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'Of the Cloverport City Schools
for the Fourth Month.
Iwe.fth Year
l'irst Honor, Kulti McCracken. 91; hoi.
or pupil, Rose Ncfrton, 90.
Eleventh Year
l'irst Honor, l'mnce.t Sawyer, 92; hon
or pupils, Gertrude Gregory, 91; Mary
McGavock, 91.
Tenth Yeor
First Honor, Willie Seaton, 96; honor
pupils, Hose ftippel 95; Tula Dabbagc 95;
Joseph Ross 95 ; Mary Gibson 95; James
Fitch 95.
Ninth Year
First honor, l'rcd Adams 97; honor pu
pils, Mary Owen Oelzc 96; Karl Ilohlcr
95; Raphael Lewis 91; I.ena May 93;
Virginia Perkins 92; Lena Mattingly 91;
Mary Jo Mattingly 90.
Eighth Year
First honor. Walter Hawkins 97; hon
or pupils, Forest Weatherholt 97; Grace
Fauley 97; Mary Kinder 97; Kthel Camp
bell 95; houise Whitehead 9; Mary Fate
94; Helen Miller 94; Cammic Combs 93;
Emily Reid 93; Kula Robinson 93; Ru
thcr Fate 92; Margaret Ash by 91; Sam
uel Allen 90; Murrell Morrison 90; Jane
Lightfoot 90; liva Weatherholt 90; Mar
tha Reid 90; Addie McGavock9o; Louise
Weatherholt 90; Zivala Kramer 90; Lil
lian McCracken 90; I,elia Tucker 90;
Walter Wcisenberg 90; Harney Squires
90; Louise Nicholas 90.
Seventh Year
First honor, Margaret Walker 94; hon
or pupils, fouclla lleavin 94; Gaynell
Mood 94; Joseph nallman 93; May D.
Chapiu 93; Katie Mattingly 93; Aubrey
Iicavin 91; Robert Miller 91J Danna Ross
90; Agnetta Mattingly 90; DalphaGilli
land 93: Celctiue O'ConuellJ.90;; Eva
Wroe 90; Klizabeth Robards 90; Joe D.
Morrison 90.
Sixth Year
Fir.it honor, Chlor.i May Seaton 9S;
honor pupils, Christine llallmaii 97; C.
I. Morgan 77; Cololena Yeagerj97, Cle
tus Wilson 9G; Iiwrence Mailman 96;
Lillian Folk 96; Silby McCracken 95;
Helen Kingsbury 91; Anna MayJFenner
94; Harold Lewis giVirgimajlGallottay
90; Harry Berry 90.
Filth Year
First honor, Cecil Hall 9S; honor pu
pils, Gladys Hemphill 97; Sehna Sippel
97; Marian Allen 96; Robert Ilaminan
95; Elizabeth Allen 96; Omar lloyd 95;
Leo Mattingly 95 Alfred Wroe 91; Dew
ey Hemphill 95; Raymond 0;Connell92;
Ruth Matheny 92; liessie Adams 92; El
S!e May 9; William Reid 92.
Fourth Year
First honor, Viola Greeiiwell 96; hon
or pupils. Eva Jollv 95; Mary Ethel Las-
When a woman suffering from some form of feminine
disorder is told that an operation is necessary, it of course
frightens her.
The very thought of the hospital operating table and the
surgeon's knife strikes terror to her heart, and no wonder.
It is quite true that some of these troubles may reach a stage
where an operation is the- only resource, but thousands of
women have avoided the necessity of an operation by taking
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This fact is
attested by the grateful letters they write to us after their
health has been restored.
These Two Women
Cnrv. Maine." I feel It a duty I
owe to all suffering women to toll
what Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound did for me. One year ago
I found myself a terrible sufferer.
I had pains In both hides and such a
soreness 1 could scarcely staighten
up at times. My back ached, I had
no appetite and was so nervous I
could uot sleep, then I would be so
tired mornings that I could scarcely
get around. It seemed almost Im
possible to move or do a bit 6f work
and 1 thought 1 nuvcr would be any
better until L submitted to an opera
tion. 1 commenced taking Lydia I
Pinkhum's Vegetable Compound and
boon felt llko a new woman. 1 had
no pains, slept well, had good appe
tite ami was :ai anu couui uo uiiuuh
NWr nnewpr fbis nuestion if
man submit to a surgical operation without first giving Lydia
E. Pinknam's Vegetable Compound a trial ? You know that
it has saved many others why should it fail in your case?
