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1 r
Allis Klncheloo went to Loufs > Ill
r Anthony Rcczor ot Rome Ind ha
moved to Hardiusbur
c George Peyton of Greeley Colorado
is at homo fora few weeks at the Com
mercial Hotel
Halllday Peyton eft t Owensboro and
Miss Lillian Morgan of Brandenburg
are guests of the Misses PeyCbn
John Shepard of Covlngton apen
Christmas with his parents Rev an d
Mrs E I Shepard
Dr John E Klncheloa was called t o
Y Sample Sunday where he liad to ampu >
tate tho greater part of both hands 0 f
the six year old son of Mr and Mrs
Lee Beauchamp The little fellow
had got hold of one of the largo fire
crackers which sell for 2 or 3 cent s
each and ignorant of the danger held
it In both hands after igniting The
R result was a fearful mangling of the
r hands leaving but one unhurt finger
a and of course rendering a mostsfrtous
lifelong maiming This is another
argument against the sale of these
dangerous Christmas goods Let our
n lawmakers and town councils so legis
late thjit t these dangers are minimized
and that only safe Christmas toys are
Sherman Ball came down from Frank
fort for the holidays
Mr and Mrs Pile ehtertain the High
School and the Eighth Grade this eve
ning An old fashioned candy pulling
will be given
See Dr Walker for your dental work
Judge Moorman went to Louisville
Monday on legal business
Prof and Mrs R Y Maxey are
spending a few days with relatives at
Miss Virginia McGavock of Clover
port arrives today to be the guest of
Miss Mary Franklin Beard for a few
Cleveland Brock was in Louisville
Friday and Saturday N
Vivian Haswell and Mack Brown are
at home from the State University for
the holidays
Ernest Haswell arrived Saturday
from Cincinnati to spend the holidays
at home
School holidays last till January 2nd
Mrs John A Wallace of TroyTenn
is the guest of Mr and Mrs Tom Beard
County Court Monday r as followed
by the County Criminal Court yesterday
and a called session of the Fiscal Court
today to consider the bridge situation
and some other special matters
Mrs Lee Walls and daughter Llnnie
were at Custer a few days last week
1 the guest of Mr and Mrs Joe Trent
Mr Clayton Beard arrived last week
from Revere Mo after a visit in
Arkansas Mr Beard may decide to
remain permanently here his old home
r Dr E L Sheperd was called last
week to Jessamine County to conduct
the funeral of a fonner parishioner
Mrs Sue Mercer of Leitchfield is the
guest of Mrs Chambllss
Russell Compton who has been at
the State University accepts a position
with Heston WhifworthCo the first
of the year as manager of their coal
and feed business
Miss Ruth Kincheloe is visiting Miss
Bessie Foote of Bewleyvilie and Mis
1Mildred Moorman of Glen Dean this
The Eighth Grade Honor Roll for tilt
4fourth 4 month contains these names
rI rM1 m rMNMWI rllwrlIwwyWrM I gAA M Irw NA IMr MAAawrlfw Mr A AI
Every word written for the Farmer and the Farmers wife and Children
OTTD iTIITlVfTDV is published at Louisville Ky and is edited by a practical farmer
OURw COUNTRY has studied country problems home comforts teeding cattle
raising hogs poultry and field crops The object of the magazine is
to help the farmers of this country to read and study and v rr t r
and live stock and make more + out of them 1 1W V per JUlCil
I Ii I i
Sarah Deane Moorman Zeno Miller I
Sallie Meador Murray Brown Thos
Whitfield Clara Belle DeHaven Dick
Soper Elulse Hook Margaret Peyton
Mary Franklin Beard Nathaniel Shell
man Raymond Kincheloe
Dwight Willett is at homo from Be ea
College this week
John OReilley and his sister Miss
Mary and Miss Mortlne Monardi who
are in Owensboro schools came home
last week for the holidays II I I
If the best is not too good for you I
Lewisport Best flour is the flour you
ought to use Sold by J H Gardner
Mr and Mrs Milton Coke of Somer
set have been the guests of Mr and
Mrs Wm Beard for severrflidays
J H Pile is in Louisville to seo Diane
tell in Shakespeare
Mr and Mrs S D McGill and family
of Louisville were guests of Mr and
Mrs Lonnie Smith Sunday and Mon
Rev and Mrs M L Dyer are visit
ing at Nolin their former home
Miss Tula C Daniel has gone to St
Louis to spend the latter part of the
winter as is her custom
Dr J C Tucker of McDaniels was
in town Saturday
Examinations were held in the High
School last week for the first half years
work Misses Annie Lewis Whitworth
and Judith and Mr Robert Curtis had
done their work so well that they were
exempt from any examination what
ever Several others were exempt in
