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No. 19
Of Green River District May Not
Be Sold Before January 1.
Difference in Prices Fixed--What
Buyers Will Offer.
There is a strong probability now that
'the sale of the tobacco pooled with the
Green River Tobacco Growers Associa
tion and the American Society of Equity
Home Warehouse Company will
.at be made before the latter part of
December and possibly not until after
'.the first of the year.
The samples tor the 1912 crop have
been on exhibition at the headquarters
-othe various associations for several
days, and have been inspected by rep-
resentativea of the American Tobacco
, rvimnanv (lAllncrher. Imoerial. lohn
; Xoss and Continental, and representa
tives of other concerns. None of the
teuvers have offered to purchase any of
the tobacco yet! and it is not likely that
the associations will close any deal at
any time real soon, as it is understood
that there is some difference in the
nrice that will be offered by the buyers
licompared with the price paid last year.
ik' T. 1. -l,1 4ln. Ida fAAt T? If fll" A C
T t IS &ilU lUUb l"3 M'"" --
sociation nas nxea ine pnto wo oumc
&s that of last year. SO to $10, but that
from the samples shown of this year's
crop, me Duyers are nut wuuug iu y
f that price, and likely not over 6 to 3.
$ It is admitted by the buyers and some
members of the association that the to-
-' bacco is not as good as last year's crop,
because it has neither the weight, color
nor length, and for that reason the buy
ers claim that they should not be ex
pected to pay the same price as last
k The price has also been fixed by the
u American Warehouse Company, whicn
Is tho dght to be the same as that of last
vear. though L. JN Kooertson, secre-
Ftfli y of the association, refused to state
Avtfloner or not tins was true, um aaiu
that he would have something to give
out to the public within the next few
The rain a few days ago brought out
a snort stripping season, and some of
the tobacco was stripped and is ready
' for market, when the tobacco is again
put in season. This, however, cannot
be rushed to the market until the to
bacco is sold, and just when the sale
will be made is a question now that
probably will not be decided for some
time. Owensboro Inquirer.
Methodist Church Notes.
Wednesday nicrht the monthly church
conference will be held and Brother
Walker is especially desirous that all
the men of the church as well as the
pfllcers be present. Reports from every
department of the churchwlll be glv
New druggets and fresh painting
have brightened the class rooms of
Mrs Robert Pierce and Miss Susette
- Sawyer.
a ooo
6s Susette Sawyer will lead the
igue Sunday night.
The Clover Blossoms had a bright
ind joyous meeting Sunday with Miss
elen Kingsbury as leader. The topics
re China and Table Manners. Inter-
ting talks and papers were given on
subiects. Three new memoers
re enrolled. Miss Marguerite Walk-
Eff was made first vice-president. Miss
laabeth Robards, second vlce-presi-
it. will have charee of the Baby
division. Babies will be enrolled by
ic payment of twenty-five cents which
titles them to five years membership.
Tit. For Tat.
Dr. A. H. Waterman, of Chlcago,who
the husband of Cissie Loftus, attend-
E the wife of his pastor, who was dan-
ferously ill. The patient recovered,
d the pastor was grateful for the un
wnittiug efforts of the doctor.
X mouth or so after his wife's recov
jy tb minister met the doctor on the
'Doctor," heBaid, "I have had no
from you. Please send me one "
"Oh, that's all right! smiled the doc-
'But, doctor." 1 Misted the minister,
1 strongly in this matter. If there
y oae debt I owe. it te to you for
Bg my wife. You Tvere so good"
'Now look herd" interrupted the
ctor. "Let u go. Ttte fast is, i
on t wvTK y nrur iu jj yvur
out of Heaven than you work all
time to keep n out of toll and
U call it aqurl"
He Voted Tuesday Morning and
Died the Next Day-Funeral
Held at St. Rose -Interment
Takes Place at Hardinsburg.
