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Joseph W. Folk In Bryan's Commoner.
i i
(Continued from Last Week.)
Let tho Democratic party tako an unmistakable- stand on this
, . t ... i n j it.!,. .
i qnesuon nnu lnvuo cvory uuu 01 mi ijuruufj uijijusuu iu una uujusu
ystcm to unite with it m tho light. Ihcn there can he a squaro is-
feuo between privilege and equal rights. A battle over tanlF sched
ulea claiming thatHomo arc too high and othcra should remain so they
aro, docs nor. involve any principle, and can only result in a sham
T ho tanir uucstion cannot bo settled by a tanll board, for it is
jiot simply a matter of increasing or decreasing the tariff cn certntn
articles. It is a question of principle as to whether the tariff should
be used for the purpose of creating monopoly. Before a commission
could do any good tho American pcoplo must decide whether the
tariff shall be for revenuo merely or for tho purpose of protection. If
tho people decide in favor of protection a commission would not be
necessary to enable the special interests to grab all they can get. If
tho people decide in favor of a revenue tariff then a commission could
carry out tho instructions of the people by adjusting tho tariff sched
ules t6 that bnsis, in such a way as to cause no shock to fair business
by reason of too suddon changes from tho unnatural and artificial
conditions that havo gnown up under a monopoly building tariff.
Tho doctrine of equal rights should bo made a living, vital, con
Jltrolling forco in Government. This doctrine opposes tho privilege of
UUSIUIUH, uuuutiua uuu in. iui mo v witiiiiuuiiiui iiu uio iu it iun at
the burden of all. The Government has no more right to tako from
ono man indirectly to add to the wealth of another than it has to
compel ono man directly to contribute to tho fortunes of another.
When such governmental favors arc conferred thoy go to those of
wealth and influence enough to secure them and arc boyond tho reach
cf the average man. If such favors benefited all alike, no ono would
want them. It is because they give a class privileges denied to others
that these few clamor for them, and it is for this reason that tho rest
of tho pcoplo should not submit to such discriminations. A privilege
increases opportunity must diminish, and as opportunity diminishes
' tho rif hts of tho individual aro destroyed, lhat is the reason why.
undor the Republican system, tho classes aro becoming moro opulent
and tho masses uro finding the opportunity for individual effort grow
in less as tho years go by. Undor this system in tho large cities ono
end of society is rolling in abnormal wealth, while tho other end of
society is begaing for bread. I ho multi-millionaire and the pauper
-are aliko dangerous in a republic, and they are related to each other
n n innr it nnn w(ir ici it w -i 1 1 -n n cn np.r rv- tun... i
"Pr ILS C lUht: 1LUU LUV- w-w ' " - f V L lull LlIUII.-JLIHl
; itnnn hn n'nil (1 llftVO f.O SaVG It nil IOP llVft fhniicnnrl imn r,
uuimia ifc j uu " - - - vuwMkj.u y mhi o uu
fnm ha r.nnln npniimillfttfl fiftV million dolkl'S. Vet fiff.V ttlillmn rlr.ll.i-u
; v-""-" - " j
who have vast fortunes accumulated through tho system of privilege
How is it that some men in tho course of a few years can collect as
jjf much as under natural conditions it would take thousands of years
r. for tho average man to earn? It could not bo done if there were jus-
tico in tho distribution ot wealth.
w orn-.f lirinrr nhnut a forced eouahtv nf rnnrliri
II tUUUJU " 1 J -..iMui.j, UUV L11V1U
mn,r v, o., onim izdtion or nuraens unu onnorcunirins. "hn "p,
luav ci 'i a - -o vj omui
mn ioriuuus uiu iui . vuu n mo uuuuu ov
pieans of high tariff, watered stocks, fictitious bond issues and through
monopoly of some necessity of lito. Watered stocks, fictitious bond
' issues and the tariff graft should bo done away with, and holding
Companies whereby these unnatural fortunes are concentrated in the
if hands of a very few men should be placed under tho ban of the law.
