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Democratic Candidate For lional Theorists txperimcnl t
tho PoliticalNew
New Jersey Conditions
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000 000
P SON of Irlticcton university Is
being boomed for governor of
New Jersey ns u preliminary to
his nomination ns the Democratic can
dldntc for president That Is the lat
est big political fact that has chnl
lenged the notice of the American peo
The sponsors of Wilsons boom for
president and therefore of his candl
dacy for governor arc said to be ex
Senator James Smith of New Jersey
Roger 0 Sullivan of Illinois and Colo
eel George Harvey editor of Harpers
Weekly The announcement was made
after President Wilson had been In
conference at the Lawyers club in
New York
For all of these several reasons and
some others political wiseacres opine
that Wan street Is back ot the move
They recall that Colonel Harvey
fought Roosevelt that Roger Sullivan
was read out of the Democratic party
by Bryan and that ex Senator Jim
Smith hits long been regarded as a lit
tic brother of the trusts
However these things be the big pa
pers of the country arc taking Wood
row Wilsons candidacy for governor
of New Jersey seriously and If ho
should bo nominated and elected to
that office his candidacy for the presi
dency would bo more serious yet
Therefore he Is a factor to bo reckoned
with 1
Mentioned For 1908
It was in 1000 that Colonel Harvey
tlrst nominated Wilson for president
He threw it out as a mere brilliant
passing thought like so many of the I
Harvey suggestions but contrary to
his expectations and his experience
it caught on All sorts of letters
were received from nil sorts of cor
hrS of tho land approving the pro
posal For once in his life Colonel
Harvey had struck a popular chord
BO be kept on booming Wilson
True nothing came of It in 1008
Bryan wanted that nomination and
tho Democratic party wanted him to
have it Now apparently both Bryan
and the party have changed their
minds and there Is a chance for some
body else Why not Wilson says
Harvey so he tries for the delicious
experience of again striking the popu
bar chord But he has grown wiser in
the four years Ho has learned that
the American people demand in the
presidency a man ot some political ex
1orlence So he decides to try his can
didate in the governorship of New Ter
Boy and so qualify him for the bigger
Job At least to a man up a political
tree that looks like the psychology of
the proposition
Let us give Colonel Harvey due cred
it for one thing He has again caused
that coveted popular chord to vibrate
The talk of Wilson for governor is
blazing all over New Jersey and soon
the gossip of him for president will be
humming throughout the country
Wilson a Cleveland Democrat
Woodrow Wilson was the friend of
G rover Cleveland While the expresi
dent was at lecturer at Princeton the
two frequently discussed politics and
kindred topics Their views were In
lost accord both believing In lofty
stan hrds individual honesty and cour
age both being old school Democrats
iud both opposing Bryan Public nf
fiilrg are congenial topics with Dr WII
son for while his highest reputation
has been gained as an educator his
chief interest is political economy and
government Possibly that is because
he was born in Virginia or because ho I
once practiced law In Atlanta or it
JUay be due to temperament
Wilson is not only n political econo
mist but a historian some of whose
works have btouiue tel books Among
others ho is the author of Congres
sional Government which appeared
in 1835 and immediately gained him a
reputation as an original thinker The
State which came out in 18SO deal
lug with all branches ot constitutional
government Division and Reunion
covering American history from 1829
to 18SO Mere Literature and Other
Essays George Washington and a
History of the People of tho United
Most of these books are standard au
thoritles in colleges and all of them
show research scholarship and in
places brilliancy Division and Re
union while written from the view