Thos. W. Lewis died at his home in
this city last Wednesday morning at 11
o'clock. Mis death was unexpected,
although his health had been failing
rapidly since last May. Mr. Lewis was
up town Tuesday and was one of the
first to vote. He did not become ill
until late that evening.
The funeral took place at St. Rose
church at 7 o'clock Thursday morning,
Father Henry officiating. Among those
who attended from a distance were:
Mrs. Frank McGary and Mr. Lon
Rhodes, of Hardinsburg; Walter Rhodes
and Herbert McGary, Misses Nannie
and Nell Head, of Owensboro.
The body was taken to Hardinsburg
for interment. Services were held in
the church, cqnducted by Father Nor
man, and the burial took place in St.
Romuald's cemetery. The pall-beareis
were: Will, John and 'Nelse Jolly, Her
bert and John McGary and Robert
Rhodes. They were nephews of Mr.
Mr. Lewis was born near Hardins
burg, and was seventy six years old.
Forty seven years ago he married Miss
Isabelle Rhodes, whom he leaves with
two daughters, Mrs. William Dorst and
Miss Florence Lewis. He was the
brother of George and Henry Lewis
and Mrs. Lucy Brown, of Hardinsburg.
Pleasant Visitors.
The News had the pleasure of a vis
It from Mrs. Mary Brown, of Kirk,
Miss Theresa Mattingly and Miss Ma
lissa Pumphrey Saturday. Mrs. Brown
has the school at Kirk with an enroll
ment of seventy-six scholars. She is in
love with her work and the task to
teach such a number does not1 seem
hard to her. Miss Mattingly, who is
quite a young teacher, has the Mc
Gavock school and boards at the hos
pitable home of the Pumphreys.
Nolte's New Wagon.
J. C. Nolte & Bro. have a new deliv
ery wagon, three hundred pounds light
er than the old one. Sometime ago
Mrs. Ben Duncan told the firm that
their wagon was a horse-killer and
that hustled them up to relieve their
faithful servants. Kindness to dumb
animals is becoming greater everyday.
Boys Have Big Time
(- Celebrating the Victory.
Three nights last week the coming
Democratic voters of Cloverport had u
big celebration of the victory. They
paraded the streets, blowing horns and
giving hilarious hurrahs for Wilson.
Thursday night they had abigbonfue
and shot off powder by the wholesale.
Beautiful Flowers.
Mrs. Frank English and Miss Mildred
Babbage are proud of the handsome
chrysanthemums in. bloom in .their
homes. They are the result of much
attention and the admiration aroused
by their size and quality is quite com
pensating. Mrs. English has the Queen
Victoria and Miss Babbage has the
Alice Roosevelt. Among the colors are
garnet, lavendar and yellow.
Preston Jarboe Improving.
Preston Jarboe, of Hardlni.burg, who
nas been ill with rheumatism for five
weeks, is improving. He is now able
to get around with u chulr and crutch.
Hi's many friends hope to see him at
his place of business soon.
After the Postoffice.
There are several applicants for (he
postoffice at Glen Dean. Petitions are
being circulated and them is quite n
rivalry among the applicants. The
present postmaster, T. L. Curtis, n Re
publican, is an applicant. Following
are. the names, of the Democratic ap
plicants: Jesse Howard, Ernest Rob
ertson, Mrs. Joe Jones and Mrs. Flor
ence Moorman.
New Engines.
The L , II. & St. L, K. R. Com
pany's engines are being received here.
Three came Monday, 31, 32, 33 and
three nwe.wlll follow soon from Phil
adelphia. Mr, Randall is very proud of
Fourth of July is a comedy depleting
scenes -4$n old fashioned Fourth of
July celebration.
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Miss Beard.
Friday a message was received by
Mr and Mrs Taylor Berud.of Har
dinsburg. from their daughter, Miss
Hannah Beard, saying that she had ar
rived snfe and was delighted with the
people and Texas.