For 30 roars Lydia 13, Plnkhniu's Vegetable
Compound litis boon tho standard remedy tor lc
malo ills. Xo 0110 sleic with Voman's ailments
does justice to herself if hlio does not try this fa
mous medicine made from roots and herbs, It
bus restored so many suffering women tohealth.
Your letter will bo opened, road ami answered
by R woman and hold iu strict confidence.
lie 95, Jessie Hall 9t, Elsie May McKau
gliati 94. William May 93. Tula May 92.
Maud Miller 92; Eleanor Reid ot
Third, Year
First honor, Mary Keil 95; honor pu
pill, Mabel- ncnvin'94; Carrie Mailman 94;
Damon Lewis 94; Winnie Muckby 93;
Jennies II. Walker 93; Kflic Orum 92;
Roscoe Kinder 91.
Second Year-
Fiist honor, James MucCby 9S; honor
pupils, Dcssie Brown 96; Anna May To
turn 96; Ycw'ell Robinson 96; Sarah Fal
lon 96; Ernestine Lewis 93; Nellie Rick
etts 93: Owen Robinson 93; William Get
ting 93; Nannie Hall 935 Myrtle Robin
win 93 Jane Weatherholt 93; Fearl Moyil
93; Juanita Yeager 93; Maggie Tabellng
92; Rosie Adams 91; Marion Furrow 90;
Eva McCracken 90, Willie Laslic 9o.
Fl-5t Year
First honor, Robert Oel.c 9S, honor
pupils, Mary Whitehead 96; Clorcna
Quiggins 96; Samuel Conrad 96; Irene
Pcnner 96; James Wilson 955 Dewey Na
tion 95j Mabel Whitehead 95; JoflieTabe
ling94; Morris O'Connel 04; Faul K.
Merry 94; Addie Mood 93; Lawrence Gil
liland 93; Enna Suter 93.
Primary Grade
First honor, James Gregory 96; honor
pupils, Roy Niles Tucker 95; Annie May
95: Mary Mattingly 95; William Lincoln
95; Virginia Lewis O4: Russel Perkins
04; Marion O. Seaton 94; Mary Perkins
3 Virginia Adams tiy, Jesse Rickctts
Next to Nothing a Year
The buyers for the big tobacco com
panies are quoted as saying 6 cents a
pound average is as much as they can
afford to pay for the 1912 crop. Let us
sec what that means:
One man can grow four acres of tobac
co. The average yield is approximately
Sob pounds to the acre a season like the
last one.
The farmer produces about 3,200 pounds
on these four acres, half of which must
be deducted for the use of the land, barn
room, team, tools and incidentals.
The man who grows tobacco on his
own laud must figure the deduction the
same as the renter, so the estimate is ap
plicable to all.
At 6 cents a pound a one-man crop
brings $192. Half of that sum is $96.
So, you see, the man who cultivates 4
acres and sells it for 6 cents a pound gets
less than Jioo for his year's work. Hen
derson Gleaner.
Engine Tosses Her Safely.
Mrs. Luclen Reber of Cressona, Pa.,
had a thrilling experience at Schuyl
kill Haven, escaping death as by a
miracle. Run dawn by a locomotive,
she was gently picked up by tho en
gine and tossed into a neighboring
field, Instead of being mangled under
the wheels, ns Is usually tho case.
Her Injuries aro slight.
V r.;
Prove Our Claim.
all my own work for a family of
friu r. I slmll alwavs feel that I owe
my good health to your medicine."
Mrs. IIavwahd Soweks, Cary, Me.
Charlotto, N. C,,I was in bad
health for two years, with pains in
both sides and was very nervous. If
I even lifted a chair It would cause
a hemorrhage. I had a growth which
tho doctor said was a tumor and I
never would get well unless I had
an operation. A friend advised me
to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegeta
ble Compound, and I gladly say that
I am now enjoying lino health aud
nm tho mother of a nice baby girl.
You can use this letter to helpother
suffering women." Mrs. Kos.v Sims,
10 Wyona St., Charlotte, ft. u.
vou can. Whv should a wo
Origin of Popular Expretlon, "Let Her
Go, Gallagherl" Said to Have
Originated There.
Tho expression "Lot her ro, Galla
gher" is in ubo In nearly every city
of tho United States, and has traveled
to foreign countries, yet It Is doubtful
If many can tell tho origin of It. A
group of men recently mot In Now
York city and Boon woro talking of
events that happened many years ago.
Ono of them told tho story of "Lot
hor go, Gallagher," and vouches for
tho truth of it, as ho was present at
tho time It began.
"A number of delegates," said tho
veteran, "representing tho Chicago
flro department enmo to visit the
Now York flro laddies Iu the early
'70s. They were shown aSout fire
headquarters and inspected tho differ
ent systems. Then they desired to
seo some of tho crack companies.
