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Aching Kidneys Cured in Cloverport
'Every Picture
Tells a Story."
If Your Back Aches and Your Kidneys are Weak,
Get the Kidney Remedy That Has Been Proved GOOD
Again and Again Right Here in Cloverport.
Cloverport People Tell It:
Are YOUR Kidneys Weak?
HOW TO TELL First read the testimony and learn what Doanls
Kidney l'ills have done for others.
Then if your hack aches, if sharp pains strike you when stooping or
lifting; if you are lame in the morning, tire too easily; if you have dizzy
spells and arc nervous, despondent and inclined to worry over trifles; if the
kidney secretions are highly colored and full of sediment, if passages are
too frequent, scanty, painful or scalding, it is likely your kidnhys need
quick attention.
Take a sample of the urine and let it stand for 24 hours. If a sandy,
brick-dust like sediment settles to the bottom of the receptacle, there is
evidence enough to suspect the kidneys.
Convincing Testimony. Tired and Nervous. A Pleasing Experience.
. , , . W M. Johnson, proprietor of restau Walter Meadows, farmer, Cloverport,
J B. Strong, farmer, Cloverport, dovnroort Ky . Bays: "I still Ky , says: "A member of my family
Ky.,saya: "I used several boxes of ,, ?X P . 1 I .ilH has used Doan's Kidnev Pills and fouml
Doan's Kidney Pills and found them use Doan's Kdney Pills and I consider them to be a very good' kidney remedy.
,, . .' A fMwn,nn,h,fl(,nT them an excellent kidney remedy. You Several years ago she suffered lrom
very satisfactory. A few months ago I my former gharp ima of her back
had trouble from my kidneya, togetner dorsement of them For six years I was as well as other symptoms of kidney
with pains across the small of my oack afflicted with kidney trouble. I had trouble, treeing Doan's Kidney Pills
and through my sides. Seeing Doan's pains In the small of my back and was highly recommended, got a box at
tf,Wu Pill's htchlv recommended in 'arae when l ni UP ln the """"nine- I Fisher's Drug Store and their use was
Kidney Pill s highly recommenoeu in angu,d nn(J was nerv. beguu They did a world of good
the local papers, ,1 went to bibson B ilJS Dzzy spellg nnd headaches also Since then this person has used Doan's
Son's Drug Store and got a box. They bothcrtd me, nnd the passages of the Kidney Pills and on each occasion they
ouickly cured me, and in return I high- kidney secretions were too freqnent, have helped her. It is a pleasure to
, , .. 11 oblidne me to get up at night. Doan's recommend this excellent kidney medi-
ly recommend them. . Kidney Pills brought me great relief." cine "
R. F. D. No. 3, Hawesville. Lasting Relief. . In a Bad Way.
.,.,,... J. 0. Weatliorholt, Rrocor, Cloverport
M.M.Young, farmer, R. b. D No. p,i r..i,,m ..., rinupmnrt Ky., says: "The pain In my back was tcr-
1 tt ,c..ii- Vio.,-,r uv -,,.. Price Graham, carpenter, Uoverport, rlble, especially wlion I stooped, and It
3, Hawesville, Uoverport, K., says. Kv . savs- ''Some years ago I .publicly seemod an It some ono had run a kntfo Into
"A meml-er of mv familv used a box of . . . ... , ,;,,, j me- M7 heart action was Irregular. I be-
A memcer ot my lamny useu a oox 01 recommended Doan's Kidney Pills and Cumo cfh-zy and often had to catch hold of
Doan's Kidney Pill 1 about three years T . . . tint I have not something to kei-p from falling. My knee
a e 1 .u ,..... 1, fiioi now lam glad to say tnat 1 nave not jo.nts were swollen twice their normul size,
ago and found them very beneficial. been Dotnere(j for th past year or tw0 and I had lost weight until I was a mere
She had pains inside and across the by kidney tiouble. Sometimes I have a skeleton. Tho kidney secretions contained
small of her back. Seeing Doan's Kid- ' dlff.cultv with the kidnev secre. sediment and tho passages were painful.