Miss Beaid's acceptance of a posi
tion In the educational circles of Lo
rena Texas, is the culmination of
thorough college training and a stead
fast ambition to make use of her ac
complishments. From childhood she
was under an excellent music teacher
In her home town, then she entered a
Virginia college and last -year took a
post-graduate course in New York city.
With diligence she perfected her gift
as a Reader which Will be her special
work in the Lo e Star State.
Besides, being capable of imparting
understanding that which she has at
tained in music and voice, Miss Beard
has a rare personality. She is radiant
with life, and et, her disposition is
charact- rized with sympathy and gen
tleness. A sweet little lesson that Miss
Bearitbj-ought home from the East is
appealing to the girl who wants to be
Irresistibly charming. She said that
whenever her anxiety or engerness
would become too intense that oue of
the New York Instructors would say to
her In a quieting tone: "Love, Joy and
Peace." Trjis is a glimpse of the cult
ure and beautiful impressions that
Mis3 Beard has had Those who are
sensitive to the true and lovely tnings
of life may come in touch with them
in the ssociatlon with her, and the
young girls of Texas who are to be her
pupils, are fortunate Indeed.
The Woman Makes the Home
She makes it best who, looking after the
culinary department, turns her back resolute
ly upon unhealthful, or even suspicious, food
accessories. She is economical; she knows
that true economy does not consist in the use
of inferior meat, flour, or baking- powder. She
is an earnest advocate of home made, home
baked food, and has proved the truth of the
statements of the experts that the best cook
ing Jh the world today is done with Royal
Baking Powder, vh-.---. '
Miss Harbour.
The Hii;h School play Friday night
will be the result of the eillcient work
of Mis Bessie Harbour. "The people
have been so nice to me here, I would
really like to make 'Cloverport my
home," said Miss Harbour to Tne
Breckenndge News. But that Is "way
up in Iowa" at Greenfield, and she is
the daughter of Mr. and Mr. H. J.
Harbour of that place. She has studied
in Chicago and Omaha, Neoraska.
Her platform work has met with suc
cess in her home state and in Indiana,
where her time has been spent since
leaving college. "Fourth of July" at
Jt 9k rj L feiF
ii HP?T
-xi? - ?vQii
&f: ' f 'i
kV? iw
the Cloverport Opera House will be the
first performance MIh Harbour has di
rected In Kentucky.
Those who have been associated with
Miss Harbour Is preparation for the
chool intertalowaat, have been Im
pressed with her refinement and sim
plicity of manner. She is a plain, com
mon sense girl with artistic talents.
Somehow, one likes her right at first,
then she wins your encouragement
and that brings her success. Miss Har
bour is a reader and also accomplished
In voice and piano.
Mr. Steel
Wesley Steel, one of Cloverport's
oldest citizens, continues ill at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. Sam Con
rad. Mr. Steel has been missed at the
News office where he called faithfully
every week to get The Western Recard,
Louisville Club Sold '
- to Louisville Men.
Louisville, Ky., Nov. 0. A deal for
the sale of the Louisville club of the
American association, which has been
pending for several days practically
was closed today. According to avail
able information William Grayson, of
St. Louis, has agreed to sell to William
F. Knebalkamp, Capt. William Neal
and O. H. Watson, local men, fcr $100,.
000. It is believed that John J. Mc
Closkey, a Louisville man, will manage
the team next season.
The Market.
The hog receipts of over 10,000, Mon
day caused a big drop iu prices, tops
selling at 7.53. Sheep aud 'cuttle were
LittlejGirl Dies.
Edith Ward, the precious little daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Ward, died
Sunday morning of heart failure. Her
age was six years. The body was tak
en to Butler county for burial.
Her Money Either Way.
Mrs. Knlcker-Why do you write
home for more money? Mrs. Docker
If George Is having a. good time h
owes it to me. and if he Isn't having
a good time lie has saved It New
York Sun.J
Thought once awakened doee sot
again slumbsr.-Carlyle.