point of the southerner reveals a
breadth and wholesome Americanism
that rob it of offense for northern read
Has Grasp of Events
In all his political and historical
writings Dr Wilson shows himself a
v fundamental Democrat with a pecul
iar laslght Into tho spirit and purposes
of the founders and builders of the
nation He is also a lecturer who
gpeqkq before popular assemblies as
well as before educational and scien
tific bodies His volco is said to re
semble that of Henry Ward Beecher
DF Wilson is fiftythree years of
ago and was graduated from Prince
ton at the ago of twentytwo Ho was
christened Tboraaff Woodrow and In
college was called Tommy but like
Graver Cleveland who was originally I
JStqphen Grover he amputated the
1 first name After leaving Prin eton
WHfion studied law in the Unlyi rsjty
t > i Virginia I iud prg pcea in < M aI I
for two ttr It WM trails In eord I
gnu that ho met and later married Miss
Ellen Louise Axson a belle of Sn
I From 1883 to 1881 he took n post
graduate course In Johns Hopkins
after which he became professor of
history and political economy at Bryn
Mawr He next held the same chair
Int Wesleyan university From 1800
to 1002 he was professor of Jurispru
dence and politics at Princeton While
In this position he was offered the
presidency of other colleges at an ad
vance of salary but preferred to re
main with his alum mater Since 1002
ho has been president of Princeton
Knows a Good Story
Despite the fact that he is n digni
fied educator Dr Wilson enjoys and
on occasion tells a good story Hero
Is one concerning his predecessor tho
late Dr McCosh
Wilson says that McCosh was known
to crack a Joke only once It was
Of the trusts he has said
The thing thai keeps water In
Mocks is secrecy If this hoard were
taken out of the sluiceway the water
would all run out and then people
would know what tluy t had loft
College Presidents In Public Office
We have hud much talk of the
scholar In politics but outside of
diplomatic positions and a few com
missions we have never placed a col
lege president In public olllcc Presi 1
dent Taft made Professor IL C I
Emery the head of the tariff board
and asked President Iladloy of Isle
to take first place on the commission
to look into stock watering James B
Angell Andrew D White and same
811meI I
elgu ambassadorships la < ob Gould
Schurman was on the Philippines com
mission but we never put the head of
a college at the head of the nation
There Is ono exception I believe as
James A Garfield In his youth had
been president of a small college
Why should we not draft the knowl
edge training and high Ideals of tho
teachers In our government service
For example why should not the train
ed political economist have sonic part
In the actual working out of the politi
cal economy of the nation If It be ob
jected that they are only theorists
then give them a chance to correct tho
defect by practical experience Both
the college and the government would
be the gainers the government In ex
ut an evangelical alliance attended by
ministers of various denominations
Dr McCosh was there us a Presby
terian The presiding officer n Bap
tist remarked
Brethren I presume that whatever
else our differences may be in denom
inational belief we can safely say that
the Apostles creed Is I a platform upon
which we can all stand
Thereupon Dr McCosh leaned over
to his neighbor the Methodist minis
ter and whispered In his rich Scotch
I should na care to descend into
hell with an Episcopalian
Hero is another good story that Dr
Wilson tells A long winded and an
cleat southern lawyer had been mak
ing a plea for three whole days The
judge became Impatient and In as io
lite n way as he could admonished him
to cut it short
And do you know says Dr Wilson
the old barrister declared that the
last four days of his argument were a
marvel of condensation
Recommended Own Portrait
A Princeton man now located in New
York relates the following anecdote of
a chance meeting with Dr Wilson
Going into Scrlbners bookstore one
morning this gentleman saw a smooth
