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Ernest Haswell in Brussels
li'i i i M -n 1 1. in i-ii ' i.i u ' " ' "
Dear Ernct Uaswcll in Bruxclls
(You say that Is the French way of
spoiling HruMclM anil that cither one
will reach you) The Haswell family
anil "the cook that Isn't," Jncludlf g
Coleman and -nob, have gotten your
last good letter, and the readers of the
Breckenridge News have thoroughly
enjoyed the paragraphs from your first
the one written with so much heart
and feeling for your mother and fatler
and those back home
It's just find That In nil those new,
attractive surroundings, In the midst
of your discontment to achieve, that
you have a calm mentality and can
composo yoursclt long enough to write
satisfactorily to those who are always
anxious to hear from the boy that's
awayl Love does not let a pen stay idle
and always finds pennies to pay the
Geel You were shaking and shiver
ing In your shoes when Dubois called
his entire class to see your work. How
could you wait for the Interpreter to
tell you what he said when you knew
Dubois is prejudiced against every
foreigner who enters his studio?
Your work has already been worth
while. Anything that can make a man
lay aside prejudice for, at least, a mo
ment has performed a mission. Some
great man has said that a work of art
is a work of the heart. No wonder you
havo worked more and better thnn you
ever did in Hardinsburg and CIncy!
The unfavorable things he said will be
the laying up of treasures for you for
the days to come. I never had a criti
cism that didn't help and hurt at the
same time.
Of course, you and Malcolm were re
celved with cordiality and politeness.
You expected it and were not looking
for anything else. You worked for It
and deserved it. Ever since you learned
your Abe's, haven't you been trying to
be as polite as your mother taught
you? Mother's scnool is a never-ending
.one from which none of us are gradu
ates. The men over there who tip
their hats to each other and seldom to
women, surely are a bit like the same
old fellows hero who never think of
Doliteness except when a girl falls to
speak to them.
Oh, those beautiful horses! I can p'c
ture those big Norman horses drawing
the two wheeled drays and how I
should like to see the cavalry. The
men are, of course, excellently drilled
or they couldn'l win all the prizes In
London and New York. As military
service is compulsory for the oldest in
the family It's disappointing that the
army of Delgium i not what it should
Rob and J. were terribly excited over
the dogs pulling carts for the grocery
people over there. How can a wonnin
and ii little iIor pull a cart together?
Maybe, the boys will uet a book now
about Flanders, Holland and Belgium.
You have gotten their curiosity
aroused. Tney seem to think that lirus
sells ii more like a circus than an art
ist's studio -since you have written
about seeing every day the very dog
that is iiientioied in that appealing
book, "The Dog of Flanders."
You can't say now that you never
H fflfLLIaaaaaaaaaaaaB ?" " m -.-j m "&Jr HtflK HKaEHl aHf
RjBVHH "y s -o. v 3 11! --" f KmBcjMB aaLLaM
Ian 4vj9wM Ivak , " jwowee'''"' J? 2 1 if v? ' 'VKIB
HVrHiv 1 Hi1BH, 4 ? 1 CJf Wv-&Miv jK & jaeKMaaBaaaWw m
HkBHHb?9h9Ibs?s4ma'' BsSsRafcaaaaaLw iJBB? -
jBBBfcaj,i?WW0w'9aM:ffiw i I J p
P1aiWlfi!p?fgfcagS&IM lw awawll 1 alH
THE patriotism of the Greeks in their war against the Turks has been
demonstrated even among tho monks who live in the remarkable monas
teries perched on tho crags. Thoy armed themselves and havo been actlvo
in guarding the passes on the frontier.
got a bargain after getting a pair of
gloves for 55 cents that would cost
$2.50 in America. I wish you would
write us something about the stores
and the merchants, and the churches
ofBrussells. Glad to hear you work
every day and night except Sunday in
the mad rush it's easy to forget the
The American news in the London
Dally mail must sound good to you ev
en if it is twenty-four hours old.
Wouldn't a Breckenridge News be good
company, especially the nights you
are tired to death? Jut try it.
Many a Cloverport Reader Will
Be Interested.
When people read about the cures
made by a medicine endorsed fioni far
away, is it surprising that they wonder
if the htiiteniL'iitH are true? But when
the' read of cases riht here at home,
positive proof is within their reaeli, for
close investigation is an easv matter.
When you are going to dinner at six Re.(1 C(0verp,)rt endorsement of Do.m'a
o'clock In the evening, we haven't got- 'khI,,,. hk
ten the mail from the 11 a.m. troln. . .. , ,,,
j. i. airung, jurmer, iuverpori, ivy.,
Stiff Joints
are relieved at once by an applica
tion of Sloan's Liniment. Don's
rub, just lay on lightly.
