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Maintenance Cost Believed to Be Low
er, and Service Rendered Great
tf IKan Under the Pres
ent System.
In changing from steam powor to
electric power for Its enormous city
and suburban pas-
Bonger traffic, tho
Herlln Stndtbnhn
has decided to
uso electric loco
motives, one at
each end of all
long trains, In
stead of having
each conch fitted
with motors to run
Boparatuiy it Is said 557 locomotives
will bo used with COO passenger coach
es and 29 repair cars. When two or
moro locomotives aro coupled to tho
samo train, as circumstances demand,
theso will bo operated by one man
by means of a simplified multiple-unit
Bystom. Tho nssortlon Is mado that
6xpcrlonco gained with electric loco
motives in Gormnny shows that main
tenance costs are below those of motor
coaches. Tho locomotive has largo
liaullng powers and one such engine
can theroforo tako tho place of many
motor conches. Added to this, tho
motors and other electrical gear aro
very accessible, which Is an Impor
tant Item from tho point of cleaning
find repairs. It also appears that
slnco tho motors of electric locomo
tivos are sprlng-bomo and placed high
up In tho body, thero is less noise and
vibration, as compared with motor
coaches, and that they do less damago
to tho track. During tho busiest hours
of tho day, when tho traffic is heaviest,
tho trains will be mado up of 13 six
wheel coacheB, which will bo propelled
by two locomotives, ono at each end
of tho train. At other times, when tho
railway Is less busy, tho trains will
consist of five or eight cars, which
will bo coupled to a single locomotivo.
Trains made up in this manner can be
driven from either end by fitting the
last coach with a controller. Popular
Here U a remedy ihat will cure your
cold Why waste time and money ix
per uientiMK when jOucanget a prep
aration that has won a world-wide repu
tation by its cures of this disease ana
can always be depended upon? It Is
known everywhere as Chamberlain's
Cough Kemedy, and ii a medicine of
real merit. For sale by all dealers.
Proctor Krott, of New Madrid, Mo ,
was called here last week by telegram
to attend the burial of his brother.
Clarence Colllnsworth returned to
his home nt Mattoon, 111., last week
ftfter spending several days hero with
his cousin, lid gar Conipton.
Ossle Burk, of Center Point, Ind.,
va here last week.
A. Morris has moved on J. B Duts
schke's place.
Ml Ola Phllpot and Dall Poliock
were married in Brandenburg January
I1 We wish them a long and happy
Johnnie AvlttH some better after
being in bed for several days with
Harlan Cashman attended a party at
Miss Mamie Adkisson's, Lodiburjr, Sat
urday night.
Rev. W. F. laeeers. Vine Grove, has
been called to preach here for tnis year.
Owing to the bad weather he did not
have a large crowd Sunday.
Miss Dee Basham, of Jeffersontowu,
visited her aunt, Mrs. Leon Cashman,
list week.
Martin Clajcomb was in Cloverport
last Thursday selling his tobacco.
Mr. and Mrs. James Brown, Payne
ville, spent .several days of last Week in
this neighborhood.
Cloverport Readers Can No
Longer Doubt The Evidence.
When jou want a reliable medicine
dm cough or cold take Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. It can always be de
pended upon and is pleasant and safe
to take. For sale by ell dealers, Advertisement.
Doctor Turns Slumber On or Off by
Button; Eliminates All 8ense
of Pain.
Berlin. Electric Bleep, which may
be turned on and off at will, la the al
luring prospect offered to people Buf
fering from Insoraala by Dr. Nagel
achmldt. He asserts that he has de
vised a new form of electric current
which, when applied to the base of
the brain, will produce n narcotic ef
fect, able to be maintained as long as
ts desired. It has been tried with tho
greatest success and without any Inju
rious effects on dogs and rabbits. Dr.
Nsftlcschmldt Is convinced that It can
bft equally well applied to human br
ings. The application of the current
also eliminates palu from any part at
tho body.
Thlterateful citizen testified long
Told of quick relief of undoubted
The facts arc now confirmed.
Such testimony is complete the evi
dence conclushe.
It forms convincing proof of merit.
