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Political Events In United Mark TwalnTolsfoy Julia Ward
f States England and Mex Howe and Edward VII I I
ico Also Cut t Impor Notable Among Death
I 1 r f J tant Figure List of Year
rtf ยต
SWWTUEN t compared to Its prod
fW censor 1010 was only one of <
tho common or garden vnr
rety r of years It did not dis
cover tho north pole It did not have n
5Juster of centenaries and It did nQt <
drive Abdul Ilnmld from his throne
> Yet It saw the advent of the Porto
< ucs6 republic gave tho house of lord
n solar plexus blow In England and
put the standpatters to sleep In Amex
Jca These events and others entitle I 1 It
= i tp our loving regard
ffitfylt also flew high In aviation som <
< Iiithlng over 10000 feet to be exact It
Jifvras an Industrious year that did not
asplre to bo a big noise nnd yet got
2filte a little done To put It In class
i nl language It 7as not much on dress
parade but was a good booger to
> work
if i Deposing of King Manuel
ij In tho political world tho big even
z Was of course the driving of Klni
Manuel out of Portugal and the estab
1 Ilshment of u republic Compared to
fa i Tflie magnitude of the event this trans
1 > w formation was accompanied by a llttl
bloodshed The affair had Its splco of
Y jjcandal as do most royal perform
ances It appears that a Parl lan
v dancer of the namo of Gaby Deslyi
i took the youthful monarchs eye with
tho result that Manuel spent much
line In Purls and Gaby sojourned not
Infrequently In Lisbon Ordinarily this
might not have excited comment bo
Ing quite tho usual thing among kings
Jut Inasmuch as Portugal was tired
at monarchy anyway the gossip played
C its part As a result Mlle Gaby wll
i go down to history na the highest kick
er on record having kicked off n Icings
crown Tho year beheld the accession o1
George V In England an event thai
bad no Influence politically and but
little In any other way Of far grcatei
importance were the two British par
I liamentary elections both resulting In
Liberal coalition victories by practl
sally the same majorities The first
of theso forced through tho house of
lords the single tax budget and the
second practically sealed the fato of
I tho peers and decreed some form ol
Irish home rule Taken together these
two victories constitute tho most slg
VJri i triumph for the progressive side
witnessed In England since the adop
tlon of the reform bill
China Also Awakened
Perhaps the third event In Impor
tance In foreign politics was the meet
ing of tho Chinese senate definitely
marking the beginning of parliamen
tary government In the Celestial King
dom the last great nation that had
held out against the rising tide of de
mocracy When China has a parlla
ment and quits wearing pigtails the
millennium will be waiting Just around
tho corner
Other notable political happenings
abroad were tho establishment of the
bandbox kingdom of Montenegro the
fight to separate church and state In
Spain tho Mexican uprising and the
wallowing of Korea by Japan The
Land of tho Morning Calm is being
< given such a touch of high life by the
Japs that she Is now tho Land of the
> Morning After
Wo have also had some politics at
home It is almost brutal to write
about the elections of 1010 but It Is
Impossible to give a full blown re
view of the year without them Dem
1ocratfc 1 and progressive victories wore
generally the result The progressives
i practically doubled their representn
c tlon In both houses and elected gov
c ernprs in California Kansas Mich
fcjgnn Nebraska New Hampshire
f South Dakota Tennessee Wisconsin
i and Wyoming although In the last
> i named state tho progressive Ropub
i i f inmed candidate ran on tho Democratic
L Ie et
a The Democrats canled the national
house by about sixty mado such gains
Kjjn the senate that tho progressives will
l kayo tho bdlauce of power and elected
i governors pot only In the southern
BtateSf with the exception of Tennes
see but In Colorado Connecticut Ida
ho Maine Massachusetts New Jersey
New York North Dakota Ohio Okla
homa and Oregon This was tho first
itimothe i Democrats had won such a
i victory in nearly twenty years
American Politics likely
Political events during tho year lead
1 ring up to the election wfcro tho Bal
L jinger Investigation resulting In a dl
tided report the dismissal of Plnchot
rt the forcing through of thoTaft program
In congress tho two chief items being
the railroad bill and postal savings
Tanks tho insurgent revolt In con
xjjresjs resulting in removing the speak
c iciljttolD the committee on rules en
liirging that commlttteo and making 11
elective by the house the return oi
liooSevelt from Africa amid loud ac
claims and his subsequent disastrous
tlruture into the campaign the trip
Sis the preeldont to Panama and the
practical reorganization of tto United
tea supreme court duo to two
and one resignation
o rhubeen the most notable
JI Itf
r <
In the history of aviation It witness I j
ed the first flight over the Alps and I
has broken altitude nnd speed records
so often that the fragments are scat i
tered all over two continents Flights
across the English channel have be
come so common that they call for
only n four line item in the newspa
pers Some comparison between 1010
nnd 1000 may bo made on the basis
that the highest flight last year was
something like lGOO feet while this
year the record Is 10498 feet As for
speed Bellangor n French aeronaut
