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I Use No Stone ThaI Is Larger
Than a Walnut
From the Very Instant of Completion
Either Gravel or Stone Road Begin
to Deteriorate ana tho Longer It Is I
Neglected the More It Will Cost to
4 Repair
Following 15 an extract from liTho
Viz Maintenance of Gravel 1 and Broken
Stone Roads written by Daitfcl N
Lutten Perdue university Lafnyettu
Ind in States Duty
Tho gravel used should contain no
stone larger than a walnut and
should contain not more than 40 per
cent of Ono material which may con
slst of sand and clay In about equal
t f I v =
t Courtesy Good Roads New York
W > proportions At least 20 per cent of
t flue material must bo present for ceo
jmenting purposes and to help make
the gravel impervious to water
A Test
I If after a hard winters frost the
li < Asides of a gravel pit remain steep
t without caving it may bo taken as
r fn satisfactory test that that gravel is
fJa suitable road metal
I When a business man invests
2money In a business project such for
Instance as the purchase of houses
4 for renting ho finds it to his interest
iI t to keep those houses In good repair
r If tho roof begins to leak it must be
attended to at once or the Interior
I 7 may bo ruined It furnace or chim
ney flues become defective they must
bo repaired before the dwelling is en
dangered by fire So it should bo
with our highways A good road sur
taco must not only support loads but
it must act us a roof to shield tho
softer foundation from moisture A
leak in tho surface of a road may be
t as disastrous to the capital invested
as a leak In the roof of n dwelling
Road Deteriorates
From tho very instant of comple
t tion of either n gravel or stone road
that road be ll1sto deteriorate and
the longer it is neglected the more
b rapid will be the loss due to luck of
t maintenance What such roads need
1 < > Nm <
Courtesy Good Roads Now York
Is not a great amount of new material
to replace tho wear due to traffic but
attention and labor Fifty cubic yards
of gravel or stone will replace material
worn from ono mile by a years traffic
The gravel or stone should be ap
plied In small quantities and only when
tho road Is muddy It should bo ap
plied upon the low spots caro being
taken to keep tho center of the road
ralways r crowned and all chuck holes
R and ruts filled and leveled Wherever
1 water la found standing upon tho rond
that spots needs nowr ad material
and It should be applied beforo the I
water dries off Tho aim should bo to
keel the road In such shape that there
Would be no opportunity for water to
stand upon any portion of the road
surface It should have a ready means
of escape to the side ditches and then
should escape from ditches before It
has time tojmturato the fotindatipn
< 1 > < H4 < H <
TUB sand and oil roads of Call t
I fornia are aid to be r waterproof
YVl 5 + J
To Remodel Last Winters Frock
In most wardrobes there are frocks
the materials of which are up to date
but the stylo n bit passe which time
average woman cannot afford to throw
I hrlnglnI I
such a costume right up to the min
ute Granting that you have n chiffon
Panama dress that needs remodeling
suppose you trim the skirt after till >
manner of tho ono illustrated A baud
of bias satin Is arranged at the edge
of the skirt and a similar band above
the knees Between these points of
vantage are narrow quillings of tho
satin with here and there decorative
lUmp bows of the same material Tho
high satin girdle edged top and hot
lorn with quillings almost covers the
lower part of the surpllced bodice
which Is trimmed with the plaitlugs
rovers and chemisette of Irish hue
The sleeves are of tho three materials
The small seamstress could accom
plish such a rejuvenation in n couple
of days and with little expense a
smart costume will result
Fur Infants and Children
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears tho
Subscribe this very day
The Cooking and Serving of the
Winter Apple
Its Hard to Invent a Novelty For the
Cheeso Course but Heres One That
Will About Fill the Bill With Little
Trouble or Expense
In many homes apple sauce and ap
