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J if p nH
t Dr Owens Office Main Street
Hours 8 to 12 a in 1 to 5 p m
Clovcrporf Ky
I For Sale
Tax receipts 1910 model
guaranteed to last 12 months
Prices range from 150 to
several hundred dollars
Call in and get one
R Ot Perkins Dt St
+ = o +
Livery Stable
S y Stephensport Ky
New Rigs fi
lNew l I
iri j New 11
jj 11New r 1
Open for the Public Near
the Depot
X If you have any riding or k
driving to do or if you want A
fifurnish fi
fa furnish you
i We will handle Ice ls
M Your patronage will ft
ni be appreciated ft
J m I
Stephensport Ky I
+ o
Our complete display of
Diamonds Watches
Rings Silverware and
Novelties in Jewelry
contains thousands of things
r suitable for pre cnt
s If you cannot come to see us
send for our catalogue All
goods warranted and at popular
t 130 W Market St Hetweon 1st and End
1Tc 1
IVrlllcn So You CUB Understand It
300 Pictures Every
400 Articles f
° sr 250 Pages Month
A wonderful story of the Progress of this Mechan
ical Age Instructive but more fascinating then
any notion A magazine for Bankers Doctors
Lawyer feathers Farmers Business Men Man
ufacturers Mithanks II as 1200000 readers every
month Interests everybody When you see one
you understand why Ask the man who reads it
Your newsdealer will show you one or write the
publishers for a free sample copy
The Shop Notes DellioC 20 pages tells
easy ways to do
home and shop etc
Amateur Mechanics 10 pages teiis how
to make mission
the things a boy loves
150 Per year single copies 15 cents
223 Washington St Chicago
+ Anyone sending a sketch and description naa
1 rjnlcklr ascertain our opinion free whether an
t intention is prohntiir nntontnhle Commit ilea
t tlonltrlcUMnUdelltlal JlANDBuOK on Iatente
almtfroa Oldest nJlem for securutgpatertte
Illtentt taken tltirough oIunn t uo rocolre
special notice without C aria In the
Scientific Jlmerican
I A hMidsomclr Illustrated weekly TnracU clr
filiation of nnr Bclonttao Journal Term f 3 a
rear I four months L 1101 1 by all newidcalorn
MUNN CO3GIDroadwar New York
Ilranctt omco 036 F Bt WublOKton D u
Please do not ask us to publlshjcard
of thanks resolutions obituaries free
rr IrV i
Leroy Taylor of New York Alter
Distance Mark
Possible to Cover Air Line of 180
Miles In Forty HoursLeo Stevens
Professional Aeronaut to Accom
pany Clubman to Beat Count de U
Vaulxs Flight of 1193 Miles
Hope of breaking tho worlds record
for balloon flights which has stool
for ten years possesses Leroy Taylor
a member of tho Now York Yacht the
Larchmont Yacht Lambs and other
clubs and ho will try to bring the
trophy to America by a flight to start
within the next few weeks from Waco
His associate will be Leo Stevens
a well known professional balloonist
The balloon is to bo tho largest spher
ical ono ever made
Waco was selected as tho starting
point after much consideration In
which the meteorological observations
of the weather bureau figured largely
Favorable wind currents will give n
balloon ascending there the longest
possible flight in tho general direction
of New York
Wont Face Ocean Dangers
Waco Is sufficiently inland almost to
obviate the danger of being blown out
to sea There are few mountain
ranges to be passed and these are of
secondary Importance so far as size
and effect upon winds arc concerned
Again Waco is within tho zone of
comparatively steady blowing winds
at certain seasons of the year It Is in
the hope of getting one from the south
west that the flight has been timed for
The balloon will carry water and
provisions for a month This Is con
sidered essential as long stretches of
desert land must be passed over and
the aeronauts may have to land where
water and food are unobtainable
Taylor is an enthusiastic amateur at
the balloon game Ho has been In sew
oral competitions and recently flew
from Pittsflcld Mass to a point near
there In a snowstorm Ho helped or
ganize the filers among members of
the New York Yaoht Larchmont
Yacht and Lambs clubs who are in
terested in balloons or aeroplanes
Tho present record for length of
flight Is held by Count do la Vnulx
who with St Victor rode from Phi
cennes France to Korostychew Rus
I sin 1103 miles In October 1000 They
were not in the air long enough how
