglesome and un
necessary as it Is possible to buy
shades that are green on the outside
and white or cream on the inside or if
you want the dark side next the win
dow they can be made In this way
Mother has just brought me a glass
of frog lemonade You never heard
of It Probably not Its a southern
drink that Is perfectly delicious and I
know youll bless me one of these hot
days If I give you the recipe Take u
large punch bowl put In u pound of
sugar three quarts of water the juice
of two dozen lemons and one of pine
apple and add two bottles of seltzer
water Mix all well Add a dozen or
so rljjy strawberries t chcrHcg and
thin slices of pineapple and lemon If
not sweet enough add more sugar
When thoroughly mixed add a large
sqnjm gX icy iiml let the mixture get
very before serving Fill the
glasses one quarter full of crushed Ice
and fill up with the lemonade adding
with It some of the fruit This Is I a
very generous quantity but the pro
portions could bo easily reduced
Yours devotedly MABEL
Belle Harbor N Y
I Napoleons Qrlt
was of the unconqurable never saydie
kind the kind that you need most when
you have a bad cold cough or lung dis
ease Suppose troches cough syrups
cod liver oil or doctors have all failed
dont lose heart or hope Take Dr
Kings New DIscuvtrv Satisfaction is
guaranteed when used forauy throat or
lung trouble It has saved thousands of
I hopeless luuguifferers It masters stub
born colds obstinate coughs hemmor
hages lagrippe croup asthma hay
fever and whooping cough and is the
most safe and certain remedy for all I
bronchial affections 50c f 100 Trial
bottle free at Severs Drug Co
A New Reason
Annette aged three has two very
talkative little sisters and sometimes
she finds It dltllcult to make herself
heard at the table One day when the
others hud been monopolizing the con
versation longer than she liked An
nette raised her finger with a warning
gesture and whispered half aloud
Everybody keep still My footn
nsleep Delineator
Stops earache in two minutes tooth
ache or pain of burn or scald in five
minutes hoarseness one hour niuscle
ache two hours sore throat twelve
hourFDr Thomas Elcctic Oil mon
arch over pain
liMy Wife
Call her that wont you whenever
you speak of her My wife That
has a good strong true ring that does
the soul good So many men speak of
her as she thinks this or that
The woman who never gets higher
In the mind of her husband than she
never holds a very close relation to the
great world about her She stays In
the home she does all that comes to
her to do faithfully and well she lives
and loves and wears soul and body out
and never is known outside this little
round save by Him who sees and
knows us all to the very hearts core
But my wife There she goes now
1B1S151l f1IA1 tIJiI IfJif1E1
Princeton Institute Collegiate I
Established 50 years College Preparatory jind Acade
mic courses Faculty from the best universities Special
care and training given younger students Illustrated cats
logue sent on application Address
IDA M TAYLOR Principal
ICured I
Cured by Lydia E Pink
I hams Vegetable Compound
Baltimore DidFor four years
my life rag n misery to me I suffered
from irregulari
ties terrible drag
ginS sensations
extreme nervous
ness and that all
gone feeling in my
stomach I had
given up hope of
ever being well
when I bean to
take Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable
Compound Then
I felt as though
nets life had been
given me and I am recommending it
to all my friendsMrs W S FORD
2207 W Franklin St Baltimore Md
The most successful remedy in this
country for the cure of all forms of
female complaints is Lydia E Pink
hams Vegetable Compound It has
stood the test of years and today is
more widely and successfully used than
any other female remedy It has cured
thousands of women who have been
troubled with displacements inflam
mation ulceration fibroid tumors ir
regularities periodic pains backache
that bearingdown feeling flatulency
indigestion and nervous prostration
after all other means had failed
If you are suffering from any of these
ailments dont give up hope until you
have given Lydia E Pinkhams Vege
table Compound a trial
If you would like special advice I
write to Mrs Piiilclmiu Lynn
Mass for it She has guided
thousands to health free of
chnrc o
Queen of the home she loves so well
and graces so beautifully Her place
is warm in the heart ofthe man who
honors her with this the only title she
ever should have applied to her
My wife She is part and parcel of
every farm operation She is the
woman of her husbands consuel and his
guide his stay in times of trouble and
his helper always and everywhere
She holds his hands when storms come
and cheers him in all the dark ways of
sorrow She is trusted because she
trusts She finds her real joy of living
in the sunshine of her husbands pre
sence My wife is honored by her little
ones Sheoh the pity of the word
If it could only be blotted out and in its