pIes baked are tho only ways of serv
ing this abundant fruit but there are
n number of other styles that will be
found quite as appetizing The fol
lowing recipes are all tried nnd trusty
ones Stuffed Apple Compote Pare n doz
en fine large apples and carefully re
move the core without breaking the
apples Then fill the cavities with an
orange or peach marmalade and put
them into an agate or earthen ware
baking dish with n pound of granulat
ed sugar half a cupful of water and a
dusting of ground cinnamon or grated
nutmeg Let them bake In a mod
erately hot oven until they nrp tender
Serve hot or cold
Fried Apples Juicy rather tart apt
pies are best for this purpose Pure
the apples and cut them in round
slices and fry them a nice brown In
deep hot fat Drain them in a heated
colander and then place them In a
dish sprinkle with sugar and serve
with roust pork
Baked Apple Pudding Stew enough
apples to make a pint of sauce and
while the apples arc boiling hot stir
in a tablespoonful of butter nnd nut
meg mace cinnamon and allspice to
suit the taste Then take from the fire
and stir In the well beaten yolks of
two or three eggs Beat all very light
then beat In the whites of the eggs
beaten to a stilt froth Put into n but
tered dish and bake for fifteen min
utes in n moderately hot oven When
nicely browned grate nutmeg on top
and serve cold with cream and milk
Apple Pudding SaucePeel quarter
and core six good cooking apples and
put them in a saucepan with a pint of
cold water and half a lemon l find cook
for half an hour Press the apples
through n sieve into n bowl add pow
dered sugar to sweeten to taste about
half a cupful and a teaspoonful of
I ground cinnamon and half a cupful of
good brandy Set back on the stove
nnd let tho juice boil for five minutes
Servo with apple pudding
This salmon recipe Is excellent for
Sunday night supper
Hot Canned Salmon Set a can of
Pu I P lie Sale
ON F 31r7th 31rA
We will offer for sale at my home on Will
Bashams farm near Joel Jarreds 3 miles
South of Lodiburg the following property
to the highest and best bidder
1 bay horse 6yearsoM 1 sorrel
mare 3yearsold broke to work
1 bay horse 3yearsold broke to
work 2 milch cows 2 heifers 35
head of sheep 8 head fat hogs 2
road wagons 1 buggy and har
ness 50 bushels of corn farming
implements household and kit
chen furniture
Terms Made Known on Day of Sale
i j
It I
1 CL
i L v c t
sjiI f oJ t
salmon In n saucepan of boiling water
over tho fire niul let the water skinner
fifteen or twenty minutes Open the
cnn close to the edge drain off tin
liquid ben turn the snlmon on to till
center of n serving dlnli Surround
with potatoes ctitJn lengthwise quar
ters or In bulls cooked tender and
drained Garnish with n hard cooked
egg cut In quarters Servo egg sauce
In a sauce boat
KgS Sauce Molt two tablespoonful
of butter In It cook two tablespoon ful
of Hour and impfourth a teaspoonful
of salt mid add ono cupful of cold wil
ter and stir until boiling Draw to n
cooler part of the range nnd gradually
stir In two tablespoonfuls of butter cut
In small pieces Finish with a hard
cooked egg chopped fine or cut In slices
Heres just the thing for n novel
cheese course Roll cream cheese
Into balls nearly an Inch In diameter
and roll tho balls In pistachio nuts
blanched and Chopped Pile the balls In
center of n chop plate and surround with
a wreath of orange or grapefruit mar
malade Surround the marmalade with
hot toasted crackers Serve at the
close of luncheon or dinner In tho i plJce i
of the usual pudding pie or other
sweet dish If preferred pass the
cheese marmalade and crackers on n
tray in separate receptacles
To Mend Tablecloth
To mend a frayed tablecloth baste n
piece of sheer muslin or organdie firm
ly I on the wrong side of the cloth keep
bug the threads as nearly I as possible
In their proper position then place
that part of the cloth In an embroidery
hoop and darn over and under the
frayed threads and Into tho Inn cloth
an Inch or two on either side Use If
possible linen thread pulled from a
piece of new table linen After lama
dering the mtiuled placo In the cloth
