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No. 21
I Murray Blanford-Goes To
ftxas As Special Agent Of
i United States Department
Justice-Preparation For
Equips Him For Tho
Mr. and Mrs. Ulan ford and their ba
by Hon are In Texan now. Mrs. Blan
ford was Miss Lillian Durch, of Wash
ington, T). C, nnd .sho is a delightful
young woman.
Plans On Foot For A Big
Grocery Stora Here.
Subscriptions aru being tnken to or
Ranizs a large grocery company iu this
city. The organization has not been
perfected, but a meeting will be held
Friday night to complete plans for it.
It is being promoted by employees of
theL.,H. &St, L. R. R. Company
and will be known as an economy club.
Bh vear there is always someono
lasr more of his opportunities than
fbefore, and it is the very young
Inefficient and energetic, who Is
fin oEt the honors nowadays. In-
tion comes from Washington of
ointment of E. Murray Blanford
eclal Agent of the United States
tment of Justice and for the pres
will be located in San Antonia,
, spending some of his time at
rt years ago Mr.i Blanford went
Mr -- iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH
Washington, D. C, to accept a posi
n.irithe United States Department
Agriculture. He recently resigned
aacept his new appointment. In the
ftlof 1908, Mr. Blanford entered the
m school at Georgetown University
i graduated from the institution In
11, receiving the degree of L. I. B
i1 passed the bar examination and
admitted to practice in the Su
Mcne Court of the District of Colum-
ind the Court of Appeals of the
let of Columbia. Mr. Blanford has
ys had great faith in education
A .took every advantage to broaden
.TBefore he went cast, he was grad-
ted from the Southern Normal
hool of Bowling Green, now the
.istern Kentucky State Normal
Uool, receiving the degrees of B. S.
K'A. B. Qne might say that the
. Charles Blanford's son got Ms
irt teaching school for he had two
rs experience in his home county
Breckenridge and one year down
h. With thrift, prudence ar.d do-
.If t Ion, Mr. Blanford has gotten
dace where he Is recognized by
who dish out appointments worth
Thanksgiving Service
For Cloverport Tomorrow.
The regular Thanksgiving service
will be held for all grateful citizens of
Cloverport tomorrow morning at the
Methodist church at 10 o'clock. The
Rev. Jas. H. Walker will deliver the
Will Have Farm School Decem
ber lO'-Three Days Session
-No One Will Miss It-Plans
The State Agricultural College will
conduct a farm school at the school
chapel beginning December 10th, and
continuing for three days. Dr. Mentch
ler, of Bowling Green, the organizer of
Boys' Corn Clubs, will be one of the
speakers. Miss Aubyn Chinn, of Lex
ington, will talk on Homo Economy.
Not only this, but all surrounding
districts, are urged to come and get
the benefit of these most helpful les
ions. Pie Supper at Sample
Friday Night For School.
There will be a pie supper given by
thesshool at Sample, Friday night,
November 2q. Everybody is invited
to come enjoy themselves and make it
a .success. The proceeds will be
placed for the benefit of the school
children, and a penny spent in this
way means dollars and happiness for
the pupils in the future. Come, surel
John A. Marshall, Teacher.
A marriage of interest that took
place in Ln'uisville Nov. 16th, was
that of Miss Colin. Loreni Johnson to
Mr. Leslie Plank. Mrs. Plank is an
attractive young brldo and. Mr. Plank
is a popular Hendorson Route man.
He is a nephew of Mr. P. D. Plank of
this city.
First Snow of The Season.
The first snow of the season fell Sun
day morning about four o'clock. It
melted rapidly as soon as the sun was
up. Twenty-four snows for the winter
is the prediction now as the first felt on
( the twenty-fourth day of the month.
fay Your Taxes
Your City and School tax
es are now due. If not '
paid by 'December 1st;
they will be subject to a
penalty of 6 per cent and
6 per cent interest '
City and School Tax Collector
TT O 1
he otolen
HPHE sudden
- forcible ab
duction of a
beautiful girl
from the heart
of New York
City begins a
series of mysteri
ous and roman
tic incidents that
will carry you
along in breath
less interest to a
'most dramatic
Don't Miss It
e new sena
about to appear
in this paper
One of the best
mystery and ad
venture stories we
have ever published
Watch for the Opening
n v.
i i Nv.y . h- :
t m, o tw mihiw t-jwvi&vjt.