"Sloan's l.Inlmnnt ha dono more
Rood than anything I havo aver tried
to; ttiir Joluu. 1 (jut my hand hurt so
luJly that I had to top work rli;lit lu
tut) busiest tlmo of the year. 1 thought
ut Unit th.it 1 ould havo to h.ivo my
lnud Ukon oir, hut I got a bottlo of
bljan'i Liniment and curod my hand."
Wilton Wiikeleu, Morrla, Mix.
Good for Broken Sinews
O. O. Jonim, Haldwin, L. I., writes :
"I uawl Hloau'd Uiiluioiit for broken
Mliiews auovo tho kueo cap cuuied by a
full and to my (runt satisfaction was
ubla Ut reauuie work In leu than threo
weeka after tho accident."
Fine for Sprain
Mb. TlKKiir A. Vocul. M Someriet
Bt IMalnfleld. N.J.. r'tw,T ni
friend t.raliied bit anklu to badly
that It went black. IIo laughed when
I told him that I would havo hlra ou
In a week. 1 applied Hloau'a I.lnlmenfc
and In four days be wu worklneand
aid Sloaia was a riijht good UaU
Price 25c..
50c, nd 91.00
flloan'i Hook
ou horoi, cattle,
he and
oultry tent free.
z-mmr n
Oh. this world of ours the clocks are
different, yet old Father time passes
just the same for all, bringing us just
says: "1 used severiil boxes of Domi's
Kidney Pills and found them very snt-
J lafunfr.rx A (1.111 ttw.ittic nrrn T l.n.1
what we put into it with lots of good i ..' ,,,,,, .!.,....,.,.
things on the side. Good-by and good
luck to you, Ernest Bruce Haswell.
A Des Mo ins man had an attack of
muscular rheumatism in his shouldrr.
A friend advised hitu to go to Hot
Springs. That meant an expense of
$150 CO or more. He sought for a quick
er and cheaper way to cure it and found
it in Chamberlain's Liufment. Three
dnys after the first application of this
liniment he was well. For sale by all
dealers. advertisement.
Saved Comrade, but Lost Life.
A workman sacrificed hla life to
fescue a comrade who had been over-r-ome
by fumes In a blast furnace at
Harlaston, Staffordshire, England, a
few days ago. A man named Heald
was descending tho furnace on a pul
ley chain m order to readjust the
chain around the scrap-iron lying In
a heap of coke at the bottom when
another workman saw him fall off the
chain Just beforo nearlng the bottom,
lu response to an alarm several men
rushed to the top of the furnace. A
furnaceman named Jackson Imme
diately placed a scarf over hla mouth
and went down on the pulley chain.
Ho tied a rope round Heald, who was
pulled up. Then Jackson ascended
on tho chain, but when within a few
feet of the surface ho called out
"Make haste. I'm going," and fell
backward to the bottom of the fur
nace Three workmen named Ince,
Darby and Speake made a brave at
tempt to rescue Jacksqn. Speake
managed In the end to get a rope
round Jackson's waist and be was
pulled to tho top but was already
Rotten, M..
Tried Trick Once Too Often.
A man of Beventy-flvo, who of re
cent years had extorted monoy from
charitable persons, In Paris, by pre
tondlng to commit suicide, has fallen
a victim to his Ingenuity. He used to
fasten a rope, attached to the celling,
about his neck with an easy running
noose. Then, having knocked over
the furniture, be would overturn the
chair on which ho was standing and
remain hanging by tho rope. Alarm
ed by tho noise, tho neighbors would
rush in and cut him down. After be
ing revived ho would depict his state
of distress in such moving language
that money would bo forthcoming for
his relief Later bo would repeat the
trick In another houso, invariably
with success. Hut a few days ago,
when ho was carrying out tho trick,
thero was a bitch No ono wont to
his help and ho remained hutiglnjf,
being eventually cut down dead.
patns across the small of my back and
thiough my sides. Seeing Donn's Kid
ney Pills highly recotuuiend-d in the
local paper, I went to Gibson it Son's
D.ug Store and got a box. They quick
ly cured me and m return, I highly
recommend them."
For hale by all dealers. Price 50
cents. Foster-Milbum Co., Buffalo,
New York, bole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no oiher. Advertisement.
Gets Dozen Replies to Ad., But Shows
True Colors In "Turning Down"
All of Them.
"Lazy, dull, non-ambltlous young man.
with a high school education, wants work
of some kind; has hud two years' experi
ence In a drug store; also taught school."
Ii. A. North, caro Tribune.
The efficacy of this modest ad.,
which appoared In tho classified col
umns of tho Minneapolis (Minn.) Trib
une recently, was evidenced In a doz
en offers of good Jobs, but apparently
not to tho taste of the advertiser, who
"turned them all down."
Twico ho was asked to take work
us a stenographer, and was even of
fered a Job as a school teacher, in
which profession he already has
"starred." having taught rural school,
according to the "ad." Hla reasons
for not accepting these offers were
that ho was looking for "something
Intellectual" and feels that bo is best
fitted for "higher" kind of work.
