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No. 51
I. H. W. Herndon, Of Enid,
Oklahoma, Goes To Huron To
Take Position!
F. L. Holbrook, proprietor of the
yal hotel, has secured the services
Col. H W. Herndon, lately of Enid,
lahoma, and formerly of Kentucky,
assist him In the management of the
iyil hotel. Col. Herndon' Is a hotel
'of many year's experience, and
ts here highly recommended and
ked by years of successful hotel
na-remeut. That he will prove a
luable acquisition to the hotel men
the city and state, goes without
When seen by a Huronite reporter,
1. Herndon expressed himself as
reatly surprised In finding- so large
nd so modern and well equipped hotel
the Royal in a city no larger than
uron. "L don't see wnerc tne c-ust-
ess comes from to support such a ho-
1. Certainly the people of Huron
ught to congratulate themselves on
aving such a hotel. I never saw its
"qual la an eastern city of less than
rom 15,000 to 20,000 population and in
he southwest, it takes a much larger
lace than Huron to support such a
arge hotel. I am happily Impressed
Ith Hurpn and its adjacent country,
nd I trust that I shall soon become
cqualnted with your people and like
hem "
The reporter was Impressed with the
geniality and versatility of Col. Hern-
faas made a ten-strike in securing him
to assist in the management of the
VwRoyal. Dally Huron.
Brief Word Of Farewell.
Editor: You will please allow
lipace in your excellent paper to
farewell word to my friends in
arport. 1 regret that I did not get
tee each one in person.
Ihe cause of my leaving is known to
all, and the sudden and unwarned
kipgdown of my health causing
'to have to go at once to another
Fmate is a sore disappointment to me.
fl wish to thank all my friends for ex
pressions of sympathy, words of assur
ance and substantial remembrance as
ich of these prove to me that you are
Friends indeed. These kindnesses add
juch comfort and enable me to bear
atiently this great sorrow.
You will allow me to say the final
3rd to my own beloved congregation.
sebusy, happy months I was por
ted to be with you. I rejoiced In
ting every department go fdrward.
upastor ever served a more loyal
devoted people, indeed, I count
le'best people on earth. I know not
lw to express my gratitude to the
Iclal board and all others who stood
loblybyme. All of these and' the
tire citizenship occupy the warmest
ice in my affections.
these happy experiences in church
c, in the social and fraternal realms
never be erased from my memory,
ill be treasured there as a most
less jewel.
pail welcome a message in my
rn home from every one of you
and Kind people.
J. H. Walker.
3W Pastor Arrives.
le Rev. Mr. W. C. Frank arrived
Nashville Saturday to take charge
1 the Methodist pastorate here. He Is
.'member of the 1013 graduating class
Vapderbullt University. His ser-
t and service bunuay lilgnly pleased
'congregation and the church is de-
rbted to have him. Mrs. Frank will
1vc this week. She is an aecom-
ihttd singer and the young people of
Church are anxious to know her.
Sxv. Mr. Frank E, Lewis, former
of this church, sent a letter to
f, J. C. Nolte, Saturday, highly rec
lading the new minister.
A Call For Republicans.
, Jul Republicans In the second Mag
erUl District are requested to meet
the City Hall, Cloverport on Thurs-
, Jum 96th to select candidates for
and Constable for the Re-
primary tad to attend to
r biuiutM, .
W. O, Pate, District Ofclrwm.
Iu the presence of only a few Invited
relatives and friends, Miss Mary Au
gusta Fltzglbbon, of this city, and Mr.
David K. Murray, Jr., of Nashville,
Tenn., were quietly married Tuesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock by Father Ed
ward J. Lynch at his residence on Sec
ond street.
Mr. William T. Long, of Evansvllle,
and Miss Katharine Green, of this city,
were the attendants.
Miss Fltzglbbon is one of the 1est
known and most popular young ladlos
In the city, having for a number of
years been the official court stenog
rapher and was also employed as ste
nographer for the law firm of Ycaman
& Yeaman. The groom Is employed as
city ticket agent for the L. & N. Rail
road Company at Nashville. He former
ly held a position here.
The happy, young couple left on the
3:03 southbound L. & N. train for
Nashville, where they will make their
Mr. Murray is the youngest son of
Gen. David R. Murray, formerly of
Clovorport, and is a popular represent
ative of this well-known family. Hen
derson Journal.