urn- ,. i.i,i.. nnmma,i in ., umicuiij wiin me Kianey secre- Doctors' medlclno did mo nogood, neither
ney Pills so highly recommended in the tlons the passages bdng scantV) but dw tho s0.called cures r took A fr,end ad
local papers, she got a supply at Gib- Doan's Kidnev Pill's, which I get at been cured by Doan's Kidney Pills, and on
son's Drug Store and began using as Fisher's Drug Store quickly cure me hlsadvlco.'I decided to give this remedy a
directed. In a short time -she was cured v b t ' Dubush mv en.' trlal Procuring my supply at Fisher's Drug
o,i i,t , wi nnv further nPprl nf n liberty to puoiisn my en- Storo t wag BUrprl5ed and deilKhted with
and has not had any further need of a dorsement of this remedy." the results ot Its use. and I continued taking,
kidney remedy. lhem uutll r was cured..
Sold at all druggists and general stores, 50c a box, or mailed on receipt of price by FOSTER-MILBURN CO., Buffalo, N. Y.
Miss Winthrop Will Build $15,
000 Trysting Place.
Woman Sees Woes of Street Corner,
Cafe and Dance Hall Courtships
, In Gotham and Becomes
a Philanthropist.
New York. Thero's no use in deny
ing the fact that young lovers of Now
York City have a pretty hard time in
getting away with It Anyhow, ten
derhearted Miss Gordenla Winthrop
or Washington after live years of
lorgnettcd Investigation of some of
the rather distressing social condi
tions of tho town, says It Is so. Forth
with she decided something really
ought to ho done hence a rather In
teresting announcement from Miss
Hut before launching into Miss Win
throp's solution, let's see Just what 1b
this problem of the young lovers of
Now York. Tho answer Is: "Where
aro they going to do their courting?"
Or, rather, that leads up to tho an
swer, and In tho meantime proposes a
few questions.
With a few million people trying to
occupy tho narrow confines of Man
hattan Island, it goes without further
elaboration that every family cannot
placo at the disposal of Sal and. Jane
a parlor onch for tho entertainment of
their young man friends over an ove
nlng's call. Moreover, a largo percent
age of 'tho other half" In New York
City cannot afford a slnglo parlor for
tho wholo family
So when Freddie makes a "date"
with Sal, Sal must mako answer to
Freddie something to this effect: "All
right, Freddie; meetcha at tho cornor
of Hundred and Twenty-fifth and
Eighth." Freddie arrives duly, we
will say; likewise Sal. Presently tho
popular stroot cornor under tho glar
ing arc lamps and ln full Bight ot tho
passing throng becomes as inviting for
a continuance of tho tryst as Broad
way for a rest cure.
Thoro's little in tho way of a cholco
for Freddie and Sal. Thoy might walk
a whllo, yes; but moro than love's
young dream la necessary to mako a
lovers' lane out of a Now York street
Thoro's tho Cafo do Something around
the corner. Tho lights are dim there;
nobody Is his brother's keeper across
that threshold. So wo can't approvo
of Sal and Freddie going there
They have another choice, and only
nbout ono moro. It's the noisy dance
hall down tho avenue. Tho brassy
isuslo mimics sadlv tho slehlue of the
evening's breeze or tne country lane,
which Is nature's own trysting place
for the village lad and lass; tho thick,
smoky atmosphere of the danco hall
Is a poor substitute, surely, for tho
open sky that fnlls to the lot of young
lovers away from a great city's con
gestion No; the dance hall will not
For the solution of tho problem of
the courting couples of New York we
may turn gladly to Miss Wlnthrop's
announcement. The fair philanthro
pist has viewed tho problem viewed
from afar, perhaps, but still close
enough to see the temptations which
mock the lot of tho young lovers of
the city; to boo that lovo's young
dream unfolding ln a danco hall or
cafe may result ln something very
different from a storybook ending;
to seo, finally, that the city is sadly
deficient In proper courting places for
tho young whoso homes otfer no such
MIbs Wlnthrop's proposition is this:
She will establish at her own expense
of $15,000 a housd, conveniently
located for the working class, where
tho young people may meet under
the supervision of experienced chaper
ons. "I have been over every section of
this country studying its social evils,"
Miss Winthrop said, "and I think I
have found now what will bo a great
remedy for the young In this great
Gotham Writers on Strike Get It
Out Say It Has Circulation
of 100,000.