Their escorts brought them to hook
and ladder No. 14, In East 125th
street, and whllo examining tho ap
paratus an alarm was sounded from
tho West Side. Capt. Henry M. Jones
bade the visitors jump on the sides
of tho flro truck and accompany tho
flro fighters to the blaze.
"Peter Gallagher was tho driver of
tho team, and he quickly got to his
seat on tho truck. It swung out to
the "street, and tho driver guided the
horses to straighten out tho ponder
ous machine. When in a position to
tako full speed and dash to tho place
where tho alarm was sounded Captain
Jones yelled to tho driver, 'Lot her go,
Gallagher!' ,
"Tho visiting firemen never forgot
tho command, and thus began tho fa
mous old saying that is in voguo to
day." The day of lursh physics is none.
People want mild, easy laxatives.
Doan's Reulets have satisfied thous
ands. 25c at all drtijj stores. Adver
Why Now York Woman Is Done with
the Famous Society with the
Long Name.
"I'm never going to have anything
more to do with the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals." de
clared a Brooklyn woman, indignant
ly, "I've had ono affair with them. It
happened when a cat in our neighbor
hood gave birth to five kittens and
then 'deserted them. None of us want
ed tho kittens so, ps I have a phono
In my house, It was suggested that I
get the S. P. C. A. to come and take
them away. I telephoned and such u
lot of questions as they asked!
"They wanted to know my name and
the number of my house; the number
of kittens Jn the litter, and their gen
der and color and breed; the day of
their pirth and the number of dny-i
since their mother went away from
them. Of course, these questions were
tantalizing, because I couldn't seo
what difference It made. I thought
all they had to do was to send a man
up and take the kittens away. Then
they asked me if I was married, and
how many children I hnd; how many
neighbors wcie complaining of the kit
tens and If these neighbors were old
maids. I thought they were very per
sonal In their questions. But I an
swered them all. Finally came a ques
tion that made me mad. 'What is the
name of tho cat thnt deserted these
kittens?' was nBked.
"'I'm sure I don't know,' I replied;
'she Is no relation of mine.' and with
that I banged the receiver on the hook.
And after all we had to pay a small
boy to take those kittens away and
diown them."
Eczema spreads rapidly; itching al
most drives you mad. For quick re
lief, Drian's Ointment is well recom
mended. 50c at ull stores. Advertise
Hairpins and Nails Strengthen Con-
structlon of Sparrow' Home
In Denver.
Denver, Colo. Ono of tho most
curiously constructed bird's nests ever
seen In Denver 1b on exhibition at tho
homo of tho Denver Dumb Friends'
league, 1428 Court placo. It was picked
up by Dr. John M. Gower on tho side
walk In front of the court house, where
tho wind had evidently blown It.
The nest Is a sparrow's, and, Judg
ing from Us peculiar Btructuro, tho
maker was preparing agalnBt tho at
tack of his inherent enemy man. It
might bo called a fortified nest. It is
made of old sweepings, with hairpins
and nails woven In at (ho sides. Tho
points of tho pins and tho nails stick
outward and remind ono of rifles stick
ing through the portholcB of a fortifica
tion. A Texas Wonder
The Texas Wonder cures kidney and
bladder troubles, removing travel,
cures diabetes, weak and lame backs,
rheumatism, and all Irregularities of
tho kidneys and bladder in both men
and women. Regulates bladder troub
les in children. If not sold by your
druggist will be sent by mail on re
ceiptor $1, One small bottle is two
months' treatment and seldom falls to
perfect a cure. Dr, E. W. Hall, 2920
Olive street, St. Louis, Mo, Send for
Kentucky testimonials. Sold by drug
gists. Advertisement.
Mrs. Sllverevard Complains to Court
That Her Recently Acquired Hus
band It Shy on Affection.
Now York. Mrs. Elizabeth Chal
linger Sllverevard, who admits sho Is
at least sixty years old and worth
$.10,000, and who lives at 1984 Webster
avenue, sat on a hot water bottle In
tho Morrisanla court whllo her hus
band, John Pabish Sllrersvard, grand
son of a Swedish count, told the mag
istrate tho troubled story of their mar
ried life.
He had to marry, said the grandson
of tho count, In order to have his fare
paid from Princes Bay, Staten Island,
back to -his home In the Bronx, other
wise ho would have had to walk Th
first day after his marriage he had to
do a week's waBh In tho homo of the
coy brido, and then sho bought him
a suit of livery and mado him play
coachman on tho box of her cuto lit
tle surrey
Mrs. Sllversvard becarno bo excited
during tho recital of her husband's
marital woes that she sent tho hot
water bpttlo threo times to a barber
Bhop to be renewed. She confessed to
tho court that she had to Bit on the
hot water bottlo to keep tho evil spir
its away.