faced middle aged man In glasses and
without a hat and naturally took him
for a clerk Woodrow Wilson had Just
been elected president of Princeton
and the former student wanted to find
out something about him Of tho sup
posed clerk he asked for some book by i
Wilson containing his portrait
There is no portrait of Wilson in
any of his books replied he of tho
glasses but if you will look in
here ho named a certain magazine
giving the month and yearyou will
find a fair likeness of him
Then picking up a hat he bowed and
went out
Do you know who that was asked
the mystified Princeton map of a real
clerk this time
Professor Woodrow Wilson was
Jhe answer
Here is one of Dr Wilsons mottoes
1 md jntJefld Ji boy to college to
lad < st i il education WSt I fm3 himself
pert knowledge and the college In nc
tutu i contact with affairs I
It Is in tills spirit that Woodrow
Wilsons friends urge him us a candi
date for governor of New Jersey with
the presidency of the United States In
the perspective Can he get It Well
Bob Davis of Hudson county mid Mm
Smith are both reported for him and
when these two get together something
usually happens As for the election
i but that is a different matter
Southwest Africa Properties Worth
50000000 to Germany
Germany has n bettor Investment In
her southwest African diamond Gelds
than has been supposed thinks Dr
Paul Rohrbach who has gone over the
ground thoroughly Dr Rohrbatb says
that eighteen months ago estimates of
from 25000000 to 550000000 as the
value of tho Luderltz buy properties
were dismissed as unduly optimistic
These properties Include all the claims
between the twentysixth degree of
south latitude and the Orange river
One of these claims which has an area
of 12000 acres and is in tho neighbor
hood of Luderltz bay will ho says
yield this year diamonds to a market
value of 25000000
This property has been worked su
perficially by tho same company for
two years and the results already ob
tamed and an investigation at deeper
levels fully Justify this forecast Other
claims hare not been worked so well
or so long as this but from his person
al experience Dr Rohrbach thinks
they too will pan out much better
than was expected
Negroes Own Virginia Bank
The negroes of Richmond Va have
established a bank with a capital
stock of 100000 The bank owns Its
own home a handsome building with
thirtyfive office rooms In addition to
the handsome quarters for the bank
Itself The officers and directors ire
nIl prosperous negroes who have mndp
their money In that city by industry
and thrift and have wisely saved Ii I
h jdited of wagtlnjf It
Women as Well as Men are Made HunUB
by Kidney and Bladder Trouble
Kidney trouble preys upon the mind
discourauesandlcsscusambition beauty
vigor and cheerful
ness soon disappear
when the kidneys tire
out of order or dis
cased Kidney trouble has
become so prevalent
that it is not uncom
mon for a child to be
born afflicted with
weak kidneys If the
child urinates too often if the urine scalds
the flesh or if when the child reaches an
age when it should be able to control the
passage it is yet afflicted with bedwet
ting depend upon it the cause of the diffi
culty is kidnpy trouble and the first
step should be towards the treatment of
these important organs This unpleasant
trouble is due to a diseased condition of
the kidneys and bladder and not to a
habit as most people suppose
Women as well as men are made miser
able with kidney and bladder trouble
and both need the same great remedy
The mild and the immediate effect of
SwampRoot is soon realized It is sold
by druggists in fifty
cent and onedollar
size bottles You may
have a sample bottle
by mail free also of J
pamphlet telling all i
abOUt SWMIlpKOOt lom CISw mpllool
including many of the thousands of testi
monial letters received from sufferers
who found SwampRoot to be just the
remedy needed In writing Dr Kilmer
Co Binghamton N Y be sure and
mention this paper Dont make any
mistake but remember the name Dr
Kilmers SwampRoot and the address
Plant One Or Two And Note The
Compfort The Afford They