Mrs. A L Alms, 007 Locu9t St.,
Owensboro, Ky , says: "I have used
Doats Kidney Pills wi h good results
and consider them a superior kidney
remedy. Doan's Kidney Pills promptly
relieved backache, dilllculty with the
kidney secretions and pains in the back
and top part of my huad. They were
procured and we have every confidence
in them '
The above statement was given May
0, I9O7 and when Mrs. Alms was inter
viewed on February 20, 1012 she said:
"I have not used Doan's Kidney Pills
of late, as the cure.they effected some
time ago has been permanent. You are
at liberty to continue publishing my
former statement."
For hale by all dealers. Price 00
cents. Foster-Milburn Co., Buffalo,
New York, sole agents for the United
Remember the name Doan's and
take no other. Advertisement.
Great System Perfected by M,
Soyer, Famous London Chef.
MMVHIg ' Htm'
klatLWKfe. A P!.i-ii.n C f-f..- mm
. niv,iuig ui VUULUMlllieilL M
A Picture of Contentment
All men look pleased when they smoke
this choice tobacco for nil men Pike the rich
quality and true, natural flavor of
Smoked in pipes by thousands of men everywhere
known to cigarette smokers as "the makings."
We take unusual pride in Liggett & Myers Duke's
Mixture. Jt is our leading brand of granulated tobacco
ami every sack we make is a challenge to all other tobacco
manufacturers, livery 5c sack of this famous tobacco
contains one and a half ounces of choice granulated
tobacco, in every way equal to the best you can buy at any
price, and with each sack you get a book of cigarette
papers I'REE.
If you have not smoked tho Duke's Mixture made by the
Ligjttt .J Mytri Tobacco Co. at Durham, N. C, try it now.
Get a Camera with the Coupons
Save tho coupons. With them you can get all sorts of valu-
able presents articles suitable foryounjr and
old ; men, women, boys and girls. You 11 bo
delighted to see what you can get free with
out one cent of cost to you. Get our new
illustrated catalog. A$ a special offer, we
will tend it free during December and
January only. Your name and address
on a postal will bring it to you.
Coupons from Dukt't Mitluri may bt
tot ltd unth tan rem HORSESHOE. J.T..
GER TWIST, coupons (ram FOUR
HOSES (10c tin douilt coupon). PICK
0tAir (an or coupon tssuid by ut.
Premium Drpt.
Device Is Expected Materially to
Lessen the Number of Errors and
A new baggage check that is expect
ed to lessen tho number of errors and
complaints has just been placed Into
tho service of a prominent eastern
Tho duplicate portion of the new
check is provided with spaces, in
which are printed a number of the
principal "bad order" edition in which
baggage is frequently received for
checking. A check, on being deliver
ed to the passenger, will be perforated
to show whether the piece of baggage
Is a trunk, suit case of valise, fiber
caso or tool chest. Another perfora
tion will show the condition In which
tho baggage was received at the of
fice. In this way the duplicate check
will contain a full description of tho
baggage when It was brought to the
company for shipment.
Tho number on the tag portion Is
placed at tho bottom, whllo on tho du
plllcato portion It is printed at the
top, so that the two can be easily
matched when tho baggage Is deliv
ered. -
It Is expected that tho now check
will minimize the matching of num
bers wrongly and will greatly reduce
the number of claims. Trade and
Eczema spreads rapidly; itching al
most drives you mad. For quick re
lief, Doan's Ointment is well recom
mended. 50c at all stores. Advertise-ment.
Mexican Rebels, with Dynamite
Bombs, Rout the Foe at City
' of Palomas.
El Paso. Tex., Nov. 23. One hun
dred federal troops defending tho
Mexican port of Palomas on the New
Mexico border made a determined
fight against 300 rebels, but surrend
ered after two engagements, tho last
of which was fought from house to
By employing dynamite bombs tho
rebels early In the day entered the
town and a cessation of firing led to
the belief on the American side that
the port had fallen.
Aside from one federal captain, who
early In tho day fled to tho American
side, all tho government troops were
taken prisoners, with their rifles, sup
plies and ammunition.
The day of harsh physics is gone.