one or more studie as were many of
the Public School In the Eighth Grade
Miss Sarah Deane Moorman and Master
Zeno Miller led in the exemptions they
having to be examined in but two
studies each
Luke B Reeves contemplates mak
ing extensive improvements on his
property now occupied by HJ Roberts
grocery store Contractor Bramlett of
Irving on was here Saturday cstiinti
ting the cost of the work
Harrison Fisher colored is the only
person in the county jail
Mr and Mrs Davis Dowcll were at
Garfield Sunday
Ernest Clemmons of Compton III
was a guest of his sister Mrs Wm
spa M You Can Work Near a Window
in winter when you have a Perfec
tion Oil Heater It is a portable
radiator which can be moved to
any part of a room or to any room
in a house When you have a
Absolutely smokeless and odorless
you do not have to work close to the
stove which is usually far from the
window You can work where you
wish and be warm You can work on
dull winter days in the full light near
the window without being chilled to
the bone
The Perfection Oil Heater quickly
4 font burns steadily for nine hours without smoke or smell An
indicator always shows the amount of oil in the font The filler
heater has a cool handle timid a damper top
t The Perfection Oil Heater has an automaticlocking
flame spreader which prevents the wick from being turned
high enough to smoke and is easy to remove and drop back so
jrcannot become wedged and can be unscrewed in an instant for
rewlcklng The Perfection Oil Heater is finished In japan or
nickel lis strong durable wellmade built for service and yet
DHltrl Dwrywhm clrcutarty
to tht taantt agtney cfht
Standard Oil Company
1 1 ll
fili Ii
Hall a part pf last week
Marriage licenses Alfred O Blair
and Ardie Sanders Elmer H Kerr and
Genevieve Logsdon Joe Bruner and
Alta Bruner
The Pictures of Flying Birds In a Mo
hammedan Mpsque
According to one of the tenets of the
Mohammedan religion it is n sin to
make a picture tflllY living thing
Tho elaborate decorations of tbo pal
aces and mosques of the cast arc al
most exclusively made up of ingenious
ly Interlaced geometric designs ara
besques or flowers intermixed with
sentences of the Koran
There Is a belief among Mussulmans
that at the day of Judgment Allah will
demand that tho artist who has made
the Image of a living thing shall endow
that imago with life nUll that falling
to do this the artist will be sent to
perdition for his sin
A gentleman who visited a mosque
In Algiers found that the tiles with
which the building is decorated which
are very old and very beautiful are
adorned with flights of birds lIe ex
pressed surprise at this and asked if
the command gainst such representa
lion were a modern edict
Oh no answered the pious Alge
rian to whom he addressed the ques
tion These are not pictures of liv
ing birds
But they are painted as if flying
across tho tiles the other said in
some astonishment
Yes the Mussulman replied but
do you not see that about the neck of
each there is 1 n flue black line That Is
to show that tho artist painted only
dead birds and the command of the
Koran is not violated
Civilians Find It Difficult to Under
stand Military Discipline
One thing not commonly understood
among civilians Is the completeness of
the barrier which divides army offi
cers from the soldiers or as they are
more generally called tho men It
Is always vastly timuslug to those fa
miliar with the service to observe the
errors in Ctilti respect frequently made
by the novelist and tho playwright
Personal iimllllcntlons have hotJilug
whatever to do with the matter A
soldier may tie a gentleman who has
enlisted with the purpose of obtaining
n commission yet there can be be
tween him and his officers no social
Intercourse of any sort and severe
penalties would bo inflicted upon the
officer who would attempt to disregard
tho rule
It might seem that this enforcement
of a caste sense would result In much
hard feeling on the side of the men
Such however is not actually the
case It Is taken for granted and rec
ognized as conducive to good order
and military discipline It is a mill
tary regulation like any other and Im
plies no disgrace Directly a soldiers
enlistment is out or directly ho rises
from tho ranks the prohibition is re
moved Delineator
Tho very budding barrister assumed
tho approved legal look of Indisputable
Now my good lady ho observed
shaking an admonitory forefinger at
tho woman in the witness box you do
not appreciate the gravity of the ques
lion Endeavor to concentrate what