ever to give them the endurance rec
ord This Is held by Clifford Harmon
who In October 1910 in a flight from
St Louis remained aloft for forty
eight hours and twentysix minutes
though he covered nowhere near the
distance the Frenchman did
Just Missed Records
In the same month Hawley and Post
made their sensational flight from St
Louis It will be remembered they
ivere lost to the world for about a
week then their safe landing was re
ported from the Canadian backwoods
It was established that they had re
nalned up aloft for fortyfive hours
and Hftyslx minutes and hnd covered
1171 miles both performances just
short of worlds records
On an air line the distance from
iVnco to New York is approximately
1800 miles which under highly favor
itig conditions could be covered readily
In less than forty hours This would
nean traveling at an average speed
of a little less than forty miles an
hour The balloon now being built is
being developed along lines that it Is
toped will permit It to remain aloft
rom sixty to seventytwo hours The
irdlnnry duration of a balloons gas
barge Is about fortyeight hours
The craft will take months to build
It will have a lifting power of 13000
pounds As tho bog and basket car
ylng two men and fully equipped will
retell about 5000 pounds this will
allow 8000 pounds of ballast The
ng Is built of two thicknesses of spd
Inl linen with rubber between It
hus been found that linen Is far bet
tel for such use than silk not alone
on account of Its greater toughness
but because the silk Is a too ready con
ductor for electricity with Its attend
nnt danger to tho gas
Four Children of One Family Punctual
For Thirtytwo Years
Few families can boast of the school
tlendance record of tho four chI
dren of J IL Dumintt assistant over
seer of Nowchurch isle of Wight who
eve been connected with tho local
school for seventeen years
They have attended for an aggregate
ot thirtytwo years and one month
without missing a single attendance
llw record Is as follows Harry Dan
alt five yours and five months Char
lie ten years and flue montbs Nellie
even years and ten months and Ada
ight years and flvti months The
chool is about two miles from the
arallys residence and the distance
raveled by tho quartet in Journeying
to and from school exceeds 30000
miles Smooth Running Cars Soon
Ball bearings for street car axles
110 being tried out bY1 big car build
ng concern
l Cr
> 1 <
Do You Get Up
With a Lame Back
Kidney Trouble Makes You Miserable
Almost everyone knows of Dr Kilmers
SwampRoot the great kidney liver and
fmdoutif you have kid
ney or bladder trouble
When writing mention
reading this generous
offer in this paper and J
send your address to
bladder relllcuym
cause of its remark
able health restoring
properties Swamp
Root fulfills almost
every wish in over
coming rheumatism
pain in the back kid
neys Mvcr bladder
and every part of the
urinary passage It
corrects inability to
hold water and scaldingpain in passingit
or bad effects ollowinguse of liquor wine
or beer and overcomes that unpleasant
necessity of being compelled to go often
through the day and to get up many
times during the night
SwampRoot is not recommended for
everything but if you have kidney liver
or bladder trouble it will be found just
the remedy you need It has been thor
oughly tested in private practice and has
proved so successful that a special ar
rangemcnt has been made by which all
readers of this paper who have not al
ready tried it mal have a sample bottle
sent free by mail also a book telling
more about Swnll1uRoot and how to
Dr Kilmer S Co110m OJb rapnoou t
Binghamton N Y The regular fif tycen
and onedollar size bottles are sold b
all druggists Dont make any mistake
but remember the name SwampRoot
Dr Kilmers SwampRoot and the ad
dress Binghamton N Yon every bottle
Remarkable Will and Funeral of a
Queer Englishwoman
The will of Mrs Margaret Thomp
son which is preserved as a curiosity
at Somerset House England Is a trib
ute to the delights and consolations of
snuff The testatrix directed that In
her collln should be burled with her all
her handkerchlefsaud sulllclcnt of the
best Scotch snuff to cover her body
This she preferred to flowers as noth
ing could be more fragrant and so re
freshing to me as that precious pow