Are A Cure For Vermin
A modest demand which every hog
would make if he knew how would be
for a scratching post Such posts in
the opinion of many hog growers are
not only a source of great comfort to
hogs the picture of a hog or a pig
scratching himself and softly grunting
his content is worth a couple of hours
of any mans time in fixing up a pig
post but the post moreover be made
useful in ridding the animals of lice or
scaly skin A successful Maryland hog
grower adopts this plan Firmly plant
in the hog run a hickory or oak post
four inches in diameter Coil a manila
rODe arouud the post as high as the
hog stands and staple it on securely
Then thoroughly saturate the rope with
crude petroleum and it becomes an
ideal scratching post for hogs and pigs
They will rub against it continually
and oil is fatal to vermin Kerostne
can be used but it evaporates too read
ily Washington D C Guy E Mit
Those PIes Of Boyhood
How delicious were the pies of boyhood
No pies now ever lilsle so good Whats
changed the pies No Its you Youve
lost the strong healthy frtonncli the
vigorous liver the native kidneys the
regular bowels of boyhood Your digest i
ion is poor and you blame the food
Whats needed A complete tciiirg up
by Electric Bitttrs of all organs ol di
gestion Stomach liver kidneys Bow
elllfry them Theyll restore your boy
hood appetite and appreciation of food
and fairly saturate your body with new
health stiength and vigor 50 Cents at
Severs Drug Co
The worshipers c In a certain chapel
had some trouble to keep their faces
straight a short time ago During the
service somo commotion was caused
by n gentleman who accidentally Ig I
nited a box of wax matches In his
pocket and wns trying to put them
out while his alarmed neighbors strug
Bled equally hard to help him Tho
minister being shortsighted could not
make out the reason of the disturb
ance and thinking to diplomatically
cover tho Incident ho Innocently said
Brethren there Is n little noise go
ing on Until It is over let us sing
Sometimes a Light Surprises Lon
don Answers
Work 24 Hours Per Day
The busiest little things ever male are
Dr Kings New life Pills Every pill is
d sugarcoated globule of health that
changes weakness into strength languor
into energy brain fag into mental power
curing Constipation Headache chills
Dyspepsia and Malaria a5c at Severs
Drue Co
Try Our Want Column It Pays
Louisville Henderson St Louis Ry y
Corrected to May 1 1910
17 145 I 143 I 141STATIONS 146 142 144 I 148
Ptlly Dally Dally Dally Dally Deily Dally Dail
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1001 5 31 031 WKST POINT 02J 1201 050
i f523 10 33 HOWARD tIl6Slm to
f5 31 fO 30 HARTLRS f15m fn 46
f5 37 tO 31 HOOK IIAVHN fit 45 t 41
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h h OUhTUNIRVKNU1ON 648 t1111 U Os
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h 18 50 17 01
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f127 f8 49 MATTINOLV 4l
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13 f3 57 f2 27 8TANLV
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f903 NEWMAN f8 15 fa ft
1153a 40 07 W 31
f sia
HEALS fSul ftt 1C
8 1 bS III 018 s 101JS V I LIE 7 53 f3 11 6 13
f924 h HASKETT 7 63 f3 07 6 oa
8 25 55pmi55 130 9 42
155 1015 130 EVANSVILLE 235 710am 230
f Stops on Signal Where no time shown trains lx > NOT STOP
StLouis Trains
Louis Pullman Local sleeper between Louisville and Evansville Through Pull
man sleeper between Louisville and St Louis
east of Cloverport
No 144 will stop at stations east of Cloverport to discharge passengers from
west of Cloverport
Hartford Line
West Bound Between Irvington and Fordsville East Bound
Second Clan list Ohls1st Class
Olassl Second Class
9 7 113
112 8
Mixed Mixed Passim STATIONSIlssen I
Mixed Mixed
Dully ex Dully ox
KurKer Dull
Sunday Sunday Dally Daily M Dully a
Dally Sunday
Sunday Sunday
645pm 5 30am 1110am Lv Irvington Ar 10 lOam 4 l5pm 1110pm
1110pmf6 fl20 10 fiO
Oarfleld sO 38s2 57 1030
f7 20 607 fllolU
Harned f920 f237 1015
s1141 Junction s922s223
b741 6 27 1201pm 10Junction