Then through an income tax the burdens of government should be
more equitably distributed. Tho income tax is a tax on what the
i u., i;irn thp. tnriff. a tax on whnr. thn nnnnN ..... it ! .
pCUJlU I1UVC, 11VJ1., v" - fujjiu tVHIIU J.I 1H
the fairest of all forms or laxauon oecauso it oears most heavily on
those most able to bear it, aud least heavily on those least able to
bear it. An income tax exempting tho small incomes, and with a
very light rate up to, say, twenty thousand dollars a year, then in
creasing with tho increase or tno income until it wouia become less
desirable for individuals to havo incomes running into tho millions
Breach year, would do much to equalize the burdens of government and
'te remedy tho injustice tnat now um&u, m mo distribution of wealth.
Thn nmnnrlmftnr, tn tllO United States Constitution now Uafni'n flin
nnnnln ic nnt in flio ovnnh form thllt it, sllillllfl liA tn nnl'mit- f li l.T.r rt
ft. t-f- -r . - v - - " ... a:. r . . -.
Kn. ot-niiiitfnn innrkiiin rnv ii fi i ii i t.ii in lint; iiuinfini nni'nvthA nPn r. ,
r r r r wiivnr nir.ini ii.m li.i.i . i.ii.... ... t.r . . . rill ninnrni
3gono tnat tar wo can go iurinur mior on.
The Democratic party should not fight wealth as such, but rather
.' tho privileges that prodiu'o ta nted riches on ono hand and undeserved
nnvortv on tho other. It should not bo an enemy to enternriso but
j'- the friend of honest industry and legitimate development. Tho only
a limitation should bo that tho prosperity of ono should ho consistent
with the wolfaro of all, for it is an axiom of Democracy that whon
; over ono man has moro than ho should have, some other man must
? havo less than ho should Jiavo. Democrac3T should safeguard prop
' orty rights, but should recognizo tho fact that proporty rights aru
best safeguarded by preserving inviolate tho public rights.
Shall there bo government by privilogo for a class or govornmont
by tho peoplo for all This is tho great question before tho country,
i Government by tho pcoplo is either right or it is wrong. If it is
ii ii.i. ii. .... ... Li ..j; n "Ti.- it
wrnnnr. thnn Hiw roniihHn. is thn mifyliMojt. hlnnrlni' nf nil t.Un nnrnc. 5f
f it is right, then tho peoplo cannot bo given too much power to run
thoir own government.
Tho election of Senators by direct voto of tho peoplo is an im
portant stop in government, not only of and by tho pcoplo but gov
ernment for tho people. When our Constitution was being framed
tho fear was tho pcoplo might confiscate tho proporty of tho well-to-do,
who at that period consisted for tho most part of largo land own
era. That tho time should over como when tho rights of tho peoplo
would bo endangered through consolidation and concentration of cap
ital, and its influence in govornmont, did not occur to tho fathers of
tho republic. So thoy provided a IIouso of Representatives to rep
rseont tho people and for a Senate olected by tho Legislatures of tho
different States to represent proporty. Wo havo now learned that
proporty intorests should not bo inconsistent with public intorosts,
and that officials should represent no class but the entire public This
proposed reform of election of Senators by tho peoplo will, according
to present indications, bear fruit in tho near future.
Tho Democratic party should insist upon tho stamping out of
graft and corruption from every department of government; not only
grafts against the law, but grafts undor tho law, and thoso grafts tho
law itself may give in tho shapo of special favors', bounties, subsidies
and a tariff for any purposo other than that of rovenuo. Graft sub
stitutes for govornmont by tho pcoplo, tho will of tho few with wealth
and influence enough to secure official favors. In tho elimination of
corruption tho initiative and referendum havo been found effective in
$tte affairs. As means of enacting all laws those measures would, of
OPurMj -be too c'umborsorae, but as chocks in tho hands of tho people
L: thv are very desirable. Corruntionists will not nav larca sums of
ttoey to legislative bodies for laws when a clear title cannot be given,
ud when restricted by the initiative and referendum legislatures can-
i&HOHiaed ob bevenu rae
t Successful Newspaper Woman.