Now York. A newspaper made Its
appearance on tho streets of this city,
and, according to Us publishers, en
joyed a first Issuo circulation of 100,
000 copies. It was written and edited
by tho Jewish newspaper mon who are
on Btrlke and Is four pages, soven
columns to a page. Most of Its In
formation was about Its makers' strike
against tho Jowlsh dallies. Tho strlk
era themselves becamo newsboys In
tho streets.
A second Issue was promised for
later and tho writers who walked out
demanding more monoy and shorter
hours say It wlllbo published at Inter
vals until tho' strike ends. Thoy
named It the Jewish Press.
Laces Popular.
Laco and figured chiffons and voiles
are daintily wrought into charming
evening frocks for girls who need
thin dancing and dinner gowns. The
bertha effect In lace or beaded
nets Is very popular, and, moreover,
Immensely becomo either a stout or
slight person. It hides any unsightly
lines and adds charm to good figures.
Uarpw'B Basr"
w-- yf r&
Mr. Dlvorsay Ah! Julia, dearest,
my heart Is ln your keeping.
Julia Wise Tush! I'm not running
a storngo warehouse for damaged
Paris Crowd's Howls of Derision Drive
Man to Make Third Attempt on
Own Life a Success.
Paris. Divesting himself of his
coat, a young carter named Pierre
Chabot climbed on tho parapet of a
bridge over the canal at St. Denis.
Just outside Paris. He was about to
leap into tho water but passorsby in
tervened. Struggling desperately, tho
man freed himself. He was pulled
back a second timo, and then when ho
brutally repulsed a woman who threw
her arms round his neck and Implored
him not to commit suicide, the crowd
released him.
When he finally stood on tho ledge
abovo tho water ho hesltatod and the
attitude of tho spectators suddenly
changed. Thoy reproached him with
"Go on; tako a header," thoy shout
ed. The man would have turned back,
but rathor than face more Jeering he
let himself fall Into the water and he
The Kallroad Agent.
An agent should. alwayB remember
that ho la the personal representative
ot his company ln his community and
that as such his personality Is an Im
portant factor In shaping the attitude
of the public toward the railroad. He
should over, endeavor by his conduct
ln and out of office hours to deserve
in the fullest measure the respect and
regard of his fellow citizens.- North
western Bulletin.
' X
" '' t
I ? 'rOSr'? iw?i fdSSM
(Photo, by Underwood & Underwood, N. T.)
For tho convenience of the, woman
shopper a bag ot Immense proportions
has been designed, for carrying small
parcels. It Is of gold embroidered
cloth, with shades of old blue, and can
be carried with ease by a long silk
cord slung over tho shoulder. The
bag has met with Instant popularity
by Now York shoppers.
Tobacco Men in Louisville.
The following farmers and dealers in
tobacco went to Louisville, Monday to
sell tobacco: Huse Alexander, Jesse
Pile, Willis Drane, John Lucas, Felix
Butler, Locust Hill; Virgil Goodman,
Horned; John Harrington, T. L. John
son and John Cook, Custer; Finley Mil
ler, Hardin burg.
Winn pictures were a luxury for tho favored
few modern photography has changed condi
, tious.
Our'children are growing up, but we can keep
them as they are can follow them through
school can always bo with thera and have them
with us in pictures. v
We have now and attractive styles in school
Brabandt, Photographer
Will be at Hardinsburg February 10, 11, 12, 1913
Cumb. Phone 18. Residence ShellnAn House
Hardinsburg, ::: 1 Kentucky
Office Over Farmers Bank
Pictorial Review For February
A Pleasing number of
Spcoial Articles, Taney Work, Homo-Making ariti
Household Departments. Fiction, EcUtorial, Art
and Music.
Pages For Younger Readei
Everything that's good to read
Breckenridge News and
Louisville .Daily Herald

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