10f7 01
f7i7 U15 H45f20
1216 McQuady 18fU f20 54
58 JO U 59 51277 Olendeane s8 45s100 9
s810 7 011 s12 lib °
Dempster s8
s2 45 0 43
IS 24 713 f12 40
Rockvale f8 lf
113 s12 40 36
931f811 f227 926
1842 730 12i0 Oaksf8 13 f227f213 0 23
23x849 915
8 55plll 7 5U Fordsvllle
rdsvIJe 1201pm 10
3 OI
HOUND 1 WEST Between Dempster and Fallsfof Roughul
Second first llrlitTIE TABLEllrljt IIrt Second
Olns Olns 01l1s4 TIMETABLE Clui Clllss Class
31 27 25This limo Talllu wonti
Mixed Passenger Passenger W J910 at 1159 p m Passenger Passenger Allied
MondayNednsdy I I
WednSoyund ana lrldy
OnlyI I
nErtli ISJJoH 8 a5 am 1235 I p m 125pm
Irvuu it P168arn I 1 S00nmr KALM OK ROUGH P 15ain ia 15 p in 100 p pm
Real Estate Department
Do you want to buy a farm or business 1 If you do you
may find lust what you need in this departmentgIf you aro interest
ed in any of the following proprieties write us at once forowners
name and address If none of these places suit you write usjit once
telling us what you want and where you want it and let
us introduce you to the man who has the very property yon
are looking for
We recommend the following properties as being productive
and fair in price
Do You Want to Sell your farm or business 2 If yon
want cash for your property send price and description at once
and lot us show you how wo bring buyer and seller together
CZJThis department is conducted solely for the purposo of enabling
buyers and sellers of farms or business proprieties to make quick sales
Jno D Babbage
CO CH 07 acres 3M miles north of Hard
pyw Insburg near the Brandenburg
road Well watered plenty of timber for
Improvements uoublo Log house small
stable Good rich land fine for Hurley to
bacco Terms easy For further Informa
lion write Jno 1 llabbugo Cloverport Ky
413 3fin HO acres 2 miles from ouston
POOUU 3 miles from Irvington well
watered lays well Rood young orchard Rood
timber on rural route school house few yards
Iron house Improvements Rood tour room
dwelling with kitchen on buck porch two
Rood barns barn and tonont house and cis
tern back In the held meat and hen house
wood shed will sell on easy payments plenty
of small fruit Further particulars address
Jno D liabbaRo Olororport Ky
67 AGUE FARM 5 room cottage hall and
J f porch tn Rood rotalrgood 1stalt stock
barn two I toad side sheds crib good meat
house and hen house and a variety of apples
peaches und grapes a good well and never
tailing spring for stock water 300 yards cast
or Hurdlnsburg In easy distance to the High
School building when erected
Co OHO For 1 ° 0 acres tour miles west of
4 > t uuu aiondcano 3 miles from brunch
rullrJad all fresh land 100 acres In cultiva
tion 50 acres In grass will produco tho best
corn wheat and tobacco In neighborhood
plenty lasting water well at door of dwell
ing log dwelling i rooms and side room
good stable 3 tobacco burns 3 tenant houses
Plenty of good timber for farm purposes
FOR SALE Store house and dwelling com
i blued corner First and High Streets
ploverport Ky Cistern basement whole
length or building Will sell at II bargain 01
exchange for u dwelling house In Oloverport
Two room cottage on Murray Avenue
FUR 8ALEA farm contalntng 250 acres and
I IS rooms two cisterns a walled collar with
u store room over It two good stock barest
one tenant house abut 500 apple und peach
trees also pears quinces and apricots most
all kinds of small fruits Including a nice
vlnyard of choicest grapes 800 acres clawed
bulanco tn woods 125 acres tn grass several
groves of black locust tmlllclont for posts tc
wire the whole farm In It lies near EUron
on L II d St L It H price Is 5000 oc
FOR SALEA splendid stand for a druggist
1 and physician In a good town surrounded
by good prosperous farmers This Is just
tho place for some young physician to step
Into a good practice und u good drug business
An old established physician wants to retire
Is the reason for selling For further partic
ulars address JNO O nAUDAOK Oloyer
port KY
Begins soon Watch for it >
t = a n II

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