will hardly be noticed
Children Cry
Or Wileys Theory of Ultimate Ex
tinction of Life
The earth is slowly cooling and man
will freeze not starve to death in the
distant future according to Dr liar
vey W Vlley chief chemist of the
department of agriculture who forsook
tile subject of germs and pure foods
long enough to address the Secular
league at Vashlugton
However he added there will be
fuel for at least another million years
In the future he said further the
air will furnish heat fuel and power
and companies will be formed for uti
lizing it This is not n theory but an
actuality of the future based upon ac
tual conditions and natural laws
Cant look well eat well or feel well
with Impure blood feeding your hody
Keep your blool pure with Burdock
Blood Bitters Cat simply take oxer
cise keep clean and you will have long
Will Travel by Automobile and Seat i
1500 Persons
A perambulating thontor fitted with
the latest scenic appliances and seat
Ins 1500 persons will take tho road In
France As In the days of Motion
performances will be given wherever
there is a favored spot but instead of
tho chariots and horses thero will be
a train of eight automobiles draw
Ing twentyone cars
The idea originated with FirmIn Ge
mler a well known Parisian theater
director and it became public through
tho fine arts report of Deputy Paul
Goncourt The following details of
tho scheme wore announced
Local and provincial theaters usu
ally aro insufficient for fine dramatic
productions Moreover many com
munities have no theaters Tho whole
idea Is based < In decentralization find
tho wish to cnrry culture to the prey
Inccs I Intend to give tho classics
and tho best modern plays When 1
arrive at a town I shall erect n tent
with n stage taxes orchestra scats
drops wings scenery everything com
pinto Including a central lighting nnd
heating plant Thanks to n now S S
tem tho lighting will bo as good ns In
tho best theaters
Special new pocifcry will be pro
pared for every play There will be
twenty actors dlrwtcd by myself and
I shall employ forty machinists We
shall sell seats from 20 to GO cents
apiece and will spare no pains to
make the productions perfect In every
way Wo cannot travel fast perhaps
only six miles ap hourbut wo shall
at least travel jurely Wo expect n
great success
Tho twentyfly roads composing the
Western trunk jino commission havo
agreed to postpone tho effective date
of their Increased freight rates from
Aug 1 to Nov If
Tho British h niso of commons has
passed the neW civil list of King
George amounting to 470000 a year
exactly tho same ftum that was allot
ted to King Edjprd
JI a
Something New In
Kitchen Ware
The 1892 Pure Spun Aluminum Ware is rapidly
cominp into use for cooking purposes It is taking
the place of agate and enamel ware because while its
first cost is a trifle more than ordinary ware it is
really much cheaper in the long run as it is guaran
teed for twentyfive years and will last practically F
n life time
The genuine 1892 Ware made only from pure
SPUN not Cast Aluminum will not crack scale peel
It looks like silver but weighs only about one
quarter as much is easily cleaned and handled and
will not rust corrode or tarnish Absolutely pure
nonpoisonous and wholesome saves money time and
doctors bills
Be sure you get the original and gen
uine ware stamped with the Maltese
Louisville Henderson St Louis Ry
Corrected to Dec 4 1910
147 145 143 I 141 146 I 142 144 I H8
L Dally Dally Dally STATIONS Dally 1 pJ Ualll
U 53 STKAWHKUKV 11285 1
IIISHUIW tl23S i i
oar5 26f5
fS II l 19 14 ST1TKS n 3d 1101ti I Itt
ra IT KAlHRVN f20J i
10 01 5 21 0 21 WKST POINT 0 90 12 01 i li 50
tt 31 fO 30 IIAUTLRS m Ofl14ti
4Ir5 41t5 I I
f5 43 fU 40 LONG IIUANCH fin I7 M 33
5 SS 9 49 nUANDBNllUKG II 38 Ii 25
5 89 fO 56 EivKON rim 21 IIi I Hi i
0 ij CIO 03 GUS r aN 548 fll 13 ti ON
10 43 015025 10 IB IKVINQTON 5 41 J t j 11 OR Mi I 01
fO 31 flO 10 WRMSTKK flO 41 f5 4
lo ai fio 21 L LOmitUUO flO 88 15 34 i
ro n MYSTIC flO 31 i
lrtJ 58 10 44 STKlHENSrottT 1014 514
i 7 re no 43 ADDISON no 03 t510 i i
G Iiiii 11 w 0 I tr 7 o ltf l 00 50 815snots HOLT i 451t1g 01 ia OH L