der Further the six greatest snuf
takers In the parish of St James
Westminster were to be her bearers
Six old maids each bearing in her
hand a box filled with the best Scotch
snuff to take for their refreshment IS
they walked were to bear the pall
Before tho corpse the minister was to
walk carrying and partaking of a
pound of snuff At every twenty yards
a handful of snuff was to be delivers
to the bystanders and at the door of
the testatrixs house were to bo placed
two bushels of tho same quality of
snuff for gratuitous distribution In
order to insure the carrying out of her
wishes the testatrix made the legacies
given by the will dependent upon an
exact and literal fulfillment of tho
conditions above named In closing
she bade all concerned to regard snuff
as tho grand cordial of nature
Hives ecz inn itch or salt rheum sets
you crazy Cant bear the touch of your
lothiug Denims ointment cures the
most obstinate cases Why suffer All
Iruggist sell it
Toned It Down
King Edward said an English vis
itor in New York bated snobbish
ness To show how ridiculous snob
bishness was he used often to tell
about an alphabet book of his child
This book had alliterative sentences
arranged under cach letter thus
Callous Caroline caned a cur cruel
I Henry hated tho heat of heavy
hats Under the letter V camo tho face
ious sentence
Villlam Vllklns vlpcd his weskit
But the young princes snobbish
utors thought this sentence too vulgar
mud low for their charge and accord
Ingly they substituted for it tho moro
refined and genteel hue
Vincent Vlnlng viewed a vacant
Children Cry
Genius and Mediocrity
Coruclllo did not speak correctly the
Giiguage of which lie was such a mas
ter Descartes was silent lu mixed
oclety TlicmlBtuclcs when asked to
tiny on a lute said I cnnnot fiddle
but I can make a little village into a
great city Addison was unable to
ouverso in company Virgil was heavy
olloquially La Fontaine was coarse
nml stupid when surrounded by men
1ho Countess of Pembroke had been
ften heard to say of Chaucer that his
rllcnce was moro agreeable to her
ban his conversation Socrates tole
rated for his written orations was so
timid that ho never ventured to speak
in public Dryden said that ho was
mflt for company Hence it has been
omarkod Mediocrity can talk It la
for scnlus to observe
That resolutions of respect are
published at 5 cents per lino
Please do not sond obituaries to
tho News without expecting to
pay for the publicationQof this
kind of matter
Burdens That Innocent English Chil
dren Hnd to Bear
In England as In oilier countries
thousand of people go through life <
cherishing 11 grudge against their pat
ents for giving thorn I absurd or moon
gruous names It was most nature
that a demure und pretty girl In a i
north suburb should feel rcsentfu
when sho had to answer to the name
of Uusyliody given In honor of tho
winner of n race fifteen years before
Among the nam > > s registered at Som
cruet House are Mrs and Graces and
Nun ricer which were innocent
borno by two little girls who found
them most embnrraHsIng In after years
The appalling name of Wellington
Wolselcy Roberts was borne by a i
young man who In disposition and ar
pearancc was anything but militant
and as little likely to win fame on
the battlcflcltl as his predecessors Ar
thur Wcllesley Wellington Waterloo
Cox and Napoleon the Great Eagnr
However even these names Inap
proprlato as they may be arc to I be
preferred to Roger tho Ass Anna sic
Domini Davies and Boadlcca Basher
To parents of large families the ad
vent of another child is not always
welcome but it Is scarcely kind to <
make the unexpected child bear a tok
en of disapproval It must be rather
terrible to go through life for exam
pie as Not Wanted James What An
other Only Fancy William Brown or
even as Last of Em Harper or Stli
Another Hewitt And yet tl ese arc
I all names which tho foolish caprice
of British parents has imposed on in >
nocent children Chicago RecordHer
Hy child was burned terribly about
the face neck and chest applied Dr
Thomas Eclectic Oil The pain cast rl
and the child sank into a restful sleep
Mrs Nancy M Hanson Hamburg
The Price of a Life
According to AngloSaxon law ev
cry mans life including that of the
king was valued at a fixed price JIIH