Miss Allene Davis, of Mndtsonvllle,
who is the manager of the branch of
fice of the Earllngton Uee, which the
Ilee management has opened at Mad
Isonville, was a pleasant visitor nt tho
News office Tuesdoy morning. Miss
Davis was making n trip over the L &
N. in the interest of her paper. Green
River News.
o o o
Buys in Hartford.
Viciliobertson, of Ilardinsburg, was
here Monday and bought twenty fine
mules. In this lot there were five
mules he bought of Messrs. Hlack &
Ulrkhead at a handsome price. Hart
ford Hindd.
o o o
(lood Work.
This Issue of the Sun klne o' over
flows with Y. M. C. A. news. But then
this is "Y. M. C A. week" In Wood
ford county, as ycu have doubtless dis
covered Woodford Sun.
o o o
Good Turkeys.
A man in Pendleton county sold
twelve voting gobblers at sixteen ceuts
per pound. Their average weight was
26 1-2 pounds, and they brought 4.24
each. It pays to raise them at that
price. Winchester Democrat.
There's a Cure For Them.
The Maysville Public Ledger says
that modern science has discovered
that worry will kill. We don't believe
it. If it would, every newspaper man
would be dead from worrying over de
linquent subscribers.
0 0 0
Let's Follow.
The card gotten out by some op
timist "Knockers never win winners
never knock" is true and If every
one will follow that s-logan we will be
better off. Paru City Daily News,
Law School In PInevillc.
By request of certain young men,
ambitious to become lawyers, Mr. Jas
H. Jeffries has consented to teach a
class in law, and he will have at once
as students H . Clay Rice, A. B. Gil
bert and A. W. Babbage and later Jack
Metcalf. Pineville Sun.
o o e
Thinks Mr. Cooper.
We heartily commenu the commit
tee's decision to include the Senatorial
race under the primary called for May
27. That is the best way to ascertain
the choice of the people. Blue Grass
Likes Law Better.
The Kentucky State Journal and the
Frankfort News have consolidated,
Governor Beckham retiring from the
editorship of the Kentucky State Jour
nal. While Governor Beckham has
made a brilliant reputation as a jour
nilist, he has "weariec! of the grind,"
and will hereafter devote himself ex
clusively to the law. Glasgow Times.
Oood Reason For Leaving.
Harry Sommers, of the Elizabeth-
town News, eays that holding a girl's
To Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound
Scottvillo. Mich. " I want to tell
you how much good LydlaE.Pinkham'a
vogetauio Com
pound and Sanative
wash have done ino.
I live on a farm and
have worked very
hard. I am forty
ivo years old, and
am tho mother of
thirteen children.
Many peoplo think
it strango that I am
not broken down
with hard work and
tho caro of mv fnm.
ily, but I tell thorn of my good friend,
your Vegetable Compound, and that
there will bo 110 backacho nml hnnrincr
down pains for them if they will tako
it as I havo. I am scarcely over with
out it in tho house.
"I Will Sav also tliat T think fliArn fa
no bettor medicine to be found for
young girls to build them up and mako
thorn stroner and well. Mv nidnst
daughter has taken Lydia E. Pink,
ham's Vegetable Compound for pain,
ful periods and irregularity, andithaa
always helped her.
"i am always ready and willing to
speak a good word for tho Lydia E.
rinkham's Remedies. I toll overv ono
I meet that I owe my health and hap
piness to those wonderful medicines."
Mrs. J. G. JoiiNSON,Scottville,Mlch.,
1LP.D. 3.