Ptople want mild, easy laxatives.
Dan's Regulets have satisfied thous
ands. 25c at all drug stores. Advertisement,
German's Slot Literature.
Penny in tho slot literature is the
lutest thing lu Germany. A linn of
publishers at Leipzig has patented an
automatic machine which gives a
cliolce of a dozen small paper covered
volumes which are displayed behind
glass. On a strip of paper across
each volumo Is printed a brief descrip
tion of tho book, and a coin in tho slot
does tho rest. These automatic ma
chines are to bo placed in hotel lob
bies, waiting rooms, theater foyers und
other public places. Tho hopo is ex
pressed that as the books offered are
carefully selected and by first-class au
thors tho venture may havo a benefi
cial educatlvo effect upon the masses
and thus counteract tho Influence of
the cheap and trashy llteraturo with
which tho country is flooded. Exchange.
For croup or sore throat, uss Dr
Thouian' Klectric Oil. Two sizes, 23c
and 50c At all drug stores. Adver
m t Louisville Evening Post
Jl 1 and Hreckenrldgo New
m w w -
one year $3.50.
By Martha McCulloch Williams.
Experienco has been m- only school
which, perhaps, accounts for the
fact that I hold no opinions half
heartcdly. Especially about cooking.
It scorns to mo tho finest of fine arts,
all too much misprised, and held a
drudgery Instead of a privilege. Pos
slbly this makcB mo reactionary a
holdor-fast to old methods. Certainly
when Qoyor's paper bag cookery was"
suggested to me, thero was not a
stouter skeptic In alt theso united
States. Soyor's experience did noth
ing to change my mind. Rather, It
convinced mo that paper bag cooking
was one of tho things that cost more
than they come to. For I set myself
this sum. Bags, plus greasing, plus
clips, equal tho cost of many sauce
pans. Furthermore, It Is against
sense and reason that tho mere put
ting of food In a bag should either
hasten tho cooking or bettor tho fla
vor of it. Thus I argued tho case
forthrlghtly, but ended by conces
sion -I would try out paper bags and
see what I should see.
Tho first bag left mo warmly tri
umphant. Wisdom ferments Ilk, yeast. As 1
acquired it, thero was no keeping it
to myself. It dripped down upon my
next story rfelghbor, a cook both born
and made. Sho was Interested but
skeptical less so than I had been,
notwithstanding of an open mind. So
when I proposed an experiment a
culinary duel, if you please whose
result was tp be decided by the scales,
sho was ready, oven eager to engage
in it
Each of us bought a rib roast hers
weighing four pounds, mine but three.
To tho eye, they were Identical save
In the matter of size And our gas
ranges are oven-brothers, mado by ex
actly the same pattern. Her roast
went into a pan, mine into a bag. Not
having to baste nor watch mine, after
tho flame was turned down properly,
I had liberty to run in on her and see
how sho fared. She was doing her
best a best that is superlative,
watching and basting her beef with
the skill of a chef. The result was
something beautiful to behold when
she took it out after little moro than
an hour. Mine was still In the oven,
its bag Intact, though I had turned
out tho gas after forty-five minutes.
It had not been on full for forty min
utes, whereas my neighbor had kept
hers lowered only the least bit. The
exact saving of gas I do not under
take to compute but that thero was
a saving Is beyond question.
The scales showed her roast tc
have lost in weight a fraction over
nine ounces. Mine, lighter by a
pound, had lost a fraction under two
ounces. Furthermore, all the strength
of my meat was in the gravy. A fifth
at least of hers remained sticking tc
the pan, though she treated it in the
usual way. We reckoned that a pa
per bag would have saved her a hall
pound weight of beef, equivalent to
twelve cents, the cost of many papot
bags. Indeed, I felt that tho gas sav
ing alone would have more than paid
for the bag, the clips, tho greasing.
Moreover, my beef was tenderer than
hers, had a richer taste, and was
Smothered Chtcken. Havo a good
sized broiler cut Into Joints, taking
care not to leave sharp bones to the
Joints. Salt and pepper them lightly,
dredge with flour and lay in a well
greased bag upon thin slices of bacon.