brain power nature has endowed you
with nnd answer me What relation
ship docs tho defendant bear to you
Rlghtho responded the good lady
jIs fathers cousin was my cousin
onco removed had Ms mother marry
in1 mo uncles only brpther
My good lady Interrupted the bud
despairingly I am not hero to solve
Well Im blowcdl ejaculated the
lady You was talkin jest nab as
though youd cornered most o1 the
brain pahr goln If you ndnt swank
ed quite so much Id a1 told yer plain
ly on simply Eso mo brother
London Answers
If the best to not good for you
ewlsport Best flour is I the flour you
ought toUtJ I s
ili i 1
Learn The Cause of Daily Woes
And End Them <
When the back aches and throbs
When housework is tortue
When night brings no rest nor sleep
When urinary disorders set in
Womans lot is a weary one
There Is a wayto escape these woes
Doans Kidney Pills cure such ills
Have cured thousands
Read this womans testimony
Mrs A Baur 737 Mulberry St
Owensboro Ky says I have used
Deans Kidney Pills and have found
them to be unequalled for kidney trou
ble and lame back This remedy also
corrected a difficulty with the kidney
secretions I sleep much better since
using Doans Kidney Pills and that
languid feeling has disappeared
For sale by all dealers Price SO cents
FosterMUbum Co Buffalo New York
sole agents for the United States
Remember the name Doans and
take no other
Fun In the Homo
Whatever your lot In life keep joy
with you says Orison Swett Mardcn
in i Success Magazine It Is a great
healer Sorrow worry Jealousy envy
bad temper creato friction and grind
away the delicate human machinery so
that the brain loses Its cunning
Half the misery In the world would
be avoided if the people would make
a business of having plenty of fun at
home Instead of running everywhere
else in search of it
Now for Host nnd Fun No Busi
ness Troubles Allowed Hero These
are good home building mottoes
When you have had a perplexing
day when things have gone wrong
with yon and you go home at night
exhausted discouraged blue Instead
of making your homo miserable by
going over your troubles nnd trials
just bury them instead of dragging
them homo nnd making yourself and
your family unhappy with them and
spoiling the whole evening just lock
everything that Is disagreeable in your
I Just resolve that your homo shall be
a place for bright pictures and pleas
ant memories kindly feelings toward
everybody and as Mr Roosevelt says
a corking good time generally If
you do this you will be surprised to
see how your vocation or business
wrinkles will bo ironed out In tb
morning and how the crooked things
will be straightened
Domestic Girl Is Happy
The girl whose sphere is set in do
mestidty can find as keen a satisfac
tion ht doing her work to the very best
of her ability us can her sister who
achieves college honors or famo In
tbo literary world Indeed there Is
something peculiarly satisfying and
flno and healthy about work with the
hands because for one thing ItIR
generally service for others
Again the grout mass of women
must inevitably find their scope In do
I mestic Ufo and every girl whatever
her social position may be would be
the butter for two yel10I thorough
training in housewifery says the Phil
ndelphlR Inquirer Therefore if you
nro going through your hopeless
phase try good honest housework as
an antidote Work hard with your
hands and at tho same time cultivate
a cheerful spirit and an interested
habit of mind
A Phone Incident
A homtckF pot In New York phoned
to tho nieat market Have you any
liver that morning
I hopi so came tho respOnse ivltJl
a cheery laugh I which was not like the
Aro yjm not the butcher she fur
ther Inquired
InquiredWell people call me that but
I am ro lly Ir Soandso came the
laughing reply
As the woman recognized the name
of ono o they most famous surgeons in
town sijfi gftfped an apology and nsrv
lusly raPe up Central again
1 II rl l 1 iii ii 1 r i
j 7 R
Quiet a number from here have been
in Cloverport this week doing their
Christmas shopping
Mr Wilbur Ballman of Mook is here
to spend the holidays with his grand
parents Mr and Mrs Henry Ballman
fA good crowd attended tie enter
tainment at Plsgah given by Mr Jas
McGovern and his pupils Friday A
nice treat was also enjoyed
Mr AT Ballman went to Hawes
villa Thursday
Mr Emniett Crenshaw has been at
Kirk this week the guest of his sister
Mrs Beavin
Old Santa Claus visited the pupils of
McGavocks school Friday afternoon
If the best is not too good for you
Lewisport Best Flour is the Hour you
ought to use