Tho elderly bride of a few months ap
peared to answer a summons served
on her at hor husband's behest. He
had sworn that when he tried to run
away from his wife a week ago and
live somewhere else where there
would be no week's washing, she had
locked up all of his clothes except
what ho stood In. All ho wanted was
to get his remaining wardrobe.
Then tho maglstrato hoard tho other
side of the story. Mrs. Sllversvard
declared ho had not been a true hus
band. "He has never given mo the
caresses a wife should receive from
her husband," she said.
The couple left the courtroom to
gether. Persons troubled with partial puraly
sis nre often very uiucli benefited by
niHssagiug the effected pans thorounhly
when applying Chamberlain's Lini
ment, This liniment mIso relieved rheu
matic pnins. For sale by nil dealers
Human Halr-Neto.
Tho annual sale of nets of human
hair, according to the report of the
American consul at Kehl, estimated
at 12,000,000. !
Hair-nets are made almost wholly
tn tho houses of Alsatian and Aus
trian peasants; the peculiar skill re-.
quired to net hair has become in part
Tho children begin first to tie tho
hairs together, end to end, to mako
one long hair. Then, with only n
round piece of wood about six inches
long and one-half inch iu diameter and
a needle, tho older girls and women
and soraetlmea the men weave the
nets. Each mesh Is knotted in much
tho same way that fish-nets or ham
mocks aro made. Only tying a single
hair is a more delicate and difficult
task than tying a string. '
To make a dozen neta Is a day's
work of ten or twelve hours.
it juui tuiiuicu me wjeui IO HIWICKB
of croup, wntch for the first symptom, I
n ....... u:i. i.... !.!... ..i.
Hoarseness. Give Chatiiberluiu s Couch
Remedy as soou as the child becomes
iioarse ana tlie attack 'nay 1-e warded
off. For sale by all dealers. Atlver
t lenient.
' Modern Aesop,
Ono day, in the presence of tho Fox,
tho Tortoise was bragging to tho Haro
of his ability as -a runner. The Fox
was very derisive of the Tortoise's pre
tensions, thereupon the Tortoise,
winking at the Hare, offered to bet
tho Fox a considerable sum of money
that ho could outrun the Hare. Tho
Fox lost no timo in putting up the
money, and off the contestants Btarted,
Tho Hare took a big lead at once, but
after getting comfortably out of sight,
wandered away from tho track and fell
asleep. Tho Tortoise accordingly was
tho first to. reach tho winning post.
The Fox went off cursing at the loss
of his money, and when ho had gone
the TortoiBo divided his winnings with
the Hare. Ever since that time bet
ting on races has been an uncertain
sport. Life.
For croup or sore throat, use Dr,
Thomas' Electric Oil. Two sizes, 25c
and flOc. At all drug stores. Adver
tisement, Fact About the Mushroom.
A well-known botanist saya that
mushrooms might properly be called
vegetablo meat and used aa a substi
tute for animal food. "It is doubtful,
however, if this Is true,' 'Bays the
American Medical association. "The
more we learn of mushrooms, the more
it becomes apparent that they are
scarcely different as regardB dietary
virtues from the general run of the
green vegetables which have never
achieved the distinction of nuy unique
or superior nutritive properties. They
belong rather to that lago group ot
food materials which we consume for
reasons quite apart from the yield ot
nourishment which they" have to otter
to the body."
MMCY II TltfftM.
V toll you bw icl
ptj Itilprlf.t Wrlu
(or ,.klr prlt llrt
U4 lllllHHI.
wmiutvii iv W
ImImiIiFwi.IMm.Wm! FURS
ftffi "fc "I'tlff' l
kbbbH ibbbbbHiibbV' jbbbbbbbbbbl
A From 1 Photofrtph of "Dixie" on T. A. Courltmy't Poof Farm.
To the Most Popular Farm Boy or Girl In Kentucky
ttATVniH 3 yenrs old, 4-t Inches lildh, weldln 420 lb. Pure Shetland-.
by the unbeaten (how stallion cotnmodrye. out ot Luetic.
Ill II I Dixie l.i while with Mack spot across hark, head black with
white atnrnndanlp. Eyes blue, tail white with black switch.
He Is extra well built, a heavy, stocky pony, strong and healthy and without a
blemish. Is well broken to ride and drive anil very at leetlonale, travels very faM
nnd will pull nil the children that can pile ootberlit. From T. A. Courteaay'a
Pony Farm, Shelbyvllle. Kentucky.