. -. . . '
rwf ' "A. a'
x :-'$.
vS !
Telephone Man Hurt
Carl Koemer, a member of the Cum
berland Telephone crew, cot his rlcht
lep broken Wednesday. Mr. Koemer
Is a hXt. Vernon, Ind., man and Is well
liked here. He is at the Cloverport,
Hotel and Is getting along fine. Eveiy
attention is given him and his friends
hope he will not get lonesome during
his recovery.
Distinguished Kentuckian
To Bo In Cloverport
Col. E. Polk Johnson and Mrs. John
ton, of Lonisville, will arrive here this
evening to ba the guests of Mr. nnd
Mrs, James 13 Randall. .Col. Johnson
is the author of a hlstorv of Kentucky
just recently published. He has been a
member of the Kentucky Press Associa
tion over forty years.
s Mrs. N. J. Morrison Dies. .
Mrs. N. J. Morrison died at HVcIock
Monday niuht at her home on bouth
.U'eukenridge street, after a long illucsv.
lnfinnttie.s incident to advanced age
caused her death.
The deceased Is survived by four
children, who are Mra. J. W. Day, Mre.
G N. MUligau, James Morriaon, of Ow
teiHiboro, and Mrs, C. H, Cauley, ol
Hancock couutv. No arraogew&tns
have ben made in regard to the fuaer
al, Owetu bj.-o Messenger.
Annual Hunting Trip.
J. n. Randall, master mechanic of
the L-, H. & St h. R'y, went for his
annual outing Infct Wednesday on the
private car 99. He was accompanied
by Mrs. J. B. Randall, Mrs. Emma H.
Skillman, Miss Kalherine Moorman,
Messrs. R. W. Hensley, E. W. Weber,
Dwight Randall, James T. Skillman,
and porter, Joe Bradford. No. 99 was
side-tracked at Reeds, three failes
from Green river, which is a great
hunting field. The men hunted and
kept the table bountifully supplied with
all kinds of game. Mr. Randall's
friends at Reeds showed their appre
ciation of his coming by sending in
dressed hens, ducks, milk, butter,
eggs, celery, lettuce, etc. "While the
men hunted, the ladies drove, walked
and returned the calls of Mr. Randull's
many friends, Messrs. Randall, Joe
Uoss nnd Miss Donna Ross went down
to Reeds Saturday morning to spend
the day with the party. The party re
turned to Cloverport Saturday evening
rt-jolclng over their delightful trip,
praising Mr. and Mrs. Randall's hos
pitality and regretting that the fine
trip was over.
Littlo Miss Hutton.
Perhaps she will be a journalist, lit
tle Miss Murv Ellzibeth Hutton. the
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Mac
Hutton of Harrodsuurg. Her father is
a well-known member of the Kentucky
Pre. She surely must be as lovely as
the dainty card announcing her arriv
al of November the tlxth.
Agricultural Club Organized.
Walter Hawkins President.
Domestic Science Class Be
gins Work With Class Officers.
Agricultural Club was organized
with officers and members as follows:
President, Walter Hawkins: Vice
President, Fred Adams; Secretary and
Treasurer, EulaMcCrackjn. Members:
Jamos Fitch, Hudson Bohler, Earl
Bolder, Walter Hawkins, Fred Adams,
Samuel Allen, Jess Hall, Barney
Squires, Murlol Morrison, Joseph Ball
man, William Seaton, Raphael Lewis,
Joe D. Morrison, Walter Welsenberger,
Bernard Lewis, Ruther Pate, Percy
Jolly, Forrest Weatherholt, Hamman
May, Ray Mullen, Virginia Harris,
Gussie Burk, Lena May, Mary Owen
Oelze, Rosa Slppel, Louise Nicholas,
Donna Ross, Mary McGavock, Isabel
Burn, Mabel McCracken, Lillian Mc
Cracken, Gaynell Moad, Elizabeth
Robards, Eula Robinson, Cammie
Combs, Helen Miller, Hula McCracken.
