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I Udiburg News Letter-Mr. Da
ft vis Bandv and Miss tma b.
Cimpton Marry at Rockport,
Intf.-Tom Basham Hurt.
Georce Cashman, of IrvinKton, was
Ifre guest of relatives here last week.
Paul Rhodes, of Chicago, was the
est of his parents, Mr und Mrs. Lee
Ihodes, of Rhodella, last week.
Thos. Basham. mail carrier from Lo-
!burg to Clifton Mills, happened to a
v serious accident the other day.
: had left Lodlburc for Clifton Mills.
,d just as, he crossed the Kejs branch
bout 300 yards from the office, his
rse became frightened and in some
ay hung its foot and fell, throwing
111 Basham nnd fell on his leg. While
' hi is not able to be out yet, he is doing
very wen.
Mr. French, of Owensboro, spent the
week end with Pete Vessels, of Rho
della. A. M. Hardin was at McQuady one
day last week.
Miss Ida Belle Ater,of Irvington, was
in our town visiting last week.
Miss Mirl Basham returned home last
Sunday from Irvington, whore she had
been visiting Miss Ida Belle Ater.
Miss Pauline Cashman,-of Louisville,
came down last Sunday to visit fi lends
and relatives.
Ausker French was at Irvington last
Davis Bandy, son of Mr. and Mrs.
June Bandy, and a school teacher of
some note, and Miss Euln Belle Comp
ton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac
Compton, of Garfield, were united in
marriage at Rockport, Ind., December
25, at 4:30xp. m They came up to
Mr. R.indv's on the followintr Sundav.
Miss Compton was visiting her cousin,
Miss Fannie Nuckols, at Maceo.
Miss Annie Lee Hardin, of St. Louis,
Nhas had a very severe attack of meas-
els, but we are glad to report that she
is able to be out again.
Mr. IJois has sold his farm to Tern
Robertson, and has moved on Mrs.
I, Brown's farm near Ekron.
Mrs. Ida Nottingham attended the
Eastern Star banquet at Cloverport last
Miss ninroh Pavne soent the week
4 end with her brother's family. Mr. and
JUrJ. neweu rayne, vi aiysuu.
1 J"
Mrs. A. R. Tttbor. of Crider, Mo , had
been troubled with a sick headache for
about fire years, when she began tak
ing Chamberlain's Tablets. She has
t en two bottles of them and they
huve curtd her. Sick headache is,
caused i y n disordered stomach for
uhich t e-e tablets are especially in
tended Tiy llieiii. get well and stay
well. S hi by all dealers. Ad vertise-uieiit.
New England Meal in China.
nn. August l a New England sup-
wer was held at Mokanshan, China.
Mokanshan is a mountain resort in
Chekiang province, where missionar
1(3 trom Chekiang and Kiangau prov
inces gather in the summer to es
cape the excessive heat of the plain.
There were present 29 persons, of
whom 11 were native born New Eng
enders and the remainder connected
by birth or marriage.
The supper was a credit to the New
England cooks. Baked beans, steam
ing hot brown bread, jipple pies, berry
' pies, squash pies and doughnuts, "like
mother used to make" called back old
! times. After singing "Yankee Doodle,"
f-i A .n-l.n nnl "Alllll Lint SVnO. tllB
company broke up to meet again next
year on MokanBhan. Rev. A. F. Uf
ford in the Watchman.
Women love a clear, rosy complex-
ion. Burdock Blood Bitters is splendid
for purifying the blood, clearing 'the
skin, restoring sound digestion. All
druggists sell it. Price, $1 00 Advertisement.
Baby's Future Clear.
Samuel A. Thompson, secretary of
the Rivers and Harbors congress,
while lecturing boforo tho fruit and
produco exchange, told tho following
"Among a certain people," he said,
"It 'used to be the custom to test tho
future of a baby by placing before
him a coin, a Wble, a piece of cloth
and several other articles, Tho ar
ticle which tho baby grabbed was sup
posed to Indicate Its futuro calling.
Thus, if ho grabbed tho Bible he
would bo a preacher, If tho money ho
would bo a buslnoss man, If tho cloth
a tailor, etc.
"Once, when a proud father was try
Ing out this test tho baby snatched tho
Bible, in ono hand, tho coin In tho oth
er, tho piece of cloth In his teeth and
began to try to gathor In all tho rest
with his arms.
f "'Meln Gott!' cried the man, 'he
P-raha nvervthine In slKht. Ho'b going
' . .., I . M Tliotrin 'Prov-
to De a rati i row u mu. 7" -.-
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In Addition, Almost Every Woman
Will Be Able to Make It for Her
elf Sage-Green and Gold Are
the Colors.
When milady goes calling sho must
bo supplied with an attractlvo card
caso. If carried in n purse, among
qther articles, calling cards quickly
become" soiled, so a special caso must
bo provided for them.
Many women prefer a cardcaBO of
leather to ono of silver or gold. Tho
latter invariably soils the white
gloves, whllo ono made of leather,
especially of a light tint, prevents
this catastrophe.
, Artistic cardcases aro rather expert
slvc, but any woman who is at all
clover can succesfully mako them her
self. Tho leather can bo purchased at any
arts and crafts shop whero supplies
aro sold.