Recipes For Various Things Helpfu
to the Housewife
Why Is It that so many housekeep
ors who see to It that their houses are
spotlessly clean with nary a speck
of dust or mud do not appreciate the
value of clean fresh air In the home
In the summer when one Is glad
enough to open the window proper ven
tilation is an easy matter but when
the cold breezes blow and the coal
supply Is not unlimited the housewife
seems to think If the bedroom win
I dows are open for five minutes in the
morning this will supply enough of
the life giving ozone to stock the house
for the day
To begin nt the bedroom it is the
Idea of most housewives that to turn
the bed covers back for a few minutes
before the open window will sufficient
ly all the bed And so it is the Idea
of many of us But the covers should
be taken completely off tho bed and
spread over two chairs by the window
and tho mattress turned back These
should be aired all morning before
making the bed Every window in the
room should bo opened and In fact
ono window should be partly open all
tho time except when n storm would
drive through
At night the clothes should not bo
allowed to lloin a heap where they
have beo < n carelessly thrown but each
garment should be separated from the
others and hung on n clothes tree near
a window where the night all will
blow on thorn which contrary to pop
ular superstition is not Injurious but
In tho kitchen the frequent opening
of the outer door generally lets in suf
ficient fresh nil but the living room
is a diffcccnt matter Tho best plan
Is to have the carpenter make a two
inch board to fit across the outer sill
I so that when tho sash is closed down
it meets tho board In this way there
will bo a space between the upper and
lower sash In tho middle of tho win
dow which will permit of sufficient
fresh air entering It varnished tho
same as the other woodwork this will
not mar tho appearance of the wIndow
Subscribe Right Now
I B Payne is spending a few days in
Noah Weatherford of Louisville
came Saturday to spend the holidays
with his parents Mr and Mrs John
Mr and Mrs Johnnie Meador of
Basin SpHngs are the guests of her
sister Mrs Milt Davis
Bruce Moorman spent a few days in
Louisville last week
Miss May Pile Spent Saturday at
Miss Virginia Payne has been visit
ing her slstsr Mrs v Sam Garden of
Basin Springs
Mr and Mr S m Tucker left Frid y
for Ow risbo 6 tQ spend ChrUtniM Wlth
JI t i tr ii jA
his parents Jas Tucker and family
Percy Macy spent Sunday at West
View r
Dr Earl Moorman of Louisville
came down Saturday night to visit his
mother Mrs Ethel Moorman
Miss Mannie Harper and brother of
near Hardinsburg spent Sunday with +
Miss Mary Carman
Mr and Mrs P R Payne and son
II W Payne spent Sunday the guests
of her mother Mrs Ethel Moorman
Lewisport Best flour is the flour you
ought to use
Mr and Mrs James Avitt of Con
nessville are spending the holidays
with their parents Mr and Mrs Lucy
Avitt and Mr and Mrs Eugene Beau
JNIr and Mrs Ralf Bowers are spend
Sam Brown who has been in Illinois
for the past two months returned homo
last week
Abe Robertson Of Tuscola Ill is
spending the holidays with his father il
Allen Robertson
Mrs Anna Robbins of Mystic was
the guest of Mrs Flake Ater last Fri
Mrs Delle Shaw of Oneal Neb is
visiting her sister Mrs Henry Gibson
this week
Hon Claud Mercer of Hardinsburg
was in our town Friday
i Miss Anna Lee Hardin is spending
the week with her cousin Miss Mary J
Gibson of Holt
George Edward Shellman is at home
from Lexington is spending the holi
days with fits parents Mr and Mrs
E H Shellman
Ernest Gibson of Bowling Green is
at home spending the holidays with his
parents Mr and Mrs Henry Gibson
George Cook is spending the week
with relatives at Petree and Lewisport
The Misses Bellof Hardinsburg
were visiting Mr and Mrs Reebe
French last week
I The Christmas tree at A J Keys
last Saturday night was an enjoyable
affair The tree was beautifully deco
rated with nice presents not only for
the little ones but for the older ones
also A large crowd attended and
every thing went off nicely Roscoe
Keys who acted as Santa Claus could
not be beat by anyone in the county
If the best is not too good for yon
Lewisport Best flour fs the flour you
ought to Use
fjjJ jJ rF IN a
6 Full inches
of Asphalt
ed Joint
No Nail holes i
iR R
Through Roof
A Continuous Onepiece L
Roof with Every Nailr I I
Ieand Ie
1 NO CoalTar j j
Gregory Co ij
Lumber Lime Cement f F
Cfsws v
r = I = lI

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