Second Prize $60,00
To tho boy or girl not receiving the First
Prize, but receiving the second largest num
ber of otos. wo will give this exceptionally
fin.tuiv'anrfflrl'. Irnntml. fllrvrlfl. rnA.tfr
brake, puncture proof tires, made and guar
anteed by tho Meade Cycle Co., Chicago, til.
In cite of t tie between two or mart conteitints, a prite ol equal nhia will he niven each.
To each contestant not receiving ono of the principal prizes, but receiving 3,000 votes,
(including the 1,000 free) wilt hae the prrUlego of selecting one ot the following articles
which will be sent free of all charge :
Moving Picture Machine, Safety Razor. Camera 2J x 2J. Catchers' Mil. Base
Ball, Sweater, Leather Lcdiilns. 1.000 Shot Air Gun. Mckel Plata or Gun Metal
Watch, Jointed Bamboo Flshlnd Pole, Fishlnd Reel.
All the abovo articles have been carefully selected and are absolutely first-class In
every respect and guaranteed to bo Just as represented. F.urnished by McCurdy Co., 130
V. Market St.. Louisville, Ky.
You Wont This Pony
Wa offer you an opportunity to realizo your greatest wish. If you had $123.00 cash to
snend you couldn't buy a finer Pony than 'Dixie", but ou don't need to spend one cent.
Somebody right here in Kentucky is going to have Dixie" free. Will It be you?
Fill in and cut off attached coupon and mail it to us today. Your name will be
cntcredln tho contest and you will receive 1,000 votesfreo to give you a good start, .
You or some one else is sure to secure ims
Dixie' . We are going to give mm away anu you may as wen nae mm as any
ono. Be sure and write your name and address plainly. Don't delay, as
we will only glvo you a montns io prove who
girl in Kentucky, and tho sooner wo receive
iimn vmi will have to work.
The work you are required to do In order
valuable prizes.ls something any boy orgirl can
hood. It is pleasant worn rigni among your inenas wuo wm au
bo proud to say they have the most popular boy or girl in the .
State of Kentucky in their neighborhood, besides the honor -f
-. i...!...t. n Kn.mr .rlrt aim lia tvnn nn f.Trnflnn3tlv (--.
fino Shetland Pony or one of the other fine prizes one
of their own children. This contest ends 23th ot
February, at 13 o'clock.
Commercial Bldg. Louisville, Ky.
It's Your DUTY to Save!
It's IS VERY man's duty to himself and those dependent upon
him to have some money in thebank with which to combat
reverses which might confront him. And it's easy to start a
bank account with this strong, reliable institution. Start, say,
with Five Dollars; and after a month or two of regularly put
ting aside a stated amount, you'll begin to think of how MUCH
instead of how LITTL1S, you can save eacli pay day. Make
yourself a New Year's present by starting an account TODAY.
Your money will earn a liberal interest.
FIRST STATE BANK, :: Irvington, Ky.
J. C. PAYNE, Cashier
Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder
We're told, but a good portrait of
the absent one will keep the ref
lection more vivid and comfort
many a lonely hour of separation.
We make a specialty of portrai
ture and my studio is exceptionally
equipped for fine portrait work.
Brabandt, Photographer
By Mrs. Frances Hodgson Burnett
An Absorbing New Novel of America and England
Begins Serially In the
T, Tombnrom, tho Harlem Society Reporter of tho
Now York "Sunday Earth'' ... ho had pulled himself
up by sheer pluck from a homeless newsboy . . . who
learns suddenly ho is heir to an English estate that
yields $350,000 a year ... a pretty girl who is also
sensible ... a grouchy old duke who was never any
thing but ducal until tho ox-newsboy taught him tho
American way of laughing ... a romanco that is not
quite so inevitable as it seems , . . and there you have
hints of some of tho good things in
Mrs. Burnett's New
Third Prize $2&.00
To the boy or slrl receiving third largest
number of votes, will liae tliolr choice of a
Winchester Repeating Shotgunor a boy'sor
girl's lte, 15 jewel Elsin Watch with aS5 yeor
gold case, either hunting case or open (ace,
from C. M. Wiseman & Son, Loulsvlllo, Ky
Dcaumui ana useiui nine 1'ony,
is ine most popular uoy or
your coupon tue more v
to receive one of the
dolnony neighbor
' .. S - a 7.
. -X.vC' ef
.&" J
iov "
A d
V M" V" a ."
jm& (V y W
-r w w
Ang lo-American Noyel.

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