Take the design given hero nnd
place a sheet "of carbon paper bo-
tween it and the leather. Carefully
trace each outline with a sharply
pointed pencil. The design will be
perfectly duplicated on tho leather
ready for coloring.
The design shows n conventional
arrangement of two flowers. Sage
green suede could be effectively used
for this cardcase, with the design
done in gold. If preferred, tho petals
can be cut out with a sharp knife and
Insets of petal-shaped enamel used?
These are sold at tho arts and crafts
shop. For lining tho case uso a bright
green silk or a vivid flower design.
Sometimes the flowers are cut out
with a sharp knife and the silk lining
provides the color In this caso n
plain silk must bo used. Suedo Is
pliable and can be stitched on th5
You can utilize this motif effectively
when decorating covers for books,
blotters or tables. It will also prove
an excellent design for stenciling.
Market near Fourth
Louisville, Ky.
Fourth Near Alarket
Louisville, Ky.
Now in Actual Progress
O up-
January Clearance Sale!
AS usual this sale is being conducted in the characteristic Bacon way. That
is it is a strictly bonifide clearance in which all departments are represented
Winter goods of every description and winter wearing apparel for women and
children can be bought at prices that do not prevail at any time other than
clearance time
Nearly a quarter of a million dollars worth of goods at generously reduced prices
is embodied in this big sale. Is it any wonder then, why we are urging you to
attend, why it will pay you to attend.
Railroad Fares Refunded
We want to place all of our out-of-town friends on the same plane as our city
customers. In order to do this we refund to our out-of-town customers five per
cent of their total purchaces up to the amount of their round trip railroad fare.
Hence you can come to our store, take advantage of our big assortments and low
prices and your railroad fare will cost you nothing.
uiaaaaBi iiiim i.'j-tii-jjM.. n wui-pfTrm-
I'ersons troubled with partiiil piraly
sis are often very uiuch benefited bv
massaging the effected prts thoroughly
when applying Chamberlain's Lin'
nient, This liniment also relieves rheu
matic pains. For sale by nil dealers.
Singularly Pretty Are Many of the
Styles That Are In Favor ,for
This Season.
The ratest development of tho
sautoir is the grosgraln or moire rib
bon with plain or picot edge and a
largo single ornament on the left side,
says Vogue. One of the prettiest of
these is a circular motif of exquisite
delicacy. Another Is a square of fin
est fllet lace mesh wrought in platin
um and diamonds, placed diagonally
on the ribbon and held at the two
opposite corners by two diamonds.
These aro again attached to a Jeweled
section that covers tho ends of tho
ribbon. If a simpler chain for the
lorgnon is desired there is the solitary
pearl without any metal and strung
as a slide or a silk cord. Doth men
and women aro adopting this Incon
spicuous but handsome device.
Perhaps one of tho most pleasing
novelties of tho moment Is a velvet
neckband with slides of seed pearls.
These come with two or three slides
or with a simple festoon. They aro
bofli radical departures from tho old
fashioned thomes, such as tho rosette
and tho bowknot.
Suffered 21 Years
Finally Found Relief
Having sutTered for twenty-one years
with a pain in my side, I finally 'have
found relief In Dr. .Kilmer's Swamp
Root. The physicians called it "Moth
er's Pain" and injections of morphine
were my only relief lor short periods
of time. I became so sick thut I had to"
undergo a surgical operation in New
O'leans, which benefited me for two
years. When the same pain came back
one day I was so sick that I gave up
hopes of living. A friend advised me to
try your Swamp-Root and I at once
commenced using it. The llrst bottle
did me somuch good that I purchased
two more bottles. I am now on my sec
ond bottle and am feeling like a new
woman. I passed a gruvel stone as
large as a big red bean and several
small ones. I have not had the least
feeling of pain since taking your
Swanm Root and I feel It my duty to
I recommend this great medicino to all
sutferlng humanity. Gratefully yours,
Avoyelles Par. Marksville, La.
Personally appeared before me, this
15th day of July, 1011, Mrs. Joseph
Constance, who subscribed the above
statement and mde oath that the same
is true in substance and in fact.
Wm. Mokkow, Notary Public.
If your children are subject to attacks
of croup, watch for the fust symptom,
hourseness. Give Chamberlain s Cotigli
Remedy as soou as the child becomes
hoarse and the attack may be warded
off. For sale by hII dfiilera. Adver
tisement. Synthetic Milk Lauded.
JuBt now synthetic milk Is a com
mon topic In tho German press, and 1b
lauded as the highly Important xllscov-,
ery of Dr Itlgler, professor of hy
gienics at tho University of Klausen
burg, Austria. This milk is pro
duced from gralu by a machine of sim
ple construction, and Is said to equal
tho best quality of cow's milk. Milk
can also bo made from soy beans; it
has a peculiar flavor, but a German
factory has for several years success
fully produced from the soy bean milk
of a reputed agreeable flavor, which
ells at low price.
Of 292 Bills Affecting Railroads In-
troduced In 13 States 48 Were
Adopted During Year.