It was stated on bis behalf that bo
was thinking seriously of entering the
University of Minnesota, and for that
reason might not consider Jobs of
oven "intellectual" work unless thoy
were specially tempting and camo
very soon.
A Texas Wonder
The Texas. Wonder cures kidney and
bladder troubles, removing gravel,
cures diabetes, weak and lame backs,
rheumatism, and all irregularities of
the kidneys and bladder in both men
and women. Regulates bladder troub
les In children. If not sold by your
druggist will be bent by mail on re
celptoffl. Ono small bottle is two
months' treatment and seldom falls to
perfect a cure. Dr. E. W. Hall, 2920
Olive street, St. Louis, Mo, Send for
Kentucky testimonials. Sold by drug,
gists.-' Advertisement,
Having sold my farm near Basin Springs, I will
offer for sale at public auction, on
Wednesday, Dec. 11, 1912.
all of my Household and Kitchen Furniture,
Farm Implements, Horses and Cattle, viz:
Seven Head of Horses, Five Head ofvj
Mules, Sixty Head of Sheep, Four
Milch Cows, Hogs, Wagons, Buggies,
Riding Plows, 3,000 Bushels of Corn.
Good stock at right ages. If you want some
thing good come to this sale. Everything goes
to the highest and best bidder.
Ernest Henderson
Basin Springs, Ky.
) o IK
Good Wages. Cheap Board
o c
Some Dont's.
Don't speak III of a com
Don't advertise In a perfunc
tory manner.
Don't forget that, as the sea
sons change, the wants of the
publlo change; 'and arrange
samples and windows accord
ingly. Dont snub the traveling man;
you may want a favor at his
hands some day.
Don't expect to do all of the
business done In your line, nor
claim that you do It all.
Don't get the Idea that dust
and dirt will be overlooked In
your place.
Don't be "penny wise and
pound foolish" In the matter of
tools and appliances to work
Don't have too many prices;
the adoption of this rule will
save you considerable annoy
ance and promote confidence ifl
the justness of your prices.
Don't leave your store' In
charge of one who has not a
Dractlcal knowledge of the
goods; any customer wants smd
expects imtiuaeni auenusn.
Wants Cowboy Suit.
Dear Santa: I am Augusta's brother
and sha told you that we have moved
since last Christmas. You must not for
get about it, but come to Cloverport.
Our chimney will not be hard to find.
Please bring me a cowboy suit and a
knife. Da sure you have lots ot oranges
and bananas. Your friend,
Sidney M. Robarda.
You will find that druggists every
where speak well of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. They know from loug
experience iu the sale of it that In cases
of cougus and colds it can always be de
pended upon, aud that It Is pleasant
and safe to take. For sale by all deal
ers. Advertisement.
Cloverport's Her Home.
Dear St. Nick: I must tell you the
first thing that we have moved from
Henderson and now live in Cloverport.
Please bring me a big pretty doll with
blue eyes and black hair, and a buggy
to ride her in; also all the sweets, nuts
and fruits you usually briBp.
Your little friend,
Augusta Robards,
Madam, Read McCalTi
The Fashion Authority
McCAIX'S I. a Lr. artUtU, kaaJ
omaly iUuttraLd 160-pac noatMv
Mtgaxln lht ! adding to lb kaMt
p and efHcl.ncy of 1.10O.OM
woman cbmoolh, 91
KiM-h lone U brimful of fluhlons, latter
work, inlf rwtlua kliort itorlM, and aeon
of laUir-MtvlUK and uiou.y-iavliut ldaa
for women. There are more than M ef
tho tiewent dettgni or the celebrates
McCALL I'ATTKIINH in each tuue.
McCALI. rATTKIlNS are ftmou for
t ip. fit. simplicity and economy, Ouly
ID und 19 tenU each.
The pubthlierj or McCALI.'S will p4
thoiixaiitlt of dollar! extra In thaconilur
month In order tit keop MeCJALI.'H bead
and hnuhleri aliove all other woroou'
iiiuirnzlii.4 at any irlw. However.
McCAM 'H li only Wc a year; !MlUv4r
wnrlli f 1 0Q.
, Vo M Vt.tt Aiw 0.. MfU P.Hani Fr
from your nrt copy or McOALL'S, If yH
uucrlbe quickly. r-
THE McUU COMPANY, 7X Vcd 37 St, Km Ye
NOTE-Ailt lot Irt. copy cl McCAU.'S wtwdw.
lul ntw prtmlum cttalojv. Sainplt cupy tad pat
tcru taUlutfu. aUa lr cm) icquctt.
aaressassaiwi Today! Now!
Mem h wftm.
M Wl ea bw aad
ytjrlMtiprHM. WHM
M KuUf prk Hit
UKWuu, ai. r"lir-!0
PNhnlerm.HWM.WMl FURS'
Subscribe Right Now.
i.x, .MLAatn
a- ja. R&t-ammur'.wzTj .a

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