flew 100 miles at a rate of eightysix I
miles an hour
Aviators Great Achievements
Cross country flights between cities
have been the feature of 1010 These
wero led oft by Paulhan going from
London to Manchester Then Curtlss
flew from Albany to New York and
Hamilton sped from Now York to Phil
adelphia and returned ID one day
scientists who soy thnt a comets head
Is as gaseous as n political pliitform
promise while Its tall Is nn thin at > the
average campaign Kl i > will lt
A twin pcrformanic to Mr Ilnlleys
fulse alarm wan Pr Cooks confes + lon
Either the flower gnrlnndcd doctor
wns tired of hiding or he needed the
money for which It Is said he sold
this latest of his literary masterpieces
At any rate he Is I not now certain
whether he reached h tho north pole
but wants the world to forgive him
the purple snows story the wreath of
roses n ml the good American dollars
showered on him during his lecture
Cook Controversy Renewed
In this connection It Is worthy of
note that Professor Parker returned
from his Mount McKlnley expedition
without having climbed the mountain
but bringing back photographs of the
peak twenty miles away that Cook
scaled and on which he took his fa
coons pictures of the top of the conti
nent Other notable miscellaneous hnppnn
Ings of the year were Carnegies ten
million dollar gift to peace followed
by an American war scare the next
day the census which showed that we
have nearly 02000000 people In the
United States proper and over 100000
000 Including the outlying possessions
the panAmerican congress the con
servation congress addressed by Taft
and Roosevelt nnd the labor strikes In
Philadelphia and New York
There were the usual number of
Ores storms eruptions explosions
wrecks and other horrors Among the
most Important disasters wero the
flooding of Paris nnd Tokyo the twen
ty million dollar lire in the White
City at the Brussels exposition the
Later Brookins covered tho distant
from Chicago to Springfield The am
bltloiis efforts to conduct a race from
Chicago to New York and from St
Louis to New York wero abandoned
although large purses were offered
Neither did Walter Wellman fly
across the Atlantic In n dirigible Thai
wns another case of too much wind
although Wellrann himself blamed It i
on the equilibrator His balloon Amer
Ica started from Atlantic City In a
fog bent it up tho coast to the neigh
borbood of Nantucket then got to go
Ing south and after traveling about Bit
miles and being aloft seventy twe
hours the crew was picked up or
rather picked down to the north ot
Bermuda Another notable balloon
voyage was that of tho America II
In a flight from St Louis to northern
Quebec a distance of 1355 miles
breaking all records
Considering tho widespread activity
in aviation the death list was small
yet at least four famous bird men gave <
their lives to the sport These were
Delagrnngc Johnstoue Rolls and Cha
vez tho last named being dashed to <
death just after his thrilling feat ot
crossing tho Alps
Many Sporting Records Upset
In tho world of sports the Philadel
phia Athletics won from tho ChIcago
Cubs In the worlds baseball champion
ship Barney Oldflcld broke the worlds
automobile speed record going n mile
In 2733 seconds Two boxing chain
pionships were settled One of these <
was for the lightweight belt In which
event Wolgast defeated Battling Nel
son and tha other was the dashing of
tho hopes of tho white raco when the
mighty Jeffries could not come back
The advent of llnlleya comet was
not exactly n snorting event In fact
this eighty year visitor was anything
but n sport since It lamentably failed
to live up to Its opportunities If It
had been on the job it might have
knocked the earth halfwny across the
solar system and so have prevented
the Democratic victory Yet there are
blowing up of the Los Angeles Time
sad the frightful forest fires In till
northwestern part of the Unltii
The death roll of Illustrious men nUll
touch Is n long one The most celt
brntod of the list were Mark Twain ot
America Tolstoy of Russia and Blot
Edward of England Two members of
our supreme court Chief Justice Kul
leI and Justice Brewer four Unite
States senators McEuery of Louisiana
Daniel of Virginia Dolllvor of Jowl
and Clay of Georgia and one sonato
elect Broward of Florida wero amon
those taken or men formerly prom
inent In our public life Thomas C
Platt David B Hill and John G Car
lisle were the most noted of the yenr
Famous Women Die
Two famous American vcnen encl
about ninety years of age were claim
ed In the persons of Julia Ward How +
and Mary Baker G Eddy Other wel
known Americans who passed awn
were Louis James the actor John Li
Forge the artist 0 Henry tho short
story writer Solicitor General Bower
and Octavo Clmnute the man who In
etructed the Wright brothers in nvla
Besides Edward VII two forelgi
rulers that died were President Mont
of Chile who had just finished a vlsl
to this country and King Chulalong
horn of Slam Two other foreigner
famous In fields of learning were Gold
win Smith of Canada and Dr Rober
Koch of Berlin
Even with this extended list tho nut
Ural deaths hardly kept paco with the
political fatalities As a solace how
ever we have in pluco of tho fallen t
cluster of brand new or freshly elect
ed governors among tho number being
Woodrow Wilson John A Dlx Slmeot
E Baldwin Eugene N Foss Frederic
W Plalsted Judson Harmon Chase S
Osborn Walter Roscoo Stubbs and HI
am W Johnson Who knows but that
