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41ow the Philadelphia Athletics
A Won the American Leaque Pennant.
By 1UMMY C. All K.
gAll'IIO! (ill tlx AHMftcai ion true
Ma SOU of Hll I WD!) not alto
Ktlir devoid ( sectional and
Individual disappointments,
there wan probably not an owner or
official In the Junior oriranlf.atlon who
did not ft-H that the mil campaign
WU ae prosperous and as successful as
sry of the previous years.
Of course there have been no auch
monetary rewards reaped as those of
the years In which the American
leaanie races were phenomenally close.
There hat teen nothing like the sus
tained Interest of 100H. for instance,
when the White Sox nosed out New
York In the last week of the season,
nor like that of 1007, when Detroit
Philadelphia fans resigned all hop
when DStNtl bent the Ath.etlcs in the
first two games. Hut It was the old
story of Mack nelnr liest In adversity
Ills team didn't quit. The tactMaii
whipped his players together the very
next day, when they started e sensa
MotiHl winning streak. They took thf
next two from the 'i'lgrrs. beat Cleve
land in the next four and then traveled
east and continued their success.
Tliey won twenty out of twenty-two
gnme before they bad a alight reac
tion. This spurt of the world cham
pions made big Inroads on the Tigers'
lend. From a twelve game lead ad
vantage It shrunk violently, lingering
quite n time around the three game
mark. Rut the Tlgera couldn't bold
fielders In the big leagues that rnt
higher than Lord. OUirtng and Mm
phy, bnt Mack's strength always hit
been in his inllelds.
There Is M nm rt ot in the jrnme to
day that combines with bnschall such
intelligence as that of Mclnr.is. Collins.
Rarry mid linker. The four are mm
dertnlly fast and accurate Holders mid
possess great throwing arms. The In
j field vjas fast In 1!W. but It hi 'I
J ler this season. Last year Harry I in vis
j was on first, but Inst .Inly he was re
' placed by Melnnls. For all his youtli
I and Inexperience Melnnls Is a big Im
provement over Davis. Right now
i Stufly" looks the equal of any flrt
baseman In the American lenguo. bar
ring Hal Chase. First station last yeai
t p . . I IK ! BARBY.ll
If! J r' .jltw -1
IjCOt-UlNUfj -IF ' wflsf
.H V r aBaaaaavaaaaanaaaaaaaaaa
yj is
Y Z 1
ebbs I .
"-Ti1 l Ki N-i; ' ' " . i ?Sf ?.c sbbb?.'. ' t f"' ' -
and Thlladelphia fought It out almost
to the wire with the Sox and Naps
hanging on until near the finish.
There haa been nothing like the In
Ataise excitement raised and maintain
Tlu 1908, when a presidential cam
palgn was compelled to take a side
street, while the boulevards were mo
nopolized by an unparalleled spectacle
that of four teams racing almost
neck and neck for tLe wire and the
verdict hanging on the result of the
final game of the schedule between
Detroit and Chicago.
This year's nice hus been a two team
affair, Philadelphia and Detroit mo
nopolizing the gladness of the whole
The Tigers started the season on i
gallop and at the end of April held a
big lead of twelve games won aud two
lost, while the Athletics were In the sec
ond division. Uurlng May the Tigers
still held the big lead, and many ex
perts predicted they would walk away
with the gonfalon. Rut the more con
aervatlve thought that u loud was a
handicap to Jeuuliiss' men, which later
results proved to be .sue.
The early part of June, when the
Tigers held u big lead over Hie Ath
letics of twelve games, Mack's nances
looked slim. Such a feeling wm well
Justified W ith such an enormous ad
vantage It looked as If the Tigers could
nurse their lead ut no great strain on
the players. They bad enough of a
lead to sustain a slump aud got back
on a winning streak again.
When the Athletics wi nt on their
first trip west they disappointed their
followers. They dliln't show anything
mil the trip was almost over. I)e-
rolt wan the third city in the west
where they called
this lead, :iud on July 4 the cham
pions of the world cume to their own
uguiu by Wimrllg first place in the
American league race after it hud
been held by Detroit since the open
lug of the season.
The Mackuieu didn't huve the honor
very long. The very next day they
toppled out again, and Detroit was
buck. They went west again and
struck a calamity in Detroit, which
swept four straight games from their
ancient enemy. Tnerefore In I little
more than a week after Independence
duy Detroit hud gained first place and
was lending the Alhloti-s by five and
one-half games.
With the season more than half fin
ished, the Athletics chances looked
worse than ever, but the Mack wreck
lng crow saved things. The team was
soon buck lighting again, and the lead
worked gradually but steadily below
the five and one-half mark.
The Athletics returned home July
25 to fight the western teams. They
struck the westerners quick and hard.
First it was Cleveland and then De
troit that were made dizzy by the
monarch's speed. Neither wus St
Louis nor Chicago spared.
On Aug. 4 the Athletics for the sec
ond time this season had fought their
way to first place, the difference be
ing that this time tbey held It. DJf
lng September their lead Increased
steadily, and they entered the last
week of the race practically eased up.
In all bnt one department the Ath
letics are a better ball club now than
they were a year ago. The outfield,
while it Is not a wonderful trio by a
long shot, is a shade more reliable
than that which bumped the Cubs last
There are two or three set of out
was the only compar itivoly weak one
imt it is now well covered.
It is only In the pitching department
hat Mark seems to liuvo fallen off
rum last year. Neither Coombs nor
leader has shown the wonderful
form of year ago. Morgan and
Phmh performed in tine style all seu
ion. The catching department bus
1 eou well looked sfler by Ira Thomas.
The Athletics are made up of youm;
den wlio like to plcy lull. There
Isn't u lazy pluver on the team. From
the moment the M.'ck's men put on
their unifo-ms they display energy. In
practice tbey show gli ger and speed,
vh le In rb'impiousblp games they nov
or say die. liven though opMineiitK ar
ST Kit, the champions do not let up
They seem to enjoy the task of fatten
urj their b'lttlng averages, and they
revel in dltlicuit plays. On the bench
thJ t :i Ik Initial It. and whsfl mistakes
IK made there's uo III feeling. Urea;
I'lays prompt thnalgsa and words of
praise, while Muck at all times Is the
king pin. Lack of Jealousy and fric
tion Is one of the reasons for the suc
cess of the Athletics. Tuke the case
of Harry Dux Is. for instance. The vet
eran has been BUPplSBtSd at first base
by young Melnnls. yet the latter has
uo more ardent SOppsVtN than Davis
who is ulwuys helping the youngster.
Muck's quiet disposition, coupled with
firmness, hus worked wonders. lie
knows baseball and how to handle
players. Ills motto is "Play ball," and
tie never vurles it. Umpires are let
ii lone and .ulv rse decisions do not Up
ket the team. In developing the Ath
attics Mack has tried to streugthen ev
ery department, and results thus st
uttned would seem to indicate that he
hasn't lost S trick
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Will Sail The Twelfth.
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friei ds. Last week Miss Green enter
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Fred Ferry, Mrs. Morris Heard and
Mr. Walter R. Ilensley.
Illustrated Edition.
The Hartford Republican's illustrat
ed editiou was received here Friday. It
is a picture of much thought, work,
time aud mouey.

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