St. Romuald's Commencement.
Hardinsburg, June 22. (Special)
The Commencement exercises of St.
Romuald's school took place last Mon
day night. A large and appreciative
audience assembled in the church to
witness the closing exercises.
The program was an Interesting and
varied one, and well rendered, showing
the every evidence of careful training
on the part of the Sisters, and a hearty
response to their efforts on the part of
the pupils. A drama, of no little merit,
"Crown of Glory," was effectively en
acted by the girls, and was enjoyed by
all. The music and singing were espec
ially beautiful. '
While the final exercises are always
meritorious, it Is the opinion of many
who had the pleasure of witnessing the
splendidly rendered program, that none
has enlisted the praise and satisfaction
to the spectators as did this one at the
close of the present term. Kathleen
Farmer's Meeting Notice.
The farmers of the fourth Magister
ial district are requested to meet at
Bewleyville Saturday, June 23th, at
2:'o0 p m. to talk over road improve
ment. -The crusher is now in that dis
trict and is anxious to get busy crushing
rock for the roads. All farmers and
their wives are invited and urgently re
quested to be present. Mr. B.ibbage of
the Breckenridge News, will be there
for the purpose of taking notes and
shaking the hands of the farmers on
this important movement. Please re
member what it takes to make a gooa
county paper, paid up subscriptions,
and a lot of them.
How Old Is Your Wagon?
The Breckenridge News has gotten
very much Interested In road wagons
lately. Especially, since it has been
advertising the Studebaker wagons.
Let us know how old your wagon is and
what make it is.
Somehow a wagon acquires a person
ality, it stays in a family so long and
there must be many, good stories about
the old wagons. The Studebaker Com
pany has a contest on ar.d Is offering a
prize for the oldest Studebaker wagon.
We offer no prizes, but The Brecken
rldge News shall be pleased to receive
some short stories about the old wag
ons still in use.
Mrs. Randall III.
Mrs. James H. Randall is ill at her
home in this city. She arrived home
Friday night from the East, suffering
with a cold which did not develop se.
riously until Monday evening. Mrs.
Walter J. Liter, her friend from Louis
ville, is here, Wishes that Mrs. Randall
may be convalescing soon are being ex
pressed by everyone.
Mr. Jarboe Dead.
Friday morning June 21, at 4 o'clock,
Will Jarboe died at his home in Kast
laud, after a lingering illness. He was
the son of Mr. Wat Jarboe. Mr. Jarboe
leaves a wife and throe children to
uiourH his death. The fuueral service
wm held at the Catholic church Satur
day mmchIhk at 7:30 o'clock, after which
tke rawaiiw wr ktid to nwt in tk
Catholic ceautory.
Comes From The Press JulyThe
First-Brcckenridgc County's
Best Fair-Aeroplanes The
New Feature.
The fair catalogue will come from the
press of the Breckenride News July 1.
Get one. And you will be more Inter
ested than ever in The Breckenridge
County Fair.
The Association's seventh annunl ex
hibltlon will be held August 19, 20, and
21, The new feature will be the aero
planes. The fair managers have gone
to no little pains to get this attraction
and it will be well worth the price of
the fair.
The ladies are taking an unusual in
terest In Floral Hall and are already
gettltg their fancy work ready. The
exhibition of handiwork is always an
The premium list is very attractive to
tne bird and stock men. And a Tine
and large show of sheep, cattle and
horses is looked forward to by the fair
The amusements will be entertaining
with fresh lemonade and all pike feat
ures for a jolly, good time. Get a cat
alogue and ste what will be crowded in
to these three days.
The catalogue is a specimen of excel
lent work-man-ship of a print shop.
Every ad Is set with care and distinct
ive taste. The ink and material is of
the highest type and The Breckenridge
News is justly proud of the production.
To The Democrats Ot The
Tenth Senatorial District.
Having been urged by my friends for
the last few months to enter the Senate
race, I have hoped that I could become
a candidate; the principle of Good Gov
ernment being the controlling force.
Being a farmer, I am Interested in
the tillers of the soil and anything that
tends to the good of agriculture appeals
to. me and will nlways have my constant
care and earnest consideration.