ttl12 1728 SICILLBIANma 40 1H 03
s 21 f745 1ETUIE 10 25 f7 45
CtI 129II 40 I
3II II 45 >
Ut103 II 63
t103 tB 2 4 PATES tB 41 f1 0
1 13 12 Uam 83j 1IOpm OWENSIIOKO 3 50 tB 35 345 655
f8 23 1641
t131 tll 51 GUIFKITH f8lD 1637
631r1 13j
r1 4o hhtIJ 03 NEWMANu f8 10 16 2s
t621C11 1 411
C11 t9111 HEALS
fT59 10 1C
613B 168
OdII B 16
II 2 I 30 11 42 10 IIENlHm UNI 00 739 255 555pm
155 1015 1311 EVANSVILLE2 J5 710am 230
140 am 140pOl ST LOUIS 0 00 pm 8 alum
Trains 145 and 146 curry free reclining chair cars between Louisville and St
Louis Pullman Local sleeper between Louisville and Evansville Through Pull
man sleeper between Louisville and St Louis
No 141 will stop at stations west of Cloverport to discharge passengers from
east of Cloverport
No 144 will stop at stations east of Cloverport to discharge passengers from
welt of Cloverport
Real Estate Department
Do you want to buy a farm or business i If you do you
may find Just whitt you need in this department Jf you aro interest
ed in any of the following proprieties write us at once for owners
name and address If none of these places suit you write us at once
tolling us what you want an where you want it and lot
us introduce you to the man who has the very property yea
are looking for
Wo recommend tho following properties as being productive
and fair in price
Do You Want to Sell your farm or business If youd
want cash for your property send price and description at once
and togetherThis
This department is conducted solely for the purpose of enabling
buyers and sellers of farms or business proprieties to make quick sales
Jno D Babbage
950 01 < acres 3W miles north of Hard
l JX7V InsburK near the Brandenburg
road Well watered plenty of timber for
Improvements Uoublo Log house small
stable Good rich land flue for Burley to
Ion write Jno D liubbuKe Olovorport Ky
3 300 140 acres 2 miles from Ouston
r 3 miles from Irvington well
watered lays well Rood young orchard Rood
timber on rural route school Louso few yards
froti house Improvements Rood four room
dwelling improvements back porch two
Rood barns i barn and tenet house and cis
torn back In tho Held meat and lion house
wood shed will Mill on easy payments plenty
of small fruit Further particulars address
CO 000 For 10 ° acres four mileswest
Pf r uulf Olendeano Smiles from b unrh
railroad all erelh land 100 micros In cuIUa
thou 50 acres morass will produce thi best
corn wheat and tobacco in neighborhood
plenty lasting water well at door of dwell I
InK log dwelling 2 rooms and sldo room
good stable 3 tobacco barns 3 tenant houses
lonty of good timber fur farm purposes
good land to clear PrIce 2000 f cash
Fon 8ALK A farm Contalulng250 acres and
all under fence A nice cottage cf DYe
L61 rooms two cisterns u walled cellar with
a store room over It two good stock bara t
one tenant house abut 500 apple and peach
trees also pears quinces unduprlcots most
till kinds of small fruits Including a nIce
vlnyard of choicest grapes 200 acres cleared
bulallce In woods ttb acres In grass several
groves of black locust sulllclout for posts tc
wire the whole farm In It lies near Kkron
on L 11 A St L U It price Is 5000 oc
long and easy payments
FOU SALE A splendid stand for a druggist
and physician In u good town surrounded
by good prosperous farmers This Is Just
the place for some young physician to step
Into It good practice and a good drug business
An old establlshe physlclltn wants to retire
Is the reason for Rolling Iror further partIc
ulars address JNO D BAHDAGB Oloyei
port Ky
HAVE you ever tried to soil your old I clothes The only
1way you can sell thorn is to talk about them show them
and keep after tho person until you get the monoy in your
pocketbook Its the same way with everything else you
have to talk about it before you can soil itand the best way
to bo heard is through the home paper Put an ad in the M
want column at Ic a word an ad in the locals at lOc a line andt t
you will sell that old stove that baby buggy or gasoline ea J
gino This can bo done tl > rouht

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