Lydia E. rinkham's Vatrotabla Com.
pound, made frpm native root and
herbs, contains no narootlcs or harm
ful drugs, and to-day holds the record
for the largest numWr of actual curee
a ouul ,Uuuui
Spring Dry Goods
New Ginghams
New Linens
New Calicoes
New Laces and Embroideries
New Men's and Boys' Hats
New Men's Hosiery
New Dress Goods
New Madras
New Shoes
New Line Men's Shirts
New Ladies' Hosiery
Agent for the Celebrated
Studebaker Wagons, Oliver Chilled Plows, Deering Har
vesting Machinery and all kinds of Farming Implements
Homestead and Calumet rands of Fertilizers
Can furnish you Pure Raw Bone Meal
Union Made Carliart Overalls, "First in the Heart of the People"
Our Great Piano Contest
is going on. You get tickets with every article. You get
tickets when'you pay your account. Our piano is a fine in
strument. It is worth a place in any household. Yau can
get it if you are diligent and work for it. Get your friends
interested. Get them to come to our store and buy and turn
over their tickets to you. Someone will get this piano. Why
not you? Remember we are making big REDUCTIONS on
every article in our stock. Come and see us.
W. C. Moorman
Glen Dean, Ky.
)fozzioiz5 'oi
Bul They DO Much
Thoy help to lent and sell real estate; rent rooms; secure positions; find sood help?Din fact they
sell what is not wanted and find what is wanted.
If you have a Small Busin ess and Want More Business!
"Try a Bieohenrid'e Nous Want Ad."
Tho fact that Jt bey are helping n any others of our ntdeiv- is pood pioof that ono would help you
...Write, Call or Telephone...
If not convenient to Icuve your ad." nt The News cilice, telq hone thun to 46. We will tell you
the cost and you can mail stamps or call when convenient.
j Every Farmer as well as Every B uisiness Man
Miould nave a uank Account
BeCailSe j-ourmoney is safer intlic;tar.k than anywhero else. Paying your billa by
check is tho simplest and most convenient method, lour cat
cher for the debt it pays
bank strengthens your credit.
bank docs all tho book-keeping,
simplest and most convenient method, lour cneck becomes a vou-
!Jt gives jcu it better standiig with business men. jMoriey in tho
jA bank account tenches, helps and encourages you tosavo. "n'This
j'Your bank book is a record of your business.
To thoso desiring Hanking Connections with an Old Established llank, we extend our services
4 The Bank of Hardinsburg & Trust Co.,
Hardinsburg, Ky.
hand 1ms fooled more men than hold
ing a poker hand. So we suppose the
reason he has gone for a fishing jaunt
to Florida Is to try to forget It Interior
The Paper oSunshine
The Breckcnrldce News received
last week a copy of the Evening Inde
pendent edlteu by Lew is. urown ana
L. C. Brown. The paper is published
dally In8t. Petersburg. Fla., where
the Independent says, "ail the time Is
summer and the flowers never die."
The sunshine paper is given away ab
solutely free every day the sun. doesn't
shine in that pity.
Mr. Shquse to Marry
The press gang ef Kentucky read with
much Interest the announcement of the
engagement of Mr. Jouett Shouse, of
Lexington, to Miss Marlon Edwards,
of Kinsley, Kansas. The wedding will
tako place in the fall, Mr, Shouse
though not at present engaged in the
newspaper business, is a great favorite
with the Kentucky scribes. At every
meeting of the Kentucky Press Associ
ation, he is asked to take a place
the program. Danville Messenger
When her child is in danger a woman
will risk her Hie to protect it. No jrreat
act of heroiaui or risk of life is necessary
to protect a child from croup. Give
Chamberlain's Cough ReniVdy and all
danger is avoided. For side by all
Scaled bids will be received by the
Board of Trustees of tho Cloverport
Graded Common School District No. 1,
until march 15, 1011, for furnishing all
matc.-Ial and labor to build a wall
across a certain portion of the Public
School lot, according to the plans and
specifications on file in the ollice of the
undersigned Secretary ot the Board.
Bids will be received for the construct
lpn of said wall, either with stone laid
in cement, or for concrete of proper
mixture. Board reserving the right to
reject any or all bids. Marion wi
therholt, Secy. Board of TrjKteec.

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