As a banker, I am as directly interest
ed in the welfare of the farmer as he is
in his own interests or pursuits, as ninety-five
per cent of my patrons are farm
ers, and 1 want to assure you that it is
with sincere regret that I cannot arrange
my business affairs so that! could serve
you. Thanking you for your earnest
support proffered. I beg to remain '
Yours very truly,
E. H. Shelman.
Hawesville Republicans
Drop Log Cabin
, Hawesville, Ky., June 21. The
Standpat and the Republican commit
tees for Hancock county met here to
day and agreed to fuse for the pur
poses of the fall election. Neither will
go Into the August primary and that
will be left entirely to the Democrats.
The divided Republicans will abandon,
one the lo cabin and the other the
picture of Roosevelt, and place their
ticket under the picture of McKlnley.
They are to divide the offices in pro
portion to the votes cast last fall
which will give the Standpatters the
offices of couuty judge, county attor
ney and county superintendent and
they have already slated for theso G.
W. Newman, J. R. HIgdon aud Her
man Rico respectively. The other of
fices are to go to the Progressives and
they have their slate made up except
for jailer. There are four candidates
for the place, viz., Henderson Johnson,
John Swiheart, Warren Keown and
Joe Douthitt. The selecting of one of
theso will be left to the delegates to
the nominating convention which will
be held here on August 0. The slate
for the other offices Is as follows:
County clerk, Ed N. Lamar; sheriff,
Ed F Ewan; representative, S. B.
Lott; assessor, Claude Bowling,
Big Shot Of Squirrel.
S. H. Keith and Prof. Culton made a
big shot of squirrel lasC Wednesday,
aud consequently the editor of The
Breckenridge News had squirrel uie
for dinner the next day, Mr. Babbage
gets a squirrel treat annually from Mr.
Keith, who has been working in the
News office ever since he was a boy.
Mr. Babbage appreciates his good for
tune In being remembered by Mr.
Keith, and also having some sue at
home with a talent to eek squirrel in
u. HMt tleliftiou way.
Not Forced To Stop At Every
County Seat If .Local Trains
Frankfort, Ky., Juuc 12. The Court
of Appeals, in an opinion handed down
by Chief Justlcj Hobsou, reversed the
decision of the Lyon County Circuit
Court, in which a fine of $200 was en
tered against the Illinois Central for
failing to stop a fast passenger train at
A passenger, who wa3 carried to
Kuttawa, went boforo the grand jury
under the statute cortipellingall rail
roads to stop trains at every county
seat and at any point where a peni
tentiary Is or will be located. An In
dictment was returned.
Justice Hobson, in his opinion, holds
that whono the service is sufficient
with local trains the ruilroads are
within their rights In refusing to stop
fast passenger trains at nil county
seats, especially where it Is shown,
as in the case at issue, that a local
train was to follow the fast train in
less than one hour.
Resolutions of Respect
The following resolutions were unani
mously adopted by the Quarterly Con
ference of the Cloverport station, Ow
ensboro district, Methodis't Episcopal
church South:
Whereas, Out beloved pastor, Rev. J.
II. Walker, has been advised by his phy
sicians that on account of his health he
will be compelled to leave this latitude;
Whereas, Bro. Walker has been re
leased from the Cloverport charge.
Resolved, first, That we place on
record our appreciation of Bro. Walker's
faithful and efficient work during the
last nine months. No pastor has given
greater satisfaction, both in the pulpit
and the pastoral work, iti the history of
our charge.
Second, That we heartily and unqual
ifiedly recommend hint to our bishops,
ministers and members as a faithful and
efficient pastor and an earnest and able
Third, That Bro. Walker and his ex
cellent family will have our sympathies
and prayers wherever they may go, and
if he recovers his health between now
and the sitting of our Conference, we
sincerely hope he will be reappointed to
the Cloverport station.
Fourth, That a copy of these resolu
tions be spread upon the Quarterly Con
ference Record, and that a copy be sent
to our church papers fur publication.
S. J. Thompson, 1. E
John Burn, Secretary.
II. A. Oelze, Chairman.
Marriage Licenses.