coma if these may bo names to conjure
with Incoming years
wwVN ViW W IWWfIJ 1 irI
most sincerely extends to each one of
Imost I ofI I
its many patrons and friends the congratula
tions of the season and wishes for all of them 4
Itions I themI I
another year of Happiness Peace and Plenty
J 1911
wirtI4W11NN fI AyMA fWfI4
W II BcwJiEH President A B SKILLMAN Cashier
F L LiaiiTFOOT VicePresident O T SKILLMAN Asst Cashier
Cloverport Ky Organized 1872
38 yearsl of honorable dealing to its credit It hns passed through three panics andpaid every
legitimate claim to its full amount on demand Never scaled a check
An absolutely I Safe Place to do Business 3 per cent on TimelDeposits
A B Skillman Conrad Simons F L Lightfoot W H Bowmer
Jno C Jarboe 0 T Skillman A IL Fisher
jIIL < it
rc L
j Every Farmer as well as Every Business Man
JShould J Have a Bank Accountf f
Because Your money is safer in the bank than anywhere else Paying your bills by
check is tho simplest and most convenient method Your check becomes a vou
cher for tho debt it pays ilt gives you a better standing with business men honey in the
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bank does all tho bookkeeping J Your bank book is a record of your business
To those desiring Banking Connections with an Old Established Bank wo extend our services
The Bank of Hardinsburg Trust Co Hardinsburg Ky
I es > psa e a + r
What A Famous Editor Says
The editor ot the TnylorTiotwooi
Magazine wrote to one of his frieti II
these words You ask me to notify Sot
if I saw nn opportunity for n safe invest
Inept I have it for you I never knev
until now what a gooi opportunity for
n money making investment this uutga
zine afforded You atk me to Itt yoi
in on the ground floor and I am doing
This same opportunity is given 1111
who desire to he a stockholder and a
Life Subscriber lo the Taylor rotwooi
Magazine One share of stock per
value 1000 and a j 31 etual snbscrip
tlon to the magazine tit for 10
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opportunity is1imited i Write Taylor
Trotwood Publishing Co Nashville
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ion weakens the bowels lends to chronic
constipation Get Dontia Regulets
They operate easily tone the stomach
cure constipation
This Was the Original Dress of the
Scottish Highlander
Tho original dress or the highlander
was the belted plaid This was a piece
of tartan cloth two yards broad am
four long which was drawn around
tho waist in nicely adjusted folds and
tightly buckled with a belt Tho lower
part came down to tho knees in much
I the sumo manner as tho modern kill
while tho upper part was drawn ui
and adjusted to tho loft shoulder so >
I that tho right arm might bo perfectly
free This upper part was tho plaid
which was used as a covering for the
shoulders and body In wet weather
and when tho uso of both arms was
required It was fastened across the
breast with a brooch often curiously
I enriched A brooch was also used to
fasten the plaid on tho loft shoulder
To nttlro himself In the belted plaid
required on the part of tho highlander
I no small amount of dexterity The <
usual way was to lay It on tho floor
and after carefully arranging the
folds to Ho down upon It and then
I buckle It on Tho lower end was fas
tened at tho right hip Tho utility of
such a dress in tho highlands Is ob
vioua for tho plaid rendered tho mar
Indifferent to storms and prepared t
pass a night In tho open air In the
most Inclement weather whllo the
I looso undergarment enabled him to
wade rivers or ascend mountains with
equal case It was thus peculiarly
I adapted to the warrior tho hunter and
the shepuurd London Mall
Clallr sew
X o i1 +
I1 I
= + 1r s e ats
0cii 01 III Q0 III I tOLD JIQ
o Irvington Ky 0
IilIE Ii T Irvington College requires I that the normal departj
Qmcnt of this institution be given the most careful Q
consideration The work will bo of tho highest order thor n
oughly practical and uptodate
Iho course includes Psychology Methodology History
of Education and Child Study Teachers taking a part or
all this course may secure county or State certificates An
0able instructor has been secured to present the common 0
branches Ho has instructed many teachers in the central
part of the United States and comes to us highly recommend
ed by the president of the Valparaiso University Orthogra
phy Heading Elocution and Oratory will bo presented by
the president of tho college Teachers may enter at any
time and find classes to suit their t needs Classes will bo U
Q small work thorough Board and tuition reasonable and Q
satisfaction guaranteed to every honest worker Primary 7
and intermediate schoolwork will H fiord daily observation
for those who desire to learn how to teach In this work in M
U tensive and extensive reading will bo emphasized busy work o
n exemplified and tho childmind will bo seen to developo psy M
u chologically For further information call or lddresU 1 1
JJWm M MARTIN President or W J PIGGOTT Sec and Treas ID j
I Ir 101 Jill 101 = 1t01 JI OQ
Filth Avenue
Louisville Ky
r Tao mostccntrully located and
only llrst class botel In tho city
making at OOrate
Only one block from the princI
pal shopping dIstrict two blocks
from the prIncipal theatres
Street curs pass tho door tall
parts of the city
Everything neat and clean
tonllI I
Hardinsburg Kentucky 0 r
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