any one who took it could commute the
offense by a money payment upon a
fixed scale The life of a peasant was
reckoned to be worth 200 shillings
that of n man of noble birth 1200 shil
lings and the killing ot a king involved
the regicide in a payment of 7200 still
lings It has been pointed out that the
heir to tho throne could thus get rid of
the existing occupant by murdering
him and thereafter handing over tin
fine according to tho scale to the ex
chequer when his offense would be
purged and his money would come
back to himself for In those days the
sovereign received all fines as personal
perquisites There is very little doubt
that these roujjh means were practl
cally applied In the case of some rulers
of England in the I prcconquest period
London Telegraph
Stevenson Obliged
Robert Louis Stevenson once sent
the following quaint letter to an auto
graph hunter
You have sent me a slip to write on
You havo sent me an addressed envelope
You have sent It me stamped Many have
done as much before You have spelled
my name aright and some have done
that In ono point you stand alone you
have stint mo tho stamps for my postof
flee not the stamps for yours What Is
asked with so much consideration I take
a pleasure to grant Here since you
value It and havo been at the pains to
earn It by such unusual attentions hero
Is the signature
It was at a Fourth of July meeting
In a little city The mayor William
Smith rose and at dignified length read
the Declaration of Independence
There was a pause then from one
of the mayors old schoolmates came
the loud whisper Bill never writ that
le aint smart enough New York
I Every Month
writes Lola P Roberts of
Vienna Mo I used to be
sick most of the time and
suffered with backache and
headache My Mother who
had been greatly helped by
the use of Cardui got me
two bottles and I have
been well ever since
B 49
The Womans Tnlc
I Cardui is a gentle ionic
for young and old women
It relieves and prevents
pain It builds strength It
feeds the nerves It helps
the whole system
Made from harmless
roots and herbs it has no
bad aftereffects does not
Interfere with the use of I
any other medicine and can
do you nothing but good
Try Cardui It will help
you Your dealer I1s It
= 1
y >
I i
v J JYf co
FORh PalitSly
SALE ft Sly
1 CL
1t 7 E huvo three good Jacks wo wish to dispose 4 of iwll
w I are three years old and one two ° years old They urn +
nicely bred till jet black with white points very short anti
close hair lino size extremely heavy bone largo feet big
shapely heads and care These Jacks are in fine condition and cover
ready to show 1 r f drivo
Weave going to disposoof them and they will be sold at Tct t
+ bargains Wo trust they will find homes injour county It solt
If you arc interested dont write but come and see us vat PI t
Rospectfully ltooUl
It i
R G ROBERTSON SONSthing taeplr
GLEN DEAN KY cal 11to I
IW rwai
> i LW hlnn
I Not i cetan J the
ITO I T AXtP AYERS llniul toe I
1mI tnl1n iJ
b 1n g
The State has forced me to settle CJfK
I for taxes as the County is going to I Ar
E force me to settle for them Allet J
I parties owing me taxes for this yearn h
w and do not pay them by Feb 1
1911 their property will be adver I e
tised in the county papers and sold r
at the Court House doore
jAll j persons who have a dog and
haven t paid tax on it for 1910 will I 1
wX please pay or I will be forced to killwl
your dog If you want to save full L t
I penalty and extra cost please pay
by Feb 1 1911 I
Yours respectfully
IDennie I Sheeran
I Sheriff of Breckenridge County r
To make live soil Oolitic lime stone bone dry ground l
fine as flour It is immediately effective and cheap C
S 4E < E 4E < < 33 <
fij Mr Farmer arc you interested 1 If so call on the
ft imanagoroftlto Cumberland Telephone Telegraph
Company and have him explain the special Far
k mors Lino rate
1 J > > >
flflTTflN XPFfi UFi and Cotton Seed Hulls Write hit
High nitr
Grade LUMUn OLtU MEALand prices before buying f
We have for immediate sale 3 Shorthorn arid Polled Durban bull 12 bred
RUts 165 to 240 lbs 2500 to fasOO A fine lot of broke triule ready for
service and 10 choice Collie pups
W L Moorman C Son s Glendeane Ky
p C
f c
r c M arc YIIr 1
f T

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