County Clerk Beard says it is never
too hot or too dry for the business of
matrimony. Following are the names
of those made happy in the blissful
state since our last report:
J. C. Vickers and Dolly Stanfield; W.
H. Duggins and Elton Skaggs; J. A.
Lyons aud Cattle Morrison; Herman
Tanner and Georgia Ilorseley; Lorenzo
B. Dowell and Lula Wood; John P.
Howard and Octava Lee Cheyne; B. B,
Henningernnd Sallie Frank.
Judge Layman Here.
Judge J. R. Layman, candidate for
Circuit Judge of the Ninth Judicial Dis
trict, was in Cloverport Thursday. He
inspected the boat, "The Golden Girl,"
which came front Owensboro to take a
crowd from different points down the
river to sec Buffalo Bill's show.
"The Golden Girl" was in fine shape
and has been ever since it left the hands
of the Clqverport foundry December
"The Golden Girl" was built for
Rounds & Jesse, of Owensboro, whom
the Cloverport Foundry & Machine Co.
is suing for 4,900. The case has been
iu court since the 28th of February and
a decision Is hoped for soon by Clover
portpeople. Will Canvass Soon.
Andrew Squires candidate for coroner
says on account of the illness of his wife
he has not been able to make an active
canvass. Hewitt bo In the field as soon
as Mrs. Squires gets better.
Primary Petitions.
yH.A. Atw for School Superintend-
jest and J, W. Knsdy for Aitucer,
J tied tklf petiUeiw lfcst wk.
Masonic Banquet Here.
On Wednesday evening June lth.,
Mr. Joe H. Ewald, Grand Master of the
Grand Lodge of Kentucky, F. & A. M.
visited Cloverport Lodge No. 133. The
Master Mason's degree was conferred
upon T. B. Culton. The Grand Master
occupied the W. M. chair and the S. W.
and J. W. stations were filled respect
ively by Jesse Whltworth of Breckinridge
Lodge No. 07 and D. C. Heron of Bew
leyville Lodge No. 328. The work was
put on In a very forcible and Impressive
This is the first time that a Grand
Master of the State has ever come to
Cloverport In his official capacity and
it was an occasion that will long be re
membered by Cloverport Masons. After
adjournment delightful refreshments
were servfed by the Eastern Star ladies,
and while this was the last it was by no
means the least enjoyable part of the
Visiting members present were as
follows: Joe II. Ewald, Grand Master
and member of Hawhan Lodge No. 710;
H. C. Moore, Madisonville No. 113; D.
C. Heron, Bewleyville No. 228; R. M.
Penick, Custer No. 624; I. Byers, Hop
kinsville No. 37; M. M. Groves, Rome
No. I33; Mr. Scott, New Albany; Jesse
Whltworth, W. S. Ball, F. W. Peyton,
A. T. Beard, Breckinridge Lodge No.
67; C. A. Tanner, J. D. Ashcraft, W. S,
Arnold; IrvingtonU. D.; O. W. Dowell,
W. L. Milner, W.J. Schopp,C. J. Fella,
O. L. black, C. C. Hamilton, E. H.
Miller, Sam II. Dix, R. S. Skillman,
Stephensport No. 406; O. S. Flowers,
E. O. Kinciad, J. M. Fawver, S. V.
Flowers, W. R. Skinner, Joe Midkiff,
R. I. Glover, Pellville No. 667; II. L.
Schafer, H. L. Jarboe, W. R. Powers,
Clarence Demleavy, J. H. Isom, C. F.
Mickel, O. E. Mickel, David Voy'.es, L.
L. Demleay, Floral No. 74S.
Makes Own Son Master Mason.
At a meetidg of Cloverport Lodge
No. I33 F. & A. M. held on Friday
evening, Jau2()th, the Master Mason
degree was conferred on W. A. Cocke
rill. The work was done by Mr. W. II.
Cockerill of Robinson Lodge No. 226 of
Louisville, Ky. and put on in a very
impressive manner. One remarkable
feature of the occasion was that Mr. W.
H. Cockerill is the father of Mr. W. A.
Cockerill and it is very rare that a fath
er ever has the pleasure of making his
son, a Master Mason. Mr. Cockerill
sajs that his whole family are now
Masons and is very proud that he has
brought the last one into the fold.
Declares Increased Dividend.
Hardinsburg, Ky., June 16, I9I3.