Tho Domestic Science class has the
following officers: Miss Leonora Mc
Gavock, president; Miss Mabel Mc
Cracken, vice-president; Miss Francis
Sawyer, secretary; Miss Bertha Per
kins, corresponding secretary.
The Basket Ball game Saturday be
tween Fordsvillo and Cloverport went
I4 to 8 in favor of the home team. The
line-up was as follows: B'ordsville, A.
A. Kelly, C. Green, W. Burdette, C.
Bennett, C. Shultz, Prof. Schultz, re
feree; Cloverport, R. Pate, Percy Jol
ly, Randall, Hawkins, J. Hall. Prof.
Culton, referee.
Santa Claus Letters.
All Santa Claus letters to The Breck
enridge News must be written on nice,
white paper and plain enough to read
so they will not have to be re-written.
One Farmer Loses 40
Hogs From Cholera.
John Wortham, a well known farmer
near Star Mills, has lost 10 good hogs
In the last few weeks from cl olera,
and many other farmers of the same
community have sustained lusst-s of a
lesser number. Mr. Wortham's loss
will amount to about $600, and an estl
mate is that cholera has cost the coun
ty not less than $5,000 worth of pork
ers in the last six months. Elizabeth
town News.
Goes to Martinsville.
Capt J. H. Rowland will leave this
evening for Martinsville, Ind., where
he will take a treatment for rheuma
tism from which he has been suffering
greatly this fall. He will be accom
panied as far as Louisville by Mrs.
Bank Of Hardinsburg Files Suit
Against J. N. Alsop-Alleged
That Notes Were Wrongfully
The Bank of Hardinsburg, assignee
of the Two States Bank, has filed suit
In the circuit court of this county
against J. N. Alsop for the collection
of a number of notes, which are said to
be In the possession of the defondant
and which the plaintiff claims were Il
legally and wrongfully delivered to
The notes are about ten In number
and total 81,630, the largest of them
being a note made by Miss Dood Adair
for7l5. The plaintiff charges that
the notes were wrongfully delivered
to Alsop and ask the court to order
that they bo returned to the bank, the
defendant having declined to deliver
them to the assignee of the defunct
bank. The suit is filed by Claude Mer
cer, of Hardinsburg. Owensboro Messenger.
Seem Determined to Have "Or
gan" in Louisville-Mr. E. T.
Franks Says They Are Having
'Hon. E. T. Franks, chairman of the
Republican State Central Committee,
stated Thursday that ho is meeting
with a great amount of encourage
ment in the effort that is being made
by the committee and by the Republi
can leaders throughout the State, to
Rccurc for Louisville a Republican
newspaper. He stated that from one end of the
State to the other, the project is meet
ing with favor, and it is expected that
within a shore time a meeting of "the
State Central Committee will be called
for the purpose of going more into the
detail matter and seeing what can be
done in the matter.-Owens ioro Mes
senger. Railroad Files Mortgage.
Frankfort, Ky., Nov. 23. The Loc
isvllle. Henderson & St. Louis Rail
way Company (lied a mortgage with
the Railroad Commission und the Sec
retiiry of State for J332.-152 to the Cen
tral Trust Company, of New York,
The money will be used by the com
pany In making improvements.
Mr. Heyser Has Accepted
Position at Lookout, Ky
Mr and Mrs. Foster Heyser will
spend the winter iu the Kentucky
mountains. Mr. Heyser has accepted
a position at Lookout, and left for that
place this week. Mrs. Heyser will go
later and their daughter, Miss Ray
Lewis Heyser, will remain In this city..
Prof. Prescott, of the University of
Michigan, testified before the Pure
Food Committee of Congress, that the
acid of grapes held highest rank as an
article of food and he regarded the re
sults from baking with cream of tartar
baking powder as favorable to health.
Royal is the only Baking Powder made '
from Royal Crape Cream of TarMtr.

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