place be written that better and dearer
and sweeter name wife
You love your wife dont you 01
course you do She is the one for whom
you would do most and strive most and
live most Then give her the most
beautiful of nameswife Farm
Most disfiguring skin eruptions f cro
fula pimples rashes and etc are due
to impure blood Burdock Blood Bitters
is a cleansing blood tonic Makes you
cleareyed clearbrained clearskinned
Household Hints
Do you know hat coffee stains even
when there Is cream In the coffee can
be removed from the most delicate silk i
ur woolen fabrics by brushing the apots
I with pure glycerin IJInse In luke
warm water and press on the wrong
side until quite dry The glycerin nb
sorbs both the coloring matter and the
Do you know If a cloth Is wetted In
vinegar and wrung out as dry as pos
sible with the hands and wrapped
around cheese and then the whole put
In u large paper big and kept in a
cool place the cheese will retain the
moisture and freshness of a newly cut
cheese and will not mold
Do you know that In peeling apples
the brown satin that generally appears
on peeled slices can be avoided by set
ting each slice as it is peeled in a basin
of cold water Thus no contact with
the air Is possible and the stain Is
avoidable The water draws out the acids and i
there is a sacrifice of flavor to color if
this plan Is used and the apples arc
soaked too long Any discolored slices
will turn white again if rubbed with
a piece of lemon
Do you know that sometimes the
most careful washing will not remove
tho flavor and odor of food from tho
utensil In which It was cooked
This is frequently the case with fish
onion cabbage etc but there is a
remedy which may be a little trouble
and yet is well worth trying After
any of these articles have been cooked
wash the utensil well with soap and
water Then nearly fill It with cold
voter and for each quart of water add
one tablespoonful of dissolved washing j
Place on the fire and let the woterI I
get boiling hot Now pour the water I
into the sink Rinse the utensil with
clean water and on wiping it dry it
will be found perfectly sweet
Election May Be Contested
Louisville Ky July 23A count of
the votes cant In the local option elec
tion ehoyfs that the city of Fulton
Ky went dry by tie narrow margin of
seventeen votes Leaders of thethlgh
license forces have not yet decided
whether to contest the election t iatb
cqJr aiI
4sst a etst AM r
As well us every business man should have a bank account
Because Your money is safer in the bank than anywhere else
U lxCauatC Paying your bills by check is the simplest and most convenient method
Your cluck becomes a voucher forthe debt it pays
It gives you a better standing with business men
IYour I in the bank strengthens your credit
A bank account teaches helps and encourages you to save
This bank does all the bookkeeping
Your bank book is a record of your business
I To those desiring Banking Connections with an Old Established Bank we extend our services
The Bank of Hardinsburg Trust Co Hardinsburg Ky
Chairman of Ohio Republican
State Executive Committee
When sending a news item to this of
ficc please make it as brief as possible
so we can have room for all the news
Telephone us your locals and items of
interest Editor
Children Cry
The Coolingest
Place in Town
No matter how warm or
how tired you are you can sit in
our delightfully comfortable store
and get your choice ofa thousand re
freshing satisfying cooling drinks
Luscious sodas and sundaes in endless va i
riety prepared with the purest of syrups and ice
cream And we make a specialty of the everpopu
The drink that drives dull care away
Browns Confectionery Cloverport Ky
CoversI I
A Change In Furniture Covers
There Is a change In the materials
selected for loose summer coverings
for furniture The pale tans and grays
tluit have concealed or protected as
the case may be chairs and sofas for
n pvtnkji of years may have the quail
ty of ClIrI11tiil i t recommend them but
they wore certainly depressing
Now It N 1 the fashion to make Me
slip IOVPIH of pretty cretonnes not
necessarily light but In cool looking
greens mid browns softM > lnes and dull
pinks these are much prettier than
the linen mid will last an entlresum
pier without u visit to tlie laundry
WITH Dr Kings t f
New Discovery
FOR COUGHS 60oI amen
OLDS Trial Bottle Free
ft W W aolV4
INEWS I But They DO Much
They help to rent and sell real l estate rent rooms secure positions find good help in fact they
sell what is not wanted and find what is wanted
If you have a Small Business and Want More Business
Try a Breckenridge News Want Ad J
Tho fact that they are helping many others of our readers is good proof that one would help youfi
Write C11 or Telephone
If not convenient to leave your ads at The Jfeis 6 < fice telephone them to 46 We witeli you
0 youthe
6 t JF t f r P

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