Cover with moro bacon slices, taking
care to keep the chickon spread
rather flat Add a tablespoonful ol
water, or a couple of peeled and
sliced tomatoes. Shreds of green pep
per add somewhat of flavor to tho to
matoes. Seal in bag and cook foi
forty minutes, slacking heat almost
half after the first five minutes.
(Copyright, 1911, 'by the Associated
Literary Press.)
By Nicolas Soyer, Chef of Brooks'
Club, London.
Sirloin, Round, or Ribs of Beef.
Grease well with drippings (but this
is not absolutely necessary). Put the
Joint In a bag. Do not season the
Joint before cooking. Put tho Joint on
a broiler, in a moderate oven. For a
three-pound Joint allow forty-five
minutes; a seven-pound Joint, an hour
and twenty minutes; fourteen pounds,
two hours and fifteen minutes.
Veal Mutton, or Pork can be cooked
In tho same way as beef. If a thick
gravy Is requlrod, roll tho Joint in
flour before placing in the bag. Al
low tho same tlmo as for beef.
Roast Chicken. Cover tho breast
of tho fowl or chicken with butter or
drippings, or, better still, tio a piece
of fat bacon over It iMace In a bag
and set on broiler- In a hot oven. Al
low twenty-five minutes for a small
spring chicken, thirty-five minutes for
a largo fowl, forty-five to fifty min
utes (according to size) for stuffed
poultry or game, in a moderate oven.
Roast Turkey or Goose. Allow one
and a quarter hours In a moderate
oven; If stuffed, allow ono hour and
forty-flvo minutes to two hours.
Roast Pigeon. This requires very
dellcato cooking. My method cooks
a pigeon to perfection, whether it le
stuffed or not. To roast, allow fifteen
minutes in a very hot oven; if stuffed,
allow twenty to twenty-five minutes
(Copyright, 1911, by Sturgla & W4I-.
ton Pnmnanvl
It's Your DUTY to Savell
It's KVBRY man's duty to himself and those dependent upon
film to have some money In the bank with which to combat
reverses which might confront him. And it's easy to start a
bank nccount witli this strong, reliable institution. Start, .say,
with Five Dollars', mid after a month or two of regularly put
ting aside a stated amount, you'll begin to think of how MUCH
instead of how LITTLIS, you can sac each pay day. Make
joursclf a New Year's'present by starting an account TODAY.
Your money will cam a liberal interest.
FIRST STATE BANK, :: Irvinjton, Ky.
J. C. PAYNE, Cashier
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
We're told, but a good portrait of
the absent one will keep the ref
lection more vividand comfort
many a lonely hour of separation.
We make a specialty of portrai
ture and my studio is exceptionally
equipped for fine portrait work.
Brabandt, Photographer
Will be at Hardlnsburg Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week
fo11iorf( ioj ifc loizrDlfoi
Mules for Sale!
We have 16 mules from 4 to 7 years old that
are broken and ready for use. Farmers need
ing teams will do well to see us before buying
Tearms reasonable.
W. R. Moorman & Son, G&fe'
By Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett
. An Absorbing New Novel of America and England
Begins Serially In the
T. Tembarom, the Harlem Society Reporter of the
New York "Sunday Earth" ... he had pulled himself
up by sheer pluck from a homeless newsboy . . . who
learns suddenly he is heir to un English estate that
yields $350,000 a year ... a pretty girl who is also
sensible ... a grouchy old duke who was never any
thing but ducal until the ex-newsboy taught him tho
American way of, laughing ... a romance that is not
quite so inevitable as it seems . . . and there you have
hints of some of tho good things in
mio. uuiuwuD iitu rtllgWilllCllldll nuvcl.l
Represents the Leading Companies in the Country
Insures Baggage and Personal Effects of Travelers. Household Goods
mm JUercnandise in transit, x our business solicited.
The best coal that is sold in this city.
We have established a coal yard
here and this famous coal can be
had any time during the winter from
our yards where we have on hand
5,000 to 10,000 bushels. '
W. E. MONICAL, Agent
If You Need Coal Call Him Up at 34-R or 86
Miner of Railey's Hancock Coal.
t. .

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