The board of directors of The Bank of
Hardinsburg & Trust Co.,. held their
usual quarterly meeting here today.
They declared a dividend of 0 per
cent paid to the slock holders out of
the earnings of the past six months.
This is an advance in the dividend rate
from 10 per cent per annum to 12 per
cent per annum
Mr. Herndon, Manager.
Henry W. Herndon, wno has been
keeping hotel at Enid, Okla., for sev
eral years, has accepted a position as
manager of Hotel Royal at Huron,
South Dakota. In changing his ad
dress of The Breckenridge News, Mr.
Herndon asked to be remembered to
his friends in Kentucky.
More Cars Lighted.
The cars on passenger trains 1 15 and
146 are lighted by electricity. This new
Illumination is a delight to the traveling
All Day Meeting.
There will be an all day meeting at
Norton's Valley church July 4, con
ducted by the Rev. J. S. Brear. There
will be dinner on the ground and a
plenty for all who come. Bro. Brear
extends a cordial Invitation to every
body. Painful Accident.
Marian Allen suffered great pain
Friday when she got a fishing hook
caught In her middle right hand finger.
She went to Dr. Simons' infirmary
and had It removed.
Children's Day Service.
Children's Day will be olmrved
Sunday mowing, July 8, at 11 o'clock
at Ue Metkodlst faurch. MIm Susette
Sawyer is ekalnaam et the awnmrttw.
Makes Home Biking Easy
Absolutely Pure,
Tho only baking powdmr
made from Royal Grape
Cream of Tartar
m alum,no limephosphate
Weil-Known Younq Woman
Passes Away After Long Illness-
-Wife Of Mr. Raymond
W. Meador.
Hardinsburg, June 20. (Special) On
Juue 17, I9I3, near the hour of ten
o'clock p. m., Mrs. Kate Simmons
Meador, wife of Raymond W. Meador,
passed from life into death. She was
confined to her bed many weeks and
was a great sufferer, bearing It all
with cheerfulness aad a Christian for
titude. She realized that she could not
get well, and was prepared for her dis
solution. Near the age of fifteen years,
during a revival held in Garfield Pres
byterian church while Rev. Green Cun-
diff was pastor, she was converted and
joined the Presbyterian cliurch. One
year ago she realized she had not lived
up to her conversion, and during a
meeting held in Custer, she renewed
her faith in Christ and so lived until
her death.
In I9OS, Nov. 3rd, she became the
wife of Raymond W Meador and catre
to Custer, the home town of her hus
band, to live, which was her home ex
cept for a few months spent In Lake
Arthur, New Mexico. She and her hus
band thinking they could do better In
Kentucky than New Mexico, returned
to Custer, Ky., and made It their per
manent residence; here in her home
town, to which she had first come as a
stranger, she endeared herself in the
hearts of both old and young.
Rev. R. I. Penick conducted the fun
eral service assisted by Rev. Minor
Compton. The text was taken from
the twenty-seventh verse of the ninth
chapter of Hebrews. "It is appointed
unto men once to die, but after that the
Judgment." Her remains were inter
red in the Garfield burying ground. A
large crowd attended, being composed
of relatives, friends and school mates.
She leaves one own brother, Elisha
Simmons, Indianapolis, Ind ; and three
half brothers, Tab. Simmons, Webster,
Albert Simmons, Harned; and James
Dowell, California.
Masons Barbecue Soon.
The Cloverport Masons will give tlteir
annual Masonic barbecue August 14.
This is the red letter day for an all day
good time In Clovctport and August
would not be welcome without It.
Mr. Boyd Gets Place.
Frank L. lloyd, of Owensboro, was
made chief deputy to Internal Revenue
Collector Josh T. Griffith. Mr. lloyd has
been In the internal revenue service for
nearly twenty years and is regarded os
an expert and a very valuable man for
the place.
Mr. Bartlow Leaves.
II. Bartlow, insurance representative,
leaves tills week for Hawesville to work
for the same company. Mr. Bartlov.
has taken ait active part in church work
here aud the young people will miss him
Will Erect Cottago in
the Gardner Addition.
C. E. Keith has sold one of his re
cently purchased lot iu the Gardner
addition to Lee Owsky. wUo will erect a
etta rwwdiiiise & I Um future.
X'twii New.

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