The Sunday School Is doing fine work
since it was graded. The attendance
is large, the teachers and pupils are
more interested because the school is
well organized and each has a definite
task; then the character of work is
much improved bince the introdi ction
of the graded series of lessons. The
banner attendance is 147. We had 131
last Sunday. The scarlet fever scare
in the west end of town kept some
away. All of the classes have selected
.their class names and pins, and are or.
ganized for the work of the class. The
organized classes, names and teachers
are as follows: T. E. L. Class, ( Tim
othy, Eunice, Lois), Mrs. Heyser,
teacher; The Birean Class, Bro. Per
kins.teacher; The Agoga Class, Bro.
Nelson, teacher; The Fidelis Class,
Miss Evelyn H!cks, teacher; The Baraca
Class, Bro. Keitn, teacher; The King's
Messengers Mrs. Lfghtfoot, teacher;
The Always Ready Class, Mrs. Cottrell,
teacher; The Overcomers, Bro. Squires,
teacher; The King's. Daughters, Miss
Maggie Wroe, teacher; The King's
Sons, Bro. Lishen, eacher; The Cheer
ful Helpers, Mrs. Tousey, teacher; The
Truth Seekers, Mrs. Chapin, teacher;
The Up Streamers, Bro. Hawkins,
teacher; The Wide Awakes, Mrs. Cord
rev, teacher.
At the business meeting last Wednes
day night a committee was appointed
to make up a Thanksgiving box for the
Baptist Orphans' Home at Louisville..
There are one hundred In the home to
be cared for by the Baptists of the State
and the Cloverport church wants to
share in this noble work. The mem
bers of the committee are: Mrs. Tou
sey, chairman; Mrs. Lightfoot, Mrs,
Kramer, Mrs. Wm. Gibson, Mrs. L. II.
Perkins and Mrs. Chapin. They will
canvass the church this week and have
the box ready to send off next week.
There will be a service In the interest
of the Anti-Saloon League of the State
at the Methodist church next Sunday
night participated in by all the churches
of Cloverport. Assistant Superintend
ent D. W. White, of Louisville, will be
the speaker. There will be no service
at the Baptist church at night on ac
count of this service in the interest of
temperance. At the morning hour the
pastor will make a report of the meet
ing of the General Association which
meets at Madisonville this week.
The pastor and Bro. Wm. Gibson will
attend the General Association which
convenes Tuesday night and continues
until Friday noon. Each church in the
Breckenridge Association is entitled to
one messenger and five for the associa
tion at large. Bro. Gibson is the mes
senger from the church and the pastor
from the association.
In the absence of the pastor Bro.
Leonard Oelze will conduct the prayer
meeting Wednesday night. There will
be choir practice after prayer meeting.,
The Women's Missionary Society was
largely attenaed and delightfully enter
tained at the home of Mrs. Wm. Gibson
Monday afternoon. Mrs. Conrad and
Mrs. Cottrell read some interestinc se
lections, from the Mission Journal.
Mrs. Lightfoot made her annual re
port as treasurer which showed a sub
stantial year's work, and a balance of
$35 iu the treasury. Mrs. Fitch, the
treasurer of the Foreign Mission fund,
reported $25 sent off during the year,
and $21 balance in the treasury. Offi
cers for the ensuing year were elected
as follows: Mrs. A. B. Sklllman, pres
ident; Mrs. R. L. Oelze and Mrs. E. O.
Cottrell, vice-presidents; Mrs. Fannie
Tousey, secretary; Mrs. F. P. Payne,
treasurer, and Mrs. J. N. Cordrey,
treasurer of the foreign fund. The so
ciety meets with Mrs. Fitch next month.
Pay Your Taxes
Your City and School tax
es are now due. If not
paid by December 1st
they will be subject to a
penalty of 6 per cent and
6 per cent interest '
City and School Tax Collector

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