Forty-eight laws dealing with the op
eration of railroads were enacted In
various states during tho year 1912,
according to a table compiled by the
special commltteo on relations of rail
way operation to legislation, repre
senting tho leading railroads of the
United States.
Tho statistics prepared show that"
292 bills relating to railroads were
Introduced in tho legislatures of 13
states. There wero 101 bills relating
to employes, of which 17 wero en
acted Into law. Eight of ,theso wero
passed by tho legislature of Arizona
Eleven laws relating to tho opera
tion and equipment of passenger tialns
were passed by the states of Geor
gia, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachu
setts, Mississippi and South Carolina.
Flvo states passed a total of six laws
relating to headlights and appliances.
Other laws relate to Sunday trains,
speed of freight trains, track scales
and weighing, trespassers and shop
More bills regarding railway opera
tion wero Introduced In Now York
than In any other state, but only two
out-of thirty-three wero passed.
if -TTT - ----:w-
ii tm mm in n. m m m . r
Coal, Hay and Grain
Hardinsburg, Ky.
Cumb. Phone 18. Residence flicllman House ,
Hardinsburg, ::: Kentucky
Office Over Farmers Bank
Letters to
Or. Kilmer & Co.
'ilnghanipton, N. Y.
Prove What Swamp-Root Will Do Tor You
Send to Dr. Kilmer & Co., lijngham
ton, N. Y., for a sample bottle. It will
convince an) one. You will also receive
a booklet of valuable information, tell
ing all about the kidneys and bladder.
Whqn writing, be sure to mention The
Breckenrldge News, Cloverport, Ky
Regular fifty cent and one-dollar size
bottles for sale at all drug stores.
Muffs and Stoles.
Thero appears to bq no limit to tho
size of muffs and stoles this soason,
but tho wlso woman will seo that tho
lining of hor granny muff Is ruched
up so as to leave but a small aperture
for tho hands; otherwise sho will de
rive but little advautcgo from tho
fur ns far as warmth Ib concerned
The long, wldo stoles am without
doubt both useful and bocomlng arti
cles, and can be worn in many ways
which insure the maximum amount of
graceful appearance,
Dark Versus Light Furs.
It seems odd that so few should
reallzo that dark furs aro much more
becoming than light, that Is, to the
average woman. Sable, mink, black
fox, make hor complexion look at Its
very best, whoreas ermlno. whlto fox,
miniver and squlrrol have exactly tho
contrary effct.
Tho newest way of wearing tho
8lolo Is to put the middlo of it on in
front, pass the endB over tho shoul
ders, croslng them at tho back nnd
bringing them forward under tho
nrms. Even fur caps with their
rounded or pointed backsaro worn In
this faslou, certainly very warm And
comfortable, though slightly unorthodox.
Depot for Church Traffic Only.
Railroad stations bavu boon (looted
for a variety of purposes, but It 1b
doubtful whothor thoro Is any other
Instance in tho world where a station
Is used only for church traulc on Sun
day mornings like that of Kirk Brad
dan, In tho Islo of Man. This is open
ed sololy on Sundays during tho holi
day season for tho largo number of
people attending morning service at
rtraddan church. On tlieso occasions
tho Btatlon is In chargo of a relief sta
tlonmastor, but otherwise It Is Idle.
London Mall.
ask tne t armcr wtio Has One
what wonders the Cumberland Telephone works
for him. JIo will reply:
1 Vkllr ititf kttirtliinii I 1).. ....!. 4.1.. 1
a x uv;iio in y uiuuuuuj i in Ill-CIS I 111' llllllie
4 2 Gets tho best prices 5 IIelp the housewife
i8 Brings supplies 0 IncieiiM'h profit
7 Pays for itself over und over
Seven curdiniil reasons why YOU should lie inteicsted nnd send
today for booklet. "For information call Milliliter
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co.
i I nortr no rntrtrl.l
Bread Important French Diet.
It Is neceBsary to noto that bread
occupies a much moro Important
place In tho dlotnry of tho French op
oratlvo and ponsant than among work
ing people In tho United States. Horo
prepared cereals and honio-mado
breads nro rather tho oxcoptlon, and
tho local "pain do menage" occupies n
leading placo at ovory meal. The or
deal of bread famines In past genera
tions, often caused by poor moans of
communication botvnim tho fainlno
districts and others whero grain was
abundant, seems still to huvo Its effect
111 tho demand of tho French proleta
riat for broad tit a low prlco undor
all circumstances.
Louisville Evening Post
and Breckenridge News
ono year 3.50,
The little child of Ollte llUhop, of
Falls of Hough, Is dead. He was a.
nephew of Win. Bowman, of Glen Dean.
Charlie Robertbon, Jrt, and Foozle
Willowby loft for Durum, Okla., Sat
urday. Koberuon Bro. bhipped two cars of
mules to Alabama Saturday.
Mrs. Knrly, wife of Walter Knrly,
died at her, home -in Qlen Dean Wed
nesday. She was twenty-two years
olil und left u three mouths old baby,
Misses Bessie and Cora Mattingly were
vMtlng. their bister, Mrs. Mamie Ne
ling, in Louisville last week.

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